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Cale marched to a lonely section of the library and as he mentioned earlier he had arrived in the section of the library solely based on the land of the areas far beyond the island. Cale pulled out a large volume based on Morguad farm lands and sat that close to him. He dropped his bag gently to one side and turned to a random page.

"Most interesting..." Cale said sarcastically as he sank back with his back to vast volumes of literature. He bored himself to sleep reading on the moisture of a Morguadian soil and the right a landlord has to rule that parcel of land. Soon his eyes knew rest once again.

The evening drifted by rather quickly over the Academy, with the few students falling asleep in the libraries, or heading to their rooms to get their rest. For a selection of students however, there was an anticipation of what was going to happen the next day as the evening quickly sprinted by, with no events or changes that would be noted at all. (Except for the repaired library window forms....)

As the sun just slightly began to rise, a large selection of mages which were selected to prepare the huge feast of a breakfast that would be occurring. As the sun slowly began its ascent to the higher sky, the Mess Hall was in an absolute bustle with more mages than usual running about preparing any food they could grab. Eggs of many styles, meats of many more styles, different types of breads, snacks, sugars, and anything else that would work. It was plainly obvious that this was a big moment, and that the Mess Hall would not be open until many students were awake the the Guests from Kerbones were awake and ready as well.

Soon, crowds of earlier rising students began to appear as they waited impatiently for the doors to be opened at the hall so they could have a taste of their meal, and many more students waking and learning of the feast that was to occur.


"Wake up, man. You got a woman to fight for and a feast to attend." Seth's roommate was bothering him as he got up, not quite realizing what was going on. A Lightdweller by stance, the man that Seth was stuck with was somewhat more chatty and tended to be like a Nightshade, gathering any information he could.

"Bah.....wait.....Woman to fight for? What the blazes you talking about?" Seth rose groggily at first, things still processing in his head.

"I heard that the girl who you walked with and went with that one day is being moved on by another guy! An Earthshaper at that! Named Cale. Came out and said he loved her and everything! YOU GOTTA DO SOMETHING!"

Seth rose, his mind catching up with everything that was going on. A feast was expected, but he didn't plan on defending his "honor" or anything like that this morning. However, appearances might need to be kept. As Seth got to putting on his good robes and grabbing his blade, his roommate regarded him wearily.

"You.....arn't going to go STAB him are you? I mean...goddamn, remind me to not get between you and your girls..."

"Don't worry about it. I don't plan on stabbing anyone quite yet. Not unless I have to." Seth said, making sure his weapon and appearance was how he wanted before he went out today. Satisfied, he got to stepping outside, somewhat weary of being up somewhat early, but he was up, so there wasn't much to be done about it now.

Aden stared into the water in his private study room. Humans. A blight if ever there was one. He traced a finger across the burns on his face. They did this to him, and now expected him to accompany them back to their decrepit hole?

And yet he had no choice. He had to go with them. Many of the others were little more than initiates, children in need of guidance. He couldn't abandon them to the Humans. He had to protect them.

"Damn them." He didn't know for certain what the Humans were planning for them, but he could make guesses. Vivisection. Torture. Brainwashing, darker things he didn't want to imagine. Someone had to be there to fight, and not some half-trained initiate.

And further, open defiance would result in only more deaths. He just hoped that when they inevitably returned that the Mages would be more prepared to defend their homes. He could only hope.

He stood and left his study room, heading for the Grand Hall. It was still early yet, but he had already eaten and he wanted to have time to pay attention to the hall in the event it was a trap.

Alexander woke up bright and early. His letter had probably just arrived at his parent's place, and he hoped he would be around to read their response. If not he would have to have it forwarded to...wherever he would be. At least he hoped he could do that.

No point in worrying about it now I guess. Just need to hope I'm not going anywhere too far away. He thought as he dressed in his robes and walked to the mess hall. The crowd was already quite large at this point and he figured cutting would just anger one of the pyromancers so he stayed to the outskirts and just waited as more people had already begun to collect around him.

Nydia was awakened by the sun streaming in through her window. She sat up quickly, startled to find that she had fallen asleep reading at her desk. "Ah! I seem to have overslept. I suppose this will interfere with my schedule a bit. I suppose the training grounds will be occupied by this time. Well, I haven't skipped laser practice in over 4 months now. I suppose one day won't hurt." Nydia mumbled to herself as she sluggishly got up and began getting ready for the coming day.

Her dress robes that she had foolishly worn into battle yesterday were certainly in no state to be worn for an occasion such as today's. She changed into her normal robes, which were nothing fancy, but they would have to do. Once she was sure she was sufficiently prepared to see their guests, Nydia stepped out into the hall and made her way towards the mess hall for breakfast.

I wonder if Cale will be going to the meeting at noon as well... If I was summoned based on my performance in the arena, it's only natural he would be too. I'll have to prepare for that. Oh... what should I say? Nydia thought, her mind returning to the turmoil of yesterday as she made her way through the crowded halls.

Fei woke up later than usual, but no less excited. "Drew! Drewdrewdrewdrewdrewdrew..." Thanks to Pyromaster Marcus the siblings now shared a room in the general dorms. Of course Fei was all sorts of overjoyed, and she was practically jumping on her brother's bed. "Wake up Drew! There's a party for breakfast today!" The thought of having bacon twice in a row was enough to make her stomach growl. "They're gonna have pancakes, and waffles, and bacon, and ice cream, and bacon..." The promise of food had overshadowed her fear of the machine people for the moment, and even the fact that she might be kidnapped and taken to a foreign world and made into a robot.

Drew grumbled and turned away from her "Bacon can wait... just give me a couple minutes...". He was glad to have the new accommodation, but he had grown used to having his own room. He loved Fei, but knew he'd have to get used to her waking him up in the morning. He reluctantly got out of bed and got dressed in the bathroom. "C'mon... get ready and let's get going..."

Raven was slow to pull herself away from the sweet darkness that sleep provided. Getting up today was just not an attractive option at all. Fuck. What am I going to do today? I can't really get out of this one. Damn hunks of bolts will probably round me up anyway even if I don't show up. She tossed in the blankets. Ugh, I don't even know if I want food...oh who am I kidding. Of course I want food.

She rose slowly from the bed, moving to the dresser, where her latest prize awaited. A quick stop by the office confirmed that the special dye she wanted was now in. Pulling the jet black cartridge from the box, she grabbed her applicator and went to work filling in the auburn roots that had grown in over the past month. It took a few minutes, but soon the offending areas were covered in a coat of black, just like the rest of her hair. She even dipped some of the front ends in the dye, just to give the color a bit of a revive from the fade that had occurred. She waited a few more minutes for the dye to properly dry before applying the makeup that covered up the freckles upon her face.

Satisfied with the work done on her face, she got dressed, throwing on whatever clothes had escaped the laundry hamper and tossing on another of her pitch-black robes. Maybe some breakfast will help me make sense of what is about to happen. Like how many normals I'm going to have to inflict pain on to make sure they feel what I want them to feel...

Fei nodded, bustling around her tidier side of the room. She put on her nicest robe, a deep blue embroidered with gold fish. It was a present from her parents for one of her recent birthdays. She figured she'd be presentable at least for the big event. As soon as she was dressed she grabbed her brother's hand and half-dragged him to the mess hall.

Once they got in she ran through the lines piling her plate up with everything she found.

Cale awoke the morning bells outside. Luckily the librarian hadn't kicked him out but he didn't want to push his luck. He quickly gathered his things and saw his way out as fast as possible. He stole a quick glance at the massive airships as he went towards the grand halls for the big meeting.

Whatever would happen Cale prepared himself. His imagination wrecked havoc on his concentration as he nearly missed the hallway to the grand hall and nearly wandered off into the pathways towards the fields. Then his stomach grumbled. Reluctantly he went towards the mess hall before going to the grand halls.

As he arrived he was greeted with the wonderful smell of cooked bacon and fried eggs. He quickly got on line and grabbed all he could but he had noticed that someone else had beat him to it. He watched as the small mage that he had seen in the library yesterday was filling her plate with food. Cale grabbed a handful of bacon then a few eggs followed by a few biscuits and followed her back to her table where he saw another mage which looked like her brother. Cale approached the table knowing that these mages would also be going to the great halls afterward as well.

"Is this seat taken?" Cale asked the pair. He motioned towards an open slot in the table.

"Nope!" she said with a mouth full of food. A lot of the tables were usually full, so she wasn't too nervous when the strange mage she had seen around sat with them. Besides, she had pancakes! And bacon! There was little that would distract her from her food at the moment, the least being a mage of similar rank.

With the doors now opened, the multitudes of students had begun pouring in and getting the food, the line being somewhat crowded and disorganized, with many students collecting all the foods they could, with the cooks seeming to have always another large plate to bring out, or another large batch to give, or more rolls, or just about anything. As a majority of students began to take their seats, there was an odd silence near one of the sides of the hall as a large group of the "normal" guests began to arrive. First, a pair of mechanical guards, and then the individuals who had been seen outside of the ship, and then an even larger multitude of people who were similarly dressed in work clothes, with their own metal modifications, or none at all.

As the large group of others had come, collected a multitude of foods like the many students had before them, and took their seats, somewhat isolated. For the moment, at least, things proceeded oddly. With those closer seated to the guests being somewhat quieter with the presence of many of the mechanized guests around. But soon the mood returned to the usual run of things, with the students seeming to be more excited about the huge amounts of food they were allowed to have today.

The masters, meanwhile, were lingering in the back areas, watching as everything unfolded.

"See? No riot. You worry too much Nine." Darnell spoke, obviously seeing how things would go this morning.

"Shut up, Darnell. We haven't started yet." Nine muttered back, obviously somewhat annoyed to be up watching a feast this early.

"Once the big guy gets here, we will see how things pan out, won't we?"


Seth happily collected what foods he could, figuring that if he did have to face some unknown thing, he would prefer to do so with a full stomach. Grabbing plenty of bacon, eggs, and a pancake here or there, and then finally finishing off with some toast, he went over to where he noted Fei was sitting, and inhaling, the food that was on her plate.

"Slow down there Fei! Going to be sick at the rate you are breathing that food!" Seth said with a chuckle, noting another was taking a seat nearby and casually stepped away so they could sit first. Taking a few steps away to another open seat, Seth sat and then took his first and favorite breakfast treat: bacon. He didn't try to shovel it down like Fei was though, because he would get both messy and sick. Not that he was too worried about his appearance.

THEY invited me, so if they don't like how I look, I don't give a damn what they thought in bringing me to this meeting. Course, I hope this isn't some 'we are kidnapping you' thing. Otherwise, I will have to stab someone.

Brooding for a moment, he glanced again at Fei who seemed very intent on eating everything as quickly as she could at once. It was amazing someone so small could eat all that so quickly.

Hah...Can't blame her. I would do that too if I wasn't certain I would mix something that shouldn't be mixed. Mmmmm....Bacon.

She took a short break from stuffing herself to answer Seth. "I'm not going to be sick!" she hiccuped. "The food is reeeeally good too! Kinda like that time you cooked..." Deciding that that was a long enough break she resumed eating, although at a slightly slower pace. The meeting was the last thing on her mind at the moment, and everything else seemed to be going well for her.

Raven picked up a solid tray's worth of food; waffles, bacon, hash browns. No orange juice though. Orange juice was too sunny. Coffee was the drink of choice, black like the night. Having slathered the waffles with a good portion of blackberry jam, she grabbed a lone table off to the side. She saw her partner from the fights yesterday, at a table talking to the young girl who was so frightened of her yesterday, as well as a couple others who were present at the seen of the scorched earth, but still she wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone right now. She was trying to reason her way out of the most likely dreaded fate upon her.

So what else could this meeting possibly be about if it weren't about being shipped off to Nowhereland? Academic awards? No, I haven't been near good enough for that. Some bullshit volunteer committee? Hah, like I'm use there. Paraded in front of the school for some grotesque battle royale? That could be it. I might actually enjoy that. But no, the head mages probably wouldn't like having everyone killed off like that. Bad for the image. All they care about anyway. Fuck, I can't see anything else. This is it. This is really going to suck.

Alex had grabbed a plate and sat down. It so happened he ended up near the guest's table. He had felt all the others tense as he began eating calmly. He knew for now they wanted little to do with him, at least he hoped they did. It wouldn't be until this afternoon meeting that he needed to worry. To try and take his mind off of things he focused on his plate which he had piled high with foods of all kinds. It was rare that there was this much and he was going to take as much advantage of it as possible.

Ed woke up later then he wanted to, he had the deepest sleep he had had in a while even with the whole metal men showing up out of now where to give him an invitation.
He didn't have time to think about it right now, he was more concerned about having a empty stomach.
Wow I slept in, I need to hurry while the food is still hot!
He rumaged through his draws and found his favorite jacket, he could wear it in all seasons and the deep pockets where his favorite. The only way he was able to "Barrow" so many books in the first place.
Without even saying a hello he ran down stairs straight to the Grand Hall.
Once he reached the end he was afraid the tray would collapse with all he put on it.
how many couple got picked out for this? I can't be the only one right? I got to talk to someone
Then he saw Alex at the next table and quickly sat down at the same table across from him.
"OI, ALEX! Guess who visited me in the middle of the night?"
He mentioned before biting into a blueberry muffin.

"I can take a guess. A metal man with an invitation to an event this afternoon that you are required to go to? I got the same invite, do you know anything about what they might want from us there?" Alexander asked. Still a bit worried about what this was all about.

Brushes crumbs off of coat.
"pheew, glad I am not the only one. I am not sure why they chose me, probably because I was associated with you. Why do you have to be so damn awesome?" He joked

As Nydia entered the mess hall, she scanned the crowd for any familiar faces. But with a much larger amount of people than usual, it was hard to tell. She decided it would be best to eat quickly and get out of the chaos as she got in line and began picking out food to eat. Her exploits yesterday had left her hungrier than usual, and before she knew it she had twice as much as she usually ate.

After exiting the line, Nydia managed to find a fairly unoccupied table to sit at. After sitting down she began to wonder if her eyes had been bigger than her stomach today, so to speak. "Hmm... 1 cup of milk, 2 slices of ham, 1 pancake with a small amount of syrup and butter, and 2 scrambled eggs is what I usually get... But today I have 3 slices of ham, 2 pancakes with a lot of syrup, and 4 scrambled eggs." She muttered to herself, comparing what she had today with the breakfast that she deduced was best suited for her. "I'd like to eat all this but... I'd rather not gain any weight." She said with small sigh as she picked up her fork and began eating slowly.

Alexander laughed at the joke.

"If they are interested in anyone it is you and I just happen to be tagging along. If anything they just want me to follow behind you and heal any bumps and scratches you might get." He joked back.

I don't think this was spur of the moment. The reaction of the masters means this has probably been in the works for a while.

Bites into another muffin.
"Well what ever reason they picked us its not like we can't show up. Who knows, it could be fun. Its only the lake of choice that makes it annoying. If you had the option would you go to Kerbones?"
He wasn't sure if he would go himself.
I should have answered that myself before I asked

"I'm not sure yet. I mean it is the chance of a lifetime, but to be out of contact with family so long. I guess I would, but it wouldn't be an easy decision." Alexander said before taking another bite out of the pile off food on his plate.

"As good a time as any, Niklas." Darnell said, looking upon the huge gathering of students. The information had not gotten out of hand yet, but it seemed that the students might as well be aware of the situation before them.

"Indeed, Darnell. The time has come. Too bad they have to learn of it while enjoying the large meal." Niklas said, standing from where he had been eating before to try and address the students.

Before he could say a word, the Prime Minister stepped into the Mess Hall. While at first some of the students quickly made their way out of his, others had little choice. Interestingly, the action seemed to somewhat displease the Prime Minister, who instead seemed to wave them back into line as they proceeded to get food themselves. It was an odd thing to watch, as the Academy students were not exactly well versed on what to do when royalty or important guests decided to stay, and it wasn't making any more sense for those who knew royalty but were being allowed in front in the first place.

There also appeared to be no empty tables at all. With most of them filled, the Prime Minister found himself sitting at a relatively unoccupied that Nydia was sitting at picking away at her food. Two guards sat next to the Prime Minister as he sat, and the other two seemed to stay a small distance away. Taking away his helmet, the Prime Minister seemed hardly mechanical from his neck up. Black hair that was tied back, clean shaven, and strange yellow eyes which seemed more striking than anything. After a small amount of time looking around the table, his gaze fell upon Nydia, and he paused, nodded, then went to work on his meal.

".......Any ideas Darnell?" Niklas said softly, obviously pleased that things had worked out so well.


Seth had watched carefully as the new guest went around, and then noted the table that he sat at, only to see it was close to another student that he quickly recognized. But after a while, he found himself losing interest, deciding that his close encounter would happen later in the afternoon, which was just a mere few hours away. He began to wonder if perhaps he should meet with a few others and plan something out.

"So.....Thoughts on new Emperor or prince or whatever guy. Any ideas?" Seth said, going back to enjoying some eggs.

"Is that him?!? His eyes are sooo pretty..." Fei grinned, watching the man intently. "He kinda looks like a Nightshade I think. But not so dark. And nicer. Are we going to meet him? Why is he sitting here? I think a prince should have a big table with a lot of food, and, um, gold! And things..."

Nydia was so used to ignoring the normal commotion of the mess hall that she almost didn't notice the three guests sitting down across from her. No, it was the nervous silence as they sat down that caught Nydia's attention. She looked up to find herself staring into the yellow eyes of the man across from her. He seemed different from Michael and the other guests that she had seen yesterday. He seemed to have no body modifications, and judging by the two on either side of him that seemed more like guards than companions, he was probably someone of importance. Interesting... I wonder what has driven someone of his stature to sit amongst the crowd like this? Perhaps I should greet him, although I don't know the proper etiquette for his culture. I don't want to risk being rude, intentional or no, but- Oh, dear! I've been staring far too long... Now I have to say something or it will certainly be rude.

After she had finished chewing and mentally berating herself, Nydia decided that now would be the time to say hello to her guest. "Ah, Good morning to you! I am Nydia Freecs, a Lightdweller Adept here at the academy. It's truly a pleasure to have you here." She said to the man with a warm smile. Hopefully, he would be as pleasant to converse with as Michael.

The meal room seemed to hush itself for a moment, something Raven appreciated. However as she looked up to see who or what she would have to thank for this glorious pause, she saw more of the metal men wandering around. This only reminded her of what she was facing after the meal. They surrounded one of the other metal men, The head honcho, I guess, as they moved through the crowd to a table in the back. Great, what are they doing here anyway? Come to watch us all squirm? They would get their jollies off of that. Petty foreigners. Intent on putting the new diners out of sight and out of mind, Raven went back to her waffles.

Seth couldn't help but laugh at Fei rattling off her expectations of the kingly fellow who had walked in. It was sometimes something that Seth forgot about, how young Fei tended to be at times. She held these ideas about how things should go.

"Well, I don't think we are exactly equipped to do things like that...are we? Gold and all that stuff. But I guess being who he is means that he can sit wherever he wants. Not sure how well that would have gone over if someone like Aden was here, but it would have been...interesting." Seth said to Fei, now going after the few waffles that he had grabbed himself as well. He still went after it with his hungry self, but was much more aware of the surroundings....and the position of those other guards.


The Prime Minister nodded at Nydia, seeming to be quite pleased about something before he spoke.

"Hello Nydia. I am quite aware of you and your skills. It will be a much better pleasure when we can speak in a much less crowded format after this breakfast. Don't worry about being rude, it is not often that I find someone who isn't going to stare at someone who leads a nation and isn't filled with what supposedly makes that nation unique." The Prime Minister said, his tone clear and precise.

"But, now is not a time for speaking, we should be eating. Enjoy the meal, as it seems quite delicious, and I imagine it not happening often." And with that, the Prime Minister decided to bite into some bacon, nodding his head, and then moving on to other foods of toast, waffles, and pancakes.

Cale watched, weary of what the Prime Minister had to sat to Nydia. It was true that he had professed that he had liked her and it was even more true in Cale's mind as his ears reddened every second that the Prime Minister was talking to Nydia. He didn't look like he was making advances towards her and it just seemed like modest conversation but that didn't stop Cale's imagination.

Cale's thoughts then switched to regret as he did not seek her out the past few days. In his mind Nydia would have probably forgotten him by now and moved on. The Prime Minister must have seen this and decided to talk to her. There's always something mysterious about these new visitors. For all he knew the Prime Minister must have read her mind.

Instead of getting up Cale buried himself in his breakfast. He eat down his food and he turned to the Pyromancer near him that had sat down earlier with the pair with his mouth still full of food.

"When are we supposed to go anyway?" Cale said spitting out fragments of bacon at high speeds.

"Do you think he's married to a princess?" Fei was sipping some juice through a straw. "I bet she's really pretty, with long hair and sparkly eyes..." She imagined it would be just like the stories of princes and princesses she read in books. Then again, she didn't read very many books that involved that sort of topic, and definitely none that had a bad ending.

"I would take it too, not like I talk to my family anyway. The change in scenery would be nice if a little exotic." Done with his second muffin he went for the third when he saw the man with the armed escort.
whats the king doing here? Trying to get a feel for the people around here? Glad he didn't sit at our table
"Hay there ia the king, seems a little less noble eating pancakes..."

"Ah, yes. The kitchen staff have really given it their best today. I suppose it would be a shame to let that go to waste. My apologies for distracting you from your meal." Nydia replied, before going back to her own plate. She was pleased to see that this man was also well-mannered much like Michael was. These visitors were much easier to get along with then she had first imagined. Although some of things he said were bothering her slightly. He said he leads a nation didn't he? Am I really dining with the leader of Kerbones? My luck lately has been simply astounding! I suppose he'll be at the meeting in the Grand Hall today. that must be what he meant by speaking somewhere less crowded. And- Oh, now I've done it...

Nydia's thoughts were interrupted when she lowered her fork to her plate to get another bite, only to notice that the plate was empty now. While she was lost in thought she had eaten far more than she had intended to. The realization made caused her to notice just how full her stomach was now, leaving her feeling a bit bloated. "Ugh... I need to be more careful. And maybe take a nice long walk a little later." She muttered under her breath.

"I would say that is true of everyone. I would be shocked if anyone looked imposing or threatening while eating pancakes. As for the family issue, I'm sorry to hear that. I myself wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't send my letters back." Alexander replied in between bites of his own food.

"Nah no reason to say sorry, my family is everyone here. Also-"
Picks up a fork and quickly snatches a pancake from Alex's plate trying to maintain a menacing sneer while laughing on the inside. Slowly taking each bite while staring at him. 0~0

Alexander laughed openly as he didn't try to take the pancake back.

"If you wanted one, all you had to do was ask." He said before taking another bite.

"So which does that make me, cousin, big brother, or little brother?" He asked with another laugh.

"Little brother for sure. I'm someone you can look up to and stuff. Just like all of my artistic talent. Well at least the kind that doesn't get me in trouble."
Takes one last bite that ended up being many more before drinking his cup of milk.

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