The City: One Year Later (Dark Fantasy Epic) (Open, Started) (Interest thread for applications!)

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"Seventh Tier? Well I can tell you there is quite a bit of Tier Ten Mages in Upper District. So I would hardly call him one of the most powerful Mages. And I will tell you, this Osaia, are more powerful than any of us here. Take us to Damien to I can explain."

Middle District - Elite Squad---

"We're from the Elite Squad of Upper District, we have come to collect our Weekly tax. Mr. Taggs, you owe us 700 Kiel. Will you comply or resist? If you do, we will be forced to take you down, and forcefully take your money."

"Give me a minute" Tagg said and walked over to the counter. Placing his hands on the counter, Tagg closed his eyes and slowed his breathing. He stood there in complete silence breathing deeply, then suddenly the scar tissue on his face seemed to fade away, being replaced by rapidly growing hair which then began turning into a dark shade of brown along with the rest of his facial hair. The hair on his head changed color as well, fading to dark brown from the roots to the ends. He opened his eyes which were now hazel instead of their normal dark brown and reached under the counter for a bag of Kiel. Calmly walking back to the door, he sighed and opened it and looked at the one who seemed to be in charge.

"Well, where are my manners? I apologize, it's always nice to be bled dry by The City's finest." Tagg said, smiling wide. "And to you sir, it is 'Mr. Taggart Ross', I really don't see how you people keep forgetting that. You call yourselves 'Elite'" he scoffed, "can't even remember a damned name..." Tagg then tossed the bag of Kiel at the guard. "Here's your money, and good day sir!" He said, right before slamming the door shut.

Right before Rumina mustered up the courage to knock on the man's door it was opened in a flash as an arm came flying out, grabbed him and pulled him inside. Rumina had no idea what was going on in those few short seconds. He couldn't believe someone could be so fast as he stumbled around trying to regain his footing and unsheathing his sword. In return three more swords were already at his throat.

"Now, now. No need to worry my boy. I mean you no harm, but it would probably be a smart idea if you put that thing away before my men here have to remove it from you."

"Who are you, and why are you watching me?" Rumina spat out as he slowly and calmly sheathed his sword back in its scabbard.

"A friend and potential ally if you play your cards right." The old man said with a menacing grin. "I was watching you because I was told by a friend of mine that you would be coming here looking for me."

"So you're Redithidoor I take it?" Rumina said as he crossed his arms and began to lean against a nearby wall.

"Well, we have ourselves a smart young boy here. Give him a prize men, he got it on his first guess." Redithidoor said in an overly sarcastic and mocking tone. "But I digress, you're here searching for information about Tayranthiel are you not? and why should I give you the information you seek? What have you done for me that should warrant me just giving you this information all willy-nilly? I have a business to run. I can't just be giving out freebies to people who ask for it now can I?" He kept on with his mocking tone taunting Rumina at every corner.

"If you don't give me the information I want, you won't be around to see your business be run into the ground by my own hands." Rumina said with a cold stare.

"Do you seek to end your miserable existence so soon whelp? Try anything and my men will cut you down before you can even blink." Redithidoor shot back.

"I don't see why not." Rumina muttered as he kicked a chair at one of the nearby guards catching him off guard. Quickly followed by a solid punch to the nose knocking him out cold. As he turned around the other two guards came at him, swords drawn. Rumina dodged one but he wasn't quick enough to dodge the other one completely as the blade cut into his arm. It's a little scratch, but I was lucky to not lose my arm. Rumina thought to himself as he slid around behind the guard who had cut him and quickly kicked out his knee then kicked him once more in the ribs to make sure he wouldn't be getting back up anytime soon. The last guard attacked with a flurry of stabs trying to work Rumina into a corner. Rumina quickly drew his sword and parried the jabs, he let the guard take another lunge before slapping his sword away , quickly dashing forward jabbing the hilt of his sword into the guards stomach, and finishing the fight with a quick elbow to the back of his head.

"So much for ending my miserable existence, eh?" Rumina said as he once again sheathed his sword and began to turn to Redithidoor only to find himself his by an invisible force that sent him flying into the wall.

"I warned you, you should respect your elders and listen to what they have to say. Especially when it could save you from getting yourself into more trouble than you can handle."

"So you're a mage too then?" Rumina asked as he tried to break free from the hold

"Not in so many words, I have a small grasp of magic. In order to protect myself from fools such as yourself but nothing to fancy. Nothing compared to the man you seek out."

"Tayranthiel..." Rumina trailed off as Redithidoor began to cut him off

"Why yes, Tayranthiel. He is a rogue wizard, who seems to do as he pleases. Some say he is seeking out ways to wipe out the Upper District all by himself. To take control of the City and to rule it with an iron thumb. To think one could actually do that is insane. But if you do actually plan to kill him you must be equally insane." Redithidoor lowered his hand and Rumina fell to the floor gasping for air.

"It is rumored that Tayranthiel has a secluded home somewhere around O'la. Where it is I do not know, you will have to find that out for yourself. Also, if you do seek to kill him you must learn how to fend off magic. There are myths about people being resistant to magic and even a few about people who have made devices that nullify magic completely. But they are myths distorted by time so I doubt that they have any merit to them. But what you do with all this information is none of my concern. Now begone, before I change my mind about letting you go."

Middle District - Elite Squad---

"What a rude man, we should take this place down!" Yelled one the guards, another nodded in agreement. But one the Elder member disagreed. "We will report this incident. He will go on the watch list. Violence should be second."

The two guards sighed, they hadn't killed anything in a week, and they were starting to get irritated. During their training in Upper, they were told there would be much fighting. Instead, they've been patrolling, collecting tax, and other various deeds.

It was starting to grow tiring.

An hour later, they arrived back at the tower where Nobaqa was. Inside they were greeted and then went to the large list on the wall. The Elder member took the ink pen and wrote, Taggs on it.

Gemsi (Lorel)---

Once he realized it was a lost cause, he went back to O'la. Where he found Osaia meeting with the Osaian Head of O'la. He came in the room with a blast, kicking the doors wide open and then walking in like he didn't care. The Head Man stood up and slammed the table.

"Who is this man!?"

Osaia sighed. "This man is Gemsi, the Dark Blood God."

"Dark Blood God, why is he here? The Dark Gods were banished." Head man was looking for a clear answer, Osaia could tell that.

"Let's just say that he... came into this world by a weird method."

Tagg watched the guards leave through the peephole and locked the door, sighing heavily in relief. The color in his hair began fading back to black, facial hair withered away and was once again replaced with the scar tissue, his eyes were once again their usual dark brown.

Well, today is definitely not my day... He thought as he sat down at his shop counter. I highly doubt they even teach the guards to read these days. Why the hell do I even bother putting signs up when I'm surrounded by illiterates? I just need to cool down and gather my thoughts. Methinks I'll go have a pint. He stood up and briskly walked to grab his coat off the rack and exited his shop and locked the door behind him. He strolled northward up the street towards The Rusty Dagger.

"Please sir, can ye spare a few Kiel? Fer an old lady?" Said a beggar, sitting at the opening of a questionable alley. Tagg looked around searching for any sign of a trap. He saw he was in the clear and cautiously reached into a leather pouch and handed several Kiel to the beggar. "Bless yer 'eart." She said as Tagg started walking away. He turned a corner and immediately was met face-to-face with a strange man. Another damned beggar, thought Tagg.

The man smiled and said "Surely ye can spare a few more Kiel, I know full well ye didn't give all yer coin to that lovely lady."

Tagg nearly retched at the stench of this man's breath, smelling heavily of alchohol and something that must have died ages ago. Stepping back a bit, Tagg told the man "Well you're absolutely right, I didn't give it all to her. However I do not have have any more to spare, I apologize. Now I must be off." Tagg went around the man and continued on his way. He didn't notice the man nodding towards a group of men across the street and most certainly didn't see the largest of them coming up from behind, at least not before the large man picked Tagg up and threw him into a nearby cellar. Tagg tumbled and rolled down the stairs and landed in a heap at the bottom. Winded and a little dazed, he stood up and backed up against a wall to try and regain composure. "Nope..." he coughed, "definitely not my day."

Seven men walked down the stairs, the last one shutting the cellar door. Standing in the middle was the one who confronted Tagg at the corner. The man laughed, "That ye can be certain of. Now, make things easier on yerself. Hand over yer Kiel and ye'll die painlessly. If ye don't like that option, Basher here" he gestured at the large man "will be painting the walls red, and he'll be using ye as the paint." He laughed again and the others joined him in his laughter.

Basher unsheathed a rather large hammer and pointed the business end at Tagg. "Choose ye little whelp, or I'll use my basher to open up those scars."

"Alright, I suppose...if I must..." Tagg said as he reached for his belt, careful not to make sudden movements. His hand moved closer to his coin pouch and he could already see the men tensing up, hands on their scabbards and ready to unsheath their blades. Better be fast, Tagg thought and in one swift motion he reached past the pouch and grasping a ceramic orb with a fuse from his belt, he flicked the steel wheel that scraped the small piece of flint which created a spark that lit the oiled fuse. Tagg quickly threw the orb at their feet causing it to shatter, the fuse igniting the contents and filling the room with smoke. Amidst the coughing and confuson, Tagg made a mad dash for the stairs and ducked just in time to dodge the hammer flailing around. Scrambling up the stairs he heard a dull thud and a loud scream and smiled knowingly. He pushed open the cellar door and stumbled into the open, gasping for clean air.

"He's outside, after him!" Tagg heard the leader yell. Tagg spun around and shut the cellar door and barred it with a thick piece of lumber. No sooner than he shut it, there was thumping and pounding from the other side.

Tagg chuckled a bit and started walking away. "That went surprisingly wel-" was all he could say before a loud crash and the sound of wood splintering caused him to look back, only to see the head of Basher's Basher protruding from the door. With another hit, the cellar door was reduced to tinder and the six remaining men came pouring out of the cellar. They don't look too happy... Thought Tagg as he bolted down the street.

"There he goes!" One of them shouted and the group was quickly chasing after Tagg.


"Very well, gather your things and meet me at the gate in a half-hour. If you aren't there I'm afraid you won't be able to meet with Damien." The man said bowing and turning away from Malina and her companions. He began a brisk walk towards the western gate where a horse was waiting for him, held in place by what appeared to be a begger hoping for some spare change for helping the man in armor.

Gemsi (Lorel)---

"So, what is it that you all are discussing?" Gemsi intrigued.

Head Man sat down. "We're working out part one of our plan. Osaia would you explain further if you wouldn't mind?"

Osaia almost felt honored, but she was above the man, he was simply a pawn in all of this. "Since it is my plan, I shall. Using some captured innocent people we will sacrifice them using some of my God Magic that I have regained to open the gate to the God's Realm where we will all storm in."

Gemsi sat down. "Sure they aren't listening in right now? The Gods?"

Osaia laughed. "If there is one thing the God's do best is to not involve them with this world. They probably don't even know we're here."


They would take up the man's offer but first went back to the Inn to get Kain and Marco. When they arrived, they knocked at their door.

(Kain, Forest)

Marco was didn't sleep that night and opened the door the moment Malina and Ituska knocked on the door. Kain dragged himself out of the bed and stood by Marco. "Alright," Kain yawned, "I'm up, I'm up. have we figured out our next move?"

Tagg, Middle District

Tagg was frantically darting down alleyways, attempting to break line of sight with his pursuers but they were relentless. He knew he couldn't stop, he wouldn't be able to hold his own in a fight, not with all of them. If only he could find a way to split them up, they wouldn't stand a chance... Door, door, I need we go, he thought as he burst through an opening in the alleyway. He looked around and saw he was in a storage room of some sort. No time to peruse... He thought as he could hear them barreling down the alley. Tagg dragged a barrel full of what he assumed was ale in front of the door to try and slow them down. Hurriedly he went through the door on the opposite side of the room and into a busy tavern hall. He saw that he hadn't made a scene and carefully closed the door and walked along the wall and up the stairs to the upper levels. He heard the loud crash as the storage room exit was broken into. Looking down from the railing overlooking the main hall of the tavern at the surprised guests, heads turned toward the storage room. Then there was another loud crash as three of Tagg's pursuers burst through the door and into the tavern. We're missing a few... he thought, when all of a sudden there was yet another loud crash as the other three burst through the front door. Speak of the devils.

"Find him, search everywhere." Said the one called Basher, then he and three others began searching the crowd. Two of them began heading towards the staircase and Tagg backed away from the railing, towards the tavern rooms. He shut the door and stood beside the doorway in the darkness, patiently waiting and listening. He heard the sound of footsteps coming down the balcony, the sound of the door to the next room opening and someone walking around. Tagg heard another set of footsteps walking to the door of the room he was in. The knob turned, and slowly the door creaked open, somebody stepped into the room and Tagg swiftly reached out and grasped the man's collar and yanked him into the room. Tagg threw him face-down onto the ground then took the man's head into his hands and twisted, snapping his neck. Tagg let the man's lifeless body hit the floor and then quickly headed toward the window, opened it, and climbed out onto the roofing of the tavern. No sooner than he exited, the second man discovered the body and was frantically looking around the room. "Aw, Porter..." the man said solemnly, "what did we get into?" Tagg readied himself as he heard the man approaching the window, preparing to strike. The man leaned out of the window to peer down at the alleyway and Tagg took the opportunity to grab his shoulders and throw him down to the ground below. The man screamed but he was quickly cut short with a dull thud and the barely audible snap of his neck when he landed head first. Tagg lowered himself from the roof and peered into the tavern through a window, seeing where the others were and if they had heard. He only saw two of them still searching the crowds; the other two were most likely searching the rooms behind the bar. Tagg's heart nearly stopped when he heard the side door to the tavern open up, but instinct took over and he began charging at the doorway. A man stepped out into the alley and Tagg immediately recognized him as one of his pursuers. Tagg tackled the man to the ground at full speed and winded him and Tagg wrapped his hands around the man's throat and began strangling him. The man kicked and bucked, attempting to throw Tagg off but soon he was still and lifeless. Tagg exhaled heavily and wiped the sweat from his brow. "I really need that drink..." Tagg said to himself as he stood up and walked into the tavern, being careful to remain inconspicuous. He kept a watchful eye on the two searching the crowd. There must be one in the back... He thought as he started walking through the crowd, heading for the bar.

"Alright," Yelled Basher "one hundred Kiel to the one who brings forward the man with the smiling scars."

Surely I'm worth more than that... Thought Tagg as he slipped into one of the back rooms unnoticed. He saw a man in the room looking behind some barrels. Tagg tensed his left wrist, pushing on the small pressure plate in the contraption on his arm. A 12 inch blade extended from under his wrist and he started creeping up on the unsuspecting seeker. He raised his right hand and stepped right behind the man, then reached around him and covered his mouth as he pushed the blade upward into his side, thrusting the blade into his heart. He could feel the man struggle to keep conscious but life soon left the man. Tagg tensed his wrist again, retracting the blade from the man's side and back into place. After gently lowering the body to the ground, Tagg wiped his hands off on the dead man's shirt. He closed his eyes and stood there in silence, he slowed his breathing and his face began to change. Scars faded away, facial hair withering to nothing, and his hair turned golden brown. His opened his now blue eyes and turned toward the doorway. "Time to end this..." Tagg said to himself as he headed back to the main hall. Pushing through the crowd he walked to the smaller of the remaining two men and tapped him on the shoulder. "Excuse me sir, can I get that payment in ten pieces?" Tagg asked as the man looked back at him. The man only looked at Tagg in confusion for a split second before Tagg extended the blade and cut the man's throat open. He kicked the man onto the floor and the crowd backed away from the man, shocked and watching him writhing on the ground. The tavern was silent except for the man's gurgling and coughing, choking on his own blood. Basher watched in dismay and looked up and the stranger who killed him.

"You're gonna wish you never did that...Porter! Tom!" Basher called, looking around the tavern. "McAllen! Harvey?" Basher was clearly growing furious. "Dalton?! Get out here! God damn you, somebody answer me!!"

"They won't show, at least not without some extreme form of necromancy." Tagg said, "They're all dead, every one of them."

"You bastard, I'm gonna make your death slow and painful." Basher said as he swiftly raised his hammer and brought it down.

Tagg dove to the left of the hammer and watched as it crashed through the floorboards. Basher then swung the hammer high and wide at Tagg who duck and extended his blade to slash at Basher's forearm. Basher shouted in a mixture of anger, frustration, and pain as Tagg's blade created a large gash in him. Basher was filled with rage and began frantically swinging his hammer, but Tagg was light on his feet and ducked and dodged every swing. Well, almost every swing... Tagg hadn't anticipated Basher on using the momentum from a low sweep to make an angled downward swing. Tagg sidestepped it as best he could but still took a hit to his wrist, snapping it and breaking a few of his fingers. Tagg cursed inwardly and looked at Basher angrily, "Alright, enough playing around."

Basher swung high again and Tagg duck and thrust the blade into Basher's shoulder. Basher cried out loudly and raised his hammer high above his head and brought it down full force down towards Tagg. Tagg sidestepped it again and the hammer struck the floor, hard enough to get lodged into it. Tagg watched as Basher pulled on the hammer with no avail. Basher raised his hands into fists and swung a left hook at Tagg who leaned back to dodge it and slashed Basher's wrist. Basher jabbed with a right and Tagg slashed his forearm open. Basher threw a frantic string of jabs and hooks, and Tagg went for an opening and thrust his blade underneath Basher's right elbow and twisted the blade, dislocating the joint. Basher cried out loudly and fell to his knees. Tagg stood beside him and pressed the tip of his blade against the back of Basher's neck. "There are two kinds of people in this world." Tagg told Basher, who just looked up at Tagg pleadingly. Basher only shook his head, then looked down at the ground knowingly. "There are the Quick...and everyone else." Tagg thrust the blade down through Basher's neck, hearing a quick grunt of pain then silence as he retracted the blade and stepped aside, walking away from Basher's slumped corpse. He looked around at the onlookers, murmuring amongst themselves about what just happened. Tagg Snapped his wrist back into place, then yanked and popped his fingers back into alignment wincing and grimacing in pain. He then walked over to the bar and looked to the bartender, "Are you the owner of this place?" The man just nodded. "Well, tell whoever is going to be cleaning the mess that there's one body in room 2C, two in the alley, one in the back and of course these two on the floor. As for the damages..." Tagg set a bag of Kiel on the bar. "Hopefully this will cover it all. Good day." He turned and walked towards the door, removing a hooded cloak from the coat rack. Tagg put the cloak on the raised the hood over his head and stepped outside in the street. He took a left turn on the street and continued on to The Rusty Dagger, letting his features change back to normal under the hood. "All this for a damned drink..." He quietly said to himself as he disappeared around the next street corner.


Malina caught Marco and Kain up, about how Damien also got free from Eren Douab and was now forming an army. Now they plan on going to ask Damien to help confront Osaia.

"What do you guys think?"

Gemsi (Lorel)---

"I have to give you that, they don't bother with this world or any others," Gemsi spoke bluntly. "So then, when are we expected to have this happen?"

Osaia looked over at the Head Man. "Five Hours from now, so not much longer."

(Kain, Forest)

Kain shook his head, "What an idiot, he'll be dead before he even steps foot in the Upper District. But whatever I'm in." Marco nodded, "So am I, however if he requires something from us in order to help we will have nothing to do with it. If it weren't for Osaia we would have left by now. We can't be put off schedule anymore than we already are."

Marco was quite serious, "Are we in agreement on this?"


"Agreed, plus we don't have the time. Let us go now."

They left the inn and went towards the direction of where they believed the camp was. Once they arrived, they got suspicious looks all around, but they shrugged them off. One tent looked better than the rest, that's where they assumed Damien was.

"Damien! Come out here!" Itsuka yelled.

The guard who had escorted Malina and the others, quietly rejoined his fellow soldiers who were laughing about something, near what appeared to be the make-shift mess hall. The tent flap remained shut for a few moments before opening to reveal the war room of the camp, sitting in the center of the tent was a large oak table cluttered with maps and charts. A chair sat behind the table, yet Damien was nowhere to be seen. Echo and Omega sat on either side of another large flap that seemed to lead deeper into the tent, a bright green glow illuminating the room as both familiars sat glaring at the newcomers.

The flap between the two was brushed aside as Damien entered the main part of his tent, waving his hand which brought the chair out so that he could sit down. Damien then motioned for his new guests to sit, not saying a word until he had heard what they had to say.


Itsuka began to explain when Damien entered. "Damien, we have come for your assistance. In the next district over, O'la, the Osaian's have actually revived the Goddess Osaia. Then she proceeded to even kidnap Lorel. She is a threat to all of us, and we want you to come with us, and the Forest Forces to take down O'la and hopefully get Lorel back."

Damien, Forest District

Damien sat in his chair and listened to the girl and her companions speak of a companion of theirs that was taken by a Goddess and was now somewhere in the city of O'la. Both of his familiars sat on either side of him, their bright amber eyes staring each of the newcomers down in turn. Damien eventually sat forward in his chair and brought his arms to rest on the table to support his head which he then placed on his hands.

"Forgive me if I am mistaken, but it seems that you wish for me to direct my troops in a full out siege of O'la so that you can save your ally who was captured? I will not dismiss this thought, but I am not keen on the idea of using the resources at my disposal to aid someone I don't know. As it is my army is short on soldiers, and the number of mages we have isn't even a fraction of the soldiers we have right now. I need allies, and if you can promise me that then I will consider bringing a platoon into O'la to save your comrade." Damien said, looking at the girl personally.

(Kain, Forest)

Kain's eyes flashed as Damien talked, "What the fuck is wrong with you? We were imprisoned together last year Damien!" Kain ranted, "Your little army plan is the worst idea I've ever seen! Not even two weeks after escaping from Eren Douab you want to fight a hopeless battle? For what reason?"

Marco was angry too, but made it less noticeable, "Damien I'm insulted personally, but if you help us I will help you in your endeavor at a later date. A smart choice will be to lay low and gather forces but you won't gain allies without work Damien. If you expect to create an army by recruiting people off the streets than you will die. Besides Osaia is the larger threat at the moment." Marco paused and thought for a moment, "I'll help in the future. If you help us than I'll return it."


"Again I fail to see how that is my problem. I am not a peace-keeper or an errand boy that is willing to run around to rescue your ally who couldn't even stop himself from being captured." Damien said to both Kain and Marco who were noticeably angry at the situation. Damien then turned to face Kain directly.

"If my army is such a bad idea why did you come here? You say that my army is the worst idea that you've ever seen but what do you know Kain? What have you done to change the way The City has become? I'm at least putting forth an effort while you crawl into hiding with your tail between your legs." Damien said calmly, his face clearly displaying a bored expression as he looked at the group before him.

Echo and Omega growled at those sitting across from Damien, as if warning them to stay seated until the conversation was done. There was no doubt in Damien's mind that they would both attack anyone who meant him harm, but he would prefer for it not to go that far.

(Kain, Forest)

"Your army is a bad idea because it changes nothing. You would die before the battle even starts. I fail to see how someone getting kidnapped would be his fault, it was an ambush." Marco shot back. "This is a far greater threat than Upper District and you would be a fool to worry about Upper District. You've done nothing to change the situation there and you won't do anything overnight. Help us and you will have out support in the future."

Kain's anger rose even further, "Done nothing? What you think I lost my eye sitting on my ass? I've tried to hurt Upper District in my way and almost died; Marco lost his hand from Upper District mages when we escaped from Eren Douab. So I fail to see how we've done nothing. Hell at the moment we were on our way to-" "Kain!" Marco stopped Kain from continuing, on the chance he would reveal their own plans.

Kain gripped his sword and stormed out of the camp and further into the Forest District to calm down. Marco stayed behind with the rest to try and talk to Damien some more.


"An ambush where you were useless to save your comrade. What do you plan to do when you make it to O'la, rush in and challenge Osaia? With your powers right now you would fail like you did sooner, yet you believe rushing in is going to help? If you couldn't save your comrade before, what makes you believe that you stand a chance now?" Damien asked, "And if Osaia is such a threat then why hasn't she made herself public yet, or attacked anyone yet?"

(Marco, Forest)

Marco laughed at Damien's last comment, "Where the hell were you yesterday when she publicly announced herself in O'la? Now if you criticize us for failing to stop a god then go ahead and try yourself. Go on, we'll be waiting right here when you get back." Marco laughed as he sat down, "Now I feel fit to tell you that the O'la is full of Osaians and odds are you won't fight her yourself. Now if you are some big badass going to fight the City than this woman should be well beneath you correct?"


"It is not a question of whether this woman is below my power, it is whether I am willing to risk my life for a man I barely know. I have no intention of risking the lives of myself or the lives of my men to save a man that you are too ill-equipped to save yourself. Have you even tried to save him, or did you come here thinking that I was here to solve your problem for you?" Damien said, slouching down in his chair and resting his hand on a head.

(Marco, Forest)

"You came to us for help in Amphira, We let you accompany us and we spent a year in Eren Douab with you. I fail to see how you barely know us." Marco paused, "No we have not tried saving him because we're not idiots. I saw about several hundred people willing to die for this woman and if you think that we should take a leaf out of your book and do a suicide run than you've got another thing coming. Besides what would you rather do? Help us or die at the Upper District."


"If I die at the hands of Upper District, at least I will die trying to make a change in this world." Damien said, turning away from Marco to look at the girl who sat between the others, having kept her mouth shut since they first arrived in the encampment.

"You, surely you must have something to say about all this. Please share your thoughts."


"Damien!" Itsuka yelled in outrage. "Osaia is a very large threat. We want to save Lorel, but we need to stop Osaia at all cost! Let's say you win, and your army takes over Upper District which I doubt it could. But even if you did, Osaia would simply wipe you and your whole army off the face of the world!"

Malina took the chance to talk as Damien asked. "I came here because I want you to help us. I was told of what and who you're and your time in Eren Douab. I assumed you would have also decided to help us. Also as daughter of one of the Nobles, I can see that if you really want to stop Upper District, you might want to stop a Goddess who will in the end destroy everyone, if not enslave us all, even if you win."


"So lets say I rescue your friend? What then? I have no guarantee that you would stick around to aid me in my campaign, which leaves me with the Osaians to deal with, along with all of Upper District." Damien said with a short sigh, closing his eyes and waiting for Malina's retort.


"Leave you with the Osaian's? Forest District is also in on this, they will have to deal with them. Since they live closest to them. But you must realize and get through your thick head! If you don't fight Osaia now, you will die in the matter of a week, if you don't die trying to attack Upper."

Lorel Mind---

Pacing back and forth he began to think of ways to get out. But not knowing exactly what happened was a stab into any plans. From above suddenly his look-alike appeared. This time his whole tone was darker, from his skin to his clothes as if he was standing in a shadow. Lorel ran at him, fire on his arm, and slammed it right into the man, but Lorel find himself suddenly standing alone. Over his shoulder he could see the man now in a different spot.

"My... My... What's with the sudden attack?" The other Lorel spoke.

"You're the one to talk, putting me in this. Who are you and why does this place seem familiar?"

The man laughed. "I am you, or to be more precise, you are me."

"Answer the question, who are you? I am pretty sure I don't have a split personality. If I do, this is some weird one."

"I guess they never told you? What happened when you were still in your mother's womb? You were dying, and I offered my hand to help you. In exchange to have control over your body. Your parents accepted, of course they had a plan to get around this by blocking my presence."

What the..? This can't be true... can it..?

"But who are you? You can't be a simple mage." Lorel spoke in disbelief.

"I am the Dark Blood God, Gemsi is my name." Ending with his mouth in giant diabolical grin.

"A Dark God! But you were banished!"

"I have my ways, just as I am here now."

How could this be...

"Lorel, to answer your second question as to why this feels familiar as this isn't the first time you have been in here. Multiple in fact, some even before you was you."

"What do you mean?" Lorel getting irritated.

Gemsi clapped his hands together. "Let me explain. Back in the year 50, before the rest of the world had magic, the Ancients that the Guardians revered were given God Magic as a sort of experiment. Back then just like for you, I saved a baby from death, but with God Magic, I was bounded well. That was your first incarnation. He looked like you, acted like you now. He was the Lorel that wasn't named Lorel. Eventually I broke free and that's when I created the Outcasts. This resulted in the slaughter of almost a billion lives."

Lorel couldn't believe what he was hearing. Like many, he had heard of the Ancients and Outcasts but never like this. And it was because of him? "But why? Why would you do this!?"

"To simply put, to fuck with them, to screw over an over proud nation. But it doesn't end
there, eventually I left that body and he was killed for treason for making the Outcasts. Two thousand years later, I took hold of another body. Second incarnation of you. Your family back then was part of the Savors, and I saw an opportunity. Once I took control, I taught the Savors the Dark God spell that casted the mist over the continents. Like before, I left that body, and that Lorel stayed in the mist till he died."

Is this why this felt familiar because technically I have been here before!?

"Now you're the third incarnation. I waited for a long time for the City to fuck itself up and I could come in. I observed the Osaian's saw their plans and saw that they will succeed. I thought it would some fun to destroy the world again, to break down what the Gods had built!"

"How do you feel now? Third Incarnation?"

Elder Mage Skyre---

"The time is close, are the preparations almost complete?" asked Skyre to his young assistant assigned to him just an hour ago.

The shy assistant spoke softly. "Yes sir, the Mages are ready to fight. I was told by Itsuka that they were asking Damien if they would join the cause."

"Damn fools, he won't join. Too stubborn to see his whole faults in his plans. He and his army will die if they don't help or even if they do. If Damien survives this all, it will be interesting to see how he will evaluate himself afterwards. Well whatever, once Itsuka returns we will be in the final preparation stages."


"Well, I can tell you this Osaian Dog, Forest is prepping an attack on here. You best get your defenses up and ready and quick." Gemsi told the man, not much confidence in his voice.
The Head Man went wide eyed. "Osaian Dog!? How dare you-"

Osaia glared at the Head Man and he stopped, not the best thing to anger a Dark God and a Goddess who are bent on shedding as much blood as possible. "This shall be interesting if they can even take us on. Head Man prepare the innocents, we shall be leaving soon to the God Realm."


Damien shook his head and waved his hand at everyone but Malina, indicating that they all needed to leave. Once they left the tent Damien placed his feet up on the table and sighed closing his eyes to think before speaking again:

"Fine, I will bring myself and my army to Osaia. On one condition. Once your friend is safe, you join me in my struggle against Upper District." Damien said, opening his eyes and staring at Malina from across the table.

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