Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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Jacque is intrigue by Yoje tale.

Now I think about it I think I had heard his name somewhere before. Where did I hear it from? Bah never mind he doesn't seen to know who I really am under this mask of my. I got to wonder does his grandfather is link in anyway with CP9?

He replies "Interesting twoo. I mean I have no interests in Rokushiki since I clearly know it takes many years to fully master it which I don't have the time for. I have admit though I have met I mean encounter a few highly skill marines using Rokushiki before, twoo."

Before he realizes it he is descending a lot quicker and getting very sleepy.

Sorry but can we travel on foot? Smithy is dragging me down and in case you didn't know Owl are nocturnal animal so I am feeling very sleep right now.

His eyes started to get heavy for him to keep it open.

Yoje landed in his human form and began walking. "Not a problem, Jacque. We're almost there, anyway. And Smithy, I don't have an interest in learning to use any weapons. I'm already skilled with Rokushiki, and I can't move my arms as freely in my zoan forms, so it wouldn't do me much good."

Jacque gently place Smithy onto the ground as his talons let go of Smithy shoulder. He quickly reverts back to his human form as he dusted his coat. He is feeling wide awake again.

"Ah that's much better. Do you know how many marines we are going to be dealing with inside the mansion twoo?"

Peter got up on the roof, taking a moment to get a handle on the situation. A trio of Marines were trying to break down the barricade. He saw that Sammi and Sylvester had left. "At this rate, the other two will be gone by the time they break the barricade down. So that's them taken care of..." He looked back to the approaching mob of pirates.

"What the hell are they even planning, anyway?" He noticed the Marines were starting to form a perimeter around the manor. "It'll take them a couple minutes to get a solid defense up. They'll likely run into some serious trouble once the mob gets there. But then I'd have two large groups to fight through. I could wait until the fighting dies down, but there's the impending threat of them getting up here. I don't have all my stuff to fight them with... but I have enough to get away if there's a big enough opening. Nothing to do but wait for a minute or two..."

"There should be a lot of marines around the manor. They're trying to defend the governor of the island, after all. But as long as most of them are low-ranked, we shouldn't have a problem fighting. As long as the mob doesn't catch up with us, anyway."

A motion in the distance caught Yoje's eye. He turned and saw two figures quickly moving in the direction opposite the manor. One of them seemed to be slithering. "Hey, I think I can see a friend of mine over there. He can help us fight. Follow me." Yoje pointed to where he saw Sylvester, and started running towards him.

The back yard was much more dense than Sammi had imagined. Sure the forest was visible from the mansion, but still the brush was extremely thick. And the Governor wasn't helping in his current state. However, Snake-man was helping. Sammi hated to think of him in that form but he was cutting through the woods like a machete. Up ahead, she could begin to see daylight, the sandy beach at the end of the darkened woods. Snake was probably already out there. At least soon we'll be getting off this island.

Jacque saw the two figures that Yoje is referring to. He had then proceed to follow him.

The captain better be at the mansion otherwise I will have a hard time tracking him down in this madness.

Sylvester was moving too fast in the opposite direction, so Yoje decided to catch up to Sammi instead. "Hey, it's Sammi, right? Me and two other pirates were about to go fight our way through the manor, and thought you might help us. Weren't you looking for someone named Peter there earlier?" His eyes fell on the man tied up on the ground. "Is that the governor you have hostage there?"

Sammi wasn't expecting to have company so soon on this journey, but she was relieved to find out that it was one of the other guys that was outside the manor before and not a squad of Marines as she had feared.

He was asking questions, and she supposed they had better be answered. "Yeah I found Peter, and that's why I'm here right now. This would be the Governor, in all his esteemed glory, and me and...the other guy were heading down to the harbor in back there to commandeer his private yacht as our own personal little vessel. Then we'd swing round while Peter gets out and gets the littler boat out to sea with us. You want to go up to the manor, that's fine with me. But I got my orders, and I'm going to carry them out."

She heard a groan coming from the body she had been dragging and decided a good swift kick was needed to quiet him down. "Shut up!" she said as her boot landed right in the Governor's gut.

"So yeah, you can take the path there, it'll go right up to the manor, but I'm not heading into that white wave hitting it."

"So there are a ton of marines around the manor. I guess Grana and Sparkles are there, too? The three of us will make it easier for Peter and them to escape. Stay safe." Yoje bounced along the path Sammi pointed out, ready for an entertaining fight.

"You're telling a pirate to stay safe?" Sammi said to herself as the man bounced off. "Yeah, that's at the fore front of my priorities." There wasn't much left to the trail in front, the pier could be easily seen. "All right, your highness, let's get your boat and get going." She continued dragging the unconscious man towards his boat.

Grana nodded to Sparkles' action, then kicked down two stone statues standing guard near the door. Some of the outreaching limbs snapped off, but there was enough heavy stone to keep any number of enemies away for quite a while. To finish everything off, Grana walked over to the suit of armor Sparkles had ravaged, and pulled out the sword. He carefully balanced it against the stone and floorboards, making sure it would stand firm against any overzealous intruders. Grana repeated this action for the other seven suits of armor standing guard in the room. When finished, Grana felt sorry for any Marines who tripped over the stones, only to find one of the rusty members of the semicircle of steel protruding from their backs. "Yeah, I reckon that's a good enough barricade for Peter to hold out with." Grana started to run out the back of the mansion, Sparkles in tow. Grana picked up three more one shot pistols, stuffing one into his jacket as he began to sprint full speed for the stained glass window. Grana threw one of the pistols towards the window, shattering it completely. Grana quickly created another portal returning the pistol in question to his hand as he jumped through the window, shielding his face with his arms. Two Marines looking up aimed their muskets towards Grana and fired, only to die themselves as the minie balls entered two portals essentially marked 'Return To Sender.' Grana hit the ground and rolled to dissipate his downward momentum. Grana made sure Sparkles was behind him before continuing onward to meet Sammi. Before leaving completely, however, Grana saw a shadow eclipse his own. He grinned and turned around to see Peter on the roof. "Hey, Captain! Better hurry up if you don't want to be caught!" Grana gave the Captain a thumbs up before heading deeper into the forest. He saw Sammi, the Governor, Sylvester, and Yoje, the Human Kangaroo- whatever the hell a kangaroo was, anyway. "Hey! We got out, and I feel sorry for anyone else trying to get in. Where's everyone else?"

Peter groaned as Grana called out to him. IDIOT! They were supposed to be sneaking away! ...No use complaining. The few who saw him won't be telling anyone about it. And that means they'll likely blame it on me. Perfect... He noticed the three at the door calling two up, and after a couple attempts they rammed through the barricade. Lasted longer than I thought it would...

He took another look around. He noticed the group had gotten to the forest safely. He also noticed one new person with Sammi. Who the hell is that? Looks like a kangaroo... He saw two more closing in. It's that owl guy and the blacksmith! Ok, they are catching up. As long as they don't trip, they should catch up to them soon... Now about that mob... He noticed the Marines had most of the manor surrounded, and the mob of pirates had almost made it, with a small gap in the perimeter still remaining. He noticed one man in particular in the mob was starting to get ahead of them. At this rate, he might manage to get past the defenses with no trouble... He sighed, looking at his gun and his belt. Most of my stuff is back at the ship. I'd be a lot less worried if I were fully equipped. But I got quite a few of my weapons, and I still have my trump cards. It's almost time... He heard the door behind him pounding. "They got here faster than I thought..."

It was the work of a few minutes to enter the city during the chaos and make their way to the governor's mansion.

"Looks like we're to work faster." They slipped around the side of the building until they came to a large window, then Ezekiel withdrew a knife and pressed it into the glass, pressing it into the glass with a soft squeal until a disk of the glass fell out. He reached his arm in and flicked the lock aside, then slid the window up.

"After you..."

Grana was back and shouting up a storm, Sammi could hear his entrance throughout the jungle. This wasn't good considering her current cargo and the state it was in. "Hey? Genius?" scolded. "You just want to tell the Marines we're down here? DDM them up so they know exactly what we're doing? Kepp your fucking voice down! We're trying to get out of here unseen!"

Sammi continued along Sylvester's trail until finally the woods cleared and she could see nothing but the ocean and a large ship off to the left of her vision. It was a good size, single-masted but still looked like it could hold it's own in a race. The sails needed adjusting, but that would be no problem. There was no doubt it was the governor's. A large crest was emblazened on the side of it bearing Jingo's coat of arms. Sylvester was standing in front of it, the only imperfect sight in Sammi's opinion.

She turned away from the snake man. "Guy, can you please be human, or something? Like right now?"

"Asssss you wish," Sylvester said with his lisp, reverting to his human form. "Thissss ssssuit you better?"

Sammi looked back. "Yeah, much better. OK, let drag Commander Lifeless here on board and get this thing ready to sail."

Yoje wasn't worried by Grana's call. If things went well, any Marines who heard it would soon be unconscious. He could now see the Marines up ahead, surrounding the mansion. Thankfully, they hadn't noticed him yet. Yoje turned around. He could still see the pirate mob in the distance. Confident as her was in his skills, he was glad Jacque and Smithy were there to back him up.

Yoje crouched down and inhaled deeply. As he let out his breath, he extended his legs at full force and did a Moon Step, propelling him forward like a rocket. Any Marine in his path was either knocked out by a swift, strong, jab, or knocked off their feet by his tail. The fight had begun.

Jacque saw his captain at a distance, it seen Yoje was right about his captain in the mansion.
He saw that Yoje is going to use his moon step toward the marines outside the mansion as he plan out his attack.
With the element of surprise is gone due to the Yoje attack, he quickly get into the fight before Yoje is surrounded.
He decided to leave Smithy to do whatever he wanted as he morphs into his owl form as he flies toward the marines.
Some of them had spotted him as they started aiming at him. In his panic state he stays fully awake as he dodges the incoming bullets. He got in close enough that he dive right into the marines. He crash into them hoping that he would take a few of them out from his mad dive attack.

He looked down and noticed the two now at the pair at the window. One was a rather slim man and the other was a blue haired woman. "Those two seem to have gotten ahead of the others..." The door behind him burst open. Three Marines pointed their guns at him. "Freeze! There's nowhere to go!" Peter smirked and started walking to the edge. He smiled and said "Sure there is! All I need is to jump down!" he reached into his pocket, throwing a small ball that flashed in their eyes as he jumped off the building. Ok, just need to land on my feet... He bent his knees a little, bracing himself as the landed feet first on the ground behind the pair at the manor. i]Son of a bitch, that fucking smarts! I know those little things work like shock absorbers but it still feels weird...[/i] "Hello, you two! What brings you here?"

"What the hell..."

Ezekiel reached into his jacket. "Nothing very much, sir. I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't allow you to see me here." He withdrew his gun and began to screw a silencer onto it. "It's nothing personal."

He sighed, drawing his weapon. "Look, we don't have to fight. But I'm warning you, you're wasting your time. The place is damn near empty. I'd be more focused on getting out of here." He looked between the two, hoping one would stop the other.

Yoje was surrounded by Marines on all sides, but because of their proximity, they wouldn't risk firing on him. That gave Yoje a major advantage. He quickly ducked down in his human form underneath a marine's sword slash, and swept out his legs with a tempest kick that blasted the group of marines in front of him.

He looked up, and seeing a mace coming down on his head, Yoje crossed his arms in front of his face and used Iron Body. The blow slammed him into the ground, but caused no pain. As soon as the mace was lifted, Yoje pushed down with his hands to spring back onto his feet. At the same time, he turned into his hybrid form, kicking the attacking marine back into some of his allies.

That attack should have bounced off of me. I need to work on Iron Body more once I'm done here. Until then, I'll just take down as many Marines here as I can until Peter escapes and that coward of a Captain shows himself.

Jacque had hurt himself from pulling off that stupid stunt of his but it was expected. Before the surrounding marine try to take him out in his owl form he quickly revert back and perform a spin slash with his rapier repelling them back. He then pulls out his pistol as he shoots those who were getting close to him.

"Sorry, can't have you spilling your guts about us. Bad for business." He squeezed the trigger.

He rolled our of the way, trying to knock the gun away with his wrench. "I recognize that lady next to you from a wanted poster... I'm assuming you're here to rob the place. So who are you? Her first mate or something?"

Sylvester jumped onto the ship he began to make adjustments to the sails. After a few minute the ship was ready to sail. "sssso what are you waiting for tosss him on"

"Something like that." He let the gun fall to the ground, preferring it more personal anyway, attempting to drive his fingers into the other man's eyes. He felt a quiver run up his spine, he longed for the feel of soft flesh giving way under his hands.

He moved away, but still got his cheek and part of his forehead scratched. "GAH! Son of a bitch!" he pulled out a small gun with a grappling hook attached to it. He pulled the trigger, sending the blunt, curved ends of the hook flying towards Ezekial's face, trying to get a bit of distance between them now that he dropped the guns.

Yoje made his way along the side of the mansion, going through as many Marines as he could. He was starting to gain some injuries, but nothing that was impairing his fighting ability. He knocked out one Marine with two quick jabs to the face, and doubled another over with a powerful kick to the stomach. Soon, however, he was being closed in on from all sides.
Just as four different weapons were crashing down on him, he used shave to appear above all their heads. From there, he used rapid moonsteps to get more altitude and dodge any bullets. Once he was at an acceptable height, Yoje began rapidly kicking at the ground, unleashing a barrage of tempest leg blasts down upon the Marines.

"Hey! You want to try lugging this fatass and a sack of loot up and down the damn island? Be my guest!" Sammi shot back. She certainly wasn't going to be tossing him on board, that was for sure.

She dragged the body to the boat and pointed her hand up at the rail of the ship. The lead rope from the Governor's bindings extended like a vine, latching up onto the rail before slowly reeling itself in like a fishing line. Eventually the body slid under the railing on board the ship. The sack was tossed on board, most of the items Sammi picked up were metal so there was no fear of breaking them, and finally she came on board herself.

Looking around the deck of the ship, it was very well equipped for something that was likely only taken out for special occasions or romancing the wealthy populace. "All right, I don't know how Peter wants to make this great escape, but I suggest we wait here for a sec, see if anyone else is popping out of the woods before we set sail."

Ezekiel twisted aside, the hook still smashing into his scalp and tearing flesh. He recoiled, feeling the hot blood leaking out of his head, but the damage didn't seem to be severe. Ezekiel dropped his hand down to his belt and drew a knife, then lunged at the other man.

Peter blocked the knife with the underside of his gun, trying to get into a favorable position. This guy's good... need to be careful. Would be better if I could end this sooner... For the moment, he was stuck on the defensive.

We are trying to be stealthy? Had me fooled
Sparkles hacked away at the brush, being more of an annoyance to him then the marines.
Seemed that everyone was in a fight and he had the easy part hanging with the untouchable man.
All he knew is that he didn't want to stay on this island any longer even if there was more loot to grab, wasn't worth the risk.
I want a ship deck more then anything right now
"Granna, can you make a guy hit himself next?"
"That would be the highlight of my day, not saying I rob mansions every day." He chuckled.

"Son of a..." Ezekiel hocked and spat a wad of phlegm into the man's face, hoping to temporarily blind him, then shoulder-charged the window, breaking through the glass and tumbling, feeling the glass shards nick him. He took off at a run through the house. "Should have thought this through..."

Jacque is slowly getting overwhelm as he is barely keeping up behind Yoje. While his swift sword skill and his rapid pistol slinging had repelled the marines but many more fill in the fallen ones. At the rate he's going he will get exhausted which the marine will sure siege that opportunity to take him down.

Peter wiped the spit out of his eyes, swearing a few times. By the time his vision cleared, he saw Ezekiel running into the house. After a minute, he noticed the clash between the pirates and the marines was dying down. "Better get out of here now before the diversion is done." He noticed Jacque, Yoje and Smithy, being chased by a smaller mob of Marines. "Ok, those three I know. Not that well, but at least it's better than nothing." he said as he ran towards the of marines away from the main clash.

He took his wrench and decked the marine in his way, noticing one lagging behind the little group. "Ok, time to clear a path. That jump off the top of the manor was a blessing in disguise..." he ran up to the straggler, lifting his leg up high to do a forceful kick. "IMPACT STOMP!". When his foot made contact with the marine, there was a small 'click', and the marine was launched forward, crashing through his comrades approaching Jacque. Peter stumbled a little after the move, regaining his balance, running over and hitting as many of the downed troops with the butt of his gun and his wrench. "Oi! You ok? C'mon, we're getting out of here! Help me take care of these guys before they get up!"

The Captain had walked to the entrance of the manor. "He's in here. Men! Get to each of the windows!" An few nodded, a man running to each window, trying to get their as fast as possible. He walked through the doors, seeing Ezekiel in front of him. "You were a slippery one to find. But I managed to find the Butcher." He pointed to the sides, the closest couple windows already guarded. "I would advise against fighting or running away. We have men upstairs heading this way, and behind you, as you can see, your pirate allies might be putting up a good fight, but we have more men arriving with each second. There's nowhere for you to run."

He walked up to Ezekiel. "You got a little carried away with your latest murder. Left a nice little pool of your own blood on the floor. And this isn't the first time it happened, either. I'm curious... is inflicting harm on yourself part of it for you, or do you just get a little too caught up in the excitement?" He chuckled to himself. "Hmph... here I am asking you such personal questions when I don't even know your actual name. But I suppose I should give you my own first. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Captain Hippocrates. Now if you surrender, we won't need to waste any more time here..." He started undoing a couple buttons on his sleeves. "I'd prefer to keep this simple. But your type never do just surrender."

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