Just Another Day: A Zombie Survival Choose Your Own Adventure

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C it is.

Dying didn't seem like a good idea. Not dying, however, seemed like the best idea I ever had. So I moved on, continuing down the street, not stopping and continuing to move forwards at something vaguely resembling a pathetic limp, although at least my leg was holding up well enough that it wasn't really that pathetic at all come to mention it, although I was limping.

Deciding that being surrounded by zombies was not a good way to accomplish my goals of not being dead or undead or any variation on the terms of dead except for not, I picked up the pace to the fastest I could move without experiencing too much pain. My gunshots had certainly attracted some attention though, fortunately there weren't any more runners. My hands were shaking. Needed to remain calm. Wasn't like the zombie infection was spread through bites, anyway, right? Maybe that's not how it worked? Maybe I was immune? Maybe I was developing a keen grasp of wishful thinking?

Either way, giving up wouldn't help.

You are suffering from a leg injury, slowing your movement, and somewhat panicking. Not that you can really blame Alex for it though.

a) Keep pushing on forwards, through the zombies.
b) Hole up in a nearby building and do something for your leg.

Propose some form of medical treatment for your leg. You've got (in your bag) stitches/sutures, bandages, antiseptic, splints, painkillers, matches and various other gear. Or you could just leave it.

I say B. Find a safe-looking building and immediately look for alternative exits (windows, basement doors, vents etc..) in case they try to get in. Be sure to look in the building first! Make sure you're not going into a hive. Once 'safe' pop some painkillers and bandage up your leg after treating it with some antiseptic.

b) Definitely.

Head inside, find a sink and rinse off your leg under the faucet. The running water will flush out anything contaminate. Then bandage the leg.

DON'T use the antiseptic. On top of stinging really bad, it will kill the tissue in your leg and keep it from healing. Save it only for small cuts.

I guess the splint is overkill. Save it for when you actually break something.

I have a wonderful idea!Perform a heart surgery on yorself.First wear gloves,not before applying antispetic on your gloves.then cut open your chest.Do not be shocked on what what you find. If you see the heart,check your blood vessels.Touch them with your gloves till you feel a searing pain. That is the blood vessel that is infected.Cut open it.The blood should be crimson red,wait i think it's pink no...it's green?Ah!Snitch up your heart and you wil be top notch and invicible.



Could I have some more consensus, please?

@Ninjat: Of course. Let me consult with my advisers.


You want to go inside, but I've got 3 different ways to treat your leg so far, one of them involving heart surgery.

I'll update soon, but it would be easier if you agreed on what you were doing.

There is only one thing you can do.

Spam PMs.

I'm sticking to my plan, minus the antiseptic. There's really no need to splint the leg for something like a bite. Just wrap it in bandages after cleaning the area, possibly pop a painkiller and keep going. Oh, before putting the bandage on, make sure that you put something like a clean cloth over the wound. *Combat lifesaver courses coming back to me* XD

Get in a building clean the wound. Human bites can get infected real nastily. Imagine a dead humans bite. I would suggest some sort of antiseptic or alcohol. That's just my preference. Having it heal slower is preferable to dieing from infection. At the very least clean and put a bandage on it. We can stitch it later. No need for a splint it's only a bite.

So Does anyone agree with heart surgery?It is beneficial to the main character,there is no other choice,besides infection can spread very fast,right?So Does ANYONE agrees with it?

Nope.avi I think that heart surgery is kinda out of the question. We lack the essential spork that would guarantee it to be a success.

I decided to get inside a nearby building. Not just any one would do, I needed one I could easily lock down. A small secondhand goods shop with small windows and a reasonably heavy front door did well enough. I drew my gun and shot out a window for a shop over the street to draw some attention away from me and went inside. By this point, I had a group of ten or so close pursuers and a large mass of stragglers.

The store was open, must have been open when the outbreak got serious. Two storeys, lots of old books, clothes, random household items. Stairs up the back marked with a Staff Only sign. I pushed a bookshelf in front of the door to hold off the hordes, luckily there weren't any big display windows or anything. Two zombies inside, man and a woman. Elderly, or at least not young. The owners? Doesn't matter, brought them down with Oliver.

There was a back door to the building, leading into another empty alleyway. I propped a chair in front of the door to brace it, but that was my emergency exit, couldn't reinforce it too much.

Upstairs was a small apartment. Must have been where the owners lived. A window led outside, onto a roof. Escape route number 2. Also, bathroom and first aid kit with basic requirements, batteries for the flashlights and radio, some more food. A roast chicken in the oven, now stone cold after two or so days. Recipe on the kitchen bench. Looked nice. Considered taking the book, decided I had better things to do.

I ran my leg under a cold tap for a bit, then heated some water. Or tried to. Power was out. Would have been nice to have a hot shower. Glad there was still water. After I cleaned out the bite, I applied some antiseptic cream-gel-whatever and bandaged it.

Honestly, the bite wasn't too bad. It broke the skin, and it hurt like hell, but it hadn't torn too much muscle. Still, walking was unpleasant. If the zombie-whatever was anything like rabies, the water probably flushed it out well enough, and the antiseptic would kill the bacteria. There's a lot of bacteria in a human mouth. Would that apply to zombies? Does bacteria avoid people infected by a zombie virus? Or parasite, or bacteria, or fungus, or alien mind slug...

The sound of banging at the door broke me out of the loop. More banging at the door, anyway. I went back downstairs. Sounded like twice as many zombies out there now. Still, the door was holding, and there was a heavy bookshelf blocking it.


a) Barricade the place further.
b) Break and run.


- Front door: Currently Holding. Barricaded by heavy bookshelf.
- Back door: No zombies. Chair propped under doorknob.
- 2nd storey window: Open. Your escape route if all else fails.

If you wish to barricade things further, feel free. There's chairs, a couple of tables, and a fair few bookshelves.

I say B. No reason to stay we got what we came for and resupplied a bit as an extra bonus. I say sneak out the backdoor. Being very careful and look for a way to get away from the group. If there are zombies that we cant take out quietly and safely. We come back and try our second route. If there is something sufficiently heavy, yet easy to move without making lots of noise. We could add and extra barricade. Maybe something like a heavy trunk to stabilize the bookshelf.

Also put the chair at the back door in a spot that is easy to get to when under pressure. That way we can get that extra bit of time in case we need to beat a hasty retreat out onto the roof.

If we aren't visible on the roof from street level it might be prudent to check the roof, and see if there are easy ways off. That is only if we can add the stabilizing base to the bookshelf. If we don't have that base then we need to hurry a group of zombies will knock that shelf over quick. So go with the original plan in that case.

This is just what I'd do.

Prop a table on its side behind the shelf with chairs wedged at an angle to give it something to push against. That will only work if we can wedge the chairs in so the won't just slide away. Keep the other table as a backup. Maybe maneuver it into a position to easily block the stairs if we have to run. Or at least be able to knock it down behind us.

b) For what warrcry said.

B) Ditto with the others. ^^

B) No need to stay

No point sticking around with a horde of zombies bashing on the front door. Time to move.

I took some of the more easily transportable foodstuffs from the kitchen and put them in my bag. I didn't have anything too heavy: dried beef jerky, health food bars, dried fruit, some chocolate. The city might have lost power, but I could raid some preservative-filled crap from a supermarket if I was stuck here much longer. Wished Jacob was here. He had more food. And a gun. And he could aim the gun, more than I could say about myself. And he seemed nice. Always good to have a friend with you. Or just someone else who wasn't decomposing. And trying to kill you. Whatever. No use crying over it. The noise might attract more zombies.

The roof was a possible exit, but I didn't see much point in risking a painful fall into a pack of ravenous zombies if there was a perfectly safe back alley I could go through. Which there was. Perfectly safe. Last time I thought a back alley was perfectly safe I ended up with a broken wrist, a visit from the police and a body count. And I thought things couldn't get much worse than that...

I blocked up the front door a bit further, then made a run for it out the back. Some creative use of easily-throwable chunks of rock, and I managed to break a window over the other side of the street. No alarm- perhaps a silent alarm?- but the noise attracted a fair bit of attention and I got away unnoticed.


a) Try and find the Weirdly Disciplined Guys again.
b) Try to leave the city.
c) Head for some sort of landmark or location. [Specify]

b) As I keep saying again and again yet no one else listens okay I'll shut up now.

B) I'll go with RaNDM G this time, just to surprise him with agreement. =3

I'll go with RaNDM as well. If you lead us astray good sir I will never forgive you. So B.

C. The cemetary would be a good place to head, the zombies would never see it coming!

B) We have done enough damage to this city

A) with the wound we could not outrun the runners. the only way to survive is with help from others. If they are not close enough or we can't find them, then we should GTFO.

Sorry guys, I just went camping for three days, spent two days recovering and unpacking, and am now about to go camping for four more days.

I should be back and updating in 4-6 days, allowing time for nursing bruises and recovering from rare tropical diseases.

Sorry guys, I just went camping for three days, spent two days recovering and unpacking, and am now about to go camping for four more days.

I should be back and updating in 4-6 days, allowing time for nursing bruises and recovering from rare tropical diseases.

UNACCEPTABLE. Get back to tippity tap typing now or I'll whip your feet with a car antenna.


Right, I'm home.

B? B sounds good. Time to F.E.A.R. Unfortunately, I am currently brain-dead, limb-dead and eye-dead from a variety of walking, lack of sleep, family arguments, friend arguments and similars.

Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow, after some actual sleep.

Glad to hear you're safe and sound.

B. Fucking Everything And Running.

Fuck this. I wasn't hanging around in a zombie infested hellhole trying to find people who were already dead. I'd found enough of them, some of them had found me, I had some nice shiny bite marks as evidence, the closest thing to a friend I'd had since I moved here was eaten alive and now EVERYTHING IS ON FUCKING FIRE.

Moving through more back alleys. More fucking back alleys. Fucking fuck, fucking fucking fucker bullshit fucking zombies, crawling around everywhere with their fucking blank eyes and the fucking bites on their faces. Just leave me THE FUCK ALONE. You're not helping ANYTHING!

Oliver was slipping. Sweaty hands. Did I drop a gun? Fuck. I did. Tyler, or Oliver... no, Oliver was the crowbar. Still had Chewie. Handful of spare clips or mags or whatever too. Probably had ammo for the other one in the backpack still. When did I lose that?

Moving right along, Fozzie. Heading in a roundabout route, still leading away from the fires and back to where the police officers and hospital survivors had been going. Zombies. Slow bastards. Barely even noticed me. How the hell did they get everyone? Was everyone asleep?

You know, maybe that was what happened. There wasn't anything on the news really, traffic heading into town as normal, no more sirens than normal, not too many alarms. Guess it's easy enough to murder a city full of people if nobody in it is awake. Besides, how seriously would a phone operator take allegations of zombie attack?

No point wasting time with panic attacks and speculation. Time to move on. But where?


a) Take the long way, through back alleys and avoiding the major public hubs such as train stations, churches and similar.
b) Go for it, right through the middle of the streets and everything.
c) Back alleys, but right past major population hubs.
d) Main streets, but around the hub centres.

[i]By population hubs, I'm meaning places you're likely to find lots of zombies. Going around them will take longer, but be safer. Main streets will also be faster, but more dangerous to use. Speed Vs. Safety, your choice. Remember, there's a fire around here somewhere.

I say A, better safe than sorry, but with the state that she's in right now it might not be safe anywhere. Calm down girl! =P

A) Stay safe, and try to stop panicking so that you don't do something stupid.

A) with a wounded leg she cannot outrun the zombies so she may as well try to avoid them.

a) Scenic route is best route.

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