Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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Deciding to err on the safe side, Crassi cut the ropes in half with a swing of her blade. In the corner of her eye she saw Sammi move towards her. She cartwheeled to the side with one hand, swinging her tail behind her in an effort to keep Sammi away. Dammit... Instead of continuing to evade she lunged at her side with the ax, using their momentum to make sure she couldn't jump back. She grabbed for the weapon, her tail poised to take off Sammi's head if she was lucky enough to knock her down.

Sammi wasn't expecting this sort of tactics change from her opponent, and was caught off guard when Taily McGee came in for the tackle. She couldn't brace herself in time and the two went crashing to the ground. However, this did mean that her opponent was now right where Sammi wanted her.

As the woman grabbed for her axe, Sammi adjusted her body, coming up to her side and put a hand on her back. Two ropes started working up from her small fingers towards the neck as she struggled to keep her grip on her axe. Sammi was sure they'd be noticed once they hit the bare skin, but still it was just another thing to use to try and get the upper hand. She kept them going, hoping she could get a stranglehold on the situation.

Yedaj tried to dodge the swords, but they were still gashing his torso and legs. He managed to get close to Grana, getting his head between his feet and closing his legs, then falling to the ground, trying to use the momentum of his fall to throw Grana off his balance, and he saw him stumble. "You put up a great fight, kid..." As he knocked him off balance, Yedaj got to his knees hit Grana in the stomach. "I must admit, I'll be needing to head back to Great White as soon as it's done..." he hit him again, ignoring Grana's powers, whether due to negligence, rage, or the blood loss was starting to get to him. He landed another punch, and started winding up a big haymaker. "But I still won!" he cried out as he threw the punch.

The crow's nest continued to creak, and the noise was getting louder, but Mottso simply sneered "Not even close... I got her pinned down now..." he started firing more shots, trying to break away what remaining cover Aleana had. "Got it..."

Higaldo seemed confused, but extended his hand to bock Yoje's kick, but it was knocked away, and he held it. "You're surprisingly fast. And I'm surprised you know about Fishman Karate. However, you don't know my natural abilities... that jumping technique causes a disturbance in the air... and moving at that high speed does the same. However, I can hear the disturbances. In a way, I can "hear" you move, even at those high speeds... your speed is no match for me." However, the way Higaldo was holding his hand was telling a different story than the tone of his voice. It was clear Yoje's kick had hurt him. He took another step back, then jumped at Yoje, his leg extended "Torpedo Kick!"

Dokumaru looked ahead and heard Sammi tell Marielle to fight him. He saw her and his face contorted "A human female...? And one so young..." his tone turned from curiosity to rage "You think THIS is enough to stop me?!" He ran forward, hoping to end this with a single charge.

Inshi blocked the blade, but the sheathe smacked him, sending him reeling back. He had hit Inshi in the chest, agitating the wound he had received the night before. He looked at the opening Mog had made, and leapt towards it, trying to get out into a more open space before Ha, hoping that would give him more room to swing his spear.

Ok, Peter, think... brute force isn't going to work on this guy right out the gate. Not without some set-up. He took some rounds from the pouches near his belt, loading them in a certain order, then putting a small hook in the top barrel "If I time this right, I can at least get at a point I can get a few good hits in... hopefully." He aimed and fired the first round "Flash Shot!" once it had fired, before it got close to Roger, he aimed at a nearby building and shot the hook towards it, a length of wire attached to it.

There was one trick up Marielle's sleeve that she had not shown immediately upon entering the fight; most Devil Fruit users that she had heard of employed their powers to their maximum extent as soon as their battle started. She elected, however, to hold off on firing her third source of shockwaves, instead choosing to maintain those her hands were creating. Hopefully she wouldn't need to release any waves from her mouth: that, she figured, was what had killed the pirate earlier.

The large fishman was starting to move... straight at her. Clearly he thought he could resist her powers long enough to flatten her into the ground. There was more than enough distance for Marielle to get out of his way if he was moving in a straight line... but he wasn't going to make it that easy for her. He kept his gaze locked head on her as he ran in her direction, turning to keep her in his path when she moved to one side. Marielle cursed under her breath at this minor disappointment.

As the fishman got closer, she kept her attack up. Her opponent just barrelled on regardless of the concussive impact the waves had: they didn't even slow him down. She tried to dive out of his way when he got up close... but it wasn't enough. The man's speed let him smash straight into her legs as she moved, considerably altering her dive. Marielle felt one of the fishman's spines pierce the skin of her calf muscle, going straight through her pant leg. It withdrew as its owner's implacable charge continued.

Her trajectory ruined by the powerful impact of the charge, she rolled helplessly for a good few yards before stopping in a heap. Bruised, dizzy and winded, the young woman tried to get back up onto her feet, but only succeeded in propping herself up on one elbow; she was too out of it to stand properly. And her leg felt like it was burning... that spine might have been poisonous. She hoped that that wasn't the case.

Marielle raised her other hand weakly in front of her, in a pathetic attempt to ward off the fishman's next charge.

'I need to finish this.' The thought repeated itself in Alaena's head as she hid behind the cover that was being blown apart by Mottso's shots. The last one grazed her left shoulder, the sheer size of the bullet the man used doing damage even though it barely touched her. Knowing that the cover was useless now she used Geppo to try to make it up to one of the roofs again. This time though she was too tired to make it up all the way, landing at the edge of the roof and having to drag herself up onto it.

She rolled over and laid there resting, panting as she tried to regain some stamina. 'Too much. Too many injuries over the past few days,' she thought, turning her head so she could see the new wound on her shoulder. Her left arm could still be moved even though each movement was answered with with a sharp pain. She rested her arm against her side, lifting it up and seeing blood from her re-opened gunshot wound from the previous morning. 'Things can't get any better can they?'

Reaching inside her quiver she took out her two remaining explosive arrows and got up; making her way over to the top of the roof to see the targets. "At least one of these should do the trick. You can do it, just finish these two tasks," she muttered, barely stopping herself from blacking out as she aimed the first nocked arrow. After letting go of the first arrow (which was aimed for the inside of the ship), she fired her last one up at the crow's nest; her vision blurring until becoming completely black as she fell into unconsciousness.

Grana coughed up blood as Yedaj hit him the first time. The attack had been so unexpected, Grana had bit his tongue in reaction to the shock. The next hit sent pain landing through his body as it landed just short of his right shoulder. However, it landed right on the swelling, causing Grana to nearly black out with pain. He could take pain easily, but this pain was laced with fear: the fear that with every blow, his chance of using his right arm ever again slowly slipped away. Grana desperately gasped for air as Yedaj once again slammed his fist into the navigator's stomach. Grana lost control of all but one sword, the other two flying towards the barrier. Grana hoped that Hal was fast enough to avoid them, if necessary. "Oh, wait... Portal's still up. I'm good to go."

So thought Grana as he slowly rose to his feet. "Damn. He might be skinny, but he can get some serious momentum with those slingshot arms of his. I don't know if I could take another one of those, especially if I lose any more air. My vision's... Already swimming." However, even through the oxygen-deprivation caused black spots in his sight, Grana was able to see the haymaker Yedaj was readying. This was the chance Grana had been waiting for. As the punch approached his face, Grana steeled his nerve, wondering how close he could cut his next trick. The instant before Yedaj crushed Grana's skull, Grana created a portal that reached from the air in front of his face and ended up at the back of Yedaj's head. If it connected, it was easily a killing blow, but Grana could afford no chances. He fell backwards as if Yedaj had actually struck him, to ensure Twitchy would follow through with his blow. Finally, Grana aimed his final blade towards the ground, opening up one more portal, this one aimed towards Yedaj's heart. Grana had promised to kill Yedaj, and he always followed through on his promises.

"Oh HELL no you don't!" Hal yelled as Inishi made a break for the now opened barricade. He paused a bit to decide the best course of action before giving pursuit. He definitely did not want to tangle with the big guy, whom Inishi was now running right past, but he couldn't let Inishi just waltz right through the barricade either. Letting the grunts through was bad enough, but Inishi might be able to stir up some trouble. Hal Shaved up to the roof of the building overlooking the barricade and waited. When Inishi crossed over and was out of the big guy's sight, Hal would try ambushing him again.


Roger was pleasantly surprised to see the man stick around to try and take Roger on. Hopefully the shrimp would have the skills to match his courage and a good fight would ensue. Seeing the man pull out a gun and point it at Roger, he quickly determined the path of the bullet and moved his fist to block accordingly. It wasn't so simple though. As the bullet hit his gauntlet, it released a blinding flash of light. Roger closed his eyes as quickly as he could, but he wasn't expecting that and could tell he would be unable to see for a bit because of that.

So, he's one of those fancy gunmen types eh? I bet he's got more crazy kinda bullets than just that one too. I'll have to be more careful, can't let these gauntlets get damaged in case he's a Devil Fruit user too. Roger immediately halted his charge to avoid running into a trap while he was blinded. Instead he took up a defensive position, crouching and using his arms and gauntlets to cover as much of his body as possible while he waited for his sight to return.

As soon as they hit the ground Crassi began trying to take Sammi's head off. The fact that Sammi didn't have any extra limbs made it easier: her tail was unrestrained as it struck the ground near her head. If Sammi hadn't moved to try and get her ropes active, it would have been over. Still, Crassi felt that she had the advantage, quickly getting her tail in a position to slide it under her body.

In the background she heard Harligold coming. I guess I should be glad I know when my boss is coming... She decided she needed to take care of this quick, maybe get a nice promotion if someone died. And someone always died.

The green blade sliced and nicked at her neck and shoulders, but it wasn't long enough to simply skewer her from the head down. "Dammit, you're lucky I can't reach." She turned to the ax, slicing her blade towards the head to knock it away. Noticing her opponents weird and uncomfortable angle, Crassi tried to pin her back down against the ground.

As Higaldo's Torpedo Kick came flying towards Yoje, he quickly leaned back, letting the kick go over his head. Then, using his tail for support, he kicked out at Higaldo from below, using the fishman's own momentum against him. "You may be able to follow my speed, but that doesn't mean you can best it." Yoje flipped back onto his feet and waited for Higaldos response.

Yedaj struck himself in the back of the head, and there was a loud crack. However, his expression remained unmoving, and his body did as well. The next seconds seemed like hours as he just remained there unmoving. Finally, his arm slumped, and both now dangled from his body. At last, his face twisted to an expression of pain, and he wheezed. His head slumped down, but his body didn't move as he fell unconscious. Grana had little time to celebrate, however, as a large group of Harligold's men saw that he was tired and took this chance to try and finish him off.

"Phantom Magician" Grana Rei VS "Twitching" Yedaj
Winner: Grana.

Mottso saw Aleana slump, not caring to dodge the last arrow heading his way, grinning ear to ear "Gotcha!" before he finished lining up his shot, however, he suddenly found himself jerked forward, and the creaking from before sounded like snapping. The crow's nest was falling over, and he was about to take a long drop. Right before he fell out, a thought went into Mottso's head.

Wait a minute... all that creaking... those missed shots... Time seemed to slow down for him as he saw the area the mass snapped, practically right beneath his feet Are you telling me she missed all those shot on purpose?!?

"YOU BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII..." he shouted, his shout interupted with a loud crash. Mottso made a hole in the deck of the Great White, falling through the deck into the floor below. The impact had also destroyed his gun, with pipes and valves all over the floor around him, and barrel had snapped in half. There were a couple people gathering around him, clamoring about what had happened, as the broken part of the mast tore through the sails of the Great White. Mottso managed to slip out one last noise "tch..." As he heard the room behind him erupt in an explosion, and all those around him left to check the damage.

"Night Archer" Alaena Marsh VS "Smokestack" Mottso
Winner: Alaena

Higaldo grunted, but managed to land on his feet, holding where Yoje had kicked him. He looked around him and shook his head. "I need to be less reckless in future..." He prepared another water shot, leaping away from Yoje as he threw it. "Let's see how you do at a distance, boy!" He threw another shot once he landed from his jump, going to the side, repeating this pattern, trying to create a gap between the two of them.

Inshi had managed to get through the barrier, and noticed Hal had not followed him. "What's wrong, coward? Afraid of open spaces? Come now, after such brash talk, you can't just be giving up like that!" He started swinging his spear around him, twirling it in all directions trying to keep no opening for Hal to try and strike.

Mog Had started pounding on the top of the barricade now, and managed to make a decent opening, determined to work around Grana's portal. It seemed to be more a matter of pride for him to not let this thing stop him.

Dokumaru stopped, rubbing the spots Marielle managed to hit. "That hurt..." He muttered to himself, rubbing the spots that were sore. He ran forward again, hoping to hit her right this time. "Whatever that weird power is, it's no match for me! Go ahead and run!" he taunted, exhaling and letting his spines retract, wanting to take out Marielle with just brute strength.

Peter's second shot had been to get his grappling hook up to a nearby roof. "Ok, I got a few seconds to get up..." He leaped up and started climbing, scaling the wall surprisingly fast. Once he got there, he tried to get behind Roger. "Ok, I got a couple more seconds... let's see how long this can last. Paralysis usually only lasts a couple seconds on guys of his stature, and even then, it'd only affect his arm. Plus, he's far too strong for someone of his size, so I'd probably have even less time. But if he can't swing that anchor around..." He loaded another one. "Stun Shot!", aiming at Roger's left shoulder He then fired another bullet "Fire Shot!" that one was directed at Roger's right shoulder.

The green blade she had seen slice up her ropes was now slicing up her shoulders as well, but Sammi was still hanging on to the woman. This was the position she wanted to be in, up close and personal, and the ropes were still working their way around the opponent. The sword then swung for her axe, and knocked it out of her hand, but that was of little consequence now. She could feel the ropes from her left hand overlapping each other, making a proverbial noose around the bitch's neck.

"I'm not lucky, I just know how to take down bitches like you," Sammi retorted as she constricted her ropes while her opponent flipped her over with a thud. The air was knocked out of her, and she could feel the stone ground grinding into the freshly opened cuts on her back, but now Sammi was able to lean back and really put the pressure on.

She went to bring her newly freed hand up to speed up the process but it was difficult to move it. Not just because of the position, but she felt like her muscles were disobeying her commands. "Fuck," she cursed. "What the fuck do you got on that blade?" She felt more and more restriction in her movement, her ropes still held though. "Feels like I've taken 6 shots of GL Tequila."

Hal watched Inishi from above, waiting for a good moment to strike. It never came. The way that he was swing that spear left Hal with only very small windows to Shave down there and attack. Windows that Hal knew he was nowhere near skilled enough to take advantage of. "Dammit... Since when is he so good with that thing?! I shoulda just kept him in the damn alley where he couldn't pull shit like this." Hal growled as he tried to wait for Inishi to get tired and leave himself open.

As he watched for a bit, he noticed one area that was open. Inishi was expecting him to come out of the alley or from somewhere else around the barricade. But he didn't seem to be expecting Hal to strike from above. It was a crazy move he would have to pull off to take advantage of that opening but he didn't have a ranged weapon like Peter or Alaena, or crazy powers like Grana or Yoje. He had to make do with his sword as best he could. Taking a deep breath, Hal stepped away from the edge of the roof and then ran towards it, jumping off the edge as far as he could. Once over Inishi, he turned the jump into a headfirst dive down towards the unsuspecting mob boss. Just before Hal was about to crash into Inishi, he unsheathed his sword and swung it downwards at the top of Inishi's head.


As Roger's sight returned, he looked around for his opponent only to find that he was nowhere in sight. Had he run after all? That would be a disappointing waste of his time. As he was about to move on, he felt a bullet pierce his left shoulder from behind. Instinctively, he spun around the moment he felt the shot hit him and felt a second shot graze his other shoulder. The wound burned more than a graze like that should have, and when Roger looked at it he noticed the skin around it seemed seared almost. Looks like I was right about the fancy bullets. Now to give the punk a taste of my anc-... What the?

Roger went to grab his trusty anchor with his left hand but found that he couldn't. His entire left arm had gone numb. But even as he noticed the numbness, he could feel it wearing off slightly. With a growl, he began rubbing the arm furiously to try to get feeling back in it as he scanned the rooftops for the shooter. He spotted him just as the feeling returned to his arm and quickly took advantage of that before another shot stunned him again. Roger took his anchor in both hands and spun around a couple times to build up momentum before letting go and sending it flying towards his opponent. He had aimed for just below the roof on purpose since it was a target he couldn't miss and destroying the roof would bring his opponent within his reach.

"Whatever that weird power is, it's no match for me! Go ahead and run!"

But Marielle couldn't run. The burning in her leg had begun to spread: she felt a similar, though fairly duller, sensation developing in her other leg. It was all she could do to stop herself from crying out with the pain. Breathing hard and fast - she was still winded - she tried to clear her dizziness in the short time she had before the fishman charged again; it seemed to work a little. Things began to come back into focus.

As she raised her hand a second time to try to defend herself, Marielle forced her fingers into position. It seemed that her ability cared little for her physical condition, as the shockwaves began to jump from her hands yet again. Her opponent would, of course, think little of such a weak defense... it seemed the two combatants thought along the same lines.

The fishman charged straight at her prone form, ignoring the shockwaves coming from her hand. When he got close enough, Marielle did the only two things that she thought of, to at least try and make the fight fairer. First, she rolled out of his way, turning completely over twice in quick succession. Second, as he barrelled past her once more, she propped herself up a second time and opened her mouth in a silent yell. The reason it was silent was because she could see and feel blue shockwaves lancing out from her parted lips. It felt like a cold wind was blowing out from her mouth.

Marielle did her best to guide her mouth's shockwaves towards the fishman, hoping she would score a hit as he rampaged past.

I have her right... where... I need... "Ack-!" Suddenly Crassi felt something tighten around her neck. She knew she didn't have a lot of time if Sammi kept the hold up. "6... shots... huh? Let's... see if we can't... top that..." For a moment she stopped her tail's barrage on Sammi and slipped it into her belt pocket. She stabbed the glass flask inside, shattering it, but also coating her blade in the most useful poison she had on her: Strychnine.

The blade was covered in a whitish powder, some of it swirling into the air. Each time she stabbed it down there was a cloud of it that flew up into the air. Once it was absorbed Sammi would start having muscle tightening and then seizures, starting from the head and neck down to her shoulders and arms, then her legs.

"Have fun..." she wheezed, starting to black out. With the last of her strength she thrashed her tail around Sammi, cutting at any exposed flesh.

Yoje sidestepped the first water shot and reverted to his human form so that his legs would have full range of motion. He then tried to intercept the next Water Shot with a Tempest Kick, but he kicked too late, and it ended up exploding in his face. This left him open for a third Water Shot to hit him in the gut. Agh! That stings. Yoje winced in pain, but kept his focus, and started firing off Tempest Kicks to stop the rest of Higaldos attacks. Keeping up his attack with roundhouses and hook kicks, Yoje carefully advanced on Higaldo.

The thrashing was starting to get weaker, Sammi knew she had this battle won. The Green-Dripping Goblin below her was fading. Yes. Damn straight, bitch. As she felt her opponent slow down to barely a struggle, she leaned down to whisper in her ear, "And that's why my little ropes just owned your scaly ass, bitch."

The woman's eyes closed and Sammi released her grip on the neck. She stood up but it was difficult. It still felt like she she wasn't in control of her own body. Ignoring the two fish battles going on beside her, she sat down against a nearby building, just trying to figure out what had happened to her. Ugh....that whore. What the fuck is going on? She tried to get her hands up to her head, to keep her head straight, but it wasn't happening either. Fuccccccckkkkk.........

The poison seemed to be acting slowly, but was having effects on Sammi. Some of Harligold's men saw Crassi knocked out in front of Sammi, and saw her wounds, knowing what probably had happened, deciding to go after another target. Some seemed concerned that Crassi was able to be beaten, eyeing Sammi cautiously, a few slowly approaching her.

Sammi "The Viking" Makela VS Crassi "Scorpio" Cauda
Winner: Sammi

Higaldo started sidestpping and weaving through Yoje's projectiles, walking back more and more, leading him away from the plaza. Several of Harligold's men were getting hit as collateral damage, but the farther back they went, the less and less there were, once they got past the choke point of the barricade. "What was that about me not being able to keep up with your speed?" Higaldo said in a mocking tone.

Dokumaru once against shrugged off the initial shockwaves, however, the larger one hit him square in the jaw, and he fell on his back, grabbing his chin and kicking in pain. "YEEEEOOOW!" There were bits of burnt flesh on his chin, and some along his neck. He got up and started walking towards her, rubbing his wound. "You got a lucky shot... but you aren't going to stop me again..." He raised his fist up, getting ready to drop it on her.

Inshi hadn't expected Hal's attack. Because of the way he was swinging his spear, he managed to deflect Hal's blade, knocking it out of his hands, just out of arm's reach away from him. However, he was unable to hit Hal, who he didn't see until he was crashing down on top of Inshi, pinning him to the ground and knocking his spear even further away. Inshi started thrashing, trying to knock Hal off of him, but couldn't seem to muster the strength to do so. He then started making a reach for his spear, flailing his other hand to try and hit Hal. Inshi clearly wasn't good at hand to hand, and he was hoping Hal wasn't either.

Peter saw the anchor heading towards the building, trying to get away from where it would hit. Unfortunately, he couldn't get far away enough to escape the roof collapsing under him, but he managed to land on his feet a good couple feet away from Harligold. Shit... the stun lasted a lot shorter, and the flames really didn't seem to faze him... He saw that from the debris, the anchor was right between them, the top sticking out of the rubble of the fallen rooftop. "That is not good..." he muttered, reaching into his bag and throwing a dozen black orbs onto the handle. "Those orbs are rigged to explode, so I'd be careful with that anchor if I were you!" He said, backing up "True, they require a certain amount of force to detonate, roughly the force of hitting something being shot out of my gun... but he doesn't know that. He seems smart, so hopefully he'll waste time over-analyzing this..."

As the fishman got closer, one fist raised, Marielle tried to scramble backwards to keep him at arm's length. He was too fast, though, even at the walking pace he used... either that or she was slowing down, somehow. Within a short time he was standing over her, ready to beat her into submission. Marielle had gotten her breath back by this time, and she looked up at her opponent. She could still fight, even with the disadvantage he had forced on her with his spine's poison.

"Lucky shot this, you bastard," she retorted before she smacked him dead-on with her shockwaves, released straight from her mouth for the second time in that fight. With luck, they would hurt the fishman a lot more now that he was standing still. Especially since she was aiming for his face, in the same way she had killed one of her attackers earlier. The fact that she would kill again was not lost on her: it was a life-or-death situation in her eyes, and she was already hurt.

Hal growled angrily as Inishi's flailing hand connected with his face several times, knocking his hat from his head. It didn't hurt so much but it was kinda annoying to have to get into a fist fight with this old timer while his weapon was so close. He could let Inishi go to retrieve his weapon, but Inishi would get his own during that time and he would be back to square one. He wasn't experienced in hand to hand at all, but thankfully he was pretty sure he was at least stronger than Inishi. Oh yeah. And even if I don't have my sword, I still have the sheath.

A grin slowly spread across Hal's face as he knew what he had to do. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying this, Inishi ol' pal." Hal said as he used one hand to grab Inishi's arm and try to move it away from the spear. With his other hand, he took the sheath and began whacking at Inishi's head with it. Inishi's flailing hand in his face became less of an annoyance and started to actually hurt but Hal had decided to endure it in hopes that he could last longer than Inishi.


Roger stared at his anchor for a few moments, trying to plan out his next move. If this guy was bluffing the anchor was safe for him to use. But if he was serious that anchor was gonna be useless for the rest of this battle. But why tell Roger and not just let him get blown up? He almost had to be bluffing.... But the risks were too great. And in the end, Roger was fairly certain he didn't need the anchor to win this fight. His opponent was small enough that he probably wouldn't be able to take many hits from Roger's gauntlets now that he was down on the ground and so close.

His next move was planned, but before he carried it out he had something to say. "Thanks for the warning kid. Now here's one for you in return. I don't need that anchor to crush your skull. And I'm something of an expert in hand to hand." Roger pounded his gauntlets together to emphasize his point and changed his stance, holding his left gauntlet out in front of him as a shield and his right behind him, ready to strike. After a moments pause, he charged, closing the gap between them and brought his right arm around for a devastating haymaker aimed at Peter's head.

Yoje growled. He realized that he was being led away from the plaza, but he had to focus on beating Higaldo before he could help anyone else out. I'll need to get up close to end this quickly. With a spinning hook kick, Yoje sent a powerful Tempest Kick at Higaldo's head. Then, he morphed to his hybrid form, Shaved behind his opponent, and attempted to kick out his knees.

Higaldo was able to see Yoje coming, but rather than attempt a counter attack, he leaped into the air again, landing behind Yoje. He then jumped back, flipping through the streets, heading towards the docks. Just a little closer...

Dokumaru took another hit to the face, falling over again, actually flying back a couple feet "GAAAH!" He got up, the injuries on his face even worse, and now with singed skin on his chest. "You little... I underestimated you! But I will NOT be made a fool of by a filthy human! Let's see you try and stop this!" He turned around, inhaling a large amount of air, and now the spines on his back began to extend, each a little shorter than a foot. He then jumped towards her with surprising agility considering his bulk and the fact that he was facing the wrong way. "Skewering Wall!"

Inshi had taken a couple hard blows, busting his nose and there were several loud whacks each time Hal hit him. However, after a couple blows, he managed to grab it. His grip was tight, but and he started trying to reach for his spear again, but quickly gave up. "It appears we are at an impasse, Mr... I'm sorry, I don't remember your name..." He knew he was still at a disadvantage, but tried to buy himself some time.

After a couple more seconds, a couple gunmen ran from one of the buildings, and paused when they saw Hal and Inshi. "B-boss?! You're alive?" One said in shock. Inshi grinned, thinking he now had the battle won. "My loyal followers! I need your aid! See this man on top of me? Shoot him! Shoot him now!" He barked at them.

The pair ust stood there, clearly not wanting to raise their arms against Hal, knowing he had helped them defend this island. "What are you waiting for?! Shoot him!"

"Oh fuck..." Peter muttered as Harligold threw his first punch, jumping low and trying to roll under the attack. He turned around and tried getting to the middle of the street, away from any debris and walls so he could have more room to dodge. "Ok, what now..." he loaded another round, aiming for Harligold's legs "Explosive round!" He fired a round similar to those he had thrown around the anchor. They were usually only really damaging in large quantities or hitting somewhere like the face, but he wanted to slow down Roger any way he could.

In the time it took the fishman to get back to his feet, Marielle had managed to shuffle over to a small stack of wooden crates that had yet to be destroyed by the brute's charges and haul herself to her own feet as well. She was sweating profusely and leaning heavily on the crates, having grown tired as a result of both the fighting and whatever it was that was in her system.

The guy turned his back on her. What was he thinking? Even she could tell that that was a stupid idea... and then she noted the spines protruding from his back. If he hit her with that many spikes, she would be impaled on them. Marielle shuddered at such a fate. She didn't want to die. But... was it just Marielle's imagination, or did she feel less of an effect from the man's spines now? The feeling in her legs had abated somewhat, and she felt stronger. Strong enough to stand on her own, she thought. But such things quickly became irrelevant, given that her opponent was about to attack again.

"Let's see you try and stop this!"

Marielle had absolutely no intention of stopping the fishman's attack, far from it. The man might be able to turn in mid-charge, but doing so in mid-jump would be nigh impossible. As soon as she saw the telltale bend in his legs, giving away that he was about to jump straight backwards, she tried to dash to one side... though she could tell that her movements were still very slow despite being able to stand.

The fishman smashed straight through the crates where Marielle had been standing, missing her by about a foot or so. It was insanely close. As he landed back on his feet, she put an extra two feet between the two of them, bringing them back to arm's length. She spun to face the fishman and brought up both of her hands. Within the second, three distinct sets of shockwaves were released in his direction. Marielle wanted this fight over; she was giving it her all now, her willpower focused on maintaining the consistency and accuracy of her waves. If she had to kill the fishman to stop his attempts to end her life, then she was willing to accept that. It was him or her, and Marielle favoured the latter.

Why can't I hit this guy anymore? Even though he hadn't taken too much damage yet in the fight, Yoje was wasting valuable energy to try to chase down Higaldo. Even after I beat him, I'll probably be too far away from the plaza to help anyone else out. But I can't just turn around now, or he'll be free to attack from wherever he wants. I'll have to keep chasing him, and just deal with whatever trap he has for me...After I try one more attack, anyway.

Yoje took a deep breath, and Shaved up to Higaldo. He used Moon Steps to maintain his speed. While still Shaving, when Yoje was about two feet away from the fishman, he unleashed a Tempest Kick with one foot. To Yoje, the blast was moving at its normal speed, but to anyone else, thanks to his timing, it was moving faster than a Shave, completely invisible to the untrained eye. Hopefully, it was moving too fast for Higaldo to track, or at least was able to catch him off guard.

Sammi's head was swimming, but she could still make out the men coming towards her, advancing on her weakened state. "What? Going to attack a girl without defencesh?" she started sound a bit drunk, the poison was making her slur. "Know what? I think we need ta fixsh that."

She perused the approaching pirates, the one to the right of the lead man had a decent looking katana. Compared to the bludgeoning tools the others had, it was the best of the lot. She brought her right arm back in a pitching motion, with more difficulty than she usually had, but she got it off, her ropes wrapping around the blade. The pain normally would have hit as the edge cut in, but there were other things taking precedent at the moment. She yanked the sword out of the startled man's hands and caught the sword in her left hand. Even as she took it in a traditional samurai grip, her arms were shaking, not able to keep any kind of rigidity as the spasms were starting to set in. Still, she stood defiantly in front of the bitch's lackeys. "Com get shome, assholesh," she taunted with a major twitch in her eye.

Hal tried with all his might to force the sheath through, but it was no good. Inishi held strong. They were indeed at a standstill as he had said. Suddenly voices could be heard approaching. Hal hoped that they were friendly, but those hopes were dashed when they referred to Inishi as "Boss". Of course the scumbag Yarrakona would back stab him now. As Inishi called out for them to shoot him, Hal closed his eyes and prepared to feel the bullets piercing him. Dammit... After all the shit I had to go through, it's all gonna end here? If I'd known, I'd have... Huh?

Strangely enough, Hal had not yet been riddled with bullets. He opened his eyes and looked up to see the Yarrakona were, in fact, not shooting at him. Instead they just stood there, not quite sure what to do it seemed. This was it. This was going to be the deciding point of this fight. His life was in the hands of men who were trying to kill him yesterday. But even though they were Inishi's men, Hal was the master salesmen. And this was going to be his most important pitch yet. "I already told ya, Inishi. The name's Hal Granada. And you'd better not forget again because I'm about to show you why I'm the best damn merchant to ever visit Lasklee." He told Inishi before turning his attention to Inishi's men.

Unfortunately, he couldn't really move without letting Inishi get to his spear so he would have to rely on his words alone rather than any persuasive gestures. No big deal though. Step one: Make them think they've already decided in your favor. "No, you guys don't want to shoot me. But you already knew that. That's why I'm still alive right?"

Check. Step two: Convince them they are right in deciding in your favor. Bonus points for making them feel smart. "And that's good for me obviously. But it's pretty good for you too. This guy turned his back on you already, on this whole island even. Sold us all out to Harligold and tried to blow it all up. If he didn't need you, he'd probably be spearing you dead right now. Of course, you guys have been in this business long enough that I'm sure you already figured that out."

Check and check. Step 3: Sympathize. "Now I know that this guy used to be your boss and that puts you in a bit of an awkward position. Believe me, I do. Don't worry, I'm not gonna ask you to hurt him or kill him or anything like that."

Check. Step 4: Make them an offer they can't refuse. "All I want you to do is bring me my sword. And my hat. I'm not gonna kill him, but the sooner I make sure he stays down the sooner I can get back to helping you guys defend your home. Sound good?"

Check? Hal couldn't tell if they truly couldn't refuse that offer, but he had used most of his favorite tricks to persuade them to help him. All he could do now was wait and see if that was as convincing as it had sounded to him.


Roger silently cursed as his opponent rolled under the haymaker. He knew it was too slow of a punch for a fast guy like him, but he had been far too eager to simply end it. A mistake he would have to be sure to not make again. Before he could turn to take a few more swings, he felt the explosive round connect with his left leg and the resulting shock wave forced him onto one knee. Roger punched the ground angrily before rising to his feet again. This boy was toying with him, not going for the kill and simply trying to slow him down. Granted, a head on fight with Roger Harligold wasn't the brightest idea there was, but it still made him wonder what this guy was up to.

"You're quick and you've got some fancy bullets, I'll give you that. Let's see how you handle this though!" Roger said as he spun and leapt towards his opponent. Roger's goal was to step on the man's foot, then throw a few quick punches at his chest while he couldn't get away.

Higaldo was caught off guard by Yoje's latest attack, and when it struck, it left a large gash across his chest, which started to bleed. However, as he cried out in pain, he took one last leap and landed in the water. He started swinging around, jumping above the water every couple seconds, trying to keep a lock on Yoje. Let's try and end this quickly... he went deep into the water, and shot up like a rocket, bursting out to the surface, leaving a small trail of water behind him. Said trail began to form around his arm, almost concentrating like a drill "Fishman Karate: Breaching Spear!" He started descending, trying to hit Yoje with this new attack, extending his hand with an open palm forward.

As Marielle's attack ended, Dokumaru had smoke rising from his chest and his face had several marks on it, along with a large mark on his chest. He struggled to stand, but still seemed to be standing. "I will not... let myself be beaten... by the likes of a human!" he started charging towards Marielle again. He was running on fumes and rage at this point, all pain, sense and rationality gone from him, running like a mad bull, leaving himself wide open.

The gunmen took a moment to contemplate the offer, then one slowly reached over and handed Hal his sword. Inshi seemed to snap at that moment, all pretense of calmness gone in the blink of an eye. "YOU FUCKING MAGGOT! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?" He started thrashing, a sudden energy to him. At this point, though, the two had started trying to hold him down. "I WILL NOT SEE THIS CITY FALL OUT OF MY HANDS! I'LL SEE IT BURN BEFORE THAT DAY ARRIVES!"

Peter tried to step back, but Harligold stepped on his foot "Oh crap..." He guarded his face with one arm and his chest with the other, prepping himself for the inevitable impact.

Again, Marielle barely escaped her assailant's attack. She felt him brush against her sleeve, it was that close. "Yes, you damn well will!" she yelled at the racist fishman as she spun around to face him. She had had enough of both this fight and his superior attitude: it was time to put him down and stop him from getting up. Nearby, she could see people gathering around Sammi, and the tailed woman who had been knocked out. Marielle wanted to keep her new acquaintance out of harm's way, if she couldn't fight... that wouldn't happen with the fat fish blocking her path.

Now aggravated herself, Marielle ran up to the fishman as he slowed down. Not bothering to throw a punch - she wasn't that strong - she simply let her powers loose once more before he could turn around to face her. Her trio of shockwaves smashed straight into the fishman's back from nigh point-blank range... and she hoped it was enough to at least put him out of the fight.

Hal silently took the sword, afraid to say anything in case he screwed it up somehow, and moved off of Inishi as his men even held him down for him. As Hal listened to Inishi's maddened rampage, he wasn't sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for the men who had followed him. "Shut up." He finally said, putting his foot down roughly on Inishi's chest. "Every word outta your mouth makes me want to break my promise to your boys and slit your sorry throat. I may be a bit of a conman, but I ain't that low. So I'll settle for this instead."

Hal swung his sword and smacked Inishi across the face with the hilt as hard as he could. Hopefully that would shut the crazed bastard up for awhile.


Roger grinned devilishly as he saw his opponent panic and attempt to defend himself. "Heh. You've been hitting me pretty good with those bullets. Now it's my turn!" Roger said, aiming a punch at both shoulders and following that up with a headbutt, bringing his head crashing down at the top of his opponent's.

Sammi was swinging her newly acquired sword wildly, keeping the rapidly shifting pirates at bay. "Get back!" she ordered. "Get back, yous fuckin' bashtards! I'll fuckin' gut all of yas!" The swinging was uncontrollable, owing to the new twitches developing in her arms as she held the weapon.

One pirate stepped foreward, trying to regain his comrade's sword, but he only succeeded in getting slashed across the face by the poisoned woman. "I tolds yas! Shtay the fuck back!" Sammi repeated. "Tatsh what happensh!"

Yoje smirked. So his plan was to use the water to attack me. But now that he's in the air, I have the advantage. He morphed back into a human and shot a Tempest Kick at Higaldo's face to stun him. Then he Shaved above him, flipped, and slammed his feet into Higaldo while morphing into a full kangaroo and activating Iron Body to put even more weight behind the attack. He planned to slam Higaldo into the ground at full force. Iron Stomp!

Higaldo tried to stab Yoje with his attack, but he locked his arms with his kangaroo legs and his tail was wrapped around his torso. He growled and started spinning he water around, but it didn't seem to do much. the attack dissipated, and the water fell through. However, his arm was wet enough to slip through Yoje's hold now. If I strike him hard enough and he lets go, I can get back into the water... "Fishman Karate: Hundred Brick Fist!" He struck Yoje hard in the gut, the force of which was enough to knock hi away upwards. Unfortunately, his arm snagged as it slipped through Yoje's leg, and he went spiraling towards the ground as opposed to the water. He crashed onto the ground stomach first.

Higaldo surprisingly enough was still conscious after such a fall, and managed to turn onto his back. Just in time to see Yoje come crashing down onto his stomach. There wasn't any time for him to make a sound or cry out in pain. Once Yoje got off him, he twitched a couple times, and turned back onto his stomach, dragging himself a couple inches towards the water before slumping down. All the surrounding pirates saw what had happened and backed away slowly, not wanting to mess with Yoje, charging back to the plaza.

Yoje Taruki VS Higaldo
Winner: Yoje

Dokumaru fell hard and grunted. He then let out a long, drawn-out exhale. His body seemed to start to shrink, and she could tell he had air in him to make him appear a lot bigger than he actually was. He gave out one last puff, every spine in his body, including those on his head had retracted.

Those watching saw what she had done and decided instead of attacking her to focus on the injured and try to get to town hall, taking particular haste to get a good distance from Marielle.

Marielle Villeneuve VS Dokumaru
Winner: Marielle

Hal's swing had knocked Inshi out cold, and he fell back. The two gunmen picked him up and started dragging him off. One of them kicked his spear towards Hal. "Good luck out there, mister." They started rushing back to behind the lines at City Hall. More of Harligold's men ran through the opening, which was getting bigger every passing minute. They saw Hal and were unaware of what he had accomplished, thinking him to be an easy target.

Hal Granada VS Inshi Yarrakona
Winner: Hal

Peter yelled out in pain as Roger struck his shoulder, falling onto his back after the headbutt. Shit! I'm lucky he didn't break something... need to get him away... he aimed his gun forward, clicking multiple triggers and aiming at Harligold's face. "Overheat!" Suddenly, a large fireball spouted out of the larger barrel of the gun.

One of the central components in his gun was a small shell that seemed to store and release fire. He normally kept it to working on the firing mechanism, but he also had modified this gun since its creation to have a nice little surprise: if he activated all the triggers at once and held it down, the flames would be shot out like a mini flamethrower. It only lasts a couple seconds, and afterwards, he can't fire the gun again until the inner metal cools down or he risks screwing up something important, and he wouldn't have time to fix it. And if he really overdid it, he'd run out of fire, and the trigger mechanism would be useless. He didn't like using this move, because it limits his options afterwards, but it made a good crowd-clearer.

As the flames came out, he started trying to scoot backwards to get a little distance between the two of them.

Many of the people involved were completely unaware of the ship to the Northeast that was slowly coming into view, heading towards the island.

Yoje panted heavily as he reverted to a human, clutching his gut. "I didn't think he could punch so hard. He was falling, and I had my Iron Body. I could've taken a lot more damage than I did." He looked back in the direction of the plaza. There was undoubtedly still fighting going on there. Sammi and Marielle had been fighting in the east, so he decided to see what was going on in the west. "Ugh..." He winced in pain and started running back to the plaza through the western streets. He didn't want to use up any more energy Shaving there.

Hal's first order of business was to retrieve his hat, tipping it to the gentlemen who had been so kind to help him out before putting it back on. After that, he went to grab Inishi's spear that had been left behind and began examining it. "Hmmm... This is some quality work, that's for sure. I guess that's to be expected from a mob boss like Inishi though. Yeah, this should fetch a pretty good price. Or maybe I could use it. Had me on the ropes pretty good for awhile there after all. Either way, I guess this spear and the beating I gave him makes us even."

As Hal continued to admire the spear, he didn't notice more of Harligold's men approaching until they were practically right next to him. "Hm? Uh, didn't you guys see me beat one of your bosses? You're supposed to be avoiding me since I'll kick your ass just as good, aren't you?" Hal asked, barely even glancing up at them.

His dismissive attitude did not sit well with the pirates, who proceeded to charge towards Hal while brandishing their weapons and shouting angry curses at him. Fucking hell... I take down the former leader of the Yarrakonna family, and no one even notices? Plus there's still the big guy over there. I guess I gotta do something about that. If I can. Hal thought as he raised the spear to block several attacks that were coming his way, not having the time to go for his sword and not wanting to waste any more energy with Shave if he didn't need to. With a grunt of exertion, he pushed their weapons away with the shaft of the spear and followed up by swinging it in a wide arc at the pirates in front of him. It was much heavier than the sword he was used to though, and he stumbled forward awkwardly after only hitting about half the pirates. "Not bad... It'll take some getting used to though." Hal muttered, dropping the spear and putting his hand on the hilt of his sword as he backed away from the remaining pirates.


Roger was thrilled to see he had his opponent on the ground and on the run.... Until he was staring down the barrel of gun. His excitement turned to dismay even more quickly as a massive burst of flames erupted towards his face. Feeling the heat begin to burn his face, Roger quickly threw up his gauntlets to block the rest of the flames and stepped back. Unfortunately, that maneuver left his arms very burnt and heated his gauntlets to the point that the stone was searing his hands. Howling in pain, Roger ripped his gauntlets off as fast as he could and threw them on the ground. Not good... It'll be awhile before those gauntlets cool off enough for me to use them again. And my anchor still has those bombs on them. I guess I have no choice to use the anchor now.

Roger backed slowly away, trying to get back to his anchor. If he could reach it and throw it before his opponent could blow him up, he might be able to turn this around still. "That's quite the impressive gun you have there. And there aren't a whole lot of people who could take a punch from me and keep fighting. What's your name?" Roger asked, trying to buy a bit of time to reach the anchor.

Peter tried to back away as well, hoping to buy some time. "Name's Peter Tew. They call me the "Gadget Fiend", but honestly? I'm not too crazy about that name..." He knew that if he tried to get up, Harligold would try and attack him, and he'd ill-suited to defend himself. "The gun's my own creation. This is the fifth incarnation of it. Made all sorts of modifications and tweaks..." He was stalling, hoping he was far enough to get onto one knee, starting to rise.

He noticed Roger going for the anchor, but couldn't really think of anything he could do about it. I just need a couple more seconds... please just keep up the slow speed... he looked away, and tried to get Harligold to talk to buy a little more time "So I'm wondering... what's next? What's after Lasklee?"

Marielle paused for a moment, taking the few seconds' respite to catch her breath. However, she averted her eyes from the prone fishman, who was either unconscious or dead, one of the two. Her hands had started shaking... that was strange. She turned her attention to Sammi: the axe-wielder had managed to sit up against a wall, and was fending off a few pirates. Marielle hurried to defend her comrade, releasing shockwaves as soon as she estimated herself to be in range.

The pirates assailing Sammi scattered, afraid of her bizarre power. Once she was sure they were gone, Marielle hurriedly knelt down beside her, shooting a glance at the tailed woman as she did so. "Sammi, are you okay? What happened?" she asked.

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