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Between his lack of motivations to avoid drinking with no responsibilities in the morning, his general tendency to drink when "cranky", as Fei put it, and his lack of anything else to do at the moment, Drew spent a while at the bar. After a few hours, Drew had left, intoxicated and clearly in a foul mood. He wasn't a violent drunk, but he was certainly far more outspoken and less retrained. And he rarely had nice things to say about others when he was sober.

Oh, how I wish there were magic that could make us all forget any of this had happened.... Nydia thought to herself as she considered whether she would head back to the academy with Seth or not.

"I think it best I stay here until the weather clears up." She finally decided. "I still have much to discuss with my father, regarding the announcement in the Great Hall and I wouldn't want to keep you waiting. I'll most likely return to the academy in the morning."

Nathaniel slowly rose from his chair and made his way towards the door. "Yes I agree, that would be best. And don't worry about your behavior Seth. You strike me as a very polite young man, and it would be my pleasure to have you at my estate anytime. If anything, we are the ones who did not live up to expectations. Now, come Nydia. The least we can do is see our guest off."

Nydia nodded in agreement and rose to follow her father. "Yes, I suppose we must at least end the visit properly to make up for all this." She said as she led Seth out of the sitting room and back to the entrance.

He just realized he opened up the question but he still found it hard talking about what he thought as a weakness.
your short your short your-
"Well I don't got that common build you know."
"Most Earthshifters are big and bulky and I am not."

"Very well, Ms Freecs. I will journey back then, and understand you two likely have quite a bit to discuss after not seeing each other over a while. And you don't keep me waiting, like I said on the way here, there are probably some fights waiting for me back there..." Seth replied to Nydia, rising from his seat.

"Well, I'm happy that I didn't do anything wrong then. If you are looking for company, I would be happy to visit a little more often, as I do come to town more often than not." Seth now said to Nathaniel, following Nydia to the door. Adjusting his robes, he couldn't help but grin as he looked outside. has been a good day. I mean.....a damn good day. Very social, very good, very friendly....Now don't get used to it Seth, you'll probably have to beat the hell out of someone when you return.

"Thanks again for the excellent hospitality and the privilege of meeting you both. Take care, and I will hopefully see you elsewhere." And with that, Seth proceeded outside into the rain once more and, with a wave, brought his flames back around him.

Ezekial swore loudly he shouted for a healer, an elderly hydromancer quickly approached him. "What's all this screaming about" She crowed crankily "My fucking finger" Ezekial shouted lifting his broken pinky up, the old woman stared for a moment and laughed "Haha that's all, thought you would have been bleeding out your eyes by the sounds of your crying surely those tattoos hurt more than this" The old woman smiled and snapped his finger back in place and slid her finger up his pinky slightly freezing it in a cast of ice "There good as new in a week" She shook her head and walked off "I swear they just made the last generation tougher" she muttered softly.

"Huh, I guess, but I don't really see what that has to do with EarthShifting. If anything, not being big and bulky would be an advantage for you. Makes you a smaller target to hit, and besides I would think EarthShifting lended itself to defense. Making thick walls which would be easier for you to stay behind as you pelt your enemy with boulders.

Really I would think raw strength and height would be a disadvantage. It takes more to protect yourself than if you are smaller." Alexander said honestly.

He never had thought about how height played into magic, but he didn't really see how it mattered. If one was better trained and more powerful, how tall and bulky one was wouldn't play much of a role in how they won.

Fei's concentration was shattered, her semi-liquid building blocks splashing down as she heard someone screaming through the fortress. Normally, it was quiet where she was, because it was near the entrance. Who shouts near the entrance? Sensing some urgency she left what was once her toy and slipped out into the rain. Her feet padded quietly across the rocks and onto the path.

"Whats all this screaming about?" Fei recognized one of her Hydromancer teachers.
"My fucking finger!" Fei didn't recognize this Hydromancer, although she was hardly surprised. She hardly knew any of the other mages.
Maybe I've seen him somewhere... in class?... Nope, I don't know him... I don't think he's a higher level than me though...

She was a little worried. Not that she had ever broken a finger, but it looked and sounded painful. After her teacher left she inched up behind Ezekial, weighing between talking to someone she didn't know and seeing if he was okay. Her blue eyes peeked from around the pillar.

"Uh... excuse me... are you... okay?"

He got what he was saying, being small did have its advantages although he would rather do without them.
"Yeah its all in my head, nice to have a reason to push yourself further if you think you are at disadvantage."
"I'm not the kind of guy to hide behind walls though, not my kind of thing."
"I got a little knack for moving rocks in more then just a straight pattern."
"But enough about me, what have you been training in lately? Some kind of death ray to vaporize someone?" He exaggerated.

Alexander laughed a bit before replying.

"No, I would prefer to not need those powers. I'll use them if I absolutely have to, but it would be better if I could just incapacitate them. Lately I've been working on my healing arts, a blinding ball of light, and I've been attempting to bend light around myself to hide me from sight. Of course I do practice lasers, but my style of magic doesn't exactly lend itself to killing."

Nydia waved goodbye as Seth walked out into the rain and bid him farewell. "Yes, I'm sure we'll see each other again soon. If you ever find yourself in need of a healer after a fight, feel free to seek me out!"

Nathaniel gave a smile and a wave to Seth as well, before closing the door behind him to keep the rain from getting in. He turned to Nydia and sighed. "Look, I'm sor-"

"Don't worry about it. I know you have my best interests at heart. Now, I have much to tell you, Father. Let us return to the sitting room." Nydia replied as she went back to the room they had just come from and sat back down.

After her father had joined her, she told him everything that had happened at the meeting today. Nathaniel sat silent for a long while before finally finding the word to describe his feelings about the matter. "Intersting..." He muttered.

Nydia nodded in agreement. "I felt much the same way. I don't think I'd mind going myself, and I'm not worried about the soldiers. You should really write Master Ashton and ask him to keep your presence here secret from Kerbones though. I don't think we need them coming to the estate and I don't think a journey there would be good for you in your current state."

"Mmm, you're probably right. As much as I'd like to see that land, I may not survive such a journey. So if you do go, you'll have to tell me all about it. But... Try not to get picked, my dear. Such mysterious places as that can often be dangerous and you know I couldn't bear to see anything happen to you."

"No worries, Father. I know my place is here. I will do my best to stay. But for now, I think a nap is in order." Nydia said with a yawn as she rose and exited the room, and headed for her old room that was still set aside for her. Nathaniel smiled and nodded as she left and once the door closed let out a sigh and continued to ponder all that she had told him.

It seems interesting times are on the way. Such a shame I'll have to miss out on them. If only I were 10 years younger....

After walking a small distance away from the estate, Seth let his flames fly farther around him, making them spin and rise farther than he needed them to. He was in a good mood. A very good mood, and just felt like letting his flames go about in the storm, watching the steam rise as the water struck his flames.

Today....was a good day. Announcement, company, and all. A very very good day. that Drew?

Seth approached the wayward Airsifter, letting his flames continue to spin around him. He was curious what he was doing out and about, especially in the storm on the day off.


The airship flew over the clouds, as the captain watched the city below. He wasn't even sure if he should call it a city really. It was filled to the brim with mages. People who controlled magics beyond his understanding, and ability. But the airship and technology gave him the advantage he needed to level that playing field, and he was there to make sure things were secure before the Prime Minister arrived. This was an important meeting, that he was told personally.

"I knew that the mages would be the first we would ever dare deal with. Did you not think so Aaron?" The Prime Minister spoke, looking over some additional papers the mysterious Nightshade had delivered as part of the deal.

"I wouldn't know, Prime Minister. Frankly I am surprised that you even allowed that fellow to live. He would not be immune to a crossbow bolt." Aaron said, shifting the weapon at his side.

"This is important Aaron. This deal could be groundbreaking in every sense of the word. New avenues, new trade and supplies. New people which to help our nation. This is more important than anything we have ever done in all our years. We need to make sure this is flawless. Them, and us. Understand?" The Prime Minister said, his grey eyes seeming to pierce the captain.

"SIR, we have arrived." A soldier had come and reported to Aaron, snapping him out of his thoughts. Looking downward through the clouds, he did not like having to land in this weather. While it made their approach much harder to notice, it also meant that they would be drenched, and he did not exactly look forward to lightning striking them.

"Take us down, outside of the city. By the roads appeared to be the best area at the moment. It appears we will need to inform them to clear a bigger space." Aaron said irritably. The soldier nodded, then went to the pilot to inform them of going to land.

These goddamned mages better show some respect. I'm not here to straighten them out....

The airship circled over the Academy once as they approached to land, going backwards to land at the roads which was far more open than the Academy areas themselves.

"Wow make yourself invisible? That's crazy."
He knew some could dod that but he never met them, perhaps that was why.
"The closest I could get to that is burrowing underground but I have never pulled it off"
"Got to know the ground under your feet, geological jargon."
They had covered some distance with all the talking to distract them, in the distance he could see the light temple in the distance.
The light in combination with the rain was casting brilliant rainbows among the storm.
"Wow haven't passed by there in a while."

He mumbled to himself. "Huh? Whoozat?" He noticed Seth. "Seth? That you? Whatcha doin out here at this time?" His speech wasn't that slurred, despite his somewhat tipsy movement. He didn't really bother keeping his composure, walking a lot slower than he usually did.

"Well it takes a lot of energy to bend light around me so I can't be seen by all creatures. It is really meant to be a quick thing that I use after blinding them with light. Not like I could hide forever, if anything, it is more of a LightDweller's take on hiding in shadows." Alexander said as he stopped to look at the temple.

"Yea, when you live there you stop noticing it all so much. Actually rather beautiful when you stop to look at it."

Ezekial glared at the girl "I'm fucking fine" Ezekial shouted flexing all his fingers besides his broken one. Ezekial quickly spun around looking for Sir Taco who was no where to be seen "Great, Hey little girl you seen my chicken?" Ezekial mumbled "About this high and long" He said moving his hands to show Sir Taco's relative size

"I think I am supposed to be asking you that question Drew. Yeah, its me, and I was out visiting. So, what are you doing as it gets a little late out? Lose Fei or something?" Seth said, walking up to Drew to get a look at him.

Well....pretty sure I know how he spent his day. Not that I need to worry, his sister is likely to chew him out just fine....if the Masters don't find him causing trouble, at least. Then he'll be likely tossed in a box till he sobers up, then sent to do a bunch of menial work at the town.


As the airship landed, Aaron kicked the rope ladder down and climbed down. He was quickly followed by seven of the troops he brought with him, the other thirteen staying on board to make sure no one attempted anything stupid. Especially the villagers of the town nearby. He found himself somewhat hoping that they wouldn't have to fill anyone with arrows. But only somewhat.

"Captain, are you going to make yourself known to the Academy now?" One of the troops said stepping with him.

"I would think it almost as good a time as any. Storms should keep most of the younger ones inside, meaning we won't have to push through a crowd of idiots thinking to see the 'mystical men of another city.'" Aaron replied, and got to walking. As the rain proceeded to fall upon him, he always became self conscious of his right arm. Though it was mechanical, and for all purposes better than his original in many senses, it didn't change how it felt out of place and mechanical to him.

Perhaps we should have seen to landing much closer. I would rather not have walked through all this rain.

"A... a chicken? You have a chicken?" she shook her head. "I don't think I've seen one... do you want me to help look for him?" Fei thought that 'Sir Taco' was a very strange name for a chicken. Was this mage going to eat it perhaps?

"Oh, Fei's fine... speaking of, I saw you and her talking before that whole BS announcement. That was nice. She don't talk to too many others. Soooo, what's your opinion on this whole thing that's going on? And whadaya think of how people are reacting?"

"It must be nice, would be a great place to read."
but with all that light you couldn't hide any messes
Walking closer he thought it would be an inconvinence to track mud in the temple and get his business done for tonight.
"Well I am going to fly by Earthmountain for a sec before I go home."
"See you tomarrow Alex?"

"I don't see why not. The masters will probably want us to see or get ready for their arrival as a group anyway. Even if they don't, I could use a break from study." Alexander replied before waving goodbye and heading back into the temple.

When he got back inside he decided he wasn't really about to head back to class with all that happened that day. Instead he got comfortable back inside his own room, pulling out a book he read fro enjoyment instead of improving his skills and settled in.

"My opinion is....I wonder how we will be going away, and how much it cost them? I mean, are we worth an airship or two? That might just be worth the information having something that big flying around. People reacting? Hah! I wasn't too surprised. I mean, everyone seemed pretty shocked, but I really do wonder who they will choose. I mean, why everyone? Why not just the best and the brightest?" Seth said, humoring his somewhat drunk friend.

Well, here is to hoping that he doesn't decide to get violent or anything. Or someone walks up and is an ass to both of us. I would rather not find him having to dig ditches for the town by hand.


Aaron seemed to not care when the guards watched him warily, but they noted the airship flying so close to their entrance, and seemed to let him and his guards in without much of a problem. Which was a start. At least these mages seemed to communicate with one another. Otherwise, he would have to muscle his way in, and then that probably....was a bad idea. He didn't know how he would go about things, but he needed to get in contact with that....Darnell character. Let them know that they would be arriving tomorrow.

And bringing those goddamned flying bastards along. That will be a true test...or is that the prime ministers plan all along? To test the mages and see what they do when those things follow the airships in? Should I warn them?

"Spread out. I want these masters found so I can damn well talk to them. I don't know where they are, but I'm sure they look just like goddamned kings or something. Just...find them." Aaron said, stepping into the main halls. It was relatively empty, which he found somewhat curious. He wondered when they learned of their arrival, and how. The shadow fellow didn't seem the most straightforward with information, which meant there was always something amiss with him.

Checking his sword, and with only three troops left with him, the other four out and about looking for someone to direct them to the masters, Aaron impatiently waited in the halls, watching as the sun seemed to finally set...well, he assumed that was how things worked around here yet. Unless they did their own artificial thing.

Goddammit, I really, really, REALLY don't like this. Prime Minister, you better know what the hell you are doing.

So, four armed soldiers in strange armor began walking about, passing by some of the students still about this evening, wondering what exactly they were doing here.

Fei started to look for the chicken, stepping back out of the fortress and into the rain. "Heeere chicken chicken chickeeen..." she called, looking in the caves that dotted the mountain. "Sir Tacoo..." She checked a few places that she thought a chicken would hide, but found nothing. The rain wasn't as strong now, but it was still windy. Attempting to go further into the field, she used her powers to keep the rain off of her and made it into a shield to prevent her from getting pushed around by the gale. Then she saw something that stuck her as weird.

Through the storm she saw strange mages, wearing metal from head to toe. At the distance she couldn't be sure, but it looked like they were carrying something. What are they doing out so late? Aha! Maybe they know where the chicken is! "Excuse me! Have you seen-" She was cut short when she got closer, and saw that they were not, in fact, mages. They were soldiers. Panic coursed through her mind and she wanted to run, but knew that any sudden movements would probably result in getting shot anyways. "H... hi..."

"Eh what?" Ezekial stammered snapping out of his inchoerent daydream, he quickly notcied the girl had already run off in search of Sir Taco. He notcied her a small distance away as well as well as several unknown others. Quickly Ezekial rushed over in hopes that she had found Sir Taco, yet as he approached he found that they were not mages but soldiers. Ezekial glared at them as he did at anyone and lightly placed his hand on Fei's shoulder "let's go" Ezekial whispered.

The soldier paused as Fei ran up to him. His gaze swept over the girl, seeing if she was a threat in an instant, and not seeing anything particularly dangerous, decided he would ask her, only for a boy to wander up as well, giving him a glare. The soldier was untouched however, with his steely gaze looking right back at him.

"The Masters. Do you know were they are?" The soldier said simply, his voice having a metallic sound to it through the helm he wore. His metal armor, while wet, did nothing to hinder his movements, nor did his hands leave his side as he stood asking the two students the question.

"No..." she shook her head nervously. Her eyes couldn't help but marvel at the faceless soldier. He's not even cold or bothered by the storm... he looks like the golems that the earthshifters make. She barely noticed Ezekial behind her, and jolted when she felt his hand on her shoulder. Suddenly she noticed everything else, her now soaking clothes (because she had dropped her guard when she saw the man, and the rain wet her), and the cold wind. Shaking her head she pulled all the water out of her clothes and hair in an attempt to warm up a little, gathering it into a neat ball in front of her.

"Then who knows? I need to speak with them immediately, there are messages that need to be delivered. Someone must know where they are." The guard said, not even ruffled when Fei proceeded to manipulate the water around her. His gaze was also no longer interested in Fei, looking about the room to see if he could spot someone of some importance wandering about, or perhaps of royalty.


Timothy was somewhat irritable when he was awoken from his early slumber in preparation for tomorrow. Apparently, the guests that they had been expecting were already here, and asking around for masters. Of course, they ended up wandering into the medical area first, which meant that he would be the first contacting by a student knocking on his door.

Guards in the infirmary, probably frightening some of the students. Why couldn't they wander into the pyromancer areas instead?

Having quickly donned his robes once more, he made his way to the infirmary through the storms.

"Main chambers, look for any one that looks old" Ezekial muttered sliding his hands through his soaking wet hair. "Now go and leave us be" Ezekial ordered fully expecting a retaliation, he quietly clenched his fist drawing in a small bit of water from the rain. "Oh and give me a call if you see my chicken" Ezekial smirked slowly.

Drew chuckled to himself before turning to Seth. "If they wanted the best and the brightest, we'd be the first picked. No, they want the ones who will make them look the best. Fact is we don't really have much to worry about. Odds are a bunch of the higher-ranked members will be chosen. Now then, I better start heading home. I got me a good few days to relax, and I plan to make the most of them..."

"Then where are the Main Chambers. You will either guide me, or I will find someone to be more helpful than yourself. Your chicken is none of my concern, unless it is a master itself." Despite the apparent joke, the tone of the soldier still did not change in tone nor stance as he said it all. His eyes continued to glare about the room, seeing if he had spotted anyone important, but the search so far had been fruitless.


" probably the second best idea I've heard all day. I think I will do much of the same. Get to the rooms, get some sleep, and be ready for tomorrow and whatever else is going to happen. Here is to hoping we have nothing to worry about eh? Take care. Here is to hoping this goes well." Seth replied, and proceeded back to the dorms to get some good sleep.

What....a mixed day. Good company, good people, interesting news, alright weather....And....soldiers.

Seth saw them standing about the halls, keeping a watch out for...someone. Hopefully not here to kidnap, or otherwise there would be quite a bit of trouble coming along for the ride. However, they didn't seem to move nor care, so he kept his distance, and proceeded to the dorms.

Cale had been lounging in the one of the Earth Mountain common areas due to Master Hoch's advice when he had heard of these "armored soldiers" looking for the Main Chambers. Cale's ears perked as soon as he heard the words "Armored", "Odd-looking", or "foreign" and when he connected the lines Cale sprang to his feet and began running for the Main Halls. After he arrived he saw the men. With their bodies wrapped in armor and wicked looking weapons it was no question that these figures were the the ones from Kerbones. Cale stood there with his jaw on the ground but he readjusted himself and drew the courage to walk towards them. He already saw what looked like two hydromasters converse with them. Cale approached the armored soldiers and spoke out to them.

"Are you the men from Kerbones?" Cale said with an inquisitive look on his face. His scarf was wrapped on the lower part of his face to show the intricate weaving of his scarf. Cale was about to bow but he refrained himself seeing as he knew nothing about their culture or way of greeting people so he would not insult them.

Grana sighed as he walked through the drizzling rain toward the library, each raindrop steaming as it made contact with his superheated skin. As he re-wrapped his left hand, placing a strip of leather slathered with burn ointment underneath the cloth, Grana noticed a seemingly drunken man stumble through the rain. Grana remembered the man was a high ranking Aero, an Adept if memory served correctly. Grana shook his head as he passed the man. "Gods above. One problem, and even the Adepts fall apart. Little wonder each Mage attacks his brother when some of us have to turn tothe bottle to run from their problems. Godsdamn pathetic excuse for a magus." Grana turned to face Drew. "How in the nine hells did a drunkard like you make Adept? Answer me that."

"I'm not here for your entertainment nor to be your guide, go find someone else while I look for Master Sir Taco" Ezekial clenched his teeth and gripped the water in his fist harder his nails digging into his skin. "Now if you'll excuse me" Ezekial started walking away before stopping for a moment "Are you coming girl?" He asked before continuing to walk away.

Aaron turned as Cale approached, looking at them as if he had never seen other people before. After a quick thought, he realized that perhaps he had grown up here, so probably did not even know what to make of them.

Poor lad. Might as well humor him. Hopefully this won't become a theme.

"I am from Kerbones. Aaron Durias Gorron, Commander of First Company Rockets. Is there something I can help you with? If not, perhaps you can direct me to a Master of some sort, there is business that needs to be prepared for." Aaron said, turning his attention to the new student who had arrived. He wasn't aware of what to make of many of these people, but he figured this one meant that their presence was known, meaning a master would meet them shortly.

Or at least there will soon be a crowd, meaning we might want to head back to the airship before it gets too dark, and the crowd too big.

The soldier who had been speaking to Fei seemed to instantly dismiss the now leaving Ezekial, and kept his attention largely shifting around, still trying to see if he would get lucky here with drawing some small amount of attention.

"I think the Masters are busy in their respective elements. Although I'm sure with all this ruckus they will come to you with most haste. You see this Academy is extremely large but word hear travels faster than an Aero's winds. If you may can I ask you a question?" Even before the poor man could answer. "Is is true that the citizens of Kerbones are human like us but infused with machinery and what not? I don't mean to alienate you or anything but it is a discussion of sort around here. A man mixed with machinery..." Cale whispered the last part and held out his hand to the man winging it. "Cale Jioni at your service."

"Fair enough, Cale Jioni. Then I hope we will not be here long, as I would rather not spend much time waiting here, you understand." Aaron replied, somewhat amused as it seemed no matter where he went the younger ones were always interested in how there were "Mechanical Men" in the world. Or perhaps at home it was more because of how successful he was even after everyone was broken up on knowing he had lost his arm. Things had come a long way since then, but he still was the best there was.

"I think I will let you be the judge of that, Cale Jioni." Aaron said in response to the last question as he reached out to shake the boy's hand, knowing he would be surprised at the gloved grip. Especially when it was unyielding in the grip as he grabbed and shook Cale's hand briefly.

It was during this time that Timothy had finally quickly walked over to the group of soldiers. Noting the growing crowd, Anthony didn't look pleased to be the one to be awakened to greet the newcomers.

"Greetings. Welcome to the Academy. You will have to excuse us, we were not aware you would be here so shortly." Timothy explained quickly, still somewhat wet from the storms still raging outside.

Releasing the shaking grip, Aaron turned to look over the master quickly before rising from where he waited.
"I and my men are here to make sure you are ready for our presence as it has been moved forward ever so slightly. Though, it would appear that you will need your rest, rather than our instruction at the moment." Aaron brought a whistle to his mouth and blew, which let out a distinct sound which, while not harmful to the ears, could easily be picked up over quite a distance. Almost like on cue, the other soldiers who had been sent out began heading towards Aaron through the storm.

"Then I take it you will be going....?" Timothy began.

"To our ships. We will be back tomorrow. Hopefully things will be a bit clearer then." Marcus completed. Gesturing to the soldiers, they seemed to gather up and proceeded back towards the gates in the rain. Aaron nodded to the Master, and glanced at Cale before turning to follow his troops.

Now, seemingly quite frustrated, Timothy went after the students within reach.
"What are you all doing up and about? Get to bed! We have important guests right HERE and we will need to be our best. Go. GO!" Timothy intoned, and proceeded back to his rooms.

Going to be a very...very long day tomorrow....

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