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"Seth, t-there's two mages that are dead over there!"

"I know Fei. I'm going to send them off....properly. Normally I wouldn't do it in such a place and be so...rushed, but I can't just leave them here. If you want, ya don't have to do anything. I'm just going to make sure that these two get the sendoff that they should. Is that OK? If you want, I can wait a little and you can do something else. Its alright if you don't want to do anything." Seth said, noting that Drew was largely trying to protect his sister from the sight of the dead. He had stepped closer, and Seth was distinctly aware that he was not happy with him right now. Not that he could blame him, but Seth wasn't sure if he could care about that at this point.

Bit late for that. She is here, and people have died. And I'm not going to sit around waiting for someone else to do something foolish. Like....bury them.

"And I damn well don't trust them with the bodies. I don't know these people, and neither do you. You wouldn't trust Fei with them, just as I wouldn't trust them with anyone else here. Just....let me do what needs to be done, alright? Fei needs to see....some things eventually." Seth said the last with a quiet sigh. Turning back to Fei, he waited to see what she would decide. It was her point to choose what she wanted, not Drew's. Noting that Gabriel seemed to want to search the bodies, Seth just shrugged.

"There will be nothing on them, I imagine. But, sure, looking a bit might reveal something. Just....I wouldn't know what they got on themselves, so I doubt how good an idea it is." Seth said slightly more loudly, glancing at the dead assassins lying about. Hell of an opponent to face in this new land. Same old, same old.

The woman rose her eyebrows slightly when she heard about Alexander wanting to learn from her. She wasn't exactly sure what to make of that, but she figured that she might as well make the best of what she had for now.

"Well, would you have any idea of where they are at right now? I am more than willing to get you something to help walk about, but I can't exactly let you go far or I'm going to have to find a way to carry you back here, and that would involve calling guards, which I don't want to do." The woman said, listing off how she specifically didn't want to involve the guards in this.

" doesn't exactly get easier. Especially if you know them. But we don't really have much choice. Gotta keep goin, and keep on trying to...well, find someone else to save, I guess. Even if it hurts."

"This time of day, probably in the dining area. And I can understand not wanting to get the guards involved too much. As for it getting easier, honestly I rather hope it doesn't. At least something like this means I actually cared for my patients the best I could, that I didn't give up on them." He replied as he moved to sit up a bit, finding he could do so with a bearable amount of pain now.

"... ... ... ... okay, I'll help..." Fei whispered, still inching behind her brother and Seth. Did dead mages feel pain? One of the new mages had walked over, but the Hydromancer was still in a bit of a shock, glancing uneasily at the bodies. It was different from the dragons, and from the bad guys.

"Fei, maybe you should get one of the other hydromancers here to help us..."
"But... I... I think I should... Gabriel can help, I guess, but he's not... I can do it." She put on a brave face, concentrating on feeling for the water in the containers. "T-there's not a lot of water on the table, so don't make the fire too big!" she warned half-heartedly, trying to distract herself as she pushed her sleeves up. The fire was going to be really really hot if it was going to burn the bodies up...

Cale stayed on the bed awhile even when he felt like he needed to go out there once more and fight but Nydia's kind words glued him to the bed. They talked some more, their words and whispers growing louder as the sounds of combat outside died down. Cale's mind felt detached and every time he closed his eyes he could still see the man he hurt and strangled.

Could he have done anything to prevent it? Who was the assassin? Did he have a family? Questions like those popped up relentlessly in Cale's head. He fell asleep on the bed and soon he felt the warmth of Nydia's body close by to him, holding his hand as she did before. Slumber took hold of the two and didn't release them until the sun rose again.

Cale got up first and he felt Nydia rustle on the bed. He silently pushed himself from the bed, and soon felt the soreness from yesterday's fight even though most of the time he was running back and forth in the halls. He wondered what they looked like now that the sun would reveal anything caught in its fiery rays. He opened the door slowly and slid out the opening, hoping not to awaken Nydia. All he needed was a glass of water and hopefully some piece of mind. Cale walked the halls that looked cleaner than it did the night before, and there was considerably more guards.

Cale wandered the halls like a ghost, unsure of where exactly he was going except for the fact that he wanted a glass of water. Soon he heard the sound of glass clinking and he went towards it. Eventually he arrived in a room with the smell of death meeting his nostrils. He sighted the pyromancer-Seth was it?- and a girl too young to be handling dead bodies. He approached them.

"Got a glass of water?"

Scoot stood and listened as Silvana, Gabriel, and Drew were conversing about their specific talents. When Gabriel proposed that Scott may be a Pyromancer. Scott nodded to the man. In the background two mages were speaking about the bodies lying around the room. Drew's attention was taken by the two and he walked over to them. Scott drifted away from the conversation to listen to what the others were saying. He over heard them discussing disposal of the bodies and immediately walked over.

"I would like to help burn the fallen Mages I am a Pyromancer. I only officially hold the rank of Mage, but my abilities have come to reach Adept. Are all the fallen, Mages? How many are Pyromancers?" Scott spoke quite anxiously, he didn't enjoy boasting about his abilities, it was also the reason he hadn't done his Adept testing back at his academy. He was also so preoccupied with handling the dead properly he forgot to introduce himself to the Mages before him.

Gabriel didn't seem too sure either, but he seemed to know more than Drew had about the attack. Perhaps if she were to ask someone else, they would know more, but right now, she didn't concern herself too much with it. Gabriel's attention was brought towards the young girl's shriek, and Drew went over to the Pyromancer and the Hydromancer girl. She hadn't caught their names while her attention had been with Drew and Gabriel, but she thought she heard Drew call the young girl Fei, and Gabriel had mentioned a girl named Fei while they'd been talking. Perhaps later she could see how the girl was doing after they'd burned the bodies that lay around, as she heard they were going to do.

After Scott went towards them, and a new mage entered the dining hall, she thought to go and get to know the other Nightshade that was in the room. She walked over towards her, her red eyes looking over the girl while she kept her hands behind her back in a relaxed manner. "Greetings, fellow Nightshade. It's a pleasure to meet another Nightshade in this group of mages. The name's Silvana Dakron, an Adept." She gave the girl a smile and a slight bow.

Phebe dreamt about scorching fires, burning tents and bodies. She awoke once during that dream, because it reminded her too much of her family and hurt to think of. Damn nightmares. She laid staring at the roof in the dark of the night, before she could fall asleep again. The dream changed, and became more pleasant, at least it didn't revolve around her burning her own kind. Instead, she killed a man slowly by pouring some form of boiling liquid over him.

Eventually she awoke and went to have a bath, as she really needed to clean herself. After killing those assailants, it would feel even better. She couldn't really get their blood of her hands, no matter how much she may want to, but it was something to take her mind of what had happened yesterday.

After the bath, she decided to leave her robes in the room they had lent her. She wore a red vest, black pants and her usual boots. It felt more natural anyway. Picking up the bow, she hung it across her shoulder and left her room. The shadow was waiting outside, since she was still not comfortable with it watching her sleep.

Phebe ignored it, even if it followed her as she went looking for the others. She found them in the dining hall, an odd place to meet considering the dead bodies in the room and the stench. There were two new mages, which she assumed were replacements for the dead ones.

"Good morning."

It was all she said, before leaning herself against a wall and yawning.

"Easy there, hon. Let me get ya something to help you walk about..." The woman said, stepping away for a quick moment to get what could only be described as a walking box. It was a particularly simple thing, consisting of just what would almost be considered a stand, but it seemed to have wheels on the bottom so as to help you move along if you wanted to move about...just with mostly forward motion and not balance.

"Here ya are hon. Its probably not the most....sneaky thing to use, but frankly I don't think I can trust you to be walking around under your own power at this point. And I don't think I could get one of those handy chairs from someplace without someone noticing...." The woman said, reaching over to help Alexander stand and lean on the rolling contraption.

"You got it? Cause I would rather not wait too long. Because I am NOT letting you out there by yourself. With this I at least have a chance of bringing you along back here."

Seth was...encouraged by Fei, which was mostly surprising for himself. However, it did little to calm the amount of rage that seemed to be boiling up as everyone else seemed to be there to just get in the way, or pretend nothing happened. At this point, even the fellow trying to offer his help was annoying him. Drew was there for his own interests, and not even really cared that he was burning away two comrades in elements.

He turned and knelt next to Fei, whom he halfway considered his only ally while doing this. She was doing this to help, even if it probably scared her more than she had ever done before. And Drew wasn't going to talk her out of it, or take the fight for her this time. It made Seth horribly proud of her, even if she was not his sister.

I'm going to make this up to her. Gotta get her something really nice, or do something special for a birthday or something. But first....

"Alright Fei. Thank you for being tough. Don't you worry too much, as I'm going to really have to focus in order to make sure the flames are hot enough, so it will stay pretty small. I just want you to be sure that you....participate in this. Means a lot to me, alright?" After saying that, Seth turned to Drew and the....other mage. He couldn't stop his expression from darkening as he addressed them.

"I appreciate you are offering, but I shall manage this. As the standing mage here, and....doing this for what I hope are the right reasons. So unless you are doing this to....shield someone, or....offer first impressions, I won't want your help. Keep that in mind." Seth said, and while he wasn't sure if he was threatening, he couldn't really find himself to care. He decided he would ignore the other arrivals, and all the messes they were intent on making, and the bodies they were going to ignore. Fei was going to help, and that was all the help he needed.

Turning back to Fei, he gave her a confident grin, and let his rage focus. As if all it took was Fei's agreement, the flames came from his hands, focused to a single point. Hotter.... The flames changed, from their usual spreading self to just on Seth's hands. Hotter...The flame distinctly turned colors, from its usual red to a blue. Hotter... Finally, the flame reached what Seth truly wanted. White Flames. Purifying. Letting everything else fade form his focus for the moment, Seth began his attempt at a burial.

"Sisters and brothers of the Eternal Flames, and honored Loriot, I offer up what is left of those who followed your paths. With these purifying flames, I ensure that they arrive to you with their spirits in the fury that makes their flames bright. With all this, I offer up both of these mages, as to show how dire times truly are, and that the flames of the Pyromancer's still burns bright, even when some of the flames go out. I wish their travels to be of a gentle warmth, and that this is enough to show in finality."

As Seth worked, the flames swept over the two fallen mages, seeming to go through them almost instantly as the flames seemed to burn through absolutely everything, leaving a small trail of flames where part of the body once lay, which seemed to be trying to spread as Seth moved onward. Seth was distinctly glaring at the spots where he burned, his concentration based only on doing the rites now.

"I am offering because fallen mages are fallen brethren, from different academies or not, and Pyromancers are my kin." Scotts words seem to fall upon deaf ears. The snarky mage just brushed him off and turned to the young Hydromancer.

Scott watched the mage work, the flames on his hand changing from red to white, a remarkable feat. The mage then began a pryer, referencing the goddess of fire, Scott listened intensely. He watched as the flames burned through the corpses almost instantly. Finally when the mage was almost finished and containing his flames on the places where the dead once laid Scott raised his hand up and rubbed his fingers in the air. Small embers fell from his hand and disappeared a few inches from his fingers. After a moment one of the embers grew and formed into a small butterfly and flapped up and away from Scott. It only got a mere foot away from him before disintegrating. Scott placed his hand back down to his side.

"May Loriot be with your souls always, in this world and the next." Scott spoke softly with his eyes closed.

Even though Seth didn't want Drew to help, Fei still dragged him a little closer to where the bodies were. Because they were still kind of scary, and she didn't want to do it by herself.

While they waited for him to start, one of the mages form the Academy came into the room, looking for some water. She felt a little guilty that she was about to spill it all on the floor, so she funneled some of it into a cup, hiding bashfully and hoping he would notice it.

The fires started, bright orange first. It was pretty, warm. Then it turned blue! It looked like... water-fire. Cool almost, but she could feel the heat radiating from it. Then it got bright. Really really bright. It snaked down to the mages, devouring their bodies. Fei bit her lip, squeezing her brother's hand. With her other hand, she started to collect the water, draining them from the pitchers and pots. They combined into a wobbly sphere as she tried to pick up as much as she could.

She followed behind him, far behind him, spraying the water onto the cooling flames. They didn't stay white when Seth left: they quickly became orange again. Still, the stone floor was hot, and made the water sizzle and spatter. It made her jump a little. Okay, Seth is counting on me! And Drew's here. Nothing bad's going to happen.

She had been to a funeral before, when one of their mommy's friends died. They put her out on a small boat and set it on fire. At least this was fast though. She didn't have to see the skeleton or burning hair and skin. It was just a bright light from her angle, and they were gone. She pulled the collar of her robe up: the smell was making her feel sick.

Alexander positioned himself to use the device. It wasn't exactly comfortable but he found he could move, he just had to be careful.

"Yes I think I have it. Thank you. I understand it is a rather delicate situation you are in due to me. For that I apologize." He said as they moved to join the others in the room. He had thrown his robes over his bandages before leaving but plenty of those same bandages were still visible. It was a little while before they were able to make it to the hall where the others were.

"Good morning." he said with a smile. He still hurt but the herbs were keeping it under control enough he wasn't going to complain. He then looked over and saw the bodies and his face visibly fell to one of sadness and regret. He quickly covered it back up to try and not worry the others if any of them were to worry as Alexander took a seat. The journey had taken a bit out of him and he needed to sit.

Drew saw Seth's anger, and let him burn the bodies in peace. I don't know what you're expecting from me, hothead. It's tragic they died. I wish they didn't. But to act like I'm torn by this would be insincere. Would you rather I fake it? I wonder how much you knew them. Or are they just corpses to keep safe? As Seth said his prayer, Drew rolled his eyes. "Don't you fucking act like you've got the moral high ground here... you're just burning them so the guys here don't get the bodies." he muttered under his breath while Seth was busy praying.

He heard Scott say a prayer to himself and Drew shrugged. While he did believe in the gods, Drew was hardly a spiritual man. But for the sake of courtesy, he bowed his head and made a small prayer of his own to his own god. "May their ashes spread to the winds, great Howleson...and find peace in the open sky..."

He stood by Fei the entire time, putting an arm around her until she stepped forward to put out the flame. His expressions softened. In a lot of ways, he was proud of her for keeping herself together through all this. He knew he couldn't protect her forever. That's why he was letting her go on her own so much on this trip before the attack. But with everything that happened, his resolve to keep her safe had only been strengthened. He noticed how she was reacting to the smell of the dead, and he decided to offer what little help he could, making a small air current around her so she wouldn't have to deal with the stench.

Following Scott's prayer he noticed that Drew was also conducting a small prayer. Scott watched as the man comforted the younger Hydromancer before she stepped away to do her part in the ceremony. Scott approached Drew.

"Son of Howlson, does that young Hydromancer share your blood? She is very talented for her age you should be proud."

Scott stood next to Drew watching the girl put out the flames with her gifts. He noticed that she seemed a little nervous, but she kept her composure and did what was needed of her.

Nydia was reassured by the idea that she had brought at least some comfort to Cale's troubled mind and subtly changed the subject to something more pleasant. She could not change that he had been forced to take a life but perhaps she could take his mind off of it. As they spoke though, Cale seemed somewhat distant as if he simply couldn't let go of what he had done.

Nydia's heart ached seeing him in such a state, but what more could she do? Desperate for something, anything, she gripped Cale's hand tighter and moved closer to him. He turned his head towards her and their eyes met for a brief moment before his gaze dropped downward sharply. Nydia's eyes followed and her whole body froze at the sight of a bolt embedded in his chest. The door to their room swung open and assailants similar to those from before poured inside, crossbows at the ready. Nydia opened her mouth to call for help but found she couldn't make a sound. Time seemed to slow down as one of the assassins took aim and fired....

Nydia's eyes shot open and she quickly sat upright in the bed, gasping for air and looking wildly around the room for Cale and their attackers. The sudden movement made her dizzy and she breathed deeply to regain her breath, but eventually the calm silence of the empty room she was in allowed her to compose herself. "Just a dream.... It was just a horrible nightmare..." She whispered to herself to help calm down.

A slow creaking and the gentle thud of the door closing captured her attention. Had someone just left the room? She rose and opened the door to investigate. Peering into the hallway, she caught a glimpse of someone turning the corner. Though she had only seen him for a brief moment, that large frame could only belong to Cale. "We must have fallen asleep together in here last night..." She muttered, closing the door and stepping back inside the room. The realization of what had just happened made her heart race. It was completely innocent of course! They had done nothing more than sleep next to each other but somehow the idea was still unsettling and perhaps a bit scandalous.

Nydia shook her head furiously for a moment to help put such thoughts aside for the time being. Now was not the time to worry about such a trivial matter, she had to find out more about what had happened last night. She took a brief moment to straighten her messy hair and make sure her robes were clean before heading out the door and down the hallway after Cale.

It had seemed that he was heading towards the dining hall and as she got closer the pungent aroma of something burning began to fill the air. She stepped inside to find most of her fellow mages gathered there as well as Cale. And the source of the smell became apparent as she laid eyes on Seth who was using his flames to incinerate dead bodies. She didn't get a chance to see who they were, but she sadly came to the conclusion that Seth would only do such a thing for his fellow mages.

Whoever had passed on last night, Nydia did not get the chance to know them. It would be incredibly insensitive of her to intrude on such a personal affair, so Nydia chose to remain silent and keep her distance. She did however close her eyes and bow her head in a silent prayer for the comrades she hadn't gotten the chance to know.

"Hon, ya don't drop dead on me, and we'll be just fine." The woman said, as she helped Alexander get to the device, and then walked with him as he got to walking along to the Dining Hall, with the woman guiding him as they went. It was a largely silent trip, with Alexander moving about carefully as they finally arrived.

As the last of Aden finally burned away all that was left, Seth finally let himself breathe again. He didn't even realize he had been holding his breath at that point. While he wasn't quite a priestly sort of the Pyromancers, he felt somewhat better having giving Aden and Jacob their farewells. Especially Aden, who would have probably had it no other way. With that work done, he watched as Fei put the last of the flames out, no longer as strong without his focus turning them to one point, as well as fueling them.

"Thank you for your assistance Fei. That was fantastic. And thanks to you two as well, Drew and...pyromancer. It was something I think needed to be done, one way or another." Seth said, more pleased with Fei's help than the words of the pyromancer or Drew, but every little bit helped at this point. However, one thing that helped raise Seth's spirits was the arrival of Alexander to the hall. Somewhat surprisingly with...some chair thing helping him get about, with a woman with him.

"Alexander! Surprised to see you out and about this morning. Just....taking care of some things. You alright? Need some help?" Seth said, walking to Alexander to see how he was. While the day had started off being Seth the only Pyromancer left, only to find that another had arrived from...somewhere, and that Alexander had survived the rough night as well. And now that Seth was not as focused on his fallen comrades, he turned his attentions to the surroundings.

"Cale, a good morning to you. I'm not sure if Fei has any water left, but you are free to ask her..." Seth said, then turning towards Phebe who seemed as indifferent as ever. "And good mornin Phebe." He then turned to Nydia who had come in slightly after Cale, and gave her a small nod. "And a good morning to you, Lady Nydia. Nice to see you well after such a poor evening.

Seth turned about, looking at those who had come back here. Two new faces, and he did not know where they had come from. Even they pyromancer seemed to be dressed far differently, and the woman seemed to have different eyes much like the people of these lands. For the moment, Seth was interested in what was going on here, now that taking care of his fallen comrades was done.

Let the dead worry about themselves, Seth. You have living to care for.

"I'll be alright Seth. Just a bit of pain and damage, nothing I can't handle once I get my strength back. Besides I've got help from this nice nurse, who I now realized I've been rude to this entire time." He said as he turned to her.

"I'm sorry that I have been. I never properly introduced myself or even got your name. I'm Alexander, a light dweller, and you are?" He asked her, he hoped that by talking a bit he might forget last night, even for a moment.

"I saved this for you." Fei smiled, rubbing some ash from her cheek with one hand while giving Cale the cup in the other. She tried not to think about the dead bodies, pulling out a piece of berry candy and discreetly popping it into her mouth. She went back over to Drew, taking out a candy wrapped in blue and slipping it into his hand while she hung on his wrist.

There's some new mages...

All the old mages looked like they were coming in too. She hoped that there was more water. She felt bad for using most of it on the floor, although she assumed they wouldn't want to drink the water from there, even if she made sure it was clean. She pushed it away from the middle of the floor and to the sides, trailing it up the wall and out of the window slowly.

"Hey, man, the name's Drew. It's a lot simpler, isn't it?" he said, turning to Scott. "And yes, she's my sister. Fei does make me very proud..." he then noticed she was offering him some candy. He smiled, taking it, unwrapping it and popping it in his mouth. He enjoyed the taste, but this just reminded him how hungry he was. "Now if you'll excuse me..." he said, looking around the room.

He noticed Seth talking to one of the Lightdwellers. "Oh, hey. It's the guy that got pissed and shot lasers. Alexander, I think was his name..." He decided to let the two have their conversation, looking elsewhere. He then turned to Cale, seeing Fei hand him a drink. "Oh, hey, it's you. You're... Cale, right? Sorry, I'm not the best with names..." He figured if he was going to be with these guys, he might as well learn their names.

"'s Cale." He solemnly said as he fetched the glass of water from the girl who he tried to give his best smile of thanks but instead he just looked fake. He realized this and apologized to girl. "I'm sorry... its been hard for all of us lately and I'm not just in the right state of mind. Thank you for the water."

Cale looked at what seemed to be the older brother of the girl to continue his conversation. "I haven't the same since last night. What in the name of the gods happened? I thought it was supposed to be a friendly visit, not a fight for our lives." Cale sipped the glass of water, feeling the water rush down his parched throat.

"It's Rosa, hon. But you needn't worry about apologizing for things like names and kindness and stuff like that. You are probably one of my first patients that I've been helping out this much, and having to help wander about after doing....whatever it is you mage-folk do. So, these your friend-mage people? They don't seem nothin like yourself." Rosa said, sniffing slightly at the smell of the burning that had just finished.

Seth shrugged, not exactly sure of Alexanders situation, but then with Nydia arriving, perhaps it wouldn't be too much trouble to get him patched up relatively quickly and easily. Besides, now was as good a time as any to get his bearings, and figure out what is going on. Cale had already voiced as much, but for the moment Seth decided his first intentions were to find out who these peoples were. The Pyromancer....and Silvana the Nightshade. An interesting pair, to be certain.

"Well, maybe we can get ya patched up with more than herbs and stuff like that. Hate to be blunt, Miss Rosa, but herbs are somewhat slower than...well, magics. In any case..." Seth turned to Silvana, and also towards the pyromancer.

"So, you two. Whats your story, exactly? While not having seen you before isn't too big of a surprise, I would like to know what you know. Mages, I think you said before? I'm going to guess the Prime Minister just dumped you here, huh? Cause after yesterday, I think I'm done with all these damned surprises." Seth said, slightly indifferent towards the realization of this whole situation.

Well, I guess its as good a time as any to figure out what we have gotten ourselves into. Searching these assassins though...any assassin worth his pay would know better than to be defenseless in death. And with these guys...well, who knows what they could be packing.

"I don't really know anything, I was training at my Academy, being urged by my Masters to take my Adept testing when I was ripped away from my home to come here. I place I don't know, full of pain, and distrust. If this battle happened last night, and this Prime Minister summoned us to replace the fallen, then he must have known that they were going to die a week ago. I was told of this journey six days ago and left the day before last. My name is Scott, and as I said before I am a Mage that has been gifted with Loriot's kiss, a Pyromancer. I have questions for you too fellow Pyromancer. What is this place? Why are all of these different mages in the same place? What happened here last night? I wish to be brought to the person that brought us here."

Scott started to become angry and frustrated, not that you would know looking at him, it was an emotion that he feared the most. He did his best to remain calm. He was so far away from home in a place he did not know, with people he did not know, for reasons he did not know. He liked his old life, it was peaceful, no fighting, no pain, no death. Now he was here, and from the first moment he arrived, death was all he could sense.

"Different schools different personalities Rosa. One thing you will learn about mages, we reflect what we practice to a certain extent. Though the amount of help you have given me so far is enough you deserve politeness at the very least." He said before responding to Seth.

"Hopefully though Rosa's work alone has done wonders." He didn't bother holding back what had happened.

"We were attacked in this very room by crossbow wielding assassins. Two mages died under my care." His face fell as he said that, he figured Seth could answer the other questions but he knew better than most what had happened in the dining hall. He had been in his room when it had started, but he had seen enough.

As the Nightshade approached Raven, that feeling she got about something being off with this girl intensified. Her step was too bouncy. Her aura was way too laid-back. When she started talking, that's when it really hit home.

"Greetings, fellow Nightshade. It's a pleasure to meet another Nightshade in this group of mages. The name's Silvana Dakron, an Adept."

Greetings? Pleasure? What the hell? Raven looked back into the other Nightshade's eyes and even from under the fringes she could see that this was not the stern, smouldering stare that was expected of others of her ilk. Instead they looked...happy. They looked inviting. They a Sunsucker's eyes. Figures. The look is perfect but the brain is wired all wrong. What is wrong with this foreign place?

Still the Nightshade seemed to want an introduction, so Raven would offer her standard info. "Well, good of you to make the connection immediately," she growled as well as she could. She was still feeling the pain from last night. "My name is Raven. I am a high-level Mage. I came here before testing to become an Adept, but I have no doubt I would have passed."

Silvana noted the arrival of three other mages while Raven gave her own introduction. "A soon to be Adept? I can't pretend to know what you're capable of, but when you will take the test, I'm certain you'll be able to pass it. Call it a hunch." She also noted the growling from Raven. Was she ill? Maybe hurt from the attack from last night? Or maybe this was how she usually talked. Whatever it was, Silvana hoped that it would pass by soon.

While Raven had talked, Silvana noted how different she was from the Nightshades back at her own Academy. Seemed gloomier than they did. She wasn't showing her face, at least, and if she didn't want to, Silvana wasn't going to make her show her face. And while there had been gloomy Nightshades in her Academy, none had been as gloomy looking as Raven.

"Perhaps another time, we could compare what we're capable of. Right now is probably not the time, considering what I heard about what happened last night." she said to Raven before she heard the Pyromancer who had burned two bodies earlier address her and Scott. "There's not really much I can tell you about myself. My parents are merchants, I've got a younger brother, I've been studying as a Nightshade ever since I was seven and I come from an Academy different from yours. The Prime Minister got us here, but I don't know what he expects of us."

Gabriel shot a glance at Seth and Fei as the former burned the bodies of the two mages and the latter put out the fires. Pyromancers... Gabe had heard a few derogatory comments about them from his fellow students. Still, he imagined the Pyros said similar things about Hydromancers, what with their varying ways to elect their leaders.

Gabe turned his attention to Alexander, who appeared to be bandaged up and supported by some form of walker apparatus. The Hydromancer hurried over to investigate. Had he been in the thick of the fighting last night?

"What the heck happened to you last night?" he queried of the Lightdweller.

"I also started studying at the age of seven." Scott turned and adressed Silvana with a smile. He decided that he would try to befriend the Nightshade. Everyone here was keeping to themselves or demanding answers. Scott liked her friendliness and purity. A funny word to be describing a Nightshade, but it's also something Scott saw in Silvana that reminded him of himself. Scott didn't like his emotions get the best of him and never used them for his abilities. It was probably the reason he was stil a Mage.

Seth couldn't help but look curiously at the other pyromancer called Scott. Formal enough, he figured, since they were still strangers to one another. Silvana seemed much more forward, which was again far more forward than he dared to anticipated. What kind of Nightshade is she?

"Well, this is the palace of the Prime Minister. That's as far as I gather at this point. Where our good lord is at this point is anybody's guess at this point, though I figure him off cleaning up the small scale war that seemed to have broken out last night here." Seth started, thinking that perhaps his own thoughts on why they were attacked that evening to himself.

"And we are expected to take care of some particular problems that the Prime Minister wasn't able to take care of himself, with untrained mages, as I understand it. Otherwise...Well, you saw what happened. Two Pyromancers dead, wounded, and some of the bolts left around after the attack showing that this was no isolated hit. Something big went down." Seth said, hoping that his tone was enough of hint that something more was going on here.

Seth turned, looking about at all the mage's and their shadows, only to come to a very odd realization. That the two newcomers had no shadows of themselves. None that he could see at any rate, though it seemed that they never wandered far...He couldn't help but turn and look to his own.

The shadow walked about, noting his sudden interest in those without shadows like him. He seemed to take a quick patrol about, and then turned back to Seth and shrug, which confirmed Seth's suspicions. He probably looked a little crazy to these two at that moment, but it meant he had something that only a select few could enjoy. Or be cursed with.

"In any case, I don't think I have properly introduced myself. I am Seth, a Pyromancer by trade, and a damn good one at that. Nice to meet you both. If ya don't mind, I could show ya to your rooms so you can drop off any...extras you brought, if you brought any." Seth remarked, not quite sure if they had luggage sitting on the airship they had come in or if they had packed light expecting to be cared for.

"Once the fighting began I ran back into this room. I helped fight some of the assassins that were here and took a bolt, then I tried to heal the two mages." Alexander paused there, his head dropping before continuing.

"They died under my care...and I lost control. I was so angry and sad that I lost control. I ended up blowing a hole in the building before entering the hall and killing a few of the assassins. I had expended far more energy than I should have been able to and took more bolts in the process. My injuries reopened and got the better of me causing me to pass out from blood loss." He stopped again.

"I'm a healer who has killed. Jorrano and the masters of the academy would be ashamed of it. I am ashamed of it at the very least."

"Join the club," Raven tersely remarked regarding Silvana's last statement. "I have my own theories, but frankly they depress even myself."

Why the adept started going into her family when Seth asked about her, Raven didn't understand. Why go there? Who cares about family? My family doesn't even care about family. Maybe she needs to learn how bleak the real world is.

Rosa paused as she listened to Alexander's tale of what had happened that evening, listening halfheartedly to Seth at first as well. While she did not seem particularly happy about the whole story, she did seem incredibly concerned about what it meant.

"So...That is why ya wanted to see your friends, huh? Well, I don't know what you mages do or what you live by, but from where I come from you don't let killers run loose, even if you are a follower of Jorrano. But...lost control? Is it something that just...happens sometimes? Like, if things got bad, your..." Rosa's tone lowered somewhat, meaning the tone was largely meant for Alexander's ears. "Firey friend over there might just start...torching things?"

Silvana listened as Seth talked about the Prime Minister, what he expected of them and what concerned the attack from the night before. "I do hope that there won't be another attack, but I'm sure that there will be another. No matter. We can probably take them on. I am a fairly skilled Adept, after all." She sometimes bragged a bit, but this was neither the time nor the place for that.

"Join the club. I have my own theories, but frankly they depress even myself." she heard from Raven after Seth had done talking for the moment. "Is that so?" she said, then lowered her voice a bit to try and let only Raven hear her. "Perhaps in private you could tell me about them, if you'd like? I'd like to hear what theories you have on what the Prime Minister expects of us." She noticed that Seth's eyes seemed to wander off somewhere. What could he be looking at? She mentally shook her head and chalked it up as him maybe thinking about something and just looking around the room.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Seth." Silvana gave him a small bow like she'd done for Raven earlier. "I wouldn't mind taking a look at the room that's been provided for me. I don't have a lot myself, but it would still be nice to keep it somewhere while I am here."

Seth couldn't help but grin at the...familiarity of the bow that he was getting now. Seemed that he had someone else who was a bit more proper than he was used to. Needed to get used to that sooner or later...and find someone to ask if he was bowing right or if he needed to do something special. Giving a small bow in return, Seth rose with a quick nod.

"Pleasure is mine, I'm sure. Well....if ya are interested in your rooms, they'll be just down the hall. Might as well know which ones are yours now, so as to not go taking some rooms that someone else was already resting in." Seth said, turning to get back to the hall.

"So, ya didn't bring any extras? Nothing that was packed up in a bag or anything like that? I may like to travel light too, extra robe, a few essentials, and things like that I would think to bring along on a trip to another place. But that is just me." Seth chatted, not knowing quite what to do with the awkward silence that somewhat hung in the air over the last At least his shadow seemed a bit more responsive to...him? It was an odd thing, having an ally like that, but it was what he really needed right now.

World's a damned dangerous place. I really hope I can tone my skills around here somewhere. Not saving anybody from anything if I don't get better at this.

Meanwhile, the world outside began to more fully awaken, with more airships taking to the skies, and many more people awakening. Though there were some that passed by the dining hall and muttered a few things, or looked the place over, those lingering too long found themselves gazing at a metallic soldier who seemed to imply that they needed to get about their day.

Oddly enough, down below the palace there seemed to be more commotion than usual, with some decorative papers and banners seeming to be hung up with people seeming to be getting ready for something quite important. While high up in the palace the sounds were somewhat muted, it was obvious to the winged folk that something was going on down below, and many stopped to watch and point a few things out while proceeding through their day.

Which was perfect for Jade, who was determined to go meet the mages herself. Her father didn't quite approve of her doing things like this, and her mother cautioned her time and time again against ever meeting with the mages alone, but Fei seemed kinda alright to her. While she couldn't be sure of the others, she was pretty sure of herself that Fei would be great.

Wonder if she can make storms? Or make it rain less? Or more? Or maybe she can do what daddy does? Maybe she can teach me to do that!

As Jade slipped through the halls, she was happy to finally get to the place where she had gotten to last night, only for her father to catch her. However, this time daddy's guards were there. And they wouldn't approve of this either. So she sat back and waited, seeing that one of the mages seemed to be stepping out to do something.

"It has never happened to me in my life before last night Rosa. I was just so angry and saddened." Was all Alexander could really manage, it wasn't like he had really operated under any kind of rational reason at the time. He had just been overcome with emotion and did things he never thought he would or even could.

"To be honest... um, well..." Gabriel was having difficulty finding the right words. "Um... well, this may sound a little harsh, but it was you or them. The assassins, I mean," he eventually said. "I don't blame you for feeling the way you are... that kind of thing is why I think the way I do. Peace between mages and the non-magical." The recount of Alexander's part in the events that had taken place was a saddening one.

"I wouldn't wish to end a life either... it puts things into perspective, really. How dangerous we as a race can be - regardless of magical talent or our school of choice," he added quietly.

Seth paused in his step as Gabriel said something that everyone probably needed better reminders of.

"...How dangerous we as a race can be - regardless of magical talent or our school of choice"

"Perhaps that harsh lesson needs to be learned a bit better by humanity. It isn't going to happen while we are waiting here though, and we shall not do anything or learn anything simply waiting on...old battlegrounds. I am going to get walking..." Seth said, and went to the hallway, obviously now not in the best of moods, but recently that seemed to be a constant in this new location. He needed something to clear his head....or take some damage out on something.

"Excuse me....Seth, right?" The voice made Seth turn with a newly found fury, only to see an odd fellow. Glasses, slightly shorter, and wearing a robe with some sort of...glowing runic robe. Seth looked the fellow over before the man started nodding quickly.

"You prefer the arena, right? If you don't mind, you could head down the hallway, to the....right? Yes, the right. You need to head down there. I've been told you were interested in...fighting, for some reason? Its unlike you mages to do that, but I imagine you are...some sort of guardian or something, since the Prime Minister wanted me to tell you to go there first." Seth rose an eyebrow, obviously intrigued by this odd fellow. But at this point, he couldn't give a damn and started on his way. "Uh...have fun?" The man called after him, before going through the doorway itself to the rest of the mages.

"Er....Greetings, mages. I have been told to be your guide on Whew, what an odd smell...I think he said that you were interested in the....Trials. Not sure why you would ever want to do that, but....if you wish to go, then you shall go. Unless there is somewhere else you plan on going...?"

The man suddenly paused, seeming to shuffle around in his robes and brought out a pad of paper which seemed to have a collection of notes on it. "uh...lets see. Alexander...? I've been told that you are definitely going to be meeting with the Prime Minister. Something about taking care of...last evening? He's located at, trial rooms. Practicing, of course. Uh...I guess the rest of you can come along, I guess? Or, er....go with...Seth, right? Yeah, Seth, that one guy went to....the barracks. Not sure why you mages would go there, but then I am not an expert. Well, not exactly anyways...." The man stood a moment, fidgeting as he looked about at the mages, the odd runes on his robes giving off a faint color changing glow. Sometimes red, sometimes black, sometimes blue, constantly changing despite what the man was doing.

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