Roleplaying is Friendship - The My Little Pony Series (PRIVATE RP of 2011)

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Did Twilight really not know? Artie's few trips to Canterlot always brought him into confrontation with that grey earth pony, Octavia. Who, while an alright musician, was so high-and-mighty that he simply couldn't stand it. Sure, her Cello playing is nice, but his Cello playing is just as well, and Art can even accompany himself for a better sound.

But, no matter. He shakes himself out of the dreaded 'musician meet-up' that slowly looms closer by the day. After giving a brief goodbye to Twilight, he starts to head right back home to continue composition. In order to get the mood perfect, he locks all of his doors and windows, dims all the lighting, and approaches the piano.

The white and black keys start to glow a bit green as his magic begins to take shape. He plays a single chord and slowly plunks out a melody. "Three months of winter...hmmm...winter relax? No.... Winter cool-ness. Three months of winter coolness, and awesome holidays!" Elsewhere, as he sings, a pen writes down the words.

**Who is this guy inside my house? snip**

The door sprung open, hard enough to open fully, softly enough not to slam against the wall. A pony enters. An unicorn. A purple-coated, black-maned unicorn with stars as her cutie mark. Neku smiled slightly. That was exactly who he was waiting for.

"Twilight Sparkle.", he affirmed. He didn't question it. He trusted his logic and the descriptions given to him. The unicorn gasped, Neku had startled her. Didn't matter. It confirmed. That was indeed Twilight Sparkle, owner of that property.

Neku had been waiting for her the whole day. He had entered the library from the unlocked balcony, climbing was no hard task for him. He had even talked to Twilight's assistant, whose name is Spike. Irrelevant, but information none the less.

The baby dragon was defensive at first, but realized that Neku wouldn't simply walk away. In the end, the dragon gave in. He let him stay, but he didn't take his eyes off Neku. Neku liked that. A loyal dragon, that could keep a house. Would be a nice protector.

Neku was laying down on top of the bookcase. Yes, on top. High on top. Which might have startled Twilight the most. Neku was reading his fifth book - he was a quick reader, but only read those who were of mild interest to him. The one he was reading was about stars. Neku was fascinated by Luna's night, being his only friend for quite a while. In fact, it still was one of his only friends. He prefered not to think about it.

"Hello, can I help you?", said Ms. Sparkle to him. He gave her a small, machiavelic giggle. She could help him indeed. He jumped down from the tall bookcase, landing directly in front of Ms. Sparkle. He removed his headphones, but kept his eyes shut.

"Neku. Neku Sakuraba. You have a spare bed, and I need a place to stay. I came here all the way from Japony to this town for peace and tranquility, and I'd argue that the library of a peaceful village is the perfect place to stay. In short, Ms. Sparkle, I'd like to rent your room. I'd pay for it."

His tone was a cold one. It didn't show any feeling, at all. He spoke of it as if it were business, and life was a business for Neku. A smelly, foul, putrid business. You had to make deals, to get somewhere remotely safe. That was what he thougth, and he hadn't been proven wrong so far.

Mallow sat on the bank of the river, pebbles were scattered around the dusty soil. Wooden roots of the tree poked through the soil and curled down towards the water. The water sparkled in the moonlight, the glowing ball hung mysteriously in the sky, it looked magical as the reflection shimmered in the light. The soft trickle of the water flowing over the smooth rocks, eroded by the flowing water. As the river flowed so did time, but it seemed as this moment would last forever, Mallow almost wished it would.

The world slept quietly as the fireflies danced above him in the moonlight, he stared upwards through the parting in the branches, up into the sky. Thousands of stars shone, like diamonds in a cosmic sherbet, pink and blue mist swirled round thousands and thousands of miles away. Every now and again a shooting star would fly by, Mallow didn't make a wish, he couldn't right now, everything was perfect. He buried himself into his scruffy mane as he curled up in between the roots of the trees, sinking gently into the soft dusty soil, leaves brushed his ears The world was putting on a show, just for him.

It seemed almost sad, Luna, every night brings this perfection to Equestria. Its a shame everyone is asleep, he almost wished he could tell her how much he appreciated it, but obviously this would never happen. Water splashed up into the air, the droplets beamed shivering in the cold night air as they fell, pearls of the night the exploded on Mallow's coat, illuminating the world just a little bit more. A chilly breeze flew by, the trees sung as they rustled in the wind swaying in time to the harmonies of nature.

Mallow could see lights of houses peeking through the grass, It made him happy to think that maybe there was a couple together in the house, all cosy and warm enjoying this wonderful night. Yet it made him sad as he sat on the banks alone. Yet he couldn't stay sad for long, the scenery was to calming, he fell into a trance. He gazed back through the grass, a small column of smoke rose from the chimney, rising into the sky, A few fluffy clouds hung in the sky, Mallow imagined the clouds to be asleep too.

This reminded him of that Rainbow Pegusus he saw sleeping on the cloud earlier, she sure was pretty, almost as pretty as the night, the way she lead, a Rainbow mane covering her as she slept quietly, Mallow wondered where she might be right now. He thought possibly in one of the other few cloud houses...Although he would most likely never meet her again, Mallow wished he could. In fact anyone to share this spectacle of pure beauty, would make it ten times better. But alas, maybe destined to forever walk alone Mallow gazed out upon the plains around the outskirts of Ponyville.

His mind working furiously to resolve the deep issues buried in his mind, that had only recently decided to emerge, at possible the worse time. He couldn't figure out, who he was, what to do with himself, how he would live happily. The question that bothered him most of all, would he ever have anyone to spend it with. So many years alone Mallow longed for, someone, anyone. Submerged deep in the waters of thoughtful reflection, he gazed up into the night sky, as complex as it was. It was so beautiful it didn't need to be understood, he took it for what it was. And was forever grateful

Mallow wished he could take this concept and apply it to himself.

Or just maybe, someone could see him the way he saw the night, as it was. And love him for it.

Problematic snip

Though Quill's intentions were to derail their conversation from a duel of rapier wits, all he'd managed to do was change the rules. With such a revealing breakthrough, Quill was at last been given the leeway he'd needed to finally get on the good terms he'd like to have with Tumult. He paused for a moment, taking inventory of all the possible ways to approach this situation before he made a snap decision: he needed to cast aside the whole "social liaison" nonsense, what Tumult needed was a friend.

"Tumult, I've waited a long time to tell ya this..." He was aware that his next words were a leap of faith, but there was no way for him to weasel out of it after saying something like that. "...You're wrong." He could already feel her tense up at these words, but he quickly dismissed these anxieties with a wave of his hoof. "Rather, you're not entirely correct. Sure, all good things come at a price, but that price doesn't need to be payed at the bottom of the bottle. There isn't a substance out there that can do you the same service as a loyal friend." He moved the hat out of her face, flashing her a smile. "And no, a 'social liaison' just isn't going to cut it."

During their little moment, the two hadn't noticed the waiter come by with the bill. Quill pulled out his wallet and lay the total amount of money required for the meal on the check, as well as a more than generous tip for putting up with the two. While he was at it, he pulled a small card with the Foal Street Journal logo on it out of his wallet, placing it by Tumult's plate.

"That's my business card; it's got my phone number and address on it, and I come here most every morning for coffee. If you ever need someone to talk to, or just want to spend some time together, you know hoe to reach me. I'd love to stay and chat, but there's a pressing matter I need to attend to. I'll see you in the funny papers, my friend." He began to approach the exit before stopping to look back at her. "... One more thing: I want you to ask yourself if this wealth of brilliance of yours is worth suffering over. Moreover, what the point of this knowledge is if you have nothing to do with it and nopony to share it with." He continued on his way toward the exit, hopeful that his words would spark the change he'd been hoping to see since his first encounter with her.

"Neku. Neku Sakuraba. You have a spare bed, and I need a place to stay. I came here all the way from Japony to this town for peace and tranquility, and I'd argue that the library of a peaceful village is the perfect place to stay. In short, Ms. Sparkle, I'd like to rent your room. I'd pay for it."

I... what?

"You want to rent my spare room?" I ask. I know he said that, but he seems weirdly... angry about it. Why would he ask to rent a room if he didn't want to be here?

I'm not sure what else to say. Fortunately, at that moment, Spike walks into the room.

"Hey Twilight," Spike says, holding up a letter, "This just came. From Princess Luna! It's got a forwarding address to Fluttershy."

I blink. Wasn't expecting that either. What a strange day I'm having.

"...Don't worry 'bout it. How'd you end up with such a...nice little bunny companion anyway?"

Fluttershy giggles as Angel climbs on top of her head, and rests besides one of her ears. She sits on the floor, in front of Lionheart.

"Oh! Um... Well... It was kind of some time ago... um... Allright..."

She giggles, extending her hoof. Angel jumps to it, and she nuzzles him. She then keeps talking, while she lets him rest on the ground below her.

"Well, um... I was trotting around the Everfree forest, or at least the part that I know off... I wouldn't dare enter the darkest paths! But um... anyway, I was trotting by it, and, um, generally just walking around, enjoying the day, when suddenly... I heard noises! It seemed like little screams of help... and I was right! I rushed to see what they were!", says Fluttershy, with a little enthusiasm, before her eyes drift slowly to the ground.

"There were... a family. A family of snakes. It was being attacked by a terrible, awful cockatrice... that was the first time I had met one... I was... well, I was petrified. Literally. When I showed up to defend it, I got turned into stone. Turns out that whoever stares right into the cockatrice's eyes, turns into stone."

Fluttershy then giggled as she saw her pet bunny start jumping and kicking, mimicking that night.

"It was then that a very brave and cute bunny showed up. It tricked that cockatrice into staring right into itself, turning itself into stone! It freed me and the snakes, and the snakes all went to congratulate him, but... he seemed not to like them. I approached him and asked what was wrong. His cute little ears reared down, as he pointed to his home, not too far from it... turns out he didn't have a family, that poor thing! So I took him in! Well, not before freeing the cockatrice... Angel didn't really like it, but it wasn't that poor little thing's fault that she got turned into stone!"

Fluttershy smiles at the pegasus, as Angel climbs on her head again, and begins staring at Lionheart once more.

**Confound this weird pony snip**

Perfect, Neku thougth. She seemed aprehensive. Natural. He had basically broken in, after all. He needed to prove his worth. He took the opportunity as it presented itself.

"I can do it. Deliver the letter, I mean. To this 'Fluttershy'. Mainly just for the sake of doing it. Partially to win your confidence in order to be able to stay here."

He didn't see the need to avoid being blunt. He spoke what he thougth, he thougth what he spoke. It was simple logic to Neku.

And on that bombshell... snip

This was for thought, indeed, Tumult now regretted sharing such personal information with another pony... it brought about too many awkward questions which never seemed to yield the wanted answers. Indeed, the most aggravating thing about this outcome were the bizarre number of entirely subjective and un-scientific emotions that now appeared intent on clouding her judgement. A perceptive onlooker, for instance, may have noticed the slight rosy tinge to her otherwise pure white cheeks once Quill had removed her hat from her eyes.

So Tumult simply sat in a thoughtful silence as Golden Quill walked out of the café, gazing blankly at the little rectangular card that now lay on her plate. It appeared this new issue was going to take a great deal of thought and probably the majority of the night in order to correctly process and evaluate empirically... in fact, Tumult contemplated, attempting objective study of the suggestions made by Golden Quill may prove rather a rather interesting experiment.

Now firmly resolved to do this, Tumult abruptly broke out of her day-dream like state and left her seat, swiftly departing the café and heading towards her home, crate and card in tow. Whilst this new experiment had distracted her from her initial study of the Elements of Harmony, this hardly bothered her, Tumult only pursued the topic which held the greatest interest to her... and currently, the prospect of putting a value on friendship seemed the more so...

Snakes...why is it always snakes... snip

" you freed the thing that turned you to stone?!" Lionheart exclaimed, a little taken aback by this. Sure, being kind was one thing... but that was verging on suicidal! Still, he wasn't entirely surprised - in the brief hours that he'd truly known Fluttershy, it didn't take a great amount of effort to imagine her helping a potentially lethal creature. He smirked slightly; Lionheart couldn't help but think that if he'd have been the same situation that petrified Cockatrice would have been in bits the next morning.

"Well, guess that explains why the little things got such a...vibrant personality," Despite the fact that the rabbit was acting extremely cutesy around Fluttershy, Lionheart didn't let his guard down... the way that thing was staring at him with those devious little eyes; it looked like it was planning something. For all Lionheart knew, soon he could be on the receiving end of a bunny with big, pointy teeth and a vicious streak a mile wide...

Not that Lionheart was necessarily scared of Angel, in fact picturing the rabbit trying to attack Lionheart made him snigger; it was just that if this whole friendship thing with Fluttershy was going to work, he didn't want to have to beat up her "cute" little pet.

Now that the adrenaline of his previous flight was wearing off, these thoughts were swiftly overcome by the various aches and pains coursing through his body. Maybe he had pushed himself a little too far... Lionheart sighed, his wings were going to hurt like a ***** in the morning. None of this pain showed on his face though; Lionheart was, after all, an expert at hiding all weaknesses under the massive guise of his ego.

"Thanks for everything Fluttershy, but I should probably be heading back now, what with me being an early riser and all..." Lionheart paused momentarily, the thought of leaving the obviously lonely mare alone for the night going against everything he'd been taught of about "friendship"... but equally, a whole night filled with temptation would be risky as hell... "Unless, you know, you'd like me to stay?"

Eh, what could Lionheart say? He liked a challenge.

**Because, Mr. Jones, snakes are always the bad guys snip**

Angel's ears perked up as Lionheart talked about leaving. He had won. Without even doing anything. He couldn't help but start jumping, waving his arms around, celebrating on top of Fluttershy. He didn't even need all those cleverly-laid contraptions!

Fluttershy's ears perked up as Lionheart talked about leaving. She KNEW it was rather silly, even for somepony with an inflated ego as his. She quickly rushed up to him, laying him against the bed.

"Oh no! Um... that won't do! Lionheart, you're very hurt! I'm sorry, but, um... I must insist that you stay here!"

Fluttershy spoke with determination, as she always did when the subject was treating her friends. On top of her, the rabbit was kicking violently, telling her not to do it. She was ignoring him.

The small village was only about 23 kilometers south of Stalliongrad, even so it presented many characteristics of a Ponytariat state: it was hot indoors and cold out of them, buildings looked somewhat run-down due to divided workforce, revolt in larger cities beckoned the populace of smaller ones and left them empty and silent. It also meant that everything was hoof-made and of the finest quality, and it was here that MoonBrook would find everything a thief could want.

*He trotted into a wood-sided building with two floors. He could only assume the first was used for storing all the goods as the primary floor had only a wooden counter with a metal top spanning wall to wall opposite of the doorway. An earth pony with a large, white, mustache was hunched over scribbling in a large book with pages yellowed by time. The pony didn't look like he was going to speak first:*

"Sir, I understand you sell only hoof-made goods."

*The pony at the counter looked up, his mustache pulsating with his heavy breaths:*

"Yes, Glorious Ponies' hoof-made goods only are sold in my Glorious establishment; factories shall never again take identity from the ponies of Greater Stalliongrad."

*The counter was bare, save a wooden box with a lock on it, a half-full open cigar box, and a small handgun with 4 .45 ACP cartridges lying next to it. The shop owner was obviously not paranoid, but not stupid either.*

" understand you sell tools for climbing glaciers and icy mountains. I'm looking for just two picks and nothing more."

*He looked at the pistol on the counter and then back to the clerk:*

"And you don't happen to actually sell small arms here do you? I doubt anypony can make a working firearm by hoof."

"I have your ice picks, forged in this same Glorious village. The Gun? No, weapons are still brought here from factories, but they are for fighting, not selling; we use them for fight against cruelest government leaders in Stalliongrad."

"Then if you get guns from factories, do you have anything stored that is silent and non-lethal, like a tranquilizer gun?"

"Even great Ponytariat army must take prisoners some times. I do have a weapon for you, but only few dart for you."

"That's good enough, hopefully I will never need it."

"May I ask, what er you needing these goods for my Glorious, free customer?

*He pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and tried to light it with no more result than the last time:*

" you carry lighters?"

"I am sorry comrade, I do not."

*And with that, the clerk promptly disappeared up a tall flight of stairs to get the requested supplies out of storage.*

Wabbit season! Snip

Whilst outwardly the yellow Pegasus put on a show of lightly resisting Fluttershy's surprisingly firm insistence on his staying, inwardly Lionheart was bloody ecstatic that Fluttershy would allow him to stay; all of those injuries he'd accumulated in the past couple of hours were hurting a lot more than he was letting on. Hell, with the way Lionheart's wings were feeling, they'd probably come off if he were to attempt the return journey.

That and... there was something oddly reassuring about having a sleepover at a newly-found "friend's" house... besides the inevitably perverse thoughts that his mind revelled in conjuring up. It made him feel both like he was on the right track, with regard to making friends, and inexplicably happy. Celestia, he really was becoming a softie wasn't he... or maybe his definition of a "softie" was wrong...

"Well...if you insist, maybe I am feeling a little too crap to make it home..." A thought suddenly occurred to him, creating a bizarre combination of an entertained, cocky smile and a slightly guilty, embarrassed blush. "Erm... do you have a spare bed or something... wouldn't want to steal yours or anything... unless you're thinking of something else?"

Lionheart almost facehooved, he didn't want to constantly blurt slightly suggestive things like this out, it was just a part of his still unquelled nature to speak before thinking things through entirely...

~After Lunch and a lovely afternoon unto evening~

The young filly and the Princess went along through the corridors of the Castle. Their destintation was unknown to Indigo, but it was a simple journey spending time with her mother and seeing the life at the castle she rarely experiences...

"Indigo...I want to show you something special..." Princess Luna said her daughter with a smile. "Follow me..." The young mother says to the filly as she heads down the hallway.

"Hmmm..." went Indigo in a deep thought. She did want to have a special evening with her mother before she had to go. "Ok!" said the young filly with a big smile as she followed her mother.

As the mother and child made their way through the castle, Indigo began to notice little things that peppered the way. There was lanterns shimmering with a light like her nightlight in her room, and there was streamers decorating the walls.

She even saw a stray balloon that caught itself on the ceiling...

"Indigo..." Luna told to her daughter, taking her hoof in hers. "I want you to close your eyes from this point onward." Indigo complied, closing her eyes with a slightly worried look on her face.

Her mother lead her onward, opening a door and leading her into a room. Using her Telekenesis and pulling the chair out for her daughter. "Sit here...You're going to be alone for a while. I'm going to be letting your hoof go now, and I want you to be a big girl for your mommy while I go...keep your eyes closed~" she said as she let Indigo's hoof go. The young filly smiled and held her chest high in wait for her mother.

She waited...

and waitied...

and waitied...

"....Mommy?" Indigo called out softly, but she got no answer. It was a long time the young filly waited.

Indigo began to feel alone...she called out for Diabora, but not even he responded.

Indigo was alone...completely alone.

*Mommy...where are you?* Indigo whimpered out loudly now, about to be in tears at the fact she was alone.

Suddenly...she began to feel hoofsteps.

"Mommy!?!" Indigo called out again, this time with hope in her voice.

"Here I am dearie." her mother's voice said as Indigo began to feel a hoof down her mane. " you feel any different?" Princess Luna asks in a mysterious tone.

*Different?* Indigo repeated in her mind. The question...actually intriuged her. "I...didn't cry." she said to her mother in reply as a tear fell down the filly's cheek

"Well..." her mother said as she wiped the tear with a soft cloth. "You're right about that Indigo...and that's very grown up of you not to cry while Mommy was away." she said to her with a nuzzle of her cheek

"Indigo...I want you to open your eyes now."

**Pegasus season**

"Um...", Fluttershy uttered, pointing to where the pegasus was sitting - an oval bed. She giggles.

"I have more than one bed, Lionheart. Lots of creatures normally sleep here, and I have to keep them confortable. My bed is upstairs... um... it's much more confortable, so, if you want to sleep in there, I wouldn't mind sleeping in this one."

Fluttershy said, smiling. Angel perked up at her offer - it could ruin his plans if the pegasus chose the wrong bed!

Perfect, Neku thougth. She seemed aprehensive. Natural. He had basically broken in, after all. He needed to prove his worth. He took the opportunity as it presented itself.

"I can do it. Deliver the letter, I mean. To this 'Fluttershy'. Mainly just for the sake of doing it. Partially to win your confidence in order to be able to stay here."

"Right," I reply, frowning. "Um, I mean, that would be great except for one thing - do you even know who Fluttershy is?" How does he plan to deliver a letter to someone if he doesn't know anyone in town.

"How about we both go, and you tell me a little more about yourself," I suggest. "I could introduce you around the town a little. Since you'll be spending time here anyway, you should make some friends." Just like I did. I wonder if Pinkie Pie would help me out with this - she loves throwing parties, I can't imagine she wouldn't want to throw one for this newcomer, even if he is a little strange.

**not so easy snip**

Neku's facial expression doesn't change, and he doesn't move a muscle. He simply replies to her, not even making eye contact with her.

"I'd ask you, Ms. Sparkle. I don't need to know ponies to make chores for them.", replied Neku, with a dead tone, much like he had been for the entire conversation.

Then, Twilight talks about making friends, and introducing. "...friends...?"

He finally lifts his dormant gaze, looking Twilight straight in the eyes. His eyes were empty, full of life, but empty of emotions.

"I want a peaceful life, reading my books, and enjoying life, Ms. Sparkle. Friends fall on that category, but are nothing but a way to waste time. Making friends is the least of my problems, is the least of my needs, and is definetly not one of the things I most desire."

Neku slowly gazes to the floor again, and closes his eyes. He slowly puts on his headphones, without tapping them - They were useful to him. Ponies thougth he was listening to music, and didn't bother him. Perfect. He rarely even heard music on it, it was mostly to avoid the annoyance of talking to other ponies.

"Despite that, I accept your offer of meeting the townsfolk.", he coldly said, approaching the window. He looked up - it was getting dark.

"Dusk has arrived, Ms. Twilight. We should deliver this letter tomorrow", said Neku, giggling lightly and slowly from his inside joke, and turning to Twilight, still looking into her eyes with the same bored gaze he gave her earlier, "Unless it is urgent."


Phew, Fluttershy still seemed innocent enough to remain complete oblivious to the automatic, slightly suggestive responses he'd been accidentally making; least that made this whole making friends thing a hell of a lot less complicated...even if said obliviousness was a little bit of a blow to his pride...

Whilst he was thankful for everything Fluttershy had so far done for him, there was a limit to the amount of care Lionheart's ego was willing to endure; and taking Fluttershy's own bed was certainly past this imaginary line.

"Nah, I'll past on that - I'm used to sleeping on the ground, so any bed is more than comfortable enough," That, and Lionheart had already been practically forced to lie down on it by Fluttershy when he'd considered leaving. Swallowing his pride for the moment, Lionheart decided that now would be the best time to express his gratitude. "Oh, and 'Shy, thanks for all of this stuff... don't think I've ever met somepony as crazily kind as you... it's a nice change,"

Mallow had decided, that was enough for one night, but he would definitely come back he tomorrow. Maybe every night...He wondered if anyone else had ever curled down beneath this old willow tree before him, maybe some like-minded pony had once curled between these roots of contemplation among fireflies and moonlight?

He slowly got to his hoofs and shook of the dust, his scraggy white coat rarely looked any different no matter how much dirt it amassed, it wasn't really a coat, more a few white hairs coving a large amount of scars. the same went for his wings, although at the tips red still shone through, reminiscent of his glorious old coat. But those days were gone. He began his slow flight home

He decided to go the long way, the night was still young and beautiful.

He began his long flight home.

He first came across a delightful little cottage, a thatch roof, with several animal coups and pens outside. He assumed the 2 Ponies he saw earlier, in the rather intimate position, were currently situated inside. Two sillouetes could be seen through the upstairs window, the cottage beamed a warm glow. An almost eerily inviting sense could be felt as he flew by, he heard giggles as he departed the area, what could they be up to? Mallow wondered, trying to suppress any...Uncivilised thoughts...

After flying a short while longer, he came across a farm, well, an apple farm it seemed. Rather than a farm, more an orchard with a barn, nevertheless it looked wonderful! Shiny apples could be seen by the cart load, all handsomely reflecting the pearly white opal that hung delicately behind the barn. Almost a scene from some romantic movie Mallow could imagine, not that he ever watched movies. Well not that he admitted, Mallow had seen thousands, but with nobody to go with he went in secret! More silloutes could be seen through the warm glow of the lights inside. through one, flowing hair could be seen falling, as it was let loose from its tied position, he hung perfectly around the Pony inside. An almost perfect figure, he imagined the Pony inside to be a hard working dependable kinda girl, someone you could trust. Mallow longed for someone like this, someone who just maybe, could look after him! Farm life had always appealed to him, simple yet demanding work that was never in short supply, working around nature too. It was almost a dream like scene. It was obvious more than one Pony lived in the old house, too big for just one. He better get going before someone sees him, he didn't belong there after all! But he hoped he would one day be able to meet her...

Towards Ponyville Mallow headed! flying quite low and at a gentle pace he flew through the main street. He saw a familiar amber Pony walking tiredly out of a restaurant, ah...It was Tumult, did she see him fly into the window earlier? Ah well he might as well say hi!

Hmmm, what's this? He actually thought she would be OK with Mallow randomly saying hi? No way! he was just the strange Pony from the post office, she most likely never wanted to see him again, yet Mallow was surprised at his own thoughts! Having enough confidence to think it! Why shouldn't he follow though? Well here goes nothing!

Erm...Hi Tumult...It Erm...Me Mallow from the post office...We spoke earlier? It quite late! Are you alright?...Erm if you don't mind me asking and all...I mean you probably don't want to talk to me after earlier though...But I guess I though I should ask, you know, to be friendly? But your obviously going home so I don't want to get in your way

Gah there he goes talking too much, why couldn't he just say hi! Argh! He saw Golden Quill ahead too, he might as well go say hi to him as well, wow. Mallow's confidence had perked up significantly. Although he still thought no higher of himself, and there's another thing, had Golden Quill and Tumult gone on a date? Hmmm So many Questions...Golden seems kinder, maybe he could actually strike up a conversation with someone for the first time, he imagined Tumult was just about to quickly answer and shrug him off.

Strange, was Mallow getting better? Hmmm...Maybe? He had done a lot of thinking today, maybe he should just act and not worry! Yeah! Maybe he might try that more often, sure it will lead to more mistakes but surely more friends! And cool stuff! Yeah! Maybe even a Rela...Nah...He was getting ahead of himself, friends was a long shot at best! Nobody could ever fall in love with Mallow.

"Despite that, I accept your offer of meeting the townsfolk.", he coldly said, approaching the window. He looked up - it was getting dark.
"Dusk has arrived, Ms. Twilight. We should deliver this letter tomorrow", said Neku, giggling lightly and slowly from his inside joke, and turning to Twilight, still looking into her eyes with the same bored gaze he gave her earlier, "Unless it is urgent."

Wow. He's even worse than I was when I first came to Ponyville. At least, I think he must be worse. I was never that bad.

Was I?

Anyway, that's a good point. I check the letter. "Um, it looks like Princess Luna wants this delivered as soon as possible. We should take it over before it gets any darker."

I head to the door. "You coming? I can show you the sights without slowing us down."

Funky Flump:

Tumult's mind was as preoccupied as usual as she continued her brisk trot towards her ever-so homely home; most of which comprised solely of thoughts in their most raw, unrefined form which would need deliberating and honing in order to become credible. There were simply so many things to consider at once; the potential utility of engaging in such a thing as friendship, the limitations such a constricting unity would inevitably create alongside their localised impact to her need for scientific study, Golden Quill's motives for suggesting such an idea, whether or not anything he suggested was plausible and/or credible... the list was practically endless.

It appeared that tonight would be a difficult and sleepless one for Tumult.

As a matter of fact, so preoccupied with these thoughts was Tumult that she barely noticed Mallow's call of greetings, it was only until she had practically collided with the Pegasus that she realised she was not the only pony walking along this path. Pausing in her tracks, Tumult briefly removed herself from the land of hypotheses and deep thought in order to note who this pony was and give an appropriately brief response.

"Mallow Ember, the new mail pony?" Her gaze narrowed slightly, was this not the overly-nervous one who had cowered behind the Post Office counter for the majority of their first encounter? The one who had stared at her in a rather wanton fashion? A stalker perhaps, waiting until she was alone to strike? No...his body language didn't suggest such a psychosis, far more likely to be a coincidental meeting. Still, it was rather strange how Mallow had undergone such a boost in confidence; but then again things tended to happen abnormally quickly within Ponyville.

"In answer to your question, yes, I'm fine - simply heading to my humble-abode for some thinking-space. Thank you for your concern but I should really be on my way," Tumult was about to continue on dismissively until a thought occurred to her, if later she were to try and gather information for research projects, said process would be made infinitely easier if other ponies perceived they were on good terms with her; so perhaps a little investment of effort was necessary - even if it ate into her thinking time.

"Also, don't apologise for your earlier actions, there is little need. It is nigh inevitable for a pony with a nervous disposition such as you, moving into a completely alien place among alien inhabitants to suffer from various forms of nervous breakdown. I don't hold grudges over such petty things that have little impact over me, unless holding said grudge brings forth an interesting reaction. At any rate, your common case of what is colloquially called "the jitters" will wear off soon enough; I'm told the citizens of Ponyville are of the "friendly" sort, so that should aid the process. But as I said, I have rather a lot on my mind so I must take my leave,"

Tumult nodded her head curtly to Mallow, satisfied that she had made a somewhat comforting enough speech in her own unique way; and kept on trotting with the birthday crate levitating along beside her.

"And Mallow, do try not to stare; it's flattering but a little disconcerting," Even with this mass of thoughts buzzing through her brain, Tumult couldn't help but add such a quip at the end, doing so was pretty much second-nature to the Unicorn.

*ivaan was somewhere on the outskirt of the town underneath a tree he was surprisingly tired even though it wasn't that late into the night. Flash already fell asleep due to bird naturally sleeping when it's dark. after about 30 minutes he fell asleep.

Ouch....Harsh Snip

Mallow, half expecting Tumult not to reply whatsoever was shocked when he heard what she said. It took him a second to process.

"Erm...Don't...Stare...Erm...Oh Erm Im sorry I didn't mean..."

It was to late, she had already set off, ouch.

Mallow liked Tumult quite a lot for some odd reason, it was something about her that drew him in...But obviously she thought of him as nothing more than an annoying child, serves him right for thinking he could talk to such a pony on friendly terms. Stupid...why didn't he just avoid people like he normally did.

The whole night of thinking and trying to discover confidence within himself, gone, pointless! Would he even bother talking to Golden Quill now? Tumult and Golden were both friends so it's highly likely he would act the same way, undecided Mallow hung about watching Tumult get further away, still slightly in shock and utterly depressed again. Mallow was again, confused, about everything!

Funky Flump:
Ooops :P Snip

Dimly overhearing Mallow's stuttering response, Tumult paused, sighing as if annoyed; it appeared the Pegasus had misunderstood her... understandable, given how abrasive she usually came across. Any other day, Tumult really wouldn't have care and simply mended the damage when it was necessary; but as Tumult was at least trying to get on more ponies good side, she concluded that apologising would be wise. She turned back to face the disheartened looking mail pony. Furthermore, given Mallow's rather prevalent personality; her reaction would have shattered the little bit of confidence he'd built up over the past day.

"It was a joke, Mallow; I have a tendency to come off as a little abrasive at the best of times, so do not take it too seriously. Don't let such a thing as that hamper your new-found confidence. Now, if you don't need anything else, I have a rather busy night in the works..."

Im Actually Burnt Everywhere...Snip

Mallow, this time quicker on the draw, responded!

"Oh Erm...Sorry...And Erm...Ok! Have a safe trip...Please, oh unless you want it to be dangerous...Erm then just ignore me, sorry!

More pleased with this than he was the last, Mallow watched Tumult trot away, were does she live?...GAH What was he thinking! Mallow wasn't a stalker! But...That amber mane and tail...So beauti...No! Stop Staring! Especially there! She Is Not Interested! Jeez!

Wondering what to do now, he remembered Golden Quill in the distance. Should he go say hi? Hmmm...He didn't think so, he hasn't delivered the package yet so he didn't want Golden to ask him how it went! Yeah, Golden was most likely, like Tumult, tired and heading home, its quite late after all!

So he began flying off towards his house. A thought crossed his mind, where does Arc live? Maybe he would see some tell-tale signs of his if he flew lower in between the houses. Surely it must be quite fancy, him being a architect and all!

After flying low for a few minuets, he could see nothing. Maybe Arc lived out of town? Anyway he was almost home, the last landmark he saw was a large tree...House...Thingy! Ah so this was the library...Odd...He could see two ponies shadows, it looked like they were going to leave the house! Mallow quickly ducked under the tip of the triangular roof of a nearby house with a thud and peeked over, Mallow forgot about his totally visible and slightly glowing Mane that stood out against the night sky behind him! He hoped whoever was under this roof wasn't disturbed!

He waited for a second, were they going to leave? If not Mallow would make a swift exit!

Luckily they past by swiftly, and before he knew it he was back home, the warm smell of...ARGH BURNING! Mallow looked down to notice another one of his badly draw pictures burnt to cinders, this one was, or appeared to be, in its burnt state it was hard to tell. It appeared to be another pony, a mare. Most likely the kind Mallow dreamt about. Shame it was burnt, although it wasn't very good to begin with, he swept the ashed out of the door, and stumbled through the messy living room to his bedroom...So...Many...Stairs...Curse...You...Arc!

He collapsed into his large bed and pretty much instantly fell asleep! A fairly exiting day lay ahead of him!

I head to the door. "You coming? I can show you the sights without slowing us down."

Neku pauses to look around the library once more. It seems everything is in order, and the dragon seems to be a nice protector, or housekeeper, in this situation.

"Sure.", Neku says, showing at least a bit of enthusiasm for finally getting out of the house. He liked to read, sure, but he prefered moving. Moving a lot. Although he knew how to contain his needs, and didn't show them. He only ran when he needed to, even if he liked. He had learnt that he can't do what he like all the time.

He opened the door, and got out. He waited for Twilight at the entrance, making sure he was carrying everything, including his "bags" from the trip. In truth, Neku hadn't brought a single thing, besides his headphone and a cloth on his hoof. Given, what was inside the cloth was valuable to him, but no monetary value what so ever.

"Nah, I'll past on that - I'm used to sleeping on the ground, so any bed is more than comfortable enough. Oh, and 'Shy, thanks for all of this stuff... don't think I've ever met somepony as crazily kind as you... it's a nice change,"

Fluttershy grins warmly at the pegasus, for thanking her. She does this naturally, and always gets a thanks from ponies. She doesn't get it, but she accepts it anyway.

"Oh, um, that's fine, Lionheart. I just, um, you know, like being nice to everypony. It's the right thing to do, I mean."

On top of her, Angel sighs. He is glad Lionheart didn't take the upstairs bed, or it'd have ruined his plans. He just needs to wait for his mother to go to sleep.

Fluttershy looks at the window... it's almost night. She normally sleeps early, as the animals she tends to does so as well. She looks to Lionheart, smiling.

"Um... I think I'll be going to sleep now. But, um, I don't want to keep you from doing anything! You can walk around the house if you want to, and, um, there's food in the kitchen... um..."

She scratches her head, trying to think of something else. Finally, she shrugs and giggles.

"Well, I think I can stay a bit up, um, if you want me to."

Angel huffs.


"Nah", Lionheart replies nonchalantly, grinning, "I'm pretty wiped too, breaking in to a mare's house and being a general jack ass does that to a guy, 'specially the whole being awesome while doing so thing," He sighed, feigning exasperation , "Such is the life I lead,"

Truth is, he was pretty damn exhausted. Whilst Fluttershy had done a great job at tending to his injuries, every time he attempted to move his muscles protested with a new array of aches and pains. Plus, who knows what crazy stunts he'd pull on the pretty mare when his brain if he didn't go now he'd either wake up lying in the gutter with a sore and bruised face, or in the same bed as Fluttershy. Either outcome would put a strain on this potential new "friendship", albeit for slightly different reasons.

Lionheart shuddered at the memories of both eventualities occuring... but what happens at band camp, stays at band camp.

"But yeah, wouldn't want to keep you up unnecessarily or nothin'... so I'll see ya in the morning," Lionheart's face suddenly turned deadly serious.

[font color="Gold"]"I owe you big time for all this 'Shy... if you ever need a burly Pegasus, or just a friend, all you've gotta do is cool and I'll come a-flying,"

Debts were one of the few things in life that Lionheart took seriously.

"I owe you big time for all this 'Shy... if you ever need a burly Pegasus, or just a friend, all you've gotta do is call and I'll come a-flying."

Fluttershy smiled. She smiled sincerely, happily and lovingly as she heard Lionheart say those words. It seemed impossible for his ego. But he still did it. That was the power of kindness.

Fluttershy didn't say anything. Instead, she decided to break her own personality as well. She closed what little distance there was between her and Lionheart...

And hugged him. She was considering him a friend now, and that's all she wanted. After a while nuzzling against him, she drew back, getting off the bed. She was smiling once more.

"Good night, Lionheart.", she said, in a concerning tone. She turned around and slowly trotted upstairs to her room. Angel followed on her back, without looking back. He needed to make sure EVERYTHING was according to plan...

"Wingest Boner" Snip

Lionheart hadn't been expecting the hug; it took him completely off guard. The only way he could resist returning the gesture and then some was to completely freeze up; so Fluttershy couldn't have had an easy time hugging him. And the subsequent nuzzling...let's just say Fluttershy was lucky to get out while she did.

"Yeah...night," As the pink-maned Pegasus trotted away, she left him sitting against the oval bed with wings fully outstretched. "...Stupid things..." Lionheart muttered, staring disdainfully at his usually faithful wings.

Shaking it off, Lionheart collapsed against the relative comfort of the oval bed, distracting himself with the awesome successes that today had brought. At the very least, his mentor would be proud that he'd made friends and managed to avoid sleeping with a mare who was pretty much the opposite of his personality, least that showed he was getting a little more towards the "accepting" side of things.

...Or did it? Did he really simply "like" Fluttershy on a friend basis? Or was it something a lot shallower... little more than a natural attraction to a hot, potentially exploitable mare? Not that this thought occurred to Lionheart at the time; he completely viewed what had transpired as a pure success... but as Lionheart eventually fell into his usual, deep, snore-filled sleep... it was about this this would haunt his dreams for the night...

Master Scheme Time

Fluttershy fell asleep. Right on cue, according to his watch. His "friend" is probably falling asleep right now too, according to his calculations. The stress, fatigue and overall ego malabarism calculated by the tiny malevolent rabbit meant that he wanted to sleep, and fast. Everything was set. Everysingle thing. Angel smirked. It was time.

Feet by feet, inch by inch, Angel went downstairs. He was doing this not to wake Fluttershy, but rather not to wake his guest. He brought nothing but his watch and a checklist. The contents of the cheklist were the bunny's revenge, and he was going to follow it through. He reached the pegasus. Sleeping like a little colt... perfect for attack. But Angel wasn't going to attack. He sit in front of the bed, he had placed the trap. All he had to do now was...


...that. Little did the pegasus know, Angel had put a small trap on the foot of the bed. His time watching AJ on Fluttershy's back had been worth something - He had caught a live pegasus right on his own house. Lionheart was now dangling above his bed, his left back hoof being tightly gripped by a rope, its end on the ceiling up above.

The pegasus awoke, obviously. He was a nerve wreck, he started tossing himself around, in a pathetic attempt to be set free. It was worthless. And once he stared right into the rabbit again, he knew as such.

The rabbit took his checklist, and the pen behind his ear. With pure satisfaction, he ticked the first item on the list.

[X] - Take the bull by it's horns.

Step two was on its way, and he didn't waste time. He quickly took an apple on his tiny paw, rushed to the pegasus and, with all his tiny strength, jumped as high as he could and shoved the apple right into the pegasus' mouth. He stepped back, ticking another item off the checklist.

[X] - Silence the lamb.

He grinned as he saw the next item on the checklist...


Arc chose the moment the apple was shoved into Lionheart's mouth to finally knock on the door. For a moment, he waited, glancing back at Sly to see her cough lightly. "Hello? Fluttershy? I'm sorry to bother you, but Sly is a little sick!" There was no reply. Arc bit hit lip slightly and decided to try the door. If she wasn't up he knew where she kept the medicine anyway.

Finding the door unlocked, for some reason, Arc pushed it open slowly and peeked inside. "Flutter...shy...?" He started to trail off as he saw what was waiting inside. Angel, Fluttershy's rabbit, was grinning maliciously up at a trussed pegasus that Arc had never seen before. There was also an apple in his mouth. Arc was at a loss for words as he stared at the scene, the chilly night air curling into the house around him through the still open door.

**insert MGS alert noise**

Angel quickly looked back -- another pony??!! But how could that be?? His plan was flawle--


THE DOOR! It's never unlocked, and he didn't think about Fluttershy getting any visitors!

Angel didn't move. Didn't breath. He stared right into the pony's eyes. First with fear, but then... with anger. With hate. He turned around, and started walking towards the pony, determined. He reached his foot, he looked up.

He jumped.


He slammed the door right in the pony's face. That was going to wake his mother. He didn't have any time to waste. Step three needed to be concluded! But in another way, unfortunately. He quickly climbed the wooden structure of Fluttershy's cottage, to the end of the rope holding Lionheart. He didn't cut the rope.

He completed step three. The last, most malefical, step.


Angel kicked the bucket of ice cold water on top of a dangling Lionheart. He cackled maniacly as he saw Lionheart was now shivering, and that his wings were now soaked. He quickly took his checklist, and ticked the last item.

[X] - Teach the bird how to swim

He bit the rope. Lionheart fell down to the bed. But it wasn't a long drop. In fact, if Linoheart had extended his front hooves while dangling, he could have easily reached the bed. He just as quickly ran upstairs, and threw himself at his bed. His timing was exquisite. Fluttershy had just completely woken up.

"Oh my... maybe somepony is at the door, Angel."

Fluttershy was drowzy, but she picked herself up. She slowly trotted downstairs, and opened the door.

Holy crappoli snip

It took Lionheart but a few moments to realise he was dreaming; as the setting that he now found himself in was practically identical to the one he always did. Not that he could actually "see" anything specifically, his surrounding could be at best described as an amalgamation of distorted shapes and vibrant colours of varying hue... it was more the "feel" of the place... the sense of dread that accompanied his every forced journey here.

Soon enough, the memories began... they spawned spontaneously from all angles, creating an unavoidable cyclone of events better left untouched.

The torture began.

One would think that after experiencing these instances continuously for a lifetime would enable somepony as proud and strong-willed as Lionheart to build up a degree of resistance against the potency of the images that now swarmed his being with the ferocity and intensity of locusts. But each and every one of them caused more pain than a rib-breaking buck to the chest; each one tried to penetrate deep enough to instil upon Lionheart for whom and for what he was changing for... and more importantly how far left he had to go.

It was a self-taught method, funnily enough, to keep himself on track. Yet he always woke feeling like a broken, sham of his former self.

This time he not only woke up feeling in this complete and utter state of despair, but also inverted, with an apple shoved in his jaws, staring directly at a cute little bunny with murder in its eyes. Needless to say, for a few moments Lionheart flailed like a new born foal.... but once he became a little more aware of his surrounding, anger quickly began to replace fear.

"Mmpphh!" Lionheart exclaimed, a word which I am not at liberty to translate, desperately trying to clobber Angel who was mere centimetres out of reach.

Then another pony entered the room, gaping at the scene before him. Lionheart glared at this new pony, briskly pointing at the scroll clutching rabbit with a fore-hoof and then proceeding to slide it across his neck; hoping that this pony understood the message.

But that devious little prick quickly slammed the door in the new pony's face, before proceeding to dowse Lionheart in freezing water AND THEN cutting the rope which held him above the bed.

Completely drenched from head to hoof, lying in a heap on the oval bed...Lionheart's eye twitched. It was time to go carnivore. He was going to rip that thing into pieces, rip those pieces into even smaller pieces, tenderise them, burn them, destroy them

But, that's EXACTLY what the rabbit wanted... this thing was smart... this thing had a GAME. If he went ape-shit now, he'd be playing directly into the evil little things hooves...hands...paws, whatever! So instead, how 'bout doing something that the thing wouldn't predict? Lionheart laughed a little...and then a lot, until it reached a crescendo of almost crazed laughter. He WAS smarter than some woodland critter!

Lionheart got up with a deathly calm, limped over to the door, and opened it... coughing up a little bit of water in the process, but still trying to look as cool and confident as usual.

"G'morning...or evening...can I help you...?" Lionheart said these words through clenched teeth, barely containing the rage inside of him.



Arc stared. He... what had he seen?!The rabbit had slammed the door in his face and still he had been frozen in place. Only when Sly coughed gain did he snap out of it. Just as he was going for the door handle again, the door opened for him, revealing a sopping wet version of the pegasus he had just seen trussed up.

"Weren't you just-" he began to say before Lionheart spoke and he blinked at him. "Uhm. Yes-" Arc started to speak again but then Fluttershy descending the stairs behind the pegasus.

"Ah. Fluttershy, did I wake you?" Arc asked her but thought to himself, Or did that insane rabbit do that...?" Arc glanced about quickly and did not see Angel anywhere, so he had to assume that the little devil had managed to make his escape secretly.

"I'm sorry to drop by so late, but Sly just came home and she has a nasty cough. I was hoping maybe you could take a look at her?" In a much quieter voice, Arc adressed the pegasus he didn't know, "Did I actually see what I just think I saw...?"



Fluttershy blinked. More than once. She was too drowzy to notice Lionheart was wet. All she wanted was to go to bed, but somepony needed her, and she'd never be rude to anypony.

"Oh! Um... of course! Um, give him here to me."

Fluttershy extends her hoofs, and the fox is put on her care. She quickly, though drowzily, flies to the kitchen counter. She put her gently on top of it, and took the first aid kit on the wall besides it. She took her temperature first - She had a cold. She knew exactly what to do then, even while sleepy.



Lionheart stared blankly at Arc,

"No." He said grimly, a hint of mania still clinging to his voice, "You didn't see that. Ever. Clear?" And then, once Fluttershy wearily walked out of the room, "But if you happen to see a little white rabbit, tell the thing it's days our numbered..."

Awkwardly, Lionheart swivelled around and limped back a little bit, eyes scouring the wooden room for any trace of the over-protective soon-to-be mince meat rabbit.

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