Journey of the Elementals RP (Pm if Interested, Started)

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"Maybe inside..." Fei replied, her voice so small she wasn't sure she even said anything. She felt lightheaded, and even if the guard wasn't even looking at her anymore she was scared. The soldier was a good two feet taller than she was, and a lot more dangerous looking in her opinion. She remembered that the Masters had specifically said to be on their best behavior, and she wasn't sure how well she could block a crossbow if he used it.

A shrill whistle made her jump out of her skin. Much to her relief the soldier left, quickly disappearing into the stormy night. Realizing that she had been holding her breath, she inhaled and looked around for Ezekial. She quickly ran up behind him, not wanting to be left alone with the scary soldiers around.

Eds treck back took longer then usual, without anyone to talk to time passed more slowly.
Along the way he ran into a perticular sight, a black chicken.
Wait? thats Ezekial's right? How did it end up here?
"Hay chick chick chick chicken." He spoke in a high pitched voice motioning it with his hands to come closer.
Taco took a few steps then just staring at him craning its head.
He snatched it and put him on his shoulders like Ezekial did but had to adjust him so he wouldn't fall from his shoulders.
For being drunk he must have some good posture
All he could think of was yelling until his voice was hoars until he found its owner since he couldn't be far.

"You can't fear them, they are only men and if they breath then you can silence it, but that is work so I'd rather just walk away" Ezekial muttered yawning and stew hung his arms above his head "Damn I need a nap." Edwards shrill voice cut through the light noise of the rain like a knife through bread, the fuck is he yelling about? Ezekial thought spinning mid stride to face the direction Edward's voice was coming from "If he wants to find me he'll find me" Ezekial muttered lying down in the grass throwing the small ball of water he had been carrying in his hand into the watching as it exploded and fell back to the ground as a thousand drops of water.

Fei inched up to Ezekial. "Weren't... weren't you afraid? They could have killed us too..." She looked down at the Hydromancer. A few moments later she heard a voice calling Ezekial, and looked around. There was a mage some distance off, and she waved. When she was sure he had seen her she sat down a few feet away from Ezekial. "Um... why did you freeze your bottle?" she asked softly, pointing to the block of ice.

In the field some distance away he saw a mage wave towards him and sit back down.
Once he got closer he saw it was a young woman, a hydromaster just like Ezekial.
The drunk was down on the ground with his frozen jug in aggravation.
The woman looked a little shaken, like she had been frightened.
must have lost her concentration to get wet..
"Um are you ok?" Ed asked in concern while he let the chicken jump off his shoulders and peck at its owner.

Fei nodded shyly, pretending to be focused on the chicken. She wrung out her hair and her robes again, trying to keep the rain off. She didn't want to stay in her room that night, especially with the scary guards going around, but she didn't want to have to walk to her brother's room alone either. Maybe I'll stay here and hope he hasn't gone to his dorm yet...

Drew heard the words being directed at him, turning to see Grana. "Grana Rei... the one mage here who manages to make himself look like an even bigger ass than I do..." he hiccuped before slowly clapping. "That takes effort."

He wished that is was some Weaver pulling rank on him, but he'd settle on venting on Grana. Drew didn't know the guy personally, but there were a couple rumors going around. Normally he'd never insult someone based on rumors, there being a few about himself floating around, but he wasn't really thinking clearly. "You're wondering how I got to Adept? Speak for yourself..." He tried to stand up straight. "You don't have what it takes to get to Adept. Then again, you don't need to have what it takes here... so the best chance for you to get to Adept is to start kissing ass. Lord knows that's how all the Weavers get promoted. Talent only takes you so far here in the academy... and that's why I'm likely to not go much further..." he belched afterwards, still stumbling around. "Still, I got farther on my own than you ever will..." he chuckled, hunching afterwards. "You're probably the only one here with less direction in his life than I do..."

"Ugh give chicken to me" Ezekial muttered raising his arms slowly then dropping them. "Too fucking tired" He muttered turning to Fei "You can't live in fear of anything, little one" He spoke slowly before closing his eyes "Fucking Durabt froze my jug something about" He paused yawning "Learning to control my abilities or ice or something" He raised his hand showing his shattered pinky "Guess I didn't learn the lesson yet"

Grana bowed mockingly. "Thank you, thank you. I try. And you know what? I know I don't have what it takes to make it anywhere. I was found at 15 because of a mistake. A fucking stroke of luck was the only thing that kept me from being killed at the initiation due to a lack of magic. When I was a Youngling, I was told I wouldn't even make it to Apprentice. At Apprentice, I was told I had no talent and would never make it to Mage. Both times they were wrong, and both times I made it. And you know what? There's no greater feeling than beating those who thought themselves better than you. I know talent doesn't get you far- anyone who believes that is still stuck at Apprentice- but I can guarantee I have what it takes to get where I'm going."

Grana snapped his fingers, creating a flame that he allowed to be blown away by the wind. "You know, I always admired your element. A zephyr has no direction, and yet it has the power to spark the spear of the gods and blow away all who go before it. So I'll keep going on my own power as far as I can, and then push that. I don't know where I'm going, but I know it's far- and I can certainly go farther than some drunk fool like you who wastes a gift that has been given to him by God."

Taken aback by the large chicken Fei jumped to the other side of Ezekial and the earthshifter. "I'm not little..." she grumbled, staring at the fowl. "But I need to practice my ice magic too. All the other Adepts can make ice, and if I want to be an Adept, I need to make ice too." she nodded to herself, deciding to read as many books as she could about ice magic the next morning. "Are you a Mage? Or maybe an Adept? Can you teach me how to make ice?"

"If I could I might think about it but I'm an apprentice and a bad one at that" Ezekial remarked lightly petting Sir Taco, the chicken relived to have been returned to his master squawked suddenly and nestled down on his chest while Ezekial kept the pushed the rain slightly so none of the drops hit him. Ezekial closed his eyes and hummed for a moment "You are little" He said slowly smiling

He felt good reuniting the chicken even if it took minimal effort.
"Your jug is frozen?"
"I thought you would be a bit more angry." He joked knowing if he was water wouldn't even be touching them.
"Could I have a shot at opening it or do you think I would smash it?"
He said a little cocky hoping to get the chance.
Its only some ice

Fei kept watching Ed, not sure what to make of him. "I'm Fei... Fei Kyaara..." she giggled a little at his comment, then turned back to Ed. "Can apprentices even use ice magic yet?" she asked, looking up at the dark sky. "I can't even use ice magic that well yet..." she pouted, remembering last time she tried.

Drew listened to Grana and then laughed. "Kid... if you weren't so arrogant, I think I'd like you. You take a lot longer to say things most others would, with all that poetic stuff you spout, but you seem to have your convictions. That's good, at least."

He slowly walked past him, not nearly as tipsy as he was a while ago. "You still can't beat me, but at least you have more dignity than most of the idiots here.."

Cale walked away instinctively as the Master told him too. Cale looked at his hand that he shook with Aaron's mechanical arm. It was a strange sensation feeling a mechanical hand that moved and act like an actual hand for the most part. Cale saw that the way back to the Earth Mountain in the Great Halls were crowded with people trying to see the new visitors. Cale was short of breath and being crowded in the Great Hall like that was not helping. Cale took the detour instead which cut through the portion of the large fields back to the Earth Mountains. Cale maneuvered through the crowd and arrived at the fields where a few mages lingered.

As he walked to the Earth Mountains feeling the nice cool breeze Cale heard a familiar voice echo through the fields. He turned and saw the unmistakable Edward Sheen running through the fields with what looked like a plump chicken towards two Hydromancers. Cale had a fond memory of Edward ever since that fateful day during one of the Earthshaper sculpting sessions. One particular sculpture was made that infuriated the mentor and made a few students holler with laughter, Cale was one of them. Cale decided to drop by the lovable class clown and see why he had a chicken. Cale walked up to the little group.

"Ah Edward Sheen, the joker of geomastery. How fare you this day? Did you see our guests at the Great Halls?"

"Little one... Quiet" Ezekial said crossing his right arm over his face "I'm too lazy to learn how to do anything but move basic water slightly" Ezekial said closing his eyes again ready to sleep before being interrupted by another person "All this commotion's making me miss my tree and my jug" Ezekial muttered

Fei looked like she was about to say something, but closed her mouth. I should go back to my dorm... but I really want to stay with Drew tonight... She shifted uncomfortably. "Um... it's getting kinda late..."

When Ed heard a new stranger say his name and geometry he knew it was another fan.

"Gosh I thought people would forget about that already."
"I have been doing well, more excitement then I am used too."
"Visitors? our mysterious new guests sent a little welcoming party ahead of time?"
"And I was bothering with some chicken, NO offence Ezekial."
"Are they still here?"
He would like to meet them before they left, not like he would be on the trip with the poor smucks.

"They're with the Masters now... it's a shame. But you'd never guess what. Some of the rumors are right, you know the ones about them with machinery? One of them ,his name was Aaron, shook my hand and I could feel the metal in his grip and the gears whir. It was something..." Cale was still enraptured with the thought. "It felt like a real human grip except there was nothing human about it."

"Sounds scary..." she shook her head, glad that the one she had seen didn't look like he had a fake arm. "Wouldn't that hurt...? To get your arm replaced by metal..." she shivered and touched her own arm.

"I don't know but I think it has something to do with the machines linking to their minds but that's just rumors. Who knows what secrets Kerbones keeps about stuff like that..." Cale wrapped his scarf alittle tighter as the breeze rolled in. The sun's rays were just leaning over the horizon and giving the already dark sky a dark red color along the horizon under the storm clouds. Cale looked back to the girl Hydro. She seemed so small and maybe childlike to Cale. The other Hydro though looked more gruff and haggard than most Hydros he had seen.

"The aero's might be practicing tonight aren't they? Oh my name's Cale anyway. Cale Jionni at your service..." Cale said as he jokingly bowed to both the Hydros.

"What do you think?" Ezekial lifted Sir Taco above his face "Want to see if they'll make you a metal Sir Metal Taco?" Ezekial laughed "A metal chicken... Ridiculous and how would you get a tattoo if you were metal" Ezekial pondered outloud pointing at his own tattoo's. "Besides we wouldn't be able to control our elements without our own limbs, right?"

"Maybe they would paint it on? Or engrave it?" Fei wondered aloud. She stared at Ed when he said he wanted to see the soldiers. She thought it was a bad idea. "What if you could control your element with just one hand? Do you think that would be enough?" She looked at Cale. Honestly, he was almost as scary as the soldier to her. And he seemed taller since she was sitting. "Um... I think I should go home now..."

"For the most part unless you could dual wield elements but then you would be stuck with one element then wouldn't you? It's even more crazy with us Geos considering that metal is part of the earth."

Cale knelt down and grabbed a handful of earth in his hands. He felt the dirt go through his hands as he wondered what this sensation would be like for Aaron. Hearing the girl's plea Cale also began to think of going back to his dorms as well.

"Meh, I think I should be going as well. Hey I don't think I caught either of your names. What are they? Maybe if the stars align our paths will cross again..." Cale said in his best soothsayer impression.

"Go if you want I couldn't care" Ezekial said quietly he couldn't decide if he enjoyed her company if she annoyed him with her scared attitude regardless it didn't matter now. "Fuck I could use a drink or something equally bad for me" Ezekial paused for a moment and listened the alcohol freed his mind and allowed him to flow like water uncontrollable, chaotic and if he listened hard enough he could feel every drop... and control them for a moment shift their position but it was a fine line he walked where the alcohol helped or hurt and he had crossed that line several swigs ago.

"Your right to Cale best to get going, will have a hard enough time to sleep with all this anticipation."
"Nice chat, would like to continue it." He hummed a little tune as he turned around and walked off towards town.
As soon as he opened the door to the inn he was suprised to not here the old man snoring.
For once he left his guard down, sleeping in his own bed for once.
I will do the same
Bumping into a few more stacks of books in the dark after slowly opening his door cringing at every creak he finaly got into his own bed.
Now I got to just repeat that for another dozen days and I should be good...evicted

"I'm Fei..." she said quietly. She waved a little at Ed as he left. Since most of the mages were going back to their respective dorms she decided now would be a good time to leave as well. She turned to the Hydromancer beside her. "Um... Ezekial? Where is your room?" Since he was only a apprentice, chances were his room was in the general dorms, where her's was. She didn't want to have to walk back alone, especially since the soldiers were still lurking around.

Ezekial stuck two fingers up and motioned with them in a circle, "This is my room, they don't let me in the dorms anymore, so me and Sir Taco just sleep under the stars or in a ditch, I'll walk you back if your worried the soldiers will harass you" Ezekial opened his eyes slowly and jolted up accidentally sending Sir Taco sprawling off his chest "Damnit" Ezekial swore as Sir Taco clucked wiley and spun around, Ezekial quickly snatched him up and placed him on his usual perch, Ezekial's shoulder.

"I'm just a little worried..." she mumbled, threading her fingers together. They couldn't have been that far from the Main hall, but it was out of her view, and it was dark, and it was windy. And there were soldiers running around still. "Thank you."

As the night dragged onward, the Academy seemed to fall asleep as a whole as everyone in some form or another made their way to their rooms to get their nightly rest. As everyone drifted to sleep for the next day, things began moving for the Masters before the sun even had a chance to rise again. The masters began working on making sure that things were prepared, now that it was so much more apparent the guests would be here so soon.

Each particular group were given their instructions, with all the elements having something strangely in common: All were able to, if they wished to avoid their usual chores and classes, to attend the Arena for a large, global battle event to test their powers while working together, fighting alone, and fighting against many different elements. A truly odd notion, but it was also decreed many Lightdwellers would be in place to make sure that no one would meet their end during the battles. Despite the odd scenario, it was clear the masters did not want death to be clear with the guests about.

For Pyromancers, they were in mostly the area of clearing away any monsters wandering the Academy, and standing guard on this particular day. Hydromancers would be working with the Airshifters, clearing the dark weather that they had been having, and taking care of the large amount of rain that was in the area. The Earthshifters were informed that they would need to work around the newcomers airship to clear out a much larger area of land for which the many ships that were due to arrive any day now. Lightdwellers were tasked with all attending the medical areas, and if not there they would be at the tournament to either participate, or to take care of those who had lost and were wounded. The Nightshades ended up getting the most secretive of tasks, which was to keep a very close eye on the village, and the newcomers themselves to see if any information could be gathered. However, it was strictly forbidden to attempt to go on the ship that they had arrived on.

As the sun finally rose on the new day.Tensions rose as well as the tournament was set to begin, and with a few of the guests here already, the scenes were right for a battle to take place to take the minds off what was going on around them. At least for the moment.

Nydia was awakened by the sun's rays piercing the curtains near her bed. She sat up, with a yawn and grabbed her glasses from the nightstand and began preparing for what was sure to be a big day. Since there would be guests that she was expected to look her best for, Nydia exchanged her normal plain white robe for slightly fancier one made of silk and a sun embroidered with golden thread on the back of it. Once she was ready, she opened up the curtains fully and was pleased to see that the storm was already starting to clear up, likely due to Hydromancers and Airshifters doing their duty. Now that the weather was nicer, it would be a good time to head back to the academy. As Nydia descended the stairs to the main hall she ran into Joffrey who had was already up and about. "Ah, good morning to you Joffrey!" Nydia greeted him with a smile.

Joffrey bowed and returned the greeting. "Good morning to you as well Madam Freecs. Will you be leaving now? Your father is still asleep but I can wake him if you wish to bid him farewell. I can also prepare breakfast for the two of you if you wish."

Nydia considered this for a minute and then shook her head. "No, let him sleep and give him my regards when he wakes up. I should get to the academy as soon as possible to be ready for when our guests arrive. Take care of my father, will you? And yourself of course." Nydia said with a smile as she continued out the door. Joffrey bowed once more and bid her farewell.

The journey back to the academy was short and uneventful. Upon arriving, Nydia immediately made her way to the Temples of Light, remembering what the masters had said about their instructions being there for them. As expected, it was crowded and full of chatter about the events to come but Nydia managed to fight her way through the crowd and read the instructions that had been posted for them. That the LightDwellers would be put on healing duty was no surprise to anybody, but this tournament seemed interesting. Maybe I should take part... I've always been interested to know how my abilities stack up to those of my peers. I wonder if Seth will be in it. He spoke as though he didn't particularly enjoy fighting but I wonder about that. Nydia thought to herself as she made her way to the tournament arena to report for duty.

Alexander decided he would work at the tournament, tending to wounds sustained by the other students. He didn't want to fight, but also wasn't particularly interested in working in the clinic. Today was a rather rare day with such a large tournament being held for important guests. He did want to be there to watch how it would all unfold, and cheer for his fellow Lightdwellers of course.

Hopefully nobody gets too injured, but with Pyromancers here it is kind of a forgone conclusion that somebody will. He thought as he stood off to the sidelines waiting for either someone he knew to show up or for everything to get started.

Drew woke up, grumbling from his hangover. "Hell... that was an interesting night..."

After an hour, he had managed to catch up on the events of the day. "Hmmmm... so no classes if I participate in this tournament? Heh... sounds like fun. Good for a laugh, if nothing else. Hell, I might even take this seriously. I wonder how far I'll manage to get..." he got around, looking for Fei. "She probably will still have to go to classes. Well I can give her something fun to watch afterwards." He laughed to himself. "So I wonder what these kind of assholes these new visitors will be... they better freaking appreciate that the Masters are making a nice little show for them."

Seth sat up slowly from his bed, shaking his head of the odd nightmares which didn't seem to let him go recently. Shaking them off, which had gotten harder as they continued, Seth got up, put on his robes, and did the usual walk to the main board were all day messages were.

A tournament? We must be showing off for our guests, since they won't allow us to kill one another. Just as good though. Maybe it will get my mind off of all this.

Slipping through the crowds, Seth proceeded to the main mess hall first. He would fight anyone at any time, but first thing he was going to do is get some food to eat. Can't go fighting on an empty stomach.


Marcus sat back in the higher area's of the wide arena that had been made some time ago in order for students to test themselves, settle differences, or fight to the death. Blood had been spilled here, honor lost and won, and fate decided. Almost ironic that again fate might be decided here.

"Interesting idea, Marcus. Rather than continue onward as usual, make us all seem like your violent pyromancers. Interesting strategy." Darnell had slipped from the shadows beside Marcus, looking over the field as well.

"At least with this we can keep an eye on some of the guests here, Darnell. I would rather not have them trying to break into the caverns to find something, and then end up dead." Marcus said, the icy tone a contrast to his usual calm demeanor.

"It will be interesting to see how this little 'free for all' tournament of yours will go. I wish you luck, Marcus." And with that, Darnell was gone once more into the shadows as the sun rose.

I am really starting to goddamn hate that guy.

Edward forgot about the whole announcement until he left the inn.
After the fastest run out of the inn he could make he marched up to the mountain to read the announcements.
So we run a little show for some foreigners AND no classes... well the most creative techniques are made in battle, its on!
He wasn't sure how well he would do but all he needed was one fight and he could have the rest of the day for himself.
good deal
Once he reached the where the tournament was taking place he saw that alot of people thought the same thing.
Wow the healers are going to have a run for their money, wonder if Alex is one of them

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