Reality TV Series Video Game Edition - Exdeath's Reign

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Fighter jumped. "YES IT IS! LOOK!"

Yukari looked back at Batman. "This is City 17, my fine, spandex friend. IT's in ruin, if you couldn't already tell. Looks like the cleaning crew quit their jobs~"

Reisen could tell something was amiss. She didn't know exactly what, but something was weird about the way she was asleep, but standing. Also, the fact that it was still dark after she opened her eyes didn't help, nor did the fact that she could hardly move. Tentatively, she called out at what she thought was the entrance. "Tewi, did you do this?" she called out, not noticing that she was using English instead of Japanese. "Can you let me out now? ...Is anyone out there?"

The door of the cupboard she was in had been placed against the wall.

"What do you me- DIO MIO!" he shouted, throwing the snake onto the ground and stomping on it.

Batman looked around. "I guess they didn't. Never heard of a City 17 before."

Kir looked at Mokou and turned his head slightly."Proof... Yeah, I'd like to see some proof!" Before addressing Yukari."Hmph... Ugly? I'll have you know I'm the best bird you'll ever see!" Jing watched Kir's usual antics from where he was sitting as he watched everyone else closely.

Tewi then ignored everything as she heard Reisen's voice and her ears perked up."Oi. Reisen? Where are you?" She asked moving closer to the cupboard as she followed her voice."Why are you hiding? I haven't done anything yet!"

Ryu then sat in silence, not interested with anyone else at the moment.

"I'm not hiding, you moron!" Reisen yelled back, muffled by the cupboard. "There's no way I'd put myself in here and block the door! And I know Eirin's a sadist as well, but she'd never do anything like this!" She pounded on the wall closest to where her sister's voice was coming from. "Never mind that; can someone help?!"

The cupboard started to tip away from the wall. Reisen hardly noticed.

Tewi found the cupboard against the wall and chuckled."Is this where you are? Silly Reisen." Tewi said knocking on the cupboard twice and chuckling to herself."Don't worry Reisen! Tewi will get you out in no time." She said leaning against the wall as she pulled out her hammer and wedged it between the wall and the cupboard as she wedged it backwards and it began to fall.

Batman looked out at the creatures. "The way I see it, we need to find a way through those... things, and find someone who can tell us how to get out of here."

Ezio was still stomping on the snake. "Die! Die! Turn back into a sword! Die!"

Reisen wanted to protest, but then the cupboard fell over. As soon as it stopped vibrating from the impact, she reached for the handle, groaning. "I think I'm going to throw up..." she mumbled. Thankfully, she managed to hold it in until she got her head out of the box.

"Oi. Reisen. You sick or something?" Tewi asked only half seriously, still leaning against the wall mallet in hand.

Ryu had gone back Hadoukening monsters for his own amusement the bodies numbering in the thirties now.

"It's nothing that doing anything with that hammer will fix," Reisen replied, only half sarcastic. Then she turned to the monster horde. "What's going on over there?" she wondered. "Who are all these people?"

Tewi shrugged hiding the mallet back into her dress."Dunno... I just kinda woke up here. Those monster's aren't really hurting much... For now at least. And I only know a few of these people.... Overalls and the old lady." Tewi said motioning to Yukari and Mokou.

Mokou kicked Kir in the beak again. "Don't think you're getting to see anything, bird. Look! I've got the long hair, and these bows. I've got breasts, albiet small ones, for christ's sake. I'm a girl." She said.

Yukari chuckled. "Oh, don't be silly, little bird~" She gapped some birdseed into her hand. "I was just messing with you~"

Fighter laughed.

"Sounds like we got...rather lucky there," Reisen said, placing as much emphasis as possible on 'lucky'. Hoping Tewi would take the hint, she continued. "Maybe we should get to know everyone, particularly if we're going to be stuck here together for a while." Wherever 'here' is, she added to herself. "But...everyone else looks busy...What else is there to do here?"

"Okay, okay! Geeze..." Kir said readjusting his face, as he flew over and perched on Yukari's arm, he wasn't too fond of seeds, but he figured he'd eat them anyway."Oh.. Mm... These are great! Heh... You must be as Talented as you are Beautiful!" Kir said swooning."Is my friend here being a bother?" Jing asked walking over.

Ryu then stacked the pile of a hundred monster corpses as he got curious and tasted one of them.".... Not bad."

Tewi winked at Reisen and nodded."Hmm... you have a point. Ah well.. I've already got a good idea how they all think at least." Tewi said remembering how she watched them all earlier."And as for what there is to do... We could try going after a few of those monsters... Like that guy!" Tewi said pointing to Ryu."Or.. We could explore the area a bit more..."

Yukari chuckled as she turned her attention to Jing. "No, no. No trouble at all, really. All i'm worried about is him accidentally eating the spider eggs i dropped into my hand along with the seed~"

"What's to explore?" Reisen asked. "We're all just stuck here, with the only way out being filled by monsters. Although, I think they've calmed down a bit..." Shrugging, she walked over to where Yukari was feeding a large bird. "Who are all these people?" she asked, not really expecting a straight answer, or an answer at all.

Yukari simply dropped Reisen into a gap, where she fell back out next to Tewi. A note dropped into her lap that read "City 17." With her attention back on Jing, she waited for Kir's response.

Kir suddenly looked up in shock and gagged."Ugh... Pthoo... Ew... Yuch... You tricked me!" Kir said flustered as he flew back onto Jing's shoulders."Huh... So you just have those eggs on you for something like this?" Jing asked with a chuckle."It's not funny Jing!" Kir protested.

Tewi shrugged and followed behind Reisen.

Ryu had finished his meal and walked back into the group now ready to make an introduction.

Yukari smirked and chuckled again. "Again, I was just messing with you, bird. What are your names, you two?" Yukari said, as she felt the bombs arm themselves inside Kir's esophagus.

"Jing." He said as Kir grinned again."The names Kir. And this here is like he said, my sidekick! Jing!" Kir went on laughing heartily.

Well, can't say that was entirely unexpected, Reisen thought, dusting herself off. She took a quick look at the note, then passed it to Tewi. "Does 'City 17' make any sense to you?" she asked.

"Jing and Kir, huh? That's nice." Yukari said. "I'm Yakumo Yukari." She drew a cresent in the air with her finger in front of the two of them which quickly opened into a gap. Her upper body fell forwards through it, like she was laying on something. "The Demon of Gaps and Boundaries~ It's a pleasure~" She said, musing.

Mokou decided to join the conversation. "Hmmm... Kir, was it? So, what kind of bird are you, anyway?" She said, not able to tell.

Tewi again shrugged."Probably the name of this place, or at least that's a reasonable guess."

"Oh wow! Look at that Jing!" Kir said musing."It's a pleasure to meet you then." Jing said with a nod."Oh, and I'm an albatross, sweetheart." Kir said turning back to Mokou."You know... Upon getting a closer look... You're pretty cute." He said as Jing shook his head with a sigh.

Mokou rubbed the back her head and smiled slightly. "Yeah, well don't think you're gonna get much farther than the Friend-zone with me, Kir. I'm not into the Beastiality stuff."

Somewhere, in Gensoukyou, Keine started sobbing for a reason she didn't know.

"Anyway, what're you two supposed to be anyway?" Mokou asked."

Yukari leaned in towards Kir and talk in a slightly deeper tone of voice. "Indeed. I'd like ot know too~" She said, wrapping Kir around her middle finger so she could snap his neck later.

On the ground away from everyone else, there was a mine in heavy armor, laying down, almost like he was lifeless. In his head, though, he was very much alive. Thinking over random things. Like, for some reason when he was born.

What is your name?
Fagballs McAssrammer
The Lone Wanderer

"What a beautiful name! Isn't that a beautiful name? Well, this thing right here will show you what you will look like when you're older. Lets take a look, shall we?" His dad moved a screen in front of the crying child, "You look just like your old man! Now...How about we-"

The Lone Wanderer suddenly woke up yelling inside of his head, GOD DAMMIT, DAD, I'M JUST A FUCKING BABY! I DON'T KNOW- Whoa, this isn't the Capitol Wasteland...This is...A LOT cleaner than that scum hole. I wonder where exactly I am. Wonder if my Pipboy knows. He put his arm over his head, looking into some kind of computer that fits on his wrist. He flipped over to the Map screen. It just showed up green with brighter green longitude lines running across the screen. There was nothing there to indicate where he was, Dammit...Wonder if I get radio signals here. He moved to a different screen an pressed a button.

"WHAT'S UP EVERYONE, THIS IS THREE DAWG, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! And here's the latest Wasteland news," Three Dawg said, "You all probably know about this "Lone Wanderer" fella who wanders the wastelands. Alone. Well, if you haven't, it doesn't seem like you will any time soon. He's mysteriously disappeared from D.C. without a clue of his whereabouts."

Well shit.

He got up from where he was, and looked around. Strange people, very strange people, were everywhere. There were about a dozen of 'em. By this time, he must have gotten a lot of people's attention, since his radio was blaring out Old time music, ...I'm contemplating whether I should either ask these people where I am, or shoot them all...Ah might as well ask them where I am before shooting them all, right? He walked up to a man who was stomping on a snake in an attempt to kill, or, turn it back into a sword, or, whatever. He tapped on his back.

So, we know the name of the place, but nothing else... Reisen mused. And Yukari is the only one who knows anything, but she's being tight-lipped about it... "Don't get into too much trouble," she told her sister suddenly. "I'm gonna go see if anyone else around here is at least somewhat friendly." With that, she started walking towards the man in the white uniform, who until about a minute ago had been beating up those monsters.

Fighter jumped on the Lone wonderer's back. Well, jumped isn't exactly the right word. More like MOVED onto the lone wanderer's back. In his eight-bit world, he was holding him tight. "WHOA! Look at this big guy! Hey there, bro, who're you?"

Ezio had managed to kick the snake into returning to its sword form. "What sorcery is this?" he said, sheathing it.

Batman approached Ezio. "So who are you? Identity-wise."

Ezio turned around. "I'm a banker," he lied. "I work out of Firenze."

"Hm. You seem rather well-armed for a banker."

Ezio looked at his sword, knife, two hidden blades, smoke bombs, crossbow, hiddden gun, and the metal cestus on his right hand. "I have made a few enemies."

Batman nodded. "I didn't think there were that many bankers left. Mostly companies now."

"Companies?" Ezio asked. "What do you mean?"

Batman paused. "What year is it?"

Ezio paused. "That fall must've jostled my mind... 15-something?"

Batman was intruigued now. "Hm. Because where I come from, it's 2011."

Ezio paused. "Dio mio... this is like that island, all over again. This has happened before for me, you see. It must've happened all over again."

Batman nodded. "Must have. How did you get back?"

"I can barely remember." Ezio sighed. "It's been a decade for me."

Batman nodded again, puzzled, but making progress.

"Damn... Well that's too bad." Kir mused at Mokou before turning his head to Yukari."He's the bandit king! And I'm his trusty partner." Kir said arrogantly as Jing put his hand over Kir's mouth."Eh, he's crazy. I'm just me. Jing. And he's just Kir." Jing said.

Tewi nodded at Reisen and began to whistle a tune to herself.

Ryu turned to face Reisen and waved at her."Ah, hello there." Ryu said with a reserved, but friendly look on his face.

Mokou shrugged and took a long inhale of her cigarette. It was about to die of as she blew another ring of smoke. She reached back into her pocket and grabbed her box of cigarettes as she tossed the one in her mouth away. She only had one cig left. She took on Light's expression from the "I am L" Scene. "...Wait a second..." Mokou looked around. "...Hey.... Jing? You got a knife? Or something sharp?"

Yukari tilted her head. "Bandit king, huh? That sounds interesting. Tell me a bit more."

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