Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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He glanced at Sylvester and then looked back up to the sky again.
"Your right, got a bad feeling about this."
"The fires are spaced out, you can tell by the smoke."
"Got to wonder if it is intentional or accidental."

Nisa growled some and panted. "You love that fact that I'm a whore and it's not like I haven't been told that." Nisa said kissing his neck then smirked putting her hands around his neck to show him who she thought was in control. "You better beg for breath." she said squeezing tightly.

He grinned at her, feeling the rush even through the pain of the blood pulsing through his head. He reached his hand up to her neck, squeezing the soft flesh hard, his eyes locked on hers. Ezekiel thought it was the most interesting game of chicken he'd ever played as he gripped her hips with his legs, pressing into her.

Nisa gasped some and tried to breath but squeezed harder on his neck but lost her grip. She tilted her head back and let Ezekiel have the control he had over her. She loved that she couldn't breath and relaxed letting him have her how he wanted.

Some time later, the two were lying on the beach, still naked and panting. "Whew. You never get old. I think that Devil Fruit made you even better in bed." He kissed her hard. "So, you think about my proposal at all yet?"

Nisa panted hard some marks on her body as she kissed him back and then nodded. "Yes I have and I'll do it as long as you fuck me like that I'll do anything you ask." Nisa said her body now covered in salt water and sand. She was still a bit shaken from him holding her head underwater but thankfully that only happened once.

"But only if you promise you'll think about coming with me." Nisa said flirting some acting like she cared from him past sex.

"Starting to get addicted to actually having decent sex?" He smirked. "I've thought about it. It sounds like a good plan after the heist." He wondered how serious she was about doing -anything- that he asked. Wondered just how far she'd go for the cause of coin and cock. It was something worth finding out more about.

"Good well no more crappy sex for me then and you're more then decent." Nisa said looked at him and smiled. "So what first and who do you have to kill to get what we want?" she asked sweat running down her brow.

"The Governor's wife. We hold her for ransom, and while the guards are pursuing me on a dead-end chase across the entire island, you and your crew ransack the governor's mansion and as much of the rest of the city as you can. Then it depends on if we get the ransom or not. If we do, great, more money. If not, well, they'll learn the price of fucking with us."

Shit! Too late! The bounty hunters appeared to set off the entire dock as it was descending into chaos. Grana seemed to take care of the weaker hunters attempting to extract money out of their bodies, but the rest of the docks contained more than enough people to overwhelm the lot of them unless they thought of something.

OK Sammi, think. Gotta be something around here that we can use to get off this pervert-ridden island. She looked around as best she could through the mayhem that was occurring around them before spotting a shop off to the corner. In the window appeared to be their ticket to freedom. "Be right back guys! Take the gear and start heading for the ship!" she called out as she sprinted to the store.

Inside, she found a dusty old knick-knack store, helmed by a wrinkled old man. "Eh?" the old shopkeeper said at the sound of a customer. "Who's that now? Come a bit closer there I'm a bit hard on the eyesight there, you see."

"Of course sir," Sammi answered as she approached the counter. "I was wondering if I could purchase that flag in the window there. The one that appears to be merchant based?"

"Oh yes, oh yes, young lady. That flag is a merchant flag, found it in a shipwreck many moons ago," the old man prattled on. "Back in my younger days, you know, but it's a fine flag, I think I can part with it for 500 beli."

"500?" Damn, that's a ripoff. Whatever, Grana can cover it. Sammi dug through her pockets and pulled out the necessary amount for the flag. "Here sir," she plinked a few more coins on the counter. "And a little extra for the story."

"Well thank you my dear. You take care of that flag now. Oh, and if you find out who's making that racket outside there, would you tell them to keep it down? Hard on an old man's ears you know!"

"Sure thing," Sammi replied as she hurried out of the store.

The riots were still going on outside, but her group appeared to have gotten everything in the vicinity of Peter's ship. "Here!" she said, tossing the flag on board for Peter's inspection. "We can try to sneak out as a merchant ship. We used to do something similar on the old boat to sneak up to government ships to raid them. It might work here. The guy said the flag was old, but it should do if the Marines are occupied with that Butcher guy."

"Ohh I like that idea and the crew get's to do some work as well. I'll take a small group with me and leave the others the guard the ship. After that we ether get to kill someone or walk away with more beli then we could ever dream." Nisa said laughing more. "God with this my bounty will be as high as the butchers." she added.

The Captain finished examining the cabin, still mumbling to himself, almost incoherently "Seems to be leading to the river... not a strong sense there... but enough for me to follow... just need to hurry..."

Peter smiled at Sammi. "Way to go!" he looked out and noticed that all the Marine ships were sending a few ships with some troops towards the island. "Oh shit... come on! We need to get away from here for a little bit. Once they leave, we'll get out of here!"

Jacque had arrived at the shopping district of Jingo Island. The place is quite lively although the shop owner had a tense look on their faces. He doesn't blame them seeing how most of the customers mostly pirates or intimidated fellows.

I wonder if they had seen the marines on the island recently. Mmm now I think about it does that Captain Crew got a chef? I better buy a pack lunch should they are crappy at cooking.

He head to the nearby convenient store.
The store is indeed convenient as it had nice looking pack meal for a decent price and they also selling brown hair dye which save him some time searching for it. Once he had paid for the three items including a carrying bag to store the two he quickly head to the nearest ammunition shop.

He quickly found an ammo stand own by a gruffly looking man as he approach him

The man said "Greeting Mr! What can I do for you?"

He replies "I need some ammo for this type of flintlock."

He places his trusty flintlock onto the table. Jacque owns a higher grade type of flintlock models. The type he own is better then the standard marine flintlocks but it isn't that very rare. Despite of that however the ammo for it were uncommon but it firepower makes up for the harder to find ammos.

He merchant take a good look at the flintlock and he examine it.

Jacque said "I only got three bullets left so I have been looking for the ammo for it."

The merchant replies "Ahh this is in good condition and I think I got a few of those ammos for it left.

He bent down under the table and got up with the small ammo boxes in his hands. He places them onto the table.

He demanded "That will be 700 beli per pack."

Jacque screams "WHAT!! That way too expensive and they never cost that much twoo!"

The merchant said "Sorry Mr but like I said I got a few left which and the next shipment won't arrive in another few month. You're not the only one who wants these ammos."

Just as Jacque grinds his teeth in anger, the speaker beaming out an announcement about a criminal known as the Butcher and the rewards will be five times the amount the marines are offering, including any accomplice link to the Butcher.


Suddenly all of the pirates, bandits and others glare one another as if they accusing the one they are staring at as the accomplice. One of the pirate punch a bandit and soon a riot broke out in the shopping centre. The shop owners quickly panic as they hurry to either flee or close their shops as some people took the opportunity to rob their stores.
Suddenly the merchant had a terrify look on his face. Jacque saw on the wall behind the merchant three large figures with cutlass sticking out on the figures. He can already sense that the three behind him are bounty hunters.

One growl "That's Nightowl Jacque isn't he?"

Another giggle "Why yes, he look like he can be the accomplice, after all you got something to hide behind that mask of yours?"

Jacque mutters "I really don't have the time for this twoo..."

He places his left hand onto his flintlock as his right hand grab the handle on his sheathed rapier.
As the bounty hunters raise their blades to strike him down, in one fell motion, he unsheathed his rapier and his other hand pick up his flintlock. He spins around as the tip of the rapier slashes each of the hunter chests one after the other. As soon the rapier slashes their chests, he fires his flintlock soon after the slash. As he stops his spin, the hunters soon drop onto the ground. He turns around to face the scared merchant.

Jacque cheers "I will be taking these. Just is glad that I didn't take your live for trying to rip me off twoo."

He took the two ammo boxes as he places them in the bag. He flees from the ammo stand as he made his way into the crowded riot.

I got to hurry to the dock! They may set off any second now!

Yoje looked at the fires. "That announcement is causing chaos on the island. All three of us have bounties on our heads, but we're away from the worst of it right where we are. If we keep going to the mountains, we'll be safe. The bandits probably couldn't even hear that announcement"

"Still...I want to see the Butcher brought to justice. Killing in cold blood like he does isn't right. And anybody down in that town is in danger." After another moment of thought, he transformed into his kangaroo hybrid form and truned to face Sylvester and Sparkles. "I'm going to head back. Things need to be dealt with. I'll understand if you don't come with me"

The praise was warmly received, but the warning snapped Sammi out of her mini-reverie. "Don't have to tell me twice!" She climbed up onto the boat quickly hoisted up the merchant flag that would hopefully allow them safe passage. The flag seemed to fly up the mast, the rope moving almost effortlessly through Sammi's hands. "OK, flag's up!"

Smithy looked at the boat as he walked onto it, his steps heavy. He felt it softly, admiring the handiwork. He sat on the floor, making himself look ridiculous in the process being incredibly large as he was, and waited for them to get moving. He was a bit tipsy from all the alchahol he had drank that day, but not incredibly. If there were was two things Smithy's good at, it's blacksmithing and holding his drink.

Peter jumped in the ship, trying to get to the secret compartment he used earlier when one of the boats with the Marin reinforcements arrived. "Hey! There are some guys trying to leave! I think one of them is has a bounty..."

Some of the others got out and walked towards the group, weapons drawn. Peter muttered "Don't do anything yet... if they identify one of us, that's when we run. We'll try to lose them, and once we do, we get back to the boat... and they don't identify one of us, we wait for them to get out of sight and get out of here. Got it?"

Jacque saw a clear view of the dock at a distance however in front of him laid chaos. The riot had seen to erupt everywhere he had runs into. This doesn't matter to him as he is gasping for breath hurrying to the dock as soon a possible.
He soon shows two men exchange heavy punch as each other as a busty woman is in the corner trap from their brawl. One of the them throws a final blow hitting the heavy looking man off his feet which his big body will squash that woman into the wall.
Jacque leaps in saving the woman from danger as he cup a feel from her breast. He gently places her right back onto her feet.

The woman said "Err thanks.... Hey wait you took advantage of me you pervert!!!"

Jacque reply "Sorry I didn't heard you twoo!" as he continue to run to the dock.

While he is getting closer but there were many more pirates crowding up the path.

Urgh there is no way I can make it on foot. I am going to regret this.

He leaps into the sky as he transforms into a large human sized owl or to be more specific, the Eagle owl. His clothing and mask all morph accordingly so he look more like a large dress up Eagle owl. The fighting pirates pause for a moment to see the large owl above them as they gasp at the sight of it. Some of them realise that the odd looking owl is a devil fruit user as they open fire him. In his current owl form however he is feeling very sleepy as his drowsiness had allow him to dodge the incoming bullet as he fly sloppily toward the dock at a quicker speed.

"Yoje, your not going alone."
"My technique is getting a bit rusty and this should be some good practice."
"Plus the butcher is just pure trouble for everyone so I don't mind helping a friend."

"Glad to hear it, Sparkles. Now, let me show you another Rokushiki technique: Moon Step!"

With his powerful kangaroo legs, Yoje leapt into the air. He then kicked the air below, causing a small puff of air to form. With every kick, he rose slightly higher into the air. He continued to use this technique to head back into town, staying over the road so Sparkles and sylvester could follow.

"Nice moves, you can see trouble before it hits us." He yelled above as they walked along the trail.
"You can go pretty high, you better not fall."
"This isn't some trust exercise when I go and catch you."

Peter tried to act calm until he noticed a large owl flying towards the dock. One of the Marines seemed to notice him. "Hey! I know that guy! He's wanted! Shoot him down!"

Peter, noticing them draw their guns, quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a wrench. He smashed the guy who was about to take the first shot on the head. Before the rest of the group could react, he smacked a second Marine, then pulled out a strange looking gun from a holster. He pressed a small button, pulled the trigger and a fireball burst from the gun. Two more of the group fell into the water yelling in pain. The remaining two drew swords "What the hell?!"

Peter walked back to the others. "I'm not letting you shoot someone who was helping some civilian."

Jacque is barely awake as try to resist his sleepiness. In a brief moment he had close his eyes, unaware that a marine had got a perfect opening to shoot him down until someone help him out. He quickly wakes up from the sound of gun fire as he saw someone taking down the marines. He recognises the people from earlier except for the man who took down those marines.

I can assume he is a captain, not too shabby althought I acting out of desperation right now. Well I better make a good first impression.

He descends onto the ground morphing back into his human form. The two marine had already saw him coming as he landed in front of the two. They both charge toward him as Jacque unsheathed his rapier. They both tries to strike him down in one fell slash at the same time but to their surprises, Jacque had clash their cutlasses with his rapier one handed. The marine who are using both their hands try to push him down but he had no difficulty maintaining the position. He withdraws his flintlock as he points it right in front on one of the marine face. That marine lost his nerve as he withdraws his blade to make a feeble attempt to dodge the shot.

Jacque whisper "Bang."

That panic marine allow him to overpower the other as he use this opportunity to kick him in the stomach. As the marine fall down, he quickly stabs the panic marine in the chest. The grounded marine had pull out his pistol as he tries to shoot him. Jacque leaned back dodging the bullet as he stretch out his right hand toward that marine stabbing him in the same place on the chest. Both marine were down but they aren't dead for his stabs were not fatal.

Seeing the assumed captain in front of him he bows his head down while folded one of his arm.

He said "Allow me to introduce myself. Greeting! I am Jacque De Hootingham or otherwise known as Nightowl nicknamed by the marines. I have heard that you are recruiting people to join your crew. As you can see, my fighting skill should suffice your recruitment requirement. Allow me to be part of your crew and in return you have my service."

"Oh you think your fasssst" said Sylvester as he morphed into his full snake form "I move fasssster like thisssss letsss go." It had been a while since Sylvester had done a full transformation. His snake body groaned and creaked as he darted down the path displacing a large dirt trail behind him. "firssst one down getsss 10 beli how about it?"

"Oh you had to bet didn't you, your loss."
He stretched a little an then found his target in the distance.
A tree branch.
He pointed his open palm toward it his hair grabbed on tight, as thin as wire.
With a twitch the hair then propelled him towards it.

Sammi almost had to duck and cover aboard the ship as the giant flying blur came towards the dock, followed by a bunch of Marines. She knew the policemen of the Sea had all kinds of tricks at their disposal, but huge airborne masses darting around like that was a newer one.

Peter was much quicker to act than she was and took down a couple of the Marines before the blur became a man and took care of the rest. That guy...is he a Zoan? What the hell was that then? Never seen one able to fly before. The couple we fought were totally land based. Upon seeing him bow to the Captain, two thoughts of equal value went through her head. Oh good another person!...Oh great he's going to be buzzing around her like he did before. Freaking awesome.

"You two are skilled. But nothing can beat the speed of this technique: Shave."
Yoje instantly become a virtually invisible blur. Once Sparkles and Sylvester could see him again, he was further up the path and ahead of both of them.

These two are good guys. We'll be back in town in in less than five minutes at this rate.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Hootingham. Wish we could have met under better circumstances." he looked around and noticed more Marines arriving from the north and south.

"Ok, we need to find somewhere in town to hideout for a couple minutes. We need to make sure not to draw any more attention on ourselves. But don't hold back if we need to defend ourselves either. Once these guys are all spread out and away from the docks, we'll work our way back here and run through their blockade. Ok?" He hoped their little ruse plan would work once everyone was too busy fighting pirates and bounty hunters to notice. For now the docks were one of the last places they wanted to be.

Grana looked at the Marine ships as he floated in the air for a second, gravity taking a bit to catch up with him as he rocketed out from an invisible portal with the same speed he had going in. He grinned at what he saw, just as a few Marines began to take aim at him with blunderbusses. Grana sighed as he once more fell into the same portal and appeared in a different place, behind the Marines. As he flew out the portal backwards, Grana wound up with his blades and delivered two simultaneous chops with the backs of the blades, knocking out the Marines. "Captain! There's a better plan!" Grana appeared next to Peter, Sammi, and Jacque. "Each of us has to run away from here in opposite directions and draw as much Marine attention as possible. Look!" Grana pointed to the Marine boats forming the blockade. Every last one of them was sending in Marines, presumably to calm down the rioting pirates. "The more trouble we stir up, the more Marines they have to send out. Fewer Marines mean fewer people to command the boats and man the cannons. Spreading out ensures they can't overcome us with numbers, and have to divide their forces to take us down. Just groups of two to make sure no one gets taken out by a sneak attack. Captain, you and Hootingham will go together, to cover each other from attacks from earth and sky, respectively. Captain, your skills are likely to cause confusion, which is even better. I'll go with Sammi for the same reason- it's easy to knock a man out when he's wondering how on earth that white-clad human is everywhere at once."

Grana grinned. "The more hunters we take out, the more the pirates can focus on the Marines. If we do this far away from the boat, every Marine will zero in where they think we are. Destroy the Den Den Mushis, and they can't do that. We keep this up for a bit, the Marines will all be on land, and few will be able to do anything about us escaping." Grana turned around and hacked at the Marine trying to sneak up behind him. He quickly turned back, his blades still unbloodied. "It doesn't matter if we leave for a bit- there are so many small time pirates here, the Marines could arrest all of them for weeks and still not be done. We have to draw them away if we want to escape. Basically," Grana smiled at the challenge, "Keep moving. Don't stop unless it's for one of us. If you can't beat someone, don't stop and fight- run and force him to fight where you want. A few minutes of this should be enough to ensure a clean sea."

"Sounds good enough, but I'd prefer to avoid drawing unnecessary attention." He tuened to Sammi. "Sammi, go with him. Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid." He turned to Jacque and Smithy. "You two. Get a little bit away from here, but keep an eye on the ship. Last thing we need is lasting long enough to be able to get away but then having no way out. And if anything else goes wrong, find Sammi and Grana and tell them. Or try to take care of it yourselves." He walked ahead a little. "I'm gonna try to get to the bottom of this mess."

Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid? The guy who wants to start hacking down bounty hunters? Thanks Captain, fun assignment. "Yes Captain," Sammi said solemnly, as she bent down to retrieve her hand axes from the bag. "Come on Magic Man, let's go I guess."

Jacque replies "Got it, twoo!"

He is about to leg it until he saw the tall man who the captain address as Smithy. He had to tilt his head up to get a good look at his face.

He said "Let get moving already! Can you hear me from up there?"

"That's the plan. After that, we vanish. Leave this region, find some place. Start our own organization with the money. How do you like the sound of 'Admiral Nisa'?" He grinned. "Speaking of the Butcher, did you hear they think he's on the island?"

"Yea I've heard he's on this island. Seems to have something to do with the governor. Might make it harder to get his wife though." Nisa said then smirked.

"However I do like the sound of Admiral Nisa. Hmmm ruler of the seas with a large amount of cash to back it up." Nisa said.

He grinned. "I'll be content for an island of my own. Little town, nice castle. Get some gold-plated doors and a harem of collared sex slaves." He grinned at her. "I get a little feeling you'll be serving part-time in there."

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