Journey of the Elementals RP (Pm if Interested, Started)

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It only seemed fair to Silvana that she'd be placed last. She didn't know much about them, they didn't know much about her, so she wasn't exactly going to demand to be put in first. It did sting a little, though, to be put last because she knew how powerful she was, and had been given more power thanks to the trials. But she wouldn't complain.

"The placements sound alright to me." she said, her shadow obviously didn't agree with her as it stood there with arms crossed and lightly shook its head. "Being last also means I could give support from afar with some tricks I know, along with my various magic attacks if needed."

"Sounds about the closest I can think of to an optimal plan. Some things have changed between when you last saw us and now, but based on what I've seen, I wouldn't change the order." Drew said, running a few scenarios through his head. With his new abilities, he'd make a decent enough second wave of attack, but he was still unsure of most of the people who would be following him. "So I trust that all that time you spent in the library you cooked up a way to stop the storms? I know we're dealing with forces beyond normality, I've seen plenty of that in the trials, but I don't want us going in completely blind."

"Well, that sounds...a little ominous. Possibly going to the realm of a god and all. But, the plans sound solid to me, and I have no problem stepping in first. Just don't complain if there is nothing left if I have to do some work." Seth said with a small smirk. "Besides, sounds like you have this all plotted out properly anyways. Just a quick thought with Drew's...any idea what lies on the other side? Can I be expected to meet the god right away?"

Seth was happy with his spot, though moving forward with Cale was going to be interesting. He knew the man could fight, and that was good enough usually, but moving into something unexpected like this had a lot to be desired. Still, the stone walls might prove handy, and he did have to admit that he couldn't stop everything if they were facing a lot.

"Course, I don't mind if you don't know. Adds to the excitement, right?" Seth let a little bit of fire dance around his hand, happy that he might have another chance to let his flames fly. Hopefully on a wide scale.

The appearance of the other member of the Light Brigade was met with derision, but at least it appeared all his sucking up to the higher ups had paid off. As he described what exactly was supposed to be on the other side of the portal, it was proving to be as daunting as Raven thought. A god. So we're going to kill a god. Hey, that's great. Sounds definitely possible.

Not only did he have the info, the mage apparently had a battle plan as well, but as it got laid out, Raven grew cold to those details as well. Why should Seth have to go first? We don't know if everything you've said is true! You could be sending him in for a certain death!....and Cale too I suppose. Still there has got to be a better method. How do you know that it's only two at a time!

The questions were quelled when Seth spoke out in favor of the proposal. He seemed excited to be sent in to face whatever lay on the other side of the vortex. Oh Seth. You crazy bastard. I can't believe you're not even frightened in the face of this.

"I guess I can go along with this attack arrangement," she finally spoke. "If somehow there is something left other than scorched earth when myself and Phebe go through, I'm sure we can choke the lifeforce out of it. Even if it is Death himself. It's about time I gained dominion over him." If Seth can still be brave and cocky, then so can I. As long as he's still standing on the other side when I get there, we'll be fine.

Me? A wild card? Please. There's nothing I can do that anyone else here can do better.

To avoid immediately speaking his mind, and thus throwing the rather harsh-sounding thought to the wolves, Gabriel approached the rack of crossbows. It couldn't hurt to try his hand at one of these again... with luck, anything hostile on the other side would move slower than those dragons from the airship conflict. The armour, however, he wasn't entirely sure about, so he skipped taking a set for himself. With the weapon in hand and a pack of the rations and survival things that Aaron had mentioned, he rejoined the group, using the time it took to do so to think over the situation and consider the commentary from the others.

So... we're going through there. The place I dreamed about that one time. Does that dream still hold relevance, or is it unimportant now that we all know what we're up against?

"I, er, have some questions," he piped up after a pause to gather other thoughts. "Um... is there a guarantee we'll all meet up on the other side? Is it even possible to get back once we're over there? Does the Reaver even allow such things? Does anyone know if it's hostile, or just as mystified by the portal and the storms as I am?"

"I have told you all that I can say I know for sure. I don't know how to stop it, and I can't guarantee anything on the other side or that returning is possible. In fact all evidence would suggest it may very well not be, or that if it is then anyone who has gone through has met their end. I wish I could share in the confidence that Seth and Raven seem to show, but instead I will have to settle for the fact I have to try. The storm is expanding even more rapidly than before, and if something isn't done soon then everything we have ever known and cared about will be gone.

I can't force any of you to go through and I won't try to. All I can say is, even though I don't know what I can do or what I will face, I do know I have to try something. So I'm going through the portal because it is the only chance everybody has got." Alexander replied solemnly. It was honestly the best response he could think of. It wasn't some lie that everything was known and all would be ok. In fact he hated the prospect of going through, but at this point he honestly had nothing else. He just hoped he had possibly convinced the others to at the very least follow him and what appeared to be Seth and Raven.

Nydia listened intently as Alexander explained the situation and his plan for entering the portal, putting aside her concerns about her shadow's new behavior for the time being. The news that the Reaver awaited them on the other side of the portal and that two of the people she held dearest would be the first to enter such a dangerous place had her very worried. They had already faced incredible peril in the trials but now they were possibly on their way to battle a god?

And yet she would be following soon after to back them up. She still had not tested the extent of her new powers yet she could feel she was much more up to this task than before. Seth seemed confident in his abilities as well, almost excited even to be going in first. If he wasn't worried than Nydia resolved to not worry as well. "This arrangement is perfectly acceptable to me. By your logic, this is how I would prefer it actually. On my honor, I swear I shall do my best to see us all safely through this." She said with a smile. She felt the others may not be quite as confident and she wanted to help raise their spirits in any way she could.

"With a fate like that, how can we refuse?" Seth replied, looking over the weapons one more time before deciding that none of it would be better than what he already had. It was a grim situation, and he knew that it might be a very quick trip if when they went to the other side they were greeted by...well, most things. However, Seth wasn't about to back down from something like this, especially when he had already come all this way.

"Once in a lifetime situation, right? I'll be...well, guess I'll be waiting for when everyone else is ready to start going. In the meantime, guess I'll go wait by the door. So second you all get what you feel is the best equipment for the job, I'll take the first step into the world and...well, do what I can." With a chuckle he couldn't suppress due to the formality that still Nydia wore like her cloak, Seth gave a small bow. "And I would expect nothing less of you, Lady Nydia. Just don't be disappointed if there is nothing to do, as I imagine Cale can clean up anything I miss."

Making good on what he said, he stepped over to the doors, and peered inside. The portal still looked unsettling, and the statues didn't look quite like he had remembered them. However, he had nothing to fear yet, so there was no reason to be uneasy now. For a moment, he was almost certain that Raven would have said something about him going first. But, her agreement made him smile. Confidence in him was something that he could appreciate at this point, especially from her.

Seth made a small note of the Prime Minister as he stepped away, waving to his guards, he guessed. He still wasn't sure about the fellow, and had not been with him enough to really make any kind of judgement about him. But at the same time, if his information was correct, Seth couldn't really care. They had something that needed to be done, and this...king, was the best way Seth could see him, was of little consequence at this point.

The Prime Minister smiled from the doorway as he listened to Alexander. A leader, even if he felt that the one first to agree was more made for the job. He had read the reports well, and knew that while it was possible for Seth to lead, he figured the odd Pyromancer would be better suited to be supportive rather than leading. But in any case, he had a job to do, and also had to make sure that the portal was secure. At least on their end.

He gave a small signal to his metallic guards. They would stand by him if things got out of hand here. Most likely the end if things followed the mages back through the portal. Which he could hope was not the case, but he did not get this far on hope. He got this far by doing everything in his power to be ready, and at this point he had to be ready for the mages to go through...And to throw in a few things after them.

"A small base camp at the entrance would do nicely....even if they could not take it with them." The Prime Minister muttered, tapping one of the metal soldiers on the shoulder, who went about to gather the necessary supplies.

As the small commune of the shadows seemed to end, there seemed to have been some...disagreement, if one could call it that. Seth, Raven, Fei, and Drew's shadows all seemed to have gotten into opposing something, while Alexander, Nydia, and Lilim seemed to stand on the other side. Gabriel and Cale's shadows seemed to be largely playing some kind of peacekeepers at this point, or at least keeping largely out of the gazes of the two opposing groups. Oddly enough, Silvana's ghost seemed to spark a passing interest in the fight, but only slightly as she continued to linger close to her mirror for now.

For the moment, it seemed that Alexander, Nydia, and Lilim had decided against further discussion, and stepped back towards their respective people, with the other shadows upon noting this doing the same. Seth shared a look with his shadow, but both didn't seem to acknowledge the event at all.

"So there's not going to be any flowers inside the portal?" All Fei carried was one of the supply bags. She didn't want to lose anything she had brought from the Academy, so that was packed up under her bed. She was happy she'd be going with Drew though, at least. Even if there weren't any flowers. Maybe they could grow some. Maybe the Rock guy could help make flowers. Could they make seeds? Then she could just water them. Then there would be wild flowers. She rubbed her hands together in glee. She'd ask him when they got through the portal. It wasn't going to be too hard.

Cale gave a sigh as he looked on at the portal. Once again they were go undertake another task but Cale felt at odds at about it. When he told the great spirit that he looked only for adventure he had a different interpretations of what said adventure would be. He didn't want to go back on what he was saying but he only looked at the bad things so far, making him cynical of everything.

No.. I must do this. Cale thought to himself. Its true that this might not be the adventure he was looking for but the Prime Minister needed them including Cale. He might not have to enjoy it but perhaps it is knowing that it needs to be done is all Cale really needed. He wrung his wrists, anxious of what is in store for him next. He wasn't anxious if he could complete the task, that much he had faith in. He was anxious of whether or not he would make the right choices. Cale's sense of regret struck him again but he looked to his shadow compared to the other shadows. The changes weren't cosmetic but he felt like they were different compared to his. Cale gave a quick nod to his shadow and his shadow happily responded.

With that, Cale followed the others once more.

As Seth stood at the doorway, he noted that Cale had stepped after him to get ready to go forward. As the others seemed to gather what they were looking for, Seth regarded the portal in its entirety. The thing was...unsettling. Seth couldn't claim he had fought ghosts, but he imagined that this would be kind of like walking through one. Yeah, thats a thought Seth. Walking through ghosts. Lost my damned mind and I haven't even stepped through this thing yet.

"...Ready Cale? I'd rather make sure that I have someone to watch my back when I stepped through this...thing." Seth asked, standing before the strange doorway. " ready with those stones of yours, because we are not going to be taking too many from here."

Taking a quick glance behind them, he noted everyone else. They would be depending on them, so he had to make sure that it was a smooth entrance. Make sure this plan of Alexander's went off without a problem. With a small grin at Fei and Raven as he glanced over them, he brought his attention back to the shimmering portal.

As the shadows drifted back to their similar individuals, Alexander's was apparently the most annoyed, and spoke with him directly. "The damned....fools. Can you believe the others? Damned fools most of them. They would rather stand by and support those who they work with. They have no idea what could come of the situation, or what they might do! Could blow up in their damned faces." The shadow paused, realizing he might have been venting a bit too much and bowed.

"Apologies, Alexander...but I would rather not risk anything that I do not have to. And those other shadows would rather stay with those who they are like. Do not misunderstand, it is just...I would rather not stay here for all time."

Lilim had made her way back to Phebe and gave a small shrug to the girl, obviously not all that involved or interested in what had been going on before. She did, however, have her own small trinket to give.

"Can we be trusted? Is there something that I am aware of, or not aware of?"

"No, I understand. Or at least I think I do. You have a personality and will of your own, even if it is possibly my own in the future. In any case however, that will has its own expression and I'm guessing you would rather not follow me into something blindly when it has a chance of destroying you. Again I'm merely guessing, I didn't exactly hear the fight. But my guess would be that you would perhaps rather not follow me into the portal.

If that is true I'm perfectly fine with that. You have free will no matter how you came into being, and the fact you have such a will is enough that I would respect any decision you come to. So far as I am concerned anything I had said to my fellow mages would be extended to anything that would or could follow me into said portal.

And if I perhaps misunderstand and it is some other separation you are talking about then my words stand. So far as I am concerned, I am not your master anymore than you are mine. While we may share a distinct connection we are not beholden to each other, we are in the end two entities capable of making our own decisions." Alexander replied, still clearly confused as to what specifically his shadow was talking about but thinking on some level he understood.

"Though if I am yet still wrong I still respect any decision you have come to even if I do not understand exactly what you mean. For now though I know the portal is something I must enter. If only for the sake of others." He said as he walked into the room containing the portal with the others.

Seth's confidence helped to reassure Nydia, though she highly doubted things would be sorted out so easily, it was a pleasant thought. Seth had the strength to back up his boasts though, and Nydia felt she now had the strength to at least back him up. Cale seemed much less confident however. Not that she could blame him. Their task was daunting and she wasn't sure what words, if any, would be of comfort to him.

Instead she simply followed the two into the room containing the portal. She had to be prepared to follow after them after they entered and support them as best she could. As she waited, her shadow returned to her side. Nydia had noted the gathering of the shadows, and that they seemed to almost be arguing about something though she couldn't begin to imagine what. That her shadow was not getting along with the others was a bit of a concern to Nydia. Was this too a result of her deal? "And what was that all about? It did not look very pleasant." Nydia inquired of her shadow quietly, though she knew better to expect a verbal answer at this point. But any sort of clue was better than nothing.

" ready with those stones of yours, because we are not going to be taking too many from here."

"If my childhood fairy tales serve right, maybe you could shine some light on them." Cale said trying to break the nervousness with some humor. Something that served him when he had a chance or otherwise blow up in his face. "But no doubt, I will support you. I give you my word, no matter what you think of that either."

Cale readied himself, remembering back to the days when Master Hoch would give them exams on their powers. Cale was very much worried by them as they often meant to him that he had not trained hard enough but it was Hoch himself that told Cale to have faith in his skills as a Mage. So now, Cale looked back at Hoch's meaningful words and brought confidence in himself along with the powers that would help with the task at hand.

"I give you my word, no matter what you think of that either."

Seth turned to give Cale a bit of a look over when he said that. Checking his sword one more time, and looking at the doorway they were about to pass through, he couldn't help but give what could possibly be his last laugh.

What a strange thing to say. But its a little late at this point!

"Lets go, Cale. No better way to prove one is ready than to jump into the darkness. See you on the other side everyone!" Seth said, and just like that, jumped through the portal.

It was strange at first. A feeling of absolute...difference. Like it wasn't him that was jumping through the portal, it was someone else. A king in one instance, a thief in the next, a shadow in another, and then a dozen more. It wasn't until he felt the hard earth meet him as he landed as he suddenly realized he was still himself. That was the only thing that really got him back though, as it was absolutely dark in....whatever they were in, if they were in anything.

"Cale...? Ya there?" Seth muttered, ultimately preferring to stay quiet as he created some flames standing up. Portal was a little bit...higher than he would figure it to be. He was slightly surprised that the damned thing didn't give off any light, but then a lot of things were probably going to be doing that in this world.

Looking around, he noted that there was movement outside of the light that he was making. A lot of movement that he didn't really appreciate, but wouldn't dare move from the portal till everyone was through. Drawing his blade, he ignited it himself in fire and began to step around the portal, letting the flames trail behind him. It was more of a show than a deterrent, but sometimes showing you were dangerous was enough. And the extra bit of light could always help. As he stepped, he found that they were actually surrounded by a bunch of flowers, which was even odder when they seemed to grow a bit bigger when the light reached them.

Damned things better not come alive. Not in the mood for burning the first bit of beauty that I run into around here.

The shadow Alexander gave a small sigh as he looked over at the portal as Cale and Seth stepped through. "I wish it truly were that simple, my good Alexander. There is much I would like to do with this new found life, and I would rather not....see it wasted. Of course, I would rather not see you waste your life either. Just...well, I likely won't be able to advise when something happens, so just think clearly."

The shadow seemed slightly off from his usual speak, as if half of it was from memory, and the other half from frustration from the argument with the others. After it was clear that the two starting mages were not simply coming back, he sighed.

"I guess that means it is time for us to go. Just keep in mind the strange god doesn't much care for...well, anything natural. The other side is his for a reason, and we are likely not going to get a warm reception..."

"I very much will keep that in mind. I've tried to expect as much so far. And you may disagree with me but...personally should what lies on the portal be my end, well I wouldn't view it as a life wasted. That doesn't mean I'll be reckless by any stretch but if I am to die today, then I know I died trying to save all creation. It is a cause easily worthy of putting my life on the line. But again I'd rather not die today if I can manage it." With that Alexander walked into the portal after hiking the backpack up his shoulder a bit.

Time to practice what you preach Alexander. You want to bring harmony to man and mage, well saving the world would be an excellent first step. He thought as he entered, worried but willing.

Raven watched silent as Seth and Cale stepped up to the portal, intent on making their glorious entry into the land beyond. There seemed to be discussion between the two on what strategy to take, but it was clear the time was at hand.

Everyone seemed to be filing into place behind them, set to follow the order drafted and agreed to by the group. There was apprehension still rolling through Raven's mind, still trying to put to rest the thoughts of utter obliteration that were possible on the other side of the portal. Jenn, this is going to be fine, OK? You know this. Everyone is saying so. Everyone but the Sunsucker. Who's probably the smartest one here. No, it's going to be all right.

She looked ahead in time to see Seth glance back at her, devil-may-care smile still firmly affixed to his face. What if this is it though? What if this is the last time I see him? I have to say something!

"Seth..." she said in what started as a shout but ended as a whimper as the Pyro and the Earth mage both stepped through the portal.

OK, well I have to go through now. I have to see him again. So fuck whatever is waiting on the other side. If it's huge, let it kill me, and if it's not, then...awesome.

"I guess that means it is time for us to go. Just keep in mind the strange god doesn't much care for...well, anything natural. The other side is his for a reason, and we are likely not going to get a warm reception..."

"So no pressure!" he said jokingly to Raven. Honestly, he was as nervous as he was, but he wasn't going to show it in front of the others, and especially not in front of Fei. "So assuming this doesn't go pear-shaped the instant we step in, we'll be seeing Cale and Seth on the other side. Would be nice to at least know if they survived going through..."

He felt a current of electricity flowing through his arms as his heart raced faster, the occasional jolt sparking from his wrist. He took a moment to relax himself and let the energy die down. "Fei! Get over here and start getting ready." He knew he wasn't next, but he wanted to make sure he was as prepared as possible.

Drew's shadow hovered around as the shadows spoke, deciding he wasn't too fond of Alexander's shadow and his tone, instead hovering near Lilim.

"Can we be trusted? Is there something that I am aware of, or not aware of?"

The strange question actually caught Drew's attention and he suddenly thought of something. Alexander's Shadow's words rung again in his ears. A god... of unnatural things... his eyes went wide as he gazed at the shadows and then stared again at his hands as another few streaks of electricity ran between the hairs on his hand. "Alexander! Prime Minister! Someone get over here!" He shouted out right as Alexander walked through the portal. "SHIT! Minister, get over here!"

Fei was literally bouncing with excitement next to her brother. Another portal stood open, waiting for them. Seth and Cale stepped in first. Seth was still smiling, the same wry twist that he always did, while Cale looked more somber and worried. She wasn't worried. With Drew and Seth and Alexander and Nydia and Cale and Raven and Silviana and Phebe and Gabriel, they would be able to fight anything! She imagined all the lightning and fireballs and the earth shaking and all the colors they would make when the elements were released. Already Fei was playing with the water in her jug, swishing it around, occasionally up and around her fingers, then back in. It was really really cold, since she was still practicing to make ice. What if she started out with ice!? The new revelation got her stoked. Maybe she could take some ice, and then see if she couldn't stop it from melting in room temperature. If she couldn't keep it all organized and solid. Then maybe let it melt a little and see if she could make it ice again. Every feather in her wings was bristled and quivering with as much anticipation, with sounds like wind through trees.

"Fei! Get over here and start getting ready."
"I'M READY TO GO!" Fei shouted, with more volume than she intended. "I'm ready to go." She corrected in an indoor voice, grinning. They were ready ready to go go. Drew was ready to fight. She was ready to fight. Whatever was on the other side of that portal better get ready, because here they came! In a few minutes of course. Nydia had to get in first. But after that! It had better be ready!

"SHIT! Minister, get over here!"
Fei's smile faltered a little, just a smidge, as she looked at her brother. Was something wrong...? He was looking at the shadows like he JUST saw them, which was of course probably not the case, since they had been with them for forever. Did he think they couldn't be trusted? Well they did kind of appear out of nowhere, but, it's not like they could do anything to get rid of them either. Just to make sure, Fei passed a hand through her ever ethereal shadow.

It was time. Seth and Cale entered the portal, with Alexander following not too far behind. Since they were supposed to enter together, that meant Nydia needed to hurry to keep to the plan. As she stepped into the portal, she heard shouting behind her but it was too late to turn back. As part of her body entered, she could feel the rest of her being pulled inside and soon she was all the way through.

It was a strange sensation, traveling through the portal. Nydia tried to put into words, yet before she could do so it seemed to be over already. It took her a moment to realize it, but the slight illumination of Seth's flames meant that she had indeed arrived at her destination. Thankfully, there seemed to be no immediate danger that they had been prepared for and she didn't need to perform any healing just yet. For now it would be best to explore their immediate surroundings, and to that end Nydia followed Seth's example by conjuring some light of her own.

Conjuring light was the most basic of tasks, yet Nydia found that the light she produced was much stronger than the effort she had put into it and a large portion of the area was illuminated. This was obviously a result of her deal which was pleased her to see that it was not for nothing, yet she noted that she would need to be careful not to overdo things when firing any lasers in the future. After the brief moment of admiring her work, Nydia turned her attention to her surroundings. It seemed to be a large temple of some sort, though it seemed to be abandoned as various plant life was growing all over the place. The plants were strange though, stretching up towards the light in her hand, yearning for it almost.

Nydia tentatively reached down to touch one of the nearest flowers, uncertain of what threats the strange plant may pose. Thankfully, it seemed to only be reacting to the light and nothing more. An unusual phenomenon though. As she stood back up, she noticed a flicker of movement just on the edge of the shadows from her light. "Who's there?" She called out, hoping it was simply Cale or Alexander but got no reply. She focused her light towards the direction the movement had come from and illuminated what seemed to be a dog for a brief moment. The creature snarled at her before quickly darting back into the shadows and Nydia dared not pursue on her own. She may have just been imagining it, but did the creature have two heads?

She could sense more of them now, moving about at the edge of the shadows all around them. Slowly and carefully, she backed away, moving back towards Seth. "We're not alone here..." She whispered as she drew near him.

Alexander could feel what he could only describe as his consciousness and body being utterly separated and put back together as he passed through the portal. It was an odd feeling, but not wholly unpleasant almost as if one were just on the verge of falling asleep. Nerves deadened and body oddly calm. This experience however was short lived as he finally passed through stepping out of the portal as he had stepped in.

It appeared his passing had taken a bit longer but he and his shadow seemed to both be there in one piece. The fact Nydia and Seth were both already there and oddly tense had him ready himself for what seemed like an obvious fight. However rather than Nydia's seeming plan to stay close to Seth he took a couple steps away and kept his back to the portal. His plan was that the others would come through soon, and it was more important that nothing from this side enter the portal in the mean time.

'Sorry to have seemingly dragged you here Alexander. Were I able to have come alone I would have done so knowing your reluctance. But I had no time to figure out a way to do such a thing, and everything is at stake.' He thought to his shadow as he kept ready creating a ball of light behind him large enough that he could have some time to react to frontal attack.

"Not what I was expecting admittedly. Then again I guess it would make sense that a world powered by light would be powered by darkness in its mirror. What has you two on edge specifically?" He wasn't letting up his stance as he tried to peer into the darkness but it seemed that the light had little to no gradient. It would pierce the darkness to a certain distance then just stop entirely, almost as if there were a wall to it there.

Raven shrugged off the joke from the Air Mage behind her, but once he started panicking, she paid attention. It was enough to put off any plans of following through with her own turn to trek into the portal for the moment. The sparks coming off Drew's hands were hard to ignore and took slight precedent. "What's happening?" This better not be screwed up already! It can't be! Seth just got in there! "What's wrong with you?"

Cale stepped through the portal only to be consumed by utter darkness. The feeling of stepping into the portal was a feeling indescribable to Cale but he was sure someone more eloquent could put it into words. The moment was only fleeting though as Cale had to deal with the darkness soon after. He sensed the ground coming at him which meant he was falling. He readied himself and landed only to feel the strange earth here alongside its plants. He saw the other land with him, with Nydia's orb and Seth's flames giving off some light. He felt a strange presence here. Cale swore he could feel something skittering on the earth but he couldn't discern where.

"To the light!" Cale whispered aloud to the others as he closed in on the group. They were all as tense as he was as their eyes tried to peer into the darkness before them. "How could these plants grow if there's no light here?" Cale whispered to Nydia hoping for some kind of explanation. In the meantime, Cale stood at a defensive pose with his hands outstretched to the ground in front of him. In case anything would leap at them, those things would have to contend with Cale's earth first.

The Prime Minister spun to face Drew, obviously not being too intent on the mage himself and more on the portal as the mages stepped through it. He quickly began to step forward, concerned about what the former air mage had problems with.

"What? What is going on? Did you see something? What?!?" The Prime Minister asked pointedly, obviously not pleased both at Drew for noticing something he had missed, as well as breaking his concentration on the portal and the happenings in it.

While the portal showed no differing signs, the status of the statues around it seemed to be reacting to the mages as they entered. There didn't seem to be actually a motion to them, just being consumed in their element, and when the sudden outburst cleared they all stood with their elements bright around them. Flames sparking, winds swirling, darkness pulsing, light shining, water rushing, earth shifting...everything seemed to have changed for how the gods looked. No longer did they care for the portal sending something out, it seemed more of a focus of concentrating energy around the portal itself.

With the sudden change that caused the Prime Minister to look around, now he looked somewhat enraged at Drew. "Now what you noticed had better be damned important and explain something, for this is too critical a time to be just standing here CHATTING."

When Fei decided to run a hand through her shadow, the shadow cheekily smiled and then mimicked the action back, the ghostly hand seeming to leave an odd tingle as it passed through. Apparently the shadow felt it as well, as her look changed from one of cheeky amusement to sudden fascination. With this discovery now with her, she took the time to take a few pokes at Fei, obviously entertained with the odd tingling that each touch seemed to generate.

"We're not alone here..."

Seth nodded as Nydia spoke, his eyes still scanning around them. With the additional light he now could catch the movements a little better. Cats maybe? Or maybe some kind of large...rat? He didn't care right now, as they were not being jumped at yet. While Cale seemed to detect the things likely running along the earth. Alexander seemed to be a bit more fascinated by the sudden stop in his light...which while Seth was bothered by it, he hoped that nothing would enter it at this point.

"Well Alexander...I am pretty sure that there is a lot of stuff around us, and I would rather not let it jump us. Whats the meanest thing you can think of with four legs and pretty quick?" Seth asked, continuing his gaze around the room. He noted that the place was without a doubt a temple of some sort, with the odd murals or things along the walls depicting the gods...against each other? He didn't have time to care, and glanced back at the portal.

Where the hell are you guys? C'mon Jenn....Get over here. You'll probably like this place.

The shadows didn't seem to drift far from their owners even here. However, the shadows themselves seemed to be much more real on this side. With this 'realness' came some perhaps unexpected results. Seth and Cale's shadow seemed to be first to come to terms with the change, and stepped behind their respective clones like before, but this time able to create their own light, and shift more earth than before on their own. An air of preparedness seemed to shift among the shadows, as well as weariness as Nydia's shadow also came through.

As Alexander's shadow listened, he gave a soft chuckle as he stepped next to him. With a somewhat easier focus, he brought his own light to bear with Alexander, looking through the darkness and also watching Cale and Seth's shadows as he did so.

"The time for choice seems to be long since past, especially for those like me. No fear, as your plan was the best you had, and there is no time to wait when the stakes are so high. Beware this darkness, for it only obeys the light that it must, not fearing it." The shadow seemed to instruct, and the realness that came to him seemed to give him a strength that seemed much more regular, a more living shadow.

Drew had managed to get himself under control, sighing and examining himself as Raven asked her questions. "Nothing... lost focus and magic went out of whack. It doesn't seem to have to do with that... hopefully. No need to worry, just get in the portal."

He turned to the Prime Minister as he approached. "Still, that reminds me of something I want to keep in mind..." He whispered to the Prime Minister "Look, could you get a few more guards in here? I got a bad feeling about all the shadows being here without some mages to keep them in check. And second... I'd like to request a change in partners." If this thing IS being affected by the other side, I'd prefer to have Fei out of the way. If they stop working, I need someone to cover my ass, and if I lose it, they need to be able to hold their own... but it can't mess too much with Alexander's plan.

"Hey! Silvana! Would you mind switching places with Fei?" he called to her. She was the best choice. Unknown enough that Alexander didn't have a role in mind, but Drew at least knew she was competent from the trials. He then turned to Fei "Would you mind going in with your friend Gabriel?" He gave her a more confident smile "We'll meet up soon enough." he took another look at the portal, waiting for the next pair to walk through. He wasn't sure if they'd even listen to his request or if it'd make a difference, but he'd rather prepare for the worst. I'm a little worried about how going through will go. That and Phebe. Our changes were a little more drastic than a simple power-up...

"Hey! Silvana! Would you mind switching places with Fei?"

"Noooo!" Fei made her protest before anyone else. Alexander knew what he was doing when he made them partners. Fei wasn't going to let her brother walk into the unknown with a random other mage they didn't know. "Why can't I go with you! That's. Not. Fair!" She stomped her foot. "Why don't you want-" Fei made a grab for her brother's wrist.

And was promptly given a rude shock. "Eeeeep!"It was unpleasant, but not too bad, not like actually getting shocked by electricity or something, but worse than a normal static shock like she got sometimes when she wore the fuzzy robe her dad sent her a few years ago. It was white with blue spots, but when she ran around too much with it on she found out she could shock other students. But the thing was... she had never gotten shocked before. Normally it'd be tingly, it'd be bright, it'd snake around her hand and maybe her arm, but it never hurt. It didn't hurt. It didn't use to hurt. She rubbed her hand, staring at what were now obvious wisps of electricity between his fingers.

It wasn't their electricity. But it was his. Just... not hers. But electricity needed two mages, shouted the books she read. He needed a Hydromancer, said her experience. It was impossible... but there it was.

The trials. He got it from the trials.

She was hurt, and mad, and confused... she bit her lip and turned to look at the new portal yawning in front of her. He was trying to protect her. But it was her job to protect him, not the other way around. So with equal parts rash impulsiveness, foolhardy determination, and childish speed, Fei slipped away from her brother's side and ran through the portal. She'd be there whether he wanted her to be or not.

After what seemed like an eternity, Fei stumbled out on the other side. Everything else was left on the other side of the portal. She'd talk to her brother another time. For now, she understood why everyone had been so nervous about the portal. There wasn't anything too dangerous right now, everyone was pretty much staying by the portal and waiting, watching. It was quiet. Really quiet. It was nice to see that no one had died though. Since everyone seemed to be trying to be quiet, she gave a small wave in greeting and took a sip of water, trying to see what was scurrying around in the darkness.

Raven wasn't exactly put at ease by the answer that Drew gave. It seemed like she wasn't the only one who had issues with what he had said. Yappy wasn't thrilled with the plan to swap her spot with the foreign Nightshade and piped up immediately, proving that while her body appeared to have grown up a bit, her mind certainly hadn't.

She shut up in a hurry though once she grabbed her sibling. It was weird, it seemed like the sparks from before had jumped out and found a home in her body, and she bounced backwards like a scalded puppy. She was rubbing at her hand, but rather than learning from the experience, it appeared as if she blamed the fire itself. The look in her eyes that she gave Drew was one of anger and betrayal, and that was what led to dangerous things.

She broke for the portal and before anyone could stop her, she was through to the other side. Raven stared at scene for a moment before fully processing what exactly had just happened. What the hell is she thinking? She's going in there all twisted and...and she's going to fuck everything up! She going to go in there mouthing off and she's going to get Seth killed! I have to stop her!

"Stupid brat..." was all Raven remarked as she finally worked up the gumption to take her turn to move through the portal, hustling through with a speed not normally seen from the Nightshade.

As she enter the new reality, she at least got a welcome sight. Darkness surrounded the area save for a couple of feint lights and there was nothing but still silence. A lifetime spent in the shadows was coming to fruition as Raven easily spotted the Hydro beside the portal. She grabbed Fei's wrist and whisper-shouted "Just what do you think you were..." Raven was about to tear into her for being so foolish and jeopardizing everything because of her immaturity when she noticed the other four that had already passed through the portal were standing there, providing the meager light that she had spotted before. This revelation immediately snapped her out of the stern teacher mode and calmed her down knowing that certain people were unaffected by the reckless behavior of the young one.

"Well...hello everyone," Raven said, backing down from the previous tone of voice. "It certainly is a welcoming environment we've entered into, isn't it?" Feeling slightly foolish for all her apprehensions and concern from earlier, she moved to where Seth stood. She felt a hand on her back and smiled, thinking Seth was comforting her. It was surprising to see that it was instead her shadow's hand, it's darkness standing out even in her pitch-black vision of the night. She turned back to face the group, trying to play it off as if she knew all along it was her shadow touching her. How the hell is my shadow able to touch me? It couldn't do that before...could it?

The Prime Minister could only give a small shake of his head as Drew requested there be more troops, as well as a switch in the order. Before any answers could be made by him, Fei and Raven had both made their way through the portal to ultimately get to the other side. With a now slightly bemused look, he turned his attention back to Drew.

"It would seem that you might have more on your plate than worrying about the guards. But I will assure you all the same that there are more than enough here to handle most things. I still have to have them in the city to keep order, and I will not let my city fall apart in the instance that they are needed here. Besides, that is why you are going through..." The Prime Minister said, glancing at the portal once more.

"I hope things are going well over there. The gods give no indication, so...well, the gods are all we have at this point. Unless you all would return."

Seth found himself being distracted as more came through the portal, largely because of the dead silence breaking when people came through. As he turned to see Fei, he couldn't help but be confused for a moment. Wait...I'm guessing we are all out of order now? Only to then be greeted by Raven now stepping through as well. She seemed to be about to say something to Fei, but paused as she realized that things around them were a stony silence.

"Welcoming is one way to put it." Seth replied wryly, turning his gaze back around the darkness. He imagined to Raven the scene was rather clear, being so used to the dark. He had to ask Fei why she looked so...odd when she came through. He wasn't sure, but the look on her face seemed to had said something had happened.

The thought had only time to be there in passing as suddenly there was a loud slamming as a pair of stone doors were swung open roughly. The sound almost made him jump with how quiet it had been before, only for it to be quickly replaced with the sound of some very heavy steps.

Several large gargoyles stepped through the doors, the odd red light from the door illuminating them as they formed a line. Having a possible threat to test his mettle against, Seth stepped forward to gaze over the new creatures. With the opened doors, some of the now obvious two headed dogs made their way outside, barking and whimpering as they did so. For only a brief moment more, the dead silence returned.

"Interlopers. By decree of Iron Mistress Serena, you are to be judged as trespassers and sentenced to death. May the elements consume you quickly."

Seth couldn't help but grin at the threat, especially when one stepped forward to unleash ice spikes upon them. Perhaps this is why no one else could come through. A wall of spikes, probably a blast of fire...all kinds of death that no human could stand up against. Good thing they chose wisely.

With one quick swing, Seth had flames taking care of the attack, bringing his blade back to his side with a grin, only to turn grim as the one who had unleashed the ice charged him, bringing waves of ice and water from its fists. Seems he had a fight on his hands.

With one of them handling the attack obviously not enough for this group, the others seemed to choose their targets. Darkness crept from one like vines, slithering towards Nydia with malicious intent, the rumbling beast not showing a care. It was paired with another which launched boulders towards Cale, meaning to crush them both if they were able.

While those two were left to tangle with that pair of warriors, Raven and Fei were confronted by an arcing wave of fire, obviously with the intent on just incinerating them both, the flames dancing about the arms of the warrior as they stepped forward.

This left Alexander to handle a beam of light ripping through the floor towards Alexander, a challenge of light if there ever was one. It was a stark contrast from the darkness that surrounded them, providing ample light to show the inside of the temple.

The last two stayed at the doorway, with the gargoyle of wind seeming to just be keeping watch as the other brought his hands forward to begin focusing some odd energy into a ball that took shape before it. The ball began to pulse, seeming to twist the world around the arms of the monster as it seemed to focus more on making the ball larger and twist the world around it even more, with the arms for a moment seeming to shine then darken.

But the shadows would have none of that, the appearance of the strange element bringing the shadows to take direct action, with Alexander's shadow bringing fourth a burst of light at the 'guard' of the wind, with Fei's shadow stepping forward to work with Cale's shadow to launch a ball of ice to explode in icy shards to keep the wind warrior busy.

This left Nydia, Seth, and Raven's shadows to charge the strange energy. A beam of light from Nyida's was deflected back, only to be eaten back up by a darkness that Raven's shadow created, leaving Seth's shadow to take the different approach and instead throw it's blade, shattering the strange ball of energy, almost seemingly to the surprise of the otherworldly gargoyle. There was an odd moment where the beast regarded the shadows, realizing the now very real threat that it had to deal with.

"How could these plants grow if there's no light here?"

Cale's voice behind her surprised at first but that quickly turned to relief that he had made it through the portal safely. She hadn't taken much time to consider the flowers, only noting their reaction to the light, so she didn't really have a suitable answer. "I'm not sure." She whispered back. "This place may not be bound by the same rules as the world we are familiar with. Perhaps later I may be able to examine them more closely and find the reason." That would have to wait though. They weren't necessarily safe here with the pack of dogs that may turn hostile at any moment.

Fei emerged through the portal next, giving the group a small wave which Nydia returned. And after her came not Drew, but Raven. This was not the order that they had agreed on. Perhaps something had gone wrong? Nydia recalled hearing shouting as she entered the portal. But Raven made no mention of it so perhaps that was not the case and there was another explanation.

Nydia's thoughts were drawn away from that matter though as a loud noise turned her attention to the doors that had just opened. The darkness somewhat dispelled by a strange red light that emerged from the doors and illuminated several large creatures that were entering. Some sort of group sent to greet us? Though whether they will do so with words or violence remains to be seen

"Interlopers. By decree of Iron Mistress Serena, you are to be judged as trespassers and sentenced to death. May the elements consume you quickly."

I suppose it is to be violence then. Nydia thought as she prepared for an attack. She had no idea who this Iron Mistress was but it seemed that answer would likely come as they continued their mission if she was so opposed to it. For now, she would have to deal with the gargoyles magical attacks. They seemed to each possess the ability to wield their own element, save for the one who appeared to be gathering some strange energy that Nydia had never seen before.

The shadows of the mages stepped forward to deal with the unknown threat, Nydia's own shadow unleashing a beam of light that was turned back yet created enough of a window for Seth's shadow to shatter the energy with his sword. "Excellent work!" She said with a broad smile, feeling a bit proud of her shadow even though Nydia herself had little to do with that fight.

She was so focused on the shadows battle that she almost didn't notice the tendril of darkness creeping into the light she was projecting. Almost. It would be almost impossible to see it coming in the darkness but as soon as it entered her field of light it was easy to notice. Nydia quickly shifted the orb of light she held towards the dark tendril and increased the power she put into it in hopes of destroying it or at least warding it off temporarily.

Once she had accomplished that, she turned her attention to the direction it had come from. The gargoyle that wielded dark magic would pose a great threat if for some reason she became unable to reveal it's attacks with her light. It would be best to eliminate it quickly. "This is what I made the deal for. It is time to see what my price has bought me." She whispered to herself, taking a deep breath and focusing her mind for what she needed to do now. She could not dispel the light in her left hand so her right would be all she could use for this. Nydia conjured more light in her right hand and pointed it at the gargoyle before firing over a dozen beams of light at it in hopes of quickly defeating it so she could move on to helping the others.

"Interlopers. By decree of Iron Mistress Serena, you are to be judged as trespassers and sentenced to death. May the elements consume you quickly."

Cale gritted his teeth, about to say something before two boulders rushed out to meet him. Instinctively, Cale raised two walls in front of the speeding boulders about as tall as he was and twice as thick as him. The boulders met the dirt walls with tremendous forces, crumbling the walls but assuring his safety along with the others. The first one careened into the first wall and sent debris into the second before the other boulder destroyed it. only a few bits of dirt and rock met Cale before it was time for him to make the second move.

Cale drew up the remnants of his wall but this time sent it surging forward towards the gargoyle that had attacked him. He knew that his target would either avoid the wall or destroy it but it left him some breathing room. While the wall rushed at it, Cale drew up some of the hardened rock and formed an armor around his fists and legs. Cale wanted to take the fight a little closer to it. As the wall sped forward, so did Cale as he ran some distance behind it.

Alexander reacted on instinct and dodged out of the way of the beam. He then created a large and luminous ball just behind him, hoping that it might give his attackers a harder time of hitting him. Using the basic idea of a fighter placing the sunset at their back. This was followed up by sending two bolts of his own towards his attacker, aiming to be the first to land a decent hit.

Do you have any idea what is going on? He thought to his shadow, wondering if perhaps they might have some greater insight or if their separation from this plane had cost them some knowledge of it.

The dark Gargoyle seemed to spin the darkness around itself as the beams which Nydia had launched were consumed here and there. Some did get past, slicing neat lines in the gargoyle, but it was clear that the beast would not be so easily struck down from the battle. Stepping forward into the light the mages were creating, darkness almost seemed to invade the light, creeping forward as if a form of corruption.

With another quick wave, tendrils of darkness crept from the gargoyle, but this time with a much more physical intent, swinging forward towards Nydia like whips. With the now physical attacks coming forward, the gargoyle seemed less opposed to being deeper in the light, getting closer to bring the strikes of the dark tendrils faster.

Cale's wall was met by the earthly gargoyle slamming his foot into the ground, sending the wall careening into the air over the head of it. Almost as if anticipating the closeness of the battle that was about to unfold, the gargoyle reached for the wall as it soared above, and slammed it down behind him. As Cale got ever closer, it slammed a fist into the wall, causing many bricks to form out of the solid shape, and launched them towards Cale with the intent to strike and stun him with the small onslaught.

Alexander's blasts struck the gargoyle, causing it to stumble backwards with a small form of surprise, but it only seemed emboldened by the assault, and brought its attention back to the beam it had fired previous, causing the beam to snake back around to the front of the gargoyle, and turning it into a bright flash for just a moment.

The small flash was enough for the gargoyle, bringing beams of light towards Alexander. However, with what could only be described as a slightly cocky maneuver, it shattered the beams of light into what could be described as bats, fluttering towards Alexander.

"Guardians, Alexander. Those who would keep the door shut from invaders...But I wonder who Mistress Serena is? Perhaps this world is instead held by another being, and not a god?" Alexander's shadow seemed curious for only a moment, before going to its task of warring with the different gargoyle once again.

Before either Fei or Raven had the time to move, the explosion of the flames sent them both flying, leaving both of them rolling along the ground and a little bit burnt from the blast. With the blast going between the two, the gargoyle now had to make a choice, which it quickly decided the older one was the bigger threat, and took a step towards Raven flames encircling the gargoyle as it was obvious he planned on this being over quickly.

Seth in the meantime had already opted to get as close and personal with his icy opponent as possible, flames spinning around himself as he slipped his blade back to it's sheath to better fight his opponent with his flames erupting from his hands. He was largely absorbed in his fight, letting the fire roast away the ice as the gargoyle tried to hold him in place or slow him down in whichever way he could.

That was until he felt the explosion of fire nearby behind him. Feeling almost a sense of urgency now, he slammed a wave of fire underneath him, making the icy opponent take a few steps back. With the small amount of space, Seth turned to spot the source of the fire, as well as its target. While a flash of concern hit him for a moment, it quickly turned to a rage that he focused into his fires as he prepared to be redirecting fire as well as facing an icy opponent.

Jenn...Where in this forsaken plane is everyone else?

By now, the shadows of the mages had their hands full with the strange otherworldly gargoyle spinning its strange energies about itself, sometimes twisting an odd creature into existence for it to be consumed by fire, with others blasting through darkness with light. It was apparent that in this world the shadows had a much more extensive power, and where willing to use it in the stranger of circumstances.

The Prime Minister stepped back towards the strange doorway once again, and energy seemed to jump from his hands. While before it had seemed that he needed to concentrate, now it seemed much easier to focus for him.

"You know...if you don't get going, I think I just might need to go and do things myself. Though, I imagine my guards won't think much of that. So, either go try and be the accomplished mages you are, or let some fellow from another land do the job for you." With that, he let the strange bright energies leap from him once again, encircling the portal as it seemed to shimmer and grow slightly, and then shrink back down to its original size.

"Unless, of course, you have no interest in those who went over. At this point, I think the one who I could trust most already stepped through and is doing the job. Which is unfortunate, because I would like to think most mages would be a bit more...prepared with the amount of time that you had. Perhaps I assumed...incorrectly."

Drew tried to call to Fei to explain himself, but she was in the portal before he could say a word. He was somewhat upset about how hurt she was, and wasn't happy with himself for not telling her. However, all that would have to wait. He took a moment to start focusing his own magic when the Prime Minister stepped in front of the door.

"You know...if you don't get going, I think I just might need to go and do things myself. Though, I imagine my guards won't think much of that. So, either go try and be the accomplished..." "Oh will you just SHUT UP?! Out of my way!" He ran through the portal, pushing the Prime Minister aside.

In the blink of an eye everything was different. There was little to see, in terms of where he might be, but there were certainly other thing here besides the other mages. He didn't look around the battlefield too much, noticing Fei knocked down and seeing the gargoyle heading towards Raven. No time for questions... time to see just what this is capable of...

The energy he had been building up for a bit now started to surge out of him, with sparks arcing out from his right arm as more electricity crackled. He pointed the fingers of his open hand at the thing and let loose a bolt of lightning with as much power as he could muster. It was unlike anything else he had ever experienced. He could feel the tips of his fingers burning as he discharged his magic, hoping that it would get the thing away from Raven.

"Allow me to ask one question of you, Prime Minister, before I play my part in your grand plan," Gabriel answered, hefting the crossbow in his hands and taking a wary step towards the portal entrance. "I doubt there is anything I could do here that no-one else you hand-picked could do better. I'm terrible at magic and I know it. Alexander seems to have the whole 'peace between mages and non-magical' thing covered, likely better than I would have done it judging by even the few things I've seen and heard. The two of you have pretty clearly been talking a fair bit." His voice was not raised in anger or anything of the sort: Gabriel was simply stating facts and observations.

"So I feel the need to ask, not for the first time: why am I here? Why in the name of all the Council did you pick me for this little excursion of yours when there were countless others at the Academy better qualified for the position? When we get back from this task, I would like an answer to that question." With that, he stepped through the portal, crossbow raised. Just in case.

On the other side, it was chaos. In the immediate vicinity, everyone was fighting... stone creatures? Capable of using magic? And they were backed up by two-headed dogs... bizarre. The dogs seemed to be a bit shy of getting close, pacing back and forth and snarling, but they were clearly on the side of the stone beings. And therefore hostile.

Gabriel silently thanked Alainia that he had had the sense to bolster his arsenal with the crossbow. Taking aim at where one of the dogs was going to be, rather than where it was - careful not to repeat his failed attempt at shooting a dragon - he fired a bolt.

Let the others handle the gargoyles. I can't step to those, he reasoned.

If the surroundings seemed to demand silence, that notion was dispelled with the loud thump noise that shook the area. Raven tried not to jump in reaction, but she couldn't help but be shocked by the sudden announcement that the group was not alone. The thumping steps that followed the initial sound were ominous as well.

As the red light filled the empty void, a battalion of someone's infernal army marched out through the massive doors and into view. A younger more naive Raven would have been delighted. This was exactly the sort of invasion force that she had always dreamed would rampage through her hometown and the school, unyielding in its task to eliminate all good in the world. But now, now this was terrifying. What the...what the fuck am I supposed to do against this?

"Interlopers. By decree of Iron Mistress Serena, you are to be judged as trespassers and sentenced to death. May the elements consume you quickly."

Serena?...And I thought my name was ill-suited for dark magic...

It was an odd thought given the circumstances and it didn't linger long in her head as the warriors moved to unleash their fury upon the mages who had entered into the portal. Seth was taking the attention of multiple gargoyles, fire and ice intertwining to do battle against the Pyro, and the handicap match seemed to freeze Raven to the spot. I have to help him...but what can I do? I can't blind them or anything, they live in the darkness! I can't get in there to try and drain any energy from them. Is that even possible with these things? While contemplating her options and focusing on Seth, she failed to notice the wave of fire heading towards herself and Fei until it exploded over them.

"Aaaghh!" As the intense wave of heat crashed over her, Raven was thrown back onto the ground, unsure of what happened to the little brat, but sure that she was not as well equipped as Seth was to be dealing with heat. As she rolled backwards onto the grassy field, smoke trailing off her, she finally came to a stop with her robe burned off in places and her hood nothing more than ashes since the warrior had decided to aim high. "Mmmrr, fucking...owwww, what the hell?"

Raven was slow to get up, her skin now closer to matching her natural hair color with the ultra-tan treatment she just received. She stumbled up to her feet, looking around to try and gain her bearings. Fei was on the ground nearby, not moving for the moment, and the thing that launched the attack was now lumbering towards her, ignoring the easy kill on the ground in favor of the Nightshade. Oh come on! Give me a second here! Shit, I have to try something...

She got the time she wanted, though not in the sacrificial manner envisioned as Drew, out of nowhere, arrived. A blast of lightning shot from his fingertips and caught the monster in a shimmering display. The beast staggered backwards, unprepared for such a bolt. Well here goes then. See if this works. Raven pooled her own mass of darkened energy and sent it flying towards the gargoyle's head. If he won't be blinded, at least he should be mucked up a bit.

Raven's shadow halted for a moment when her flesh and blood self was struck down by the flames and she paused the assault, looking over to where she thought Raven was. When Raven laid prone on the ground, she thought about breaking off from the group to help her, but the stirring from the Nightshade and subsequent arrival of backup put her at ease. She returned focus to the opponent. She had to play defense most of the time with the light attacks being shot back, but was willing to try a different tactic. The shadow aimed all it's attacks at one of the balls of magical energy, in an attempt to overwhelm the small orb with fuel like a water balloon.

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