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"Hmm I don't know if there's anything about freezing in here... mostly things dealing with heat and water. I should ask if there's any books on freezing! Imagine having snow whenever I wanted!~" It didn't snow often if at all outside of the mountain peaks in the Academy, due to the weather control the mages had. "Drew... do you think it snows in the place those people are coming from?"

"I'm not sure. Who knows what the place like that would be like. I mean they don't have magic, so imagine what else they don't have. And think of all the things they have that we have no idea what they have. Still, if you do go making snow, promise you won't go causing trouble with it. Last thing I want is for a teacher to go telling me that you hit him with a snowball..."

Seth shook his head once more, not really sure where else he could turn to, and looked over to Raven.

"So, what do you think? Maybe bring them back from the dead or ferret information out of them some other way? Cause I really got nothing more to go off of here other than to take the metal left and go to....the blacksmith I guess." Seth said, standing up from looking at the oddly burned corpse.

Course, maybe that is why I am over here in the first place. Clean up, move out, and not tell anyone what is going on with this odd metal stuff.

"Then we can go see what our odd guests are up to as well. maybe they wear something similar to this as well."


The Librarian seemed quite happy with the interesting conversation going on, listening to the chatter about the strangers he had yet to see arrive, other than the odd man who had run through the library earlier. He kept glancing out the doorway to see if any other people were entering the library, and somewhat to his relief there were none, since they were mostly over at the meeting of the odd peoples who had arrived.

Forgetting about the healing she went outside and sat down at one of the tables. "Excuse me are there any books on those strange people who are going to visit us?" Fei asked the librarian. "They're kinda scary and funny looking. Do you know if they have snow?"

Necromancy was a bit beyond Raven's talents so that would be out of the question. So this is it then. We're going to have to let the blacksmith have his way with this. Have him pound along on the thing until it's only fit to make more god damn swords. Great. More fodder for the battling flock.

"I guess there isn't much that can be done is there?" Raven noted. "If you and I have little info to go on with this...thing, then handing it off to someone else will probably be the best option." Not that I'm thrilled to give someone else an opportunity to steal the thunder away from me. But what am I going to give for info? A chunk of metal broke the library? Great Raven, we'll pass that along to no one.

Sore muscles welcomed Cale as he awoke to the stillness of his room. His body was sore from the arena but also from the piece of earthshaping earlier. Then the thought of Nydia hit Cale like an earth wall.

Was I being too rash? Did I rush things? What does seht hink of me...

Cale racked his mind with these questions as he made his daily rounds about the academy. After feching a meal word had been going around about an incident involving a pyro in the library. Cale wasn't exactly clamoring to know the exact details as he sat by himself in the cafeteria.

"I wouldn't know what they would serve. I mean, a visit like this is very rare in my experience. So if they do one I guess you'll find out when you go. I don't think they would serve anything but the best in this case though." Alexander replied.

The librarian shrugged, following Fei closely to make sure the book would not be lost.

"The visitors? Well, we have a map that shows where they are, and a few of our students might have been from there but....well, we don't really know all that much about them. Any wandering mages who go that far probably don't figure it important to send us information back. So a map is all we got." The librarian said, somewhat off guard with the quick changes in topics.


Seth sat there a moment, rolling over the info that they had gotten in his head. Maybe they wouldn't need the blacksmith. He had worked there often enough to make a blade, and perhaps.....

"Maybe we should keep some for personal study. And there isn't much here take a small pile, and I take some?" Seth said, picking up the metal he could. After pulling it from....whatever it was, he realized there wasn't actually enough to make anything other than a small knife with what he had.

"I mean, it isn't like they would even pay attention. Just smelt it down and make something, and there might be more to it than that....."

Seth was mulling it over as picked up what few bits were left, and then got to taking care of what was left, letting his flames flow over the small patch of land where they had sat. There would be scorch marks, but nothing else indicating something had happened there.


Jones nodded, but then noted the dark sky slowly starting to come as the sun began to set. He shook his head, obviously not used to it being so dark.

"Quite dark here without the lights...Bah, been spoiled by the town life I guess. Regardless, I imagine it will be a big thing tomorrow, cause it is starting to get damned late, and I would prefer not to be eating in the complete blackness of night." Jones said, looking about, noting the others of his group starting their retreat into the ship. Some willingly....others not so much.

"Been a nice chat gents. I seeing you tomorrow, I'm sure. Better be a damned feast, cause its a long way to travel without one. I hear you are the first to see of us, so these are crazy crazy times."

And with that, Jones got to walking back to the ship, only for the space to be filled with a official looking guard that had been with the Prime Minister.

"Alexander Smith. Lighdweller. Your presence will be needed tomorrow afternoon in your Great Mages Hall. You will attend." The metallic voice seemed to echo from the heavily armored man, and without a word got to walking away.

"Umm, okay then." Alexander said before deciding it was a good idea to just go back to his room.

Oh Crap, oh crap, oh crap. Did I do something wrong? Why would they want to see me? Should I go see the masters now and ask what is going on? Actually that sounds like a good idea. I may try to do that.

With that new objective in mind he immediately set out to the quarters of the Master Lightdwellers. Soon enough he was standing in front of the door and knocked. Hoping at least one of them was in.

"All right, I guess I can do that," Raven agreed as she bent down and scooped up what fragments of the obliterated metal she could find before the pyro started cleaning up the area. "What will be done with it I'm not sure. It will probably just sit on my desk until I deemed it necessary to barter the info for a better grade or something." What am I going to do with this?

".......agree with things like this. They are our students, and we should be caring for them, not sending them out." Cindy Rotunz's voice was heard through the door as Alexander knocked. It became apparent there was obviously something going on.

"For the moment, we need to see what is going on. Wait, and see who is knocking." Timothy's voice was now heard as well, as the door was opened with Timothy looking at Alexander.

"Ah, Adept Alexander. What brings you here this slowly approaching evening?" Timothy asked, with Cindy rising from where she had sat before.


"Well, if it is going to just sit there, give it here. I'll find some way to make it more useful for something. Better than cluttering your desk." Seth offered, thinking how that would even work, trading metal parts for information.

"So, I am a bit hungry. Wanna have some dinner or something before you go off into the night doing...whatever?" Seth asked, starting to walk to the front of the library where he was stopped by a large metal warrior.

"Seth Darius. Tomorrow at noon you are required to be at the Mages Grand Hall." Turning to look over Raven, the metal warrior seemed to look over her entire figure before speaking again.

"Jennifer Mays. Tomorrow at noon you are required to be at the Mages Grand Hall." The warrior spoke again, his tone not even slightly changed from speaking with either. Then, briskly turned and started to leave towards the cafeteria.


However, the lone metal guard was not alone in his task. The others warriors who had gone with the prime minister had also begun walking around, informing each of their task to meet in the Mages Grand Hall at noon. Nightshade, Lightdweller, Pyromancer, it did not matter who it was, or what they were doing. They were found, and informed of the message.

"Drew Kyarra.....Natalie Tanara......Nina Raje......Aden Ignaeus......Fei Kyarra.....Nydia Freecs.....Grana Rei.....Cale Jioni.....Edward Sheen......Ezekial Fried.....Tomorrow, at noon you are required to be at the Mages Grand Hall." And after saying that message to each of those invited, the warriors walked away, leaving each to deal with their news in the way they chose.

Nydia had not been sleeping well, which is why she was awoken so easily by a rustling in her room. Slowly, she opened her eyes... and let out a shriek when she saw the strange warrior standing in her room. "Wh-what are you doing in here?!" She screamed at the stranger. The warrior gave Nydia the message and promptly left, leaving Nydia stunned and not sure what to believe.

What a day this has turned out to be... I wonder what in the world these visitors could want with me. I suppose I'll find out tomorrow at noon. Nydia thought as she climbed out of bed and sat down at her desk. The sudden surprise had left her quite awake, not that she had been sleeping well beforehand, so she would do some reading until she grew tired once more.

Raven was quite startled by the large I guess in front of her. It made sense that machine was interested in Seth. The pyro had proved that he was at least competent enough to not let his emotions get the better of him, even if he was a fair bit cocky earlier, but when the thing started calling out her name, her real name, that was when things stopped following rational thinking in her mind.

After the messenger left, Raven turned to Seth. "What the hell was that about? Don't tell me they're having another one of those massive assemblies again? Just to tell us how great these metal men are, and how we'll be expected to follow their every word like it was gold? Is that really necessary?"

"Hello sir, ma'am, sorry to bother the both of you. I was approached by one of the visitors and told my presence would be required in the grand hall tomorrow at noon. Can either of you please tell me what might be wanted with me?" Alexander couldn't exactly form the words properly in his head but did the best he could. He had hoped it was good enough and that he might get some answers to his confusion.

Fei had yelped and dropped the book as soon as she saw the foreign construction/man in front of her, hiding behind her brother. Apologizing to the librarian she picked up the book and handed it to him. "Drew who was that? Are we in trouble?" She hoped that there weren't more of those things walking in the halls. What if there's some in the dorms? Or in the cafeteria? Or in the -bathroom-??? Fei walked to the window and peeked out, hoping to see the creature leaving, but instead caught sight of a familiar face. "Oh! Seth! Seeeeeth!"

Drew remained silent as the thing had left, still wincing as the burn acted up when he tried to wave to Seth. So we have another meeting to deal with. Just great... "I don't know what's going on. I'm sure it can't be that bad." He gestured to Seth to come close and sit with the. "Hey, come on over here, man!"

Seth had stood still for a moment, not sure if he was going to be in a ton of trouble for taking the metal, or that perhaps he had been selected for....something. However, then the...weapon? He wasn't sure what to call the man like thing that stood in front of him, but it then addressed Raven....Well, Jennifer, to his slight amusement, with the similar message.

"I.....I don't think this is a grand meeting. That was....uh....more of a private invitation, I think. I think they want us for something really important. And....I think those metal men really are more......metal than anything. Something....." Seth started, before he was snapped out of his more dazed state by a familiar voice shouting for him from the Library they were passing.

"OH! Fei! Hi there! And Drew as well! Hope your evening is proving to be slightly less....eventful than my own!" Seth said, nodding to Raven to follow.


Timothy sighed, the master trading a look with Cindy, who shared much of the same expression this evening. Turning his attention back to Alexander, he gave a shrug.

"I am not sure what to tell you Alexander. The Prime Minister during our meeting informed us that he was interested in....interviewing some select students, but had not listed off any names. Seems that he indeed did have a list of names, and got around to asking people already." Timothy said with another sigh.

"What did he request of you? Was it anything peculiar, or did they ask you to come aboard the ships, perhaps? Then we might have something to go off of with these individuals. Though....who asked you?" Timothy rattled off several questions, obviously somewhat tired from the meeting he had been in before, and Cindy rose to put a hand on the shoulder of the tired Master. Slightly pulling on Timothy, Cindy took a more prominent appearance now.

"Apologies, Adept Alexander. It was a very long and difficult meeting with the Prime Minister, and I am sure you are dazed from your surprise meeting as well. Do you need an answer right away, or can it wait till the morning?" Cindy said, wearing a somewhat more tired, but still friendly smile despite all that was happening.

Somehow Raven knew that the invitation wouldn't be for another mass love-in for the visitors, but she didn't want to believe it. Seth seemed almost totally shaken. Shit. Shit. Great, just what I need. Singled out, some important bull, this is great. I knew I was putting myself too far out with that damn tournament. Just had to get that promotion the easy way! Shit!

Raven was snapped out of the tempest state that her mind had been flung into with the introduction of more people to the scene. She followed after Seth, not knowing what else to do at the time, although having to interact with other people, younger people, non-Nightshade people. This was proving not to be her day.

"I understand, and I don't need an answer right away. I was just a bit worried and figured you may know more is all. As for what I was asked, all that was asked of me is that I come to the Grand Hall tomorrow at noon. Part of why I came to you is because I wasn't told why they wanted me in the first place. I was asked by I guess a guard made entirely of metal. Rather intimidating thing that.

I wish I could tell you more, but really all I know is that. Sorry to disturb the both of you and thank you." Alexander said. He wouldn't walk away just in case his masters suddenly had more questions for him and he didn't want to be rude.

"Oh my gosh Seth, did you see that metal thing? It was super scary!" She had stopped a couple feet away from Seth, running off her thoughts about the machine thing. It took her a little to notice Raven behind him, and at first she thought the figure was one of the visitors. A second look told her opposite, but she still slunk back a little. "Oh... who's that Seth?"

"I would have to be a little bit more than blind to not see the metal thing. Strange that I didn't even hear the man coming though." Seth replied to Fei, still rolling over in his head what had occurred.

Wait.....They saw him too? Did they get an invitation? Did they hear him coming? Blood and ashes, this day won't end on a very peaceful note until it has ran me around!

"Oh! This is a....companion of mine. We were asked to do a few things around the library. Fei this is...." Seth paused, suddenly realizing he wasn't sure what name to use. Jennifer or Raven? He decided there was a reason Jenn did that, and decided to play it safe.

"Raven is her name. She is a Nightshade, random hugs and stuff please?" Seth suggested, not exactly sure how else to introduce her.


"There is no reason to worry Alexander. You are under our care, and wouldn't put you in an unfair situation like that." Cindy said, nodding.

"Though, you are likely being pulled in to be seen for an interview. For some reason the Prime Minister has selected a particular set of students whom he wants to meet, which is quite odd. You are correct to worry about the guards, as they don't seem....quite as natural as the rest of us. But enough about them, it is fine that you came to be reassured, for it is what we are truly here for. Thank you for understanding and being patient..." Cindy said as she gave a small wave for Alexander to go before stopping herself.

"Oh, by the way! Pyromaster Marcus informed us that you did some fantastic organization and healing when the tournament was going on. We apologize that we didn't have someone setting things up before, or that Marcus didn't guide it....but it has been very much noted. Perhaps after the visitors are done, we can discuss other matters." Cindy said with her smile getting a little brighter near the end. With that, she finally softly closed the door, leaving Alexander in the hall.

Cale had heard his name and he had spent his time in his dorm gathering his things in his backpack. If everything wasn't as he thought then at least he would be ready to rough it out. As he packed in his clothes he fetched a jar and quickly filled it up with earth.

"My little jar of dirt..." Cale whispered as he stuffed it into his backpack. In case that there would be no earth around him, Cale brought it with him. Wherever he went he always packed a jar of dirt but luckily never got to use it.

Cale left his dorm and nodded to as if he was saying goodbye to a close friend. He trudged on in the hallways, surprised that Daenea hadn't ambushed him by now. The call was made in the cafeteria at the time and he was sure that she might have heard it. Cale knew this and decided to go to the library where he knew that Daenea would not step foot in. This would give him extra time to catch up on his techniques or even a few things to read or even a place to snooze if he got away with it.

As he arrived in library there had been some sort of ruckus earlier. Whatever happened must have sent the librarian in a bind for the he really cherishes the place. He spotted a group of mages nearby and approached them after they were done talking.

"Is this place closed?" Cale asked innocently.

Raven was watching Seth as he made her introduction to these two new people. She was slightly pleased that he used her adopted name rather than the one that that hunk of metal spit out. I don't need any more people knowing what my actual name is. That would just completely ruin me. I mean honestly, a dark conjurer named Jenn? Whoever heard of that?

"You would be wise to follow his advice," she said with that low ominous whisper of hers. "I don't appreciate being touched randomly."

Another random mage appeared behind them, asking about the library. For fucks sake, I try to keep to the shadows and the one time I depart them, I get swarmed by randoms. This night is just getting better and better. "I don't know," she tersely answered. "It certainly has been opened up. Just go up and see."

Fei flinched and hid behind Seth. "Seth... I don't like her. She's scary." she whispered. Nightshades in general didn't sit well with her, and one that actually tried to act the part made her even more cautious. When Cale came up she slunk back near her brother, trying to stay out of the way of the new mages.

"Well it wasn't much really." Alexander said to himself as he turned and walked away. To him what he had done wasn't anything special, most of the others working there could have done it and it was only because he happened to be in a position where he both knew what he was doing and wasn't being swamped because everyone assumed he was the only one that knew what they were doing. At least that was how he explained it to himself, ultimately he was the right rank at the right place and time. Little more, though he wouldn't argue if it made him look good in the eyes of the masters.

Seth couldn't help but let a small grin start to show as he heard Raven go back to trying to be the dark tough Nightstalker. He knew well enough that Raven was probably unhappy about this whole turn of events, and he would need to apologize later for the odd behavior. Of course, Fei clinging behind him was a sign that the act wasn't without merit.

"It's OK Fei, she won't bite." Seth whispered back with his grin still there. Though, he wasn't going to ask Raven to stop, because he doubted she would anyways.

The newcomer, was a slight surprise though. And he quickly recognized him as the one that was with Nydia before.

"Ah, hello there loverboy. It isn't closed yet, but the librarian is probably working on getting the broken window fixed....or something." Seth said with a chuckle. It was probably a bit over the line, but he felt well humored, since he had been invited to....something, and it involved the visitors.

Cale's ears reddened but all he did was roll his eyes to the pyromancer's remark.

"Ha-ha very funny... but what happened here in the first place anyway?" Cale asked as he looked around. It looked like slight fire damage if he ever saw one. "Also did you guys get invited by the visitors too?"

The young girl hid away once Raven started talking. Good. At least...Fei was it? At least she understands what she is facing. So rare to see someone get that right least for me. Seth was trying to put her at ease, and the line about biting wasn't exactly well placed. I would bite if need be. But whatever he feels he has to do to calm the masses to my presence I guess.

The newcomer brought up two questions, both of which Raven knew the answers too, yet could not elaborate on other than simple blunt responses. Of course, why did this man need to know what she knew? "There was a conflict of interest," she answered his first question. "It resulted in the damage. As for the visitors, of course they would be interested in someone of my talents." Or lack thereof, I don't know what the fuck they want with me.

Seth paused, listening carefully as Raven acted as he had hoped, keeping what had happened to be a secret. Though, what stunned him was that "loverboy" had been invited along as well. It was quite the fascinating change in things, which brought Seth to another thought.

I wonder if they invited Nydia too?.....I mean, is fate really going to mess with me that much?

"You too huh? That is kind of crazy. I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that they knew your full name as well? Demanded you be there at noon and all that fun stuff?" Seth asked, now curious if they were going to match up perfectly. He wasn't sure if that would be military style of doing things like that, or if because they were made of metal.

As the small group stood there, the night slowly began to overtake everything, with some torches being lit by passing Pyromancers, and some of the students returning to their rooms for the resting periods.

"Why yes they did. In fact they sent their metal soldiers to every which way in order to announce the fact that we get chosen. Rumor has it is that we're going to Kerbones too." Cale said. Even if it wasn't true, why would they want them?

Cale looked around and took a quick glance of who he would be with on this trip or wherever they would be going. Cale looked outside the broken window and saw the horizon slowly melt into darkness.

"Anyways, thanks for the information. If you don't mind, I am going to camp out in the agrarian section of the library until we get called..." Cale mumbled as he began navigating the lengthy maze of the library.

The newcomer brought up an unpleasant possibility in Raven's eyes. What? No. They can't be shipping me off like that, can they? They can't do that. Why would they do that? Oh fuck, they're going to do that. I'm going to be sticking out of there like a sore thumb, even more than back home. Exactly what I want. Fuck my life.

The night was returning to the land. While this was enough to make Raven feel a little better, she still worried about what it's departure would bring. "I grow weary of this conversation. I'm going to return to my room, and prepare to fully make use of the night's aura. Enjoy the evening." With that, she turned and headed back to the room. I am so screwed.

"They're taking us away?!?" Fei panicked when Cale mentioned going to Kerbones. "I don't want to leave!" she cried, her tears getting reabsorbed into her skin. Right now going there seemed like a nightmare come true, a place populated with machine-men was not high on her list of paces to go, and she never wanted to go. "What if they experiment on us? Or or make us slaves! Or make us machines too!"

"Look, I'm not letting them take you anywhere..." he said, trying to comfort Fei. "They wouldn't want anything with you." He had remained silent for most of the conversation, trying to take in as much information as he could, but was still trying to wrap his head around everything. So some machine thing wants us all to meet somewhere... hopefully that Earthshifter was just pulling rumors out of his ass...

As Alexander walked back he heard some rumors about the library being the site of some kind of battle and decided to check it out for himself. When he got there the library wasn't in too bad of condition but since he was already here he may as well see if he couldn't get in a bit of study. He overheard mention of a group worrying about being taken away and not letting themselves be taken away.

Could they have been asked to go to? I should listen in and see if they know anything. He had grabbed a few books and sat down close enough to hear as he listened in on the conversation. He didn't want to divulge anything if they had no idea what was going on.

"Good evening Raven. Good luck." Seth said as Raven began to go and enjoy the darkness the evening brought. However, it seemed that everyone was now...paranoid? It probably wasn't the word it needed to be used, but it seemed off from all those here.

"Calm down everyone. I mean, it is nothing more than rumor right now, so we don't know what they are doing...Besides, why do they need all of us in the first place? It isn't like any of us possess anything that many other people have." Seth said, rolling things over in his head.

So....they did speak the same and everything....are they machines? Following the same thing as the other...what would it be like to be part machine?

"Yeah, you go check out the library...I think I am going to go get prepared for our meeting tomorrow. I imagine there being a huge feast tomorrow for our guests, so at least breakfast will be big and amazing." Seth said, with a quick grin, looking forward to all the stuff that would be there before the meeting.

"Good evening Fei, Drew. Don't worry about it, I'm sure we will be alright. Things always have turned out so far, why not continue the trend?"

With that, Seth got to walking back to his rooms, mulling over what he would take. His sword would be a must in this situation. His good cloak, perhaps change into something slightly more favoring his blade......

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