The League: Bloodlines ((Started/Closed))

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As the fireball flung itself at Contristo, a shimmering golden figure flung itself in front of it. For a split second, Zech wondered whether he should have simply grabbed his ally and avoided the fireball when it struck him head-on, scorching the air around him as his shield dissipated. He fell to the ground and sent dirt and sand flying as he tumbled several feet away. He made a dull groan of pain as he neglected the need to stand and fight a few precious moments.

"Mand uh'm Zhek..." he mumbled somewhat incoherently on the ground.

"Contristo, scholar and generally grumpy old man" He introduced, his voice was flat and betrayed no feeling

The ball of flame fired at an astounding speed, Contristo had barely enough time to draw the arm of the shadowy construct in to provide a second barrier to dampen the blast. When the flames connected a great gale of smoke formed where Contristo was last seen. As the smoke was settling a silhouette could be made out. Contristo was still in the ribs of his shadows but the skeletal arm was broken and seemed to have returned to it's black mist like origins.

The Shadows began to swirl again, reforming the arm but this time it wasn't a mere skeletal appendage, It looked to be wrapped in a black musculature that began spreading to the rest of the construct.

Contristo looked to his left and saw a man with golden hair fling from the impact zone of the blast. He attempted to rise while muttering something under his breath.

"Amazing sense of..." the dragon seemed to stumble, looking for the word. "companionship. never the less, you should never interrupt a duel." Elding raised a finger and the man started to float. he sat him down on some rubble, far enough out of the way of harm and to watch the duel. his attention snapped back to the man in the shadows. So no one else interrupts lets do this." a ring of fire was created that encompassed Contristo and Elding. "slathalin"

Titus stared at the creature standing in the distance. Remember the Germans. Assess their strength " Run. Now. Go to Caesarea Maritima. They won't believe you. Tell the General that Titus Equitius, his man, his evocati, saw the Germans here. He'll know what to do." Titus commanded the fearful soldier. His hands began pulsing even more than earlier.
This will hurt

Contristo braced himself for the flames. The shadows had always retained a cold embrace but this time was not the case. Flames engulfed Contristo and had he not been in his construct he surely would have been roast to death.

The shadowy skeleton sprouted another arm giving it a sense of symmetry. Contristo's creation was now entirely muscled which added another layer of defence on top of the 'bones'.

As the Dragon began to advance Contristo made one more alteration to the design of his monstrous creation He created sharp edges on the tips of the fingers to give it some cutting power.

While Contristo remained motionless, the Great shadow raised its arm and lunged at the beast. The Dragon expected a simple blow like it had received earlier only to be surprised by an attack with at least threefold as much force. The jagged claw on the thumb of the Shadow had left a gaping gash along one of the white Dragons wings and sent it into the ground leaving a great crater it its wake.

The all encompassing flames dissipated and as they did the Shadows began to fade. Just as the infernal blaze had finally died down the shadows has returned to it's mist like form with Contristo on his knees gasping for air.

Elding got up and prepare to charge another fireball, he spit blood onto the ground. "I shall destroy you and this entire village!" he raised his right arm and a ball of fire appeared in it.

The Dragon started to grin, well as much as one could. the ball grew to the size of a beachball then stopped. The grin turned to pure horror. Its right arm began to jerk slowly towards Eldings head. "No its not possible... I WON AGAINST YOU, YOU BI- but was cut short by its hand reaching the side of its head and blasting it point blank range with the fireball.

The dragon was thrown from the blast and knocked out, but still in dragoniod form.

"Everybody stand back, get the wounded out of here." Onyx shouted out, watching as the dragon flew backwards from the force of its own fireball exploding on the side of its head. Onyx wondered what this beast was up to, and before he knew it he was grasping his glaive in both hands. He boldy stepped forward to where the dragon lay unconscious, and jumped up onto the dragon's motionless body. He carefully made his way to the dragon's neck and waited to see whether it would wake up, because despite it being a killer... there was still a girl somewhere inside it, and Onyx would be damned if he was going to kill her.

Matrion came out of the back of its mind and took control of the body, something felt different though. Her body was larger than before and she felt power flowing though it. Then came the pain, it was a pain of a magnitude that she never felt before. Her eyes opened and started to dart around. then Matrion let out a scream, it came out as a roar. the roar was noticeably more high pitched and feminine than before when eliding had control.

She felt a heavy weight on her chest and a coldness at her throat. Matrion didn't move a muscle besides her eyes and an involuntary twitching of the damaged wing.

"Girl, are you back?" Onyx questioned, in a hushed whisper that only the dragon could hear. The roar the dragon had let out earlier hadn't been the same as now, and Onyx was hesitant to slice the dragon's head off if it was still the girl.

"Give me a sign if its you."

Matrion tried to speak but since the mouth was different than a human one she failed miserably. some sound came out of its mouth that was a mix between a roar and a gurgle. a hint of flame exited the tip of her snout.

she dared not move for the knife at her throat.

"I take that as a yes, otherwise I probably would've been dragon food right now. You want to get out of here right, because those soldiers aren't going to let you live. Throw me as hard as you can into one of the nearby buildings, and then make your getaway. I won't be hurt, so just do it." Onyx whispered, easing the glaive off the dragon's throat but still keeping it low enough to make it seem like he was about to behead the dragon.

Onyx could already feel the familiar sensation as armor slowly covered every inch of his body starting from the center of his chest outward. Once the dragon threw him, he would armor himself up before he hit something so he wouldn't get hurt too badly.

Paralyzing pain shot up and down Mation's spine when she tried to move. She shook her head, not going anywhere anytime soon. after a bit of practice she got a few words out. "Leave, fate.. soldiers, Be.. fine."

"So you'd rather be killed for something you had no control over, then get away? They won't care about whether you couldn't control it, and they don't care about excuses. They want your head girl." Onyx said, glancing back at the others to see if any of them had made a move to kill the dragon, but so far none of them had, "Don't be stupid. You can atone for the sins you've created here in other ways then dying."

She was getting better the more she spoke. I have plan. trust me. her body temperature started to rise and she grinned.

Lorronix wasn't quite sure what was going on but the fire had set her off. She saw matron in her new form pinned to the ground. She snarled at Matron terrified about what her supposed friend had done. Lorronix needed to keep in control again it began raining torrentially; she believed that enough rain would kill any new fire.

Matrion felt the downpour and gears started to turn in her head. she started searching for Lorronix. "Lorronix i wasn't in control until i woke up now, it was someone else in my head. please forgive me but stay away, i don't want you getting hurt." she shouted.

Matrion was now fluctuating her body temperature and learning to control it.

Lorronix didn't care or hear. She was still appalled that Matrion could do that.
She continued growling and some of the larger in her pack were with her soon.

A the edge of the fight, Zech rose up to his feet, his tattered old cloak had smoke and steam rising from it. Yet it seemed to have not taken any measurable damage. He wasn't aware of this, however, and was too busy staring down the Roman to care if he did know. He looked at the soldier and examined him closely. He was alone, by all appearances.

He slowly began walking toward Titus, a shimmering golden sword in his hand, and in a thick accent muttered the only Latin words he knew.

"Hello. My name is Zechariah. You have invaded my home. Prepare to die."

Titus sighed and closed his eyes.
Pain. It always gives Pain.
His expanding arms burst open, bone and blood leaves his body. In his left arm he creates a large square shield covered in red, thick liquid. In his right hand he releases a short condense bone covered in a red liqid, seperate from his body but attached to his via a string of blood.
Titus stood and waited for the man to come closer. Fighting alone felt foreign for him, his comrades not standing around him.
" Your god lost, The Empire won " Titus declared.

"Zech, keep him busy for a minute until I get these two out of here." Onyx called, looking over to where Contristo lay, before jumping off the dragon and making a run to get Contristo out of there before he was caught in the crossfire.

Onyx didn't see why the girl would stay here to die instead of living another day to atone for her sins, but that was her choice. Now Onyx would have to make sure this other man got out of the city, and then he could worry about the two who were about to battle. When Onyx reached Contristo, he crouched down and heaved Contristo over his shoulder, before whistling. Onyx only prayed his horse would reach them before somebody else decided to enter the fray.

Matrion started to crawl between Zechs and Titus. once in between them she laughed "Am i the only one who's mind isn't fogged with grown hatred? We're all unnatural, why are we fighting?" she looked over at titus. "You are like us, are you not? if the emperor found out about you would he not have you slain for fear of overthrowing him?" she looked up at the sky. "I'll be damned if i let one of us kill another."

The air around her body began to heat as Matrion's body temperature rose. It got hot enough to where pieces of wood, even wet combusted and rain evaporated before it got an inch into the mass of hot air.

Cloud Runner finally peeked around the half demolished wall that she was hidden behind. She had found the hiding place shortly before others had begun to arrive, it had seemed to be what master Contristo had wanted. And she was quite glad that she had as the situation in the yard became more and more terrifying.

She still could barely believe what was happening, but at least that... dragon seemed to have stopped. Cloud Runner still didn't believe that there was a dragon there; they were just legends from long ago. Right?

Of course she had no doubt that the flames were real even as the rain plastered her hair down the fires continued to blaze. '...flames that needn't air.'

A rush of horrific memories flowed by again, once thought forgotten. Burning buildings. Charred corpses. Black noxious clouds. The smell of oil. blood, so much blood.

Cloud Runner was paralyzed with fear as the memories of the day and memories from years ago seemed to blend and run together in her mind. Bodies impaled by spears seemed to lay next to those rended by claws. And once again all she could do was cower and hide.

Zech paid no attention to Matrion's words as he marched forward. As he strode into the heat, a shimmering aura around him seemed to form, leaving him safe from burns as he walked around her and came into Titus' view again. Around his arm a gauntlet formed, with a long pointed blade coming out from it. He scraped it along the ground several times as he advanced to Titus.

"My God is strong, and by his might I will prove your Empire a mockery."

He broke out into a run, and thrust straight into the bone shield with his blade, confident in the superiority of his power over that of Titus.

Garerus stood in the alley way a long time after Zech had left. He was milling over everything that was said and he knew for a fact everything was not as well as he has said to Zech. My stomach will kill me for this later but I have to go back... For the team he said with a sigh as he walked back toward the scene, and saw everything unfold. He managed to catch just about every bit of information that was to be seen since the fight started, and everything looked pretty much handled in it's current state. Except for one odd end... A girl had run and hidden herself away from the battle. She seemed to be connected to the current enemy of the fight, and he wasn't going to let something bad happen by leaving her unattended to. He quickly walked around to the backside of the hiding place, and notched an arrow into his long bow, aiming it at the girl when she came into view. She appeared to be cowering, and he let his aim drop."Little girl, what is your business here. It would probably be best if you told me, then just left this town."

"Forget you. i won't waste my breath on such savages." after lowing her temperature, Matrion crawled over to a half demolished wall and propped her self up against it, completely unaware of the girl and man behind it.

she inspected the torn membrane of her wing, letting out a whine of pain as she did. "By the goddess what have i done to deserve this?" she spoke with a mix of pain and distraught in her voice. then leaned her head against the wall and sobbed. "i'm not some emotionless monster."

No risks today
Titus moved towards the man in front of him. He did not deflect the strike. Instead, the liquid surrounding the shield moved forward and he tried to evade the man. The liquid reached the mans' unprotected arm and caused a small laceration to appear on it. Titus took a few steps back and watched as the other man charged at him again.
I don't know if my bone could take his blade
This time, Titus was decisive. He stood and raised his shield, the sword ready to stab him in his abbdomen.
" I won't be the only one bleeding today ".

Lorronix saw the fire spread and Matrion go free she wasn't taking that lying down. She redoubled her efforts to cool the dragon down. Surely the fire couldn't survive for ever.

Zech saw the defensive stance of the Roman and very nearly charged headlong into it, but he caught a glance of the Roman's hidden weapon, and immediately stopped his assault to roll to safety. He had never fought a Roman soldier head-on like this, at least not one that had any means to level the playing field. He would have to be creative this time.

Luckily, that suited his abilities well. The blade dissipated, replaced in his hands by a large shaft with a crude block that was apparently the head of a very large hammer. He spun on his heel and brought the hammer full circle before bringing it down at the Roman's bone shield from a greater distance than his previous weapon would have allowed.

Plain finally left the final house of the day, it was beginning to turn dark. he turned towards his small little house. As he reached there, he too out a small piece of parchment and began to scribble down some notes on it, sending a message to each and every other person in his order.

He started to write:
"Dear Everyone
How is everything going?
I hope that everything is going well and you are all still alive.
The reason I am sending this is to warn you that the sickness is starting to pick up pace, and more and more people end up ill each day. We need to put a stop to this. We need to find out who is doing it and stop them before they use it on us.
Meet me in Rome in a weeks time, I shall find you.
- Sincerely, Plain"
He then sighed, and recreated the copy of the note several time,s one for each of his friends. By the time the sun was rising again, he had finished and sent them off, they would arrive to them soon, and he would need to begin finish them.

Matrion whined a bit more when she stood up. she walked over to Contristo holding her side where the punch had made contact. once over to him, she held out her hand to help him up. "You could probably tell me more about myself than i could."

Lorronix was confused but decided it was best to leave she had a pack after all.
She ran back into the dense forest and was home soon.
There was a little child holding a note one of the locals, Lorronix was able to resist the urge to eat her and instead became human.
"What does the note say?"
The little girl read it out and Lorronix didn't even need to point out she couldn't read.
"Thank you child you have my blessing."
The little girl smiled and skipped away.
Lorronix had places to be.

Wind Runner was snapped out of her condition when someone spoke to her. She had been so out of it that she let out a squeak and practically jumped out of her own skin. After a moment she could understand what was going on though she still shook with fear.

"I... I cant." She stuttered. "M...Master Contristo..." And she knew that she spoke the truth. No mater what horrors came she knew that there was just no way she could abandon him. When the entire world had seemed to turn against Cloud Runer he had been the one person to show her more kindness then she had ever known in her life. Even though he tried to hide it, she knew just how much trouble he had to take care of her, and that debt was one that she could never repay in full.

Speaking of...

Cloud Runner looked over to where Contristo was. Her eyes grew even larger in fear as she saw the monster that Contristo had fought was even now moving towards her helpless master.

She didn't have the first idea of hat to actually do, but there was no hesitation now. Breaking from her hiding spot she ran forward at a sprint and threw herself between Contristo and the dragon. Facing the monster she crossed her arms and blocked it's approach. For a moment she wondered weather she would be slashed in two or burnt to a crisp.

"St... St... Stop!"

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