Just Another Day: A Zombie Survival Choose Your Own Adventure

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I'll go with A. Better safe than sorry I spose.

Staying away from zombies by taking side streets? Hah! I laugh in the face of danger! I should definitely pick B!

But, I like living. So I pick A.

Edit: As an addendum to my previous statement, I also suggest we wipe our hands and possibly our weapon of sweat and whatever else is on them if we have a moment. We don't want one of our tools sliding out of our hands like it was our soap in a prison shower (stereotype, but I think it works).

I'm going to vote for a) too.

Wow, can't believe that this is still up and running. I don't know, I leave the thread for 8 months and petrol stations have been blown up, Jacobs dead, we're bitten by a zombie, and we keep dropping guns and shit. Recap of what supplies we have left please? I've forgotten after over half a year.

Might I also suggest we take our time a little more, break into a house again, kill its zombie occupants if any, look for a house without a car on the drive to minimise chances of confrontation though. Resupply, barricade, get some new clothes, some kind of substantial meal, and a good nights sleep. The city is overrun by zombies, true, but it can't really be any more overrun than it already is, we're not really on a huge time limit, especially since it sounds like we're nearing the suburbs.

Alex sounds like she's losing it a bit, is this a side effect of becoming a zombie? Don't pull a "zombie bite spreads, she dies." on us OP.

I'm worried that with all the limping etc. such fatigue, being covered in sweat, grime and zombie blood may make her look exactly like one to those weirdly disciplined men and thats how we'll meet our end. Don't make any contact with them at all in fact, we have an obvious zombie bite, and these guys don't sound like they like taking any sort of risk.

Are phone lines down? I can't remember if it was mentioned earlier in the thread, but when bunkered down maybe she could see if its possible to make a call or two, at least for moral support. Seems unlikely but worth giving it a go.

@Derek: But we already just did all that.


Alex sounds like she's losing it a bit, is this a side effect of becoming a zombie? Don't pull a "zombie bite spreads, she dies." on us OP.

Dude, she's been bitten by a zombie. But no, I'm not just going to drop a bridge, although she may die from it. Also, what do you mean "keeps dropping guns"? That was once! After an explosion and a zombie bite.

I decided that safety was more important than speed in this situation. So, avoiding main roads, the small private hospital, and the largest church in the city, I snuck around through back alleys. I was sick of back alleys.

Approaching the outskirts of town with little incident, I noticed a small flaw in my plan. A lack of buildings means a lack of back alleys. The two main roads out of the city went through the industrial section, full of factories and warehouses, and a tourist strip full of resturants, motels, hotels and giant plastic animals. I had, sadly, picked the tourist one.

Of course, there were other ways out of the city, such as winding your way through suburbia the way I came in, but considering I was lucky to have survived that once, I wasn't going to try it again.

So, I needed to get through a few blocks of touristy crap, packed with holidaymakers in hawiian shirts, before I got anywhere near safety. That would be bad enough without the zombies. And the traffic jam, filled with zombies trapped inside cars. This was going to be fun.


a) Go for it, straight down the middle.
b) Climb onto the roofs of the cars and jump between them, staying off the ground.
c) Wait around a bit in a nearby building, clearing it if required.
d) Wait around, outside building.

Recap's coming when I'm less insane.

I would say head back to industrial, but I have a feeling that's not going to happen.

Nope, other side of the city. I'm going to railroad you a bit here.

I would say head back to industrial, but I have a feeling that's not going to happen.

c) Staying outside seems like a bad idea.

Of the choices, C definitely sounds like the best option. No jumping on cars for our girl with her leg!

I vote C too, especially since it seems to have been put there just because I mentioned it (thanks ninjat!)

Choose the building carefully though. and maybe reassess situation from the roof/ highish window but keep out of sight!

C) it seems the safest

C) When I'm in doubt I jsut agree with RaNDM

Right, time to get all updatey in this bitch. C it is.

No point rushing in to get killed when there were perfectly suitable buildings around. Hotel buildings. Multi-story hotel buildings. Restaurants. Tourist shops. Duty-free tourist shops. Joy.

No point picking one of the gift shops though. Stuffed animals and patterned T-Shirts wouldn't help me. I picked out one of the less fancy, more "historic" hotels in the area. It involved backtracking a block or so, but I'd stayed there before and knew some of the features.

Two storeys high, and more prized for serving cold beer and hot chips than for providing actual accommodation, most of the rooms should be empty. Not to mention the solid construction, big heavy doors, and lack of big plate-glass windows.

A couple of shambing corpses greeted me inside: a barmaid wearing an apron and a young child. Both went down almost before they saw me. Pulling, locking and barricading the doors behind me, I set to work.

The hotel consists of 2 floors: A ground floor, containing the bar and restaurant, and an upper floor filled with guest rooms. The hotel is fairly spacious on both floors, plenty of room to swing around a crowbar. There are multiple staircases connecting both floors, but enough furniture inside that they can be blocked.

Devise a plan: priorities, things to collect if given the chance, and if you plan on setting up on the top floor or the bottom floor.

Alright now. First we need to sweep the building. If it's got heavy doors and they are locked we can wait on the barricading. Make sure to carry something you can chuck into a room to distract any zombies so you can take em down from behind. Once we got the building clear, we need to look to securing it. First we need to make an escape plan. See if their is roof access or not. I suggest we hole up in the second story with a room with a fire escape ladder if possible. So barricade the staircases if there is a fire escape. If not we need to leave one open.

If we leave one un barricaded I suggest setting up simple trip wires wired with pots and pans to make noise. That way we know if we are compromised.

If their is no fire escape ladder. We need to set up on the ground floor. Near the fire escape door.

Now we need to find food at this point she has to be running low on energy. So we need what protein we can get. Eggs, beans, potatoes things like that. After we eat and get a small stock of food we need to rest. This is why I suggested staying in a room with a bed. We need to set up some sort of jury rigged alarm system. That way we don't get eaten in the sleep.

If we happen to come across any items that can make backup weapons we should prolly take a couple. We could always use a new knife. Also pliers could always come in handy.

Also if there are any painkillers in their/fresh gauze and dressing for the bite we need those. Also we may need a bit more "Armor" If you can pick up a heavy jacket that might help as well.

First things first, escape routes. Find the big ring of keys behind the desk and unlock every guest room ready to kill any zombies who might be staying there. Keep the key for each room in the lock of the doors on the inside and check to see if there's any escape routes viable out of the window over roofs. If not then find ropes or makeshift some out of bedclothes and leave them with one end tied to the radiator of each room to use to hop out the window in a hurry. Is there roof access? Assess the situation from there.

Loot the downstairs first, get some supplies such as food, meds, maybe there's a gun behind the bar. I would say prepare a few molotov cocktails but we all know how much setting things on fire and blowing shit up helps in these situations.

As much as I don't want to be trapped upstairs, with lockable doors to slam behind and an escape route out of each room I think that we're safe to barricade each stairway, maybe leave one semi clear, say with a chest high cabinet or other piece of furniture at the bottom so it's easy to get downstairs by climbing over it but much harder to get upstairs. Leave another heavy cabinet at the top ready to topple over down the stairs if needs be.

Obviously loot upstairs too... umm can't think of anything else for now.

Thanks for leaving it so open ended Ninjat

TL;DR barricade, find escape routes, restock, sleep

EDIT: Tripwires, nice. Hadn't thought of that.

Derek's is pretty good too. So I'll go with his and bits and pieces of mine.

Basically what the other guys said.

Just a thought: Be wary of traps or ambushes in case there are other survivors in the building.

Very good idea RaNDM completely overlooked that.

If possible, search for a maske or clothing to cover her mouth. Also search for a gun, perharps a pistol or so and some ammo. Go to each bedroom and kill the zombies inside. Oh, by the way, when you sleep, be sure to look UNDER the bed. Perharps you can look at the TV or hear the recent news in a portable radio. Stay there for a day. Try to escape to the country side as soon as possible, staying there doesn't help. About the infection, I can assure that it will less likely to spread, just apply some medicine. Stock some medicine, radio, guns, weapons, clothing, torchlight, some grauze,bandages and a jacket, handphone, some canned food, water, sleeping tent, toothbrush and toothpaste. Relax girl, and cover all the windows except one

I began the time consuming job of clearing the hotel, after dropping some heavy bookshelves in front of the door and finding a nice window to jump out of if required. Once the exit was briefly taken care of, I took the room keys and began clearing each guest room one by one.

Aside from a couple of runners, one of which knocked me to the ground, and one of the bruise-covered ones that I dropped with a headshot from a few meters away, there weren't too many zombies. Strangely, the runners seemed to be sleeping in corners, curled up in a nest of clothes and pillows. I even thought the first one might have still been human.

With the rooms clear, I secured the entrances further, blocking doors and windows, securing a couple of upper floor exits, and setting up a tripwire or two. Couldn't find anything to rig them to, but tin cans hanging from the ceiling and some broken glass served rather well as an alarm system.

The next step was looting. I stripped the bottom floor of everything of value to me, barricaded the stairs up, then went through the upper floors. I got a new better fitting coat and bandanna, more batteries, a spare fancy looking pocket knife, and prize of prizes, a big and most likely illegal double-barrel shotgun under the bar, next to a possibly as illegal solid wooden baton. I grabbed both, and the spare shells from in the owner's bedroom. A box of 48, plus two loaded. Good.

With night coming on, I put curtains over as many of the upper floor windows as I could to cut down on zombie curiosity, and in a stroke of brilliance hung a couple of big ALIVE INSIDE signs out some of the windows.

Now freshly resupplied, reasonably well fed on the hotel bar's supply of still frozen food and backup gas stove, and well fortified, I managed to get to sleep with barely any trouble. Sometimes exhaustion can even overrule trauma. Who would have thought it?

You have yourself a nice little fortress! You can move on if you want, or stick around, or loot the city, whatever you want! If you want to stay, I'll throw some more dramas at you though.

Sorry about the late update. School, Mass Effect 3, Resident Evil 4. I'm letting this be a bit open ended as well to give you a chance.

I'll let you know now, the wound you suffered wasn't serious enough to convert you. That's not saying it won't have other effects later though.

Hmm, whilst it would be nice to lay low for a while and hope one or two of the police officers or Strangely disciplined blokes you met earlier come to your aid, we need to gtfo before the situation gets worse.

Waiting won't help anything...

As for an escape plan I can't really think of anything. Unfortunately it looks like we're stuck with a great big tourist district ahead with not a lot of ways past it. Some sort of distraction maybe?

Oh and cheers Ninjat for giving us the ultimate zombie repellent the double barrelled shotgun. classic.

I suggest going underground or the sewers.It is the best bet with very few zombies lurking.You acn guide your way with a torch and a local map.Before that,try to equip your gun with a slicencer, you don't any distraction right?And take your backpack along with you.

I say stay for a while, even if it's just for the day. We need a rest.

@polinh: In horror movies, sewers are always where the shit literally hits the fan. Bad idea.

I suggest going underground or the sewers.It is the best bet with very few zombies lurking.You acn guide your way with a torch and a local map.Before that,try to equip your gun with a slicencer, you don't any distraction right?And take your backpack along with you.

Going into the sewer with an open wound seems like a bad idea. I think we should hang out for a bit longer.

sorry i join so late.i spent the last couple of days reading through this thread and i decided i want to join
repeating what warrcry said, going into the sewers with an open wound is a very bad idea. it won't zombify you, but you can get a nasty infection down there that will leave you bed-ridden and helpless for at least a week. that doesn't mean sewers isn't a total no-go. maybe when the bite has healed.

i would say hole up in the building and make yourself as comfortable as possible. if there is a fire ladder, try holding it out the window and making a bridge to the next building, and clearing that too for supplies and an escape route if the Extremely Large undead family come standing all round your fort. also, can you get onto the roof? that might be a way of escape should the military send in the air force. as this is a tourist area, why not ransack the shops for a pair of WORKING binoculars, or a telescope?

with the all tabs 'WORKING' i meant real stuff, not toy crap for kids that'l be broken within a week.

I agree, lets not get killed by sewer zombies yuh?

So, in brief, are we holing up for a day or so to see what happens? Sorry about the absences, though I guess they're not too surprising anymore.

yes. 'rest and refuel' if you will

yes. 'rest and refuel' if you will

I agree.

You sure can tell that we have the collective creativity to fill a thimble huh.


You can sure can tell that we have the collective creativity to fill a thimble huh.

So adding in me, that's slightly less than a thimble!

Busy with SCIENCE!, I'm afraid. Update will come in either a few hours or a few days, depending on progress. By a few, I mean 1 or 2.


One month, seven days later...

Hey guys. How's it goin'?

So umm yeah that science must be really big.

Unless..That science went wrong! O_O

Guys. Guys.

What if the science... Is in space?

Guys guys guys guys! I'm alive! Holy crap! I have excuses, but I'm guessing you don't want to hear them. On with the story! Or, at least my recap.

Current equipment:

- Flashlight.
- Oliver (crowbar).
- Desmond (Survival knife w/ compass).
- Tyler (9mm Police issue handgun w/ 30 rounds).
- George (Double-Barrelled shotgun w/ 100 shells).
- Barney (Wooden baton)
- Water for 3-5 days.
- Food for 5-7 days.
- First aid kits and basic medical supplies, including antiseptic and bandages.
- Length of rope.
- Swiss Army Knife.
- Complete DIY Kit (Duct tape and WD40).
- Lighter and matches.
- Spare clothing.
- Binoculars.

Current location is a small hotel/motel, consisting of a lower bar/kitchen floor and a second floor with guestrooms and the owners' private apartments. There's plenty of food for now, and still running water.

Overall, Alex is highly physically fit and level-headed; without these qualities she wouldn't have been alive long enough to become a protagonist. However, the events of the past few days has degraded this somewhat. Alex is suffering from exhaustion, some mild hysteria following the death of her Apocalypse Companion (Jacob) and a zombie bite to the leg which has been treated to the best of her ability. Her bag is also kind of heavy.

The zombie outbreak, whatever actually caused it, was fairly slow and gradual. Military quarantine and media awareness began at least 2-3 days after the emergence of "Patient Zero", and (at least) one city was already irretrievably lost. Alex, sadly, did not hear of the outbreak beforehand and due to her decision of riding a bike through the less-travelled parts of the suburb did not see anything alarming enough to make her want to turn back.

Arriving in the city centre and struggling to escape a ravenous horde of zombies, Alex sought refuge in the clichéd location of a nearby shopping mall. There, she met Jacob, a middle-aged bookstore owner and gun enthusiast. Collecting supplies for the remainder of that day and spending the night on the roof, our dynamic duo decided to escape the city via the main highway, which unfortunately was on the other side of the city.

Alex and Jacob set off the next morning and eventually encountered a group of police officers and civilians attempting a rescue operation for some survivors trapped in the city's main public hospital. Alex refused to help, but Jacob stayed with the group.

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