Just Another Day: A Zombie Survival Choose Your Own Adventure

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I'm sure you've all read a Choose Your Own Adventure story at some point. This is the same thing, only in forum format and your paths are decided by a vote. This story was originally the draft for a Point & Click Adventure, but I have modified it into a Choose Your Own Adventure game. I've edited the first few options a bit to cut out a much shorter sidepath in the suburbs.


The main character is ageless and genderless, with an average body type, no health problems and no particular mechanical, weaponary or medical skills. You won't be able to build a complicated system of death traps, but you should be able to rig up a generator.

The player character is named Alexandra (Alex), and is still ageless and with an average body type and no health problems. She's also fairly fit, but not particularly mechanically inclined. She is also a poor marksman due to a lack of experience with guns.

EDIT: The Zombies are an original type, not following an existing model. As of the introducion, they appear slow and aren't showing any weird mutations or behaviours. If mutants or runners appear (if), you won't get forewarning.

DISCLAIMER: The city you're dealing with is fairly small by American standards, and your home is about 30 min away by bike. Don't expect to be dealing with millions of people/zombies, that's a bit too large scale for the plot I've got in mind.


1. Select what you believe to be the best option.
2. You are not allowed to suggest your own options. If you disagree with my outcomes, feel free to PM a complaint and I'll see what I can do.
3. The selected option will be the one with the most votes.
4. I will attempt to update once per day. Since timezones are different between Australia and wherever you are, they might be a little confusing. Just bear with me.
5. If you get yourself killed, I will note your death and manner of death before letting you restart at the last choice. The choice that killed you will be blanked out.
6. If you wish to change your vote, EDIT your previous post rather than posting again.

- Hints will be delivered in italics in a list form. They're designed to keep you alive.
- Occasionally, a side choice will be written like this. These will be things you can do while completing another choice, such as calling through a megaphone for other survivors while walking.


Interested? If so, the story starts here.

It started out like any other day. I woke up to the sound of my alarm, got dressed and walked out to the kitchen. I watched TV as I ate breakfast. Another supposed "epidemic" disease was on the news. I didn't really pay attention; I thought it was the media hyping things up again. Work wasn't that far away. I could take the car, or I could take the bike like I'd been planning for the past month.

With all the traffic, riding a bike would only take a few minutes longer. The ride into the city was completely uneventful. However, the city itself was a scene of unimaginable violence. Half eaten corpses were strewn across the street, and bloodstains covered the pathways and walls. That was when I caught my first glimpse. A group of bloodstained, wounded people, lurching towards me. They were obviously injured, bleeding from dozens of places. Many of them shared a characteristic injury to their cheeks and jaws, as if something had torn the skin and muscle off the bone. As unbelievable as it seemed, these people were obviously dead, but still walking. Looking behind me, I saw a much larger group had accumulated behind me. I realised I was in a potentially deadly situation and decided to get away from these people as quickly as I could.

a) Ride through the group ahead.
b) Seek refuge in a nearby building (Skyscraper).

Ride through the group ahead

a) Ride through the group. The last thing you'd want is to hole up in a building without gathering supplies, plus there's the risk the place would be crawling with infected.

In truth there's a good chance that you may become one of the infected through any contact with them. All the same, one cannot stay anywhere.

b) Go into the building if you must, but make it short.

b) nearby building, While a bike is useful for just escaping, charging is not a good idea.

I've got a 50:50 split here. Need at least 1 more vote or a vote change.

Also, OP updated with a couple of new posts.

I vote for A.
Going into the building has too many risks especially with that group outside.


I decided to go straight past the group ahead rather than risk being trapped in a building. I tried to ride around smoothly, but as I approached the entire group turned to face me and let out a hellish moan before lurching towards me. I managed to slip around the side of the group, but a grasping arm snagged my arm and pulled me off my bike.

I managed to regain my feet and get a safe distance away before any of the... zombies could grab me again. Unfortunately, the sound of their moaning was drawing others from almost every building in the street. I had to get somewhere safe quickly, and the mobs behind me were blocking the fastest route out of the city.

a) Enter one of the skyscrapers where no zombies are emerging from.
b) Keep walking towards the city center.
c) Walk towards the nearest shopping mall.

You have lost your bike. It's not safe to go back and collect it.
Do you wish to search for another?

It seems like we're rather SOL, but goddamnit if we die we die in style.

C. C all the way.

c) cliché? yes, but it's a cliché for a reason.

While the skyscrapers may yield certain product, the likelihood that the infected will not group there is high. While I'd like to make a quick trip to find any swag, it doesn't sound like the best call.

As for going to the city center, I'm not going there unless I'm heavily armed, and even then it's unlikely I'll survive.

with the Mall, while there's a high chance of the infected gathering, there's at least multiple points of entry at varying floors; it's a simple matter to find an entry point that contains the fewest concentration of zombies. All the same, these zombies are probably organized; going in there will be like setting a timer.

Bottom line: Enter the mall, but don't get too entrenched in the building..

C, because it's likely that more survivors have holed up there. Should the zombies break in, you'd only have to be faster than the slowest human to survive.

If the movies have taught us anything C, is the best bet

Right. C it is. We're kind of flying script-free at the moment, I've reworked the story to give everyone some more freedom and haven't quite reordered everything yet.

Also, I appear to be updating more frequently. That probably won't last.

I walked quickly down the street. Fortunately, the undead monsters hunting me down seemed to be incapable of moving at any speed faster than a walk. Listening in the distance, I heard faint gunshots, and a huge collective moan issuing from a few blocks behind me. I'd left them behind! Perhaps I could outrun them completely...

I only realised that this line of thought was just asking for trouble when a terrifying scream issued from an alleyway to my left and another of the zombies came sprinting out at me. I quickly reacted, diving to the side and watching it skid to a halt and quickly turn to face me. Lashing out, I knocked its legs out from beneath it before regaining my feet and running down the street ahead, looking for a weapon. One of the bodies must have been holding something...

a) Continue moving, grabbing an improvised weapon if you stumble across any.
b) Slow down a bit and look carefully.
c) Run inside the nearest building.
d) Turn and face the runner unarmed.

- That scream would be drawing more zombies. Possibly even more runners.
- You have no way of knowing whether the buildings are secure. They're all apartment buildings, like before.
- None of the bodies you've seen so far have been holding any sort of intact weapon. Some have had broken sporting equipment like baseball bats, golf clubs and cricket bats though.


I'm going to have to forsake my gut here and say A. We can't afford to slow down, we don't stand a chance unarmed, and we need to keep moving. So let's run, scavenge, and avoid zombie-boxing for now.

A) Screw looking we were heading for a mall plenty of makeshift weapons there, hell we could pull a Chuck Green if we really want to.

Don't grab anything off the bodies; if they're dead, that means the infected got them, ergo they're zombies waiting to happen. Touching them is asking for trouble.

If there really is another friendly to approach, he's either going to accompany you if he's on his own or leave you; either way is acceptable.

Taking the time may not be an option, and we truly don't know if we're going to find anything useful; this isn't Fallout New Vegas where everyone keeps a stash of guns and bullets in a garbage can. Besides, the longer you take, the sooner the infected will arrive.

We still don't have weapons, we can't improvise a proper one unless you can find a kitchen knife. Final decision: Go into the building and look for something useful from there.

Two for A, one for C. Also, I'm updating the OP with information on Hints.

I kept running down the street, scanning the surroundings for anything that could be used as a weapon. The cars on the sides of the street were all locked, and the occasional corpses were unarmed or wielding broken objects. Why were there so few dead? And why were the streets deserted by everyone but the all too many zombies? Surely you're not the only living human on the streets? The sound of another scream behind you makes you turn around. The runner hasn't slowed down, and you are running out of breath. If only you'd taken the bike to work slightly more often...

There are more zombies on the street around you, about ten. They're all walkers, and don't seem to be any threat unless you get within an arms length of them. However, a series of screams from the buildings around you cause a double take.

Runners. 3 or 4 of them it seems. All seem to be a few floors above ground, luckily.

You dive to the ground just as the runner pursuing you reaches you. It trips over you as you lie flat on the floor and smashes facefirst into the ground, losing a few teeth in the process. You keep running and round the corner towards the shopping mall. You are about 50m away from the carpark entrance.

a) Go straight inside.
b) Fight the runners unarmed.
c) Go around the block and try and find a side entrance.

- The runners don't tire and constantly sprint. However, you can use their momentum against them by tripping them or running them into a wall.
- You've got a group of 3-6 runners on your tail, as well as 30-60 walking zombies a fair way behind. FUBAR is putting it lightly.


Ramming speed.

A) Flee, flee fast, maybe we can find an abandoned tire iron or something.


If nothing else, weaving through cars or jumping across their roofs could slow the sprinters down.

It's a shame some of the zombies were able to keep their coordination after death, which is not usually the case. :[

You don't know what is inside, but I don't think there'd be too many zombies if any in the parking garage. Not only that as was said before, the maze of cars might be good for slowing the runners down. I have to say I wish I got here earlier, I don't recommend a shopping mall visit. Too many people would've gathered there and who knows what zombies are lingering. Bad place if you were to defend one with all its entrances too. Maybe alright for a quick round up of supplies if you get out as fast as you did in.

Fighting the zombies unarmed would be a horrible idea if you didn't want to be bitten by one.


A) It seems like the best idea.

We need to keep moving. While I'd prefer to try a side entrance to trip up the runners and control the direction the infected are coming from, that option may not be available.

Go straight into the lot, but scale one of the cars and us them as stepping stones.

c) I'd prefer to take the side entrance. If you lead the infected all to the front, they'll simply crash through the doors. Moving through a parking complex will give you the opportunity to disorient your pursuers and sneak inside. Then you can barricade the entrance.

C, side entrance, if the main entrance is already blocked or locked then we will only compromise the security of the whole building, also shopping centres usually have several entrances, so the likelyhood of finding one is quite high

c) I'd prefer to take the side entrance. If you lead the infected all to the front, they'll simply crash through the doors. Moving through a parking complex will give you the opportunity to disorient your pursuers and sneak inside. Then you can barricade the entrance.

I say option c as well and i could spend time typing it up the quote above has my reasons for my choice typed up already.

6 A, 3 C. Looks like we're taking the frontal approach. OP has been updated with a disclaimer.

Also, apologies for the cryptic description. The carpark was at ground level, not underground or a building. Just an open parking lot.

I kept running, legs burning, lungs on fire, body about to collapse. Just as I entered the carpark, I saw a reflection out of the corner of your eye, as if from a mirror. Thinking quickly, I raised my arms in the air and put them behind my head. That didn't seem like something a zombie would do.

Just like I thought, the reflection was from the morning sun hitting a rifle scope. The gunshots quickly downed the runners following me. Would have had to have been a good shot to hit them all facing into the sun. The figure on the roof gestured towards the front doors. I waved my thanks and entered the mall at a slower pace. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to have been cleared out. Although dispersed, zombies were everywhere.

Congratulations! You're inside the mall, and seem to have found someone who is at least not immediately hostile! Unfortunately, you're still unarmed and surrounded by zombies.


Pick the order you'd like to search the following stores:

- Sporting Store: Protective equipment, bats balls and shoes.
- Grocery Store: Food and water.
- Hardware Store: Hammers, nails, crowbars, wooden boards, chainsaws...
- Gun Shop: Handguns, revolvers, bolt/lever-action-rifles, shotguns.

- You might want some protective gear like a motorcycle helmets and stuff. Just a suggestion.
- The zombies are kind of closing in. Perhaps grab a weapon first?
- You just ate breakfast. However, since then you've rode a bike 30 min into the city center and run for a few blocks.

Sporting store first, for sure. Grab a baseball bat for zombie-bashing, and some protective gear.
Gun shop next. Grab a goddamn shotgun, and as many revolvers as you can fit on your person.
Grocery store. Sustenance food, a can opener, and water oh god water.
Last but not least is the hardware store. Once we're geared up, grab a chainsaw and hit the roof. And stuff to block the doors, I guess, whatever, chainsaw.

Sporting store first.
Gun shop second.
Whatever third.
Whatever forth.

We need to talk to that dude with the rifle. Surely there are more survivors in this place.

Sporting goods store first for the most generic weapon of all the baaseball bat.
Guns shop second for a friggin gun, followed by a trip to the grocery store then finally hardware just incase we find something useful.

Armour, guns, food, then screw hardware and find some allies.

If I know my zombie apocalypses right the weapon shop will already have been looted to bits. And you don't want to be trapped there empty handed. I would say go to Hardware store first, then gun shop, then groceries, and ditch the sport's shop (I suppose you mean accessories like american football padding and stuff)- it would just slow you down.

Go get yourself a friend ASAP.

Sport shop first: Baseball bat for sure, possible boots, and anything else protective that could be useful.
Grocery store second: A gun store would be great but you have a melee weapon hopefully to stave off the zombies for the moment. Plus, grabbing a gun or two and ammo can be quite the load. I would say go to the grocery store preferably, as they have carts there. I'd take my chances with melee and a cart, and we can just pile supplies in the cart. While you probably can't get the cart to the roof easily unless there is an elevator, you can always stash it somewhere nearby for certain things. Grab some nonperishable items and plenty of water.
Gun Store third: Grab a nice couple of guns. Only a few things. I would hope they would have a good handgun, G18 maybe. A shotgun would also be very nice to have. Lastly, if there is an assault rifle, take that. Grab plenty of ammo to fill the cart halfway if you can. If there are attachments like a silencer or two, sights, or lights, take 'em. Before heading to the hardware store if you can make it, make sure to load a pistol.
Hardware store last: Be sure to take some planks, nails and screws, a hammer, and an electric toolkit. Grab any plastic containers like the ones used for starting seeds before you plant them. That should be good for now I guess. It's a heavy load though. Always good to get whatever you can.

Hopefully we can make it too all the shops. If not reverse the order of the grocery and gun store.

Also, I strongly suggest NO CHAINSAWS! Bad idea, the chain will get stuck the flesh of the zombie before we even get halfway through a cut. They're badass in games, but they don't really work like that.

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