Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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As soon that pirate girl and the new member started to leave the cafe, the waiter soon arrive with the bill. Jacque examine the bill and isn't surprise that the wine he drank is quite expensive. He got out his fat wallet as he pay for it but leave no tips.

Heading for the dock eh? I better get my supplies quickly. I don't know what those marines doing inland but their presence doesn't bold so well. I just need to buy some stuff and then head to the dock to see their ship and the captain.

He got up and walk at a quick pace toward the shopping centre of Jingo Island.

Peter lugged the bag around. "Dammit... where did Sammi say she was going to be?" He kept looking around. He groaned, muttering to himself "I knew I should have waited before getting all this stuff..."

He looked around, noticing some of the pirates and bounty hunters looking on edge. "What's going on here?"

After leaving the governor's house with a couple local authorities, the Captain said to some of his men "Remember, do not go after any bounties you see here yet... but report any sightings to me if they have a bounty over 10,000,000. And report back to the other ships. Try to keep as many people as possible from leaving..."

Grana walked quickly to keep up with Sammi. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled, and Grana spun around to see who was looking at them. Some stranger with a domino-like mask quickly looked away before ducking into Jingo's shopping center. Grana shrugged, and as he turned around, realized the group had much more pressing matters at hand. Every pirate and bounty hunter there loomed on edge, just waiting for the spark to set off the bomb beneath Jingo. "Everybody watch yourselves. Don't make eye contact, don't hit anyone. We don't have the time to fight. We have to find Captain Tew and get off this island quickly. Something big is about to go down- I can feel it." As the group finally reached the docks and were in sight of the ocean, Grana cursed. "Shit! I knew it! The Marines are tightening formation." Grana shook his head. "Too late to worry about it now. Let's find the captain and look for another island to sail to." Grana noticed a man stumbling towards a mechanized ship, bent double under the weight of a bag filled with metal. Seeing as Sammi was headed for the same ship, Grana guessed this man was Captain Tew, or a very bad thief. He chose to believe the former. "Tew? Captain Tew, are you there?" Grana called out to the man under the bag.

Ezekiel straightened up from the now-dead girl, blood streaking his hands and face. He slid his tongue out, gathering the sweet taste. She had been a good one. Threats of vengeance from her husband and father, offering money and power if he'd stop, begging for mercy, appealing to his sense of decency. Delicious.

Even after everything he had done to her, she was still recognizable as the lovely woman she had been before their fateful meeting. He picked the mutilated corpse up and carried her outside and blinked in surprise as he saw the horses still standing there. He had expected them to have run off, but apparently they came back. Excellent.

He lifted the woman into the driver's place, then walked around to the horses. "Go home!" He slapped the horses on the sides, sending them off on a run towards the town. Today would be very interesting. Ezekiel calmly shed his bloodstained clothes, then walked down into the surf to wash.

Nisa sent the bartender on his way and sighed. "God he sucked. I had better from a drunk." she said getting dressed again and grabbed untouched bottle of Captain's Blood heading out of her room and off the ship. "I think it's time for a walk around the surf. Might find something or someone." She said playing with the hilt of one of her swords then looked in the surf and found a face she knew. "Well well look who I've found." "Nisa said walking up to a naked Ezekiel and smirked.

"It's been awhile." she added setting the bottle down and crossed her arms. "Still good looking I see." she added her eyes looking him over not even knowing he had just killed a women. "I didn't think I'd find you here." she said.

Ezekiel had heard her coming and quickly finished cleaning the bloody mess off. "Cat." He gave her a broad smile, leaning against a stone outcropping and looking up at her. He folded his hands behind his head. "I didn't expect to see you anywhere anytime soon. Congratulations on making a twenty million bounty."

He cocked an eyebrow. "I know that look. Let me guess, you just fucked one of your crew and he blew his load early?" He grinned. "You know, with most of those idiots you may as well just blow them and save yourself a lot of irritation."

"No not a crew member, a local bartender that was kind enough to give me 2 free bottles of high end booze. Captian's blood if you've ever heard of it or had it, very good and very expensive. As for the bounty that's what happens when you kill a governor but hell I got a Devil Fruit for it and now it seems I'm almost as wanted as the killer that's running around the seas." Nisa said walking over to him and purred softly letting her ears and tail out to show what kind of fruit it was.

"I bet you can last." she said handing him the bottle so he could to try some. "And I've told you call me Nisa. Make me think you're a bounty hunter and I don't want to have to kill you." Nisa said her tail swishing around as she wrapped her arms around him.

Peter was almost back to his ship to drop off the supplies when he heard a voice call out his name. "Muh? What was that?" He turned around and noticed two men standing next to Sammi, a modest sized man in a black shirt and a large burly man in a small T shirt.

He heaved the bag over his shoulder onto the ship and walked up to Sammi. "I see you got two interesting candidates for the crew. Nicely done." he smiled, offering his hand out. "Nice to meet ya. 'Gadget Fiend' Peter Tew at your service. So what brings fellows like yourselves on this crew?"

The group of Marines noticed a horse-drawn carriage running by. They stopped it, and were horrified at what they saw. "Oh god, I think I'm gonna be sick..."

The captain gave his men a few seconds to react. "Come on... we found the girl..." he walked up to the body, soaking his hand in the blood. He licked the blood off his hand seeming to waft in the carnage. "Yes.... this is definitely the work of the Butcher... and it's recent... he's on this island..."

He turned to the two who first reacted. "Take the body back. Report everything to her father. And let everything take it's course..." He turned to the other troop. "If anything happens, tell three of the remaining ships to send in reinforcements. Heavily monitor any ships trying to leave. If they have a Jolly Roger, sink them. I have a trail now..." he licked the rest of the blood off his hand, seeming to know exactly where to go now.

He took a quick swig, enjoying the sweet fire. He swallowed it, enjoying the burning trail. "Not bad. Hell of a kick." He cocked an eyebrow as she sat down on him. "Nisa, I believe we've established previously that we can last...and I don't think I should be concerned about you killing me." He grabbed her by the shoulders and twisted, forcing her down into the soft silt. "I think it's me you should be afraid of, pirate." He took another drink, then kissed her, trailing the Captain's Blood into her mouth.

Nisa kissed him back tasting the booze in her mouth and sighed wrapping her arms around him remembering that Ezekiel was not soft at all in bed, one thing she liked about him. She run her hands down his back and looked up at him breaking the kiss. "You know how I like it Ezekiel." she purred softly and let him take it from there.

Ezekiel grinned. Today was proving to be a very pleasant day indeed. He tore her clothes off, not concerned if they were damaged, and threw them aside. Very pleasant indeed...

When they were through, he lay next to her in the cool water. "So what brings you to this rock?"

"Oh my normal shit, steal things, make money have sex, normal for me. She cuddled up to him, like she did with countless other men. "Now that's the fuck I wanted from the bartender but hell free booze is still free. Well i know I'll feel this in the morning when my body hurts like hell." Nisa smiled softly and laughed it off.

"Hmmm what brings you here honestly? If I knew you were here I'd of never bothered with the bartender." she said.

Sammi was pleased that Captain Tew was happy with her recruiting. I thought only getting two would have been a bad thing, but still, least he's happy. "Thank you Captain," she said. "I think we should probably be answering those questions off at sea though. Town's getting rowdy, and there were Marines about. I think we should get while the getting is good." I can't avenge Bob while I'm looked in the cell next to him, that's for sure.

He zoned out for a moment, the flies were a bit ravenous but they his hand was fast enough to slap most away.
"Oh sorry, oh yes my power."
"Got some special training, took a long time to master."
"I can give you a small example."
Quickly he plucked a hair from his knuckles and showed it for a moment.
It looked normal at first but then it suddenly expanded to the length of a fountain pen.
He passed a tree and stabbed it straight through its trunk.
"Nothing to extravagant like you guys but I couldn't do without it most of the time."

"Just laying low for a while. I made a mess of the Governor of Whitehat Isle's face, turns out he had a painful reaction to Southern Wind Viper venom. So there's a pretty sizable bounty on my head and I've got some people on my arse. So I took cover here until things blow over. Thinking about going into business for myself, cutting the freelancing and open a little business on this rock."

He grinned at her, holding her against him, enjoying the pleasant ache. "So no real plans, just ended up here?"

Yoje looked at Sparkles with astonishment. "That's one of the techniques taught in the martial art I train in! Not moving hair specifically, but a technique that could be used to do that. It's hard to find a Rokushiki teacher. Who showed you how to do that?...And would you like to learn more of that martial art?"

"Is it really that impressive? Well not like their are many who know how to do this but still."
He never thought he would run into someone that had the competence to teach him more.
It astonished him with all the extraordinary coincidences happening this one day.
"This must be a sign..."
"More? That would be great!"
"Can never learn enough."
"What do you know?"
"I could teach you a thing or too although I don't expect you to master my technique anytime soon."
"Takes years of hard training."

"Pretty much. Not much of a plan past that but hell that's how I work. venom in a nice touch, I approve. So any luck finding a girl yet? Can't sleep with me all of your life." she joked. She was never one to settle down. the sea was her first and only love and that's all she needed.

"Hell getting sex where you can get it works for me but I don't think it would you." she said not knowing who he really was.

"Eh, I don't think any one person could really slake me forever - although you come closer than any I've had yet. But maybe someday when I've got my own island, I'll send some men for you. Bring you there in chains to serve in my harem." He ran his hand down her side, grinning broadly.

"Wait isssn't that the techniquessss they teach marinesss to help them combat devil fruit userssss? I remember on one island I fought a former marine that could use one of them. I think he called it rankyayaku. Do you know that one? " Since Sylvester had saw it he had wondered if his devil fruit power would make that technique even stronger?

Yoje grinned at Sparkles's excitement. This was a good turn of events for both of them.

"I don't expect to master the technique, just the concept. Your technique is a unique use of one of the six Rokushiki techniques. The one you use happens to be the one I have the hardest time using. But I'm skilled enough in the other five to teach you basics. I've taught a lot of people before you, actually. Normally I charge a small fee, but we can forget about that if you'll be teaching me as well.

"Please you know my love is the sea but hell nothing wrong with fucking for a kid though and like you'd send men after me please. You'd come your self. You should know by now I like to be free hence why I'm a pirate." Nisa said kissing Ezekiel softly.

She did enjoy being with him but she felt she couldn't see her self loving Ezekiel though but being with him was different. "Fuck the island and come with me on my boat right now." she said.

Grana bowed, doffing his hat in the large, sweeping motion. " 'Phantom Magician' Grana Rei, at your service." Grana donned the ht once more and looked around. He began to laugh as he saw how close Tew's ship was to his. In fact, the ship was anchored inches away from Grana's coracle. Grana jumped into the tiny boat, took down the mast and sail, and placed them within the main body of the coracle. Grana grabbed the light boat and lifted it out from the water and maneuvered it onto the ship. "Always good to have a boarding ship for those islands without docks, right?" He looked around and hissed before returning to the group. "Sorry about that. Anyway, in answer to your question, I got tired of petty thefts. Sure, there's a thrill in outsmarting those said to be theft-proof, but I set my sights on a bigger prize- One Piece! I want to prove myself by sailing to the world's end and going to that island that only one other crew made it to. I want the name "Grana Rei" to be known throughout the world!" Grana grinned before turning back to Peter. "Did you see that man-sized coracle I brought aboard? For three years, I was able to navigate that thing through countless hells, without ever touching the water myself- not that I could without dying, anyway. I reckon I can navigate a ship like yours just fine after that. However, Captain, now I have a question for you: how many Marines can you take out?" Grana asked this while cocking his thumb at the ever-tightening line of Marines. The ships all had their cannons aimed at the pirate ships lest a single ship set sail.

"Not only that but we will make more then enough money in the future to pay such a small fee!"
"I must say though by what I know of the others I prefer this one the most, has a wider range of applications in my opinion."
"So many times I have broken out of jail with it."

"Hah, true. You'd be the first real challenge to my skills I think I've ever had...besides, tell me you don't like being tied down and taken. Being my little toy would just be that on a more constant basis." He grinned at her. He figured she would probably never agree to it, but then again, she didn't really have to agree.

"What, are you asking for me to join your crew? You know I'm no seaman, Nisa. I'm an assassin, it's not really a job that has a lot of place on a ship. Besides, I'm tired of taking orders. Even if it'd be from a lovely voice like yours."

Nisa sighed softly. "I didn't say you'd be part of my crew, just that you'd be with me. You can tie me down on my ship as well and take me hard. Besides I kill people too, well for their stuff but still. I mean if you don't want to that's fine." Nisa said sitting up brushing out her hair.

"Anyway I'll be leaving the island soon, tomorrow morning. I'll let you think about it." she said.

The two Marines rode back to the Governor's manor. After calling him out, they let him see the body. He fell to his knees. "No... no no no not my dear daughter... who..."

The first one gulped and reported "We suspect it's the work of the murderer known as 'The Butcher'... we also suspect he's still on the island. We'll catch him..."

The governor stormed back into what seemed like an office. He pressed a button and picked up a Den Den Mushi on the table. "I'll take care of this problem the best way these people can..."

Peter smirked and shook Grana's hand. "Energetic. Ambitious. You and I are either gonna get along just fine, or we'll be fast enemies. Thankfully, Sammi will likely keep you under control. I prefer to take a more... tactical approach when dealing with my adversaries. As for the Marines, we might have to wait here a little for things to cool........"

He was interrupted by various speakers blaring all over the town. "NOW HEAR THIS! A well known criminal has performed an act so unspeakable, I am calling all able-bodied citizens to action! Bring me the criminal known as "The Butcher" and anyone who can be linked as an accomplice, and I will pay FIVE TIMES the bounty the Marines are offering!"

All the pirates and bounty hunters in the town seemed to start paying attention at the mention of money. They started to eye each person with a known bounty suspiciously. Peter groaned "That IDIOT... everybody here is now going to try and claim they caught the unidentified bounty, and claim they found accomplices... and now that the Marines are here, they'll go after a lot more bounties... this place just went from a shaken beer can to a powder keg with a gunpowder trail and a box of matches next to it... we need to get out of here before some idiot sends off the spark to blow this up..."

As Peter finished speaking, a group of bounty hunters surrounded the quartet. "Well, well, well, lookee what we got 'ere! 'Gadget Fiend' Peter Tew, worth 50,000 normally, and 'Viking' Sammi Mekela, worth 35,000 beli!" The bounty hunter licked his lips as he looked at Sammi lustfully, and grinned. "I think we'll hafta 'ave a little fun wit 'er before we turn 'er in, but we're still looking at..." The hunter began to count on his fingers before Grana groaned. "Great, we've been surrounded by a group of hicks!" He shook his head before walking forward slowly. The bounty hunter pointed at Grana. "Shut up! You're worthless, so we'll kill you first!" Grana shook his head before disappearing completely from view. He reappeared behind the hunter, Grana's tanto at the man's neck. Grana was now in his snow-white suit as he knocked out the head hunter with a quick blow to the back of his head with the butt of the sword. "Oh, really?" Grana smirked as he drew his other blade. "Hey! 'Phantom Magician' Grana Rei! You're worth 80,000 beli to the Marines! We can turn you in for 400,000 beli!" Grana looked up to heaven mockingly. "Finally, someone who can do basic mathematics! Perhaps there is a God, after all!" The hunters heard this insult and charged the group as one. "Captain?" Grana called out. "I think we found our spark."

All around Jingo, fights and fires sprung up as those who had been sharing drinks not five minutes ago were at each other's necks, gunning for that quintupled bounty. Crewmate fought crewmate, captain fought hunter, and owners fought fires as havoc reigned across the island due to the govenor's failure to realize the magnitude of the all-encompassing greed that possessed man. It wouldn't be long before Marines were sent in to clean up the waves caused by a single pebble cast into a sea of humans.

Sylvester looked down from the mountain observing the numerous fires now spreading around town "lookssss like sssomething interesssting iss happening in town" I wonder what it is

Peter watched Grana take care of the small group of bounty hunters, trying to analyze his powers. Is he a Devil Fruit user? Or is it something else? He looked to Smithy and Sammi. This group of hunters so far aren't that threatening... but how are we going to get out of here without getting those Marine ships to fire on us?

He turned to Sammi. "Look, we need to either find an opening in the Marine ships circling the island or find a place to hide until this is all over..."

The captain kept walking until he found a small shack. "Here... the trail leads me here..." he opened the door and found blood soaked all over the place. "Now what to do..." he mumbled, running his hand all over the blood.

The ships circling the island saw the commotion going on. One of the crewmen said "We need to do something! All ships deploy some troops to Jingo! Try to restore order!"

"I've got a better idea in mind. The local governor's rolling in the cash. Enough that if we manage to pull what I have in mind off, you could start a real organization with your cut. Not just a single ship, but a real fleet. It'll keep you on the island for a few days, but I think two hundred million beli is worth extending your stay for a while."

He reached up, grabbed her by the shoulder, and pulled her back down onto him. "What do you think of that?"

"That's quiet a bit but I'd need some help. Hmmm what would happen to you after we pull of the job?" Nisa asked sitting up again but this time being more forceful.

"I also think I an get up thank you." Nisa said.

"That depends. I might hitch a ride aboard your ship if you're not unwilling. I've always wondered what it'd be like to fuck you on a pile of gold." He cocked an eyebrow at her. "Since when have you been satisfied with once? I thought you had a bit more endurance than that, Nisa. I'm disappointed." He grinned at her in his most obnoxious way, leveling his best, most infuriating smirk at her.

"Oh fuck that I'll show you how long I can really last." Nisa said jumping back on him kissing him madly. "You bastard you know how to get me hot and bothered." Nisa panted and bit his lower lip.

She pinned him down some and smirked looking down at him.

"You love it, you dirty whore." He dug his fingers into her hair, pulling her down onto him. "We can talk business later. After we do this particular arm of your business, that is..."

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