Welcome to Sburb! (Dead and Over)

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>Team Alder: See if the Prospitians will tell you anything.

You mount Ace on Dash's strong shoulders, and the ogre wipes the blood from your face like a concerned brotherly figure. You three sleuths proceed to follow any PROSPITIAN that looks important enough.

>Xavier and Future Dirk: Does it have to be a TEMPLE? I had this really great idea for a giant BATTLESHIP just sailing through the ocean, crewed by a collection of roguish devils and unruly cutthroats. They've got all kind of secret treasures and hidden knowledge, and... it has to be a TEMPLE? Really? Sigh...

The two of you fly (Or whatever Future Dirk does to fast travel. I guess that never really got clarified. Whatever it is, it's probably pretty cool.) around the Land for a while, passing over islands of all shapes and sizes, some inhabited by Consorts and Underlings, others covered by sprawling jungles and wilderness.

Eventually, you spot a large stone building set in the middle of a thick patch of forest. Composed of ancient, graying rock, it's fallen into a state of desperate disrepair, vines and plants snaking across it, its once magnificent walls slowly crumbling away. However, the ruin's sole entrance is remarkably still intact, a large passageway carved into the front of the temple. Though the path that once led to the doorway has long been consumed by the wilds, you can still make out the carving that surrounds the threshold, a rather large SERPENT, its forked tongue flicking through a mouthful of razor-sharp fangs.

But, any animal life inside the TEMPLE is probably long dead, right?


>Dirk: VS remains silent for a moment, as he ponders your question. Still moving backwards, he skillfully threads his way through a group of oddly dressed Prospitians, hurriedly rushing the other way.

"Well, so far as I know, the crown's are pretty much just hats. I mean, they're pretty fancy hats, but just hats.

"But, when you get down to it," he continues, leading you through a series of twisting hallways, "it's more about what the crowns represent, you know? A ruler giving up their crown could be seen as surrendering, as giving up. Odds are, that's probably what the Jack guy is up to; he wants to make the White King and Queen look bad. Doesn't really sound like a nice guy, huh?

"But, if it's just some information on Dersite Agents you're looking for," VS pauses, and reclines against a nearby door. His knuckles rap sharply against the golden wooden portal, as he finishes his statement. "Then I think we might be able to give you a little help with that."

The door suddenly swings open, causing VS to topple backwards, crying out as he lands on top of a short, bespectacled Prospitian, clothes covered in ink stains. Peeking inside, you can see that the room is stuffed full of stacks of folders and loose papers, overflowing several desks and sets of shelves. VS smiles up at you from his undignified position, ignoring the grunts of pain beneath him. "Derse'll probably have more information on its own Agents then we do, but you should be able to find something in here. This is where we keep the files of any notable Agents, no matter who they work for. I think there's even some stuff on a few Consorts and Underlings tucked away somewhere."


>Greg: ...Why does this look so much like Google Maps? I mean, you think someone said that the Medium was made of internet once, but that really doesn't explain the similarities here. You've got zoom functions, walking directions, flying directions, teleporting directions, there's even a "nearby places" function!

Well, Google being evil and all that, you guess it might kind of make sense that they'd have maps prepared for an entire planet in a videogame that destroys the world. Wait, no, that doesn't make sense at all.

In any case, the directions are fairly easy to follow, it just looks like it'll take you a while to get there. From your current location, you're about... 700 miles from the SKYNEEDLE thing. It'd take you a while to get there by walking/teleporting. You guess you could just try teleporting straight there, but that'd probably have some INTERESTING CONSEQUENCES...


>Chas: As you hurry after the departing crowd, one Prospitian in particular sticks out to you, a KANTIAN ENTERTAINER. His uniform and cloak are ragged and worn, the guitar slung across his back scratched and damaged from years of use. Rough stubble coats his pearly carapaced chin, a pair of dusty sunglasses cover his eyes, and a tattered baseball cap shades the rest of his face.

As your trio approaches him, you can hear him softly singing to himself.

"Night falls down upon the earth, and now I'm hurrying home.

Rain may fall, and storms may come. Spears may fall, so let's all go home.

They can't stop us, nobody has the right to stop us..."

>Team Alder: Counterballad?

Ace takes out a harmonica, Dash sets up a beat, and you sing the introductory verse to Billy Joel's PIANO MAN in order to get this fellow's attention.

Once he's sufficiently nonplussed, you introduce yourselves as TEAM ALDER, mighty warriors of LIGHT.


As you and your allies approach the KE, your ears are suddenly filled by the droning roar of an engine. Dust, bits of grass and leaves, and all kinds of tiny debris are blown about you as a spotlight shines down from the heavens, trapping you in the center of its brilliance. As your eyes slowly adjust to the glare, you can make out a ship descending towards you, its silver covering gleaming in the light of the hundreds of stars.

With a pneumatic hiss and a burst of gaseous vapor, landing gear extends from the large craft, a trio of curving steel legs, gently digging into the dirt. The engine slowly peters out, the spotlight dims and powers down. For a moment, all is silent, as you, Ace, Dash, and the KE all stare at the ship in shock and surprise.

Then, with a great grinding of metal and gears, a large ramp extends from the spacecraft's belly. It methodically inches towards the ground, an otherworldly light pouring from the opening it slowly reveals. As the metallic bridge finally touches earth, a tall figure suddenly appears in the doorway, its silhouette casting a massive shadow, one that encompasses the four of you. An ancient, booming voice rips through your ears, a voice that speaks of untold eons and unbelievable sights. "Chas Alder?

"You're a jerk. A complete asshole."

With that said, the figure retreats back within its vessel, the ramp quickly ascending back to its original position. With a burst of flame and noise, the engine starts up again, nearly deafening you with its sudden volume. Slowly rising into the air, the silver ship retracts its landing gear, turns its nose to the heavens, and soars off into the darkness of the Medium, leaving you alone again.

Well. That happened.

>Greg:Choose path to Skyneedle

Well,your options are either walk/teleport to the SKYNEEDLE,which will take awile,or try to teleport straight there.But you have no idea what could happen.First time you teleported you ended up getting really tired.And this is a farther distance away then the first time.

You sigh and look up at the sky,as you contemplate the options before you.You give it another moment of thought,then a quick look at the MAP again.

Time is not on your side here,and with so much still to do you can't afford to waste anymore of it then you need to.So that just means you will have to hope for the best and take the plunge.

You close your eyes and focus on the location of the SKYNEEDLE on the MAP.

>Greg:Attempt to teleport straight to the Skyneedle and hope that the INTERESTING CONSEQUENCES don't get you killed.

>Rich: Thank consort, find line, follow to horizon.

You lead Sheriff Quickdraw onward to adventure!

>MetroidNut: Approve of Hitchhiker's Guide homage.

>Chas: Be pretty much acceptant by now.

Yeah, this shit happens on an hourly basis to you, don't it.

>Team Alder: Attempt to strike up conversation with the seemingly-nonplussed bardlike character.


>Benndak: Adore Pappy's last post.

Slow clap, Collins. Slow clap.

>Waffles: Applaud Pappy
Simply awesome.

Also, a BATTLESHIP would be perfectly fine.

>Dirk: Be giddy

You stare up at the vast amounts of knowledge piled before you. You never were one for books. The only books you had in your house were a few classics--Frankenstein, The Iliad, etc. Also all of your sister's D&D GAME BOOKS. Oh, wait, sorry. You mean PATHFINDER BOOKS, like there's a fucking difference. Oh, and your MANGA AND LIGHT NOVEL COLLECTION, but you don't really consider those books in the normal sense. Nor do you tell most people about the latter half of your collection.

Anyways, where were you? Oh, yes. You never were one for books. You did most of your reading through the wonders of the INTERNET, but you were always a sucker for a good story or a compelling lead character. So, you did a lot more reading than would be expected of you. To see this much knowledge stored in one location fills you with an emotion not unlike joy, a smile forming on your face that is almost childlike in its happiness.

"I don't think I'll be needing those crowns," you tell your new friend. You take a step forward, but then hastily retract.

"Actually, wait. Crowns or not, is it ok if I still talk with the Queen? It just occurred to me that she might be able to answer a few questions I had."

>Greg: Well, while INTERESTING CONSEQUENCES are vague enough to be anything from you exploding to summoning an eldritch abomination from another realm, they probably won't be anything lethal. There's, like, 70% chance that you won't die. So, yeah, let's do this!

You know the drill. Aura of glowing green energy enveloping you, feeling really, really tingly, and suddenly becoming physical again. Uh, let's see here... two arms, two legs, one head. Well, looks like everything went better then expecwhy is your foot stuck in the ground? It's just kind of... trapped in the glass, about up to the ankle. Well. That's new.

On the plus side, looks like you did make it to the SKYNEEDLE. Assuming the giant spire reaching high into the heavens is the SKYNEEDLE, anyways. Like seemingly everything else on this Land, it's predictably made of glass. It stands at about half a mile in height, and is covered by thousands of strange carvings.

Now, Letage said you just had to focus your power on it, and something good should happen. Now once the ground stops shaking ominously, you should probably try and get your foot unstuck, and get to a good vantage point, and that's a giant monster heading towards you. Well.


>Rich: As you soar out of the BIRDHOUSE, you follow the OLD PARROT's directions, heading to the EAST. After a few minutes of flight, you spot the line he was talking about. Well, lines.

From what you can see, they all look pretty much the same. They're basically just piles of dirt, that seem to stretch on for miles, curving around seemingly at random. You can see them quite clearly from your current elevation, and you'd probably still be able to spot them from quite a higher height as well.

Other then a few IMPS trying to scruff the lines up, they really don't seem to be that interesting. Just some piles of dirt, albeit pretty long piles. It's not like they form any patterns or anything, at least not that you can see.



KE, smiling slightly, slings his guitar around his body, catching it in his hands. Slowly, he begins strumming the worn strings, humming to himself. After a moment, he begins to sing.

KE slowly sits down, and resumes his quiet singing, occasionally strumming his instrument.



You can have the BATTLESHIP later. If you're good.


>Dirk: While you were momentarily enraptured by the sight before you, VS has been attempting to placate the short Prospitian, who is currently waving about a YELLOW YARD with considerable amount of rage.

"Uh, yeah, sure, I think we can do that. OW! I said I was sorry, lighten up...

"Yeah, do you want to do that now, or check this stuff out first? The Queen will probably be happy to talk to you whenever you want; she tends to make time for heroes."

>Greg:Remain calm

Well,this is terribly inconvenient.But on the bright side,it could have been much worse.Now all you need to do is get your foot unstuck,charge up the SKYNEEDLE for Letage and you will be...why is the ground shaking ominously..and that's a giant monster heading towards you...Well....this isn't going well..

Ok...it may be harder to stay calm then you thought...

But one problem at a time...

>Greg:Attempt to yank foot free of glass

>Waffles: 0_0
Yes, Mr. Pappytech.

>Xavier: Enter the temple with aplomb
You tug Future!Drik and C-Diddy in with you. You then remind yourself to ask Future!Dirk to join X-GANG. If he joins When he joins, X-GANG will be the best subdivision team in Incisphere.

Better than anyone else.


>Rich: Fly higher, check for patterns.


>Rich: Failing that, pick a random line, follow it, and promptly drop out of the story for an extended weekend.

You got it.

>MetroidNut: Apologize for impending disappearance.

Family get-together. Yay.

>CJ: Celebrate


>Dirk: Talk to the Queen first

"If it's all right with you, I'd like to speak with her now. And, with her, I guess. I figure the books will still be here, but I should probably take the opportunity presented immediately.

>Future Dirk who is currently dressed exactly like his retroactive canon namesake: Consider joining X-Gang

Fuck no. You're in enough teams as it is, no need to burden yourself with extras. Besides, tying yourself down to one team would just sew division and strife among your friends. Or something. Truth be told, you just don't want some arbitrary reason to be stuck around these consorts any longer than you have to. They kind of freak you out.


>CJ: Be reminded of that one thing you would start one of these days.

Y'know. Fucktimus Prime and all that?

>Benndak: React to new update chain.

Alright, to be honest, I've been silently acceptant that it was going to be Dirk even though I was hoping to all hell it'd be Dick. But that's it, guys. It's Dirk. Dirk fucking Strider.

Considering how much Dirk and Dave/Bro have in common, and taking into account the same for Chas and John/Jane (forkKind my ass), I'm going to just let this out:

We made Act 6, guys.

It's our own flesh and blood. Hussie used our RP as a jumping point. We are Homestuck.

EDIT: To further add credibility to my theory/fact, DS is the hero of Heart. Those with a KEEN EYE know that our own DP was originally slated to be the hero of Heart.

These are not coincidences.

...This. Is. AWESOME.

Obviously I take all the credit. All of it. It's all mine. Just because you guys came up with the characters, heroic roles, and strife specibis, doesn't mean I can't jump in and take all the responsibility. IT'S MINE, ALL MINE! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

In all seriousness though, hilarious development. You guys rock. Except for you, Metroid. I'm keeping an eye on you.

Anyway, update coming soon. As in, within the next half hour. Also, Benndak, what's up with the new title? Just out of curiosity.

>Nitemare:Try to be reasonable

Not to be mean and ruin anyone's fun,but lets be logical here.

The Dirk thing isn't all that surprising as how many 4 letter names that start with a D are there?

For Dirk and Dave/Bro having anything in common,well,that isn't my place to say.

The only way Chas and John/Jane are similar is the STRIFE SPECIBUS.Maybe I'm wrong,but from what I have seen that is just my opinion.

As for the thought of Hussie using our RP as a jumping point,I would say that the chance of that is equal to the chance that Hussie is secretly one of us and is dropping Act 6 hints here.

The Hero of Heart thing is likely just a coincidence.

Also...What did I do? :(...I mean..

>Greg:Be Greg

What did I do? :/

Holy shit, holy fucking shit.

*Acrobatic pirouette off the handle*

>Xavier: Secretly enlist Future!Dirk
Make him a him a member of the Eh-X-Gang
Wait, that doesn't really fit. But whatever.

>X-Gang: Adventure on through the Temple

>Greg: Yeah, it turns out that glass can be hard to break when it's dozens of feet thick. You're unable to simply yank your foot from the substance; looks like you'll have to come up with something else to free yourself.

And, you might want to figure that out soon. That hulking shadow is still getting closer. Man, those are some loud footsteps.


>X-Gang: You head inside the TEMPLE, cautiously marching through the ancient passageway. Brushing aside layers of cobwebs and knocking up clouds of dust, the three of you traipse through a stone hallway, mysterious and arcane carvings covering the walls. Though many of them have long been ruined by the erosion of time and the elements, you can still make out a few of the markings.

Notable among these remaining carvings are several familiar creatures, FROGS and TURTLES and SALAMANDERS and PARROTS and GECKOS, to name a few. Spirographs and LOTUSES can also be spotted decorating the walls. However, one carving in particular catches your eyes: An enormous snake, apparently large enough to swallow a Consort whole, if the carvings are to scale. From what you can see, rays seem to emit from the serpent's eyes, striking a few skeletal creatures lying on the ground. You're sure that's not ominous in any way whatsoever.

Eventually, you emerge into a large chamber, in what is probably the center of the TEMPLE. Dusty sunlight pours in through tiny slits in the ceiling and walls, illuminating four hallways branching out from this chamber, one of which you just traversed. A few ancient statues, in various states of disrepair, are dotted around the chamber, holding a variety of strange objects. A ring of these statues, most of them decapitated or missing limbs, enclose a deep whole, its bottom obscured by darkness.


>Rich: Flying higher, you realize that yes, there is a pattern. The lines curve and stretch across the ground far below you, creating intersections and shapes and all kinds of weird stuff. But, it was certainly made with some kind of pattern in mind. That of a monster with hundreds and hundreds of heads, and a massive body.

You sincerely hope that whatever this thing is a picture of, that's it not to scale.


>Dirk: "Sure, sure, let's go then. Alright, I said we're leaving; sorry! Don't open the door so fast next time..." VS leads you back out of the room, receiving a nasty glare from the other Prospitian as he leaves.

As you return to the maze of hallways and passages, VS begins humming a merry tune, walking along with his eyes shut. Nonetheless, he's able to navigate his way without difficulty, easily leading you through dozens of intersections and ramps. Oddly, there are no stairs to be found.

Eventually, the two of you march into a massive room, its ceiling hundreds of yards above you, golden walls decorated with brilliant yellow banners, bearing the crowns of the King and Queen. In the center of the room is an incredibly tall throne, it's back towering towards the ceiling. Seated upon this throne is who you assume to be the White Queen. She looks up as you enter, as VS announces your presence with a theatrical bow and cherry proclamation. Though she seems to be missing a mouth, you get the distinct impression that the Queen is smiling at you.

>Greg:Try another idea while continuing to stay calm

Well that didn't work.And the shadow is getting closer.

Ok,don't panic.You will think of something...Wait...if Spacy stuff got you stuck,maybe it can get you unstuck....

You concentrate and try to teleport yourself about seven feet in the air.That should be enough of a gap to get you free and clear.Hopefully.

>MetroidNut: Return.

I'm back, baby!

>Rich: Bask in glory of pattern.

Its beauty is simply indescribable, and will remain so until at least your next post!

>Dirk Pace: Be the second coolest Dirk in Homestuck.

I went there.

>CJ and Dirk Pace: Go torment the fuck out of MetroidQuest


>MetroidNut: Respond to CJ and DP's torments.

Your move.

>Waffles: Auspiscize
I INTERJECT the STANDOFF, pushing the two away.


>Xavier: Choose a path
You cannot simply choose one! It takes serious consideration.

You lick your finger and raise into the air to see where the a draft may be coming from.

>Greg: Good news! Your teleportation is able to get you out of the glass, and into the air! You fall back to the ground, taking no damage from the impact.

Bad news. Your feet are still stuck in small cubes of glass, making it difficult to gain purchase on the smooth ground below you. You might want to tread carefully until you get these things off; don't want to fall and hurt yourself.

And, because someone's creativity has entirely dried up over the past few days, you find yourself facing an OCCUSULI. Said beastie gives a loud roar as it bears down on you, a massive fist swinging your way.


>Xavier: ...You know, I never figured out why licking your finger helps you detect drafts. Still, that probably gives your DETECT WIND DIRECTION skill a +2.

Unsurprisingly, you find that the wind is blowing back the way you came. What is surprising, however, is the slight stench that is carried on the breeze, one of rotting flesh and musty bones. And is that a hissing sound you hear emitting from the pit?


>GM: Arbitrarily declare Connor to be dead. Yeah, doesn't look like we're getting any interest in someone replacing him, and Lord knows I can't control a character while GMing. Looks like Chas is a murderer. Well, he's already murdered countless Underlings, but now he's also killed another human.

>Chas: While beginning your hunt for FROGS of various descriptions, you suddenly feel a strange, yet familiar energy welling up within you. Strength pulses throughout your body, as ice seems to pour through your veins. An ancient tone resonates through your mind, causing the deepest recesses of your soul to quake with its power. You think... you think you just gained a GRIMDARK level.

Level up! Level 1 Bane of Sun. +125 BOONDOLLARS.

>Rich: Be creeped out by the pattern.

That's...not normal.

>Rich: Return to village, inquire about pattern.

You do so in a manner probably not worthy of a pesterlog.

>Benndak: Answer an earlier question.

King Crimson is one of my favorite band, and their prog rock magnum opus has some verses about the jesters in the court of the crimson king. Having been a proud Man-Skylark for a while I figured I might switch things up now that I'm a four-digit poster.


>Chas: Reflect.

What the fuck was that. You're supposed to be doing some menial chores here with an OGRE and a flighty GECKO, to regain your path of HEROISM. It's textbook comic book daydream stuff here. Hunting FROGS (a venture that has been so far fairly fruitless) isn't GRIMDARK at all! You've got to start to get to the bottom of things. Clearly something's going on, and you'll be damned if you're going to be kept in the...

Dark about it.

...On the other hand, the sinister pun and the shivering sensation of power felt pretty damn good. Maybe you could give being EVIL a shot wait what the fuck are you talking about.

>Chas: Try and sort this all out.

You think only one person here can be trusted to deal with this kind of thing, given that your dearest companions are mute - the only other ALDER you know of that's around. You could call GRAMPS out with your pendant, but you feel like this should be a personal sort of meeting. You give Dash the order to keep looking around for those frogs, and tell him you'll be back soon. Then you turn away with a firm salute, take out your JETPACK and fly away to the sky like a piece of garbage, RETURN-NODE ward.

>Chas: Plop out onto your roof.

You make the usual drop, and look around. Not much has changed, though you can notably make out a scarce few details now as opposed to simple silhouettes to keep you from bumping into things. Guess that came with the darkness. How mildly ironic!

Also Connor appears to have lost his loyalty aura. Interesting. Must've worn off over time. He's still frozen, though, that's a thing; maybe you ought to check on him?

>Chas: Go do that.

>CJ: Be pissed that you and GM are never on Pesterchum at the same time

With gusto.

>CJ: Be pissed that you and GM are never on Pesterchum at the same time

With gusto.


>Greg:Solve one problem,deal with the next

You pick yourself up off the ground after your small victory of freeing yourself.Well,almost free.You still need to get these small glass cubes off your feet,as it makes walking somewhat of an issue.But hey,now you what it feels like to wear cement shoes.Ok,glass shoes,but close enough!

Oh course whatever feels of victory you had felt immediately vanished once the creature that had been advancing on you is now close enough to see you.And boy is he big.....And now he is swinging at you...well crap...

Quick,dodge!...wait..you can't really move....

Quick,SCHERZO STEP!And follow it up with a LEGATO SLASH!

Man,you are so glad you learned those abilities.Granted,they are all you use,but hey,why fix what isn't broke?

You're pretty sure a great philosopher said that once.

>Rich: Your UNWORTHY INQUIRY is met with confusion by most of the PARROTS in the BIRDHOUSE. It seems that most of them didn't even know that the lines existed. However, as you continue your question, and begin to describe the beast pictured, the Consorts fly into a panicked frenzy. Again.

After they calm down, you are again approached by the wizened PARROT, who whacks you in the shin with a cane for causing another riot. He then mutters something about TYPHOON wanting to leave his signature everywhere, and how the guy's really turned into quite the jerk over the past few years.

From the sound of things, TYPHOON might be this Land's Denizen, and he apparently looks a lot like that picture on the ground.


>Chas: Upon closer examination of Connor, you find that he's currently lying on the ground, perfectly immobile. It's kind of weird, he's not even breathing or anything. You know, you thought that people had to breathe in order to say alive; when he wakes up you're going to have to get him to teach you how to do that and... Wait a minute.

Yeah. He's dead.



After WQ dismisses you, VS leads you back to the FILE ROOM. Although it's obvious he's quite curious as to what you and the Queen talked about, he politely avoids the subject, instead making some small talk about the weather.

When you enter the room again, the small Prospitian from earlier shoots you and VS a glare, but doesn't do anything to impede you.


>Greg: Ah, yes. Joseph Heller was truly a man of great wisdom and kickass attitude. Quoting him is sure to boost your attack strength! Well, maybe. I don't know.

Anyway. POOF, SLASH! You phase out of existence again, only to reappear behind the OCCULUSI. Swinging your blade, you unleash a massive LEGATO SLASH, the attack quickly traversing the distance between you and your foe. The beast roars as your blow lands, leaving a nasty gash on its back.

However, the OCCULUSI is still standing. Spinning around, it swings a massive fist at you, ready to crush you into dust. Although the attack barely misses you, the glass beneath you cracks and shatters, some of the debris flying up and hitting you. You're knocked backward, taking some damage from the assault.

>Rich: Recall Elwoodsprite's words.

He suggested you just explore. So you think you'll do just that.

>Rich: Pick random direction, fly in it.

Zero hour, now. And you're as high as a kite.

>Chas: Be hit by sudden, striking realization that you killed a man.



>Chas: But seriously, he's dead.

Holy fuck, what have you done! You didn't just pull the trigger, you built the fucking gun! Fuck, fuck fuck! You check his pulse again, frantically, skin cold and lifeless to the touch; it's not helping anything, and you know it. He's dead as Dillinger. He's passed on. This Connor is no more. He has ceased to be. He's expired and gone to meet the big, mysterious powers in the sky.

This, as you can clearly see, is an ex-hipster.

But nary a tear escapes your eye - or, perhaps more appropriately, your hypothetical tear ducts remain unstimulated (and in a more literal sense, nonexistent). There is no ounce of grief that runs through your veins. No, not grief, you've grieved enough. You know you've grieved enough by now. What unsettles you is the absence of remorse. Your fingers slip from your fallen teamma-...your fallen assailant's wrist, devoid of concern, your (again, purely hypothetical) gaze empty and jaded.

You feel a chill run down your spine. You know you should be asking yourself the ususal questions - What the fuck is wrong with you, this is your fault, you killed him. As it happens, the only thing in your heart right now is grim acceptance. Grimdark acceptance, as it were.

There's those sinister puns again. You're starting to freak yourself out a little. It seems no amount of self-assurance that you are some sort of monster can elicit a reaction, however; truth be told, you can only find justification. He came out swinging. He clearly felt that attacking you was just the best course of action he could take at the time. An admirable endeavor, of course, but you weren't in the best of moods and he drilled a piece of fucking augmentation machinery into your face. You lay there, writhing in pain, and the bastard kept still and silent. You didn't even know it was him. So what else is a man to do when a mysterious enemy smashes a bat clear into his face but strike back? Casual parley takes a back seat to pure, instinctual, adrenaline-fueled urge to survive. Your health vial was at close-to-death level. So you struck back.

And in a single, fell blow, you killed him. Was he that inferior? A sole blow from you - a simple laser blast - was all it took? Surely you can be pardoned for admiring your own power. The justification is clearly laid out. There is no need for remorse. You sound practically evil saying it, and you know it - you're too genre savvy to fall for this shit. But...it was almost a show of force, in a way. So what if you're not the top level player. Who cares about the levels.

Who cares about the rules. Not you. You'll bend them. The rules do not apply to you anymore. Power acquisition - that's what matters. Then you can kill the King. Then you can save the world. You'll have everything you ever wanted - all the fame, all the respect, all the power, and not to mention social change. It's all a means to an end.

>Chas: Take care of the body.

There's no need to disrespect your prey - oh god, you really just thought that. How horridly cliche.

You may as well pay the respects to your victim of circumstance. You hoist the body over your shoulder in a small fireman carry, and throw it off the edge of your skyscraper of a home.

There. Done. Respects paid. Now you very well suppose there's no more time to be wasted. You engage your JETPACK again, not paying your home a second glance, and fly through the FIRST GATE. If all goes well, you should be back to Dash momentarily.

>Benndak: Get tiger.

You have reached the peak of your power as Douche of Italics!

I sure do feel accomplished!

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