Voyage of the Lost Fleet, a space RP (Closed)

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'In a parallel universe, the planet Earth spun around the sun. There was no sign of human civilisation, for it did not exist. This multiverse was free of the terrible destructive influence of Humanity. But not anymore. Dimensional rips in the fabric of space and time occurred over what was in a different multiverse, the country of Australia. Some began to flutter and wain, whilst others burned with a bright haze, displaying a wonderfully frightening yet beautiful mosaic of colours. When looked into, each rip showed a starship from a fictional (to us...) setting. Higher beings, some might call them Gods, began to take bets on which ships would heed the call and form the Lost Fleet.'

The Voyage of the Lost Fleet is an RP about the antics of a Fleet of starships from any and all works of fiction, ranging from Star Wars to Halo to the Honor Harrington series of books. Movies, Books, TV, Video Games, Anime, you name it. Anyone can join, with any ship! The aim of this RP is to have fun, and form a Fleet out of our favourite ships and go into any situation that you guys want. That could include everybody blowing everybody else up and starting again if we want! However, I will endeavour to provide the plot as GM, though I will allow infighting/drama between the Fleet if it is fun/funny to everyone.

1. Any Starship is allowed, from any series you can think of, AS LONG AS you fill out the Ship Sheet and supply a (spoilered) picture.
3. As you submit your Ship Sheets, please take into consideration that this is going to be semi to fully realistic. For example, if you captain a small frigate, don't expect to be able to take on a Capital Class ship and win, regardless of the settings and/or superweapons your ship may have.
4. ANYBODY who starts up any form of Fanboyism with regards to the "My ship beats yours because I've got phasers ZOMG PEW PEW PEW! Etc, Etc," debate WILL BE REPORTED. There are whole entire sections of the Internet dedicated to that, we don't need that flame war here!
5. I will only allow one ship of each class from each setting. Even though I'm aiming for the bigger ships, I will NOT allow multiple Star Destroyers and Enterprise-C/D/whatever's. If we each have a different ship, then it'll make it more interesting for all of us. I will have the final say on whether the ship is different enough to include. EXAMPLE: I would call the Enterprise-D and the Voyager different enough to include, but not the Enterprise-C and Enterprise-D.

Joining Instructions
Post your Ship Sheet in a spoiler box, and then write a short introduction of your ship having a dimensional portal appear in front of it and dive in! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Good Luck and Good Hunting!


Ships of the Lost Fleet
Ship Sheets will go here, I will repost each ship here for easy reference.

Opening Post of the Voyage of the Lost Fleet
Captain Ford stepped onto the command bridge of the Gracemeria, sipping his coffee. The day had just begun, and his ship was coming to life as crew began to man their posts. He listened into the radio chatter as the night Combat Air Patrol prepared to land and get some rest as new fighters were sent up. "Attention on deck!" A young midshipman called, saluting the Captain. Ford saluted back and called out "At ease, carry on!" to the now stiffened crew on the bridge. They relaxed and went back to work, chatter resuming as Ford moved to his desk near the main window. As Captain Ford reached his desk, a giant blue circle opened in front of the Gracemeria. "What the hell?" he said as the rest of the crew in the bridge noticed it as well. Out of nowhere 3 Imperial Class Star Destroyers jumped in, creating utter chaos on the bridge. "We're doomed! We can't stand against the firepower of 3 Star Destroyers!" someone shouted in despair.

"BULLSHIT!" Captain Ford roared, slamming his fist onto the table. "Comms, get onto the Commander Air Group, and tell him I want ALL his birds landed YESTERDAY! Navigation, plot us a quick blind jump out of here, then to 4th Fleet Headquarters! Weapons, get the main turbolaser batteries online and shooting!"

"Sir!" Navigation shouted back. "I can't get the Hyperdrive active, something's wrong!"
"Our shields will not hold out against 3 Star Destroyers, get it working!" Weapons shouted out.
Comms relayed her information to the CAG and then reported back to Ford. "Sir, CAG reports all fighters down and accounted for."
Ford turned to the front window and looked deep into the swirling blue circle, a dimensional rip in time and space. "So the legends are true..." he murmured to himself. He snapped back to the bridge crew and the task at hand. "Navigation! All Ahead Full, plot us straight into that blue rip dead ahead! Death behind us and Death before us, and I choose to face Death not get shot in the back by him! To Infinity, and Beyond!" Captain Kenneth Ford of the Gracemeria cried as the ship sped into the blue abyss... And sailed right out the other side, unscathed. The dimensional rip closed neatly behind them, sealing off the 3 enemy Star Destroyers.
"Comms, get the CAG to put up a double CAP, right away. Weapons, keep those batteries hot and ready. Navigation, please find out just where the hell we are!" Captain Ford ordered quietly.

Below Gracemeria the planet Earth sparkled a majestic blue and green, sapphire and emerald.

So can we play as our own races? Cause I have some idea I think could work but i would need to be a race i made up.

So can we play as our own races? Cause I have some idea I think could work but i would need to be a race i made up.

Simply put, No. Made up races are not what I had in mind when starting this RP. I want the ship that each person chooses to be unique but pre-existing. The idea was for spaceships from all different kinds of games, books and movies to gather and duke it out against various other ships thrown against them/each other.


So can we play as our own races? Cause I have some idea I think could work but i would need to be a race i made up.

Simply put, No. Made up races are not what I had in mind when starting this RP. I want the ship that each person chooses to be unique but pre-existing. The idea was for spaceships from all different kinds of games, books and movies to gather and duke it out against various other ships thrown against them/each other.

then forget i said anything thing.

Ignore me I say!

Shall put in pics on the 16th

"Status check T'hel" Ma shouted (everyone refers to him as Ma, ironic right?). "Ma, something has appeared on scanner" t'hel said " pull it up on visual" shouted Ma, suddenly a large blue vortex appeared on the screen. "our mission is to fly through it and explore it" he said "it could be a stronghold for them, we must go through while we're still undetected. Nard take us through." he commanded. The sleek ship moved through the portal and the portal closed after them. Appearing on the other side above a beautiful tier 4 terraformed planet completely untouched by civilization. "what is this?" Ma stared out the window at the vast planet below. After a few minutes, a realization set in. "Hail Captain Ox. Send code word Echo Delta Minor! He should be in the strategy room." A few minutes later Captain Ox was in the bridge "Ma what is the EDM for?" Ox asked "Take a look out the window Ox" Ma said gesturing to the window. Ox walked over to the window and asked "Is that what I think it is?" Ma walked over to him and put his hand on Ox's shoulder "Yes, Earth. We picked up no signals or orbiting objects let alone village on the surface. Not even other ships in the area." "sherry to interrupt Ma but we just received an unknown contact on the opposite side of the planet." T'hel said "Battle stations everyone, I want Radio silence." Ma looked at Ox " I need you on your ship and ready to go at once. Understand?" "Yes Ma" replied Ox. " i want any radio transmissions sent out to the First Light to be be run by me and sent only if I allow it!" Ma was shouting. "Ox you are clear to depart I want you to get a lock on with the Mac then Hail them on Coms if theres even a sign of aggression radio back and we'll jump in behind them." Ma said as the final message went through. He didn't need Ox to reply after doing this for a year they understood each other enough and were friends.[i]it's in your hands now Ox my friend.[/I]
after getting a lock on the ship they hailed her "This is captain Ox of the United Nations Space Command Defense Force. Any hostilities will be met with complete annihilation. Failure to Respond to this Message will result in boarding. State your species and ships purpose. Do not deploy any craft or you will be fired upon."

Captain Ford gazed out his main window at the planet below. They had scanned it and no records of it had shown up on database, confusing the captain and his crew. "Captain, Hyperspace jump detected! Holy crap sir, it's huge!" Navigation shouted. Captain Ford jumped into action, giving out orders left right and center. "Bring all weapons online, do not fire unless fired upon! Bring the ship around from behind the planet, but slowly! Prep all fighters for launch, and keep the fighters already up close to us, I don't want those flyboys to spark a shootout!"

As the Gracemeria came into view of the Assault Carrier and the tiny Frigate before it, Ford let out a gasp. Its designs were completely foreign to him, although the little frigate before him looked more like something similar he knew. "Sir, we're being hailed!" Comms called out.
"Put it through!" Ford barked.

A voice came through the bridge speakers. "This is Captain Ox of the United Nations Space Command Defense Force. Any hostilities will be met with complete annihilation. Failure to Respond to this Message will result in boarding. State your species and ships purpose. Do not deploy any craft or you will be fired upon."

Comms nodded to Ford, silently telling him he could reply at the holotransmitter. Ford hit the transmit button and began. "To Captain Ox, I am Captain Ford of the New Galactic Republic Navy Ship Gracemeria. We are human and not hostile. I have a Combat Air Patrol of 32 X-Wing Space superiority fighters already deployed, protecting my ship and I will not land them. Any hostilities on your behalf will be met with equal retribution on ours, but I don't want a fight. What is your affiliation with the giant ship behind you, and I have never heard of your 'United Nations Space Command Defense Force' either. Do you support the New Republic or the Imperial Remnant?"
Ford let go of the transmit button and turned to Engineering. "I want all the reactor power you can muster to the main forward batteries and the forward shields in case this goes south!"

Ox shouts to his comms man " Tell Ma to jump ahead, he's talking about supporting things I've never head of." *over on the Incorruptible Light* "Prepare to jump to right in behind them, I Want The Incorruptible to shadow them, Thar jump ahead." Ma ordered. The entire ship lurched ahead and appeared right behind the other ship. "begin transmitting to Ox. Ox I want you to talk to them, since their human it's reason enough to hold fire." *back on the First Light* "ok people we got Ma's orders so hail them again. Again this is Captain Ox Of the UNSC, your captain shall be brought aboard the Ship in an escort that we'll send, if you fail to comply My friends in the ship directly behind you now will cut your ship in half understood?" Ox sat back down in his chair " Dispatch three pelicans to the ship two loaded with ODSTs. Have an Elite in the third, let's surprise them."

Ma looks at the weird ship, never seeing anything like it before. He then starts laughing it's "1/3 our size. Still interesting design though, too many weak spots for me. Would never dream of Commanding something with a bridge so exposed like that." he spoke out loudly to none of the crew in particular.

Captain Ford looked around at his bridge crew with a frown. "I don't like being dictated to. Get the XO up here now, and send 4 X-Wings to escort those 3 UNSC boarding craft they launched away from us. Commander Air Group, be prepared to launch all fighters at a moment's notice. Weapons, hold steady but be ready to fire all batteries." Ford ordered, then turned back to the holotransmitter. Thumbing the switch he began to talk to the UNSC ships. "This is Captain Ford commanding the Gracemeria, to all UNSC ships. I am expressing my right to defend my ship and crew from aggression as stated in the New Republic Navy Charter. I am sending 4 fighters to escort back your boarding craft to your ship. If you want to meet, I suggest you and the captain of the larger ship meet me down on the planet itself. The Gracemeria only jumped here through a giant blue portal to escape 3 enemy Imperial Star Destroyers, who would have destroyed us easily. We do not know where in the known galaxy we are and are trying to get back home.

I ask that you stop issuing demands and STAND DOWN and talk. I have no intent to start a shooting war against a ship 3 times our size and a ship half our size, with unknown weapons and shields. But, anger will be met with anger, fire with fire. Gracemeria awaits your response Captain Ox."

"i respect you wanting to meet on the planet itself but this is another galaxy or dimension because that planet is called earth and the way i knew it it had a population of 10 billion people and currently its uninhabited. The current situation is unknown where we are or when we are.Also you yourself are in no position to be making compromises, even you pointed it out. Sorry if i sound aggressive but it is the style of orders we were trained to give. please pull back the fighters and safe passage is promised, in hopes of convincing you i shall let you bring 9 of your best soldiers along. I am alot more generioua than my alien Sangheili friends in the other ship.Human to Human. Im asking you to please reconsider" Ox said then stopped transmitting. "i hope he reconsiders"

"Captain Ox, send your transport. One transport. I will come and talk, face to face with you and the captain of the giant ship. I am standing down my crew and main guns, but I will leave the fighter screen up. Gracemera will form up on your ship's left flank and hold position there as you escort us to the other ship. I will come alone, and let us sort out where we are and why we are here. Captain Ford out."

Captain Ford turned to his XO, who had just entered the bridge. "Commander Winsley, you have the ship. It seems I have a dinner date." Ford said. Commander Winsley saluted and nodded, taking command. Ford raced off to his cabin to change into his Service Dress uniform, the resplendant white and red of the New Republic Navy. he donned his Captain's hat and made his way to the hanger deck. As he arrived, a single Pelican entered the hanger and landed, its doors opening to reveal 4 UNSC marines. A young UNSC lieutenant steeped out and saluted. "This way Captain Ford, and we'll get back to our ship. As Ford stepped up into the Pelican and took a seat, he noticed that the UNSC forces still used ballistic firearms. He fought the urge to rest his hand on the non-regulation DL44 blaster pistol in his holster. The marines jumped back in and the pilot took off, trying to be gentle but still providing a shaky ride as he manouvered out of the hanger and back out towards the UNSC frigate. Everyone was on edge, and the marine next to Ford pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He fumbled and dropped the lighter which skittered across the deck into the pilot's section. The marine sighed and went to put his cigarette away. Ford reached into his jacket pokect and pulled out his own lighter and lit it up for the marine. The marine smiled and lit his cig, taking a puff and smiling. He offered the pack to Ford who grinned and reached back into his pocket, pulling out a silver cigar case. "The Finest cigars, made on the Kantrel moons. I keep em for special occasions. Does your captain smoke?"

The tension was instantly broken and everyone in the Pelican looked at ease. At least Ford did, at any rate.

Ox finally relaxed and started heading to the hangar bay to greet this commander "Ford". after getting there he radioed to his comm man and said: "Tell the Gracemera to maintain her orbit and not follow also tell ma to prepare the bay for a meeting" shortly afterwords the pelican containing Captain Ford landed. Moving towards the rear of the pelican and waiting for the door to lower with an ODST to his right and a spec-op elite to his left. after the door dropped Ox stepped forward and extended his Hand out for the man to shake "A pleasure to meet you, i've radioed your ship to maintain her orbit and we're going to go dock with The Incorruptible Light as long as you don't aggravate her commander "Ma'T'Da" (pronounced Mata) " They're more advanced than both our ships combined but we're old friends. so be respectful but relaxed." he explained. shortly after he radioed his pilot "take us in" and the frigate proceeded to move towards the Incorruptible

Ford nodded at Captain Ox. "I understand Captain. Before we meet Commander Ma'T'Da, do you have any drinks? I'm on edge and I could really do with a coffee. Oh wait, you probably don't know what coffee is, do you? Oh well, could you inform me on the correct protocol in meeting Commander Ma'T'Da? If he is alien, then they always have different ways than humans. Hell, I've met humans who could be called 'alien' before, they were that different."

"sure, we have coffee, decaf or regular?" ox said as they started to walk to the cargo bay "also Ma may be abit on edge, seeing that we're not in our universe anymore, and apparently neither are you. Also these "aliens" are know as the Sangeili. They work off a respect and honor system and treat others races of the same position as equals, so be relaxed but official and respectful. speaking of meeting Ma we're here" as he finished talking there was a great shudder in the ship. "Ma has a coffee maker in his bridge, he loves the stuff."

"Thanks for the heads up, Ox. Regular coffee if you've got it, black with 1 sugar. Just one more thing, is Ma'T'Da of the same rank as us or is he higher up, like an admiral? If his people go by honour and respect then he is all good in my book, that's how I work." Ford asked.
"He is a Ship Master, so of the same rank. His prestige is quite high however, he is a decorated war hero, so show respect and you'll be fine. Ahh, here we are." Ox said as he nodded to a marine at the cargo bay door. It opened and a ramp lowered to the deck of the Incorruptible Light's hanger bay, showing Ford the completely beautiful interior of the Covenant Assault Carrier. Ford was awestruck. "I've never seen a ship this beautiful in my entire career, and I've fought across the known galaxy with and against more alien races than I can remember, each with their own ships to offer to the Alliance. Wow."

Captain Ox moved down the ramp to the waiting Ship Master Ma'T'Da and shook his hand. "Ma, may I present the Captain of the Gracemeria, Captain Ford." Ford shook himself out of his reverie and turned to Ox and Ma, and saluted to Ma.
"Ship Master Ma'T'Da, Permission to come aboard, Sir?" Captain Ford asked, hoping to make a good first impression.

"permission granted Captain Ford" ma said holding his hand out, regarding the salute but wanting to be more formal "ford has instructed me on human culture in the years we've known each other and i believe a handshake would be more appropriate now. Also a first in the inter-species relationships from our "universe" as I'll call it, The Incorruptible & First Dawn are sister ships, being from separate class' this is unheard of before. But they were completed on the same day, are the first ships completed in peacetime and share technology, The Incorruptible has more stable and powerful reactors thanks to UNSC technology and The First Light has an advanced slipstream drive based off of The Incorruptible's please follow me to the bridge." they started towards the bridge "so you like coffee? i take mine Black, no sugar, wakes you up in the morning. That was smart directing all of your shields forward if you knew what the enemy was capable of, but you did not know our capabilities and that left a hole in your defenses that i could of exploited. Get smart if you want to survive. also if you're wondering how i knew it was your shield, we detected an increase in energy in the general area of the front of your ship, Try venting excess energy opposite the reinforcing shield to mask it." arriving at the bridge Ma ordered a coffee "Tell me about yourself Ford, also call me Ma" he said after taking a sip of his Coffee "Delicious"

"Well Ma, My name is Kenneth Ford, and I've been a ship captain with the New Republic since its first days. I fought with the Rebel Alliance against the Empire for 10 years before that. I've been in the Navy for almost 20 years now. I've commanded small frigates, Assault Frigates and now I've got my own Star Destroyer. I've led small flottilas in raiding attacks, and I've led fleets into battle against several Imperial Starfleets. As for your tactical insights with my shields, firstly I had no clue you could do intersystem hyperspace jumps at that precision so I was expecting a huge amount of forward firepower, and secondly, what excess power? Gracemeria is a Venator Class Star Destroyer, built back in the old days of the Clone Wars, before I was born. I can direct all her reactor power to any combination of shields, weapons and engines that I want, along with directional focus on the shields. Speaking of that, we should arrange to send each other the datasheets and capabilities of each ship."

"Also, given that we seem to be in a different universe altogether, if you have any starcharts I'd like to use them to find a logical place to jump to and explore, such as another UNSC world. We might find some answers there, as this planet seems empty. It's a prime world, ripe for colonisation though. And who would be in charge? I have many years of experience commanding fleets, but you've got the bigger ship, Ma. Oh, and your coffee is truly delightful, I haven't had coffee this good since I was on Naboo a couple of years back."

"We could try jumping to one of the Halo rings or the remnants of the ark. if they aren't there then its true. but if they are then we are in what you Humans call a "ClusterFuck" if im correct. please forgive my language but it would be the best description." Ma said finishing his coffee. "I'll send a copy of my ship data over with you on your return with my star charts. My suggestion is that we move out soon, and for the Leader i suggest we form a council of all the captains, it would be the fairest way and we all would be equal"

Sweat ran across John's forehead, and down his neck. It had looked to be an easy score, a Bajoran freighter plodding along the edge of the Badlands with not another vessel within range. It was too good a target to pass was also a trap. As soon as the Black Hand broke free of the ever present plasma storms, and made a demand for the freighters surrender, two Klingon Birds-of-Prey de-cloaked and opened fire. Now here they were dodging plasma storms, phaser bursts, and photon torpedoes, desperately try to stay alive.

"Partis, what's the status on our 'friends' back there?" John said, turning to his Romulan tactical officer. "Still with us I'm afraid, but one of them is dropping back. It looks like they may be having engine problems." Partis replied. John sighed, it was the first bit of good news he'd had in hours. "Uh, Capitan I've got...something." What now! "Well? What is it Jones?" He said looking to the young man at the main sensor console. "I have no idea; sensors can't make heads or tails of the readings." Jones replied. "Bringing it up on the main screen."

On the main viewer was a bright blue sphere that looked wholly out of place in the swirling orange mass of the Badlands. "Helm, bring us around whatever that is, but keep us on this general heading." "No can do Capitan." The helmsmen replied, "we've got storms all around us. They're hemming us in." Before John could say anything, a torpedo from one of the Klingon ships detonated in a nearby plasma storm. In an instant the shockwave of the blast caught the Black Hand and flung it into the anomaly.

"Status Report!"

"Um, wow...we're all green Capitan, no damage."

"Capitan, you might want to see this." "I see it Jones." All eyes on the bridge where fixed on the view screen. In front of them was Earth, but something was very wrong. There was no orbital traffic, no comm. chatter, and not even any lights on the planet below. That and there were three large warships in orbit very close by, none of them recognized by the ships computer. "Partis keep the shields up, but set the weapons to standby. We don't what to give these big boys a reason to start shooting."

"Ma another contact, this one smaller than the First Dawn." Thel shouted. Ma got up from his char and gestured for them to be hailed: "This is Ma'T'da of The Separatist Navy and UNSC. approach and if we're fired upon you shall be. Maneuver under the ship and we'll Deploy a Phantom for you to follow into our bay seeing as your ship doesn't seem to have a fighter/small craft bay at first scan." Ma said. Under the ship a phantom dropped out of a bay. "Failure to respond to this message, you will be deemed infected and destroyed." looking towards the direction of Ford and Ox, ma said " sorry for the interruption ford but things happen."

"Sir, we've got an incoming message, audio only."

"This is Ma'T'da of The Separatist Navy and UNSC. Approach and if we're fired upon you shall be. Maneuver under the ship and we'll deploy a Phantom for you to follow into our bay seeing as your ship doesn't seem to have a fighter/small craft bay at first scan. Failure to respond to this message, you will be deemed infected and destroyed."

"Oh fuck no." John whispered as he listened. "David" he said, looking at his comm. officer. "Throw them some comm. static. Make them think we're having problems."

"THIS...zzzz...HAND. WE ARshhhhh...SEL. DID NOzzzzzPY. PLEAS......ANDBY"

John smiled, That should buy us a bit of time. "Alright Partis, Rez. I want you to give me all you can on those ships, especially that little one heading towards us." As the Tactical and Science officers went to their tasks, he turned his command chair around to the console behind him where his XO stood. "I've got a fun job for you Joran. I want you to get a boarding party ready and stand by. If shit goes sour I'll try to beam you to their bridge, and with any luck you can grab some command staff before they kill us." Joran smiled. "Sure thing boss, this'll be fun." Nodding, the Trill left the bridge to gather his party.

Watching the sensor readouts he waited until the Phantom was about half way between the Black Hand and her mothership. "Alright Jones back us off slowly, but keep us bow to the little one. David send another message.""

"zzzIEN VESSEL, WHshhh......TION? ANY HOzzzLE WILL....zzz.....LETHAL FORCE."

"How's that Cap'n?" David said with a grin on his face. "Not bad, not bad" John chuckled, "So? Rex, Partis what've you got?" The Romulan, and the Bajoran looked at each other across the small bridge and shook their heads. "Well boss" Rez said, looking quite pale. "The big purple one is giving our sensors a hell of a time, so we really have no idea what she can do, but sufficed to say, she'd kill us. The other ones, well...our weapons do have more punch, but they could smother us in fire. So any way you look at it...what's that human expression? Ahh, we don't stand a snowballs chance in hell in a standup fight."

"Ma we got a message back but its too scrambled to make it out." T'hel said " send one more message " ma said. "Seeing as we got somewhat of a response I'll deem you non-hostile and ask you to join us on my ship. Again any hostility will be acted upon with 10 fold power, so please join us for some coffee, we're all out of place and we want to know what happened." he said finishing transmitting.

Ford pulled a small transmitter our of his pokect and signaled Gracemeria. "XO, stand the ship down from condition one. We are firguring things out, and there is no need to be hostile. Extend the Combat Air Patrol around all ships present, we are all friendlies. Also, load up our dataplans into an R2 unit and send it over in a Shuttle. Ford out." Ford then turned to Ma. "That was quick and decisive command of the situation there. I have my XO preparing a small robot with the dataplans for our ship and he will send it over in a shuttle. I'd like to stay to meet the captain of this new vessel as a Captain of the Council."

Ford raised his coffee mug in a mock salute. "Gentlemen, I hereby proclaim the Captain's Council of the Lost Fleet! Each captain gets one vote, and each vote is equal. To the Lost Fleet!"

John raised an eyebrow as the next message came through. "Well they seem friendly enough, and they're not Federation so that's a plus. I guess I'll do a face to face." Tapping the internal comm. panel he called the XO. "Bridge to Transporter Room. Stand down the boarding party Joran, they just want a meet and greet."

Leaving the bridge he made his way to his quarters. My mom always said to make a memorable fist impression. After a quick jump through a sonic shower, he changed into his 'meet & greet' clothes, which consisted of black leather boots, dark blue trousers, and a white t-shirt. Strapping on a cross draw holster he grabbed a Klingon disruptor, before throwing on his 'trophy jacket'. The jacket was a dark brown old style military tunic, with a metal plate from a Jem'Hadar ship curved over the left shoulder, various Klingon, and Cardassian badges on the chest, and six ketracel-white vials strapped to the right arm. He then added a black leather baldric over his back to carry a kar'takin. Satisfied, he made his way to the transporter pad.

"Transporter Room to Bridge. Do you know where to send me?" John asked. "Yeah boss, thanks to a bit of tweaking we've been able to get a pretty good read on all the ships. We're patching the bridge coordinates to the transporter now." As soon as the woman working the consol nodded, John smiled. "Hit it." A moment later he found himself on a bridge like nothing he'd ever seen before. "Wow, now that is impressive."

Ford quick drew his DL44 Blaster Pistol and had it pointed at the sudden newcomer in under 2 seconds. "How the Frak did you do that? Get your hands up and make no sudden moves!!!" Ford ordered. "Are you the captain of the new ship, the small one that just appeared, and how in the name of the seven hells did you get from your ship to in here???" Ford asked, his pistol still trained on Captain John Thuillier.

"Seeing as we all want to show our small arms i might as well show you people this" Ma said as he pulled out his Energy sword. "The ship Master who died in the 1st Battle of High Charity gave this to me along with command of the ship.its seen me through many a battle and is always reliable." ma said, then looking at the person who appeared in the bridge "nice trick,even we don't have warp capabilities of a single person. but i doubt your shields could hold out against our weapons, not even our own can. but please take a seat and have some coffee, My name is Ma'T'da but everyone calls me Ma and this is my ship The Incorruptible Light "

Helfaunt was having a really bad day. First, the rebellion he had to glass in the Yullado system, and then a completely as-of-yet unkown type of warp point appeared, showing the Home System's Mars. This was a problem for a large number of reasons. Primarily, this wormhole was not, in fact, created by any known races, the Amon'Krie's response when the Alliance Senate was called was something along the lines of "What warp point" and "When do we get to destroy the Cue Cappa?".

This meant that because the Nation class Mercantilism was busy doing useful things on the front lines, Helfaunt and the Representative got pulled back for something that should be left to a Combat Frigate. His ship was due for the final modification to qualify it as the flagship of assault platforms in the navy, a cutting edge cloaking device to go along with the new sensors. As his ocular implant's swirling mess of displays, scans, and alerts swirled he turned to his chief science officer "So? Is it stable, Corporal?" The Marine science officer scratched his head and looked pensive for a moment "It won't blow us up, but it might vanish behind us, I've already alerted Home and they said go on through, they'll have the 'Krie send a support fleet along momentarily." "You all heard him, helms. Take us in, combat speed, all shields and weapons hot. Hotdrop on any ships within system and demand I.D. That Mars isn't what it's supposed to be."

The behemoth of a warship kicked on full throttle, and was out on the other side and securing the Mars orbital space within thirty seconds. The science officer piped up "Uh, Hel, old buddy... the wormhole doesn't exist anymore. No radiation, nothing. All scanners dead, this is a dead system except for what looks like a small mixed fleet. Reading: One Heavy Carrier, Heavy Cruiser, a Escort destroyer, and a Heavy Frigate. Someone has an interesting idea of valuable, although, they might have done this, I doubt it. They seem to lack a formation. Perhaps in the same boat?" "Davids, I don't pay you to be optimistic, I pay you to tell me when things like this happen. I'll worry about their intentions, Helms, proceed to jump. Maximum full weapons range, all shields and batteries at full. I'm not having a good day." The captain looked at his displays, gazing at the foreign craft "Where's my pretty secretary? I need her to look pretty and be a clever metaphor for Alice, also, get me an anthropologist. The Protectorate does not need ANOTHER enemy out here."

The Admiral continued to bark orders as the large vessel warped in 'above' the small fleet, and flared all of it's systems, with ECM and combat sensors already scrambling to calculate, interfere, or lock on. over all comm bands Helfaunt broadcast "This is Lt. Admiral Helfaunt of Representative, broadcasting to unknown vessels, why are you all cuddling my for-some-reason completely untouched by anything, ever, homeworld? I'd love to know. I don't want to declare war, but you must understand this doesn't look very good to me. This is the PNA Representative of the United Protectorate of the Sol Treaty Navy." Now, he had to wait.

"Ma another warp this one is just larger than half our size, shall i hail them?" T'hel said "yes but have our sheild up and be ready to fire the Energy Projectors at my command, this ones capable of taking us out and im sure we could do the same to them. start transmitting. This is Ma'T'da commander of my ship The Incorruptible Light in The Separatist Navy and UNSC alliance. no need for hostilities, im guessing you came through a portal and it closed behind you because that's what happened to us. As for the planet, i have at least 1 Captain from Earth but im guessing 2 because of ones nervousness and the look on his face. if you would like i could send a phantom out to take you here to my bridge and we could settle this over what humans call a cup 'o joe" Ma looks over at the others "this just got allot more fun."

The behemoth seemed to be suddenly blurry on sensors, as if they weren't completely sure where the warship was, but the power readings declined and the comm channel lit back up

"No need to send some of your boys and girls, Commander, one of my senior staff and I will come over in a fighter. Just be prepared for us."

Hel motioned to his Tactical Officer "Look pretty, Cath, we've got a dinner date" Hel straightened out his command uniform and many insignia, as him and his Chief Tactical Officer were given a fighter and the okay to launch, exiting the hanger and raising ECM, but switching off the shields, they headed for the smaller of the two capital ships.

"This is the Loki's Dart II class fighter, the Thorn on course for your hanger Incorruptible Light, anything I should know?"

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