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Seth shook his head, rising from where he had knelt down as Drew stood as well, apparently annoyed that he had decided to punch him. Seth wasn't sure what world Drew had decided to go living in at the moment, but to make sure he was still mostly aware of what was going on, he pointed at his shoulder, still stained with the blood he had lost before after taking a bolt.

"Well, I've already lost my share of blood this evening, and I really don't feel like sitting around waiting for you to decide to wake up and for everyone else to hopefully not get shot." Seth replied, not in the best of moods in the first place and could do without all the glaring.

"And you can't have been out long, since I just left this hallway a minute or so ago and you were awake. And the metal guest..." Seth turned, not particularly worried like Drew was about the metallic fellow. If he had sought to be a problem, he would have already been one. His shadow seemed to have noted much of the same, and didn't even bother looking at Drew or his shadowy counterpart, instead preferring to take a look around. Seth was starting to appreciate the more wandering nature of his shadow, as it was probably good to have a second set of eyes that didn't bleed....well, as far as he knew, anyways.

The metallic guard gave no inclinations as to what his intentions were for the time being, noting Drew rising from the floor without any trouble at all. With the current situation apparently taken care of, he made his way past the mages, again without a word. Stepping to the end of the hall, he looked down both of the directions, and then stayed there. It was obvious that he was now on guard duty, and had left the mages to their own fate since it seemed they were in no apparent danger other than themselves.

But, his guard might not even be necessary, as it had seemed the calm night had returned, with the explosions that had happened before being the ending sound of the battles, and the few sounds of the battle that remained seemed to be nothing more than echos. And several airships seemed to have taken to the skies, seeming to be on alert for any additional mischief that could be had from an air threat. But it all seemed unlikely now, as once again everything had seemed to go silent, and with the metallic guards now sweeping the floors, the chances of leftover battles was soon a nonexistent one.

"Drew!" Fei hugged her brother when he sat up. "You're aliiive" she cried, wiping her eyes. Then she stood up and kicked Seth in the shin. "You didn't have to punch him!" She puffed her cheeks out, staring at the mage for a few seconds. Then she hugged him too. "Thank you for saving him!" She finally sniffed happily. Fei stuck the knife in her robe haphazardly before peering around the hall. There were arrows sticking out of the walls and stuff.

"Are they all gone now? That was scary... this doesn't happen all the time right? We don't have to fight bad guys all the time right? Why were they trying to kill us? We don't even live here for real..."

Drew sighed but then shrugged when Fei hugged him. "It's fine. Just took a rather nasty bump. He didn't save me, I was fine." he decided to fight back the urge he had to deck Seth. "So what about the others? Maybe we should go see what happened. Sounded pretty noisy out there..." he was in his room for most of the fight, so he wanted to see just how bad it was.

Gabriel breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that Drew was fine... apart from the punch thrown by Seth. He raised an eyebrow at that: there were methods other than violence to achieve one's end. What those methods were, he didn't know off the top of his head, but they were there. Perhaps he would learn some of them on this journey.

"So... speaking of nasty bumps and blood loss... perhaps we should find an infirmary or something? Get you guys patched up?" he suggested to Drew and Seth. Gabe hadn't taken any injuries himself, and it looked like Fei was fine as well. A little shaken up by the night's events, but fine nonetheless.

"AH! Hey! Wha..." Seth said as he stepped back despite himself from the sudden kick from Fei. It being followed up suddenly by a hug was surprising as well, but Seth was happy that she didn't hold it too much against him.

"Welcome, Fei. But I imagine this isn't a....daily occurrence....Hopefully." Seth said, glancing at Drew as he said he didn't need 'saving'. He was tempted to tell him that pretending to sleep in a hall where fighting had been going on was horribly stupid, but for now his idea was a good one.

"Well, Gabriel, I'm much more interested in what happened elsewhere. Cale came back, and I did not see Alexander return, nor Raven return either. I am going to find out if thing..." Seth paused not sure if he should be voicing such things with Fei around, and wasn't sure what Gabriel would think or do. Whatever it was, he didn't need it right now.

"I'm going to check it out. Just cause its gone pretty quiet doesn't mean its all over." Seth said, and then made his way down the hall to the dining area, which seemed to be littered with more arrows than he remembered seeing, as well as a few scorch marks from, most likely, Alexander.

Seeing the guards, Seth didn't pause as they didn't even flinch as he approached, probably already knowing if he was a threat or not. His shadow, seeming more....existent than before, seemed to be confident in their path, and Seth took some small comfort with that.

Prime Minister guards all over the place? I wonder if he came back at this rate. Enough of his guards lying about to mean he is...

Seth's initial thought was answered as he stepped into the dining area, seeing the Prime Minister, Raven, and Phebe as he did a quick glance.

Phebe rose from her chair, with a sullen expression showing on her face. She held the wine bottle in one hand and her bow in the other.

I can't protect myself!?

He didn't stop there either, but went ahead and seemingly implied that they were responsible for the mages dead on the floor. How nice of him. She had only asked for an explanation, but instead gotten insulted.

Her grip around the bow tightened, but it would be unwise to put an arrow through his head when there were guards around. The wine bottle in her other hand gave her an idea. She channeled her rage as fire and heated up the bottle, until the wine inside was boiling, which didn't take very long.

"Oh yes, as I am a weak woman, I clearly need the protection of someone who's lived their whole life behind the safety of a title." She lobbed the hot bottle at the prime minister, hoping that it would spill over him or that he would catch it. "Cheers!"

"Okay, let's go see!" Her chipper demeanor resurfacing, Fei helped her brother up. The hallways looked so different: it was like rediscovering the castle all over again! Another adventure! She ran to the corner and peeked around to make sure there was nothing there, even though the good guy from earlier still stood watch. Surely Seth knew where he was going, since he was old and experienced. It didn't seem wrong to think that they should follow him. "Come on Drew!"

There were other good guys standing at the other hallways too. They just stood there though, like statues, or empty suits of armor. And they made weird noises. Soft, but like a whirring, or something. She stopped and inched around them all though, just in case they suddenly moved.

Eventually they found their way to the dining hall again. The room was trashed though, and there was blood in some spots. Only a few mages were there, a lot of them she didn't recognize. It looked like everyone was angry though. She stopped in the hall before the door, waiting for her brother to catch up.

Drew simply shrugged off Gabriel's suggestion. Before he could say anything else, he was by himself again. He caught up to Fei, opening the door and heading into the dining area. "Ok... try and stay out of the way, but pay close attention." He said, observing the occasional guard. His shadow lurked right behind him, leaning against the wall. "Seems this is where the worst of the fighting was..." He tried to recall all of the mages who left with them, trying to take a mental note of where he last saw them. He knew Fei would eventually wander off, but he couldn't help keeping his eye on her. The recent events had made him a little more paranoid.

Fei followed her brother into the dining area, staying close behind him.
"Ok... try and stay out of the way, but pay close attention."
"Try and stay out of the way, but pay close attention."
She repeated what he said in her head, nodding silently in agreement. How else would they know what the mages were talking about? Drew was so smart. The dark mage was there, and the mage with the bow, and Seth, and the Prime Minister too. They all looked pretty sad and gloomy.

Where did all the other mages go? Oh, maybe they were fighting too! I wish I could've seen the fighting! I bet the bad guys didn't even stand a chance, since they can't use magic. Or can they? She didn't think they could. If they could use magic, the Prime Minister wouldn't have to invite them there, right? Since there were arrows everywhere, that meant they used crossbows, like the ones Drew always looks at. Maybe I can pull out some of the bolts from the walls and give them to him. Then if he gets a crossbow, he can use them!

The Prime Minister turned his attention to Phebe, who had lobbed a bottle of wine at his direction. He was in no mood for these antics, and had decided to make sure this mage understood that they were guests under his protection. Raising his hand, he gave a quick flick of his wrist and a lightning bolt seemed to fly out of his hand, destroying the bottle in mid flight.

"Perhaps I was not....clear enough before. I shall be now." The prime minister started, noting the arrival of the other mages into the room, or at least near the entrance with his guards giving a small gesture showing as much.

Perhaps not as catastrophic as I thought.

"You are all going to your rooms. You will rest for the evening. And in the morning, once things are secured and sorted out, I am going to find out what happened here. From you two specifically, as it seems you stayed here and are....relatively unharmed. Now, pay attention, go to your rooms, and get that rest. Or I will have you carried to your rooms and made to rest." The Prime Minister's tone had taken on an icy tone, one quite similar to his guards, except with a very real threat behind it.

As Seth stepped forward almost seeming to protest immediately, the Prime Minister rose his hand.
"Yes, I know. The room will not be touched. My guards will be sure that nothing else takes a thing from this room. Under Loriot's honor, they will not be touched." With that, Seth seemed satisfied enough.

With the evening largely calmed, and the Prime Minister's warning now apparent, the mages were escorted to their rooms in the hall. While Fei's room was missing a door, this was not considered any consequence by the guards at this point, as two seemed to have taken up residence at the hall to keep watch. After some small amount of discussion, both Nydia and Cale had fallen asleep in their own room, and Raven and Phebe left to their own respective rooms.

True to his word, the Prime Minister had ordered many of his own honor guard to watch that floor in particular, and all was quiet the rest of the evening. The sun of the next day almost seemed to rise too quickly for the next day to some. To others, it would have been better if the sun hadn't awakened them at all.

Regardless, the mages had survived the first night in the technological city, and another day to find out more about the city, about the citizens, or ultimately recovering from the previous night were all now possible. Whether they would be successful or not in their tasks would depend on how they approached them....and how the Prime Minister was going to treat them now that a threat was obviously among them.

It was at sunrise when Alexander awoke screaming in great pain from his injuries. Every movement felt like he was being stabbed and he didn't have enough energy to even begin using his magic to lessen the pain. In a while he was able to calm himself to a point where at least he wasn't screaming, instead he clenched his jaw as hard as he could to keep from doing so.

'My shadow didn't want me to die. It tried to save me. At least I think it did, I hope it did.' He thought to himself to try and take his mind off the extreme pain he was in. He tried to get up only to scream again and fall back so that he lay back on the bed again. He clenched his jaw again hoping that he wasn't making too much a scene.

'No, I need to be able to get up. Someone may need help.' As he lay there he couldn't help but think back to the previous night. He was sure that had he been dreaming it would have been that scene playing over and over in his mind. How he had lost control, killed, and lost two patients in the same night. He finally looked down to see the blood stained bandages on him and just from how they looked he could tell that he was lucky to have survived the night at all with how much energy he had expended and how many wounds he had taken.

Soon after the sun rose, Gabriel stirred and woke. That was weird. Given the events of the portal chamber, and how time had seemed to pass much faster outside of it, he had gone to bed earlier than his body clock was used to. His shadow stood in the room, leaning up against the wall in what looked like a casual manner. Did it even need sleep, the way he did?

Another of their multitudinous one-sided discussions later, Gabe's shadow was waiting outside the door and the young Hydromancer was free to dress and attempt to clean himself up in peace. During that time, he reflected on the night before. Why had those attackers come on that specific night? The same day the Academy mages had arrived in Kerbones? It was a little too... convenient for his liking. Someone had to have tipped off whoever was behind the attack. Now two of their number were... well, dead. There was no sense dancing around the issue.

Gabriel wondered who to speak to about the attack. Could a word in the Prime Minister's ear be helpful? Possibly. If he didn't know anything about the events going on in his city, who would? Certainly not any of the mages, unless they had left the Academy and come here before.

The Hydromancer shook his head at himself. It was a lot to take in. Maybe some of the others would have answers. Although... breakfast sounded like a better option than serious discussion first thing in the morning. Electing not to wear his robe for the present, Gabe stepped out of his room and immediately caught sight of at least four guards standing at various locations in the hallway.

His shadow was pacing back and forth, presumably waiting for him to arrive. Now that he had, it fell in step beside him and the two began to make their way to the dining hall to see if breakfast was available.

The room was bathed in nothing but the darkness. There was little in the way of furniture, but the minimalist style was preferred. Still with all these conditions tailored to her, Raven could not sleep very well. She lay awake in the bed looking out into her beloved nothing and she could only be reminded of how perfect this place seemed to be. It's as if he already knew exactly what to put in here to make it accommodating. That man knows way too much about me...

Still, there was little that could be done. Her fellow nightshade's attempt to shower the Prime Minister last night was proof of that. He definitely had more up his sleeve than he was willing to admit, especially after Raven pressed him on the breadth of his skills. Her restless sleep at least provided her some time to think on scenario that she was faced with. He doesn't respond to flattery. He has talents like that, mage talents, but he doesn't use them to dispatch any of the 'invaders'. Instead he chooses to have his flunkies do it instead.

I don't get it. What kind of angle is he trying to play here? If he can do that sort of an attack, why even bother bringing us? It's pointless. It's still probably just to sacrifice us to that infernal gate of his. Doesn't want to risk his own hide, so he imports some outsiders. Some conscripted mercenaries who wouldn't be missed if they went through and happened to be torn to bits. Bastard.

While she was thinking, the shadow attached to Raven since her arrival hovered along the far wall, it's eyes emerging from the black form with a sparkle of azure blue, only to disappear when Raven glanced anywhere near it.

I bet that shadow thing is just here to spy on me. It's the only kind of shadow I don't seem to be able to get any kind of control over. I don't know what it is. That stuck-up lightdweller had his going. I could have sworn it was giving me the stink eye when the Sunsucker was carted away. Should have known. It's a perfect match for him.

Well whatever. Guessed we're all doomed. Wonderful. I'd plead for my life, but honestly, he might as well just end me if that's what he wants to do. Maybe I'll make like Phebe and torch a room. That'll get me snuffed out. Might as well go have a last meal and get this over with.

As she got out of bed, the wound from last night made it's presence felt with a sharp twinge of pain on Raven's side. Fuck. Why couldn't that bastard have just stabbed the fat out of me instead of having to hit my side like that? Son of a bitch. I might take death at this rate. The Nightshade managed to wrap her cloak around her, pulling the hood up over her hair. No need for anything fancy underneath. Just going to be tossed anyway. She leaned forward knocking her blackened bangs into her face as she left her assigned room and headed towards the dining hall battleground.

As Alexander started screaming in pain, the woman who had been explicitly told to care for him jolted awake and went over to him immediately. Almost without a second thought, she grabbed several jars and dabbled some amount of liquid before bringing it to Alexander's face.

"Drink, you foolish mage. Of all the patients I thought I would have, I would think that a follower of the path of Jorrano would know better than to take such wounds and then attempt to jump around all over the place. SIT. STILL." The woman said firmly. It was obvious from her tone that she knew what she was doing, and then set to explaining what she was doing.

"This is a mix of herbs, which is served to relax the body. Make it so the pain is not so...stinging is the best term. You need to rest, as whatever you participated in last night was not what the other guards got themselves into. Sit back, and let the world take care of itself for a bit."

The woman had taken on a somewhat more motherly stance, sitting on the bedside near Alexander, offering the small glass of reddish liquid. It looked particularly clear and had glow to it.

Seth awoke with a start, his hand springing towards his sword which had not gotten far form him since the evening. With a quick scan of the room still lit with a few torches showing no signs of anything, Seth took a deep breath and rose from the bed. He had not bothered to toss aside his blood stained clothes, and the feeling did not strike him still to change out of the still bloodied shirt that he wore. He would change after he had done what should have been done properly last evening.

Though, thinking on it. I wouldn't have been able to do it right after what had happened, with being shot and all. Compromise, I guess....

Opening the door, and noting Raven just as she made her way down the hall, he made step to follow her to where he figured she was going. The dining hall, where he needed to take care of the fallen mages that he had spotted. Pyromancers, meaning that he was the only full pyromancer here now. Meaning he might need to be a bit more....careful, if they were being specifically hunted. Taking a quick look at his shadow, it gave him a firm nod as they walked along, and Seth couldn't help but grin at the determination. While the shadow had been little help so far, he got the odd feeling that it would help him if he needed it, and he was happy to have someone at his back, even if it was kind of...himself.

Meanwhile, the outside world began to awaken. Airships taking to the skies, some of the shops started to open, and citizens began to take to the streets to begin their day. However, there was yet another airship which came from outside of the city. It docked in the Prime Ministers area, which the mages before had entered before upon their first stop at the city. As the airship docked, escorted off were a pair of mages. The two, followed by the four guards for a time, were directed towards the halls of the other mages. Upon entering the hall were the dining room was located, the other Prime Minister warriors stopped the guards, turning them back, leaving the two mages to "Go forward, and to the right."

The pair were quite the contrast from one another. While the woman had red eyes, standing at 5'9", with long black hair and black robes with a red trim seemed to almost be a usual of mages, despite the dark red eyes being an oddity. The man, on the other side, with very short brown hair and brown eyes to match, had more common clothes of a black short-sleeved shirt with dark red pants. Also notable was the tattoo of Loriot on his left arm, and the yellow bandanna he wore on his right hand. However, in this city, they might as well have been nobodies as the guards payed them no heed, and the other citizens that they had passed by also didn't seem to mind their presence at all.

The first to see the two odd characters standing in the halls where a battle had apparently taken place, with scorch marks and bolts still lying about, would be Gabriel, who had been making his way to the dining hall.

The halls of the the palace were remarkable. This was all built inside the mountain here? It must have taken quite a while to do that. Silvana's eyes scanned across the halls as they walked to take in as much as she could from this foreign palace. People with wings, that was quite something as well. She wasn't sure what to make of it, but it was certainly something she could see herself having. But she preferred to walk if at all possible. The ride on the airship had been alright, a new experience to be certain, but it wasn't quite to her taste.

As they walked, she turned towards the man by her side. She couldn't quite gather what kind of a mage he was, but it was clear that he didn't seem to care much for a traditional robe. To each their own, as she'd heard from somewhere. Maybe she should get to know him while they were there. Especially if they were to spend more time together. But then, he hadn't shown much interest in talking so far. Well, she might say something to him if he were to speak first. For now, she looked around as they walked.

Scott stood in the hall next to his fellow traveller. She was to his left, and was quite tall for a woman, despite still being shorter than Scott's 6'4" stature. Scott looked around silently, the room was in disrepair, a great battle had been fought here. Sadness grew within him, Scott kneeled on the floor and touched it.

"Pain was felt here, this place has seen violence." Scott hung his head a stood up. After a moment he continued to look around, finally catching eye contact with his companion.

Drew had remained awake most of the night. He woke up after a brief rest, rubbing his eyes. This wasn't a good idea... I knew it'd be risky, but I thought the Prime Minister would have had a better handle on things. It'd be one thing if it was just me... he took a quick look at Fei. Well... I'll just have to be more alert. As soon as he finished that thought, his stomach rumbled. He sighed and smiled. Well, a full meal oughta help with that whole 'alert' thing... He turned to his shadow, in a seemingly meditative position on the floor right at the foot of the bed. "Ok... you seem busy. When Fei gets up, could you lead her to the dining area?" The doppelganger nodded, closing its eyes.

Drew got up, heading to where he could get food, and he remembered the last thing he saw before heading to bed: the Prime Minister shooting out a lightning bolt from his hand. What in the hell was that thing? What sort of machinery can do that? Maybe that can give me some insight on how to create my own bolts by myself. I should ask him about that next time I see him...

He glanced against a bolt that was stuck in the wall. The guards seemed too busy at the moment to take care of them, but that brought him to thinking about the two mages who had perished the night before. I know I should be feeling a lot worse about this... but I hardly knew them. It's tragic. And whoever was responsible is going to pay. But I had my own priorities. I had someone to protect.

Drew finally arrived at the dining hall, taking a look around. He noticed Seth first. Once again ignoring his urge to deck Seth in the face from last night, smiling as he waved to him "Hey, Seth." He then notied the Nightshade girl from the ship. "Oh, and... you too." his smile was far less sincere. Finally, he noticed Gabriel. He walked towards them and then noticed that there was someone unfamiliar not too far away. In fact, there was another person who he didn't recognize. He spoke up, approaching Gabriel but facing the two new arrivals. "Ok, I'm not good with names, but I am good enough with faces to know you weren't on the trip here. Who exactly are you?"

Fei fell right asleep after they got to their rooms. Sure, she had been a little scared, and demanded to sleep with her brother, but after she closed her eyes she was out like a light.

She woke up late, the sun streaming into the windows and making the rivers sparkle. The second thing she noticed was that Drew was already gone. His shadow was still there though, so she assumed he was close by. She got down by the wall, next to the water, and washed her face and her hair. Bathing and washing was very convenient for Hydromancers, she thought to herself, since she could pull all the wet out from her clothes. Not like she had gotten too dirty anyway in the past day.

"Drew? Dreeew..." Her shadow and her brother's shadow were waiting for her at the door. "Do you know where Drew went?" They nodded and gestured for her to follow them. The hallways didn't look so bad in the daytime, a lot less menacing, and more happy. Also the bodies were gone and stuff. Everyone looked like they were in the room already, everyone she knew anyways, so Drew, Seth, and Gabriel. And that dark mage who was always mad.

"Good morning!" Fei waved, making sure her brother knew she was there before walking over to Seth. She knew he had a sword, so she felt like she should show him what the good guy last night gave her. "Seth, look what I got last night!" She brandished the dagger like a small sword, making whoosh noises and giggling as it glinted in the light.

As Seth had walked, he noted the others which had already awakened. Gabriel was heading towards the hall, as was Raven, though he wasn't sure what she was doing up and about. As they all arrived at the hall itself, with the guards keeping watch, he noted the arrival of two other individuals. While Seth could not consider himself an expert in any means, he almost instantly tell they were not from around here. They seemed oddly out of place.

His thoughts were interrupted with the arrival of Drew, whom he waved back to as he approached. "Mornin Drew." Seth wasn't sure what to start doing this morning. He had tasks to do, but then he felt he should do....something to direct the others. Maybe chat with these new individuals. Almost as if on cue, Fei came down the halls saying good morning to her brother before approaching him.

"Seth, look what I got last night!"

"Well, now that is something fancy! Looks like ya partly know how to use it already! Maybe later I can show you a few moves with it." Seth said with a small grin, somewhat surprised with Fei taking to the knife so well. Maybe she was young enough to not be stuck with that whole 'barbarian' nonsense. All the same, it was an interesting gift.

"So, who gave you that? It could be handy for all sorts of things." Seth said, looking over where the two pyromancers were left from the other evening. Just as the Prime Minister had promised. He would prefer to get what he needed done before the day got underway....and before he figured out where they would be eating. In here didn't seem very....good.

"The good guy from yesterday gave it to me~" she quipped, looking at it. "My mommy had some, some really fancy ones too, that had all sorts of jewels and stuff on them." She made a few clumsy jabs in the air, imagining she was in a fight like the tournament they had at the Academy, but only everyone had daggers and not magic. Or maybe they used daggers, but WITH magic! Like flaming daggers, and, and, ice daggers! Or, or lightning! Like, you would stab someone, and then they would get shocked!

"This one's kinda plain, though." she pouted.

It seemed that her travel partner was looking at her as if he wanted to talk to her. However, aside from one sentence he said earlier that she assumed was just him talking to himself more than her, he didn't say a word. Not that he really needed to, because once they were in the dining hall, they were approached by what Silvana assumed to be a fellow mage. Not one she knew, but one nevertheless. There were other mages there as well which she gave a quick glance, one of which she recognized as a fellow Nightshade. She wondered about the rank of her for a moment before she and the other mage standing beside her were asked a question.

With a smile on her face, she gave him an answer. "Let me start by wishing you a good morning." Under her breath, she said "Not that I particularly care for the mornings, but I'd rather not be too rude." She returned to her normal speaking voice after that. "My name is Silvana Dakron, a Nightshade Adept. Me and my traveling partner here were, I assume, chosen to come here from an Academy a fair distance away from here." Her crimson eyes scanned the mage that had asked them the question, and for that matter, the other mages in the room to take a better look at them all than her quick glances earlier. It looked like it was easy enough to guess which ones had which elements.

"Now, allow me to bounce the question back to you. Who might you be?" After she would make small talk with him, she was interested in greeting the Nightshade girl she'd seen. The others she didn't really care enough to initiate the conversation with. Pretty much why she hadn't said something first to this mage who had asked them who they were, or any of the other mages for that matter.

As Raven trudged down to the dining room, Seth joined in lockstep behind her. Why not? The more the merrier in group sacrifices. Rather him than some of the others here.

When she entered the battered dining hall, she didn't realize immediately how correct she was. The bodies were still there from last night, as well as a few of the other mages. The young yappy one, the quiet water one, the older airy one. The latter greeted her, but it didn't sound like the same kind of greeting he had just given Seth. It sounded forced, and not just because he chose to forgo the name. Fine, whatever. She gave him a look in return. She wasn't sure if he could see it from under the hair, but it made her feel better.

Raven didn't catch the two new additions in the room until Drew starting asking who the hell they were. One was a big brute of a man, decked out in red. Replacement Pyro I'm guessing. Lovely. As if we didn't catch a break with the other two hotheads being eliminated. The other person though was something new though. Dressed in a black robe similar to hers, save for the garish red trim, her hair the shade of black she strived for but could never reach with her roots. What struck Raven were the eyes. As they scanned the room, it was hard to miss them. Blood red. Those traits combined with a few extra pounds Raven had on the new Nightshade made it difficult for her not to be a little bit jealous.

Fuck. Why can't I look like that? That's perfect! That's intimidating! That's...not me!

As the other Nightshade spoke, it hit home even harder. She's even got a better name! This isn't fair! She's got all the right traits and I'm making due with second tier everything! Gah! What is she? Is she a plant? Is that bastard Prime Minister just trying to make me feel even more like shit? I...ugh. As Silvana talked, Raven found one thing she could hang her cloak on. At least I talk better than her. As she made chit-chat with Drew, Raven just hung back, observing and forming her opinion of this new Nightshade.

Alexander settled holding his side in pain as he accepted the drink from the woman.

"You are right, but I fear my people might need me and I won't be there. Two under my charge have already been lost, I do not wish to lose more people. As a follower of Jorrano yourself you must certainly understand the desire to put one's patients before even themselves." He replied as the pain started to ebb away a bit.

He looked to his shadow with something akin to thankfulness and understanding. He knew somehow what it had done for him, and he greatly appreciated it.

Seth grinned as Fei began to awkwardly swing about her new knife. While she was correct that it wasn't exactly anything fancy, it seemed likely the 'good guy' was the soldier who had blasted through the door. That meant it was simple for military use, and not much else. He couldn't help but give a small chuckle as Fei pouted over the design.

"Hey, maybe if we get lucky they got a blacksmith place around here, and I'll see if I can make it look a little better. Alright?" Seth comforted, giving her a small pat on the shoulder as he did so. However, his attention turned to the two former pyromancers who still lay on the ground, their bodies left undisturbed.

"Fei, do you think you could help me with something? Its pretty important, and I can't think of anyone more qualified than you to help me out right now. Its gonna involve your water, OK?" Seth asked, coming to realize that it might not be the best way to start the morning if he started a fire and then just let it keep burning anything else.

For the moment, Seth decided to leave the new strangers to his shadow, who seemed to be keeping a closer eye on them than anything else. He did catch the name of the first newcomer, Silvana Dakron, and also that she was Nightshade. For Seth, that struck him more than the red eyes at this point, since she was being...forward? Friendly? Conversational? While Seth couldn't hold that against Raven, this was an odd change in pace, especially given his experience with Nightshades in the past.

The woman sighed as Alexander took the drink, happy that he at least wasn't being uncooperative. She listened carefully as he spoke of doing Jorrano's work, and that two had already died because of wounds. She shook her head as he expressed interest in going out again.

"You are not going out anywhere till I'm sure you won't break something running around. While Jorrano does wish for those under his care to protect and heal all they can, you will do no one any good if you collapse in the middle of helping others. But....what are you looking at? Is everything OK?" The woman said, sounding somewhat concerned as she glanced over to where Alexander had looked.

A man approached the pair, he wore dark blue robe-ish garbs with green patterns on them. His hair was messy and he looked half asleep. Once he got close he noticed that he stood just slightly shorter than Scott's companion.
"Ok, I'm not good with names, but I am good enough with faces to know you weren't on the trip here. Who exactly are you?"

Scott was about to speak when he was beaten to the punch by Silvana, or so what she claimed her name was. He let her speak, he smiled as she explained their situation, Scott also noticed more people in the room. A young girl was speaking with another man, waving a small blade around, and others were all standing around staring. They all seemed to know each other...

"Now, allow me to bounce the question back to you. Who might you be?"

"And I am called Scott Marlow, and my travelling companion is correct. I or we were summoned her from our Academy, but for reasons I do not know. What happened here?" Scott presented his hand to the stranger

Gabriel noted the presence of strangers in the dining hall, but his attention was primarily occupied by the complete and total wreck that the room had become. What in the name of the Council happened during that fight? The dining hall was a ruin and a half: tables and chairs were askew, there was a hole in the wall between the hall and the corridor, and there were a lot of broken things lying around.

Including bodies. Six of them. Gabriel recognised two as being mages... one was Aden, that Pyromancer who hated non-magical people. The other was... that guy who wasn't on the airship with them. The four that remained all appeared to be part of the group that had attacked the mages. Gabe felt sick just looking at the dead bodies. Breakfast didn't sound like such a good idea any more.

The guards in the room didn't seem to care about any of the damages, or the smell of the corpses. Maybe someone would repair it later. Gabe paid them little heed. They appeared content to observe... if 'content' was the word to describe it.

He tore his eyes away from the distressing scene and turned his attention to the new people in the room. Mages, presumably, judging by that tattoo on the arm of one of them. Judging by the design he was a Pyromancer. He walked over to join the conversation just in time to hear names. Silvana and Scott, Nightshade and most likely Pyro.

"Now, allow me to bounce the question back to you. Who might you be?"

"Gabriel Westmar, Hydromancer Mage, at your service and your family's," he introduced himself with a short bow, shooting a glance towards his shadow as he did so. The other Gabriel was wandering in a circle around the newcomers. It seemed... concerned. Gabriel noted that Silvana and Scott didn't have their own shadows. Either that or he couldn't see them.

"Hmm yes I'm fine. Just lost in thought, and I know you are right. I need to rest, but at the same time they were the first two people I have ever lost while directly under my care. It is not easy and I cannot stop myself from wanting to get back out there to try and make sure nobody else is lost." Alexander replied to the woman.

She smiled and clapped. "Do you know how to blacksmith stuff? That's cool! Can I watch? Can you make it pretty and sparkly?" She was staring at the blade, trying to imagine what it would look like when it was finished.

"Fei, do you think you could help me with something? Its pretty important, and I can't think of anyone more qualified than you to help me out right now. Its gonna involve your water, OK?"
"Ooh?!" Fei stopped talking and playing around, staring at Seth with big eyes. "What do you need me to do!?" She drew out a small ball of water. "I-I'm only a Mage, but when we get back to the Academy, I'm going to be an Adept!" she said proudly. Fei hadn't noticed the bodies in the room yet, but did notice the smell in the room. Since the corpses were recent, they hadn't rotted yet, and she assumed that the smell had been from the blood splattered everywhere.

Drew shook the hand of the bigger fellow, Scott, deciding to respond to him first. "There was a lot of commotion last night. Some sort of attack. Bunch of guys decided to try and kill us. Not sure about what exactly happened here. I was in my room for the most part. You'll have to ask one of the others."

He then turned his attention to Silvana. "The name's Drew Kyarra. I knew there were other academies, but I didn't think our friend the Prime Minister here would bring in someone from one of them..." he wasn't really speaking to Silvana halfway through, taking another quick glance at the new arrivals. "Ok, correct me if I'm wrong... a Nightshade and a Pryromancer, am I right?"

The woman listened carefully, not seeming to completely believe Alexander when he said he was just thinking. Her attention shifted when Alexander spoke of how he had two individuals die under his care, them being his first to have done so.

"Well, hon, no matter how good you are with your...powers and things, and no matter how good I am with our herbs and skills, there are times where you simply can't save people. Just how cruel the world is." The woman began, before suddenly shifting topics as she noted that the guard had left.

" you feeling? Everything feeling like its in place? If ya are feeling uncomfortable, I have some additional things I could apply, or other concoctions for you to drink. Or...if you do really feel up to it, I could get you something to help you walk. See if you are holding together well with a bit of activity." The woman seemed to have shifted in personality quite a bit once the guard was gone, seeming to relax quite a bit more, and be willing to listen to Alexander more.

"Do you know how to blacksmith stuff? That's cool! Can I watch? Can you make it pretty and sparkly?"

Seth grinned as Fei's attention seemed to jump as much as ever. He guessed he could let her watch him work, as it wasn't as if he could be too concerned about her trying to overtake his little tricks as he would try to add a bit more to the small knife...if he had the time and supplies.

"What do you need me to do!? I-I'm only a Mage, but when we get back to the Academy, I'm going to be an Adept!"

"Well, it will be a kinda special job. And I know you can handle it. I'm going to start a kinda strong fire, and do a bit of work. What I want you to do is to use the water from the table, or wherever else you can get it, and follow behind my flames, OK? Its gonna be your job to make sure that the fires I make go out, and that we clean this place up and get rid of that smell, alright? Think of it as a good test for becoming an Adept!" Seth said, making it seem as if the task was going to be a test of her skills. In a way, it could be considered one, and Seth would be happy to have Fei work with him for this particularly more...personal task.

Gotta clean up. Make sure that no one gets anything out of these guys, even if the Prime Minister has the best intentions. I won't leave them to his hands, or anyone elses. They can burn.

"Alright!~" She ran over to the table and started gathering all the water cups and pitchers to the middle of the table, where she would be able to tell where it was when she needed it. When she went around, she noticed there were... bodies on the floor. Not just the bad guys, but 2 mages she had seen before. The mean old one with a lot of scars, and another of the Pyromancers, were laying on the ground.

The dried blood, pale skin and blank eyes... Fei shrieked and ran back over to Seth. "Seth, t-there's two mages that are dead over there!" she protested, tugging on his robe. Was he going to burn the bodies? They were Pyromancers but... but... they were dead. And they were just going to burn them. She was confused and scared, still jerking on his robe as she waited for his explanation. Weren't they going to say something, or offer a prayer, or something? She didn't know who they were exactly, but she felt like they should have a little more to their funeral than a simple fire.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Drew and Gabriel. And to know your name, Scott." Silvana initially started to reply. It was at least nice to know that her traveling companion had a name. She hadn't really noticed it before, having taken in so much of how the palace looked elsewhere, she noticed now that it seemed like some sort of struggle or battle had taken place. Drew had confirmed that by saying that an attack had happened the night before. She'd have to ask someone else about it, since Drew didn't seem to know a lot about it.

She chuckled at his next question. "Well, I did just say that I'm a Nightshade Adept. So yes, as far as what my element is, you are right. And I'm not really sure what yours is. Are you a Hydromancer, like Gabriel? Perhaps one of those dual casters? Although, I for one know that more than one color on a robe doesn't mean you have more than one element. Some might think I'm part Pyromancer because of the red trims on my robe, but I love the darkness too much to start using magic that produces light." She lightly shook her head. "But nevermind that. You said that there had been an attack here." She then turned her attention to Gabriel. "Would you know any more about it than Drew does?"

She noted how...for lack of a better word, bubbly the young girl in the room who had a robe similar in color to Drew's was who was close to a man in a red robe which looked like it was the exact reverse of hers, red with black trims. She chuckled lightly at it, then noticed when the girl started to seemingly panic. Wondering why, she didn't go over to investigate, instead waiting for an answer from Gabriel.

"It still hurts a bit but the herbs are doing wonders. I think given a little more time the pain will be gone for the most part. You may need to teach me a thing or two while I'm here. The academy focuses so much on magic some more normal healing techniques tend to take a bit more of a backseat. I'd like to see if I can't at least find some way to rejoin the others of my group." Alexander said before thinking a bit.

"And on an intellectual level I understand I can't save everyone, but it still isn't an easy reality to handle."

"But never mind that. You said that there had been an attack here. Would you know any more about it than Drew does?" The new woman, Silvana, was addressing Gabriel. Maybe she didn't know about the attack. It couldn't hurt to inform her of what had happened.

"Erm... well, I'm not sure, really... it all happened so fast," he began, glancing a little awkwardly at the dead bodies just lying there. "We'd just finished a meal, some of us had gone to our rooms for the night, when these... people. Assassins? Maybe. I don't know. They just barged in and attacked us," he explained as best he could.

"I think we drove them off... I wasn't on the scene for most of it. I was hesitating in the hallway, and then later I was with Drew 'cause he was concerned about Fei," he added. "I'm no fighter. I have no desire to be on the receiving end of a crossbow bolt..." He shuddered a little just thinking about it.

Behind him, there was a shriek from a familiar voice. Fei had likely discovered someone's body. He looked to Drew. "D'you think we should, y'know, examine the bodies or something? One of them could be carrying something important. A note, maybe, or some other thing that the Prime Minister could identify for us."

"I'm an Airshifter. I'm the only one of those here, actually." He said, answering her question right before she turned her attention to someone else. He noticed she looked over somewhere, and he turned towards it, noticing Fei freaking out. He took another look, and noticed what Fei was freaking out about. He scanned the bodies and realized what Seth was planning. He turned to Gabriel "I'll ask Seth. He seems to have something in mind..."

He waited there for a minute then walked over to Seth. "I don't know why you're doing this. But I can think of a few reasons..." He said, setting up a gust of wind. He prepared to direct it to the flames to feed the fires and spread them where they needed to go once Seth started. "Don't trust the folks here with the bodies, do you?" Drew didn't think that was Seth's reason, but it was his reason for helping him. He wasn't happy that he was bringing Fei into this, but that could wait until the task was done. "Before you do that, maybe you should check them..." he said, remembering Gabriel's suggestion

He took a step over to Fei, putting his hand on her shoulder "Fei, stay calm. Seth knows what he's doing..." Well, he better... "Fei, maybe you should get one of the other hydromancers here to help us..." he only knew one other, but he was hoping to offer her an excuse to leave.

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