Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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Mog took a couple steps back to the docks, and then looked out to the see. And then he saw the outline of a ship. his eyes weren't visible, but he clearly was starting to panic. He looked back at Hal. He shook his head, took a few steps towards the southern dock and started walking, not taking his eyes off them for a second.

More of Harligold's men started going for the north, unaware of the oncoming ship or the battle going on.

Peter was firing a couple shots randomly, hoping to hit something, but each shot missed target while he waited for his sight to return to normal. He was unaware of the actions of the others, but was firing in Crassi's general direction to keep her busy blocking or dodging. After a couple seconds, he ran out of ammo, but he managed to get a little distance for himself.

A couple rounds clipped Crassi's shoulder and arms, but apparently nothing vital seeing as she was still standing. Hmm... this guy's not half bad, standing up to someone like Roger. I wonder if I'll get more bira if I just let them kill each other, and raid the boats... She kept an arm shading her eyes, trying to see clearer. This guy had a lot of tricks up his sleeve so it would seem, but that wouldn't stand up forever against brute force, which was something Roger had a lot of.

When Peter stopped firing she jumped forward, trying to get in a quick few hits before he reloaded or something. Hopefully she could disable him like she did with that rope girl, cash in, and set off.

Roger continued to viciously pummel the air in front of him as he waited for his sight to return. This last shot had caught him off guard and was lasting a lot longer than the first one had since he hadn't been able to shut his eyes to block at least some of the blinding light. Suddenly, he felt the familiar feel of a rope coiling around his leg yet again. This time though, he was ready for it and managed to resist being yanked off his feet again.

Alright, that's enough of that. Whoever you are, you're about to learn that the same trick NEVER works on Roger Harligold twice. Roger thought with a grin, quickly reaching down and grabbing the rope. He gripped it in both hands and jerked it as hard as could, hoping to pull whoever had thrown it towards him.


Hal watched as the big guy walked towards the docks. He wasn't entirely sure what to make of the head shake, but he assumed that it was a good thing since the guy was backing off. "Why can't he just say something? What a weirdo.... Eh? What's that?" Hal muttered to himself until he glanced up in the direction the big guy was heading and saw the outline of a ship in the distance.

"The hell? I was just bluffing. Did the Marines actually send a ship?" He said out loud in disbelief before turning back to Yoje. "Hey, we should go tell the others about this. Looks like most of Harligold's men have given up on trying to get through here anyway."

Oh, hell... Marielle doubted her chances against the poisoner and her bizarre metal tail. She was already tired enough... but Peter would probably fall if she didn't at least try to help. Marielle couldn't fight from this distance, though: she would have to get closer. And that meant leaving Sammi on her own: it was going to be difficult, helping both of them at the same time.

"Alright... but I have to get closer to the fight to help. I can't do much at this distance," she explained as she stepped away from Sammi. Despite being tired from the past fights, she raised her hands to fight once more. Hopefully for the last time that day. As she got close enough to release shockwaves, the tailed woman jumped forward to attack while Peter was... blind? He had stopped firing, at least, and that left him open to attack.

Hoping to catch the poisoner off guard - and with luck, snap her tail to aggravate her - Marielle ran forward a couple of yards or so and unleashed her power with a yelled, "HEY!" to distract her target. She was aiming for the woman's exposed back and tail, intending to cause as much injury as possible with the surprise attack.

Sammi was working her ropes around the leg as quickly as she could, a bit surprised how quickly they were progressing. This is actually working pretty well. Maybe we can get this guy wrapped up quickly. Can't be too hard to beat if I can keep doing th-FUCK!

As the giant man grabbed a hold of her ropes and jerked, Sammi was caught completely off guard. She flew five feet forward before landing on the ground with a thud. Son of a bitch. She detached the current set of ropes from her hand. Well I guess I shouldn't have expected that to work again. With Marielle busy with Taily, and this new slight to her plans, there was only one option in Sammi's mind. All right then, let's dance big boy.

Assuming that he was still blind, Sammi went out via the wing to try and flank him with the Captain. Readying her axe, she moved off to the side and slid in for the legs, a less than graceful maneuver in her current state, but in the battle of flailing versus blind man, she figured she at least had a shot.

"Not that many pirates left," Alaena muttered after letting an arrow loose at one of Harligold's men she had found trying to loot a small store. She was close to the barricade now, but even as she got closer to it she could not make out the details of the ship in the distance. 'We should still proceed with caution. If it is marines they'd likely not thank us for saving the city.'

It was then she noticed Hal and Yoje further away, the two of them seemingly heading towards the town center. 'At least they aren't dead,' she thought as she headed towards the two, calling out their names to get their attention.

"Hal, Yoje are you two okay? Both of you look a bit beaten up," Alaena said once she caught up to them, wondering if either of them needed immediate medical attention or not.

"I'll be fine, Alaena." Yoje said with a grunt. "I just need to rest for a while once this is over. Do you know how the rest of the battle has been going, or where Roger is?" It seemed like the crew and the citizens of Lasklee were actually winning the fight at this point, but Yoje hadn't seen enough of the area to be sure. And he knew that it wouldn't really be over until Roger himself was down.

As Roger pulled on the ropes he felt them go limp shortly afterwards. The person must have let go. Which wasn't good for Roger since he now had no idea where his attacker was anymore. His vision was slowly coming back into focus, but he wasn't quite there yet. Rather than attack blindly and leave himself open, Roger decided to stay still and react to his opponents attacks. He crouched slightly in case they tried to use rope to trip him again and waited.

Soon after, he heard a strange noise like something sliding across the ground. That was followed by something ramming into his leg, a foot perhaps? The impact knocked his leg out from under him and sent him crashing to the ground. Ok, so if they slid into me and knocked me off my feet, they'd be... near the ground right below me, right? Right. Having thought it through, Roger swung his fist down towards the ground where he assumed his opponent to be as he fell.


Hal was glad to see that both Alaena and Yoje had met up with him now. Having two experienced fighters by his side made him a lot more relaxed. Although, Alaena seemed to have taken a lot more of beating than he had. "Uh... Yeah, I'm fine too. Just took a couple punches to the face. It was worth it to get this spear for sure." Hal replied, not wanting to complain when Alaena and Yoje seemed to be doing just fine as they were.

"Oh! Did you see that ship in the distance? That's what I'm more worried about right now. If that's full of reinforcements, we could be in some trouble."

"I have no clue where Harligold is, but the rest of the battle seems to be coming to an end. I destroyed their ship so they have no where to run, and I've been taking care of any stragglers along the way over here," Alaena responded, relieved that no one was in dire need of medical care. The night was going to be a long one with having to help out the other doctors take care of the citizens, and if that ship proved to be a problem...

"I did see the ship. It's one of the reasons I headed over this way. I'm not sure how well we could fend against reinforcements; however if they are marines then at least the citizens will be safe. It'd only be us that would have to be careful, and I certainly cannot be caught by them," she stated determinedly, doing her best to keep up with the two.

Peter's sight had slamost returned, just in time for him to get a look at a blur that looked like Crassi trying to hit him. He reached for one of his bags at his hip and threw it at her. The bag contained his fire rounds. If that hits her, or if she even tries to slice it, she gets a good chest full of flames. Still, making more of those is gonna be annoying...

He saw Sammi and Harligold, noticing his sight wasn't fully back yet. He started trying to reload, hoping his attempt would hit Crassi, she'd try to dodge or just miss Or else I'm a kebab.

Harligold's men managed to reach the north, and stopped when they saw their captain fighting. "'Ey! The cap'n is in action!" "Think we should help him?" "He'd probably be pissed." "Hey, what's that in the distance?"

Sammi connected with the man sending him timbering down to the ground, a good feeling considering she hadn't had much physical hand-to-hand combat in this battle. Gotcha. Now-Ugh! The follow-up punch however was the worst physical hit she had taken. It connected into her stomach, knocking all air out of her. She coughed loudly, trying to get out of the way after taking such a hit. If it was hard to get to her feet before, it was much harder while she was trying to suck in a fresh batch of oxygen.

She moved off as best she could, hoping to avoid another punch like that, but she couldn't get far, so she was still going to have to fight. Fuck. OK, maybe I can do him in like I did Tail bitch earlier. That could work. The man was still on the ground. Just gotta get behind him, that's all I gotta do. She moved in, again from the side, hoping he was still blinded and couldn't see what she was trying to do.

Since she was at a good couple arms lengths from Peter, she saw the bag coming. The problem was more of the angle it hit her tail, deflecting it into her arm and shoulder. Flames erupted on her light shirt, quickly spreading. Shit! She pulled her shirt off, extinguishing the flames on it before trying to use it to try and smother the ones licking at her hair and pants.


At least now she didn't have to worry about the flames. The bad thing was that they were put out by a blast that threw her off her feet, skidding some distance across the ground before having to use her tail to stop herself. She looked up to see Marielle, hands in front, ready to blast at her again. A quick roll prevented her from taking damage head on. This one could prove problematic, especially since it looked like Sammi was also trying to rejoin the fight. She had to think of something. Crassi backed up close to the fight. Marielle wouldn't be able to just hurl shockwaves if there was a chance of hitting Peter or Sammi. She kept her tail behind her, hoping to not get it snapped again so easily.

Roger grinned triumphantly as he felt his punch connect. Of course, throwing that punch meant he wasn't able to control his fall at all and he hit the ground pretty hard as a result. But that was a small price to pay. As he got to his feet, his sight was almost clear again. This would reduce any nasty surprises hopefully.

His first instinct was to turn and look for his attacker, but then he had a better idea. If they think I still can't see... Maybe it would be better to let them come to me under that assumption. He couldn't see anyone in front of him, so the attack was likely coming from behind. Roger assumed the same position he had taken before, and waited for his attacker to strike again.


"Heh heh... Heh heh.... Yeeeeeeah, I can't really get caught by the Marines either. I guess no matter how we look at it, this ship is bad news." Hal chuckled nervously as he recalled the incident that got him a bounty. Loading all those dud cannonballs onto their ships had caused them to lose a few important fights. Naturally, they were furious but Hal was long gone by then.

"Anyway, I figured we oughta let Peter know about it. He should still be around here somewhere right?" Hal muttered as he searched for any signs of Peter. The sounds of fighting were heaviest to the south and the north so Peter was probably at one of those battles. "Uh, is that him over there?" Looking to the north, there appeared to be a pretty intense fight between a small group of people although Hal couldn't recognize any of them at this distance.

Marielle furrowed her eyebrows, trying to think of how best to draw her target away from the overall fighting. She was using the inaccuracy of Marielle's shockwaves to her advantage, attempting to prevent her from using them so freely... and it was probably a smart move. Marielle didn't know if she would hit either of her comrades now.

The two of them appeared to be in a standoff now: Marielle doubted the poisoner would throw any of the vials she had left, and she was too close to the others to let Marielle use her power. There wasn't much that she could do now... except maybe call her bluff. Or just call her out on it. Taunting seemed like a better option.

"You're gonna just hide now? Too scared to stand and fight one on one?" Marielle called out to the tailed woman. "Why don't you just run now and save me the trouble of thrashing you?" She figured her words were at best halfway towards threatening, since there was a chance that the poisoner would take advantage of Marielle's fatigue, which still had at least some effect, and get the jump on her if she chose to attack.

He saw Crassi was close, but Roger seemed distracted. Ok, I got a couple seconds. Still, I need to think of a way to end this... He kept track of his inventory. I got about a little more than a dozen explosive rounds left... five flash rounds... threw out all my fire rounds. I got a ten weighted shots, but they're no good against these guys. I got a couple hooks and my wrench. He took a moment and started formulating a plan.

Crassi flipped Marielle off with a smug look. "I don't need to attack you, cabin wench." To prove her point, she just turned around and refocused on Peter, keeping an eye out for anything he might try to chuck at her. The man had a lot of luck to successfully dodge her for this long.

She spun, whipping her tail in an arc around her, slicing at an angle towards Peter.

Yoje looked in the direction Hal was looking. He couldn't make out any specific people, either.
"There's only one way to find out." He jumped over to a building closer to the fight. "Come on. If Peter's over there, he might need our help." Yoje still wasn't feeling strong enough for a full fight one on one, but between himself, Hal, Alaena, and whoever else was over there, he was sure they would win.

Sammi moved in, hoping that Roger was still as blind as a Jingo tax collector. She lept, as well as she could in her weakened state, going for the big man's back. She got on, not in the position she wanted, but close enough to enact her plan. She clamped her left hand on the neck, her thumb and fingers going to work, producing more rope in an attempt to strange Peter's opponent. You may be a big fucker, but you all have the same weak spot.

Roger grinned as he felt someone jump on his back and grab him by the neck. They had fallen for it hook line and sinker. Suddenly though, there were ropes coiling around his neck in a deadly choke hold. The hell? Where'd these ropes come from? He had already taken a beating here so he didn't really have the strength to fight off oxygen loss for long. He needed to get this bitch off his back immediately. He grabbed her hand with his gauntlet and ducked forward suddenly, trying to throw her over his shoulder.

As soon as the poisoner turned her back on Marielle, she ran forward, hoping to take her out of the fight, if not downright infuriate her, by breaking her tail again. So much for letting her go: the tailed woman had chosen the wrong path by rejoining the fighting. And so Marielle chose not to uphold her end of the bargain.

She hung back a fair distance, just out of the metal tail's reach. There she aimed for the base of the tail where it met the woman's body, and released two sets of shockwaves in its direction when she figured she would score a hit. The poisoner's spinning around to fully utilise the blade on her tail didn't help much, but Marielle figured she would at least hit something.

As soon as the hand grabbed a hold of her arm, Sammi just felt an immense amount of pain running through her, like her energy was being sucked out of her body. What...the hell....is this? It was getting harder to hang on.

As the man below her ducked, Sammi was flipped over. The ropes loosened their grasp, her arm was loose, but desperate to do whatever damage she could, she grabbed on normally, with the last bit of strength she could muster. Falling forward, she hit the ground ass first, but holding onto his neck, the force of gravity drove his head down onto her shoulder. The impact sent another shot of pain through her body and she let go, collapsing onto the ground in front of the man, the loss of energy and the effort of that last move finally sending her over the limit of what her body could accomplish.

Yoje had gotten close enough to the fighting to identify who was involved. "It is Peter over here! It looks like he and Sammi are fighting Roger and some girl with a tail. He looked for the building closest to Roger's location, and pointed to it. "I'm going to get over there to attack from above. He should be too busy with the others to notice me." He jumped over to another rooftop, closer to his destination, and took a small pause for breath before jumping to the next building.

Alaena saw the battle between Peter's crew and Roger, along with someone who she assumed was working for him. 'That woman wasn't in his crew's files...which means she's either new or not normally a member. Should still be careful.'

Roger Harligold himself was an imposing figure, and from the way the rest of the crew looked he was proving to be a strong opponent. She heard Yoje's plan and watched him jump up to the roof of a building to get closer to Roger. 'The sooner we end this the better,' she told herself, unleashing a small volley of arrows at Roger.

Roger was surprised to feel the ropes loosen from his neck so easily until the realization dawned on him. A Devil Fruit user! About time these gauntlets were used for there true purp- FUCK!! His celebration was cut short by his head slamming into her shoulder. That she could still cause so much damage despite being weakened was his gauntlets was impressive and quite unexpected. "Dammit.... You got me good there... But I still won..." Roger panted as he tried to catch his breath from being choked, his head spinning violently from the blow he just took.

Once again though, he just couldn't catch a break. He winced and gritted his teeth in pain as he felt several arrows pierce his back. "Dammit... Will you all just die already?!" He growled as he sunk to one knee. With what little strength he had left he pivoted around to face the archer who had just fired on him and raised his gauntlets to deflect any more incoming arrows. The blood loss and head trauma was making his vision blur once again, but he couldn't let them know that and take advantage of it.


Alright, so it's Roger versus Yoje, Alaena, and Sam- Ooh, that's gotta hurt. Ok, just Yoje and Alaena then. And over there we have Peter and the new girl versus... Shirtless chick with a freaky tail? Harligold sure picked some wierdos. Hal thought, trying to decide who he should help. Roger looked tough, but much less so now that he was full of Alaena's arrows. He actually looked ready to drop at any minute. With that in mind, Hal decided to try and get the drop on freaky tail girl.

Hal stalked quietly over to the other battle, using rubble for cover and got in striking range. The new girl, Marielle, was blasting away with that crazy power of hers, but it looked like she had to hold back since her target was so close to Peter. If they could handle this themselves, more power to them. But Hal set his spear down and put a hand on his sword, ready to Shave in there and strike should it look like things weren't going so good for his allies.

The enemy before Alaena appeared to be putting on a tough face even with the odds stacking against him; the battles of the day seemingly catching up to him. One thought crossed her mind as she watched the pirate captain guard against any more of her attacks, and that was that she wanted those gauntlets. 'I could make so many bullets out of those. I wouldn't have to be as conservative with them,' she thought.

Alaena carefully fired another volley of arrows at Roger, aiming down at his feet to get him moving to tire him out. 'Just need to buy a little more time for Yoje, and keeping Harligold distracted.'

Seeing all these new fighters made Crassi restless. Their odds were steadily dropping. Suddenly she felt a burning on her back, and flew into Peter. The force wasn't strong enough to break her tail again, but she felt it strain, and knew who was aiming for her again. She flipped up, making sure Peter was between her and the devil fruit user. Unsure about what to do now, she went on the defensive, concentrating on keeping an avenue of escape open and accessible. She reached down and checked that what she needed was there: some paralyzing agent that vaporized in air, and its antidote. If things went south, she'd hopefully have enough time to swipe a few keys from Roger before hightailing it back to the ship.

Thanks Alaena Because of her attack, Yoje was able to get close to Roger without him realizing it. Not only that, but Roger seemed severely weakened and disoriented. I shouldn't let my guard down. He's a dangerous pirate. Still, one good blow should finish him.

He leapt into the air in his hybrid form, and used Moon Step to propel his foot towards Roger's head. He didn't use his Iron body though. While it would give his kick more strength, Yoje wanted to be able to escape close range as soon as his kick connected.

Despite his blurred vision and sluggish reflexes, Roger managed to move his legs just enough to avoid most of the arrows fired at him. His attention was so focused on the archer in front of him, that he didn't even notice the man behind him until his foot came crashing down on Roger's head. He made to grab the man's leg, but failed to muster the strength to do so and collapsed onto his hands and knees. He fought off unconsciousness as best he could, but the world around him began to fade slowly fade to black despite his efforts.

"Dammit... I'm Roger Harligold.... Ruler of West Blue.... How could I... Lose to scum like this...?" He managed to gasp out as his arms and legs gave out and he collapsed to the ground. "I'll never forgive you.... Peter Tew.... If it's the last thing I do... I'll crush you with my bare hands!" Roger snarled angrily before the darkness finally overcame him and he passed out.

Peter managed to get his foot between him and Crassi as she landed on top of him. "You know, you hit my foot pretty hard... Impact Launcher!" With that, a shockwave sent Crassi flying to the plaza, right in the middle of town. He got up, just in time to see Harligold fall unconscious. "We... we did it. We won!" He said, excitement building in him. "Fucking AWESOM-..." He jumped into the air in joy, but the injuries he sustained began acting up "GAAAH!" He clutched his shoulder, and he felt his back flare up as well. He then turned and saw the assembled group of pirates.

"They... they actually took down the captain..." "And all the other officers as well..." "Hey! We can still win this! We got'em outnumbered!" Suddenly, one of them yelled out in fear "There's a ship comin' from the Northeast! They have help comin'!" They all stood there silently, considering their situation. Then they quickly remembered there were still lifeboats aboard the Great White. "...LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" They started pushing and shoving each other, trying to get back to the Great White as fast as they could.

Peter stood there and saw the ship reach the shore. The symbol of the Marines was obscured, but once it got up close, it was clearly visible. Various citizens of Lasklee were starting to assemble there as well, knowing the Harligold pirates were in full retreat.

It was a sunny day. The breeze was blowing in gently from the North, cooling down the summer's day. The girl standing outside preferred the cold, it wasn't suffocating like the heat. It was brisk, it kept her feeling good. As she stood outside of her home, letting the wind hit her, she looked out to the sea. She was clearly looking for something, scanning the waves for a sign of an arrival, but nothing was coming.

She ran inside the meagre house, blowing the door open with her entrance. "Momma!" she called out to a young woman, no older than 25, standing at a stove. Her blonde hair swirled around as she turned to face her daughter, a couple of spots from the stew dotting the white apron that she wore. "Momma! I thought you said Daddy would be home today! You said that!"

The mother smiled at the exuberance the young girl was showing. "Sammi, I told you he should be home today. The fact that he is late is a good thing. It must mean that he's brought in lots of fish for us."

"I know, but I still want him here. Why don't the fish come here instead?"

Mother laughed. "Oh Sammi, it would be nice if the seas worked that way, but nature wants us to work for it. If everything was just handed to us, that would defeat the purpose of life wouldn't it?"

"I guess," Sammi sighed. Just then a large chunk clattered on the dock in front of the house, loud enough to shake the island. For Sammi, it harrolded only one thing. "Daddy's home!" She took off out of the house, leaving the door wide open. Her mother walked over to the door, standing in the doorframe, watching her little girl run off.

The boat that came up to the dock was small, not bigger than a tugboat, but for Sammi it contained the most precious cargo of all. A large man, built like a mountain, with a scruffy blond beard ringing his face like a halo of snow at it's peak, emerged on the bow. He leaped off, landing on the dock with a large rope in his hand. He made a quick not around the front post, securing his livelihood.

"Daddy!" Sammi exclaimed as she ran and jumped at the man. He was ready for her, arms wide open as she nestled into him. "Daddy, I missed you! It was like you were gone forever!"

"I was only at sea for two weeks there Sammi," he told her as he held her close. "You couldn't have missed me that much."

"But I did! Ask Mommy! I was watching for you Daddy! Every day!"

"I bet you were. Come, let's go assure Mommy that I'm here safe and sound."

"OK!" The man carried Sammi in his arms up the little hillside where Mother was still waiting. "Hello Katerina dear!"

"Welcome home Juha," Katerina replied, giving her man a quick kiss as he reached the door. "How was the haul?"

"Well, I can say that between me and Magnus, we brough in enough fish that I won't have to go out for another month."

This news perked up Sammi's ears. "Really Daddy! You'll stay here with me!"

"Can't have my little Viking going around without protection, can I?"

"Yay! Yay!" Sammi jumped out of Juha's arms and ran around, too excited to contain herself. "Daddy, let's play now! I want to play now!"

"We can play later Sammi. I'm sure your mother has got dinner ready now."

"You did always have great timing. Take at seat at the table, I'll get it ready."


The unconscious body laid on the ground, unaware of the events around it. That the foe that cost her the rest of the battle was taken down. That the people of Lasklee could rejoice in defending their island. That there was a giant ship looming over the town. All that played were the memories of a more innocent time.

'Great now we have to deal with Marines,' Alaena thought after hearing a few of Harligold's remaining men freak out and head back to the Great White. Now that their captain was defeated there was little reason for staying, though Alaena was certain that most of the crew wouldn't be able to get away safely. 'If the Marines don't get them then the sea will on those tiny life boats.'

Before she could start helping out everyone she went over to Harligold and tied him up with the numerous lengths of rope that were strewn around; making sure to take off his gauntlets as she placed him up against a wall. Alaena knelt down next to Sammi and checked to make sure the woman was still alive, taking mental notes on the injuries that would need to be treated immediately. "Does anyone here have any wounds that need to have immediate medical attention?" she asked Peter's crew, pausing for a second before adding, "If you don't know how serious the injury is just come over here and I'll take a look."

At the flight of the masses of Harligold's men who were still standing, and the sight of the man himself lying unconscious in the middle of it all, Marielle visibly sagged. The adrenaline that came from the fighting had burned itself out: thankfully, Peter had catapulted that poisonous woman away from the rest of the group... Marielle sat down on the ground, not a moment too soon: she could feel her legs starting to give, the one which had been stabbed more so than the other.

One of the others, the woman she recognised from back when they had to prepare defenses, asked about the injured... Marielle wasn't sure if the cut in her leg needed anything instantly. She was, however, more tired than she had ever felt before, though that wasn't saying much. Now that the rush had worn off, she was breathing hard, and her hands felt weird. Like there was some kind of tingling sensation in her fingers... or maybe that was just blood flowing through them.

"I'm good... I think," she mumbled to herself at first before repeating the same again slightly louder. "Just... just tired."

Hal let out a low whistle as he watched Peter send the tailed girl flying across the island. "Damn... Glad I'm on his side. Think I'll be keeping it that way for a bit too." He muttered to himself as he grabbed his spear and stepped out of hiding. His mood only got better as he spotted Alaena tying up Roger. Whoa... We actually won? The odds were that stacked against us and we seriously pulled it off? Man, I kinda feel like a jackass now for wanting to turn tail and run like that.... I mean, I would have just left all these people to die. Not that I coulda done anything without Peter and the rest but still...

Lost in thought, he almost didn't notice Alaena asking if anyone was hurt. "Uh, nah I'm alright. My face is bruised up and my legs are pretty sore, but that's nothing a little rest and maybe some ice won't fix." He replied absentmindedly.

The Marine symbol on the ship that was docking caught his eye next. Once again, his first instinct was to get the hell off of Lasklee. Maybe since the people weren't in danger, the others would actually be down for it this time. Gah! I can't say that though! I'll just look even worse then... Dammit, things were easier when I didn't care about shit like this.

Grana smiled as the fishman ran away. He finally took down his portal, and immediately felt new energy rush to his limbs as he shambled over to Peter and the others. As Grana reflected on all that happened, he barely stifled a laugh at all the choices he and the crew had made. "If I hadn't taken that 10 hour trip to Nod, I would be dead from exhaustion right now. If we hadn't landed in Lasklee, we wouldn't have to fight the most powerful man in South Blue. If-... You know what? Forget the 'ifs.' I'm here and I'm alive. Everything else is just a bonus." Grana turned to Marielle, a sheepish grin on his face. "Say... Marielle, was it? Good to see that you're alive. Sorry for calling you out earlier. You did a good job fighting. Thanks for helping out the captain." It was a poor apology by most standards, but at least it was a start.

Grana lifted his shirt to check how his prior injuries were faring. Yedaj's brass knuckles had ripped open some of them, but mostly the implements of destruction had left heavy bruising. Grana quickly checked his ribs before nodding at Alaena. "I'll manage, thanks for the offer. Nothing that can't wait until the next island- especially considering that Marine ship. Think we should high-tail it?" Grana noticed that Marielle had collapsed, and walked over to her. Grana extended his one good hand to Marielle. "Need some help? It's not much, but it's the least we can do, considering how much you just helped us."

Yoje had been incredibly relieved to see Roger go down. That feeling quickly went away once he saw the Marine boat. Man, we have not been able to catch a break since we got to this island. The citizens of Lasklee should be safe at least. Then again, knowing the Marines, they might arrest the people here for "harboring" us.
His first instinct in these situations was usually to fight. But he and the crew were too tired and weak at this point for that to be a real option. "Hey, Captain" He said as he walked up to Peter. "What do you want to do about the Marines?"

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