Journey of the Elementals RP (Pm if Interested, Started)

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Fei nodded, skirting behind her brother. I... I can do this! Fog formed as she pulled the cloud lower, almost obscuring them from sight. The winds from the small tornado/storm helped her cool the water to freezing, and she shot out small shards of ice at the dual wielder, confident that he wouldn't be able to melt them. Doesn't look like an Adept yet~ Seeing the shards, the Earthshaper erected a shield around her and her partner, pulling up the ground beneath the sibling's feet.

The other pairs seemed content battling each other, eying them only to see if there was a weaker pair or an opening for them to quickly take one mage out.

Drew jumped back, using the wind to keep him a little off the ground so he didn't stumble. Taking some of the gravel from the newly lifted earth and blasted a current of air to is, blowing dust into the Earthshifter's eyes, blinding him. He took went to Fei and motioned for her to follow him to get into another spot.

"Ok... just wait for it... once one mage gets taken out, we'll wait until they try to pick off the remaining one. Then we attack a group and try to separate them before they take out the lone mage." He noticed one of the other groups going after the dual wielder's partner. "Shouldn't be long now..."

Grana sighed as the Pyromancer summoned fire while his Hydromancer friend turned away, distracted by the machinations of the Shifter and the Shaper. Grana summoned a flame bigger than he could ever hope to control, but it was okay because he had friends in high places. Speaking of which... "Amuro! Get your flighty ass down here! I need you to help blow out a candle." Amuro grinned as he flew down from his vantage point, where he had been stealthily counteracting the attacks of his fellow Shifter, much to the latter's consternation. "C'mon, will I have to do everything now? You should've studied a little harder, Grana!" Grana shook his head. "I don't want to get my hands dirty when I have you around to do it for me. Now shut up and get down here, before the birthday candle over here realizes he should stop being a pussy and attacks already. The Pyromancer roared with rage and began to throw forward a steady stream of flame. Amuro met it in kind, using the winds to kindle and whip up Grana's fire into a maelstorm. The twin jets of flame met in the middle, with Amuro's and Grana's flame consuming the pitiful Pyro's pyre like candy. The Pyromancer however, was smart enough to realize he couldn't win, and decided to bail.

Unfortunately, Amuro was ready and waiting. Grana grinned and yelled a single word. "Pull!" The unlucky Pyromancer turned around just in time for Amuro's kick to hit him squarely in the chest, sending him flying with the help of the wind. Grana reared back and prepared to throw his fireball, only for it to veer wildly as his legs were taken out from beneath him. Grana ended up facedown in the water, and began to panic as he realized the water had formed a ball surrounding his head. Fortunately, Grana instinctively superheated his skin, causing the water to evaporate. Lucky for Grana, his errant blaze had landed in a puddle of alcohol from earlier. Unlucky for the other Pyromancer, so did he. As the poor soul was carted out of the arena screaming, the Hydromancer looked scared. "Oops." She said, a slight underreaction considering what had just happened. "Oops? Honey, I'm gonna make you yell a lot more than just 'oops' by the time I'm done with ya." Grana rubbed his head, where he had hit it when colliding with the ground. "Hey, Amuro! Why didn't you throw me a warning?" Grana demanded. Amuro was slightly preoccupied in an aerial battle with the second Airshifter, who was not happy after being tricked. "Oh... That's why... Well, shit." Grana muttered to himself. It looked like the first round wasn't going to be that easy.

Edward sat down in the stands drawing a couple of sketches and taking more notes then he ever did in class while he watched the spectacle.
All the good people have been taken or am I not looking hard enough?
As he filled up the first page he heard his stomach grumble.
And why can't they sell some popcorn? this would be perfect timing.
I haven't ate anything this whole time have I

Tied between the two choices he decided to focus on the show, getting closer to the edge to see it better.

The beam of darkness struck it's mark, the Pyromancer staggered backwards the flame in his hands building but not having anywhere to go. In a team brawl such as this, the smart fighter knows not to fire off blindly, less a teammate get caught in the crossfire, but there was nowhere for the Pyro's flame to go. Until Raven gave it a direction.

With Seth taking most of the battles in the center, and the Airshifter taking on the other Earthshaper, it looked like the Pyro was being hung out to dry. Meanwhile, Raven was skirting by relatively unnoticed, an afterthought, when compared to the more combat ready of the combatants, she was able to get right next to the beleaguered pyro, and with a sudden movement, grabbed his hand and shoved it high into his face. How do you like me now, flamer? Having to deal with no eyesight, the pyro was caught off-guard, and his own attack spell caught him flush. He fell to the ground, screaming.

"HAVING FUN RAVEN?" Seth was just laughing off these fights.

"OH JUST HAVING A BLAST!" Raven shouted back. As if you can have fun doing this. Although is was nice to catch that bastard right in-AAAAAAHHHHH!

Unfortunately for Raven, shouting to her partner in the fight only caught the attention of the Pyro's partner. The Lightdweller, whose Ray of Light was just as accurate as Raven's own shot (and twice as painful as that Madonna song). The Nightshade's head was jerked back by the force of the blinding lights, hood flying back, exposing hair and skin that rarely saw sunlight. Her eyes weren't working, all she could see was white nothingness.

"AUGH! AUGH YOU FUCKING LIGHT BITCH!" This led to another problem, as Raven was not a smart fighter. Intent on getting more payback sooner rather than later, she started firing off dark rays as soon as she could muster them, hoping to catch the Lightdweller the same way she caught the Pyro.

Aden's opponent noted the changes simply as the fireballs began flying, and changed his arm once more back to the shield. This time, he did not seem content to dodge about and evade, he began making his way towards Aden, leaping to the sides on merely a whim, until finally he appeared to make his decision and jumped towards Aden, his other arm in the form of a blade.

Aaron, in the meantime, had drawn his blade out of his opponent, and spun, meeting the metal blade of his opponent, but the fellow was much slower with the wound through him, and Aaron simply seemed to step back, prepare his strike, and then almost seeming to defy how fast his human body should move, his blade lashed out, neatly cutting his opponent down, heavily slamming into the ground.


Seth let the inferno spiral about himself, directing it to stop the water as it came at him. It was an interesting dance, with him being unable to get an effective inferno to lance through the waters, yet the water could not put out the flames. An even match.

However, it seemed that their fun was to be interrupted, as Seth heard Raven scream out as she was struck. Seth wasn't sure what his next move should be now.....other than to just let everyone have it.

Goddammit. Guess it's time to change the targets.

Just like that, Seth let his inferno simply fly towards the Lightdweller, much to the surprise of the Hydromancer who had expected the fun to continue, and had thrown up a strong ice shield to overtake it. This led to the hydromancer quickly throwing their ice blocks Seth's way, which launched the pyromancer backwards. Not the softest way to travel, but he needed to be back some to get to Raven.

"RAVEN! WATCH IT DAMMIT!" Seth shouted, climbing back to his feet, lighting himself up some to get the lingering water and ice off himself before it was used against him.

"Wah!" Fei fell back as she lost her footing, lucky that her brother was able to defend her while she was down. She quickly scrambled up behind him, trying to concentrate again. The earth shield surrounding the pair cracked, and Drew had just enough time to tell Fei to get down. The Air/Hydro blasted the shrapnel out with gusts of wind, clearly more advanced as an Airshifter than as a Hydromancer. All but one of the other mages were able to successfully block the assault. One of the Earthshapers, a young mage, was hit bad. He was quickly carted out, but the Pyromancer wasn't about to go down easy. An inferno erupted around the raging woman, clearly much higher ranking than her partner. Thankfully she was concerned with the Earthshaper and her partner, not the other mages. Almost singlehandedly she doubled the temperature in the arena.

"Drew... it's hot!" Even with her water, she could barely keep up with the heat, trying to lower her own temperature. The Nightshade had melded into the wall, probably to escape the heat as well, with the Earthshifter burrowing in the Earth.

Shit... Wasn't expecting a Pryomancer this high up in skill... Still, everyone is busy trying to get away from her... I can pick her off without drawing too much attention... "Fei! Draw as much water as you can and hurl it right at her! Try and blind her with steam and fog! ......Also, are you far enough in your training that you can heal minor burn wounds?" Confusion is only good if I can immedeately get her out of the fight. Nobody will see anything... but I might get burned.


"Watch what? I can't fucking see!" Raven answered, still trying to get her bearings. She stopped firing dark bolts however, If Seth was shouting that would mean her shots weren't finding the intended target. If I got hit by a fucking nightshade I'd be fine, but no, little miss goody light-shoes has to send me into the fucking sun! Lousy bitch!

She was wandering around now, she tripped over a body on the ground, it let out a pained, but female moan. Huh, was that light bitch? What happened to her? On the ground. Serves her right. She kicked back at the body and moved on, trying to find a corner to wait out the effects of the last spell. Faint shapes were starting to come back, but they weren't amounting to much.

As his enemy closed to attack, Aden grinned. He continued his barrage of fireballs and breathed in deeply through his nose, letting a grin twist across his features. He stopped his barrage a moment before his enemy closed to range and focused his energy inside, then let his breath out in a torrent of fire at nearly point-blank range.

People had started dropping on the field and immediately the Earthshapers set about removing them from their respective arenas and get them to the sidelines. The Earthshapers didn't really know who could handle what so they often just dropped people off onto beds and go back to collecting the fallen. This then caused the Lightswellers to have to constantly switch beds to make sure they were helping who they needed to help. Confusion was quickly setting in amongst them with the unusually amount of people coming in and lack of organization. Unfortunately most people were stuck trying to help who was coming in.

Alexander quickly realised this wasn't going to work our when he saw someone who was obviously more injured than the Lightdweller working at that bed could handle. Somebody had to step up so that things didn't get worse and he figured it had to be him. He walked over to the bed and sent the young boy over to his bed where a student had a relatively minor broken arm from a rock crashing in to it.

The student he saw laying before him had severe burn marks on his face and obviously required better attention than what his fellow Lightdweller could have done. As he focused on aiding the burned man on the bed he also created a small but relatively bright purple light on his right arm. Once he had finished getting the student to a state where he would heal fully in the time it would take a particularly nasty sunburn to do he went around to the other Lightdwellers.

"Create a light on your arm, make it a deep blue if you are a Mage, deep purple if you are an Adept, or deep red if you are a weaver. That way the Earthshifters will know where to send people. Also some of you who are weavers should step off to the side so that way you can direct the students based on how much care they will need. You know better than anyone who will need what level of help and who can give it to them." He then quickly ran to a group of Earthshifters working on the sidelines. A group of about three weavers finished their work then stepped to the front to direct people. It wouldn't take them long to diagnose and send them to their proper area.

He ran to a group of Earthshifters before speaking to them. "We're getting swamped guys and we need your help. We have three weavers standing out in front of everyone else. Take the students to them and they will tell you either blue, purple, or red. Take the students to someone with a light on their arm matching that color. Tell the other Earthshifters what I told you please. It will really help lighten the load on us, thank you." Alexander didn't even wait for them to respond before heading back to the beds and get back to healing students at least to the point where they weren't too injured.

Seth growled as the Hydromancer attempted to strike at him again. He wasn't going to be having a good battle at the rate this was going. His partner had gotten overconfident, and had begun lashing out. At least she stopped, but now she was crawling about, which wasn't much better. Seth continued to meet his Hydromancer opponent, but was slightly relieved when they pyromancer figured it a good time to get in a parting shot, which they Hydromancer was not pleased with, turning the attention to the next flames that would bother her.

Grabbing Raven's shoulder roughly and hauling her to her feet as he pushed her behind him.
"You really have no experience in combat, do you? Nice eyes, by the way. Looks like you need to organize your hair though. Just a thought. Now stop stumbling around, and stay there till you can see something. Can't defend you properly when you move about like some drunk." Seth chatted, almost as if he had calmed considerably, which he had.

No longer does the rage that I always am persisted about hold. A good day.


Aden's opponent did not see the blast coming, and just steps away from stabbing Aden in the air, the man was engulfed in the flames, suddenly losing his momentum and slamming into the ground, burning. He did not scream nor move as what was left of the man seemed to fall apart miserably.

"Well played, Weaver." Aaron said, admiring Aden's handiwork. "I imagine he didn't see that coming when he decided to jump. Logical creatures that they are, I imagined you killed him the second you surprised him."

Aaron slipped his blade away, looking at the foe he himself had killed. He shook his head for a moment, seeming to contemplate something before quickly dismissing it. He looked over the opponent that Aden had roasted, a small grin forming which resembled a sort of satisfaction.

"Damn. Didn't mean to kill him." He nuded what was left with his boot. He looked over Aaron. "Well done. I don't believe we've met, however." He quickly turned his attention back to the disassembled 'corpse', trying to figure out just what the hell this thing was. It wasn't often that you saw Human-Machine hybrids running around. "Clearly a creation of the foreigners, but what were they doing?"

"We indeed have not. I am Aaron Durias Gorron, Commander of First Company Rockets, and a guest of yours, I imagine. These fellows I cannot claim to know personally, but I imagine that we could identify them, given enough time. Machine men, or assassins, or some other specialist troop." Aaron said, offering his hand to the Pyromancer.

Ruthless. I think I might just like this fellow.

The corpses left of their opponents did not seem to hold well to any bothering now, the few metal parts falling off if they were brushed against. And now the librarian had come to the window to see what had happened through all the commotion.

"A guest?" Well, this is awkward. "Pardon me. I am Aden Ignaeus, Weaver of the Pyromancers." Normally he wouldn't be so polite, but he -did- just kill one of the intruders. Absolutely untrustworthy, of course, but still, that was prowess. Even if it was a setup. It's unlikely that the newly dead machine-man knew he was to die to gain the trust of the Mages. "What caused you to get involved with this? They were likely from your people. Nobody here has technology like this."

Raven still couldn't see much but she sure could feel Seth pulling her up by the shoulder and pushing her back. As he commented on her hair, that's when she reached back and realized her hood was down. It was tossed back over her head as quick as possible. Fuck. I still haven't gotten that fucking hair dye either. Awesome, nice work Raven. How you going to explain the red roots now? Fuck it, let's just hope he didn't see them.

"It's kinda hard to not stumble when I'm blind," she said, the hushed tones returning. Colors were starting to become clearer, breaking through the pure white. Surely it wouldn't be long now.

"You don't get to a position like I do unless you can spot a problem out of a crowd, and while I was heading the the....arena thing, I noted some cloaked individuals walking around in plain daylight." Aaron said, shaking his head.

"And despite popular belief, we are not the only ones with some forms of technology. And I can tell you quite well these are not ours. Which is partly why I figured their death would be beneficial to both of us, though I wish they had ventured further so I could see what they were up to, but circumstances dictated otherwise."

There was then a soft rumbling in the distance which brought Aaron to look to the sky. He nodded a few times as he recognized the sound, and then an Airship flew overhead. Then another. Soon, four Airships had made passes over the Academy before a somewhat larger, more decorated, and more heavily armed and armored Airship flew overhead. It was somewhat slower than the others, but the armaments and size of it made up for that fact.

"There they are. Took them long enough. I must be going, though I figure you will want to look them over as well. Hope your fellow elementals managed to finish that landing area."


Seth was grinning as some water managed to get by him and strike and freeze quickly on him. That was probably going to leave a mark, as well as the few stone cuts he had gotten earlier. Couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of how they looked on the sidelines right now though.

"Stop dancing around then. Can't stumble if you are not running everywhere. And try to not be so embarrassed, it makes you hilarious." Seth said, bringing his flames about once more except when the sky went dark.

Wait.....why did the sky go dark? It can't be that late....

Seth found himself looking up to see a large Airship circling around, apparently taking a good look before going to land in the outer fields. Most of the fighting actually just seemed to stop as the looked upwards at the ships now above them, going in to land at another area.

"Raven, I think you won't have to worry about seeing, though you might be a little bit unhappy that you are not seeing what is above us."

Marcus, taking note that it seemed everyone was now more fascinated than curious, quietly declared the duels over, and the walls that the Earthshapers had put in place went back into the ground, letting some of the already overeager students rush to the landing areas.

"It's okay Nydia, we all make mistakes... some more than others though!" Cale said as he flung a rock at one of the pyromancers knocking him out of the fight. The boulder shattered on impact and Cale certainly felt sorry to the person taking the rough side of that impact. The Earthshapers nearby took the incapacitated man out of the way as his partner was left alone as well. The lone pyromancer didn't take long to get ganged up by both the earthshaper and the hydromancer.

"Nydia, ever fight a hydromancer before?" Cale said as he motioned towards the hydromancer who was reducing the pyromancer to nothing. "I'll deal with the pyromancer and the earthshaper, see what you can do with the hydromancer. If he hits my earth attacks I'll be flinging nothing but mud."

Cale charged forward towards the earthshaper and the pyromancer. The earthshaper saw Cale and flung a boulder towards the Cale. Cale raised a shield and the boulder broke through the shields but Cale wasn't behind it. On the charge towards the earthshaper Cale raised four earth shields about half his size so it didn't take up much of his energy with two to the left and two to the right of the earthshaper. With one of the right shields destroyed the earthshaper saw this and raised two boulder and threw it at both the left and right shields shattering them. This of course was a huge strain on that earthshaper. When the dust settled there was one shield remaining. The earthshaper walked towards it tossed another boulder despite his already weakened state. Then two arms grabbed at the earthshaper from beneath and he was dragged beneath. Cale emerged from the hole with a bloody nose and a cut lip but Cale didn't have time to notice this. Cale saw the pyromancer gathering the last of his flame from being soaked by the hydromancer. Cale smiled and once again charged forward but soon he heard Marcus' call for the duels to be over.

Disappointed Cale walked over to Nydia wiping some of the blood pouring from his nose not noticing the huge airships above.

Ed was busy drawing his latest sketch when he noticed he was squinting.
Do you really have to stand up, there are seats you know!
He stood up to give the man a piece of his mind when he figured out what was wrong.
"And that... is an airship... a couple of them."
with armaments too..
Like a stampede he left and ran with the others to see the massive ship land.
its so large I got to wonder if the landing pad is big enough
Turning to a new page he started an outline of the beast as he ran, first a curves or two and then its armored under belly.
history in the making, just what kind?

The lightdwellers were thankful for the ending as they all finished with their patients before just sending them to the infirmary to finish healing.

I guess our guests have arrived. It surely took them long enough. though Alexander as he mentally breathed a sigh of relief at having the contest end.

"Well I guess it is time to put on a show." He mused with a couple of friends as they followed behind the large crowd going to the landing site.

"H-heal burns? I... maybe... I'm not sure..." she hesitated. Healing was one of the things she didn't get to practice often, but it sounded simple enough. "I can try! Just don't get too hurt..."

She put her arms up and was able to get all the water in their small arena since the other Hydro was preoccupied. It swirled around her as she struggled to control it all, but all she needed was a few seconds. The water roared around and then forward as she shot it towards the raging Pyromancer. She was caught a bit off guard, but was skilled enough to send a bouquet of scarlet plumes at the incoming spray, turning her attention to Fei and Drew.

As the fire and water mixed, a large cloud of steam erupted from it. Drew reached his hand out and had it swirl around the Pyromancer. Closer... closer... almost got it... A fireball shot out, burning off a bit of Drew's sleeve. SHIT! He kept the veil of smoke over the Pyromancer, getting behind her. Drew had a few sparks fly from his hand, grabbing the back of her neck, sending a quick jolt. It didn't cause any damage, but it disrupted her concentration enough for the flames to die out in a few seconds. Still using the cover of the smoke, he landed a few solid blows to the Pryomancer's jaw. After the first, she fired a blast blindly, burning a bit of his arm before he landed a second attack, knocking her out. Sorry, don't like hitting a woman, but you attacked me first, and my Airshifting isn't that good offensively. If I want to do some damage, I need to get up close and personal.

He rushed back to Fei, getting out of the little cloud that was vanishing, clutching his burnt arm. He got back to her when he noticed it was a lot darker. "What in the hell...?" he looked up and noticed a bunch of people leaving the arena, and the remaining combatants looking up to the sky at an arriving airship. "Well, here comes some company..." He kept a defensive stance, still not wanting to be caught off guard by the remaining mages, hoping for someone to either end the match or they'd stay distracted long enough for him and Fei to get in a couple free shots.

"Well, not really actually, I'll do what I can though." Nydia said before Cale made his charge and she followed shortly after. While the eyes of all her foes were on Cale, Nydia slipped around the group and caught the hydromancer from behind.

It worked perfectly, Cale's massive display of might had everyone's attention and Nydia was simply able to walk right up to the hydromancer and press a finger to his back. "Please surrender now. A simple laser would incapacitate you at this range, but I'd rather not." She whispered into his ear. The Hydromancer slowly raised his hands and got down on his knees and was tunneled away by the Earthshapers a moment later. As Nydia turned to deal with their last opponent, the Lightdweller, she noticed the airships soaring above them and heard Marcus' announcement that the duels were over.

Giddy with the thrill of victory, Nydia ran over to Cale and bowed deeply while giving her brightest smile. "Cale! You were simply magnificent! I'm so glad I was fortunate enough to find you today. I doubt I could have found a more suitable partner, especially given the results. Even though the match was over before we beat the last opponent, there is little doubt that we were the victors. Oh! You're bleeding! Here, allow me to heal you." After noticing his wounds, Nydia reached her hand up to Cale's face and quickly healed the cut and nose. They were simple wounds that took little time and effort to heal`but without a cloth she had nothing to wipe away the blood. Wishing she hadn't worn her dress robes today, Nydia reached up again and wiped the blood away with her sleeve. "There. Are you wounded anywhere else, Cale?"

The sky going dark offered a welcome respite, and Raven's sight was quickly returning to full strength beneath the fringes of black hair. That cloud actually proved useful. Seth's revelation on what was above them clued Raven in that it wasn't a cloud after all, but confusion stood until the walls came down around them. As a couple of their fellow fighters went rushing towards the fields, she finally saw what it was that had provided such a welcome shadow.

The ship was massive, it was definitely foreign and it had the attention of almost everyone in the field. "So...what now? The fights are over already? Because of some giant balloon?" Raven was trying to keep up her nonchalant facade, but even she was intrigued by the airship. Who the hell needs something that big to get around?

Fei tried her best to heal him, but didn't do as well as she hoped. She just couldn't concentrate enough. "I'm sorry Drew... I need more practice." she rubbed her eyes, trying to remember any healing techniques she had read about. While she was trying to heal him and getting distracted by the behemoth of a ship above them, a fireball lashed out and caught her in the side. Doubling over she scrambled to her feet to wave off the Earthshifter who was trying to decide whether to cart her off or not. There was no way she was going to leave her brother by himself, and no way she was going to be disqualified this early into the round. Simply by virtue of being a Hydromancer she had some resistance to the fire, which was why she wasn't as hurt as she might have been, but her robes were burned through and the fire had licked at her dark hair. The Pyromancer was just throwing fire in everyone's general direction now, more angry that Drew had been able to land some hits.

Drew looked at Fei, trying to get in front of her. "Shit... Ok, think think think..." he focused more wind, forming a little wind tunnel. The next blast of fire that was shot at him, he shot a large portion of it down the tunnel that the Earthshaper had made to try and escape. He noticed the ground a little way ahead of him started to rumble and the Earthshaper burst out, panting and sweating. The Promancer noticed this and rushed towards him, trying to take him out. The dual-weilder rushed in to try and save his partner, facing off against the Pyromancer.

"Ok, that gives us a little ti-" Before he could finish, he felt himself get kicked in the back. The Nightshade from before had appeared behind him and tried to ambush him. Shit! Forgot about that... He stumbled but threw up a small cloud of dust to give himself a second to get backon his feet, but it only worked for a second before the Nightshade was on him again.

"Drew!" She scrambled up. Nightshade... why does it have to be a Nightshade??? Hoping that Drew wasn't as confused and paranoid as she was at the moment, she encased both of them in a bubble of water, hoping to at least disorient the mage.Drew you have to do it...

"Why yes I think I'm fine... a little light-headed though..." Cale trailed off. The trap that Cale set up to take out the earthshaper had also cost him a large amount of energy. Cale's near lack of consciousness was evident of that and even some of his steps began to stagger.

"You've...been great... too...Nydia... why do you look so pretty..." Cale said as he fell forward onto Nydia's arms. Once again Cale had over exerted himself but luckily it only resulted in a brief faint like last time.

He noticed the Nightshade was taken by surprise with the water around them. Drew took advantage and grabbed his throat, sending a small current of electricity surging to knock them out. He held on a little longer to make it seem like he choked the Nightshade. He moved back out of the bubble, gasping for breath. "Fei... *cough* hit the... *gasp* Pyromancer!"

"Okay!" It was easier now that Drew had told her what to do. Between her and the dual wielder, the Pyromancer was finished in a short time, getting carted out by the Earthshifters, but not before setting the dual wielder's partner on fire. He tried to put out the flames on his partner, but Fei was still holding the water in her possession.

Seth grinned at Raven as her eyesight returned, noting that both Fei and Drew, as well as those who were in that circle were still in combat.

"The fighting is over only if you want it to be. For example, that ring over there is enjoying itself yet, and we could always join them." Seth said, noting that Marcus was still over watching the duel as it took place among the few students still fighting.

"Or, you can collapse in your partners arms and profess your love for them too!" Seth said, his gaze sweeping over where Nydia was now holding the increasingly dizzy and lost Cale. While the ship sounded like fun to go and see to Seth, this fight was still going on right now, and he was much more interested in that.

"So, you can either go look at our interesting guests, or join me in glorious combat!" Seth said, stepping closer to the fight that was still brewing. He could assist Fei and Drew out of their mess, or just cause his own. Ignoring the wounds at his side, along his head and a few other cuts from the stones before, he confidently stepped forward, flames dancing around him.


Meanwhile, the many ships began landing about the large area that had been prepared for them to land at. The many smaller ones landed first, seeming completely confident that they had left enough room. As they landed, armored figures jumped from the ships. They all held strange weapons, some looking remotely like crossbows, the others looking like something else altogether. Otherwise, they were all well armored, watching what was around their ship.

Finally, the large ship slowly began to go downward, finally settling into the large area between all the other ships. The propellers were still spinning, slowing down after the long flight, and then ropes were tossed over the edges, and down came many more guards to watch over the ship, all with stranger armor, and even more weapons. The many students had gathered around, being wary about the armed people, but looking over the sheer size of the ship, and the many people it seemed to carry.

Aaron, in the meantime, had begun walking out of the Academy to go meet up with the Airships which were arriving.

"Are you serious?" He asked himself
Being as fast as he was the crowed in front was already thick. In the back many were pushing and shoving to get a look while the ones in front stayed their distance with all the people in the metal suits setting a perimeter around the ship. All he could see was a glimpse of their helms, black as obsidian in the shadows.
I ran all the way to see a bunch of fancy hats? If only I was a few feet ta-that's it!
Not the smartest thing to do around twitchy, suspicious guards he made a little circle in the dirt with his finger and stood on it. With a bit of effort he shot himself up a meter above the crowed.
That was a bit more then I wanted...
With the new view he notice the extra soldiers- [if they didn't have enough]
and their weapons... and they were looking at him.
..and I should get down before I get shot...
As soon as he got up he went back to ground level hiding behind a crowed just in case a master noticed.
stupid stupid stupid stupid-

"Oh, goodness! Cale!" Nydia exclaimed as Cale collapsed into her arms. Her first thoughts were concern that he had lost too much blood or had another wound, followed very quickly by thoughts about how large and heavy Cale was compared to herself. She did her best to hold him up but once her arms began trembling decided it would be best to slowly lower him to the ground. She had almost got him to the ground though her legs gave out suddenly and she ended up stuck under Cale's body. Though she didn't have the strength to move him, she was able to shift into a more comfortable sitting position and allowed Cale's head to rest on her lap.

He doesn't appear to be wounded. Must just be out of energy. I suppose it's no surprise. He did much more work than I did and I'm fairly exhausted as well. Unless I'm mistaken, did he say I was pretty..? At that moment, Nydia heard Seth's comment, about the two of them most likely, from across the arena and slowly felt her face grow warm. It would seem I'm not mistaken... I wonder how much of that was his exhaustion talking?

The time to wonder about that would have to come later though, as Nydia noticed the duels continuing in the arena they were still in. "Um... Cale? I don't think this is the best place for a nap."

The dual wielder managed to put out the flames, but the burns were bad enough that his partner collapsed. AS the Caster tried to get more water, Drew ran up and blasted him with a gust of wind, sending him on his back near Fei. "Get him! Hit him, use water, just take him out so we can be done with this!"

"Sorry...about that..." Cale opened his eyes to reveal that he was sitting on Nydia's lap. Cale's face also began to flush seeing that he was in such an awkward position. Cale hurriedly lifted his head and got himself up while trying not to look at Nydia's face for fear of making this already peculiar situation even more awkward. Cale pushed himself up but being worn out it took a few tries. When he finally got up Cale reached out for Nydia and offered his hand in helping her up.

"I am... very sorry about what had just happened. I should have told you that I tend to faint ,if you will, if I ever wear myself out. I humbly appologize.." Cale said keeping his eyes to the ground.

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