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As Seth looked about, checking to see if he could find someone to simply play along with for the moment, he spotted the "Dancer boy" over nearby, looking for a partner as well. Twice the pyromancer would be an interesting thing to try out, though chances were they would not be fighting together so much as making sure they didn't set each other on fire.

Now...what was his name? ...........Grana, that's it. Lucky me.

"HEY YOU! GRANA, RIGHT?" Seth shouted, approaching the Pyromancer. Seth felt he probably didn't even need the partner, since it would be a little easier to just let his flames run wild, but perhaps another who used flames would be helpful since he wouldn't have to worry as much about setting the fellow on fire.

"Partners for the time being? Or you got something against someone who burns a little brighter?" Seth said, feeling the burning already taking a stronger hold. He was ready for this. While it wasn't true that every Pyromancer was a warhungry one, it seemed that every single one of them had a feeling for it, one that made them....prepared, or something.


As Marcus looked over the Arena, second time it seemed he was put in charge of something stupidly important, he shouted once more.

"Once you have partnered up, you can head to your particular parts of the Arena. We will be running multiple matches at once, with the Earthshapers again making some walls in each section so you don't interfere with one another. Its a first come first serve deal, so if you don't get in the first few matches, you will have to wait your turn." Marcus boomed, feeling his own blood boil at the thought of again participating in the jousting arena's he knew back home.


The two dark cloaked fellows had finally arrived at the entrance where things were being redone. Nodding to each other over the distance, they proceeded into the Academy itself through the gates, drawing little attention but largely ignored due to the presence of other guests. As they proceeded inward, they began looking over each of the areas, looking for something in particular. While many students tended to ignore them, some took note, and took it upon themselves to tell others what they had seen. One such student, a younger Nightshade, decided to inform Aden that there were strangers walking about in the Academy that they didn't remember seeing, and then vanished off once more, claiming to be "just passing along information".

Aden nodded to the Nightshade, then turned to head towards where these strangers had been seen, already relishing the prospect of burning these intruders to little more than greasy, ashy stains in the stonework. He gathered his cloak and raised the hood, then headed for the location they had directed him to. Sometimes, life was good to him.

The two cloaked individuals continued their walk, seemingly unaware of Aden's approach. However, as Aden began to catch up to them, the two split up, with one heading in one direction about the Academy and the one heading in the other. It seemed as if they were going to be sweeping the Academy, or were trying to lose any followers they had. Whichever the case, one took the left side which had the infirmary, as well as the Fire Caverns and Light Temples, and the other headed to the right side, going instead towards the side with the Library and Waterfall fortress and Nightshade areas.

The school was abuzz. This tournament had really thrown everything on its head with the rewards it had been offering. Wealth, power, promotion. I could sure go for that. Raven thought to herself. One step closer to getting out of this place and getting back at those idiots at home. But the thought of having to team up with someone to do it was displeasing. For someone who didn't even work well with other Nightshades, let alone any other members of the Academy, having to find a partner was not going to be a pleasant, or easy task.

Raven looked around the cafeteria, already most of the students were partnering up, looking to get the early edge and develop some kind of strategy for the upcoming battles. Fuck. Who am I going to have to work with to get this? I want that Adept promotion, I better find someone good.

However, with no social connections, she had almost no way of telling who would be suitable to team up with. Damn. Why'd they have to go and make us try to be social? Lousy teachers, trying to force everything. Bad enough we're being sold off. Now we have to play nice to boot. There were a couple of pyromancers making offers, and one, in the center of the room shouting back at the other, actually looked pretty competent. Better him than nothing I guess.

She walked behind the more subdued pyro and tapped him on the soldier. "Excuse me," she said in a hushed tone. "If you are looking for a teammate for this grading system that the masters are parading around as a tournament, I am in the market for someone to work with. If you are interested, that is." Probably stuck up and will just shoot me down. Whatever, I'll try that other fire guy. The loud one.

"Damn." Aden took a moment to gauge the situation. His first instinct was to take the left one, and ensure the safety of the Fire Caverns and Infirmary. But he reconsidered - the right one was headed towards the Library or the Nightshade area most likely, which likely meant either he wanted to go through the Academy's secrets in the library, or contact with Darnell.

The Pyromancers can protect themselves, and causing trouble in the infirmary would be foolish.

Aden went right.

Seth paused in, turning slightly to see the Nightshade out of the corner of his eye. He had done enough dealings with them to know somewhat how they preferred to keep to themselves, and that business should be kept simple.

"That would largely depend on how well you can do combat, Miss. I am Seth, an adept if you couldn't guess it, and I will turn my battleground into ashes. What are you going to offer me that the other pyromancer will not?" Seth said, falling into some very old habits of business.

"Because I know that one over there won't hesitate to set fire to things, and be very open about his assault. So, it ultimately comes down to will it be me and you fighting, or just me fighting with you watching? Because as much fun as THAT sounds, I would like to know that when two hydromancers think they can put me out I have someone watching my back."

Now this could be interesting. Fighting with a Nightshade. One I haven't seen before, but then I don't think I can claim to have seen many of them.


The cloaked fellow that Aden had proceeded to follow proceeded onward, looking about as if somewhat lost as to where they were going. However, as he arrived at the Library, they seemed to be reaffirmed to where they were going, and paused for a moment, looking about. In that quick instant, they seemed to have spotted Aden who was walking towards them, and almost seemed to predict what was going to happen if he got close. However, it seemed certain they were trained for the situation, and quickly stepped into the library, not even bothering to hide their movements now. They quickly stepped into one of the aisles of books, just trying to stay out of the plain sight of their now aware pursuer.

The other cloaked wanderer proceeded down the way, and seemed to spot nothing that interested them as they did so. They looked about for a moment, glancing over the infirmary and caverns, and then proceeded back to where they had initially been. They did not seem to pause or wait for anything, only to look about for a moment taking in everything around himself before moving onward.

Aden stepped into the library and glanced around. Hide and Seek. Lovely. He turned and closed the door into the library behind him and pressed his hand into the knob, heating it to a glowing intensity. He wouldn't be leaving this way without screaming in agony. Aden turned towards the aisles.

"If you come out now and stop giving me trouble, I won't harm you." Now, Marcus on the other hand... Aden turned and looked at the librarian. "Someone came in here a few moments before me. He's an intruder. Did you see where he went? He needs to be apprehended."

Raven wasn't expecting a grill session. I guess it makes sense. Pyro's are always fighting someone or something. But I haven't really fought anyone before. There's never been any point in the classes, it's just been one sneakfest after the other. I guess that could work though.

Raven tilted her head forward allowing her hood to slide a little farther over her face, almost completely obscuring it. "Well, I may only be a Mage at the moment but I can assure you, if we were to face two Hydromancers in this contest, they would not see me coming. Nobody sees me coming." Cause no one ever pays attention to me. Can't spot what you don't care about. Still I need this guy to team up. I need that Adept slot, start learning some of the good stuff. Phasing through shadows and all that. "Besides, do you believe two Pyromancers would be a good idea against two Hydromancers? At least by partnering with me, you get a little variety in the available techniques."

The librarian looked at Aden somewhat confused.

"An intruder? I saw a fellow wearing a cloak enter, but figured it was one of the guests. Went 4 aisles down, but I doubt he simply stuck to there if he is being hunted like you said. Guess I'll be watching the entrance a little more closely...." The librarian said with a sigh, standing up to get around the desk and in front of the doors.

"What did they do? Or are you just looking to beat the hell out of some student who is trying to hide from you?"

The second one, meanwhile, had made his way back, and upon not seeing what he thought he would, proceeded up the right side now to see what was going on over there. Obviously his purpose had become much more apparent as he seemed to step somewhat faster now. He came upon the library much faster, only to find Aden and the Librarian standing up. The cloaked man turned, now heading to the Nightshade area.


Seth grinned, noting that the Nightshade did as they usually did. Try to hide what they were, who they were, and what they were doing.

"Alright, so you claim to be a variety. And a mage, which isn't half bad. And I think you underestimate the power of some good fire, as I can hold my own against them, I just need someone competent who can do the same." Seth said with a wild look in his eyes. It faded slightly as he paused to look over the nightshade in front of him.

"However, I really don't need anything from the tournament. I don't much care for ranking up in the group, nor any of the rewards that interest me. I'm doing well enough, so I guess I can go along with you. Again, I am Seth, and you are....?"

Lets see if this Nightshade is worth the fight or will I just be waiting for the shadow to move for once.

"Whoever he is, he's not supposed to be here. Once I get my hands on him, I'll know more. Watch the door." Aden set his cloak down, momentarily regretting not being one of the type who trained in physical weapons in addition to magical abilities. It would make this so much simpler. He began to walk down the aisles, keeping a careful ear and a watchful eye.

"Raven," came the reply. "Just call me Raven." No need to get to formal. This probably only a temporary partnership. He's not even looking to try in this thing. We'll probably get knocked out in the first round and then that'll be that. Put myself out there for nothing. Get laughed as as I get carted off the battlefield. Great.

"It's what I go by amongst the Nightshades so it's what you can call me as well." Her voice didn't deviate from the low monotone she had set. It didn't sounds natural for her to be talking like that and it wasn't. She tried to match the darker tones she projected with her looks, but the fact of the matter was she couldn't go all that low in scale. So she relied more on the unwavering tone to convey any kind of menace. Whether or not it worked was unknown.

Grana didn't quite hear Seth despite the yelling, as his ears were still ringing from the Geobear's roar. This didn't stop him from cursing under his breath as he realized some Nightshade had already beaten him to the punch. "Godsdamn son of a-" Grana started to rant to himself, before he realized he was speaking far louder than normal due to his temporary hearing problems. Grana waited a few minutes for his ears to stop ringing, then tried again. "Sorry 'bout that. I had a run-in with some of the local wildlife on cleanup duty, and it could roar. Anyway, good luck." Grana clapped his hand down on Seth's shoulder before moving on. "Well, way to look cool, Grana. One problem: you still don't have a partner! Where the hell are you gonna fond a partner at the 11th hou-"

Grana stopped dead and smiled from ear to ear. He began to sprint forward and thanked whatever stars he was born under as he saw his old friend Amuro. Amuro had been picked to be an Airshifter at age 9, but the two had been dear friends before that. When Grana was found to be be a Pyromancer, no one was more happy than Amuro. Even though Amuro was the higher class as an Adept, he still deferred to Grana as the latter was still a year older. "Amuro! So glad to see you! Are you entering the tournament?" Amuro nodded. "Yeah, I just need to find a godsdamn partner because of Master Marcus's stupid rule." Grana grinned deviously as he threw his arm around his friend's shoulders. "Look no further, because you 'n I are gonna go all the way to the top!" Amuro smiled right back. Grana went on. "You sign us up- I need to go get a few things first." The two separated, and Grana walked over to the concessions. "One jug worth of whatever's most alcoholic here." Grana grabbed the large jug and paid for it as he saw a man sitting with a frozen jug in his lap. Grana raised an eyebrow. "Y'know those aren't supposed to freeze, right? Do ya need help?" Grana snapped his fingers and a small flame appeared upon his thumb.

After briefly turning towards Marcus to listen to his second announcement, Nydia turned back to Cale to see if he wanted to fight now or later. "Well Cale? Would you like to go now or shall we wait a bit? I'm fine either way but if you want to fight now we should hurry before the arenas fill up."

As she spoke, she spotted Seth out of the corner of her eye with a Nightshade by the looks of it. Oh my... I hope I don't have to fight Seth. He's probably much more experienced than I am in battle. And it would be a little awkward. But with Cale on my side I don't think I have much to worry about.

The Librarian nodded, and kept his spot at the door, keeping a small ball of light in his hand prepared. While he wasn't exactly a fighter, the librarian was confident enough that he could hold one other from getting past him.

As Aden stepped along, he found the cloak sitting on the floor. It was just like the one that the fellow before had been wearing. Which meant he had ditched the robes. There was then a huge crash as suddenly the individual darted from another aisle, grabbed a chair, and whipped it through a window in one swift motion. The mechanical arms were quite apparent as he did so, and then proceeded to make a dead sprint for his new exit, the metal attachments to his legs also now showing.

Meanwhile, the other cloaked individual outside heard the commotion, and proceeded to the back where the window had been smashed open.


"HAH! So, you actually going to stick around? Impressive! That usually ditches most Nightshades." Seth said with a loud laugh. It wasn't often he ran into a Nightshade who actually thought he was worth the risk after he said how little he cared.

"Alright Raven, I sure hope you can speak louder than that when we are fighting, because if I have to listen for your monotone whispers to get anything, you will not be getting defended by me, cause I won't know you need it! Nice to meet ya, and I hope you got some fire in ya somewhere, cause being calm is great and all when you can afford it, but in battle, you just have to rage like a wildfire."

The fires seemed to return to Seth's eyes again as he grinned. It was obvious that he was enjoying today, even with all the messiness that came with the battle. As he took a look around, he spotted Nydia, who apparently was going to be coming along as well. He waved, not sure if she had seen him or not.

Hah! I swear, today is going to be alright. I mean, good duel, different partners, might even see how Miss Nydia can handle herself....going to be interesting...

Underneath her hood, Raven raised an eyebrow. Stick around? Of course I'm going to stick around. What do I care? I've got nothing to lose here. Just another round of laughter in my direction if we lose. Whatever. The sheep can have their meager entertainment if I fall. I'll be laughing at them in the end.

"Oh believe me," she told her new partner. "When the time comes, I will be heard. But when our opponents fall, their cries will be silent." Yeah that sounds pretty deep. How am I going to back this up though?

She glanced over and saw another woman looking at them, and judging from the robes she was wearing, she was one of them. A goody-goody. A Lightdweller. She turned her gaze. Ugh, lousy Light people. Always so happy and smiling and eager to heal people. No thank you.

Aden took off at a sprint towards the crash, getting a look at the fleeing target as he did so. Whatever it was, it was likely that those metal implants would allow him to easily outrun Aden. No choice, he had to take the risk. He raises his hands, streams of fire shooting out at the window, filling it with flames.

Seth couldn't help but start laughing again at his Nightshade partner. He imagined she didn't know a single thing about combat, and wondered if she even knew what to do if she ran into an offense Lightdweller. Leaving the thoughts aside for the moment, he proceeded to one of the odd....squares that seemed to be made for the fighters to enter, letting Raven do whatever she wished to prepare for combat. With a grin, Seth simply walked in, seeing another team of Earthshapers already prepared. One of them seemed to point at him, and then covered himself in the rocky earth around himself, and pointed towards Seth. Seth grinned, let the flames billow around his arm, and pointed right back.

Oh yes, I am going to show you that rock won't save you from me.


Marcus shook his head as he saw a few students grumbling as they went to work together. It was annoying how the students still tried to keep to themselves even when they were being pushed together. If he didn't know any better, no matter what the age or skill, it seemed he was always dealing with children. Always.

"Get to your chosen Arena's if you want to start participating! I'm not here to babysit you lot! You are damned old enough to feed and clothe yourselves, so you should be old enough to get in order!" Marcus shouted once more, tired of the students questioning him on where to go.



The flames of Aden flew through the air, their focus being primarily the metal man who was now leaping through the window. The flames seemed to catch the man somewhat has he flew through the air, jumping out the window with the flames catching a few parts of him on fire as he hit the ground rolling. The man seemed to make no noise as the flames had struck him, nor did he make any as he rolled into the ground. He rose, somewhat slower, looking about himself as he did so as if looking to see if he had gotten dusty, and then began walking away from the broken glass. His partner, who was walking down the alley, nodded as they saw the man stepping away, and kept moving past them to where the window had been shattered.

The librarian, meanwhile, let out a huge sigh of relief as he noted the flames had not managed to catch the entire library on fire.

"YOU ARE GODDAMNED LUCKY! Those books had caught fire, you would have been likely DROWNED for destroying so much to just catch ONE FELLOW." The librarian was quite irate, quickly walking over to the books double checking that the few scorch marks on the surface were only that of the flames that had been leaping from Aden a moment before.

Aden ignored the librarian and ran to the window, climbing up as quickly as he could to continue his pursuit. He dropped down and raised his hands, plumes of flame wreathing his hands, and shouted. "If you do not halt, I will kill you!"

"Well then I guess it is time to start the fights. Great, a bunch of people getting injured for a spectacle." Alexander said to himself as he walked over to the infirmary area and said hello to those he would be working with. He quickly found an Earthshaper to work with and began to monitor the arena.

Good to know the master is in a good mood. More like a drill sergeant than a teacher. He thought with a slight chuckle.[/i]

Nydia saw Seth wave to her, and smiled and waved back. She thought of going over to saw hello.... until she saw the particularly nasty look his Nightshade companion gave her before quickly turning away. On second thought, I don't think I'd be particularly welcome with her over there. Instead she waved some more and shouted to the two of them as they headed for an arena. "Good luck, you two!!"

Then she made her way towards a different arena and entered cautiously, making sure it wasn't full before turning back towards her partner. "Looks like this one has room for us if you're ready, Cale!"

"Let's go then!" Cale said eagerly to Nydia. Cale got himself excited for the event and as he followed her into the arena. Cale looked around the arena they would be fighting in and it looked bare except for the occasional rock and small body of water which looked to be for the Hydromancers if they had any. Cale felt the earth beneath his feet and felt at home.

"You ready, Nydia?"

The man without the cloak turned the corner, seeming to ignore Aden's threat, while the other stranger turned around the corner with his cloak still on. As he approached Aden with his flames billowing about, he raised his metal arm. It seemed to unfold multiple metal strips, clicking together to form a decent sized shield from his arm. His other hand at around the same time tossed a small ball which began to spray out smoke.

The other uncloaked fellow continued his stroll, leaving his partner to deal with the Firestarter, only to see another obstacle. Aaron had been following the individuals as he noted them before entering the arena, and followed the one which had gone left instead of right. He now stood in the alley, in the direct path of the second infiltrator, and drew his blade.

"You are not going anywhere." Aaron said, watching as his opponent rose his arms, the metal flaps of his arm sliding forward to form a blade of their own.


Seeing that the arenas had been filled to a decent size, Marcus nodded to each of the weavers in charge of watching each particular arena. With that, they announced the battles were to begin. With that, each arena quickly started to erupt into combat between the many individuals.

For Nydia and Cale, there were the teams of Pyromancers, a team of Earthshaper and Hydromancer, and finally a team of Airshifter and Lightdweller.

For Fei and Drew, there was a team of Pyromancer and Earthshaper, duel wielding Airshifter/Hydromancer and Earthshaper, and an earthshaper and Nightshade.

Then, for Grana and Amuro, there were a pair of Lightdwellers, a pyromancer and Hydromancer, and an Earthshaper and Airshifter.

Finally, for Seth and Raven, there were two Earthshapers, Airshifter and Hydromancer, and Pyromancer and Lightdweller.


The second that the announcement was made, Seth let the flames envelop himself much like the Earthshaper armor, and charged after him. While it was a free for all against the teams, none seemed to want to get between the two as the Earthshaper charged at Seth as well, launching boulders to respond to the fireballs that Seth launched back. The two seemed to recognize each other quite well, and as Seth got closer to the Earthshaper, he slowed as the Earthshaper did, largely because the closer they got the faster they could send flames and boulders at each other. Soon, they were both rolling about, sliding, launching, and raising stone shields, or unleashing an inferno.

The other earthshifter found himself busy with the hydromancer rather than Raven, but the Pyromancer saw Raven and figured an easy shot, focused their fire and launched it at Raven.

"There's a lot of Earthshapers..." She noticed the other Hydromancer and made a face. As soon as the announcement was made she pulled up as much water as she could from the pool, tugging it back and forth for a few seconds. Having the advantage of being a pure Hydromancer, she came out with majority of it. Yes! She took most of it and made a cloud above them, keeping the rest just in case Drew couldn't protect her. She looked at the Earthshapers: they would be the biggest threat since lightning was easily nullified with a mound of dirt.

Partners? It's like an 8-way free for all! In order to get full control of the water Fei concentrated on the Hydro/Aero first. "Drew!" she motioned for him to attack the mage first.

Drew nodded, firing a few gusts of wind at the dual-wielder, trying to get him seperate from the Earthshaper so the other teams would try and pick them apart. "Fei, stay on the defensive. And watch you back for that Nightshade."

After a minute trying to formulate a strategy, he got close to Fei. "Fei, stay back. your water will keep us safe from the Pyromancer, and that dual-wielder seems even below your level in terms of water. It's the Nightshade that worries me. The fact that there are two Earthshapers could be a problem as well. Don't draw too much attention to us. Let them tire themselves out. Separate one group and let the others take care of the rest." He stayed close to her, a small whirlwind appearing around him as Drew kept himself ready to try and counter any attacks thrown their way. We might not need to use our trump card this early... there are still the other rounds...

"As ready as I'll ever be. I'll have to be sure to give a performance worthy of the Freecs name after all. So let's show them what we can do Cale!" Nydia said enthusiastically as the the fight began.

Nydia took a quick moment to examine her opponents. It was a fairly diverse spread, and although the elements she was up against there was no way to tell what their ranks were without seeing their abilities. Having thought it out, Nydia concluded that the other Lightdweller would be best dealt with quickly before he could start healing his partner. Taking a few steps forward, Nydia held out her hands and threw up a light screen. It wouldn't stop any attacks, but the glaring light would hide her from the enemies in front of her for a time. After hiding her movements, Nydia proceeded to swiftly fire 4 lasers through the screen in the direction of the other Lightdweller. She heard the rewarding sound of a cry of pain, letting her know that she had at least wounded her opponent somehow.

The screen died down to reveal her target clutching his right arm and leg, trying desperately to heal the wounds and get back in the fight while his partner covered him. That would knock them out of the fight for at least another few minutes. Unfortunately, the Pyromancers had gotten an idea similar to Nydia's and once her screen was down she was forced to quickly dodge blasts of flames. As she dodged, she stepped back near Cale and returned fire with a few more lasers that sadly did not hit their mark. "Well, so far so good..." She muttered.

Cale raised earth walls big enough to block the incoming flames. The earth shattered on impact but at least it was enough for Cale to charge for another attack. Cale raised a boulder about the size of his body and when the earth wall shattered he broke the boulder into fragments sending at the pyromancers at deadly speeds. Like a fragmentation blast it spread itself throughout the arena. At close ranges it would kill, at medium range it would wound, and at longer ranges it would barely do a scratch. Cale really wanted to get rid of the pyromancers first seeing that once they were out of the way Cale could get to the other elements. The earthshapers he was not worried about but the other elements he focused on incapacitating first.

"We need to leave the mages with our elements last so that we can deal with the elements that we don't have any experience with. Our we can get them first if you'd like...." Cale said after unleashing the barrage of earth shrapnel. Then as he finished his sentence a boulder came hurdling towards them. Cale took Nydia and jumped out of the way. As soon as they were clear Cale raised a boulder and sent it back towards the source of the incoming fire. Cale saw the earthshaper's earth shield exploded in a cloud of earth and the earthshaper get knocked down but quickly they got up assessing their wounds.

"Nydia are you okay?"

Raven had just barely managed to psyche herself into the arena when things erupted from the opening announcement. Seth was off like a ball of flames charging at the Earth guy. However, while the flames from her teammate were heading away, there were more coming towards her from another direction. She ducked, trying to avoid the shot, but she couldn't get completely out of harms way. As she fell, her left arm got hit with the scorching heat. Once it passed she tried to beat the growing flames on her robe out, and was able to do so quick enough to avoid further damage.

"Fuck!" she cursed. The hell. They're going after me already? Probably praying on the "weak" and "powerless". You bastard. You're the same as all the others. Well fuck you. I'll fix you then.

Intent on delivering some pay back, Raven moved back alongside the wall, gathering whatever shadows she could in the small pit. She concentrated them in her hand before firing a wide laser-like beam of darkness at the head of the Pyromancer who had singed her. Let's see how you like being blind, asshole.

"Yes, I'm quite unharmed thanks to your quick reflexes. Thank you Cale." Nydia answered while keep her guard up to be ready for another attack. "And I think you're right, we should deal with the other elements first to avoid any nasty surprises. We don't have long until the Lightdweller finishes healing, so he and the Airshifter could be back at any- Oh! Get down!"

Nydia was cut off when she saw the Hydromancer fire a volley of ice shards towards them. Out of pure reflex, Nydia returned a volley of lasers that sublimated the ice and went on to wound her attacker. Almost in the same instant, a laser shot right past her head and Nydia quickly ducked down to avoid further fire. She set up a large light screen that would cover both her and Cale and obscure most of their part of the arena. Nydia paused to catch her breath, hoping that no one would try attack blindly through the screen. Struck with an idea, she turned to Cale. "Say, would it be possible for you to burrow us underneath our opponents and attack them from below? My lasers should be able to pierce through the ground and strike them, giving us a significant advantage."

"Fascinating." Aden raised his arms into a battle stance. "Let's test the endurance of that metal." He raised his hands and let the plumes of fire fly, focusing the jets of flame at the...creature's shield, eager to see the results. The light of the fire danced his eyes and a feral, insane grin creased his face.

Ed sat in the sidelines not feeling too bad about not being first. The more he watch the more he learned. looks tougher then I though, I will have to pull all the stops. With the spare time he needed to find a partner fast but who? I was planning on 1vs1 the whole time, well a partner will spice things up or at worse make me look better, more weak links to break, more fun! He cleared his throat confident someone would hear him. "Anyone interested in teaming up with an Earthshifter?"

Seth couldn't help but start laughing as the flames became less of a tool and more of a part of himself. The Earthshaper was good, there was no doubt, but he had made a very big mistake which Seth planned to make very obvious. Sliding as a boulder smashed into the ground next to him, he was but a mere step away when Seth unleashed his furious fire wave which blasted the armor clean off the Earthshaper and launched him backwards, sending the opponent rolling away upon the ground, where he was just as quickly enveloped in the earth to make sure that no one thought he was still up.

Seth spun, looking for his next opponent only for a force of water to come barreling at him. He threw a quick fire shield up to ultimately turn the attack to steam, but took a few steps away from the source, looking at his companion.

"HAVING FUN RAVEN?" Seth said still laughing as he grabbed a fireball more intended for her to instead launch at the Hydromancer he now had to deal with.


Aden's opponent was no fool, and almost as if he had been moving at a dead sprint his legs moved him quickly so that he was not in the direct path of the flames. The cloaked figure was sprinting along, showing no fear as a few of the flames licked the cloak, but it wouldn't seem to catch fire. The character, seeing that the shield was no longer worthwhile, changed the form of the shield, which seemed to fold up into smaller blades. As if he had done this all their life, he threw three daggers at Aden, continuing his dead sprint.

Aaron, in the meantime, had begun with a flurry of blows against his opponent, which seemed to be unexpected from his opponents perspective as he stumbled backwards attempting to get a lead on his newfound problem. Thinking he saw an opening, the man brought his blade forward to slash Aaron's offhand, only for the hand to grab the metal blade.

"...Didn't expect that, did you?" Aaron growled, slamming his blade into the gut of his opponent, who was now stumbling backwards back were Aden and his partner were now fighting.

Aden may not have been trained in kinetic battle, but he was a Fire Mage and thus, flexibility and quickness were crucial skills. As he saw the knives coming, he twisted to the side and fired a jet of fire into their path. One of the knives harmlessly passed him, and another was reduced to molten slag in the fire stream, but the third slipped past his guard and impacted his arm, making a deep gash before falling into the dirt. Aden cursed loudly as his blood began running out and dripping down into the dirt.

Time to alter tactics.

He brought his arms apart, then brought his fists forward, conjuring focused blasts of fire rather than the streams he had been using. I wonder how he will do when things get a little...hotter.

Grana looked around and was amazed at what was within his circle. "Well, we have a Earthshaper plus a Airshifter, a pyro and a hydro, and two flashlights. Damn, I wish we had a Nightshade in here, if only to complete the whole team of opposites. You guys are really letting your side down, you know." Grana added this last part to aggravate the Lightdwellers, and it worked quite well. The moment Marcus declared the fight started, the normally passive Lightdwellers charged straight for Grana and Amuro. Grana looked over at Amuro and winked as he took a gulp of the alcohol and then summoned flames to coat his arms. Amuro grinned as he summoned a large gust of wind to propel Grana towards the Dwellers. "One Pyro express, comin' right at ya!" Amuro roared as Grana rapidly approached his target. Grana reached out with his hand to burn the Dweller from earlier than had seemed so keen to punish Grana, only for the man to shrink back in fear. In response, Grana threw himself into a backflip, smiling as he felt his foot connect with the Dweller's chin, snapping it back. Grana was barely able to twist his body in time to avoid a laser from the second Lightdweller. For his troubles, Grana sprayed the man with the alcohol he had been holding for some time now. It took only the smallest of flames to start the Dweller's ceremonial pyre as he tired to wipe the liquid off him. Earthdwellers carted the man, screaming, out for immediate medical attention. The first Lightdweller didn't fare much better, as Amuro sent blast after blast of air toward the poor soul, crushing him against the wall. Amuro let up only long enough for medical teams to take him in. Amuro quickly joined Grana, as the other teams had by now realized just how destructive a combo a Pyromancer and an Airshifter could be.

"It's gonna take alot of energy from me but I can try. Those moves are more for adepts than mages but I can manage a bit." Cale said a midst the sounds of the battle going around them. Cale stole a quick glance from outside the protection of the shield and saw that the earthshaper and his hydromancer partner had engaged the pyromancer team. The Hydromancer was doing wonders against the pair of pyromancers but a out of the corner of Cale's eye the hydromancer was knocked down by a concentrated gust of wind. Cale looked to see the airshifter had been making use of the winds of this place and took to flying. Cale kicked up the ground and launched a boulder at the airshifter. Sadly it missed and the airshifter came towards the pair.

"Nydia, can you take out moving targets with those lasers of yours? I'm asking this because there's one of the airshifters coming our way!"

"Oh, of course I can! I'm pretty good sh-" Before Nydia could finish her sentence or even blink hardly, the flying Airshifter collided directly into her chest and used a gust of wind to add even more force to the blow, sending her flying. Nydia, once again out of pure reflex, threw her hand out and fired a volley of lasers into the airshifters, now point-blank, chest before flying backwards and crashing into the wall.

That will certainly leave a bruise.... Nydia thought as she slowly rose to her feet, and stumbled over to her fallen foe. His wounds were enough to keep him down for quite some time but they were not fatal, and soon he was collected by the Earthshapers. The Lightdweller, now suddenly alone, threw up a lightscreen of his own to avoid being ganged up on now that his partner was down, and the other teams were still busy with each other. Nydia took advantage of the lull to regroup with Cale. "I'm sorry, Cale.... I let my guard down. I'll be more careful next time. Now, I think would be a good time to strike the two teams that are busy with each other. That Lightdweller won't pose much of a threat on his own once they are finished. Whenever you are ready, a synchronous strike from us should lead to victory." Nydia said, hoping they would be able to put an end to this before anymore unexpected surprises came their way.

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