Journey of the Elementals RP (Pm if Interested, Started)

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Finally got my sheet up for the reboot. Hopefully it's not too late. A complete departure for me, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Mr. Omega:

Name: Drew Kyarra
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Mastery: AirShifter
Rank: Adept.

Welcome to the party.


Name: Alexander Smith
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Magic: LightDweller
Rank: Adept

Nice to have you on board.

Name: Natalie (Nat) Tanara
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Element: Nightshade
Rank: Weaver

Name: Nina Raje
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Master: Airshifter
Secondary: Pyromancy
Rank: Adept, Apprentice

Alright, lets see how this dual character holding will work. Welcome.


Name: Aden Ignaeus
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Mastery: Pyromancer
Rank: Weaver

Ah, humanity hating Aden. This will be interesting. Welcome to the mess.


Name: Fei Kyarra
Age: 17, turning 18 in few days
Gender: Female
Element: Hydromaster
Rank: Mage

Younger sister Fei might as well come along. Happy to have you along for the ride.

Fragrance of Mtn Dew:

Name: Nydia Freecs
Mastery: Lightdweller
Rank: Adept

More time, you say? Happy to help take care of that for ya. Welcome.

Xero Scythe:

Name: Grana Rei
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Mastery: Pyromancy
Rank: Mage

Alright, I'm willing to give your odd character a shot. Explosives are a dual element though, so I'm taking that as more poetic than actual. Welcome to the party.


Name: Jennifer "Raven" Mays
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Mastery: Nightshade
Rank: Mage

Your interest is also mine. Lets see if this plays out as it is supposed to. Welcome.


Name: Cale Jioni
Age: 27
Mastery: Geomaster
Rank: Mage

I'll assume you forgot to correct the last part of your sheet. Welcome along.

My name is Fiction:

Name: Edward Sheen
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Mastery: Earthshaper
Rank: Apprentice

I just figured that I would bring along someone horribly friendly and see what happens. :P Welcome to the party.

Chaos Incarnate:

Name: Ezekial Fried
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Mastery: Water
Rank: Apprentice

Truthfully, I wasn't sure about bringing along one more person, but I read over the sheet again and just found your characters aloofness somewhat hilarious. Just keep in mind that I will be watching out for that fighting aspect of yours.

I would like to extend my thanks to everyone for showing up and giving it a shot. If there are any additional questions, concerns, bargains, or pleas you would like to bring fourth, please do so shortly. An opening post from me will be coming up later this evening.

Thanks again, and good luck to everyone!

Hooray! In under the wire!

Hooray I cut the wire!

The weather at the Academy on this day is dark. Though it is yet early morning, there are clouds rolling through the sky, with the sound of distant thunder rolling through the skies. The weather wasn't pleasant by any stretch of the word, but it was not to be improved by the mages today. It was determined beforehand that the nearby port city needed this ordinary rain that would come through. While this did cause some grumbling, it was accepted, simply because it was an annoyance, and nothing more.

However, deep inside the Great Halls, there was more stormy proceedings going onward with a master of each element present. In fact, things reflected the weather quite well in the private chambers in the Great Halls. Within the lit hall, Niklas, the prominent Earthshaper actually looked quite unhappy. His growling nature was particularly directed at the flowing shadows across the table. Darnell, in usual fashion, did not seem fazed by the unexpected fury coming from Niklas.

"....Your idiocy truly must know no bounds for you to so recklessly do that, Darnell." Niklas rumbled, not bothering to hide his displeasure. "Dealing with a kingdom outside of our vision is risky enough, but actively trading information with them? And not just simply thing like our elements, but actual student information? Your explanation had better be more than legendary, Darnell. Though you move through the shadows, there is a limit to what we will tolerate even from you."

There was a general murmur of agreement with the representative of each element, since there was only one of each at the table, the others running about the Academy to handle official business of keeping everything in order. All the gazes in the room had shifted now to Darnell, who appeared to stand to address everyone.

"Council, I realize that the information I have shared is not necessarily welcome, and I know you also realize that I would not have shared it without good reason." Darnell began, the voice as usual lacking anything in particular but stating what was happening. "I assure you all that the trade made was necessary, and I did so with the best intentions and plans in mind..."

Darnell seemed to shift the darkness around himself, and it went onto the table, as the darkness crept back, a unique crossbow sat in its place. It was obviously heavily modified, with multiple attachments of unique design. It was at this that Marcus, the Pyromancer, stood to confront Darnell.

"This is all fine and good, but it is not justification for what you said to have done. Trading information from the Academy...for this? I stopped using crossbows when I learned to throw fire, so I would not value this worth much." Marcus said, his more Knightly tone coming in to his voice.

"My good Marcus, you misunderstand. We have here much more than just a crossbow. In a few days, we will be visited by Prime Minister of Kerbones. He will be delivering us other high tech tools, such as this one. Just to make sure you understand the gravity of this. We are being trusted with technology that only they possess. Given free access to what we are given, to look it over and understand what it is that they have. And all I had to do was give them student profiles to look through." Darnell stated, seeing some of the shock coming from some of the members of the table.

There was some general muttering, and everyone looked to Niklas, who seemed as always determined to follow through.

"Then the deal is done, and he will come here...By airship, I presume. In a few days. Is there anything else to this that we should know, Darnell?" Niklas rumbled, knowing that the Prime Minister would be there soon, whether he liked it or not.

".....Just one thing. A few other Masters might know of this, but also in trade the Prime minister wished to have some students go with him. Of course, they would be under my supervision the entire time they would be in his company, so there would be no issue." Darnell stated factually, as if he were just listing numbers.

".....Since this deal is done, I guess we have no choice but to prepare for their arrival. Darnell, I will swear to you in front of the others that if anything falls through on this deal, I will crush your skull for needlessly exposing and endangering us all, and the lives of who knows how many students."


Should have just stayed in my goddamned bed this morning, gods burn me.

Seth was breathing quite heavily as he looked over his opponent. Just half an hour ago he awoke from his disturbing dreams with a start, and got to walking. Only this day he thought he was being watched by Pyromancer Felicia, which he really did not want to meet with her first thing today. So, he did his best to escape her going to the water temples.

That was just a stupid idea, now wasn't it Seth?

Ten minutes ago, a Weaver Hydromancer demanded that he leave 'their turf', or face the consequences. Obviously, Seth had not given a damn, and the Hydromancer challenged Seth to a duel, thinking that her water skill superior to Seth's fire. Again, that was ten minutes ago, and Seth was still standing, with the flames still leaping around himself.

The girl looked exhausted, as she had expected a much easier fight with someone of fire, and had not expected his resilience and creativity that you would think to put him in Weaver status. As she warily launched yet another wave of water, Seth again met it with a constant wall of flame.

This time, the Hydromancer thought she had Seth, suddenly changing parts of the wave to ice to launch at Seth past his fiery waves. Thinking quickly, Seth leaped to the side, and was suddenly charging the hydromancer. Somewhat taken aback by the energy still being shown after the fight, she wrapped an ice cocoon around herself to shield from the coming flames.

Seth was done with this battle though, and as she went defensive Seth knew what to do. He got as close as he could sprint getting away from the water still being directed by the hydro, and let her have a face of full on flames. The wall of ice held at first, only to quickly fade away and blast the woman backwards, sending her rolling on the ground. With the waters no longer chasing and showing a threat, Seth spun, throwing one more fireball at the woman as she attempted to push herself up to see the fire coming towards her....

....only to be stopped by being encompassed in ice from outside the dueling area. The fireball fell to the ground and shattered, and the hydromancer seemed to do that same, no longer attempting to push herself up.

"That is enough Seth. We do not kill in duels, and you have proven yourself the better opponent. But if you don't mind, could you please venture away from the Hydromancer training area?" The hydromancer master Angelina said, stepping forward.

Seth let the flames spin around him a moment longer, as the heat made it so he was not so aware of the strikes he had taken during the fight, but then abruptly put them out as the Master approached him.

"Very well, Miss Dufonte. I will take my leave, as I would rather not have to duel every student awake this morning. Take-" A wave of water enveloped Seth, and while he felt it patch up some of the cuts and beatings he had taken, it felt terribly unnatural to be healed by waters anyways. As the water shifted away, Seth visibly shook himself off.

Gods damn me. That felt unnatural. Seth pulled himself back together, and looked again at the Master.

"Take care." Seth finished, and with that walked somewhat quickly away from the watery haven. He made his way to the large Mess Hall, to hopefully get a good breakfast and forget about last night's nightmares, and his morning experiences.

Going to be one of those days, I can already tell.

"Hey, Drew... Drew... Drew..." Fei shook her brother, trying to wake him up. They had spent the early morning practicing, but he wasn't one for studying so early. Not sure whether he was really asleep or just pretending to be, she crossed her arms with a pout. I guess I'll practice by myself for a while...

She had asked her brother to practice with her because she was trying to get to Adept. Drew had to save her again recently from a nasty-tempered Pyromancer who had had a bad day. I'll never be able to protect myself like this...

A sphere of water materialized in between Fei's hands. What does Master Felicia always say? ...imagine the water calming down? Uh... imagine... no... imagine the water becoming a crystal? Like a diamond? Dagnabbit. Realizing that the scatterbrained Felicia probably said all of those things, Fei tried to just focus on getting it cold. Then getting it colder than that.

"Come on... freeze!"

For a few precious seconds the water held still. Then it began to swirl again, the ice lost. In her frustration she accidentally hurled it at Drew's back.

Edward struggled in his sleep.
The sun was mocking him, shinning brightly into his eyes before they even opened
Too soon, just a little longer...
He tossed and turned for a couple moments but eventually he gave up, stumbling out of bed to see the view.
It took him a second for his eyes to adjust but the sight was not as beautiful as usual.
The rain clouds hovered a head, if natural of controlled he could only guess.
Just as quickly as he got up the sun was blotted out.
With a heavy sigh he looked out enjoying by what he assumed an unnatural breeze.
If I just waited a bit longer. . .
But he was already to awake so he looked around the mess that was the room.
The books were laid out all over the table, some of the open one's pages were turning from the wind.
I probably need to return some of those
Edward had been reading more then he wanted usually with his little injury.
His ankle got badly twisted from the fall two stories down.
They said it could have been broken but he knew it was skill that prevented that.
Albeit poor skill.
I was an idiot for not practising, all the time training I have lost
He did a quick stretch, his ankle stiff but he was sure it was fully healed.

*stomach grumble*

Well time to go, got to reach the mess hall before it starts raining
*gently shutting the door he walked down the stairs and gave a glance at the inn keepers.
He had slept there so long he practically lived there.
With a few odd jobs here and there he payed his due.
I hope they don't look in and see how I have trashed it
The wind started blowing harder the closer he reached the Academy doors.

"This weather is a little much." He muttered under his breath

Eventually he reached the mess hall, the smell of food drifting in the air.
This breakfast will make up for it
Quickly he grabbed a plate and sat down at a random table when it was full.

Drew lounged about, lying on his bed. He let Fei come visit him seeing how he promised her he'd treat her to dinner. We haven't spent the day together in a while...

Suddenly, the water his him "OH GOD WITH FREEZING!" his robe was soaked. He used his wind to get as much of it off as he could. Gonna have to hang these later... He looked back to Fei. "Watch where you're throwing that stuff!" He looked to the various books he had strewn about the bed, making sure none of them got wet. He sighed with relief when he saw they were all dry.

He got up and shook a little. "So I guess you're having trouble making ice..." He wasn't a Hydromaster, but he was doing everything he could to help Fei with her magic.

"Yes..." she pouted. "How am I going to ever become an Adept if I can't freaking make ice..." she jumped on his bed and tried to draw as much water as she could back out of the robe. She wrinkled her nose and laughed. "Ew, Drew... when was the last time you washed your robes? This one is diiirtyyy~" she teased.

As the sun rose but barely broke through the dark clouds over the academy, Nydia was already in the LightDweller training area. She always made sure to get there especially early to avoid having to train with others around. A stone slab sat about 10 feet in front of her, already full of small holed. Taking a deep breath, Nydia gathered her strength one last time. As she did, she pointed towards the slab and two tiny balls of light appeared on either side of her. In an instant they became lasers that shot forward and burned through the slab.

"And that makes 100!" Nydia proclaimed as she wiped the sweat from her brow and turned to leave the training grounds. As she exited, she passed other students just entering to being their own morning exercises and acknowledged them briefly with a polite smile and a small bow before continuing on her way to the mess hall. Over the years she had painstakingly researched the perfect balanced breakfast to compliment her training regimen. Sadly, her cooking skills were woefully inadequate to prepare it herself so she was forced to do the best she could with what the kitchen staff prepared.

After grabbing her usual food she sat down at the nearest empty table and began to go over her plan for the day. "Let's see... I've already gone through my usual combat training. After this I'll head to the library for some studying until mid afternoon and then off to the infirmary to see if they need a hand and work on my healing. Sounds good for today." This was pretty much her normal routine, so unless something unusual happened it was going to be a fairly average day for Nydia.

He groaned when she teased him. He knew she was kidding, but it did kind of annoy him. "Meh. I was gonna do it this weekend." he smirked and flicked his wrist, making a small puff of wind blew the water in her face. He laughed a little and leaned back.

"Relax... you'll get the hang of ice eventually. You learn pretty quick. Runs in the family." he tried to reassure her that she'd get better.

Ezekial yawned and turned to his side immediately falling from the short tree he had passed out in. Hitting the ground with a light thump, opening his eye's he felt a massive headache rush over him as he gripped his head in pain. "Shit" He swore, "How did I get here?" Ezekial yawned and layed back down on the grass to watch the dark clouds swirl. A sudden dark figure leapt on him, "Ahhh" Ezekial shouted his head spinning as he lurched forward , "Ah lovely to see you Sir Taco" Ezekial muttered as the chicken proceed to jump off his chest and peck at ground occasionally snaring some small creature in its beak. "Looks like it's going to rain Sir Taco, I'd get up but that requires effort, so would moving the rain drops, shit looks like I only have one option" Ezekial rolled onto his stomach and stretched out quickly falling back asleep to the sounds of incoming thunder.

Alexander woke up as soon as the sun had risen, the large window making it impossible to sleep. One of the downsides of being a Lightdweller meant living in an area where no matter the weather, there was light constantly shining in the daytime.

Oh well, not much to do about it really. Besides I need to wake up anyway if I'm going to make it to class.

He tossed the blanket off of himself before going to wash up and get dressed. Once he was in his white robe and had attached the metal suns to the shoulders as he always did he figured he sat at his desk and wrote a letter like he did every morning after he got a letter. He would eventually mail it later in the day but for now he focused on writing it.

Dear Mother and Father,

I'm continuing to do well in my classes, it certainly hasn't been easy but I've spent enough time practicing the arts required of an Adept that next month they will allow me to take my next advancement test. I know I won't pass though, the Masters only very rarely allow ascendency to Weaver on the first try. Either way though, simply being thought good enough to take the test is an honor and I already can't wait.

It is good to know you're both still doing well, hopefully it will continue since you have more work than if you lived in the country. I still wear the suns father made me, and they have become a perfect focus for my magic. I'm especially glad to hear that the guard has commissioned you and others with providing them new swords and armor. I know you weren't left with the most complicated of it all, but it certainly means you are starting to be recognized.

With love,


Once the writing was done he left the paper to dry and decided he should get some food before he went to class. He left his room and checked the sun dial that magically kept the proper time for all to see at any point. Any common area was always kept bright, with only the individual rooms being able to be darkened so that students could sleep. Alexander knew he had enough time to get food so he leisurely walked to the cafeteria to see if he couldn't get some of the standard bread, cheese, eggs, meat, and vegetables that were served. It was a rather standard meal no matter where anyone went in the world and it would do him just fine.

Once he had the food on his plate he sat with the other adepts, immediately striking up a conversation over their classes and which powers they were planning on working on next. Currently he was trying to increase his ability to fight without being lethal, using dummies for any kind of laser practice and friends for the things he knew wouldn't kill anybody allowed him to effectively practice these skills without necessarily needing to duel anyone. He tried to keep his duels outside of teaching, learning, or testing to a minimum. He didn't enjoy combat and really had no desire to harm or kill if he could avoid it.

"Yessir!" she took out a lollipop from one of her sleeves and stuck it in her mouth. "Can we train some more? Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease???" She clapped her hands together and looked up at him. Then she got a better idea. "Oh, could we practice making lightning!? I was thinking of doing a project with that to try and make Adept... what do you think I should do anyways? All the Adepts I've asked haven't given me a straight answer... some of them said they fought in a tournament, others said they made beautiful ice sculptures for the Winter Festival..." As she talked she motioned for him to make a couple sparks.

Today he had a big day ahead, not sure what but he was going to fill it as always until it was big.
Well done reading for a while, could try some new techniques except the last one I did.
Need to catch up, keep my skills sharp.
Also might as well catch up on some gossip, wonder if anyone missed me?
Not like I trained with the others often but I might find a good partner.

As he was deep in thought chewing his food he bite his tongue painfully.
After that he quickly finished his food and leaves, hiking up the trail to Earth Mountain ready for anything.
Walking up to the entrance which was finely carved it descended sharply deeper underground.
The deeper it went the more the style changed, sometimes crude additions to connect to older routes or grand tapestries engraved with the smallest details built by a master.
You could have one tunnel but it would evolve the farther along you would travel.
Just as much alive as the earth.
Perhaps I will get a route named after me, that would be cool
Wonder what you need to do for something like that.

As he took a left he found a spare atrium, dome in shape and large in size it was the perfect arena for students.
"Anyone interested in a little dual?"
"I am a little rusty so perhaps someone can prove a challenge?" Edward announced loud and clear

Raven turned over in her meager bed, not wanting to let any shred of the sunlight through that would be alerting her to a new day. Cursed light. Just another reminder of the world and all it's false promises. Why won't it leave me alone. Let me dwell in the sweet darkness that surrounds me here. My only comfort. It's tearing me away from it. Still, she knew this couldn't last. There were classes that had to be attended, food that needed to be eaten, souls that needed to be tainted.

She got up and quickly went through her morning rituals. Getting dressed, getting her makeup on, making sure her hair was as dark as it could be. The auburn roots were starting to show a little bit at the top. Damn. Cursed hair dye. That wasn't near enough root penetration. Just another lie told to me by the world. I'm going to have to acquire some more. Sure that her appearance was as good as it was going to get, she put her massive robe on, and started to slowly move towards the cafeteria. Perhaps the food will make this world seem less bleak today.....probably not.

Cale responded to the sunlight easing itself over the horizon with mixed feelings. He was more or less content to his life in the Academy but not as happy as he was when he first step foot on the island. He forced himself out of his bed and put on his clothes for the day ahead. His morning routine was fraught with mundane tasks that he had to complete before he had any time for himself and his training but he didn't complain. To him, it was better than working out on the fields any day. As he waded through the routine breakfast line to get his food. that something caught his eye. It was just as she entered the cafeteria that Cale noticed her. He wasn't exactly swept off his feet but there was something that had Cale's heart fluttering. He tried not to gawk at her but it was hard not to especially with that dyed hair...

"Hey! Move it!" A push interrupted Cale's stare and he soon moved up the line and grabbed his food. He sat with his Earthshaper friends while he tried to forget about what he saw.

"I don't even have the chance..." He muttered solemnly under his breath. Then a tug pulled him away from finishing his meal as his friends were in the mood to go into the caverns of the Earth Mountain once again.

One man took the challenge but he kindly refused.
He is a rank above me, no way would I face him.
Perhaps a high profile mage.
Not that the ranks mean much to me but still, haven't fought in so long...

Instead he over looked the fighters at the borders of the ring.
He recognized most of the moves and the ones he couldn't he noted to look up.
He's going to counter, look at his stanceWATCH OUT FOR THE WALL!
The opposing fight was thrown out of the ring forcefully, he was beaten up enough to forfeit
COME ON its a WALL how hard is that to avoid?
Such a disappointing fight.
If you fought more offensively instead of taking a bunch of blows perhaps you could have won. Just another lesson to learn.

Aden felt his head throbbing as he stared at the complex designs on the wall. These studies of his were a waste of time, he suspected. A Pyromancer could learn Earth, Air, or Light magic, but Water was beyond them, no Pyromancer to Aden's knowledge ever so much as managing to make a ripple. And yet the forms were not so radically different, the concept so hard to grasp that it should seem impossible. Water was heavier and less free-flowing than the uncontrollable fury of the flames, but it was still similar in some ways.

So what is the barrier? Is it in the mind or the magic?

As he noticed the sunlight streaming through the window, he sighed. Another night wasted. He shook his head and walked to the wall, collecting the scrolls and curling them and dumping the small basin of water out the window. This was a waste of time, and likely to cause trouble if his experimentation was discovered, the Water Mages getting uppity at his intrusion. They seemed to have a bit of a distaste for him, but then again not many had a taste for Aden Ignaeus, especially outside the Pyromancers.

He stepped out of the quiet room he used in the central halls for his private studies, not wanting to deal with the irritation of his students being close enough to ask about his studying Water Magic.

Aden's stomach rumbled. He thought back, and realized he had spent most of yesterday engrossed in his studies, and had eaten little beyond a bowl of noodles and water early in the morning. Not exactly the most healthy habits. He would need to increase his intake today.

It was a short walk into the cafeteria, and he noted with some amusement the line speeding up as he entered, nobody wanting to stand in front of Weaver Aden for very long. Maybe it was the horrible scars covering much of his face, maybe it was the faint scent of ashes and smoke that followed him, or maybe it was his surly attitude. He knew little and cared less as he snatched up a small loaf of bread and a lump of meat that looked like pork and felt like chicken. He took a small pitcher of water and went to a corner to eat. Normally he would have taken his food back to his studying room, but the pounding headache was eased somewhat by the quiet mumble of an army of students eating. He ate quickly nonetheless, the taste of the food barely registering on his mind.

Here and there, he spotted familiar Mages - some of them his peers, some his own students. Seth was probably the most familiar to him, an Adept that would have made a fantastic Weaver if he had the ambition. However, Aden remained silent. Idle chatter is a waste of breath.

Grana yawned as he stretched, once again glad of the warmth that always kept his muscles loose and easy to deal with. He laughed loudly as he thought of the first day he had arrived at The Academy, more than a decade ago. Grana remembered how absolutely terrified he was that one mistake was going to cost him the rest of his life. "I really have the Devil's Luck, don't I?" He chuckled to himself as he headed out the dorms toward the Mess Hall, eager to start his day. "If I want to try for Adept any time soon, I'm really gonna have to kick it into high gear. I have to show some creativity in Pyromancy, seeing as some of these brats have almost a decade headstart on me." Grana didn't really have anything against the younger Mages- if anything, he was grateful to them for giving him such a drive to succeed. Grana then saw a man he recognized, but couldn't quite put a name to the face. "I know him, I know him, I know him... Damn! Who is- Oh, riiiiight! Aden!" Grana mentally kicked himself for forgetting the man's name. "For God's sake, he was my teacher at one point!" Grana decided to call out. "Ah, Aden! Weaver Aden!" Grana quickly caught up with his fellow Pyromancer, only then realizing where the man was arriving from. Grana raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "What, not thinking of dual casting with Hydromancy, are you?" Grana was always interested in what Aden was studying. The man seemed to not care for what others thought, instead merely pursuing knowledge. He always seemed to pick the most controversial and interesting topics as well, to the point where Grana would actually begin his own studies in the same subject.

Nina looked over and was Aden and waved at him. "Hey Aden." she said walking over to him. She smiled softly and looked up at her teacher with admiration. "You seem tired, did you sleep much last night? Oh you know I know a good way to help you get some sleep, I know of some aromas that would help. Ohhh Nat might know some dark magic that could help you oh and she's pretty." Nina she said softly then pulled Nat to the side seeing her walk by.

"Ummmm hi Nina, and Aden. What the hell Nina?" Nat said to her best friend then looked at Aden confused.

"I'm trying to get you a date is all. You're pretty. If you were a lesbian like me then I'd be asking you out but well you're not so oh well. Hmmm well I hear their a girl that's an airshifter the could be bi. Anyway I'll leave you two to get to know each other oh and have safe sex you two." Nina said walking over to Seth waving yet again.

"Ok that was not fun and I have no idea what the fuck she's talking about or what the hell she's doing. God Nina." she said then shook her head.

"...What." He glanced between Grana, Nina, and Nat. "Okay. One. Who the hell are you?" He looked at Grana. "Second, -what-?" He stared at Nina. "What did she just say?" He rubbed his forehead, feeling his already painful headache double in intensity. "What the -hell- was that? Did some idiot let her have coffee this morning?"

Seth nodded as he saw Aden walk into the Mess Hall, noting the Pyromancer as he walked into the room.....only for suddenly Aden to be engulfed with people trying to have conversations with him. Seth couldn't help but start chuckling at the Pyromancer's sudden fame, as it was something he didn't think he ever saw Aden actually have to deal with people. In fact, the expression that Aden was now giving was absolutely hilarious, and Seth tossed his head back and laughed.

Well, I was right. It is going to be an interesting day.

Seth began to eat the one piece of toast he had gotten, not particularly hungry this morning when he saw one of the women waving at him who had been speaking to Aden. Seth gave a small wave back, and gave her a quizzical look as she walked over to him.

"....Hello there. Is there something I can help you with?" Seth asked, curious as to what was going on here now.

"She's always like that outside of classes. I would know. Anyway in case you missed my name I'm Nat." she said shaking her head and watching Nina. "You haven't known her for over 20 years like I have. You get use to it but hell she means well, but she's still an idiot." she said shaking her head.

"Not like I need anyone." she added more for her self then Aden and looked at Nina.

"Just wanted to say hi and she how you are Seth.. well and tell you about my friend Nat. 28 years old and well has been single for 28 years." she smiled pointing over to Nat.

There was a bit of a ruckus going on in the cafeteria. Raven sighed as she brought her tray and sat down at a table in the far corner, away from the windows. "Foolish morons," she muttered to herself. "Keep wondering around in your miserable lives, thinking yourselves as more important then you ever will be." She pulled the hood of her robe up farther over her head, the extra inch or so of black hair coming out of the bottom of the opening. Her attention turned to the drab breakfast in front of her. She would need every bit of energy to deal with all these blind conformists.

"Good grief. I thought she was hyperactive in classes...hardly surprising, though. Airshifter and Pyromancer together. It's a wonder she finds time to sleep." He curled his eyebrow. "You're a Nightshade, aren't you? Not a lot of interaction between Airshifters and Nightshades, at least from what I've seen."

"Uh...huh. I see. Well then..." Seth began, suddenly trying to remember the name of this girl. "Nina, was it? How about you? Been single just as long, or longer? the way, why wouldn't Nat introduce herself over here, or are you selling her? Pretty sure not many appreciate being sold behind their back."

What exactly is going on today? Aden popular, random people offering me other random people. Next thing you know, the damn Hydromancer I just beat coming over to have a conversation!

Seth continued to chew on his food, now keeping a good watch over at Aden and his situation, as well as with Nina who had directed him towards Nat. He looked far less curious, and much more along the lines of amused.

"Well we grew up together which is why I know her. We both joined the academy at the same time. She went with air and I with darkness. You have no fucking idea what it was like to live next to her but I owe her and she's one of the few I care about." she said looking at Aden as she spoke. "God what the hell is she doing this for?" she added.

"Well you see she doesn't want to date someone, her studies mean more to her then romance but still she's grumpy as hell. I just want her to be happy and you and Aden seem to be a good fit for her." she said.

Grana grimaced. "Ouch. That cuts." He joked. Grana shrugged before speaking. "Sorry, I'm Grana Rei. You probably don't remember, but I had you as a teacher as an Apprentice. I hadn't seen you since I passed the Mage test, and I always enjoyed what you revealed into your own studies. I was so fascinated by some of them that I wound up doing some experiments of my own! The topics I liked the most were the ones concerning forms of the other magics. I managed to learn a few tricks from watching other Mages perform- it's probably the reason I actually passed the Mage test. I was just wondering if you had made advances in any new studies." Grana nodded to Nat. "Good morning." He said respectfully, aware of the fact that if she seemed anywhere close to his age, she was at least a level higher than he was.

"That's fantastic. I love having a fan." He nodded to Grana. "When I've made a breakthrough, the Pyromancers will be the first to know."

"I'm reasonably sure I can imagine. Woken up in the middle of the night to discuss random things, constant puzzlement at her behaviors. Still. Having a friend can be good. Someone you can trust. It's useful."

He turned his attention back to his food, continuing to quickly eat.

"Well I trust only her but I don't need a dating service, I just want to find a master Darnell and become a master my self. I don't have time for crap like this. Well it seems you're busy so I shall leave for I don't really want to stay much longer. It was a pleasure meeting you Aden." Nat said and walked off.

"Likewise." Aden waved absently, digging into his coat for a book. He flicked it open and began reading a passage on the interactions of the elements - fire consumed air and put out light, which gave life to the earth which with water's aid gave birth to air.

So where does Darkness come into the cycle?

"......Uh huh. Well then Nina, while I understand you are looking for someone for Nat, I would think that Aden might be a bit more....stony than your ordinary fellow." Seth said, finishing his toast.

"And I note that you didn't answer any inquiries about yourself. Are you perhaps already taken, and are sharing the feeling? Perhaps you want to have Nat test the waters first? Gods, I don't even know how I am a good fit in your particular equation....especially as it seems she is done with her meeting with Aden."

Seth figured he had seen all he needed to as Nat walked away from Aden, meaning he was left with Nina, which was hilarious seeing as how the reason for the meeting seemed to want to just disappear.

"I may self am looking for someone else my self but that doesn't matter, besides I'm into women anyway." Nina looked seeing Nat walk away. "Dammit Nat get back here." Nina said as Nat looked back at Nina and faded into the shadows to get away from her. She appeared down the hall and away from Nina moments later. "God Nina what the hell, are you trying to kill me or get me pregnant?" she asked her self.

Nina sighed and turned back to Seth. "Well with Aden he's just as much of an ass as Nat can be so that's why I though he'd fit with her.

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