Voyage of the Lost Fleet, a space RP (Closed)

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"... about that they can't exactly give a lecture. T'hel please send for the lead engineer to come to the bridge." a few moments later an Engineer came floating into the room. "i think your men might feel alienated. Back during the Covenant they were forced into service but now the are with us of their own free will. we leave them be and are happy to join us to annihilate their former masters. very silent though. I would lend you one of them, because they take stuff apart and put it together and it works 10 times better." ma said taking a breath

"Well" John sighed "Might as well throw all my cards on the table too." Reaching into his jacket, he produced a data pad with the Black Hand 's specs on it, and flicked it on to the table. "If anybody is interested, I'm pretty sure my Chief Engineer can produce a transporter system that would be compatible with your systems."

"... That works too, you know. I'll take that." Helfaunt chuckled "Do you have any official briefing quarters? Meeting rooms? I can whip up a connection to my ship's Deep Space Intelligence scanners and other sensors before I start organizing the bustle on my plank."

"I've got my own, but appreciate the offer, Captain John of Black Hand. I'll look through the specs." Helfaunt picks the pad up and starts blurring about the various displays, the spinning sections of his ocular implant changing patters slightly

"Yes we do have a meeting chamber, large enough to hold each of us at our own chair, it can also project holograms of us if we can't meet in person. I say we also decide on a flagship for our little fleet we have. i vote The Incorruptible Light because of her offensive capabilities and the sheer amount of fighters and troops she can carry." Ma said

My vessel was the flagship of the every warship in the protectorate in the Stand At Orion, and I can shoot planets lifeless with partial weapons power... However. The flagship will need to have suites for long-term staying by all the captains, and you were the flagship when I arrived. I don't see the harm in letting you take lead formation. We need to assign small craft to a larger vessel, so that the capital ships have something to watch their flanks for when they are getting ready to really pound the hell out of something. Fighters can only do so much, and are usually better used on precision or overwhelm attack strikes. Ma, you know our light ship support better than I do, so I'll let you think about that."

"Here are my suggestions, I'll have ox, Ford will have Jhon and Helfaunt will be teamed with Typhor. Anyway, anyone up for a bit of demonstration of weapons?" Ma asked with a slight grin.

"I'll melt pluto with a single shot." Helfaunt grinned

"Size isn't everything boy'o." He said, chuckling at Helfaunt's statement. "While you all go lumbering about, trying to slap your enemies with your big guns, the Black Hand can get inside and gut the target before they can react." A wolfish grin crept across John's face as he put a plan together. "Say Ma, can you regulate the power output of your weapons? Like so you could do live fire training against a friendly ship without causing damage?"

"Might as well show you guys. Ox go undock and prep your MAC, in the mean time full reactor power, on my mark fire the Energy Projectors, 3 ,2 ,1 Mark!" During the countdown the projectors were glowing. the ship gently swayed just enough to notice and on the moon there was a tremendous explosion and within a minute half the moon was glassed. "Ox reports that he is ready and waiting" T'hel said "Fire!" and there was a quick flash and the half of the moon that was glassed was Instantly shattered, leaving half a moon. "Who says ballistic based weaponry is outdated!" Ma said then laughed. "but unfortunately the Energy Projector on its lowest power output still can tear through armor like a tin can"

Helfaunt closes his eyes for a second, and then the Representative fires at what left of the moon with the Null Space Cannon, which shatters and goes straight through the glassed moon, impacting Earth and making roughly 10% of the surface a radioactive exploded wasteland "and that's one of our WEAKEST cannons."

"Alright, fair enough" John said, as he watched the displays of power. "Let's try something else." His eyes lighting up he tapped his comm. badge. "Joran, they wanna see what we've got. Execute pattern Foxtrot Sierra Uniform Niner across the Himalayas."

The Black Hand flashed down the mountain range, phaser cannons and emitters flashing stone and soil, plant and animal, into superheated vapors. Flares of antimatter fire, and bursts of zero-point energy consumed whole mountains in a flash. In moments the 2 400 km mountain range was a shattered radioactive mess, its highest point now a glowing crater.

"We've also managed to 'acquire' a few Tricobalt devices, but it's best not to fire weapons that destabilize subspace while your fleet is sitting still."

Helfaunt downloads the schematics for the slipstream drive into his neural net "My people are already working on installing the drive, if you all want to head to these rings and give me a meet up system, you all can start checking for any sign of anything any of us knows about, hostile or otherwise."

"T'hel, retrieve the co-ordinates to The Ark and Captains i say you return to your ships. I'll jump ahead and return with my findings." With this each captain returned to their respective ships. "Jump" Ma said sitting in his captains chair and the massive capital ship disappeared from the fleet with a flash of light.


Helfaunt frown from his bridge, sitting on a couch on at the entry door with Catherine and Davids on either side "Am I the only one with a bad feeling about our new friend's sudden departure?" they both look at him strangely, "Davids, look through the data they gave us, and assimilate it all into the computer. Look specifically for things referencing 'the Flood'. I have the unsettling feeling our fleet is going to encounter something -very- hostile soon." walking into his bridge he opened a fleet-wide hails "To Lost Fleet, I suggest we take up a defensive position near Saturn, where there is plenty of debris and planet to shield us. I have the unsettling feeling that something angry is going to decide this fleet looks tasty soon, and as capable as we are, we don't want to be caught in a bad position. Since our impromptu formation leader just left, we might want to also decide on a formation with maximum possible sensor awareness, in case something else DOES jump in-system." Helfaunt waited patiently in front of the screen for a response


"We're at the co-ordinates where the Ark used to be, nothing on the sensors but a derelict ship, very few energy signals. should i bring us closer to the ship" T'hel said "Yes but i want maximum shields and all weapons hot, full power." with a small shudder the massive capital ship moved towards the derelict ship, stopping about 1 kilometer away. "I want a boarding party ready, I'll lead them into the ship." a few minutes later Ma and his team were on the ship, making their way to the energy source that they detected. all of the hallways were all dark and covered in broken wires and equipment. Finally at the door before the power source. "Ready your weapons" he said then kicked the door down, due to it being so rusted. Inside the room there was a holo-terminal with a small AI sitting in it meditating. she looked like an Asari. "You cannot be Cortana because this ship doesn't look like a UNSC frigate, then who are you?" Ma asked surprised "Thank the heavens you found me, and my name is Artia. i've been stuck here for years and had no hope of doing anything but sitting here." she said "Don't worry, My name is Ma'T'da and I'm captain of The Incorruptible Light , don't worry we'll get you out of here." he then stuck a memory chip into the base and she immediately jumped into it, he then inserted the chip into a holo display that he could see and she could communicate with him. "Lets get out of here" They just reached the boarding pod when Artia spoke up "no-one can know of me or else your entire ship shall be in grave danger." Ma looked at the rest of his team "I need you to take a vow to not tell anyone about the smart A.I." he knew that the elites loyalty to their captains would be till their death. all of them said at the same time "Understood" within minutes they were back on the ship. Ma just sat down in his command chair when she said "they're here." Out of the darkness multiple warships warped in, all of them jet black, completely invisible but to sensors and their engines. "Ma multiple warps detected weapons locks they're firing!" T'hel shouted " Fire Energy projectors on the largest two and target the rest with plasma torpedoes." with that the first largest ship was sliced in half and the second ship had large hole in it. All of the smaller ships were running form the plasma torpedoes chasing them. "Jump back to the fleet!" Ma shouted and with that they Jumped.

Helfaunt opens the hail to the now-present Ma "You came back fast. You've got residual weapons energy in your batteries. Anything you want to share with the group?" Helfaunt turns away from the hail-mic "go to battle alert three, prepare for an omnidirectional broadside with all weapons, fire order nine" the Representative powers all capacitors to weapons and shields, the engine cores start flaring, as it goes to full battle ready status

"we jumped to where the Ark should've been but we found a derelict ship in its place, i led a boarding party to check out energy signals that we detected in the ship, and found leaky reactors. upon return to my ship we were ambushed, i managed to destroy and fatally wound two cruisers and jumped before they could of realized what happened. That is all, but i am still unaware if they could of followed my jump." Ma said, and not a second later a Large battle fleet jumped in behind him, 1 battleship, 2 cruisers, one of them being from the previous encounter and a frigate. "Looks like we know now! Jump us in behind them! Ox i want you to target the wounded cruiser with the mac and the other with archer missiles!" Ma screamed "target the cruisers engines , it should self-destruct from its reactor exploding." Artia said into his ear. "target the non wounded cruiser's engines. with that a barrage of plasma torpedoes was launched from the ship and all but one were stopped by the cruiser's shields, but that one made it through and hit the cruisers engines causing a major explosion to rip the back half of the ship open. A cannon shot from the battleship plowed through the Incorruptible's shields and made a small hole in her armor about a foot across. "Ma we were hit, lost all atmosphere in storage area 2! No casualties reported." T'hel said " Jump us behind the planet, we need to repair it asap!" Ma shouted then checked the cameras to look at the damage.
Ox fired the Mac cannon and it plowed through the already damaged cruiser knocking it out of service. then launching archer missiles at the half a cruiser causing it to become just scrap piles drifting though space.

The until-then dormant Representative fired it's full railgun compliment at the Battleship, nearly collapsing the shields via sheer impact force, and the Null Space Cannon fired, ignoring the shields completely and plowing through the warship before exploding and obliterating the large vessel, Helfaunt nods to a display with an engineer, and they load onto the fighters and scream out towards The Incorruptible Light "Ma! You okay? Atmosphere is basically pouring out of your ship. I've got a full repair on the way, and more are already getting to the Trasport chambers. Need medical crews or supplies?"

"The repair crew would be nice but no wounded or dead. Thanks for the concern Helfaunt." Ma then released the comm button "They've come for you, you know. its what happened to my captain they adopted him into their fleet and took him from the ship you found me in." Artia said

"My crews are already repairing your hull, and the second division just warped in. Our diagnostics Scanners indicate a presence similar to A.I. in your systems, check my readings please?" Helfaunt restarted the scan, and frowned as his scanners kept coming up with the same indication, glancing to his senior staff manning the stations of his bridge apprehensively, motioning for his officers to check the system, letting the hails go out he goes over to his Engineer Chief and Lt. "I want a complete refix protocol level 1, have your Hipmates take your job until this is done first rate so well that it'd get you your own moons back home." Helfaunt sighs and paces around his bridge, waiting for a reply

"That would be our plasma torpedo programs, they guide them to their targets. we only activate them when we battle. , it was our first fight, so now they're on permanently." Ma then checked the repair status. "Thank you for keeping your promise, i knew i could trust you." Artia said "Us Sangheili are very loyal and trustworthy. You're safe with me." Ma said with a good feeling in his gut.

"Just checking, Captain." One could almost hear how much Helfaunt knew something was going on, the old Admiral was as sharp as he was paranoid, and both in droves looping in infinite increase, however he seemed to let Ma keep his secret, content only to let Ma know he was suspected. "My people are suggesting some structural upgrades to the damaged hull section. I'll forward them to you to approve or decline, I'll make sure my engineers follow your wishes to the letter personally." Helfaunt walks to Catherine, away from the comm terminal but in range to hear the reply "Go in the fighter that was destroyed a few years ago, with the squad that was destroyed in the destruction of the Eterak system" Helfaunt smiles at her cleverly "And scout where they came from, something isn't right. Feels off. Use the new drive fighter, and hide in the reactor blur of the Representative." She salutes and marches off, as Helfaunt integrated the Comm lines into his Neural Net, going to an observation deck to watch the fleet, making sure his comm interface isn't currently picking up his voice "I sincerely hope this fleet remains cohesive, I need them to get me back. Damn allies, just stay together as long as I need you, all I ask."

"Those upgrades would come in handy, also those things that attacked us are completely mechanical, i scanned them during the battle using your scanners, the can barely think on their own. That's the reason there was hardly any damage done to us. Also on the note of upgrades, the people i was with used these suits that acted like extra muscles and armor if you give me time, i could design one that worked with you. there are two drawbacks to it though, it binds with your skin and taps into your nervous system. the skin would be able to stop about %90 of weapon and it would allow me to feed you data directly from the ship if let me into your computers." Artia explained. Ma thought about it for a moment "i'll have one made but only use it if necessary. upload the designs to my personal computer." he then pressed his comm button. "Captain Helfaunt, i would like the upgrades, thank you. I'm sorry about not being honest before, i did retrieve something from the ship, all its data on technology, with that they had a "Enhancement suit" which i designed to work on me, i need you to produce one for me, seeing as you ship is like a floating factory."

The Black Hand sat quietly in silent running mode, and watched the black ships die rather spectacularly. John was more than happy to let his new 'allies' do the fighting, as it greatly improved his chances of survival.

As the last ship lay dying, the Black Hand dropped out of silent running mode and made her way into the debris field. "Alright Rez" John said leaning back in his command chair. "Find us something good." Rez just smiled, he loved this part of the job.

Ma then noticed the Black Hand popped up on sensors, he then pressed his com button "If you find anything that is a bit larger than what your crew can handle, i would be more than happy to have my engineers fit it on your ship, just bring it to my bay with your ship and it will be on there in no time. also, they have a frigate that dropped off my sensors when the battle began and i know that it wasn't hit, so keep a lookout for it."

Captain Ford watched the holorecord of the short battle between Representative, Incorruptible Light and First Light of Dawn and the unknown enemy ships. Though the battle was short, the enemy ships put up little resistance and it was nothing short of a bloodbath. Ford turned to his Commander Winsley. "Did you see how quickly Helfaunt, Ma and Ox were able to put that much firepower on target? We are going to need at least half the fighters up at all times just to cover us and provide a second strike function if any of the other ships turn on us. Also, they missed a frigate and it's gone silent, dropped off the scopes. This Fleet is shaky at best, and I don't think that Admiral Helfaunt and Captain Typhor, or even Ship Master Ma want it to hold together, hence allowing that frigate to escape. Captain John on the other hand, is a pirate and smuggler, so he can probably be counted on as long as he can turn a profit out it someway. And Captain Ox is Ma's lapdog."
"I agree. I also have a bad feeling, but it's more to the now. I think something bad is about to happen right about-" Winsley was saying, until he was cut off by the officer of the watch.

"CONTACT! 6, no, 7 Imperial Star Destroyers just jumped in off Mars! Same blue sphere we used to get here! Contacts identified as 4 Victory class, 2 Imperial II class Star Destroyers and a Super Star Destroyer! They have launched TIE fighters and are moving to engage!"

Ford instantly jumped into action. "GET ALL BIRDS IN THE AIR, AND INTERCEPT ALL TIE FIGHTERS! Bring the shields to full frontal power and get the guns hot! Comms, get me the Fleet!" Ford shouted. Comms nodded and Ford hit the transmit button.

"Gracemeria to Lost Fleet! We have an enemy battlegroup off Mars, moving in to engage us. They are hostile, and will not be bargained with or bought. Show no mercy and give no quarter. Admiral Helfaunt, I am taking command of the Fleet, as these are my enemies and I know how to fight them. My ship was built for fleet command, and I have an extensive sensor suite so don't worry about any of that. I have deployed my fighters to directly engage the enemy TIEs, but they outnumber my fighters 3 to 1, but my fighter pilots are worth three of theirs, so it should be ok provided we can keep them away from the ships. However, Representative and Sword of Retribution are to deploy their own fighters to cover themselves, Incorruptible Light is to deploy her fighters to cover herself, Black Hand and First Light of Dawn.

Representative will cover Incorruptible Light until her repairs are complete, and also find that single frigate that was unaccounted for and destroy it. Once those repairs are complete, Ma and Helfaunt are free to engage enemy ships at will. Sword of Retribution is to engage the Super Star Destroyer, she's probably the only ship here that can withstand the firepower that one of those can put out and dish out enough firepower to take one down. Black Hand and First Light of Dawn are to work as a team on one Victory Class Star Destroyer at a time, Black Hand taking down shields and First Light of Dawn hammering the enemy bridge, engines and reactor core when the enemy shields are brought down. I will take Gracemeria straight in and broadside the two Imperial Star Destroyers, distracting and weakening them so my bombers can take them down.

Our aim is to confuse and split the enemy battlegroup up, destroying them one by one. Alone they can be defeated but together they put out enough firepower to annihilate us. When engaging the Star Destroyers, take into account that most of their firepower is focused forward, but they can still hit hard on their sides as well. If possible, engage them from behind and annihilate them. Good luck and Good hunting, and may the Force be with us. Gracemeria, out."

Finished giving orders, Ford hoped that the other captains listened to him, otherwise it would be a short trip to Davy Jones Locker for Gracemeria and her crew. He could take on two Star Destroyers and probably win, but not 6 and a Super Star Destroyer! He turned to the bridge crew and began shouting once more, bombastic as only a colour sergeant or fleet admiral could be. "Crew, our plan is to directly engage in broadside warfare with the two Imperial Star Destroyers at once, drawing their attention so that our Y Wing bombers can take out their bridges and reactors, destroying them. We have the best ship in this Lost Fleet, and we are THE BEST! REMEMBER OUR MOTTO! WHO DARES WINS!!!!"

A giant roar went up around the ship, and Gracemeria moved to engage the two Imperial Star Destroyers moving in. X Wings, A wings and TIE fighters gracefully danced through space around the 3 capital ships, engaging in their own personal ballet of death and destruction, red and green laser bolts flitting through space in a dazzling yet deadly pattern. Gracemeria began to wedge between the two Star Destroyers, trading bursts of her bright blue single heavy point defence turbolasers with the Imperial green blasts. "Shields holding at full power, ours and theirs!" Weapons called out as Gracemeria's main heavy dual turbolaser turrets entered range of the enemy ships. "We're in broadside range, sir!"
Ford pointed dramatically at the ships through the main window. "Maximum shield power to Port and Starboard flanks! Port and Starboard Main batteries! Target the ion turrets on their flanks! And FIRE!"

Each of the 8 heavy dual turbolaser turrets fired at once, giant blue bolts of superheated and superfocused plasma blasting downrange and slamming into the enemy Star Destroyers main ion turrets. The enemy ship's shields flickered, but held as they continued to return fire. Gracemeria's 52 point defence turbolasers continued to rapid fire away at the enemy shields, stressing them greatly. Her main turrets charged again in 3 seconds, and sang out in unison once more, causing the shields on one of the Star Destroyers to flare out and die. Weapons let out a whoop. "YES! SIR, the shields on the Starboard enemy Star Destroyer are down! Focusing fire on the enemy ship's shield projectors and main cannons!"
Ford pumped his fist. "EXCELLENT WORK! XO, vector in the 101st and 82nd bomber squadrons, tell 'em we've cleared the way! Weapons, divert half the power of the starboard shields to reinforce port, they'll divert their power from their guns to try and get their shields back online, and they won't be bothering us anymore in a minute anyways."
"Yes sir! Wait a minute, the enemy ship is breaking and running!" Weapons responded.
"KEEP FIRING! HAMMER THE BASTARD HARD AND GET THOSE BOMBERS DOWN THERE!" Ford shouted back. XO Winsley began to shout as well. "Captain Ford! The bomber wing reports it is right on top of the enemy ship, and firing now!" Ford ran over to the starboard window and watched as the Y Wings unleashed a full payload of 32 proton torpedoes at the Star Destroyer's bridge and pulled up. "BRACE BRACE BRACE!" Ford screamed too late as the Star Destroyer's bridge took the proton torpedoes dead on and exploded, sending chain reactions down the spine into the heart of the ship's reactor. The Imperial Star Destroyer began to fragment in massive explosions as her anti-matter reactor went critical and detonated, sending a massive shockwave into Gracemeria and the other Star Destroyer, knocking everyone in both ships off their feet and rocking the massive starships around, dropping both their shields due to the close proximity to the blast. Both ships stopped firing for a moment as they attempted to get shields back online and check for damage.

"STATUS REPORT ON GRACEMERIA AND THE FLEET!" Captain Ford shouted as he got back to his feet. He wondered how the rest of the fleet was doing and had it actually followed his orders and engaged?

"This is your run, Gracemaria , and so you take the command. I think I might just get along with you yet, Ford. I'm gonna use my shield-penetrating weaponry on the Super Star Destroyer, my shields are covering Ma. Tell me any point you get damaged, I can have a squad of my finest over there to start doing grunt repair work in seconds. NULL SPACE BATTERY! FIRE ON THAT FLAGSHIP! Pull a Siphinis VII slice-shot on them! I want them figuring out where half their ship went in TWO MINUTES OR YOU ALL TAKE BATHS IN THE SEWERS! Ford, make sure your fighters clear the firing line from the Representative to the flagship and the ship you ordered. Our weapons tend to melt things in their vector. I want both Plasma Missiles downrange, turn that frig to glass!..." Helfaunt continues barking targetting orders, as two missiles fly out, towards a dark spec, one of which is destroyed right before the other impacts and utterly obliterates the poor frigate, meanwhile a large cannon on the dreadnought fires a glowing blue projectile like it were a railgun slug, that skis along the dorsal armor of the Super Star Destroyer, leaving a path of mangled wreck and an outermost path of ship that looks like it was violently crumpled, before hitting the bottom of the bridge-tower and causing a significant amount of damage to the structure, although not making a hole through it, there is a hull breach leaking air and the few personel unlucky enough to have been in that corridor, meanwhile back at the fleet, the Representative's Point Defense Batteries are utterly shredding the enemy fighter waves with a hail of slugs whenever any wave gets in range. The few that get through are already being engaged with deadly accuracy by Helfaunt's fighters, who were transported out and had crews transported on. From the other ships, the Representative looks to have a force field of exploding fighters, glowing hot defense slugs, and fighter wreckage "Helfaunt to fleet, prepare to say goodbye to one of those 'star destroyers', Fusion beams 1-6, FIRE!"

Back outside, at the other fleet the massive Incinerator beam turrets and the Massive Ripper beams all hit one Star Destroyer, while the Null Space Cannon fires down the Super Star Destroyer again, artillery-like Massive Incinerator beams one each blasts the top two shield generators, and after the beams blink out both of them are disabled, and one is completely obliterated, with a barrage of Ripper beams shredding the shield of the ship, and damaging the one bottom shield generator, the rapid fire beams continue to abuse the Star Destroyer, and after one more barrage, the shields fall and the ship is finished off with the reactor in the center of the vessel being shot clean through by a Incinerator beam causing a massive explosion and breaking the ship into many exploding pieces, a fighter comes and starts to incinerate the life pods, while the many other beams focus on the Super Star Destroyer, bashing their shields hard

"Ford, if I can kill that barge's bridge, will it go down?"

Meanwhile, the engineers on the Incorruptible Light finish their work, and run up to the bridge to ask Ma for what he would like them to aid with, the Representative getting the comm signal, powers infront of the Carrier to keep it protected until they're ready, and starts advancing on the enemy fleet

Helfaunt, to his ship over intercom "We have done much in the last few years, and now we need to test the new toys we got before coming here. WE ARE THE REPRESENTATIVE!"

"Incorruptible light here and almost ready to go. we still need a few patches but otherwise we're fine. We'll be joining you in a few minutes." Ma said trying to stay calm "Deploy all fighters, i want them to cover for The First light and black hand, on this side of the planet we should be fine, and they shouldn't of picked us up on their sensors because of all the debris from the moon. Also prep the scarab, i want to test her out." Ma sent a message to Ox "you're under the command of the Black hand and her crew till further notice." and he got a reply back acknowledging. "All boarding troops, ready up. i want everyone in the ships and prepare to board on my notice." "Looks like the situation calls for it, put me in control of your ship while you board, it would be to the best, and i know i may be exposed but it calls for it." Artia said "Smart you are, i'll have my comms open so you can still be with me while im on board one of their shiips" and with that he inserted her into the ships mainframe "God it feels so nice to be in a functioning ship, so much room, so much knowledge!" Artia said and Ma headed off to his quarters to put on his battle armor, with a enhanced shield to help protect him. "you can still hear me right?" Ma asked her "Yes i can still hear you and have access to your sensors, so i'll be the eyes in the back of your head" she said in reply. Ma then picked up his rifle and dual energy swords then he when down to the bay to join the others waiting to he got into His pod Artia chimed in "Repairs are done and the crews are inside Orders?" break half the fighters away to cover our assault on my command but wait on my word to launch us and break the fighters, Also, better to announce yourself to the fleet too."
"This is Artia i'm in temporary command of The incorruptible Light I shall let you know i am a smart A.I. based off a persons flash scanned brain. i'll not bore you of the details but i respond to Ship master Ma"

"Nice to know what you are, I figured you weren't 'firing protocols'. Welcome to an ambush, having fun? Ma, or Artia, my people on your ship are at your disposal, currently, they are aiding in prepping your small-craft. Do with them what you will, just try to get them back to me in one piece. Two divisions of flagship-operator engineers isn't the most plentiful thing in the universe, especially not this one. They are, however, armed and combat-capable. Half of them are former STS marines engineers that got promoted up, and the others are trained by the first hal-..."

Representative gets hit suddenly by a couple of Star Destroyers, and even though their Energy Refracting Defense System and ECM is making most of the harm sail past them, many of the shots in this hail hit, and communication becomes spotty, although their shields hold and quickly regenerate to previous levels, it seems the Ion Cannon blasts create interference when refracted, and you hear the sounds of a pained yelp over the comm, although who it was is unintelligible.

Phased shielding over Helfaunt's ship increases, and signal to them starts resuming rapidly afterwards

Meanwhile, the ships that just broadsided the Representative start getting sweltered with a variety of fusion beams and railguns, and one plasma missile is point defensed just barely before impact, still spreading deadly neutron radiation through the heavily weakened and still-being-taxed shielding of the enemy ships, frying a good third and half respectively of the crew in the dorsal-center quarter of the Star Destroyer hulls, the Null Space Battery taking one pot shot at both before resuming it's deadly attention to the enemy flagship, who's hull is starting to feel serious damage under the harsh strain of the Protectorate Dreadnought's main guns, the biggest energy weapons are now hitting the shielding of the Super Star Destroyer, and whittling the reserve power and strength slowly but surely. Representative's shielding is holding, however the life signs inside start fluctuating, including on the bridge before the ship regains comms

"-Cough- We're doing okay Command, just got battle-intel the old fashion way is all. We haven't found any dead yet, and are presuming no casualties."

The old Admiral sounded pained, but the spotty visual holocomms show he's standing, and simply recovering as he's treated by a Medical staff member of his, who is seemingly unaware of the comms and battle.

Rez swore violently at his console. "FUCKING DAMN IT! There is shit all out there. The weapons are projectile based so there's no point in taking one, all the computer systems I find are fried...FUCK!" John smiled as he watched his young 'science' officer. He's taken to human profanity well. He thought, though he did agree with Rez's sentiment. There is shit all out here.

John's train of thought came to an abrupt halt as the report from the Gracemeria came in. "Partis I want a full tactical assessment of our targets." The Romulan tapped at his console for a moment the laughed. "The strike craft are no threat. They're unshielded and only armed with lasers. Their heavy craft do have photon torpedoes, but they're moving so slow you could lean out an airlock to take shots at them." Shaking his head he went on. "The capital ship is a bit more dangerous. Although it's still only armed with lasers, it's got enough of them to overwhelm us if we hit her head on. It does however have a big design flaw, on the underside it's got an open hanger bay with a permeable force field."

"Alright, set the emitters to auto target the strike craft and ready a tricobalt device." John was now grinning like an excited child. I've always wanted to shoot one of these! "Hail the First Light of Dawn and have them draw the Star Destroyer's attention while we go in."

With that the Black Hand went silent again, and leapt towards her target. As the First Light of Dawn moved to engage the Star Destroyer, the Black Hand rolled below it, cutting straight though the launched fighters. Orange beams from the emitters cut through the unshielded TIE fighters and bombers with ruthless efficiency, leaving nothing more than clouds on incandescent gas. The Star Destroyer's shields where taking a ferocious beating from the First Light of Dawn 's MAC gun, when a sustained burst from the Black Hand 's photon cannons finally overloaded and blew the generators. As the big ship's defenses died, the tricobalt device was fired into the hanger bay, as both attackers jumped to a safe distance.

A searing white flash light the battlefield as the weapon detonated. All that remained of the Star Destroyer as the explosion cleared, was the after section of hull, the rest shredded by the explosion. John leapt to his feet, his fist raised in triumph. "A hit, a very palpable hit!" Pulling away to assist elsewhere, the crew watched as secondary explosions rippled across the shattered hulk before the reactor finally breached, ending the show. "Joran mark the location, we're gonna have to comeback for trophies later."


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