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Drew was somewhat surprised by her request. He did know that Fei had always been fascinated by the very limited levitation he could pull off, and she herself had wanted to use air magic as opposed to water. "I... I'm not really that interested in wings. And I'm not really sure if you could get them. But if you want, you can go ahead and ask. Perhaps we could try talking about it after we've dealt with what we were brought here to do."

He was somewhat hoping she listen, and then forget the wings while they were busy. I really wouldn't want to explain to Mum why my little sister suddenly has wings. Still, I'm probably worrying over nothing. I doubt they'd just let a bunch of foreigners get wings because they asked, if it's even possible in the first place... He then addressed the second part of her statement "Anyway, once we deal with this, I imagine we could handle whatever it is. The issue is how the others would fare. Still..." He sighed, slowing down "You need to promise me that you'll be careful. Don't do anything stupid, got it?"

Phebe listened to him explaining the trials, even if he was more warning her and explaining why it was such a bad idea to undertake them. The prime minister eventually finished his speech, got up from the table and left them.

She continued eating, with a grin spreading across her face. He was a fool if he thought she would be scared away by mere words.

"Well then.....Thoughts? Ideas? Inspiration? Wings? Anyone else have any idea where we stand in this place? Cause I don't have a damn clue as to what I should be thinking about yet. Except this food, which is pretty damn delicious." Seth said loudly.

Phebe stopped eating, halfway through the food she had on her plate.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I think I'll request to take the trials, first thing tomorrow morning. He's not going to scare me away so easily."

It was getting late now and some sleep would only be good before doing anything of the sort.

The nightshade named Raven sat down closer to them and whispered her displeasure with the town they were in.

"I can't say I like many large towns..." Phebe commented on what Raven had said.

It was true that she didn't like crowded towns which humans liked to build and live in, but as she got older she didn't think about it as much. She had probably gotten used to it. Maybe it would feel strange if she returned to living outside.

Phebe went back to concentrating on her food. The flavour of her meal felt like it differed with each bite, likely because of the amount of different things on her plate.

Another mage spoke up about the trials. A young short man with brown hair. She hadn't talked with him before, but that could be said about most of those she traveled with. She had planned on doing something about that, might as well start here.

I doubt they'll need to be solved through magic, since the people of Kerbones favour a technological approach... what if they need technology, though, which we might not have? And fighting? I don't know... I'm no good as a fighter. And what did the Prime Minister mean by prices? Does he mean a monetary cost... or something worse..."

He raised some interesting questions, but she sneered when he mentioned technology being used in the trials.

"I would hope that the Kerbones aren't so cowardly that they would choose to use technology when being tested."

It was a bit worrying if they actually did. Would she be allowed to borrow any of their technology if they allowed her to take the trials?

"He probably meant something worse than coin as the price."

If it was a monetary price, she imagined rich eccentrics showing up just to buy themselves wings.

She was about to return to her food, when she remembered that it would be rude to not give her name.

"..Oh, and my name is Phebe."

Fei stopped when she saw Jade, waving frantically again. They found their room easily, partially due to the fact that it was the only room that was shared between 2 mages. A door connected the two rooms. A stream of water ran around the perimeter of both rooms, flowing under the wall and around. There was a single, large window in both of the rooms on the north wall, that opened without a screen for the wind to flow through. The rooms were almost identical, done in muted blue and grays.

"Aah!" Fei dropped her bag at the door and ran through the rooms, jumping on the beds. "It's so nice! My room's right next to yours too!" There was a small bookcase and a desk, and drawers underneath the beds. "Isn't it nice? Isn't it nice?"

Seth looked over at Phebe as she spoke of how she was going to take the trials right away. Seth didn't think much of the idea, and figured that rushing to get wings was an odd idea to have. Especially since that was not even close to why they were here in the first place.

"Trials? You in that much of a hurry to start falling into the dirt? I imagine those wings won't just fly you cause you feel like it. But hey, if wings suit you, then go on ahead. I think I'll stick with my feet on the ground for now." Seth replied to Phebe, happy that this wasn't going to be silent meal with them just chewing on the foods they had.

"Besides....I think the price for those trials wouldn't be worth it. I mean, how much would it be to HAVE wings? That just seems like a very odd....thing to want, with probably an even stranger price. I would much rather find out what our mission brings with it. All this magic, gods, and....well, everything. Its a different world around here, so I think it might be nice to enjoy it as I am now before going off adventuring." Seth continued, figuring that this was largely going to be the best time to have an open group chat about all that they had learned. No telling when a more private moment could occur among the mages, and this would do nicely over a good meal in the night.

....Course, no telling what is going to happen tomorrow. Maybe we can put everything off? Like those trials would delay us or something? That would give a chance to wander about a bit and find out what this town is filled with.

She turned to Seth, with a smile.

"I've more reason to take those trials than simply getting wings."

It had become a question of pride and a chance for her to prove herself, hopefully without the use of magic. She didn't know what price it would demand her to pay, if she did succeed, but she had something she could give away for wings. The wings would at least be of her choosing and something she earned. This wasn't the group to confess such things to though.

"It might give the rest of you time to learn more about this place and the portal, before going into it. Well, that's assuming they want all of us to enter the portal at the same time. It would also answer questions we might have about the trials..."

She gave those reasons as excuses, since her real reasons were much more selfish. The portal bothered her too. What if they wouldn't return after going into it? Then this would be her only chance to take the trials.

"I guess it is pretty nice..." Drew threw his bag at the nearest bed "You don't mind if I take this bed, right?" He started examining the room. "Yeah, not bad at all..." he muttered under his breath. He opened a window, letting the air in, making it swirl around the room. "Much better..." he said. He started unpacking, putting his things away.

She ran around the bed, energy apparently replenished. She chased the gusts of wind around, waving her arms in the air. She wasn't concerned with unpacking her stuff at the moment, but you could rest assured that it would all be folded and put in its proper place before she went to sleep.

The water jumped up, flowed up her arms, and sprayed into the air. She froze them momentarily in the air, levitating the droplets in the air for a few seconds. "Yay!" she suddenly evaporated the water, combining it with her brother's magic. The room erupted into a flurry of small sparks, making Fei dive under her brother's things and blanket on his bed, squealing with laughter. "It's so pretty~"

Alexander decided it was time to make his way to bed. He went down the hall as directed before finding what was meant to be his themed room, the white on the door made it rather obvious. He walked inside and say that the room itself was brightly colored, with white being the main color and plenty of lights so that the mages inside could control how bright the room was.

"I think I can most certainly be comfortable here." He said as he unpacked what few things he had. There was no point in going back out again with how little he thought he would be doing right now. So instead he pulled out a book and began to read.

"Y'know what? I figure a set of wings might be a nifty thing to have," Gabriel spoke up again. "Sure, there might be a hefty price attached to them, but would the price be taken into account when you're actually using them? Sailing the skies, without the aid of a machine or an airship... that is something that most can only dream of. I dunno whether anyone else thinks that way, but I'm kinda tempted to give the trials a shot myself."

Another idea popped into Gabe's head. Perhaps a set of wings could be seen as more than just a gift to the mage himself. It could be a message, to both mages and non-magical folk. A mage possessed of an ability that most mages did not have, and that the people of Kerbones saw as a common occurrence. Gabriel could turn himself into a living demonstration of how the two sides could get along. It was a stroke of genius. He knew what he had to do when the opportunity presented itself... but despite his comments, the notion of a price to be paid troubled him. As did a few things from yesterday's events.

Electing to skip dessert, Gabriel got up from the table, having finished his meal. He remembered his reminder note about speaking to Seth, and looked to the relevant Pyromancer. "Um, Seth? Could I borrow a moment of your time... preferably in private?" he asked, a little embarrassed about the latter phrase since he was asking in front of a group of people. It sounded rude, though Gabriel was not intending to offend the other mages. He just wasn't entirely sure about some people.

Seth had just finished off the next plate that he had grabbed of food. That was more than enough for Seth now, as he hadn't really had a good meal for a while. As he stood noting that everyone was calling it a night, Gabriel seemed to need a part of his time. Privately. While Seth wasn't exactly sure what this could be about, he figured that it must have some importance.

"Er....Sure. We can head to our rooms to have a good chat. Unless you need to eat a bit more." Seth said, already rising from his chair.

Well, they said the rooms would be obvious, so I sure as hell hope that mine is up to what it should be. Not overtly flashy and stuffs, I hope. Otherwise, I think I'm going to steal someone's room to get some rest.

For a while, he toyed with the idea of instead going around exploring this fortress, only to find himself quickly deciding against it. He would have a better chance, and less chance of being shot at, to explore during the next day.

In the darkness outside, few airships still lingered about. Mostly they were either keeping patrol, or heading back to their ports to ultimately call it a night. One particular airship had a different type of idea in mind than the rest. As it floated nearby, it suddenly had figures jump off. 5 figures, to be exact, landing with dull slams of metal on metal, taking the time to look about before proceeding towards the fortress nearby.

As they used some mechanical claws to grip into the building and proceed to climb, one thing was especially obvious: They were not invited, and they did not bring any peaceful means with them.

Drew took some of the sparks, trying to conduct them around his fingers, but most of them fizzled out when he tried. He sighed, but then turned to Fei and smiled "You're getting better at it. Maybe you'll be as good at throwing these things as I am soon." He let her stay on his bed. Drew typically went long stretches without sleep, and seeing how he had rested right before arriving, he was still wide awake. "So Fei... maybe you want to practice a little?" He heard a bit of thumping, but dismissed it as one of the others messing around the hallways.

"YEAH PRACTICE!" She jumped up, trailing the water back around her. She closed her eyes to concentrate, slowly evaporating as much water from the stream as she could. It got very humid in the room, water condensing on the mirrors and glass. "Make a BIG thunderbolt! And, and let me touch it! I want to throw it this time!" she whined.

Nydia remained silent for a bit while she finished her salad and listened politely to the conversation around her. The trial to for gaining wings was intriguing but not something she was really interested in herself so she stayed out of the conversation. After the Prime Minister and some of the others left, Nydia turned her attention back to Cale.

It seemed that he too was a bit concerned about the task that had been placed before them, which didn't help her own worries much. But that was all the more reason she had to put those worries aside. "Yes, it does seem a bit daunting don't you think? But while there are quite a few of us who are fairly young, I'm certain that we older and more experienced mages are up to this task. We've already proved that we're more than capable of handling ourselves during the battle on the airship" Nydia replied with a gentle reassuring smile.

Alexander had finished reading the chapter of his latest book and decided to practice some of the things he had seen in it. He created a small ball of light large enough that it would take two hands to hold it and began moving it around the room in a controlled pattern. It wasn't too taxing an exercise, but it seemed it would certainly help hone fine control of light while making sure it didn't change at all in intensity or size.

"So far so good." He said as he finished a large figure 8 formation, making it a tighter figure eight as he continued.

"No, no, I'm good," Gabe quickly answered Seth, leading the way to the door. Thankfully the Pyromancer followed him down the hall: Gabe could spot a few rooms up ahead. Gabriel stopped partway down the hall, however, so as not to be overheard by the other mages. Turning to Seth, he found himself unsure of what to say. Should he discuss the trials? The spirit they had encountered on the airship? Or the shadows that were now following them around?

Gabriel elected to just cover all of them in basic detail.

"Okay... here goes. I'm not really sure what to say, but... well, the past couple of days have been full of unexpected occurrences," he began, choosing his words carefully instead of getting it all out there in a rush like Fei seemed to do. As he spoke, he began unconsciously doing little things like adjusting a sleeve of his robe or shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

"There's the whole airship trip we had this morning, the dragons, the spirit talking to us... and now we have these shadows walking around, there's a temple that leads Gods only know where, and these strange trials on top of it all. And there was the incident back at Oublie, the night before. Makes me feel... well, kinda lost," he admitted, looking away from the Pyromancer for a few seconds. Gabe felt a little uncomfortable talking about it, but he knew it would be worse to keep it bottled up.

Cale ran his hand through his hair in anxiousness as he listened to Nydia's response but then he spotted her reassuring smile. He couldn't help but smile as well.

"At least all of us are in it together. We have the power of the elements at our side after all." Cale said and since Nydia was at least trying to put aside the chance of danger then he might as well put it aside also. "With our numbers and our powers we'll be a force to reckon with don't you think?"

Cale continued to eat a bit more but he noticed his fatigue slowly creeping on him. He wondered if he should take the risk to ask if Nydia needed someone to walk with back to her quarters but almost immediately he decided that life was too short for hesitation. Cale yawned.

"Apologies, the day's events have fatigued me with its wonders. I assume you're going to wait here for that Pyromancer?"

Seth followed the Hydromancer Gabriel down the hall, wondering what exactly this could all be about. When Gabriel paused in the halls, Seth stopped as well, not quite sure why they had chosen to stop in the first place. For a moment, it was quiet as Gabriel turned to address him.

Well....This Should I say something? Perhaps ask him whats on his....

Which is when Gabriel started talking about the avalanche of things that had recently come to their attention. He even brought up what had happened when they had first left the Academy. He was somewhat taken aback, and wasn't sure what exactly he could say that would help much.

"Lost is a good way to put it, I think. But, I think we really are not doing all that bad with all that we have gone through. The dragons I was pretty sure would be something else, and I'm surprised Aden, Nat and Nina were the only ones to really get hurt in that mess. After that...well, our shadows are just something we are stuck with I guess." Seth tried to explain the best he could, not really sure what to say or explain.

"Anything...particular you wanna chat about? I mean, I imagine one of these rooms are for you, and one for me...seems like there are a lot more of them then there are of us...But whats in your head particularly?"

As the darkened metal warriors made their ascent to a balcony, they all seemed to be wearing black cloaks as they peered about. They seemed to convene for a moment, discussing what their next move, and then they split off, all walking down different directions in the halls. However, the moment another guard or person showed up, they seemed to make every effort to drift into the darker areas of the palace...somewhat difficult, as there were lights and torches alike around. They still found a way, and continued their sweep, making as little contact as possible with another resident of the upper palace. However, as they split up to hunt down their targets, it quickly became obvious that they had found the targets, and approached the dining area which some of the mages had been seen leaving. Meanwhile, two of the other warriors were sent to follow and see how many more there were.

Finally, the last of the dark guards went another direction. Back, to stop any coming guards with assassinations or open combat. Anything to possibly buy time for the problems they were about to cause. There were dull clicks as they adjusted their arms, and other gears and shifting were heard. They were prepared to do what needed to be done. The guard who had been waiting outside turned to see a bolt slam into them and they crumpled to the floor, armor clattering to the ground.

Now. The time was now to do the killing.

"Oh, you mean Seth?" Cale's mention of a Pyromancer caught her off guard, but Seth was the only Pyromancer that she knew really. She paused to take a drink of wine, but found her cup empty. Oh, so soon... Perhaps just one more? No, I don't think that would be for the best. I need to be in top form for the days to come.

"No, I don't think I will be waiting for him. He seems to have left already and I find myself to be quite tired as well..." Nydia continued, setting her cup down and standing up from her seat. "Shall we walk to our quarters together? Tomorrow will be a big day I believe. I don't want to stay up too late, but I'd like to enjoy your company a bit longer if I may."

Gabriel hesitated to answer Seth immediately. He wasn't sure if there was anything in particular that he could latch on to and discuss in more depth. A lot of different things had happened, without giving Gabe enough time to properly look at them and form complete opinions. "Um... I don't know if there's anything in particular that concerns me. as I said, there's a lot that happened. Except maybe the trials, and the... well, the advice, I guess you could call it, that the spirit on the airship told me. I can recite the lines if you don't remember them." Recalling that which one writes down was a good talent to have for any student.

"While I'm on that subject... I remember something. That thing gave its answer to me for all to hear, and from that I imagine anyone could easily interpret them to figure out what I told it. But it spoke with you privately. If I may ask, what did you discuss?" Gabriel queried, purely out of curiosity. He remembered Fei hiding behind him; she had been caught in the wind tunnel that the spirit had caused, and thus overheard Gabe's exchange.

Seth, though... that was different. He hadn't been standing with anyone. What had made the spirit approach him without him even speaking, like the way Gabriel had? Gabe was interested in finding out.

Drew smiled, swirling more air around, focusing his sparks more, lightning beginning to arc between his fingers, then between his hands. He reached out to Fei, who had her hands extended, the electricity flowing between them. "You've handled this by yourself before... just start with a little at a time..." He kept it circuiting, waiting for her to break it so she would have complete control. He exhaled, a few sparks flying from his nostrils, occasionally discharging a few small bolts to the ground.

When she started to touch the sparks some of her hair stood up. Since she could control the water in her body more than Drew, she could control where the lightning went a little better. She wrapped it around her fingers, turning on her back. "I wonder why mages can't control lightning by themselves. Why can we only control six kinds of magic?"

Magic was just learning. Theoretically, without the Focus, mages could learn whatever kind of magic they wanted. Was there a mage somewhere that could control lightning? "Hey Drew, do you know if there are any Hydro-Aero wielders? I wonder if there's been anyone that can use lightning by themselves. Why do you think we need to have two people to do it now?"

"Hydro-Aero seems to be a very rare combination... plus, the few I have seen, they don't seem to have enough skill in one of the two in order to use lightning. I know you're young, but you've been practicing with the skills to use it since we were both little..." he said, playing around with a couple sparks. "If there was a dual wielder with enough skill, theoretically they should be able to do it."

He turned to her, seeing that she could control it more freely, but seems to have a harder time maintaining it. He used some of his own magic to make the bolts more powerful. "You feel like a bit of target practice?"

"Do you think it'll be safe? What can we use? I hope the walls aren't too thin..." Even though it would have been fun to see if lightning could punch through walls, it wasn't something she wanted to try in this mansion. She dug out a piece of paper and drew a target on it, hanging it in the open window. "There we go..." The sparks had mostly puttered out by now, since she wasn't concentrating on it, so when she got down she held her hands out for more. "I wonder what would happen if we used our magic with another mage? Do you think we could make something better than lightning?? Like, like, food? Or or explosions!"

"It would be my honor, m'lady." Cale half-joked. He stood up and walked alongside Nydia to where the quarters were pointed out to be. The halls were much more quiet now from all the hustle and bustle from today. In fact, Cale could hear a pin drop in a hall this quiet. He tried to say something to Nydia but he just admired her presence for a bit more, it was calming and very serene to be next to her. But finally he spoke.

"Nydia, you are of noble blood, are you not?" Cale spoke up.

As Cale and Nydia left the dinner area, the two guards took the moment to leave the spot which they had taken up beside the door, watching as the mages passed and assured that their partners would take them out in due time. As the doors closed behind the pair of mechanical soldiers, they noted the people still in the dining hall. There were four, which meant they would be able to handle this mission with ease, and hopefully their brethren could handle themselves as well.

As Aden rose from where he had been sitting and enjoying the meal in silence, he noted the two guards who had entered. More mechanical men, but these....something was wrong with them. The cloaks they wore seemed quite familiar, and when the guards both raised their arms at him, Aden quickly realized that they had been betrayed, or his personal assassins had returned. Before he could even attempt to leap, bolts flew from the arms of the assailants, slamming into Aden's chest and knocking him on his back from the force of the blows. This left Phebe, Raven, and Jacob to tangle with the now approaching soldiers who meant to kill them.

After taking out the most immediate of threats, the two cloaked soldiers turned their attention to the remaining three who remained in the room, and instead of waiting for the second bolt to load into their small automated crossbows, drew their blades and quickly began to advance towards the mages.

Meanwhile, in the halls, Cale and Nydia passed by yet another pair of guards who were overlooking the city together for the moment, seemingly on their shift. They turned, noting the leaving of the mages, and not noting for a moment their conversation. Instead waiting patiently for the pair to head down the hallway they already knew they would head towards, and wait for them to enter their rooms.

Seth flinched slightly as Gabriel mentioned the spirit, and the conversations they had. Seth had been hoping that such an event would have gone unnoticed, and he was particularly relieved when he had gone so long without anyone taking note nor caring with all the changes going on. Apparently, Gabriel HAD noted, and was now curious.

"Er....Hah. Well, I didn't think it was all that....I mean, it was mostly nothing. Ya know, I just didn't feel like announcing....things and...yeah." Seth rambled slightly, wishing he had planned for something like this.

Gods burn me...What do I say? That I came out on this journey to do a killing? To get away from the Academy, and perhaps change the world, perhaps not for the better at all? I imagine that he went for something like world peace or mage peace or something...And I tell him that I'm wandering around because I'm tired of the world sitting on the edge, and don't care which direction its pushed? Dammit.

As the two stood in the hallway, they could hear the sound of footsteps echoing, slowly getting louder as it seemed more were coming to join them as they stood and chatted in the halls.

Phebe had been relaxing in her chair after her meal. She had watched most of the other mages leave the dining hall, but she was in no hurry to do so herself. Two guards entered the room and at first she thought nothing of it, but then they shot one of those who traveled with her, drew their swords and went for the remaining mages.

"What..." She couldn't find words. Why were they being attacked here? This wouldn't look good for the prime minister.

She rose from her chair and prepared a fireball in her hand.

"Would you care to explain yourselves?" She backed away from them and considered setting fire to their cloaks.

The whole evening had been rather heavy, it was the kind of atmosphere Raven loved, but it meant she could not stay focused on the food. As the other people left, leaving the Nightshades and a couple others, it looked like the evening would be rather uneventful. Until the after-dinner show arrived.

While lingering in the dining area, the guards had entered and promptly announced their intentions by slamming a couple of shots into Aden, sending the Pyromancer sprawling to the ground. "Well, at least I can tell everyone else I fucking told them so," Raven muttered to herself as the other Nightshade looked to ready some fire. She seemed to be in the mood for negotiating, but it had been a long day, and Raven's buttons were not in any state to be pushed.

She readied a cone of darkness in her right hand. "I don't think we should give them the chance," she growled, keeping that low tone to her voice.

Gabriel raised his eyebrows at Seth's answer. Evidently he didn't seem to be in much of a hurry to divulge what he had told the spirit... In Gabe's limited experience, Pyromancers were often a direct or forward lot. Seth appeared to be the exception rather than the rule. Still, the Pyro could keep his secrets. Gabe was of the mind that all secrets would eventually see the light of day. It would come out in time.

"Fair enough. I won't press the issue," he conceded. Perhaps Seth would fare better on a different topic. "Let us change the subject: what are your thoughts on the trials the Prime Minister told us about? Taking to the air. That would be something, wouldn't it? But what about the prices he mentioned? It sounds like there would be some sort of personal cost, rather than giving up something of value... I kind of want to face the trials, but then I don't. We don't know enough about them."

Gabe too had begun to ramble, assuming the footsteps down the hall belonged to the mages who had remained in the dining hall.

"I thought we could at least ask them for an explanation, before they're too beat up to answer..." She wasn't sure what she had been thinking, maybe she had been just a bit too surprised when someone was shot down. "Though I guess breaking a few bones is alright, as long as they can talk."

Phebe finished preparing her fireball, released it and aimed it for one of their cloaks. It hit and one of the attackers cloaks burst into flames. The man soon got busy trying to put the fire out, losing his focus on them.

"Well, we would only, really, need one for answers, so killing one is fine..." She smiled and her hand burst into flames. "Who's it going to be?"

"I don't think they should get a choice in the matter first of all," Raven commented, as she unleashed the dark energy she had been pooling. It fanned out as it spread towards the other guard, catching him flush in the face. The man dropped his sword instead trying to claw at what was now blocking his vision, but there was nothing to take away, nothing to remove to restore his sight. He tossed his helmet to the ground, but it failed to bring any clarity to the situation.

As the other man struggled to put out the fire on his cape, Raven looked over at her fellow Nightshade. "So you've got the fire. Want to finish toasting that other fool?"

"My pleasure."

The man in question had begun trying to get his cape off, as the fire was spreading towards his head. Phebe made her way over to him. He still had his sword in his hand and made a swing at her, but she evaded and scorched his swordhand, making him drop his sword.

She hit him in the face next, with both force and flames. He staggered and she took the opportunity to bring him down, by showering him with even more fire. He screamed at first, but they soon stopped as he ended up on the floor.

"I figured we could just ask the blinded one..." Phebe said, while she stood above the dead guard. His body reminded her a bit too much of her past.

Alexander heard a scream and immediately left his room to find what had made the noise. He raced down the hall past the talking group and the two guards in the hallway to enter the hall with Phebe and Raven in it. He saw Aden laying on the ground and one person that appeared to be a badly burnt guard on the ground. Another guard was stumbling around but he figured the others would be able to handle it if they hadn't already.

"What in the world is going on here?" Alexander asked somewhat loudly as he ran over to Aden and pulled the arrows out of him before setting to work trying to at least make sure the boy didn't bleed to death right away. A small amount of light came from his hands as he tried to help Aden.

"Why don't you ask Stumbles over here?" Raven told the ugh, Lightdweller, as he entered the room.

The blinded guard seemed to turn at what he assumed was his new name, but that just made things easier for the Nightshade. She went down low, and knocked the legs out from underneath the guard. It hurt a bit, the contact of shin on metal, but it had the desired effect as the guard went tumbling to the ground. Not letting him regain what little bearings he had, Raven quickly moved on top of his armor, not letting him get up easily.

She moved into a kneeling position, knee buried into where the sternum would be. "All right, bastard, you're going to start talking, or I'm going to make sure you never see anything but the inside of your soul for the rest of your days," she threatened. "Now tell us, who ordered you to come in and try and eliminate us?"

The guard that Raven had pinned seemed to show no emotion as Raven spoke to him, only for an odd CLICK to occur, to which the guard suddenly swung his apparently metal arm against Raven, knocking her off of him simply and making her slide some small distance from the hard impact along the smooth floor. With the blackness gone, and realizing that they had been taken by surprise by the strength of the odd mages, he gave out a low whistle as he moved his arm which had fired the bolt before towards Phebe, and fired it again as if nothing had happened before that moment, the bolt slamming itself into her leg as he started to attempt to rise.

Hearing the odd whistle, the two guards who had been observing went back to the hall, already not caring for the other mages which had stepped past them before in favor of doing damage to what was discovered now. Slamming the doors open now, they noted the situation that had apparently occurred around their now fallen comrade, and turned towards the only Pyromancer who was still largely unhurt and preparing to launch fire at the guards.

They did not give Jacob the chance to let his fire to fly, the pair of bolts form their arms slamming once again center mass, knocking him to the ground in nearly the exact same fashion as Aden had hit the ground. In another similar fashion, which Phebe and Raven would likely quickly recognize, they drew out their blades again, but this time instead of the leisurely walk that assumed they were helpless, they sprinted towards those who were deemed unhurt and likely the most dangerous. Unfortunately, that meant the slowly rising Raven and Alexander who was doing his best to heal Aden.

Seth shrugged, somewhat surprised that Gabriel had dropped the topic so easily for himself. While he figured that it would come back later, which he had no idea what he would do then either, it would at least give him a bit of time for now. He could switch to the next topic easily enough.

"Wings and trials? It would be something, but I get the feeling that the price is just too....difficult. I would prefer to stay on the ground myself, because these people seemed to have..." Seth stopped as suddenly a scream came through the halls, with Alexander suddenly sprinting past to see what was going on. Seth would have sprinted after, but he found himself pausing.

The others....Maybe I should stay here? Is the threat a distraction?

"Gabe, I'm going to go check that out. You fine with staying here, or want to come along?" Seth said quickly. He figured that was a death howl, having heard it plenty of times before, but there was no time to explain such things. He needed a quick answer, and hoped that Gabriel wouldn't freeze up. He had already drawn out his blade after he had asked the question, prepared for a fight.

Alexander noticed the man running toward him poised to attack and he threw Aden's chair towards the legs of the guard rushing toward him with one hand while immediately focusing a blinding white light towards the guard. Forcing him to instinctively close his eyes and trip over the chair. This gave Alexander time to properly stand up and he used a laser to knock the blade out of the guard's hand while he remained on the ground.

"Don't move an inch. I have no problem making sure you are blind for the rest of your life or knocked out and leaving you to the real guards here." Alexander said. He really didn't want to have to hurt anyone but he needed to make sure he would get the chance to heal his injured teammates.

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