Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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Sammi was still violently swinging her "found" sword when blue blasts came from seemingly out of nowhere. The pirates that weren't burned fled like the rats they were starting to look like. Once they were gone, the weapon fell from her shaking arms. It was getting hard to stand.

As Marielle came running over, Sammi was on the ground, her legs joining the rebellion the rest of her body had initiated.

"Sammi, are you okay? What happened?"

She nodded towards the tailed bitch. "Thatsh bitches done shometing," Sammi spat out, literally, saliva was starting to fill up her mouth. "I dunno, I dunno what, but she fucking did shomething. Thish place ain't been good to me. You....you should probably getsh shome help, Blue."

"Peter Tew, the Gadget Fiend eh?" Roger muttered as he continued to back up. He had never heard that name before. He couldn't be bothered to remember every low bounty poster he happened to see after all, although that was coming back to bite him it seemed. Roger quickly scanned the horizon, hoping to see that his men had broken through and were cleaning up the resistance in the center of town. No such luck though. Either they were having a hard time or he just couldn't see them. Either way, it was back to buying time.

"After Lasklee? Isn't that obvious? I'm going to head for Porte Carlo and destroy the Marine outpost there. Once I've done that, there will be no one left in all of West Blue with the strength to even think to oppose me. Even the World Government will be forced to recognize my power then! And from there, my influence will only continue to spread. The worthless Marines are already helpless against me! If all they can do is run and let civvies and other pirates try to stop me, these seas are much better off without them. Don't you agree?" Roger couldn't help but grin broadly and laugh as he told Peter of his ambitions, the same ambitions that even fishmen like Dokumaru and Hidalgo had been inspired by and believed he had the strength to carry out.

He had stopped moving back now, as he had felt his foot bump against his anchor about halfway through his speech. He took extra care to position himself between it and Peter to ensure it couldn't be blown up and gripped it behind his back in one hand. "You know, I could use a guy like you Peter. You're resourceful, determined, and tough enough to keep me on the ropes for awhile. But you have to know it's only a matter of time before you run out of tricks. Join my crew and you'll be rewarded with whatever you desire! But your only reward for trying to defend Lasklee will be my anchor caving in your skull. I promise you that." Roger added darkly to the end of his offer. He gripped the anchor tightly, ready to use it at a moments notice should Peter refuse.

Grana smiled, as if laughing to fate's little joke when the pirates began to swarm him. "Joy. Not only did I have to fight off a Paramecia user, I have to hold off a fishman battering ram while fighting all these pirates with a useless arm. This is why I don't like believing in higher powers." Grana began to desperately consume air, trying to regain all that he lost during the fight with Yedaj. As the pirates formed a circle around him, Grana slowly bent down and took back his sword from Yedaj, as well as pocketing the latter's brass knuckles. Grana winced as the multiple injuries sustained that day began to throb. "So help me, if I get out of this alive, I'll start practicing my sword style once more. I'm relying too heavily on my Devil Fruit to survive on the Grand Line." Grana sheathed the wakazishi and brandished his katana. He glanced towards the barricade, where he knew both Hal and that battering ram of a fishman to be.

Grana decided to call out to Hal, knowing that he had little to gain from this situation, but everything to lose. "Hey... Granada, are you there? Feel like teaming up? I don't know about you, but after a fight like that, I'll get bored with nothing but peons! So how about we split the bill, as it were?" Grana sounded quite brave, but in truth he was at the end of his rope. It was taking just about everything he had to sustain the portal. "And I need to conserve my strength as much as possible, in case I need to throw up a second portal to keep out the fishy." A brave fool charged Grana alone. "Ghost-Style: Resonance." Grana slid into the stance and loosened his grip on his blade. As the man approached, Grana flipped his sword's blade towards the ground, and slashed up. He cut the man with almost no resistance whatsoever. The man crumpled at Grana's feet, another body bowing to the grey tyrant. The other pirates backed off slightly after seeing how easily and how callously Grana killed. "Good. Maybe if I can keep this up, they'll all run away. Hope springs eternal, as they say." Even as he said this, Grana marveled at the strength of his sensei's sword style. "Why have I abandoned this style for so long? The most basic technique, and it cost no more energy than to swing my arm! I hope I get out of this alive, if only to perfect this style!" Grana grinned, a gruesome sight considering the blood covering his blade and body.

"I don't do well with following others. It's part of the reason I became a pirate in the first place: makes getting around all those stupid rules that much easier. Still, I imagine Porte Carlo wouldn't be as easy... but I also imagine there's more to your forces than what are here." He started kicking his legs around, waiting for Harligold to strike. "As for the whole thing of power and influence... good luck with that. Not interested. Sounds tedious." Ok... he probably knows he can grab that thing without too much risk... this isn't going to end well... but I can still work with this...

"Oh, hell's teeth," Marielle cursed as she listened to Sammi's slurred speech. She shot a look at the tailed woman whom Sammi had been fighting earlier; the blade on her tail was partially covered in a mix of Sammi's blood and some kind of whitish substance. A poison of some kind, probably, like what the fishman's spines had done to her... Sammi's explanation confirmed this. She needed to find some kind of cure or antidote.

Marielle got up and hurried over to the woman who had poisoned Sammi. She was still unconscious, and thus wouldn't mind a quick search. Marielle promptly rifled through her pockets and pouches in case there was something that looked like an antidote. She found a few vials here and there, and set them aside, careful not to break them. But there was nothing that gave away what she had used to poison Sammi, nor was there a universal antidote or anything.

Marielle swore a second time. Sammi was in danger, even when not under attack. And it looked like everyone else was preoccupied... she doubted there was much that they could do, unless they knew what was affecting her. There was another solution, but it was crazy to do so. She could wake up this poisoner and get her to cure Sammi in exchange for her life.

This kind of thing was not Marielle's area of expertise: she didn't know how to convince a pirate to co-operate. But it was the only way to be sure that Sammi was going to be alright. With that in mind, Marielle began to roughly shake the poisoner with one hand, hoping to wake her up. She pinned down the bladed tail with her other hand, in case it moved. A reflex action could cause it to stab her and poison her in the same way Sammi had been afflicted.

As soon as Crassi's eyes snapped open, her tail jolted and twisted in Marielle's grasp. Dammit... Crassi growled audibly, but she knew she was in no position to do attack or negotiate.

"You're not that blond idiot..." As soon as she spoke, she noticed the spastic Sammi on the ground. Her bottles of poison and antidotes were on the ground beside her. She couldn't help but smirk, turning her attention back to Marielle. "What do you want? Because unless you got money, I'm not talking."

"I have something better than money," Marielle countered, improvising her offer as she went. "Life. I'll let you get out of this place, free as a bird, on one simple condition. You give Blondie the antidote to whatever it was that you used on her. If you kill her, you die too. Double-cross me, you die. Try to run away or attack me before fixing her up, you die. Cure my friend and I'll let you live. It's that easy."

As an incentive to co-operate, Marielle jerked her head over towards the fishman, covered in burns and slumped in a heap, his spines deflated. "I took out that fatso over there. Don't think I won't do the same to you if you don't do as I say." She hoped her threat carried enough weight to get the poisoner to co-operate. If she refused, she'd get a nasty burn for her efforts.

"I took out that fatso over there?" Crassi tried not to laugh. Her captor was clearly new to the whole demanding ransom thing. "Are you daft, woman? You're just holding me on the ground, expecting me to cooperate? I don't give a damn about what you did to that overconfident fisherman." She could break off her tail, but that would leave her 3 feet short. Why not make some money and get out unharmed?

"I know blowfish man was poisoned. If you just got through fighting him, you're probably worn out. I doubt you'll be able to hold me down if I really tried. How about money?"

The first pirate to resume his attack on Hal regretted it immediately as the hand holding his weapon was separated from his body with a flash of Hal's blade. The second pirate was much luckier since Hal hadn't sheathed his sword again and couldn't sidestep in time. Hal winced in pain as the pirate's blade grazed his side, but managed to endure it long enough to stab the pirate in the chest with his own sword. After that, he quickly shaved to a third one and slit his throat. The rest of the pirates decided that retreat would be there best option at that point, and got as far away from Hal as they could. "Shit... I can't rely on Shave so much. It's killing my legs and I can't sheathe my sword fast enough to use multiple strikes in a pinch. I gotta practice more if I'm gonna keep fighting like this." Hal grumbled as he sheathed his sword and paused to catch his breath.

"Hey... Granada, are you there? Feel like teaming up?"

Hal heard Grana's voice calling out to him over the noise of the battle. Teaming up with Grana would probably be for the best since Grana was much more experienced than Hal in battle and they still had the big guy at the barricade to deal with. "Yeah, that sounds good to me pal! A big guy punched some holes in the barricade that Harligold's men are coming through. I think he's still over there though, so let's meet up and take care of him!" Hal called back as he picked up the spear and ran towards where Grana's voice had come from.


"Oh yeah? Sorry to hear that. We could use some fresh blood." Roger said with a sigh. It was always such a shame to have to put an end to potential recruits. "Oh well. It was nice knowing ya Peter." Roger said as he leapt high into the air, bringing the anchor with him. As he descended above Peter, he swung the anchor downwards with all his might.

Peter fell on his back, lifting his feet up. He could feel the anchor smash into his feet, but he didn't seem to move from that spot. Holy crap it actually... As he was thinking this, the bombs on the anchor's handle dislodged from the force of the swing and smashed into the ground, causing explosions between the two. Peter was send rolling a couple feet away, bruised and on his stomach. He coughed and sputtered as he got up. Perfect... now I have something to work with. Now I just need to get in close. ..........I knew I was missing one step in this plan.

Roger could barely believe his eyes when he saw Peter stop his anchor using only his feet. The he saw the bombs fall off the anchor and fall towards the ground. There wasn't nearly enough time for Roger to react and the resulting explosions blew the two of them away from each other. Roger slowly got to his feet, suddenly finding himself full of rage. The damage he was taking here was really starting to add up and those explosions certainly didn't help any. "How... HOW THE HELL DID YOU BLOCK MY ANCHOR WITH JUST YOUR FEET?!" Roger roared, reaching for his anchor once more.

He found the handle, grabbed it and pulled... Only for it to snap off. The explosion had damaged it pretty badly apparently, which meant he was now weaponless. The fact Roger might actually lose here was starting to sink in and had temporarily overridden his logic. "Peter Tew..... I'm gonna kill you!" He shouted before charging towards Peter, abandoning all thought of defense, and threw a powerful right hook at his face.

Peter tried to time the dodge as best he could, jumping up and trying to hit Roger with a drop kick, trying to hit Roger's chest "Impact Missile!" I never used this much force at once... and I know there's a backlash on these things... He was hoping this would drop him, but he was also hoping he wouldn't get hurt either.

The ship was now clearly in view. "Captain, we've almost arrived..." one called to the front. A slender albino man was standing at the helm, his white coat draped over his shoulders and looking through a telescope. "There are two pirates fighting... but I can't quite see the results... there seems to be a surprising amount of resistan-... Is that Harligold?"

Grana nodded as Hal jumped past a few pirates to join him. Grana quickly noted that the spear was merely steel this time, not more seastone. "Good. I won't have to worry about Hal accidentally sending me to the grave." As Hal approached, Grana quickly snuck a peek at the barricade. Enough of it was still standing to hold off the fishman. Grana began to hiss instructions to Hal, quiet enough that the other pirates couldn't hear. "Alright, this is how we're gonna do this. Most of these guys are probably cowards who joined up for the women and gold, hoping to be protected by Harligold's name. They just saw us take out two of their officers, so they're gonna be a little wary. We want them to fear us. Kill a couple as cruelly as you can. It might make you a little sick, but feel free to aim for the eyes or the groin. Show them that it would be better to try their luck against the fresh and strong villagers than the two merciless and beat pirates before them. If we're lucky, they'll run away." Grana slowly sidled to Hal and moved so that the two were back to back. "I really hope this works."

Two pirates charged Grana, and he decided to take his own advice. "Tch. That one's wearing armor." Grana sliced him across the thighs, using a gap in the armor as an entry point. The other fool received a kick in the groin for his troubles. As both fell to their knees, Grana decided to dispose of them immediately. He curled his arm around his body, careful not to hit Hal. Grana's arm then swung back like a spring, decapitating the first. Using the momentum of the swing, Grana flipped the blade and stabbed into the heart of the second pirate, the curved blade of the katana just arcing around the chest armor through the collarbone. As he removed his red-veined blade, Grana kicked the decapitated head towards the other pirates. As he heard bone crunch against his boot, even Grana felt squeamish. "Uurgh. It really doesn't get any easier, does it? Still, if it means I'll live..." Grana grinned ferally at the remaining pirates, some of whom were vomiting at the sight of the head. "Hal... Get rid of the others quickly. I can hold the barrier for perhaps another minute, but I'm damn near juiced. Did you grab some of those explosives from Peter?" Grana was desperate to end this battle as quickly as possible. He wanted as much energy as possible while fighting that fishman, and that meant dropping to portal as quickly as possible.

Marielle raised her eyebrows. This woman was more interested in making a few Beli than saving her life. "You seem to think this is a negotiation," she retorted as she raised her free hand and aimed it at the bizarre metal tail. She quickly fired off a small burst, breaking the tail in two near the base. Marielle promptly took the larger portion of the metal tail, the bloodied end, and tossed it aside, out of the poisoner's reach.

"The next one goes in your face if you don't help me," she threatened. "There's a fair chance it'll melt your eyes closed permanently, if it doesn't burn through and roast your brain. Either way, it's not gonna be pretty. Now, give my friend the right antidote. I won't ask a second time... maybe I'll just give you a taste of your own medicine, instead." She shot a look at the vials on the ground, also out of the poisoner's reach.

A small part of Marielle wondered where all of this was coming from... it was unlike her. She was no fighter - she had almost thrown up after making her first kill - and she wasn't exactly a violent person. Yet here she was, making threats on someone's life in an attempt to save Sammi.

"YYYEAAAAAAAGH! FUCKING HELL! SHIT!" Crassi kicked and jolted. "I'LL KILL BOTH OF YOU! BITCH!" It would take her forever to reattach the tail, and even longer to regrow it. "IT'S RIGHT THERE! THE RED ONE! MIX IT WITH THE CLEAR VIAL! GRAAH! GIVE ME BACK MY TAIL!" She glared at Marielle, memorizing her face. The bitch wasn't going to get away with this, if she had to steal a ship and follow them.

The mixture formed a glowing blue antidote. It was very bitter, but Sammi immediately started calming down. "Give. Me. Back. My. Tail." Her words dripped with as much venom as her tail, but there was a bit of desperation in it. She was going to take the chance and fight if it came down to it.

"It's right there..." Marielle answered in mild confusion, pointing to where the severed tail lay on the ground. She had given the antidote to Sammi herself, not trusting the poisoner to administer it. Thankfully, it didn't kill her. "I'll uphold my end of the deal. Get out of here... unless you want to stick around and have your face melted off," she suggested. Marielle doubted her chances against this woman in a fight, even without her tail. She was running on adrenaline more than anything else... she could feel it wearing off.

Instead of immediately running away (the antidote and the strain of the seizures would make sure Sammi was knocked out for a bit), Crassi walked a few paces away and then sat down. She took out a small leather pack, undoing the tie. Inside was a couple of tools, a few small screwdrivers. If she didn't hurry up and get the severed part back on it was going to stiffen and lock up.

First she broke off the bottom part of the tail, taking off the burned parts. Then she used a flat screwdriver to open one of the segments. She stretched the stump out as much as she could, then started reattaching it. When she was done, it was as good as new, although a few feet shorter. It twirled, glinting in the light. "Mark my words, devil fruit user. I'll come back for you." she threatened.

"HOW THE HELL DID YOU BLOCK MY ANCHOR WITH JUST YOUR FEET?!" Crassi threw Marielle and Sammi a last dirty look before running off full speed towards Roger and Peter. If she could help, she'd get a nice bonus. If he died, she could see if he had any chest keys and loot the ship.

Hal grimaced from just the sounds that were coming from Grana's victims behind him. How the hell was he supposed to follow that up? Well, I'm not very good with this spear so maybe I'll end up being accidentally gruesome with that. Might as well. Hal thought as the nearest pirate approached him. Hal hefted the spear as quickly as he could manage and jabbed the pirate in the eye. As the man screamed and clutched his eye in pain, Hal stabbed him in the chest as hard as he could. The weight of the spear caused him to stumble forward yet again, knocking the man on his back with the spear still sticking out of him.

The remain pirates were hesitant but still approaching, so Hal went to grab the spear and pull it out of the man. Unfortunately, it was stuck in there pretty good and no matter how hard he pulled and twisted it just wouldn't come out. And all the while, the poor sap who hadn't died yet was screaming in agony. The kind of screams that would probably haunt most of the people listening for a long time.

Eventually, he just gave up and put his hand on his sword, ready to deal with any more approaching enemies. They were all staying far away from him though. Guess that screaming must've done it. Probably looked like I was torturing the poor bastard with that spear. Well, whatever works I guess.

The remaining minions quickly lost their nerve and retreated, having seen the combined cruelty of Hal and Grana. "Uh... Explosives? Was I supposed to grab some? If I had, I probably would've used them a long time ago man." Hal said to Grana with a nervous chuckle. Hopefully that wouldn't make their next battle more difficult than it needed to be.


The impact from Peter's dropkick sent Roger flying back, crashing through the walls of a nearby ruined building. After a hit like that, he barely had the strength to get to his feet but managed to do it somehow. What the... How is he so strong? There has to be something in those shoes. There's just no other way! He was scrambling to think up a way out of this, but with his anchor broken and his gauntlets on the ground, there didn't seem to be much he could do. He was on the verge of collapsing when he saw someone approaching out of the corner of his eye.

It was Crassi! If she was headed this way, then the battle must be going at least somewhat well for his crew. If the two of them could stop Peter here, this battle could still be won. The invasion of Porte Carlo would have to wait, but that was a small price to pay for winning here. "Crassi! Good timing! Help me take this guy down and I'll triple your pay. Watch out for his feet though. He's got something crazy in those shoes." Roger called out to Crassi, knowing exactly how to get her to help, as he walked slowly out of the hole he had made in the building. He spotted his gauntlets on the ground nearby and made his way over to them since they had to have cooled off by now. He would still have to be careful though. Another hit like that and he would almost certainly be down for the count.

Yoje continued to run through the west streets. After some time had passed, he had caught up to the invading pirates. They didn't seem to be making much forward progress, either because the barrier was still up, or because some of Yoje's shipmates was here fending them off. He couldn't tell which, and he didn't have any more time to think about it once the pirates noticed him.

The fight with Higaldo had left Yoje more tired than he'd have liked to admit. Instead of fighting with speed and mobility as he preferred to, he had to fight off his opponents with slower power strikes. He'd let a pirate get close, then knock him back with a kick or uppercut. He used his hybrid form so that he could attack with his tail as well. In the distance, he could see a very large man, presumably one of the stronger fighters of Roger's crew. I've got to get over to that guy...[i] This was easier said then done, however, as all the pirates who had just ran from Hal and Grana noticed him and starting rushing at the seemingly easier target. [i]Why does Roger have to have so many people fighting for him?

Well... money's money. Crassi took out another vial of the same toxin she used on Sammi, recoating the blade. "I assume you're the leader of this last resort to save the island. Let's get this over with." Her tail whipped around as she thought about what she would do. "You can't win."

She ran at him, stopping a good distance away to slash her tail around at his knees. If he had special shoes, she'd just cut them off.

The backlash had launched Peter back, and he was thrown like a ragdoll to the nearest wall. He looked and saw the holes Harligold had made Please stay down please stay down please stay down... He then saw him get up and he swore to himself "Dammit..." He wouldn't be able to get something with that much force the same way. The anchor had been damaged, and he knew Harligold would probably be wary of getting too close again. He got up, and saw that his gun was able to fire again, but saw Harligold was almost at his gauntlets.

His current position let him see Crassi, Sammi and Marielle, but he was unaware of everything that had happened. He started reloading his weapon, trying to think up a next step. "I should have had a plan ready in case this didn't work..."

He then saw Crassi run towards him. "Are you kidding me?!" He started firing a couple shots at Crassi, a flash round and a fire round.

Mog was now trying to get the barricade where Grana had his portal up to collapse, pounding it from the sides in the holes in the barricade and from the top. He still was unable to fit through, but only by a small amount. He was clearly frustrated at his current lack of progress, and started taking larger chunks of debris from the barricade that had fallen off and started smashing the top.

The flash round made her back up. She wasn't going to try and charge in blind, but that also meant she didn't see the fire round. It connected with her shoulder, throwing her on her back. "Dammit!" She whirled her tail around in an attempt to keep any more rounds from hitting her. At her very best she had to distract Peter while Roger tried to hit him.

It still surprised her that the women let her go, but she was about to make them regret that.

"Mark my words, devil fruit user. I'll come back for you."

These words were still ringing in Sammi's head as she slowly regained control of her body. Her arms stopped their shaking and she slowly sat up, trying to retain some composure after her little freak out. Marielle was beside her. Sammi gave her head a shake and spit out the foamy taste the was lingering in her mouth.

"Where...the hell...is that fucking bitch?" she got out, still angry that she was not dead. She tossed her left hand forward, aiming to reclaim her axe that still laid on the ground nearby.

"Gone." Marielle told her.

"No. No she's not. I heard her. Where is she? I'm going to finish what I started with that freak." She looked around, she couldn't have gotten far. The sounds led her to look behind. There she saw Toxic McTailSlut assisting some really big guy against...Peter? This wouldn't stand.

"Marielle, thanks, but it looks like I've got unfinished business to take care of here." By now she had caught her axe and brought it back, holding it tight in her left hand, now that she could do that again. She stood up, a little wobby, the antidote not fully eradicating the poison yet, but that wasn't going to stop her. She tried to move fast but it was still hard. Sammi dropped down to one knee. "All right, fine. If I can't come to you, you sure as fuck are going to come to me." She threw her right arm forward slinging ropes intending on wrapping up Taily's feet. The ropes were flying at a good pace, Sammi just needed to make sure they got there in time before her opponent did to Peter what she did to her.

Now that Crassi had joined the fight, Roger was confident they could turn this fight around. While Peter was distracted, he grabbed his cooled off gauntlets and put them back on. Then he turned his attention back to Peter and Crassi. Crassi was on her back, whipping her tail around which would make a good distraction for Roger to take advantage of. Once he had gotten the timing down, he dashed towards the two and leapt over Crassi in between swipes of her tail. He threw a flying punch at Peter's chest with his left hand and kept his right hand ready to block, keeping a close eye on Peter's feet.


Having dealt with the pirates, Hal ran into a building near the barricade and went up on the roof. From there he could see the big guy pounding away at the barricade. His strength must've been insane if he had made that much progress with just his bear hands. Definitely not someone Hal wanted to have to fight, even with Grana on his side. Maybe I can convince him to leave... Yeah, I'll give that a try.

"OI!" Hal called out loud enough to get the big guy's attention. "We already beat all your friend's. There's no point in fighting anymore, so you should probably just get outta here while you still can."

Mog actually seemed to be contemplating Hal's offer, seeing Yedaj slumped down in front of him and the various thugs strewn about. He had made most of the barricade collapse so that it was at his waist now, but the portal was stopping him from crossing easily. He reached for some debris to be careful, but he was clearly having some doubts.

Peter swore again, rolling out of the way, trying to load a hook so that he could pull himself away to get some distance. He managed to avoid the punches, but he was still in range of him. "Hey! Some help here would be nice!" He was scrambling to try and come up with another plan, but every second he had was spent trying to avoid a punch.

Crassi kept after him, trying to make sure that Peter didn't have a chance to get away. Running around, she noticed that Marielle and Sammi were both on their feet, and were probably going to try and fight. Damn, she shouldn't be on her feet yet... well, at the very least she needs to be dizzy and uncoordinated. I'll take her out later, along with that bitch who thought it would be a good idea to not kill an enemy.

Knowing better than to get between Roger and his target, Crassi stalked around them, looking for an opening.

"Ooooookay.... So are you gonna leave or are you gonna smash my face in, buddy? Make up your damn mind." Hal muttered to himself as he watched the big guy contemplate the decision. It looked like he would need a little more persuading. Now that he had time to stop and observe, Hal noticed that this guy was wearing what looked like a prison uniform. It wouldn't be too surprising if Roger had freed some prisoners from Marine bases and recruited them. Hal could probably use that to his advantage.

"We called the Marines for help you know. With all the trouble your captain was stirring up, they were more than happy to send out reinforcements from Porte Carlo. They could be here pretty soon. You don't want to go back to prison do you?" Hal continued while the big guy was still thinking. It was a bluff, but it was plausible enough that it wouldn't seem like a bluff. Now to just give him a way out and hopefully seal the deal. "We're all holed up here in the center of town. You could just duck back to the docks and grab a boat. No one will be there to stop you."


Roger cursed under his breath as Peter dodged again. Landing a blow on this guy was hard. And on top of that, he was calling out to someone. Did he have reinforcements on the way? Hopefully he and Crassi could finish him off before that happened. One strike from Crassi's tail would make sure he stayed down and she seemed to be searching for an opening. In order to create on for her, Roger threw a few more quick jabs at Peter's head to keep his attention focused up and then aimed a kick at his legs to throw him off balance.

The ropes were there, and the bitch from before didn't seem to be paying attention. Excellent. Just a little bit more... As she started moving around however, it was harder for Sammi to get a lock onto her target. "Fuck, stay still..." she cursed under her breath. Taily wouldn't obey, she kept moving around too much. "Fine. Let's try the other guy."

As Peter's other opponent moved in physically he was staying in a relatively straight line, the ropes were able to follow in behind him as he moved. He kept the jabs coming at Peter as Sammi's ropes encircled the one of the legs. Just then, the big man lifted his other leg up, aiming for a kick. Now!

Sammi yanked her arm back, the ropes constricting around the planted leg and as the man went throught the motion, Sammi kept pulling, bringing the leg out from under him. "Down you go!" As he fell, Sammi disconnected from her ropes, and made the move to get back into the fray, but her limbs were still only at shuffling speed with the lingering after effects of the poison. Fucking bitch. Your turn next. Once I get there...

"Sammi, no," Marielle said as her friend made to get back into the fighting. "You're too unstable on your feet. Stay back," she advised, aware that Sammi was still recovering from her ordeal with the poison. Marielle was starting to tire as well... she could feel her own limbs becoming a bit heavier than they had been.

"Stay back and fight from a distance. If they get closer, I'll protect you," she added, not wanting to try her luck in the fight herself. The battle with the fishman had sapped most if not all of her strength: though Marielle did not know this, the poisoner had been right in thinking that she would not last long if they had fought.

It was a blissful sleep that Alaena did not want to get out of; the numerous fights and injuries over the course of the last few days finally having caught up to her. It was comfortable just lying down in the warm sun, the dull aches of pain disappearing after awhile. She knew that she was still injured and bleeding, and that everyone else might be in need of assistance. A part of her was trying to get her to wake up and get back into the action, but it seemed to be fighting a losing battle. She was content to just lay there on the rooftop in peace knowing that she had done what she sought out to do.

'I can still do more,' she thought, lazily opening her eye slowly and seeing Fletch a few feet away trying to get her to wake up. She looked around for a moment as she summoned up the strength to get herself moving again, barely able to stand up straight after finally lifting herself up. Her clothes were bloody again from her new wound and the reopened one, but it was not the time for that.

The clock tower at the town center told her that she been out for quite awhile, though the sounds coming from towards where the barricades were told her that the fight for the city was still going on.'Not that surprised that this isn't over yet,' she told herself, looking over at Harligold's wrecked ship with pride before making her way towards where the fighting seemed to still be going on.

Peter stumbled and tripped, and tried to roll out of the way, shooting at Roger's legs to give himself a couple seconds. He wasn't sure what kind of rounds they were, but their effects became clear: one was a stun shot that missed and fizzled out on the ground, and the other was a flash shot, hitting both of them at point-blank range.

Mog was considering Hal's words and took a couple steps back. He looked to the west to see if anyone else was coming towards the east, but it seemed the flow of Harligold's men was starting to slow down. A bunch were getting frustrated with the small entry through the barricade and began trying to head for the north. Mog kept taking a few steps back, and looking out to the harbor.

Yoje finally managed to fight his way to Mog. He took a sparring stance, but the huge man barely seemed to acknowledge him. He wasn't trying to destroy the barricade either. Yoje wasn't sure what the guy's deal was, until he heard Hal talking to him. He followed the voice and found Hal standing on a nearby rooftop. Yoje bounced up to him away from all the fighting, and sat down tiredly. From up close, Hal looked pretty beat up, but Yoje imagined he didn't look much better. "Hey Hal. I can't believe this guy is actually listening to you. It's a good thing, too. I don't know if I could win another big fight."

Roger had been so focused on Peter, that he hadn't even noticed the rope coiling around his leg. As he went in for the kick, he suddenly found his leg being pulled out from under him and fell flat on his back. Peter had had reinforcements after all it seemed. And to make matters worse, Roger once again found himself blinded by one of Peter's infuriating special bullets. Is this for real? I should've been steamrolling these guys and then heading over to the real fight at Porte Carlo! But here I am actually LOSING? ME!?

The more Roger thought about it, the more angry it made him. "GOD DAMMIT!! I WILL NOT LOSE TO THE LIKES OF YOU!!!" Roger bellowed as he blindly leapt back onto his feet. He didn't care that his sight hadn't returned yet, he just started swinging wildly in a desperate attempt to fend off anyone who sought to take advantage of his temporary blindness.


Hal tensed up at the sound of someone coming up onto the rooftop he was on, but relaxed when he saw that it was Yoje. "Hey, I'm a master salesman ya know? Convincing this guy to leave is nothing! Hell, I talked Inishi's own men into helping me beat him earlier." Hal replied with a grin, unable to resist bragging a little. "But yeah, I know how you feel. That's why I figured I'd try talking it out with him first. Not that he's doing much talking..."

Since the big guy was so quiet, Hal turned away from Yoje for a second to see if he had left. He was still there, but he was looking towards the docks like he still wasn't sure whether to go for it or not. "See? There's no one over there to stop you, just I like I promised." Hal called out to him, hoping just a little extra push would be all it took.

Sammi hated to admit that Marielle was speaking the truth about her condition but the moving really wasn't coming to her at this time. "Urgh, I really want that bitch to pay..." she said, falling back down onto one knee. "But I guess I gotta think of the group on this one, huh?"

She looked over. Both Peter and the massive guy were stumbling around now, The unknown man swinging wildly like a drunken boxer, just hoping to hit anything but instead looking the fool. However, the fact that both men were in this predicament meant that toxic woman was even more dangerous.

Sammi thought for a second. Well it worked before... "Marielle, I need you to distract Whipy there, long enough for me to try and end this for Peter. I don't care what it takes, just keep her away and out of my lines until I can get that other guy down, got that?" Not waiting for an answer, once again Sammi sent her ropes flying towards the battle, hoping that what worked once before would work twice on a blinded man.

After checking up on the conditions of the cannons and their handlers (most of whom were doing much better now that the ship's weapons were out of commission), Alaena headed up north to the town center. Many of Harligold's crew were still in the city, some oblivious to what was happening to the rest of the crew.

Alaena found a group debating on whether to leave or not. She nocked an arrow and waited for them to decide on what to do, getting her answer when a few ganged up on one that wanted to leave. It was over quickly for them once they had made the decision to keep fighting instead of just trying to leave. "Damn pirates. Such barbarians," she told herself once she left to continue moving north.

'The barricades should be broken by this point; it's certainly been long enough. Which one should I go to first?' she wondered, looking to the west for a moment before turning to the east. It was then she noticed something far off in the distance, all the way in the ocean northeast of Lasklee. 'Whatever it is it more than likely isn't a good thing,' she thought, deciding to head on east to get a closer look at what was coming.

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