Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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Hearing that the bottom floor would be used for a cargo hold and that he would have his own room was more than enough to satisfy Hal. If he had enough room for supplies and merchandise and a place to sleep, he was already better off than he was on that last piece of junk he called a ship. He didn't need much besides a bed, a desk, and probably a safe to keep all his cash and valuables in. All of that wouldn't be too hard to get at Porte Carlo. Once again it was just a matter of carrying it all.

"Yeah, I don't need anything too fancy either. I'll just go grab whichever ones closest while we wait for Grana." Hal said to no one in particular as he headed to go check out the rooms below deck. It would be nice to go check out the area they'd be using for cargo, but Hal really wanted to just go sleep off his hangover. Hopefully, they wouldn't need him to do anything while they were sailing and he could just stay in his room the whole way.

Figuring she wouldn't be needed unless she was called, Marielle followed Hal belowdecks, assuming he was heading for the cabins. The cabin deck appeared to be fairly expansive: the six cabins filled up the majority of the space, and a central hallway passed through the middle of the deck.

"Hmm... okay, so the two in the middle are the largest," she mused to herself. With that in mind she opened the door of one of the two smaller cabins on the right-hand side. Or rather, the starboard side, as she should be calling it. It seemed a decent size, so Marielle simply slipped her pack off of her shoulders and set it in one of the corners, pulling off her jacket and draping it over the top of the pack.

When she was satisfied, Marielle stopped in the open doorway and leaned up against one of the sides, not really sure of what to do with herself. There wasn't much need for smashing things aboard a ship such as this.

"That would work just fine, thank you Peter. Would it be too much to ask if I could borrow some of your tools to use? I have none myself, but I only need a few things to start working. Hopefully I can get some of the things needed at least partially done before we get to Porte Carlo. I still need to start a profile for everyone too, though some things I won't be able to learn until I get the right equipment. I'll need to write down a list of things necessary," Alaena stated, making mental notes of all the things she needed to do.

She headed below deck after Hal and Marielle, dropping off her two satchels in one of the smaller cabins on the port side. Once those were safely put in a corner she headed down further until she reached two rooms down below. Peaking inside one of them showed the large metal engines inside it, currently still while they were docked. 'So that means the other one is the one filled with junk that I can use.'

There certainly was a lot of scraps in the room, with Alaena having to push the door open due to some junk in front of it. "More than enough that can be used," she stated as she started to rummage for suitable pieces of wood to use.

Hal made his way down the stairs and stepped into the first cabin he could reach. It looked to be about medium sized compared to the others, but Hal didn't really care about that. Easy access to the stairs was all that really mattered. He set his briefcase down by the door and moved to the opposite wall. There, he sat down, leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. He had just woken up, but a nice nap sounded pretty good.

Unfortunately, his pounding headache wasn't going to let him off that easy. Alone in his room, there wasn't enough to distract him from it it seemed. With a sigh, he opened his eyes and looked around the room from where he was sitting. "Well, I guess here is as good a place as any for the bed. The desk can go over on that wall. And the safe will be right next to it I guess. Oh, I'm gonna need to buy a nice big book to use for a ledger too. That's nothing compared to the rest of it though."

Planning the layout of his cabin took his mind off the headache. Not enough to let him get some more sleep, but it would have to do for now.

Peter looked at the clock. "Ok, 15 minutes left. It's now or never, man..." he took one more look to the port. "Ok, everyone. Everyone all sorted out? Ready to go?"

Her cabin claimed, Marielle closed the door behind her and headed up to the upper deck in case Peter was still around. She found the captain just as he was asking whether everyone was ready. "I'm good to go... just need to figure out what I'm actually doing to help out aboard the ship, is all," she answered, standing off to one side. She still felt a little awkward about having joined up with a crew of pirates.

Marielle wasn't entirely sure about leaving someone behind, even if they were late. But then, that Grana person hadn't exactly made a good first impression during the battle in Lasklee. If it was Peter's decision to leave him behind, she wouldn't speak up against the idea.

He sighed as the clock his 10. "COME ON, PEOPLE! Let's set sail!" he lowered the sails and they began heading out to sea. "Ok, we'll be at sea for the next couple days before we arrive. Get everything ready, and give Hal and Sammi a list of the supplies you want from Porte Carlo."

In Porte Carlo, a couple men were unloading barrels from their ship, with Yezeku supervising them. "Be careful with those, boys. It's more valuable than your lives..."

Gezora appeared behind him, looking very angry. "Hippocrates has been looking all over the base for you. What the hell's going on? And what are these?"

"Souvenirs from Lasklee, courtesy of Inshi Yarrakona. So what's pale, tall and creepy want with me? I managed to help him with those files he's been looking over ever since we left. Guy's got a thing for this crew, doesn't he?" Yezeku said, stretching at the last part.

"He thinks he's onto something involving another incident, and your recent observations may have him with another lead. Still, it does get annoying when the captain gets like this..." Gezora shrugged at the last part.
"This is a regular thing, then?" Yezeku smirked.
"Someone in that crew piqued his interest. Don't know which one it is, but he thinks it has something to do with some incident up north."
"I gave him my theory. Does he need me to prove myself?" Yezeku shrugged.
"Actually, yes. Whatever you told him, he thinks you might be onto something."
"It was a lucky guess on my part,considering I managed to get a good look at a couple members of this crew right before I left Lasklee. But tell him I'll be right there once I'm done unloading." He turned back to the barrels. "PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT, BOYS!"

The rest of the day was uninteresting, and the night came quickly. Peter called out to the others "Get some sleep, everyone. We hit land in the morning!" He could see Porte Carlo in the distance. It was already midnight, so he was waiting for the sun to rise before they went there. "We're fine here. We're right in front of the biggest Marine outpost in the West Blue. Nobody is stupid enough to attack us here. Plus this ship has never been seen before, and has no pirate flag, so we wont' be getting any interruptions from either side of the law."

Peter went downstairs to start working on some things in the engine room. "Hopefully Hal can find the parts I need..." Peter stopped in his quarters, checking a briefcase where he kept the blueprints for the ship. "There we are..." he pulled out some papers for the engines. "Time to get to work..."

Once Peter finished making his announcement that they had reached Porte Carlo and would dock in the morning, Alaena went back into her room where she was currently working on making a makeshift desk. The majority of the day had been spent on making furnishings for the medical room on the top deck until the sun started to set. The cabinets were finished for the medical room, along with some basic piping for the sink that would be put into it.

'Which reminds me I need to add that onto the list,' she told herself as she stopped hammering and grabbed a scrap of paper she was using to write down a list of things needed. Initially she figured most of the things could be attained from the Marine base, but after writing everything down she knew that there was simply too much needed. 'Some of the more common supplies I'll just have to buy. It's only the things that there is no way I can get legitimately that I should take, and even then it'll be tough to get everything out of the base. A lot more difficult then I first thought.'

She added a sink onto the basic list of things she could buy, looking over the list before placing it back down. 'I need to ask Hal if he can look into these while I do my recon,' she thought, opening one of her satchels and counting out some of the money she had, 'This should be a sufficient amount for everything on my list. I should still talk to him first though. And also start making a profile for everyone, even if that means having to go to them since they seemingly won't come to me about it.'

It annoyed her that no one had come in to talk to her even after she had told them that she wanted to make a medical profile for everyone. 'Even though I can't check for everything it'd still be good just to start making one,' she thought as she grabbed the hammer once more and went back to making a desk.

Marielle had spent most of the day doing odd jobs around the ship, the name of which was still a mystery to her... but she had also spent a fair bit of time trying to keep her balance as a result of the moving decks underneath her. She had also given some thought to a few things: first, the idea of a list of things she might need. She figured she didn't really need anything specific, having not yet found a role - aboard the ship or otherwise - that required certain items.

The second item on her list of things to think about was what she would do. A couple of people had mentioned there being a lack of decent cooking aboard: Marielle had considered the idea of being the ship's cook, though she didn't really know all that much in terms of recipes. Still, she could improvise easily enough. Though if she were to take on this role, she'd need a few essentials: pans, pots, supplies, and a kitchen in general. Peter had stated that they didn't have the gear for a kitchen just yet. Perhaps that was something that needed to be acquired.

The third and last on the list was Alaena's request for a medical examination. Marielle was a bit nervous about this, and was inclined to think that the doctor would ask a fair few questions about her multiple scars. They were one of the many things that Marielle didn't know about herself. Still, it would not be a good idea to refuse Alaena's request, since she could just as easily refuse to patch her up after a fight.

With that in mind, Marielle approached Alaena's room and knocked on the closed door a couple of times. She tried to knock loudly, in case its occupant was busy or asleep.

"You can come in. Careful when you enter though there is some scraps of wood next to the doorway," Alaena called out to whoever was knocking on her door, hitting the last nail into the somewhat finished desk. It still needed to be finished with some lacquer, but it was sanded down so that there were no splinters and it seemed to stand up straight. Next up she'd need to make a bed frame, but that could wait until later when she actually had a mattress to sleep on. The desk was moved over against the wall next to her satchels, and she grabbed a cloth from one of them to wipe off any dirt from her hands.

Marielle opened the door to Alaena's room and stepped inside, a little unsure of what to say. "Um... hi. Just me. I remember you saying that you wanted to... make a profile, was it? On each of us. So I'm here, if you want to... well, what exactly would you be doing? An examination? Questions?" She didn't exactly know what Alaena had meant by the word 'profile'. It could have meant anything. Although Marielle was entirely comfortable with telling the doctor about her scarring, past injuries, sicknesses and the like.

"No need to be nervous. As of now I can only really ask some questions since I don't have any of the necessary equipment. An examination will happen after we leave Porte Carlo more than likely. This profile or record is just simple stuff," Alaena replied, rummaging through a satchel until she found a pen and a notebook. She leaned up against her new desk and started to write a few things down before starting. "Let's start with some basics. Also, if you are uncomfortable with answering any of them just let me know. I'll just leave them blank for now, same if you don't know the answer. First can I have your full name, age, place of birth, height, and weight?" she asked, writing down things that she could observe herself like eye and hair color.

These questions were nice and easy, and Marielle had no problem answering them. "Full name, Marielle Avacin Villeneuve." She spelled out the letters in her middle name in case Alaena didn't quite know her way around it. "Age, twenty. Height, five feet seven inches. Weight, one hundred thirty-six pounds when I last checked. Place of birth, and date of birth, unknown." Marielle made sure not to flood Alaena with too much information at a time, answering each part when she could see that the doctor was ready to copy it down rather than recite it all at once.

Each answer was written down on the space she left blank for it with swift precision, with the date and place of birth being left blank for now. Alaena didn't pry into why Marielle didn't know these things, she certainly didn't want people trying to pry into her past. "That's all good. The next stuff is going to be a bit tougher. Any diseases that run in your family that you might potentially have? Do you have any that you have, or used to suffer from? Any major injuries previously? And what has your social history been like? By that I mean did you have a roof over your head, and a healthy diet?" she asked, stopping to let Marielle answer all the questions before moving onto the last few.

The questions were not as tough as Alaena had suggested, to Marielle's mind. "I don't know my birth family, let alone any diseases they may have had. Current diseases... none that I know of. I haven't had any major injuries, like a broken limb, unless you count one small wound I picked up in the fighting back at Lasklee." She indicated the tear in her pant leg, through which bandages could be seen covering the hole that the fishman's spine had left behind.

"Social history... I've been in, well, good living conditions, I guess the phrase is, for the past three years. Before that, one week on Lasklee's streets. So fine for the most part," she answered. However, she neglected to mention anything about the day she woke up in a field outside of the city. Marielle didn't like delving into that. It reminded her that a lot of her past was missing.

"Alright now onto the last couple of questions," Alaena said, writing down the next set of answers and leaving a few areas blank on the page. "Do you use any medication regularly? Do you drink, or smoke? Even if it's only once in awhile you should tell me what you do on average. Do you have any allergies? And the last question is your sexual history. Are you active in that regard? If so, how many partners have you had?" she asked once she was ready to move on.

"Remember you don't have to answer if you don't want to. This is just going to be between yourself and I. No one but me will be seeing these records. Which is good, because if mine were to be filled out and someone got a hold of it...well they'd know a bit too much about my past than I would be comfortable knowing, and everything after family diseases would be quite extensive," she stated with a chuckle.

Marielle too gave a short laugh, a small smile on her face. "I see... I can imagine that some people want to keep things a secret. I'm not sure what someone would do with information about me, though," she answered. "But anyway. I don't have or take any medication. Drinking or smoking... occasionally to the first, no to the second. Usually I only drink on special occasions, and even then it's not much. No allergies, as far as I know, and..."

Here Marielle blushed a little. The last question was a little awkward, even though it was going to be kept quiet. Still, she answered Alaena regardless of her embarrassment. The question was one that made sense from the perspective of a doctor asking about a potential patient. "Um... I've never been, well, active, as you put it."

"It's good that you only drink on occasion, and that you don't smoke at all. That might change though with influence of this crew. We'll see I suppose, but as for now everything is in check," Alaena replied, jotting down the last of the answers before shutting the notebook and placing it inside the top drawer of her desk.

"I can understand that the last one was a little awkward, but again no one will know unless you tell them. Thank you for being honest with me, and for actually responding to my request about coming to see me. You were the first to come on their own accord, and probably the last truthfully," she said with a small laugh, "I'll probably just have to go to everyone myself to get the information out of them. Is there anything else I can do for you tonight?"

"If you're busy, then I don't want to get in your way," Marielle answered. "Although... I had a thought before I came to see you, about taking on the role of chef aboard the ship. If I do go through with that idea, I'll write up a list of things that I might need and get back to you or Hal on that. Until then... well, I'll see you later, I guess," she concluded, giving Alaena a smile and a wave as she stepped backwards, out of the doctor's cabin.

Once again unsure of what she should be doing, Marielle began to wander the ship in case someone else wanted to find her and talk about something on their mind.

All the others had claimed their rooms, so Yoje ended up with a medium sized one. He might have had the smallest, but Grana's absence meant there was an extra room available. He liked Grana, but he clearly didn't want to be on the crew anymore, so waiting for him longer would have been pointless. He wasn't sure what Peter planned to do about navigation, though. He was thinking about this as he sat in the crow's nest, watching the stars.

I know some basics from when I traveled on my own, Yoje thought to himself. I don't know if the crew would really be able to depend on me with that though. Maybe I'll see if I can get some maps and books in Porte Carlo. Yoje wondered if any of the others knew anything about navigation. It'd be a question for the morning. Now it was past midnight, and while he wasn't too tired, he figured he might as well go to sleep now. He jumped down from the crow's nest and headed back to his room below deck.

Sammi had spent most of the day in her claimed room. It was devoid of anything at the start but soon it was filled with lengths of rope criss-crossing to and fro. The ropes were slow, and hard to maneuver around into knots that would be able to withstand body weight, but Sammi was getting it done. Those guys better appreciate this. We finally get back out to see and I spend the day making hammocks. Haven't done this in years.

She got enough of them made up and passed out to the other shipmates in time before the light of day really faded away. Happy to be done the menial task, she went back above board to bask in the moonlight for a little bit as the ship continued on towards Porte Carlo. She came up on one of the retrofitted railings and glanced out onto the shimmering ocean waves, only being broken by the ship. So this is it. We're heading into Marine Country...maybe I'll finally get to rescue Bob. If he's there. I hope so. Would be a load of my mind. Sammi remained looking out of the ship, just enjoying the rare moment of tranquillity.

Peter had fallen asleep working on his machines, letting the boat drift.

The next morning, he awoke once he slumped forward and out of the chair. "MUH! I'M AWAKE!" he started flailing around, then noticed nobody was there. He sighed and walked up to the deck. He shouted out as he walked past the quarters. "OK, WE'RE HEADING TO THE DOCKS!"

They would arrive in the city in a couple minutes. Porte Carlo was now in sight.

Hippocrates walked through the main corridor at the back of Porte Carlo's outpost. He was talking into a mini-snail, with a woman's voice on the other end. "So you think they'll get here today?"

Hippocrates nodded "The reports from the Governor of Jingo says the ship they stole had pretty much no supplies. There wasn't enough left in Lasklee. This is almost the only place they have left to go unless they want to go back, and even then, they probably would starve. They almost have no choice but to come here." He then walked up to his officers, a trio of them, all of whom were standing ready for their orders.

Gezora spoke up first. "So Annabelle got up early and left again?" he stretches, grabbing his hooks from a nearby cache. "And what about our 'guest', the slouchy guy?"

Hippocrates didn't even make eye contact, just looking over a couple papers and notices on the wall. "Yes, Anabelle does tend to head off before hours. You could stand to learn from her example."

From behind Hippocrates, a voice called out "HAH! Gotta love when karma works fast..." Yezeku walked up, and Gezora grumbled. "Ok, so these are your most trusted officers? I know the grouch over there..." he then looked at the other two. One was a large man with multiple scars and a receding hairline. "So whose the giant?" He then looked at the third member, a skinny girl with black hair that covered her eyes, holding a strange looking rifle. "And whose the girl?"

Arc 4: Porte Carlo

Porte Carlo is considered the West Blue's gateway to the Grand Line. The port town is massive, with hundreds of shops and vendors all around, a shopping environment rivaled only by Jingo. There are also many goods found only in this city, most of which are considered essentials to going to the Grand Line. The weapons are of the highest quality, the food is usually always fresh, and the pawn shops ask almost no questions.

The streets are often wide, but with numerous small alleyways for people to get around faster. At the back and center of town is the Marine outpost, a large courthouse with numerous bulletins for updates in the news. Of course, with such a large and well-funded outpost, Marine presence in Porte Carlo is easily the highest in the West Blue. Fights can break out, and the citizens are smart enough to know to get out of the way, but to them, its just a minor annoyance, almost never a threat to their way of life.

The crwe has come to gather supplies, each suited for what they think their role on the crew will be, as well as some core essentials. Awaiting them, however, are some of the strongest Marines in the West Blue. They had been gathered to fight Harligold's crew, but now await a shot at those who beat them to the punch.

Even though he had thought his headache was too much to let him sleep, Hal was out like a light the shortly after Sammi brought him his hammock. Somehow, he even managed to sleep straight through to the morning until he was awakened by Peter shouting that they were almost to the docks. Despite having slept most of the day and all night as well, he was still quite groggy when he awoke. After throwing on his suit shades and hat and grabbing his briefcase, he made his way slowly up to the deck. "What gives...? I thought we weren't supposed to to get there until the next day?" He asked with a yawn, not realizing how long he had slept.

He rubbed his eyes sleepily and saw Porte Carlo out in the distance, and then it dawned on him. "What the fuck! It's morning?! How long was I out? Dammit, I gotta get the list of stuff to grab and figure out what I need for myself still. How the hell did this happen...." He began pacing back and forth across the deck, trying to think of what he needed and make up for lost time.

"Aw shit, I was supposed to get profiled by Alaena too or something like that. Bet she's pissed. Not a good way to start the day, Hal... Or spend yesterday I guess it'd be. Whatever."

Alaena awoke the next morning when called out for everyone to wake up, surprised that she had slept in so late. She sat up and stretched before placing her cloak she was using as a blanket on top of the desk. Despite sleeping on the hard floor (she had declined Sammi's hammock the night before), she was well rested and didn't have any aches or pains one would usually have. 'Not sure what that says about me if sleeping on the floor is the most comfortable.'

After putting on some clothes (along with putting on her new eye patch now that her injury was healed enough), she rummaged through her satchel to see if she had something to eat. The fact that they didn't really have a trained cook or supplies left her believing that they would all have to fend for themselves this morning. 'It's a good thing I still have a few things in here,' she thought, unwrapping a half loaf of bread that she had from a few days earlier. It was a bit tough to chew on as she took a bite out of it, but it would suffice.

Next she took out almost all of her remaining money, counting it out before putting it in her pocket along with the list of things she'd need. Her bow couldn't be taken out into the city due to how recognizable it would be to Marines if they had seen her bounty, so instead she took her knife and revolver. "Hopefully neither of them will need to be used at all until tonight since it's simple recon," Alaena muttered after putting her gun in its holster.

The last thing she needed was her cloak. Her brooch would have to be left behind like her bow, though she placed it at the very back of a desk drawer to keep it safe. Once she was sure she had everything she left her room and went up to the top deck. 'At least Fletch doesn't need me to feed him,' she thought as she took another bite of bread, seeing the hawk tear at a rat he had caught earlier up on the crow's nest.

"Who's the giant?" Holik responded. "That the best you got for me? I expected a bit more considering exactly how valuable I've been to the Marines in rounding up pirates. I guess I'll have to inform you then.

The name's Bobby Holik, best defender the Marines have got going for them. You want something protected, I'll give you a pile of bodies at the foot of it. I was sent to Porte Carlo as a promotion for outstanding service, but hearing that there are more pirates coming right for me, just makes things that much better. I'm considering this a welcoming gift." He brought forward his trident and brandished it. "And Nicole here never refuses a gift."

Not much was happening during the night time so after she had her fill of the peaceful sailing, Sammi went down into her now cleared room and tested out her hammock for the night. It had held up anyway. The gentle rocking had quickly put her to sleep.

Morning dawned through the port side window and awoke the Viking earlier than she wanted. As Peter passed by the quarters, shouting their intended arrival within the next few minutes, she was forced out of bed by the news. "Damn, I thought we at least had more time than that." She rifled through her bag, selecting some choice items to be sold off for belli; a couple garish pieces of jewelry she had no aspirations to wear, a pocketwatch, and the pair of sunglasses that had saved her eyes back on Lasklee. Should be able to get something for these. Enough to get my axes resharpened at least. Then off to the Grand Line. Never thought I'd get back there so fast.

Sammi affixed her keeper jewels, retied her bandanna, grabbed her axes before heading up to the deck to join the crew. She only saw Hal and Alaena up there. "Hey," she said as she approached, noticing Alaena's makeshift breakfast. Going to have to get some food too. That should be easier to do though. "So, here we are. In the belly of the shark. Should be fun, huh?"

Yoje was half asleep when he heard Peter shouting, but the noise quickly made him fully awake. "Alright, we're almost there." He swung a leg out of the hammock and stood up. He grabbed some beli for food and whatever else he might want to buy in Portes Carlo, and ran up to the deck, where most of the crew was already standing.

"Morning guys," Yoje said with a grin. "Ready to- oh, Alaena, I was supposed to see you for a medical examination yesterday." The grin faded. "Sorry about that. It didn't seem very important, and I didn't see you much since we left Lasklee, so I just, forgot... I'll have my examination now, if you want."

Sleeping in a hammock was a new experience for Marielle: it was quite odd, lying in what was essentially a large net swaying back and forth with the movements of the ship. At first she couldn't get to sleep, being well used to an immobile bed with sheets covering her. But eventually the weight of her eyelids got the better of her, and she slept peacefully, without any dreams scaring her awake or reminding her of the Lasklee battle.

She woke and dressed in the usual manner, tying her hair back just as Peter's voice came through the wall. "OKAY, WE'RE HEADING TO THE DOCKS!" Marielle took a moment to consider taking her gear with her, but quickly dismissed the thought. She only really needed her jacket, some money - for breakfast among other things - and a pen and paper just in case. You never knew.

Once the possessions she needed were in pockets about her person, Marielle headed up to the upper deck, finding a few of the others already there. "Morning, all," she said as she joined the rest of the crew.

"Good morning everyone. Exciting day today here in Porte Carlo," Alaena said as more of the crew came out onto the top deck. Yoje brought up the medical records she wanted to make for everyone, and Alaena thought over his suggestion. It annoyed her a bit that he thought it wasn't important, but she shrugged it off instead of telling him how important it was.

"Once I'm back here later on today I can do the examinations for everyone. I'm going to help Hal bring the supplies back, but after that I don't have much to do other until that night. So there should be enough time to get everyone's records done," she told him, taking another bite of bread before continuing, "So just come to me later on today. Now excuse me, I need to talk to Hal."

She walked over to the crew's merchant as he paced around the deck and greeted him. "Morning Hal. Looks like you overslept. I should have tried to wake you up, but I was busy making some furniture for the medical room. Completely slipped my mind. Anyways, I need to talk to you quickly," she said to him.

Hal stopped his pacing and muttering once he noticed Alaena approaching and turned to greet her. He figured she'd be pissed that he didn't show up for an examination yesterday, but she didn't seem to mind as far as he could tell. Probably best to apologize anyway though. "Mornin' Alaena. Overslept.... Is kinda an understatement." He greeted her with a grin and a small awkward chuckle before continuing. "But yeah, I was out like a light all day. Sorry about that, but I promise I'll let you do your examination thingie once I'm done getting stuff in Porte Carlo today."

"Anyway, what can I do for ya? I'm all ears."

"It's fine that you didn't have the examination. Everyone except Marielle forgot too, so while I might be a bit annoyed I'm not holding it against anyone," Alaena replied. It simply wasn't worth it to go after everyone for not listening to her, and she was partially to blame for not reminding anyone.

She took out the list she had made the night before and handed it to Hal along with half of the money she had as well. "I actually do need a number of things from the stores that I can't, or at least won't get from the Marine base. This should be more than enough money to cover it, but I gave you extra just in case. Now I wrote down 'medicine' as one of the things, and what I need you to do is find out where the more basic medicine can be found and let me know when I come to help you out. I'll pick up what I need after you tell me. I don't want to burden you with a long list of equally long named medicines," she explained, breaking off half of the bread she had left and handing it to him, "With all the running around you'll have to do you should eat a bit now just to get you going. Let me know if you have any questions about what is on my list."

Hal nodded as he took the list and the money, listening to what she had to say as he glanced over the list. After that he counted the money she had given him quickly and pocketed it to keep it separate from his personal funds in his briefcase. Then he went back the list and read through it again, doing some quick calculations of how much he thought it would all cost. "All right... You weren't kidding when you said you were expecting prices to be high here if you're giving me this much Beli for this stuff. I won't know until I see for myself, but I should be able to get some deals and make sure you get a good bit of this cash back." He told Alaena, starting to form a plan for how he'd get supplies now that he had an idea of the sort of things he'd need to get.

When he looked up from the list again, he saw Alaena handing him half of her bread. "Oh... Uh, thanks." He said, somewhat surprised as he grabbed it and took a bite. Now that he thought about it he was pretty hungry, but had gotten used to ignoring the feeling. Once he had finished chewing, he continued talking about the supplies. "Most of this stuff should be pretty easy to get around, but a generator and sinks? Well, depending on what the captain needs me to grab we'll need to do at least two trips. But yeah, I shouldn't have much of a problem finding this stuff."

"I know some of the things might be a bit tricky to get, but there has to be people that sell them in this city. And the generator doesn't have to be a large one, I just need a small one that can be used for some of the equipment I'll get tonight. Preferably a quiet one if you can manage that," Alaena explained to Hal, finishing up her breakfast with a few more bites. Even though she didn't necessarily like Hal's way of working back on Lasklee, she trusted the man to do his job and get everything for a good price. He was proving himself to be better than she initially thought. 'And I can hope that the rest of the crew that I'm still unsure about will prove the same.'

"I'll help you out moving everything back on board once I'm done checking out the Marine base. Hopefully it won't take too long to get in and out, and nothing goes bad of course. I'll find you when I'm done," she said, giving a short wave good bye to everyone on the top deck. Her cloak was tied on before she hopped onto the railing, letting out a short whistle to get Fletch ready to follow her. She then disappeared into the city using Soru, though Fletch seemed to be able to follow after his owner just fine as he soared high above the buildings.

Yezeku noted Holik's response. "I like your attitude." He smirked, then walked over to Cecilia. "This one doesn't talk much, does she?"

Peter handed Hal a small list. Most were for tools and a couple specifically measured pipes, nuts, bolts, screws and gears, with a small scribble on the bottom added at the last minute asking for any scrap metal he could find. "If you can get all these, I can get the engine running before we reach our first stop in the Grand Line."

He handed him a secondary list, with carious components. "This is for a generator. Let me know what you can't get. I don't expect all of them to be here, so don't get disappointed if they aren't."

He handed him a third list, written on both sides with only a couple items. "These are ust various nicknacks we need. Some of these like a fridge are pretty heavy, so if you get one, tell the other members to deliver it back to the ship."

Finally, turned to everyone else "Ok, the first one of you to find a Log Pose, buy it. Don't wait for Hal, buy it. That's the biggest priority. Otherwise we'll be wondering aimlessly through the Grand Line after our first destination." he started walking back to the cabin "Get whatever food you can, and until we're confirmed to have a fridge, make sure it can stay fresh a few days. I'll be in the ship setting up the various power lines and lighting systems while you guys are busy. We still need a generator, but having all the wiring done will be a big step out of the way. We leave at midnight, so you have about 16 hours. Eat up, get your supplies, and whatever you do, don't let the Marines see you coming back to this ship."

"S-sorry sir..." Cecelia pulled on a section of her bangs, shuffling her feet. "Petty Officer, F-first Class Leoni, Cecilia Ann. ...Sir. Sorry... I wasn't sure if you were talking to me or not. Is all. Sorry. Sir." She looked absolutely silly next to Holik. Not to mention he dwarfed her at his height and weight. "I... I'm a sniper. I've been stationed here my whole career. Sir." She decided to cut it short. Surely he didn't want to hear her life story. Still, she racked her mind for a similar boast. A pile of bodies at the foot of it... that doesn't sound good at all. What if those people had families?

She had run into a few pirates, and they didn't seem all that bad. Still, they were talking about a crew that had taken down a pirate she could never ever dream of matching. Harligold... I guess it's good they stopped him before he got here, but they must be pretty dangerous themselves if they beat him and his men. And women.

"Look, kid, just calm down. You're making me nervous with all that shaking. And you're certain that gun will fire? It seems... interesting." Yezeku noticed it, looking closer at it. Hippocrates turned to the others. "If you spot them, call me at once. We'll strike once all of them are accounted for. We don't want to risk one of them sneaking up on us, understood?" He got a dismissive grunt from Gezora and a wave from Yezeku, who wasn't paying much attention. Hippocrates stepped outside. "Don't screw this up."

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