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"I'll keep that in mind, but what kind of Lightdweller would I be if I didn't offer to help those in need. It is kind of our whole purpose, healing and helping and all that. But it sounds like you'll do well at the smithy, I thought maybe you would help quench or take orders but you could end up helping with filling out the orders themselves. When I get my father's letter I'll be sure to mention you. If you don't end up going on this little excursion you could end up with a job waiting for you whenever you need it." Alexander continued after laughing at Edward's joke.

Ezekial stood there for a moment stunned and soaked. The water slowly dripping from his now soaked hair and clothes. "You bastard give me my jug back" He yelled a true rage in his voice "I'm done with all this bullshit, give me my jug back!" Ezekial glared Durante down fully aware of the massive gap in their abilities, Ezekial concentrated for a moment his face turning red as a small vein gutted out of his forehead as he drew some of the water from his clothes, it form a small ball of water before Ezekial lost all control and it collapsed.

Cale trained relentlessly for the day that the ambassadors arrived. All this talk about whether or not the ambassadors would choose who will get to go to the city of Kerbones did not concern him because deep down Cale knew that at the very least they would notice him. Cale jogged up and down the caverns both up high and down low but always staying on the path that was lit by either the plants or the torches. After that Cale went to the training rooms and practiced his techniques of moving and lifting the earth around him. The fact that someone would notice and see Cale drove him to the point of pushing himself at every step, every move, every technique down to moving simple pebbles. It motivated him more than nothing else before because it gave him a sense of purpose and accomplishment if they looked to him to notice what a magnificent figure of an Earthshaper Cale is. Cale flourished in these situations because it was burned into his mind; to work efficiently and to be known for it. In the farms he worked in, the owners made it a show that they favored the more hard working slaves by giving them an extra minute of brake or even an extra pint of water. Cale wanted to be noticed for his work, Cale needed to. As Cale lifted boulders with muscles nearly failing and a tired haze in his vision Cale knew that there was absolutely nothing that was to stop him from being seen. He swore to it underneath his breath..

Durant sighed as he watched the young and under-studied Hydromancer attempt to use his rage in some good method, only to fail miserably. He shook his head, still holding the jug in his hand, he wove it around.

"Here, let me try to make you do something useful with yourself for a change. I am going to put this prized jug of yours in a ball of ice. I am going to freeze it right here, and you can get it back as soon as you learn how to properly control your elemental abilities. Till you can prove it, your jug is going to sit here frozen in this icy little prison. Good luck." Durant said simply, and then proceeded to do what he said. Ice spun about the jug and just as quickly, it was sitting higher above the ground.

Satisfied with his work, Durant began walking back into the storm which continued to blow about. He seemed somewhat saddened that a hydromancer was unable to even properly dry themselves, but with no drive, it wasn't his choice.

Bastards's got spunk, I'll give him that. Maybe he's even good enough to catch himself some deal with the assfucks coming in. Although she wasn't exactly looking forward to the visit, she could see the benefits, and wasn't above tossing some students out to get a few benefits of her own. "Next time, try to fuck up someone with more skill than you, not some little bitch like Cathral. And refine that blast. Flames, you were this close to me having to sweep you both up in fucking dustpans." She walked up to Cathral and kicked him a little, muttering something about him being a sobbing pussy. She picked him up and went to take him to the closest infirmary. I don't need shit from Marcus about some retarded Pyromancer killing himself...

Fei grinned happily and hugged her brother. "I'm going to go practice then, okay? I'll see you later!" She skipped off through the rain, partial to training in the Waterfall Fortress that day.

The first thing she did was jump in the lake with a splash, letting herself sink a good way into it. She concentrated and took a deep breath. Cold filled her lungs as she blew out the bubbles of air. One thing she wasn't really good at was breathing in the water for long, because she kept thinking of drowning. Nothing turned your element against you like fear. She tried to relax and just breath, but it only took a few minutes for her to resurface, sputtering for air. If those people want me to go with them, then that will mean I'm really good! I wonder what they want to do with some mages...

Shaking her head, Fei dove again, this time just swimming for a while before trying to breath in the water again. She could do this for hours...

Nydia smiled and couldn't help but laugh at Seth's last comment. "Indeed, visiting an estate inhabited by Lightdwellers seems much safer than fighting angry pyromancers all day, although probably not as exciting."

Hmmm... I wonder if it would be alright to bring Seth along. Dropping in unannounced with a guest seems a bit rude. But then, Father always was quite friendly with strangers. I'm sure he won't mind. I just hope he doesn't get the wrong idea...

Nydia paused as she comtemplated Seth's offer. At last, she said, "It's kind of you to offer. If it's truly no trouble, and you have nothing else to do then I shall be happy totake you upon your offer. It's not a long journey. The Freecs estate is just outside the port town."

Raven had gotten right back into the shadows when she arrived back at the dorms and she stayed there, content to just enjoy the misery that this storm was causing. I'm sure the peons are just compounding it with this added stress of being tested and graded. Stupid bastards.

She played with the darkness around her, forming a bit of it in her hand, like a ball. It was this kind of base that she used to fire off the small lasers of concentrated shadow that she had worked up to. Soon, soon I will be able to expand this darkness, then I'll be able to plunge others into my world. Let them try to fight against their own minds. I can't wait for that day.

She continued to sit in the open area, listening to the rain as she kept building the protective blanket of shadows around her.

"I don't think I would be chosen, alot of better people to chose from."
"Not even close to lazy but I just don't attend most classes."
"What do you think your chances are?"

"I don't think my chances are very good. I mean I'm an adept but so are a lot of other students. I'm sure there are more interesting people than the son of a blacksmith and an adept lightdweller. Still, I don't want to disappoint my masters so I'll try to look respectable and just stay out of the way. To be quite honest I kind of hope I don't get chosen, means I'll miss my advancement test next month probably.

But as I said, I probably won't get picked since I don't think I really stand out that much." Alexander replied calmly.

"Phew, thats good."
"I would miss ya, owe you a favor now and I wouldn't be able to make up for it if your in the belly of some technological beast." He laughed talking like he knew him forever.

"Then again comparing advancement to a one in a life time opportunity is nothing."
"When you come back I am sure you would still advance quickly."

"Well to be honest I would rather miss having you around as well. We haven't known each other long at all, but I get the feeling we could easily become good friends. As for that favor, I'm just willing to consider you helping my family payment enough.

I get what you mean about the chance to get to see such a technologically advanced place. It would be a sight, but I've put in more than 20 years getting to this point. It really becomes a choice between what I've worked toward most of my life and the once in a lifetime chance. Greatest desire versus greatest opportunity, not an easy choice in my book." Alexander replied with a chuckle. The more he thought about the more a part of him did want to see this other land. How different would it really be from all he had known being the question that he largely mulled over.

"Yeah everyone here more or less has put time into advancement but it doesn't matter to me."
"If I really wanted to I could but always something else to improve, to snatch my attention."
"Suppose you can call me at times a perfectionist."
"Got to be, don't have the build of most EarthShifters so got to evolve and compensate."
"The way I see the choice is this."
"I will get there it just matters how I get there."

He tried to look at the sky but raindrops would just meet his eyeballs so instead he looked at his feet sinking into the cooling mud while he had his tied shoes hanging on his back
"Am I rambling again?"

"Very well then, Miss Freecs. We will be heading to your father's estate rather than fighting people the rest of the day." Seth said with a small chuckle. As the two began walking, Seth found himself somewhat out of place, as he had not really ever....legitimately been inside of a large estate or anything of the sort.

More often than not, I was there to get something to eat...This is going to be different.

"So, are there any surprises I should know about before we get there? I ask because I would hate to avoid getting a little crispy only to walk into some traps because I am not exactly invited." Seth said, flames encircling about to keep the still raging storm off the both of them.


Niklas was patiently watching his students, thinking things over as he did so. He did not particularly like the idea of sending some of his students away to anywhere, knowing full well that they would likely try to kill or take advantage of them. But then, he had little idea what would even happen with these secretive people coming to the Academy. Pausing from his thoughts for a moment, he looked over to one of the students who he saw practicing, and saw him weaken for a moment as the task perhaps be a little too much. Almost instantly, the older man was near Cale.

"Earthshaper Cale, you will not do yourself any favors stressing yourself to the point of harm. In being an Earthshaper, we most importantly above the others know our limitations when moving the Earth around us, or it will remind us of those limitations rather harshly." Niklas rumbled, putting a hand on the boulder the young Earthshaper had been lifting.

That bastard, I won't forget this, I will boil the water within you! But that would also require a lot of dedication and work... Forget that Ezekial thought slumping into a cross legged sitting position. "Break the block of ice" Ezekial mused "Easy" Ezekial slammed his fist into the block of ice a sharp popping noise quickly sprung from his hand. A shearing white hot pain burst from his hand as Ezekial saw his right pinky jutting at an unnatural angle "AHHHHHHH" Ezekial screamed as the pain shot through his arm as he tried to fight the tears of pain quickly rushing from his eyes. "Bad idea" Ezekial whispered through pained breathing as he quickly rushed to the waterfall to find a healer.

Cale let go of the boulder and let it fall in front of him. He admired Master Hoch enough to follow his word despite Cale's yearn to push himself. His breath was rough and Cale nearly doubled over when he let go of the boulder. After jogging most of the caverns and raising boulders slightly larger than him, Cale had begun to feel the sting of a rough training session thump all over his body. He looked back at Master Hoch and nodded to him.

"I am sorry Master Hoch, I only sought to ready myself for when the humans from Kerbones arrive not to kill myself through these sessions although I have been close. Master Hoch, have you ever seen Kerbones? I know it's a silly question but have you ever seen it in a sense as have you met anybody from Kerbones that doesn't keep their mouth shut?"

Niklas grinned as Cale placed the boulder down. The boy was dedicated, that much was obvious. However, at times the boy seemed to almost try to kill himself to prove he was important and strong, which wasn't necessary. Trying to hammer that particular point home was more difficult.

"It is good to be prepared Cale, but you must make sure the preparation doesn't cripple you in the process." Niklas said, placing a large hand on the shoulder of Cale. "As for the people of Kerbones....They have sometimes sent students here, but they have always been very young. I cannot claim to know anyone in particular with knowledge of Kerbones, so our partners are somewhat a mystery to me. I imagine you hope to be chosen?"

"Yes Master Hoch, it has always been a dream of mine to be chosen for such a worthy endeavor even if it may mean that I have to buckle down and get things right. I have heard what my other peers have had to say about the ambassadors from Kerbones and I understand that this may have not been the Academy's most wise decision but it is still a decision none the less. It's up to us students to stand by the Academy because it is our home, and our family."

Cale fell back against the boulder and folded his arms across his chest. The energy was slowly coming back to him but now that he has stopped with his strenuous activities the exhaustion began to overtake him.

As the two began making their way towards the Freecs estate, Nydia was quite thankful to have Seth shielding them from the rain. However, when he asked about traps at the estate she couldn't stop herself from laughing hysterically. The mere thought of her family setting traps for thieves and intruders struck her as quite ridiculous. Once her senses overcame the humor of it though, she forced herself to stop laughing, realizing how rude that must have seemed.

"Oh, goodness... Please forgive me Seth, I'm usually much more well-mannered than this. No, there aren't any traps there. Just some solid walls and sturdy locked doors. We're primarily a family of healers and merchants, when we're not studying at the academy and my father in particular abhors violence. I'd like to think we've earned the love of the townspeople over the years, but it may just be their fear of mages that keep them away. Either way, I don't think anyone has attempted a break in of our estate in my lifetime and if so, they did not succeed." Nydia explained while silently berating herself for her actions. Clearly, holing up in the library so often had made her forget some of her manners.

"In any case, you are my guest today Seth so there's no need to worry. My father will welcome you with open arms. I'm sure of that."

"A little, but I don't mind. Your outlook is an interesting one, so I like hearing about it. Besides, I don't really get to know the students of other magics really, my training never took me by there. Only time I really get to meet people outside of my magic is when I'm putting in hours at the infirmary. So this is a nice change of pace for me." Alexander replied before he thought to ask a question about something Edward had said.

"So how do you mean you aren't like the other EarthShifters?"

Niklas grinned at hearing the eagerness of the younger generation. It had been a long time since he had done anything particular like this, and Cale was bringing up things that he knew many other students held.

"You are correct that this might not be the brightest moment of the Academy leadership right now, but it is good to hear that your trust in our decision wasn't broken." Niklas said, leaning up next to Cale. "And you are right that it is the home we have. We could likely make another...but this is where we live, and we should treat it with the respect it deserves. However, this is a day off for a reason. Get some rest, as there will be tasks tomorrow which will need your abilities."


Seth couldn't help but start chuckling to himself as Nydia started to apologize for her manners. He was almost thankful for it, since it seemed she wasn't aware of what he did before he got to the Academy.

"No need to apologize Ms Freecs, it was a silly question now that I think about it. I imagine that the people probably appreciates your family quite a bit. Of course, I'm not so sure about that whole 'open arms' deal, since I know, supposedly one of the more violent elements.'ll defend me if he wants to remove me violently, right?" Seth joked, searching for something more to speak of as they began approaching the town.

I have probably walked past her father's place more times than I can count. I wonder if he has seen me carrying my blade? That....would make things a lot more complicated I think. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Drew left Fei to her training, walking to the nearby bar. After the announcement, he wasn't in the best mood. He ordered a few drinks, grumbling to himself. He downed the first drink quickly, looking around the place and mumbling. He glared angrily at the Weavers present, and laughed to himself as he went back to his mug. "No classes. Guess that means more naps for me... wonder how everyone else here is going to waste their time. I wonder which students will spend this time trying to find ways to impress our 'guests'. I honestly am looking forward to that more than any of this stupid business."

Nydia smiled and gave a sigh of relief. She was lucky to have run across someone so forgiving. She hadn't met many Pyromancers, but from what she'd heard, many of them wouldn't be nearly so polite with her. Although perhaps my stature has made him nervous. I suppose to someone not used to such things, all this talk of estates and whatnot would seem a bit daunting.

"Haha! As I said, you are my guest. Of course I will not allow my father to do such a thing, especially after you went to the trouble of escorting me here. Although, I don't think you'll need to worry about that. My father may be a Weaver but he's getting rather old. I doubt he's in any shape to do any violent removing." Nydia replied with a small laugh.

Cale got up and stood in front of Master Hoch. Then he gave a respectful bow to him despite his aching muscles.

"Yes Master Hoch, thanks for the advice. Who knows, I could meet me future wife there!" Cale grinned at the thought of meeting one of the women from Kerbones and getting to know them. Of course nobody really knows what women from Kerbones really looked like. Some say that they are humans mixed with machinery or even made of machinery. A few more say that their women can charm any man they meet by just staring into their eyes. Then again Cale knew better than to believe a few rumors or did he? Cale's imagination flew as he limped away back to his dorm to get a better rest.

Fei had removed herself to one of the smaller ponds, although it wasn't too small with the raging storm. She took some of the water and made a small dome over the pond, shielding her from the wind.

I wonder what Kerbones is like. I hope they have lakes there... what if they don't? What will I use for my magic? I don't have that much water in my body...

She started to mold a small island in the middle of the lake, using the water to slowly design what she thought the city would look like. As she did, the dome slowly dissolved, and the wind and rain returned. It blurred a lot of he details of what she was trying to do, and she gave up after a bit. A bit annoyed by the winds, she found refuge behind one of the waterfalls, easily drying herself off and beginning her project anew. Little buildings gave rise to castles and plazas and streets. It got harder for her to concentrate as it grew to her knees, and the windows and doors and roofs seemed to shimmer as they faded more and more into the water.

"Well, then I guess I have nothing to worry about." Seth said with a grin, seeing the port city coming into view. "I hear that they actually use airships to get everywhere in these higher tech cities, makes things like worrying about rain a thing of the past. Sure hope they managed to deal in some of those."

Seth found himself distinctly hoping that it wasn't an estate that he passed by often, or at least that it didn't give full plain view of the entrance to the city. While Seth wasn't one to get nervous, he was quite wary of being noticed and called out on using "barbaric" weapons in front of such nice company. Which was especially wasn't helped by the fact that Seth realized he barely knew Nydia.

Alright Seth. Assume he hasn't seen you, and that this little family meeting thing will go by without an issue, and all will be well, and you'll have been sociable with someone new who is delightful company......and while I'm at it, I'd like a damn airship.


Niklas gave a deep, hearty laugh as he heard Cale say he would be looking for a wife if he was taken to the city. While it wasn't unheard of to take a normal wife, finding one in such a paranoid city would be terribly unlikely.

"What the Earth wills to happen, happens Earthshaper Cale. You make sure you get some rest, some good rest and a meal to boot, and I will likely be seeing you tomorrow." Niklas said, and with that went back to watching over what students were still roaming about, practicing or chatting away.

The thought of an airship on the island was very appealing to Nydia, especially in this weather. "Ah, yes that would be quite nice. And it would make transport to and from the island more effecient. But from the sound of things, airships are one of Kerbones specialties so I wonder if they'd give them away so easily..."

As the port town came into view, Nydia turned to their right where the Freecs estate sat atop a small hill overlooking the town. "Ah, there it is! This way Seth." Nydia said as she led Seth over to the estate. It was by no means the largest and fanciest house there was, but at 3 stories it easily dwarfed any other home in the port town. Luckily the front gate was open and they were able to simply walk right up to the front door.

Nydia knocked on the door twice and after a few moments it opened. A tall, well-dressed middle age man stood in the doorway and bowed once he saw it was Nydia at the door. "Ah, good day to you Madam Freecs. Truly a pleasure to see you again. Do come in out of the rain." He said as he turned and extended his arm into the estate, inviting them in.

"A pleasure to see you as well, Joffrey. This is Seth Darius, who was kind enough to escort me here and keep me safe from the rain. I have come to visit my father, where can I find him?" Nydia asked as she stepped into the main room. As one would expect of a Lightdweller home, it had many windows to allow for quite a bit of light, although the curtains were closed today due to the weather. Instead many candles were lit all along the walls and many more were lit atop a large chandelier that hung from the ceiling.

"Your father is in his study, as usual Madam. Please, do come to the sitting room and I shall summon him for you and make some tea for the three of you." Joffrey led them into a nearby room with some nice tables and chairs in the center and a several large bookcases lining the walls. Like the other room, it was also well-lit with candles.

Nydia took a seat at the table and gestured for Seth to sit as well with a smile. "Come, have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. Oh, how silly of us! Do you drink tea Seth? If you would prefer something else, I can have Joffrey prepare whatever you want."

Seth was obviously taken aback at all the hospitality as he had let the fires vanish around him as he stepped in. He didn't plan on his first impression being that he set places on fire. The place was...big, was the best word Seth could put on it. As Seth sat down, he wasn't even sure what was in tea, or if he even wanted some.

Well, here we go. I mean, why not? Its a drink, and therefore should be quite good!.....or something.

"I can't claim to have had tea before, Ms Freecs. If you are offering, I would like to try some, of course. As long as it isn't a bother." Seth said awkwardly. If he wasn't out of his usual element before, he certainly was now in an estate.

"Quite the book collection....." Seth said somewhat to himself as he looked about the well lit room. At least the lighting wasn't too fanciful...for the most part.

"Oh, you haven't had tea before? It's quite good, although I was raised on it so I may be a bit biased. Joffrey makes excellent tea though, so I believe you'll enjoy it. Oh, but of course we won't be offended if the taste doesn't suit you!" Nydia quickly corrected herself, before she inadvertently made Seth think it would be rude to not like the tea.

I must be more sheltered than I thought if I'm so caught off guard by the fact someone has never had tea before... Seth seems a bit uncomfortable, so I'll have to be a bit more considerate of his position to prevent him from feeling out of place here.

Nydia's attention turned back to the situation at hand just in time to hear Seth's comment about the books. "Ah, yes it is rather impressive isn't it? Since our family plays a role in the shipping industry here, we're able to import books from across the world. Do you enjoy reading, Seth? If you see books that interest you, feel free to borrow them."

"Reading has always been a good way to pass the time for myself when other pyromancers are not out to challenge me for some reason or another. I figure that while Nightshades have a bit of a control on all information, that doesn't mean I can't be well read." Seth said, trying to get comfortable with simply chatting.

"I don't think I would have the time to read all these books. I wouldn't even know where to begin, or what category, or....anything really. Though I imagine many of them are not for someone like me anyways." Seth continued, a random thought bouncing in his head.

I'm at an estate with a girl whom I just recently met and got along quite well with, and I am about to meet her father, have met her butler, and possibly her mother. What exactly am I doing?

"So I imagine you spend a lot of time here, reading books? I would think it would take a good lifetime to read all this. Course, I imagine your father has likely read all these...."

"Well, I grew up here and spent a lot of time reading as a child, yes. But nowadays I find myself quite busy at the academy and can't come here as often. I think it's been at least two weeks since I was last here...." Nydia trailed off momentarily, feeling a bit guilty for not being able to visit as often since her father was mostly alone with Joffrey here.

"But I'd imagine you're right, my father has most likely read at least the majority of these. he spends most of his time here nowadays after all. Ah, and speaking of which, it seems like he's finally come down from his study." Nydia rose from her seat to greet her father as she finished speaking.

Once, the head of the Freecs family might have been a tall man but now old age had forced him into a hunched position, making him seem smaller than he was. His skin was wrinkled and his hair was pure white, also due to his age. He hobbled into the room, requiring the use of a cane to walk, and smiled warmly as he hugged his daughter as tightly as his old body could manage. "Ah, my dearest Nydia! How kind of you to brave such poor weather and visit your father!"

Nydia returned the hug and kissed her father on the cheek. "Father! How good to see you well still. And the weather was no trouble at all, I had a fine escort to get me here safe and dry." She said as she gestured towards Seth.

"Ah, what's this? My daughter bringing a man over to meet her father? And here I thought you were swearing off this sort of thing until you were a Weaver!" The elderly man chuckled as he walked over to Seth.

"W-what?! Father, you know I took my vow seriously and I just met him earlier this morning!!" Nydia's face started turning bright red at what she hoped was a joke. "A-anyway, Father this is Seth Darius, a Pyromancer at the academy and a fellow Adept. Seth, this is my father, Nathaniel Freecs. And I'm truly sorry for this..."

As the conversation took a more lively turn, Joffrey quietly slipped in with a fresh kettle of tea and three cups, quickly set the table and poured enough for everyone, and excused himself as quietly as he had entered.

Seth rose as Nydia did, his reply held in as her father entered the room. The man appeared to be quite past his days, with white hair and a hobbled stick to go along. Seth was no fool though, and knew that those white hairs and age could bring along a lot of well as some form of recklessness.

Nodding to the older man, he distinctly noted Nydia's expression as the conversation went onward, and couldn't help but feel somewhat out of place with this family reunion, especially when the talk of 'swearing off this sort of thing' came up.

Well, THAT just made things that much more interesting, now didn't it? I get the distinct feeling this fellow is going to be.....different.

"Ah....Greetings Mr. Freecs. Pleasure to meet you." Seth said, rising and extending his hand, hoping that was what he was supposed to do.

" there something else I should know about? Swearing off this sort of thing? Wha...?" Seth said, finding himself increasingly...unsure what exactly he had gotten himself into.

Nydia is looking to marry? Or is her father looking to marry her off? Did I just become engaged and not even realize it? Gods burn me, I should have just run off to practice!

Nathaniel chuckled heartily at Seth's confusion as he shook his hand and then slowly lowered himself into a chair. "Hehehehe... Poor boy. I suppose if you just met my daughter this morning there is much you don't know about the life we live here. Well, the tea is best while hot so please, have a seat and enjoy it and I'll explain everything."

As her father, sat and began drinking his tea Nydia sighed deeply and sat down as well. Oh my... I make my first friend in quite some time and then this has to go and happen. I knew this was a bad idea. I just hope Seth understands...

Nathaniel paused to give them time to settle in and then continued speaking. "Now then, I can only imagine the kind of life you've lived, Seth, but I assume you did not always live at the academy. For almost all of the members of the Freecs family, this is not so. Nydia was born here in this very estate, as was I and my father before me and so on. Since the founder of our family and the builder of our estate and fortune, Daniel Freecs, every child of the Freecs family has been a Lightdweller, and generally a successful one. And I'm sure you can tell by looking at this estate that we have amassed a bit of a fortune over the years. To many, our wealth and magical pedigree is very appealing. As such, Nydia had many suitors from a very young age, many of whom were incredibly persistent. Whatever her reasons, Nydia had no desire to marry and declared that she would not see any suitors until she reached a rank at the academy befitting of a Freecs."

"I will not lie to you, I'm getting old and there are none left save Nydia to carry on the Freecs name. The Freecs have supported the academy and those who live in town for as long as any can remember and I do not particularly wish to see such an old and proud family die out. And the thought of being a grandfather is quite appealing to me, but those desires are nothing compared to the desire to see my only daughter happy. So, I allow her to do as she pleases. A freedom many of her ancestors did not enjoy."

Having said that, sat back in his chair and finished his cup of tea. "And that's the short version. I won't waste your time with all the details, nor do I expect that you understand us completely now but I hope this has given you a better idea of who we are."

As her father explained their situation, Nydia sipped her tea silently and waited for Seth's reaction. If he was uncomfortable before, I can't imagine this has improved things any. I do believe this will make the walk home awkward...

Seth found himself taking his seat once more after grabbing the tea. Looking at it for a bit while Nathaniel talked, he gave a slight shrug of his shoulders and gave it a taste. It....was fine, he guessed. Perhaps he was too used to having a nice icy drink, but this tea stuff was alright. However, much more interesting was the quick story about the family.

So....Nydia has quite the burden on her shoulders. Legacy, legends, and all those other things that having parents brings with it.....Hah.....Dad, if you could see me now.

"I.....see. So I'm not the first boy that your daughter has brought home." Seth said with a grin, trying to figure out how exactly he would respond to something like this.

"So....I uh.....huh. If I may be so bold, Mr. Freecs, I've never really given such things a thought. Perhaps it is how Pyromancers are, or perhaps simply that I have yet to see your daughter out and about before. I just simply thought.....that it was the proper thing to do once I noted her walking into the storm with nothing stopping the winds, let alone the rain. Ah....otherwise, I'm not really sure what else I could say." Seth finished, taking another drink of the warm tea. After the quick drink, he glanced over at Nydia, who he then noted was watching him, making him realize that he might perhaps have been too bold.

Please may that have been the right thing to say.....or maybe I should be hoping it was the wrong thing to say? Gods, help the sun move faster through the sky........on the other hand, don't, they might want me to stay the night if this chat goes on too long. Why do the Gods have such a sadistic sense of humor?

Nathaniel was about to reply, when Nydia suddenly spoke up. "Um... No, you're wrong. You are the first boy I've brought home. I'm.... not that sort of girl. As my father stated, my suitors were very persistent. Most them followed me home, more like."

If I keep trying to explain every misunderstanding that's gone on today we will be here all night...

"Listen Seth, I know what this must seem like but you have to believe me when I say that I had no ulterior motives when I asked you to come here. I appreciate the aid you've given me and I'm sure you still have a lot of questions I will happily answer them later but I think for now it is best that I deliver the message I came here to and then we be on our way."

Nathaniel watched and listen to his daughter, a sad smile slowly crept onto his face. "I see... I seem to have caused more trouble than I realized. It seems after all these years I still can't help but jump to conclusions. I must apologize to you both then. I'm usually not such a poor host, Seth and I hope you can forgive a foolish old man. And... Thank you. It's not often you see a man so willing to help strangers. My daughter is blessed to know you. I simply hope I have not ruined that."

Alright, so I did something wrong, which in turn was very bad. At least that has evened out in some form....but I don't think I like the price of learning such things.

"I understand Ms Freecs, and I meant nothing by my statement. Apologies if I offended. Do not worry about any potential trouble, Mr. Freecs, I believe this meeting to be....different at best. You have ruined nothing, and I hope that my behaviors have at least been in line to...match what you expected." Seth said, hoping that he wasn't making another mistake in this very strange meeting.

"I think perhaps I should get going anyways. Would seem that the day is winding down, and I would hate to be a tax on your hospitality. Thank you for the tea, it was indeed....different. A pleasure meeting you, Mr. Freecs. I....ah, don't know if you plan on heading back to the Academy or staying here." Seth said, directing the last to Nydia.

Well.....this is an interesting day. Meeting random stranger's their family, having a misunderstanding throughout the entire conversation. And tomorrow, more work and possibly guests. What a day.

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