Journey of the Elementals RP (Pm if Interested, Started)

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Nydia's thoughts were filled with worry for Cale and a desire to make it past their foes so they could rejoin their comrades in the dining area until she felt Seth leaning back against her from support. Cale and the others weren't the only ones in danger after all, there was just as much danger here and Seth had already been wounded protecting her from it. Thankfully the bolt would act as a plug and keep him from bleeding too much, but his breathing was heavy and he seemed to be in a great deal of pain. She couldn't even imagine how difficult it would be to fight with such a wound.

As much as she wanted to make haste to the dining area, she thought it would be best to fall back and treat Seth's wound before engaging in any more fighting. "Seth..." She began quietly, but was interrupted by Seth gripping his sword and summoning his flames. He felt the four of them could finish this fight it seemed. ".... Whatever we do, let's do it quickly so I can get that bolt out of you and begin treating your wound. And please be careful." She finished, preparing her light so she could actually be of use in the fight this time.

"Water vapour... let me check," Gabriel mused, releasing his hold on the small sphere he had created. The liquid fell to the floor and splashed a small radius around the impact point. With his hands free again, Gabe tried to reach out to the air around him to pull the water from it as he had done just earlier. Only instead of coalescing it into a little ball, he brought it together to form what looked like a small and thin cloud of mist between his hands, which were about shoulder width apart. All in all, it probably took longer than Drew would have liked.

Gabe hoped he had enough of it to suit the Airshifter's need. Vapour was easy enough to gather, especially since he could use some from the puddle he had created. "How's this? Do you need more? What do you plan to do with it?" he asked, asking the three questions without looking at Drew. He wanted to maintain his focus.

Alexander pumped as much energy as he could into Aiden but, just as with his other patient, he felt the boy die. At the death of two mages under his care, his first two dying in a matter of seconds no less, something snapped inside of him. His anger at those who could do such a thing against people who had done nothing aggressive at all turned into a burning rage. He immediately stood up and fired a large laser at the nearest wall with both hands, focusing his energy into not just power but size.

It was just the first display to get out some of the rage and sadness he was feeling right now. Without saying so much as a word he walked out of the room into the hallway where guards were fighting more of the attackers. The best way he could describe it if and when he calmed down would be that everything else had gone away. What mattered to him right now was punishing those who were killing without provocation.

He saw two of the attackers in front of him and immediately blasted the both of him with as much energy as he could muster. He didn't bother to see if he had vaporized them, sent the laser straight through them, or had simply blasted a large hole in them. At this point it didn't matter. Two mages had died already tonight, he wouldn't allow the chance for more.

As Gabriel tried to get the vapor, Drew started to focus to try and create a lightning bolt. Before he could, however, he heard the sound of men screaming and two rays of light strike the wall. "What in the world?!" he turned the corner to see another Light mage had just blasted the guards they were about to attack. "Huh. Remind me not to piss HIM o-..." before he could finish, he heard a very loud crash. And Drew's eyes widened with fear when he realized the direction it was coming from.

Without saying a word, he turned around and started running back to his room, winding up enough of a gust for there to be a visible field of dust and small stones around him. He hoped that he was just being paranoid and wouldn't have to use it on anyone, not bothering to look back if anyone was following him.

Seth was going to try to laugh off Nydia looking over his wound, and perhaps it would help him take his mind off it, but it instead just turned into a grimace as it was a bit difficult to simply ignore the damned thing. While he was getting ready to let his flames fly, however, a beam of light lanced through the air, with screams echoing through the halls with it. Seth didn't even need to guess that there were more attackers than he dared bargain for. Seems he wasn't the only one to be pissed off this evening. Whether that was a good or a bad thing, he couldn't say.

"....Now." Seth growled, hoping to finish off any problems that still lingered in the hall. He spun from the corner, and found his old problem: the swordsman from before who left after the first blast of flames. The man stood obviously stunned by his comrades being blasted away by beams of light, in the coming night at that. However, he turned to see Seth, flames scorching behind him, and could not bring himself to move as Seth let the torrent go, a shout right behind it filled with his rage. He was going to make someone pay for his wound and rotten night, and this was a good start.

The man didn't even have a chance to scream, as they seemed to rip the man apart before he could even vocalize the pain of the fire wrapping about himself. As the tornado of flames around the man suddenly slipped away, there was just a charred corpse with metallic bits remaining, likely remains of armor that the man had that could put up with some extreme heat.

"HAH! Ya bastards..." Seth said with one quick laugh before taking a deep breath.

".........Alright. I think I'm ready to get this bolt out of me before more people come to give me more."

The guard looked at Fei for a moment, the guard began to answer the questions, keeping watch on the room and not moving from his point which seemed the most advantageous.

"I am of the Prime Minister's guard. My name has been given up to better serve him and protect himself from anything that I am. I got here via the window, after sliding down from a window above a small distance so as to avoid the fighting and get here faster. I need to locate your brother, as well as any other mages in the area to make sure that little harm befalls you." The guard intoned, the mechanical tones behind it still quite obvious and giving no real reflection of his behavior or emotions.

The small explosion from Alexander's strikes against the wall and the troops did not go unnoticed. In fact, it woke much of the palace back up, bringing some to realize that the assault was already well underway. With things already getting out of hand, additional men seemed to leap out of the shadows around the Palace, intent on causing some sort of trouble, and doing some form of severe damage in any way they could.

The Prime Minister, in the meantime, had decided to take to the halls. Leaving the rest of his guard to watch his family as he did the tasks that needed to be done. While he had been informed many times that he was important and needed to be safe during these attacks, he knew full well that the explosions meant that the mages were just as big a target as he was, and they did not have guards at their call except for the ones he dared to send.

Reaching the stairs, he now saw why his guards had apparently taken somewhat longer to reach the mages, as a group of twelve men seemed to be blocking the way. He imagined at some time there were more, but they had likely gone to make sure the mage who had done that bit of noise would not be a problem for long.

"Out of my way, traitors." The Prime Minister shouted as he and his pair of guards stepped forward to clear the way.

With the explosion, another small group of warriors began to make their way to the dining hall to investigate. They knew that it meant their comrades had given their lives for the cause, but it also might mean the mages to be weaker now, and that their crossbows would get the job done. Quickly, the seven men loaded their weapons, checked their swords, and got moving.

"You don't have a name? Then what do people call you?" Fei wiggled out of her hiding place, still standing warily to the side. "My brother went out to help the other mages. I heard them in the hallway. I think they're fighting. Are they going to be okay?" She thought about how they were fighting. Maybe she should go help... the guard looked like he was strong, and could help. Still, he didn't have a name? Fei noticed her shadow moving out from under the bed as well. Was it hiding there with her this whole time? That was kinda creepy.

"If more of them show up, get down. I'm going to make sure nobody else but them gets hurt tonight." Alexander said slowly and purposefully. He knew what he would do next, and he didn't want any allies to be hurt.

"No more mages die tonight." He said quietly to himself. The suns on his shoulders were glowing intensely as adrenaline and rage fueled him. His shadow mimicked his actions but unlike his they didn't do anything or make a sound. In his current state he didn't feel any pain or fatigue but he vaguely knew it was there, but he was so furious and sad right now he was completely ignoring it.

Phebe wasn't particularly surprised when it turned out that the two mages that had been shot couldn't be saved. She had faith in the lightdwellers healing abilities, but it seemed that not even they could save everyone.

The lightdweller blew a hole in the wall, probably out of anger and left the room. Phebe could hear the destruction he was causing. She hoped he would be alright, but decided not to follow him as she might get caught in the crossfire.

Instead, she turned to the two mages and the newly arrived guard still in the room.

"After that stunt he just pulled, there'll likely be more enemies here soon. I think it's better if we stay here, rather than accidentally running into them."

She went over to the table, picked up a bottle of wine and drank heartily, before putting it back down.

This is nothing... I'll survive.

That couldn't be said about all of them though.

Nydia merely blinked in surprise as a beam of light flashed through the hall followed by cries of pain from their aggressors presumably. Regaining her composure, she quickly followed after Seth as he moved to dispatch the remaining enemy. It turned out that her assistance was unneeded but she was thankful that they were safe for now at least. Though she could hear the faint sounds of conflict in the distance, meaning that there may still be more to come. Hopefully she would be of more use in the future. A fellow Lightdweller had just proven how formidable their magic could be and it would be most unfitting of her to spend all of the battles hiding behind Seth after such an impressive display.

After checking around to make sure everyone was alright, she shifted her attention to Seth who had just announced that he was ready to be treated. Indeed, now would be the best time to make sure everyone was unharmed before they moved on. The wound itself would prove to be little trouble for her, removing the bolt would likely be difficult though. "Yes, I am ready to remove it as well. This will not be pleasant, but I shall do my best to make it as painless as possible. You should lie down first though to keep the blood loss to a minimum." She told Seth as she made mentally prepared herself to heal him.

Seth couldn't help but choke out a laugh as Nydia sounded halfway like someone watching over a child. Though, not that he could blame her as he had been running around with the bolt in him like a fool. Seth nodded, and figured that the best spot to lie down would be NOT in the hallway. He wandered back into the hallway where all the rooms where it seemed Gabriel was still lingering.

"...This work, or should I just head to one of the rooms for a bed?" Seth said with half a grin, still keeping a sense of humor even as the bleeding didn't seem to be getting any better. Though, after hearing what Alexander apparently planned on doing, he wished he hadn't gotten hit in the first place so he could help with the fighting that was apparently not just them.

"Hey, Gabriel? You alright over there? Snap out of it, you ain't the one bleeding." Seth said as he found himself going to one of the rooms which seemed...hotter than the others and sure enough seemed to be made for a pyromancer. Making his way to the bed and falling into it, Seth took a deep breath.

"Well.....ready when you are, Nydia."

The metallic guard shrugged....or what could assume to be shrugged as he stood there. Though, it was obvious he noted something as suddenly he produced an extending spear and stood ready for someone to come through the door.

"They call me all variety of things. In your instance, I would be 'good guy'. And if that is not someone who you know coming to the door, I figure they might not be in the best of shape. Do not worry or panic, for I will secure the area." The guard said, plainly ready to skewer whoever dared step through the door.

As the seven guards made an approach on the hallway where the explosions had happened, it was quite easy to spot the lone mage who had stepped into the hall to blast their comrades. Not wasting any time, four of the soldiers quickly raised their crossbows and fired. While not necessarily aimed, two of the bolts flew dangerous close, and one did strike Alexander before the robotic guard from before stepped into the hallway, returning fire with his own arm mounted crossbow, knocking the last bolt away.

"If you mages are intent on throwing your lives about so recklessly, at least do so as a group so as to stop from being hit, or at least watch each others backs." The guard intoned as the other attackers stepped into cover of other hallways.

Meanwhile, those who sat calmly (or relatively so) could sense something approaching. It had the strangest of energies floating about it, something that seemed like the spirit that they had met on the airship from before. What was so odd about this one was that there seemed to be TWO of them trying to make their way closer, or at least make their energies stronger and easier to detect.

As two more bolts hit him in non-vital areas he began to realize just how tired he was after all the energy he had been using. He had been running on pure adrenaline for some time and his anger had made him almost feel more energetic than he ever had. Yet that energy was bound to fail him sooner or later, and he knew he probably had one last shot. He needed to make it count. He made sure no allies would be in his way before he made his next move.

"Your threat ends now." He said quietly as he let out a wide blast of energy angled in front of him. There was no way he could get off individual shots so he had to muster all his energy into a thin shot over the area of the hall. It traveled at chest height, and this last laser did it's job. Each man was cut off at the chest.

The line was incredibly small but still had just enough power to cut them enough to kill the enemies he could see in the hall. Blood immediately poured from the line that had been cut as they fell to the ground. As he fell to the ground with every wound of his own reopened he looked on in silent horror as he finally had enough anger leave him to realize just what he had done. It was driven home but the sight of the upper halves of the men fell off to reveal the two halves they had been cut into.

As he himself landed face first on the ground with his own pool of blood forming under him he looked into his shadow which was looking back at him. He hated what he saw of himself in it, the promise to himself that in a fit of anger he had failed to keep. The first true test of his resolve to his self defined purpose, and he had failed miserably.

'I've failed yet again. I've failed mages, I've failed my family, and I've failed myself. I couldn't keep an important promise to any of them.' With that last thought he passed out, entirely unconscious and unresponsive in his own blood.

The massive attack made Cale cover his eyes from the blast. He wondered just how powerful light mages were until now. It became silent for a few fledgling seconds before the chaos picked up again. The robotic guard pursued the light mage through the hole he blasted and the pyromancer returned to the table and drank some wine. Cale thought of doing the same thing as he looked back at the corpse of the man he strangled. He turned back towards the mages and remembered something. Something he must have left behind.

"I'll be back..." Cale whispered.

Cale went back towards Nydia, a cry rumbling in his throat. In the chaos he forgot about her, left her behind. He couldn't forgive himself if something had happened to her in this attack. He pushed through the doors and began to run, desperate to see if Nydia was okay. As he ran, he couldn't contain himself. Emotions ran high today and keeping it bottled was no longer a viable solution.

"NYDIA! NYDIA!" Cale shouted out, rounding corners in this gods-forsaken labyrinth of artificially formed earth. But soon his voice grew hoarse sooner than he imagined. He saw something familiar down the hall, and it was Nydia's blonde hair moving into a room while everything else blurred. He slowly lost his hurried pace and began walking towards the room both tired and curious but all the time looking for someone to talk to. Making his way to the door frame he saw the pyromancer from before, sprawled over the bed with Nydia approaching. Cale clenched his fists.


Nydia quietly followed Seth as he made his way into a nearby room and dropped into a bed. This would be her first time treating such a wound but she had faith in her abilities. She had rolled up the sleeves of her robe and was making her way over to Seth when she heard a familiar voice call her name. "Is that....?" Her hopes were high as she turned to see Cale standing in the doorway.

Relief and joy washed over her and a bright smile lit up her face as she quickly moved towards him and threw her arms around him in a tight embrace. "Cale! I'm so glad to see that you are safe!" She said with a small sigh of relief before realizing that her behavior was forward and a bit rude. Her face turned slightly red with embarrassment as she let go and stepped back, bowing deeply in a apology. "Ah, forgive me! I seem to have forgotten my manners momentarily. I was just glad to see that you are unharmed. Though if you do have any injuries that need tending, I'll be happy to do so once I've healed Seth."

Looking Cale over, Nydia could see no apparent wounds so removing the bolt from Seth would have to take priority. Now that she no longer had to worry about Cale's safety, she could focus on that task. She moved back towards the bed and leaned over Seth, examining the wound. "Hmmm... I can't just pull it out or the tip will likely break off and remain inside you. I'll have to... Widen the wound a bit." She muttered with a slight frown as she considered her options.

Eventually a glowing light surrounded her left hand and she placed it on Seth's chest while she placed her right hand on the bolt. "While I'm removing the bolt, I'll focus my magic on dulling the pain. I'll try to make this as quick as possible so please bear with me." She said before going to work. It was unpleasant, thought likely even more so for Seth, but the best way to widen the wound would be using the bolt itself. Wiggling the bolt around inside the wound would make it worse, but it was the only way to safely remove it. Once she had done this, Nydia was able to easily remove it from Seth's body.

Once the bolt was out, Nydia dropped the foul thing on the ground and immediately moved her left hand on top of the wound to begin healing it immediately. It was a fairly deep wound that took her several minutes to heal completely. Once she was done, she removed her hand from Seth's chest to look over her work. "Well... I think that healed up rather nicely." She said eventually, relieved that she had succeeded. "How do you feel?"

Gabriel was confused by the speed of what was going on. Seth, Nydia and Drew had all gone off somewhere, leaving him alone. There was a lot of noise just around the corner. He glanced over at his shadow, who was observing quietly.

"You still can't talk, can you?" he asked it. The shadow made no move to respond to him. Instead it wandered around the corner and came back. Gabe gave it a look. "Really? You're gonna do that, and you can't even tell me if there's anyone around there?" The shadows were not proving themselves to be much help.

Gabe could feel a strange tugging at the air. Perhaps Drew was doing something to the air. Maybe something had happened back there... the crash just now might have done something. The young Hydromancer wanted to find out. Helping could get him a way into Drew's good books; he had heard a snarky comment earlier about him being strange. So he went back down the hall, the same way the others had gone, gathering water vapour about himself a second time in case Drew needed assistance.

Gabriel found Drew a short distance down the hall, near a room whose door was closed. "What's going on? Do you want me to help?" he asked quietly as he approached, the cloud of vapour moving in his wake.

Drew was right at the door, and he heard a voice from the other side. A voice that obviously didn't belong to Fei. "Shit..." he mumbled under his breath. He tried his best to remain calm. "Just stay focused... he's talking to someone, so he isn't alone. It's likely Fei. But how do I get through without putting her in danger...?" He knelt down, looking at the crack of the bottom of the door. He confirmed that there were two people there, and one seemed to be Fei. "Ok... she seems to be ok... for now... but what do I do?"

He noticed Gabriel running up, and he got up, stopping him from getting any closer. "Shhhh!" He slowly lead the younger mage towards the door. "I think one of them is in there with Fei..." he whispered. He was trying to take this new factor into account. "Kid... can you do what I asked before?" he took another look at the door. He had shot bolts at trees, and had managed to go through a couple. But that was with Fei, when he had optimal conditions. And even if it did get through, he was unsure what it would do to the guard. And then there was the matter of Fei being right behind the guard.

Of course, all these factors were useless if he couldn't even fire off a bolt. "Come on, kid, answer me!" he said, starting to sweat. He hadn't even noticed the vapor around Gabriel, too focused on what might be happening on the other side of the door.

A shade of red flushed on Cale's face when Nydia's body embraced his. Of course it didn't last very long but it was just enough to make him forget about his deed earlier before, for now. Something rose from Cale's stomach when Nydia let go that vaguely sounded like a sight of relief. Once more, Cale ran his hands through his hair as he watched the procedure and patiently awaited for Nydia to be finished.

"N-no need for apologies..." Cale whispered out. His head felt even more woozy but he kept himself up by leaning on the door frame, watching as Nydia worked on the pyromancer her had met from before. He looked like he went through hell but Nydia's healing did short work of that lodged bolt. Cale always believed in Nydia's skill as healer but as soon as the operation he looked around for something to do. He wasn't much use just standing there and his need to be useful far exceeded his manners. He rifled through the room for any bandages but the only thing he came up with was a cup of water. Cale walked to the other side of Seth and handed him the cup of water.

"I hope this makes you feel better, pyromancer." Cale said.

As Seth sat for the moment as Nydia seemed to be preparing, he heard someone familiar showing up. The Earthshaper Cale had decided to turn up. While Seth was tempted to say all manner of sarcastic things to him, especially regarding the bolt sitting firmly in him, Nydia had returned to work on him. For this Seth wasn't sure what exactly to expect, only for a VERY sharp pain to suddenly ripple out from the wound, causing Seth to snarl as Nydia did....something to the bolt making it far worse than he could have imagined. In what seemed like half an hour, Nydia finally seemed finished. Seth blinked a few times, having not needed care like that in some time.

"How do you feel?"

"Gah....That....hurt. But, its not so bad now, I think. Thank you, Lady Nydia." Seth said, slowly rising to see Cale bringing over a cup of water, it seemed. He couldn't help but smirk as he took the glass and a drink. The water was not as icy cold as before, but it would do for the moment.

"I hope this makes you feel better, pyromancer."

"Personally, I think the bolt being gone will do more than the water...but thanks all the same, loverboy." Seth said with a small grin, swinging his legs over the side of the bed to get back on his feet, steadying himself for a moment. He didn't think he would be THAT weak, but he would need to push through it.

"Now.....You see any more out there, earthshaper? Nevermind...You watch Lady Nydia now. Try to take a bolt like I did if they start shooting for ya. I'm going to go repay a few favors." Seth said as firmly as he could manage, and slowly, but steadily, began walking back to the halls. As Seth rose, his Shadow, who had been close by, seemed to help him to his feet, and stay close as he began his walk, gripping its own sheathed blade as he did so.

No time to be weak now. Alexander was doing something out there, and I'm not about to leave him fighting alone. Lets see if there is anything else I can do to finish up this night properly.

Now noting his shadow's support, or...whatever the damn thing did, Seth did his best to summon back all his strength, and prepare for a very possibly long night.

As the guard seemed satisfied with the room and the noises that were coming outside, he turned to Fei. Looking her over for a moment to make sure she had not been harmed in any fashion, the guard seemed to come to a simple decision, and went to the door.

"While I do not claim to know your intentions, Fei Kyarra, I think that this room would be most secure for you at the moment. But rather than stay hidden under the bed, take this, and be ready for any who dare bust down the door." The guard said, reaching to his side and tossing a small knife onto the bed. With that taken care of, the guard took a step over to the door, and listened carefully, and paused.

"There are....others outside the door. Stay away from me for the moment, and be prepared with any defenses you have. I will need to surprise them, especially if they plan on breaking the door. To the side, please." The guard whispered back to Fei, once again swinging his spear around to the side of the door, where he would be prepared for them.

In the hallway near the dining hall, the mechanical guard found himself needing to act quickly. While the mage had indeed some impressive powers and did some good work on the traitors, he would need to get him back in the hall since he now lay on the ground unable to do much more than keep breathing. The bolts, while not particularly serious, would be a problem if left alone too long. With his quick check complete, the mech guard spun about, grabbing Alexander and carried him back into the dining hall, taking two bolts to the back while doing so.

The damage to the guard, however, seemed to be minimal to those who saw, as he just as simply put Alexander back down, muttered a quick "Care for him." to the other mages, and then went back to firing bolts back at their attackers who still lingered in the halls.

"Kid... can you do what I asked before?"

Clearly Drew meant the whole mist thing. In response, Gabriel just gestured to the cloud gathering around him... evidently that wasn't enough for Drew, who appeared to be fixated on the door.

"Come on, kid, answer me!"

"Yes, I can. I'm doing it right now," Gabe answered, a little irritably. Perhaps the Airshifter was too used to the way he worked with his sister. Gabriel, however, wasn't all that experienced when it came to cooperating to create lightning. If he was lucky Drew would cover the actual handling of the electricity.

"So... how do you want to do this? Just blast the door open?" he asked, curious to know Drew's plan.

Fei picked up the dagger. She knew what it was, sure. Her mom had one like it. Short, sharp, metal attached to short, dull metal. If you threw it hard it would embed itself in people. Like darts, but with people. Still, actually holding one was an experience.

"There are....others outside the door. Stay away from me for the moment, and be prepared with any defenses you have. I will need to surprise them, especially if they plan on breaking the door. To the side, please."

Fei obediently trot to the door between the rooms, getting the water in the stream to rise a little as she prepared for whatever was at the door. How could the good guy tell someone was on the other side of the doors? Maybe he had powers too, she thought. SUPER powers. Hopefully her brother would come back soon, so he could meet the good guys too.

"Now.....You see any more out there, earthshaper? Nevermind...You watch Lady Nydia now. Try to take a bolt like I did if they start shooting for ya. I'm going to go repay a few favors."

Cale laughed nervously to the pyromancer's words but still respected the drive and determination the man had to when it came to protecting his fellow mage.

"Aye, I'll do that..." Cale mouthed out. He was still strong but he felt weak on the inside, burdened by a blow so deep that it didn't appear physically which was considered as the most dangerous wound of all. When the pyromancer left, Cale sat at the edge of the bed where he was and looked at his hands. Grains of sand still were buried underneath his nails and in between the creases in his skin.

"Oh Nydia..." He sighed. "I...I killed someone today. I don't know what to make of it. He was a threat to my friends and what not but... I just don't know..." Cale let it off his chest and into the small room where the echoes of fighting could still be slightly heard outside. He wrung his wrists like a man tying his own noose. "I know I have to kill... I know I have to defend my own life and the lives of others but does that mean taking the life of someone else is justified? I know I need to get over this... to get back out there and fight... and kill.

Drew noticed the air around him, starting to focus. A couple sparks flew around erratically, almost grazing Gabriel. He noticed that, and realized that he needed to calm down. For Fei's sake... he said. He heard some noise, checking under the door again one last time, noticing Fei wasn't there. This is it! Perfect shot! He stood up, placing his right hand right in front of the door, where the guard was likely standing, his index and middle finger extended.

Drew's hair started to stand up on end, little arcs of electricity forming between the ends of his beard and the hairs on his arm, a couple arcs going between his fingertips. He closed his eyes, trying to eep his breath steady, trying to keep himself composed to compensate for his current partner's lack of experience.

Once he was convinced what he had would blow a sizable hole in the door, and hopefully the shmuck on the other side of it, he turned to Gabriel and shouted to him "Get down, kid!" Drew released the lightning, a few small stray bolts striking the walls around him. He could feel the tips of his fingers burning, and a small shock going up his arm, and his ears rung as a loud 'boom' rumbled, the thunder roaring like a gunshot. He could only hope that was enough to take care of the threat on the other side of the room.

Seth paused a moment to glance back at Cale and Nydia, thinking about saying something to the pair, only to find himself shrugging it off and moving back towards the main hall. As he approached, he noted that there were several bolts sliding upon the floor or flying past. Obviously there was something still going on out there, and he would need to do something about it. Approaching the edge once again, he almost felt a sense of history repeating itself, except this time Nydia wasn't at his back whispering encouragement.

No time to worry about backup....I need to FOCUS. Stay close to the wall, farther away from where the bolts are. They probably are not shooting at me. Need to see who I am setting on fire...

As Seth made his first jump into the open to get to his next bit of cover, he heard a rather loud boom come from behind him. He almost started cursing as he now was missing something else going on behind him. Too late to do anything about it now...

Which is then when he was interrupted by bright flashes through the hallway which made him turn his back and stay behind his cover as best he could. The sound afterwords were deafening, but he quickly noted that the sound had brought a near silence to everything else. Except for the sound of footsteps.

As the lightning ripped through the door and made a somewhat sizable hole, the guard paused only for a moment to wait for it to not strike about anything in particular, and then slammed his metallic arm into the door, making it swing back right into Drew, slamming it into his face and chest and knocking him down from the force. The lightning, no longer being focused about, quickly seemed to dissipate without any force to focus it. After the initial strike, the guard seemed to almost swing out from around the doorway, spear swinging about to the face of Gabriel, pausing only a mere sliver away from the chest as there was a very slight pause.

"....friend or foe." The guard said it as if it was a statement of fact for one or the other. He had noted Drew on the floor, and while making no attempt to threaten him, it was obvious that the answer would decide the next action, regardless of the sounds now echoing through the halls sounding very similar to the one which Drew had just made.

As the guard sat in the dining hall, biding his time as a hail of bolts continued to fly back from his last volley, he turned back to note that the mages did nothing to help their fallen comrade. He noted this for a moment, and decided to address the pair of mages still standing in the room over it.

"Quite heartless of your own kind, arn't you? It will be interesting to see if you will survive long in this world." The guard said, seeming to not even bother with the bolts that continued to fly through the hall behind him.

Even more surprising was as suddenly there were repeated loud BOOMS! of lightning that seemed to echo through the halls, and then a collection of screams afterwords as they seemed to die off. What was now obvious was that the bolts had ceased in flying about, and it seemed the combat had died off, at least locally. What now most locally echoed through the halls were the distinct iron steps of a few individuals.

While this had happened, Alexander's Shadow hovered over him, trying their hardest to do something about the current situation. Focusing for only a moment, a bright light flashed from the shadow, doing some small effect to heal the wounds that Alexander had attained, only for the shadow to lose the glow in their eyes as a result, making them seem much more transparent afterwords. Before it had finished its act, it took the time to actually glare at the other two mages in the room, the rare emotion obvious on the face as it did the small amount of work it could manage.

Everything happened so quickly. First Drew harnessed Gabriel's mist and created a blast of lightning... the next thing Gabe knew, the door was off of its hinges, Drew was sprawled on the floor and Gabe was less than an inch away from a spear through the chest. That spear was being held by one of the Prime Minister's metallic guardsmen. What was he doing there? That question would have to be answered later, as the guard held the advantage.

"... Friend or foe." It wasn't a question. Gabriel was trying desperately to remain calm, but he wasn't having much luck. His hands were shaking, the cloud of mist was gone save for his now slightly damp robes, and it was becoming difficult to breathe properly.

"F-f-f-friend. Friend! M-my name is Gabriel! I'm one of the mages!" he stammered out, his eyes locked onto the blade pointed at him. It looked so very sharp. Please, for the love of the gods, get that spear away from me... The young Hydromancer was in full-blown panic mode, though he dared not move. Any attempt to do so could be misinterpreted, if the guard did not believe him.

A loud bang made Fei shriek and cover her ears. It looked like the door had been blown off its hinges, along with a sizzling hole cut into the center. The guard was aiming at something outside, making her crane her head to see. She held onto the small dagger in one hand. "Oh! Hi Gabriel!" Fei waved excitedly from inside, one hand still clamped over her ear. Since they were just standing there and not fighting, she assumed it was safe, and walked closer. She spot her brother on the ground when she reached the guard. He must have been hit by the door! She ran out, moving the spear a little as she went under it, and got down next to Drew. "Drew! Drew?" She splashed some water on his face.

Drew felt the water on his face, but could hear the faint talking of people around him. He wasn't going to draw attention to himself while this person was still there, so he kept his eyes closed, trying to seem as if he were still out cold. Perhaps Gabriel could gather some more information from him, considering neither of them had any holes in them yet. He was trying to think of something to do. Preferably something not involving leaving Gabriel to get gutted while he took Fei and ran. The noise should have been loud enough to get SOMEONE'S attention...

Raven attempted to keep her front going despite the tough front, but even the absorbed energy wasn't enough to propel her back into the fray. "Actually, go ahead, I just need a minute," she told Phebe. "I just need a minute."

As the other mage hurried on, Raven retreated into a corner of the room that had had been turned into a little pocket of shadows by the overturned dining tables and sat down. This week had seen a dramatic uptick in the amount of physical activity she had to endure, and it was starting to catch up with her. That and the whole being stabbed thing. It stretched her already diminished endurance thin.

The major blast coming in from the hallway didn't do much to help her feel better. Not only was it loud, but it was bright. Way too fucking bright. Must be that damn light bastard. Son of a bitch blinder. Pretty powerful hit though. Too fucking powerful...fuck. My head. Fuck... Her head was rebelling against her. A culmination of the stress of the day.

Raven remained in her own dark little corner, time losing all meaning as she just wanted the pain to stop. She sat hoping that none of those guards would be coming in looking to kill of the stragglers, but so far none had arrived. Eventually, Raven felt well enough to try and stand up again.

Upon emerging from her table fortress, she realized she was off on her count of guards in the room by one. As well as on mages by two. Well, at least conscious mages by one. The guard turned to address her and Phebe. I thought I told her to get out of here.

"Quite heartless of your own kind, arn't you? It will be interesting to see if you will survive long in this world."

What is he- Raven's train of thought was interrupted by the earth-shattering kabooms erupting from elsewhere in the castle. She tried not to make any movements but the deafening explosions were not what her head needed right now. Thankfully the loud noises were brief and led to another period of quiet.

OK, what is he talking about? Who is in here besides me and... Raven noticed the light dweller from earlier lying unconscious on the ground. That's my kind? Hardly! I'll teach this guy.

"My own kind? That thing on the ground could not be further from my kind if he tried," Raven told the man. "When he chose his path he became a different species, and frankly, the floor is a good place for him."

Nydia gave a small smile upon seeing that Seth was feeling better after the treatment. The fact that he was going out on his own again worried her a bit given that he had just recovered. Perhaps he'll be better off on his own though... He was wounded because I was there last time after all. She did her best to push that thought out of her mind as she bid Seth farewell. "Do be careful out there Seth. And seek me out if you need my healing abilities again." She called out after him as he left.

Now she and Cale were alone just as they were before this insanity had broken out. She turned back towards him and began to ask what she thought they should do now, only to find him sitting on the bed with a pained look on his face. "I...I killed someone today. I don't know what to make of it. He was a threat to my friends and what not but... I just don't know..."

Seeing Cale in such a state almost wiped the smile from her face, but she quickly reminded herself that now was when he needed to see that smile the most. When he had finished speaking, she quietly moved towards him and sat down on the bed next to him. Having never taken a life herself, she couldn't exactly relate to how he was feeling but surely being there for him and reassuring him would be of some help? "Cale... You don't have to kill anymore. We can find another way to keep everyone safe together, I have faith in that." She said calmly, resting a hand on top of Cale's.

Outside she could hear some strange loud noises and the sounds of fighting were replaced with the echoing of what seemed to be footsteps throughout the halls. Investigating was the most logical course of action, but Nydia was worried about possibly putting Cale in the midst of another battle. "Perhaps you should rest here for awhile. We should be safe here and you may feel better afterwards."

As Seth paused a moment for the booming to die down, hoping that he wouldn't need to take up Nydia's offer of healing any time soon. He didn't want to be a tax on her, especially with all the damage that might be going on. Regardless, when the bolts stopped flying, he took a moment to decide which way to go. While he could walk towards the hall where the footsteps seemed to be echoing from, or back where the first sounds seemed to echo from. Taking a moment to decide what was more important, he found himself suddenly realizing that he had left some of the younger mages back there, and Aden and the others should be able to handle themselves well enough, especially with Alexander over there showing the enemies who they were messing with.

Idiot. Should have realized that where the fighting ISN'T is where the most risk is. What the blazes even caused that noise anyways? Hopefully Cale and Nydia are not...well, not running INTO it.

Going back from his cover, and not bothering to look back and see who was walking through the halls, Seth walked back and turned the corner, noting what was happening as he turned. Fei had made an appearance, as well as Gabriel standing there somewhat shaken as a metallic guard slowly lowered his weapon from where he had been pointing it. In the meantime, he saw someone lying on the ground. As she shouted a bit "Drew! Drew?", he realized that it was likely Drew who was on the ground. Seth quickened his steps, not sure what had happened, or who this guard was, other than he looked like one of those fancy guards.

"Fei? What is going on? Gabriel? Did you see what happened here?" Seth asked, stepping over, still keeping his blade drawn and ready, the guard warily watching him as he did approach. While he had lowered what looked like a spear from pointing at Gabriel, he seemed now more interested in this new arrival and any problems that he could bring, and seemed much more intending to look at Seth and past him for any trouble coming from behind.

The metallic guard regarded Raven without any emotion, and turned his attention back to the hallway before responding. The voice seemed to rattle off things as if they were simple facts that shouldn't need explanation.

"The more dead you magical kind are, the easier it gets to kill you. Already the losses are substantial, and you are willing to die because of some slight which means nothing to life and death. Precisely why I noted you should watch him. But it is no matter now." The guard said, and seemed to stand more at attention.

The footsteps finally got extremely close, and through the doors came three figures. Two more metallic guards, who had their fair share of bolts planted into their armor and blade slashes, but seemed unfazed all the same, and the Prime Minister, who's eyes seemed to have taken upon an even brighter glow about himself. He almost seemed to crack with energy as he stepped into the room and took note of the situation.

"This is....catastrophic. You, pick him up, remove those bolts, and take care of those wounds. See to it he makes it to the rooms I have set aside for these situations." The Prime Minister began, and then turned toward the mages still standing in the room.

"So...two dead, and the rest missing or dead as well. I believe you were the one who brought up how...perfect this land is, correct? I imagine the irony is obvious now." The Prime Minister said, looking about, noting the hole in the walls, the bolts lying about the room, the dead mages, and the dead assassins. He shook his head, obviously not particularly enjoying what he was seeing.

As Alexander was picked up from the bloody point on the floor, the guard made sure to properly take out the bolts as smoothly as possible. As he was carried away to a room where the healers of the castle could care for him, what was left of the shadow made sure to follow.

However, as Alexander was unconscious, he saw through the eyes of his shadow as he lie unconscious. He watched as the metallic guard picked him up and put him back into the dining area, away from the bolts and danger, and the guard telling the mages to take care of him. He then watched as the Shadow's gaze went from the mages in the room back to Alexander, where they made no move to assist, and then the shadow knelt down, and seemed to exert himself. For a moment, Alexander's thoughts seemed to be filled with an echo of a thought which was "Don't die. I don't want to." As this echo passed, Alexander's pains seemed to lesson some amount, though the vision faded away, only to start like an echo once more.

While Alexander's mind played through what his shadow had just seen, the guard now moved easily through the halls that now seemed clear of the enemies of before. He promptly kicked open the door, and stepped into the room filled with several beds already occupied with soldiers and other individuals. Placing Alexander in one of the beds, the metal soldier turned to the nearest healer and grabbed them.

"Heal this man, or I will find someone more worthy to do so." With the message across, the nervous woman nodded frantically, and got to work, quickly applying healing salves and wraps to Alexander. The healer, who was experienced, was not particularly concerned about his condition, but more concerned about the guard who now seemed to be intent on staying nearby.

Fei started babbling as she moved from curiosity to panic. "I-I was just in the room, when the noises started, and Drew went out and said not to leave because it might not be safe, so I stayed in the room by myself, but then, then, then the guard came in, and he said he was one of the good guys, and then, and then, and then he went to the door and then there was this bang, and then another bang, and then the door was broken, and and and now Drew won't wake up!" She was trying her hardest not to start bawling, since it looked like they were still in some sort of danger. And Seth and Gabriel were watching her. She didn't want to be a crybaby. Her shadow had knelt down beside her as well, glancing occasionally at her shadow counterpart. "Seeeth he's not waking uuuuup" she dropped a little more water than she intended on Drew's face, and might have accidentally drowned him if he were really unconscious.

Gabriel could have collapsed then and there out of sheer relief that he was no longer an inch away from death. He immediately backed a few paces away from the guard in case he was still suspicious... though the metallic man's attention had been turned to Seth.

"Fei? What is going on? Gabriel? Did you see what happened here?"

"Um... well, Drew doubled back here and I followed him," Gabe began to explain. "The door was closed. He probably thought Fei was in danger, so... he asked me to help him with creating lightning. We blew a hole in the door. The guard smashed the door off its hinges afterward... practically threw it straight into Drew. I dunno if he's okay," he finished up as he knelt down to get a closer look at the prone Airshifter.

He appeared to be breathing, so that was good. Other than that... Gabriel couldn't tell. He had no knowledge of medicine or magical healing.

Seth stepped forward and knelt down next to Drew, noting like Gabriel did that Drew was indeed breathing. Pausing only for a moment to note the guard once more, he put a hand on Fei's shoulder. He had a feeling he knew how to wake up Drew, it would just be somewhat.... unorthodox. He decided first to try and see if he could calm Fei a little before attempting his trick.

"Alright, Fei. Alright. I will get him to wake up. Just...let me do a bit of work, OK?" Seth said, giving her a light pat as he did so. He imagined this wasn't going to be quite how he should wake people up, but he didn't really feel like waiting. That, and he was reasonably sure that Drew was waiting, which he figured was horribly stupid at this point.
"Now wake up, ya bastard."

In one quick motion Seth slammed his fist into the side of Drew, figuring that if he didn't wake up and start moving about from that, he was out cold and he would need to....zap him? Cook him a little? Maybe smack him around a little? Glancing at his shadow, it gave him nothing more than a small shrug after the quick blow. His act wasn't probably the best thing, but he needed to get it done. Whatever the case, he wanted him up, and Fei wanted him up, and he figured that as good a reason as any to get him up now. If this didn't work, he would haul him up and MAKE him wake up. Maybe he should put a bolt in him, as it woke him up pretty good, except for that whole bleeding all over the place thing.

Well, I could always get a fire started. That might work. Just gotta be smart and not set him on fire. Or maybe that will teach him. Decisions decisions...

The lightdweller was soon carried back into the room, by the guard. He seemed to be badly hurt and they were told to care for him. Phebe sat down on the closest chair, with the bottle in her hand.

"Maybe you should get a healer to do that instead of me..." She muttered and tried to ignore the lightdweller on the floor. He had helped her, but she didn't believe that there was much she could do for him in return. She stared at the table in front of her and listened to the noises outside of the dining hall. At least she could kill any hostile who entered the room, which was a way of helping, she convinced herself.

"Actually, go ahead, I just need a minute, I just need a minute." Raven told her.

I wasn't going anywhere... She would be safer where she was now and there were people here to protect. The other mages could probably handle themselves, but the two mages in here would have a hard time to defend themselves if she left.

"Quite heartless of your own kind, arn't you? It will be interesting to see if you will survive long in this world."

She couldn't help but chuckle at the guard's comment, when neither of the two mages did anything to help the lightdweller.

"I've survived worse things than this, mainly because I didn't pull any dumb stuff like this guy. He chose his own fate."

The guard and Raven argued a bit, but eventually more guards and the prime minister arrived. She was glad to see him.

"So...two dead, and the rest missing or dead as well. I believe you were the one who brought up how...perfect this land is, correct? I imagine the irony is obvious now."

Phebe didn't remember who said that, but after what had just happened it was kind of understandable.

"Yeah. Who would attack your city though? I think we deserve an explanation, since you got us into this and some of us even got killed."

"So...two dead, and the rest missing or dead as well. I believe you were the one who brought up how...perfect this land is, correct? I imagine the irony is obvious now."

"I said it was evil perfect," Raven corrected the Prime Minister. "And it appears I was proven correct, wasn't I? Your guards appear fractured on what to do with us." Unbeknownst to her, her shadow hovered behind her, showing just as defiant an attitude. "When they don't want to wax philosophic, that is. You seemed to pick other people apart with ease, it's a shame you couldn't do that with the people in your employ."

The Prime Minister gave a small nod as Phebe brought out her own want of an explanation. He turned then quite amused as Raven seemed to pointedly want an explanation as well, and seemed to scoff at him and his supposedly employed guards. Turning to his guards for a moment, he spoke simply.

"Warriors, I need the two of you to go continue to cleanse the halls. Sweep downward from this floor, and get to securing each area. And get a head count. I want to know the full damage that has happened by the morning." The Prime Minister said, seeming to be all business with them. Then, without a word, the two guards that had come with the Prime Minister took off without question, seeming to almost take off at a dead sprint without a care. With that situation now in motion, the Prime Minister brought his attention back to the mages.

"Ah, you were proven correct. And the guards were not fractured at all. My guards were not, at least." The Prime Minister said, checking his arms once more as the energy oddly danced about them. "But I think you overestimate abilities if you think I have the time to properly look over every single individual in my upper towers, let alone the entire nation. But, chances are you will want quite the explanation now, though I would hope you able to figure it out in a little bit of time to clear your heads." The Prime Minister went next to his other guard, who was now sitting near the halls and watching for any potential problems that might be coming their way.

"Whatever the case, the halls will be cleared, and the attacks will stop. I would recommend you go to your rooms, but then I am not sure how well you can defend yourselves, seeing as many of you lie dead now. So, you will need my protections. I can only hope my other more local attempts went somewhat better than this evening. And that perhaps they prove somewhat more....protective than yourself." That last line was a somewhat more obvious jab at both of them as the Prime Minister glanced at the fallen mages still in the room.

"But, if Reaver's luck is with us, perhaps the others met with my guard and are fine as well. I certainly hope so." The Prime Minister finished, turning back to look and see the damage to the walls in the hall, giving a small approving nod as he saw what was done.

"And it seems that some of you have some fight in them, if the reports of flames and light scorching the halls were of any indication, and I know that neither of you are too capable of that."

"OOOOF!" Drew grunted as Seth struck him. He shook his head, spitting out a little blood. "Ok, I'm awake! Dammit, Seth, take your anger out on your Lightdweller friend, at least she can heal herself..." he grumbled to himself. He got up, stretching and shaking his soaked head. "How long was I out? Doesn't seem to have been that long. And what about our metallic guest?" As soon as he said that, Seth could feel the air around Drew starting to move, just in case, but now glaring at Seth as well.

Drew's shadow emerged from wherever it was skulking before, also glaring at Seth, then walking over to Gabriel and Fei, checking if they were both ok, but remaining silent, his gaze still fixed on Seth.

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