Brain Dead Beatdown-Zombie RP(Open, Started)

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Arthur openned his eyes, then immediately closed them again.
it was just his luck to be trapped in an elevator with four soldiers and half a doze hallucinations. He decided to try his luck with talking
"uh... Hello? Can you let me down now?"
"Kick'im inna crotch!" yelled a clown.

As Quin and Ash descended down the slippery staircase towards the 4th floor Quinn couldn't stop wondering how all of this started, and were the zombies happening everywhere else to. Before he could think about the subject anymore they arrived at the 4th. Nervious and excited all in one Quinn turned to Ash and said with a slightly uneasy smile "4th floor sporting goods, lingerie, and the hungry undead; what's the worse that could happen."

Sorry to interrupt, but this is actually really good, best RP ive seen in a while :D

4th Floor

You open the doors to find a very well lit room with seemingly nothing wrong, until you stop worrying about the lighting to see a man lying down with torn up legs and a soldier protecting him from 30 or so zombies. Around him you see multiple dead nurses and doctors with nothing but brooms and mops in their hands. The staircase to the third floor is down the side hall to your right.


Quinn peered into the hallway noticing all the dead bodies, and the zomibes. It took a few seconds for him to figure out what caught the undead's interest, he then saw the men and in quite a panic turned to Ash and asked "Should we help those guys!? Something happened to that one guy's legs and he's bleeding pretty bad!" Rob looked at Quinn "But what about the solider, did you completely forget about what they did to arthur?" the smug orange cat commented. "You do remember don't you? Does BBBUUUUUUZZZZZZ ring any bells?"


Well, we better do something quick, because all those zombies won't be satisfied with just those two. Er, uh, gee maybe we should help those people?


The hovering battle gods describe the battle scene:
The fight was fierce. Ash came out swinging fast and dangerous with that axe. Scoring a total of 32 kills. Quinn a little slower in his swings was still able to manage a respectable score of 18 for his team. Pretty decent considering his makeshift skull crushing fire extinguisher, wouldn't you agree Bob. You know I do Ted, you know I do. However, I must bring up our biggest blooper of the day was probably from Soldier Frank over here. This wuss managed to get no kills even with a high grade handgun. He was somehow able to miss every shot. Amazing, simply astounding. If you look back on the instant replay, we see he is firing with his eyes shut and his pants wet. Not the best technique out there. Anyway back to the action.
They vanish, and we join Ash and Quinn back on floor 4.

"What the f-, did anyone else see that. No seriously, Quinn, Ash, Mr. wet pants solider, come on anyone!" as distraught and confused as Rob was Quinn a little covered in blood ignored him. The two approached the solider and the wounded man, "Are you guys alright, that was alot of zombies." he leaned over ever so slightly to peer at the man's constantly bleeding leg nudging Ash to aid the poor man. "What happened to him?"


"It's okay sir, calm down I'm a doctor I can handle this."

He then started to hit the man in the chest with both his hands. It didn't seem to be working. In fact, it seemed to be doing sort of the opposite of that.

"This man is clearly in God's hands now. I've done all I can, but the legs keep bleeding even though I'm hitting the heart to tell it to stop."

Soldier Frank

"Sir, please, stop. I know it's your only one, but maybe you could use that first-aid kit you found. Please, we were supposed to bring all the people on this floor back to the ground. Then the zombies came and killed all of 'em and my squad. I can't go back empty handed looking like this. If he bleeds out I'm toast. I'll try to repay you anyway I can."

He gets on his knees in a prayer-like stance and begins crying.

"Please, please, please, please, PLEASE!"

"Why's THIS guy so important?" Quinn asked seeming kinda suspicious, "Alright fine, give'm the first aid kit, and for the love of- where in hell did you learn to become a doctor!?" His head whipped over to Ash. "Great a pyschotic business man who sees clowns and now a wannbe doctor who his only cure is to beat someone to a pulp. Absolutly outstanding Quinn maybe next we should go ask the homeless guy across the street to help us!" the cat said sarcastically.

Soldier Frank

"Thank you so much! Um, give it to me before that idiot strangles him with gauze."

The soldier successfully wrapped the mans legs up.

"There that should do it. Not much I can give you guys considering, I don't have much. If you come to the small base we have outside the hospital, I can get you guys some gear, food, safety. For now though here's my gun, I'm not good with it anyway and I'm gonna try making a break for it."

He gives the handgun to Quinn and sprints off.


"Hey, Quinn you know what I just realized, if that guy was bleeding then didn't that mean the zombies infected him."

From the stairs going to the 3rd floor you hear a growl, a scream, a fall, and two snaps in that order.


Quinn turned to Ash with the most horrified look on his face, "What did we just do!? Ok best plan of action now is to just run along and pretend we didn't see, hear or touch anything, ok?" The two then turned around and proccedded down the hallway and stairs towards the 3rd floor with Ash leading right infront. Quinn and Ash finally reach the 3rd floor and took a quick break to catch their breath.

3rd Floor

You enter a large open rectangular room covered in blood. As you enter you see a large mass of zombies leaving, going down the staircase on the opposite side of the room. They don't seem to notice you and are completely gone. Seconds later 3 women and 2 guys come out of their different hiding places. They look at you and back away scared. One of them asks:

"You're not gonna hurt us, are you?"

"Yes hurt them! Kill them!" Rob screamed as Quinn hoofed the hallucination so hard it fell down the stairs. "Were not gonna hurt you but first is anyone infected, and is there anyone else still alive?" He looked at the survivors, 2 were nurses one female one male, another was a doctor, a patient and a visitor. "You know, I'm gonna get you back for that." Rob said as he managed to get up the stairs, "Kicking a defenseless hallucination down 2 flights of stairs like that."

"We're all fine, they didn't find us. They didn't really look though, they aren't really smart. Look, we can't fight these things. We don't have any weapons. So I don't know how to ask this, but would you mind clearing the way of zombies and telling the soldiers we are up here. It would mean everything for us even though we can't help you in return."

He sighed, knowing that this was not going to be very amusing but none the less interesting. Quinn looked at the frightend people and took a few seconds to decide. He finally he grabbed his extinguisher and walked past them agree-ing to help, Ash following close behind as they decended down the stairs to the sceond floor not all too much wondering what awaited them.

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