Serial Killer Round 32: And Now for Something Completely the Same... (Game Over, Man!)

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Well, nothing like a successful coup to brighten your morning. Anyway, hello. I'm NeoAC. You might remember me from such Serial Killer Rounds as that one where I successfully killed everyone, the only person to do so thus far, and a bunch of other rounds where I was the first to die. And today, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I'll be your GM as we dive into...

Serial Killer Round 32!!

Now with 50% more East Coast influence!

Thank you, thank you. You're a terrific bunch of potential murderers. OK, that's enough McClure for the day, let's get down to business. Here are the rules!

I do enjoy some nice copypasta for breakfast. Anyway, if you have the attention span of a gnat, or just plain weren't paying attention, here are the results from the last round.

Got that? Good. Now get to the killing people! Before your god is displeased!

List of contestants:
Schizzy - Fourth Murdered
Mr. Omega - Second Executed
Link_to_Future - Spy - Third Murdered
Fragrance of Mtn Dew
Gypsy ninja pirate zombie king - First Murdered
Emurlahn - First Executed
XIII's Number XIV
Icarion (aka Stockholm)
Hman121 - Second Murdered
James Joseph Emerald - Third Executed

Now get sending those numbers people! So we can get to the killing people! And I can stop saying people people!

*Number sent* This is my 4th straight round does that mean i because a regular next round?

@GNPZK: After successful completion of the next round, yes, you would obtain regular status.

Yay! Moar East Coast Influence! Number coming your way!

Number sent.

I wonder if I'll mysteriously disappear again...

@Neo: You left the Arbiter in the Rules section. Does that mean the role is present this round?

Also, number incoming.

@CA: Yes I am going to leave it in for this round.

Hurray for more murder!

Number sent.

The lack of midwestern influence disturbs me. But not enough to prevent me from sending my number.

East coast influence!


Not participating this time do to RL business that needs to be taken care of. You'll see me back someday though :)

I'm in!! xD

You spelt my name wrong Neo =P

Sending number... o/

@Sly: I don't see what's so wrong about it. :P

*fires 1,000 identically numbered tennis balls into Lake Superior*

Well, let's hope one of those reaches him.

@WarP: I'm not that sly! I'm too clumsy to be sly. =P

@RedSky: Maybe that's one of those Freudian slips I hear so much about. Or it could just be my pinky's fault for not hitting the right key. Yeah I'm going to go with that.

@Neo: Or maybe... just maybe... element telekinetically MADE you mistype, in a bid to discredit you as a worthy GM. Just so you won't also snap up the title of 'Best SK GM'.

@Schiz: Very possible. The room has gotten colder recently. It could be his I'm scared.

@Neo: *Turns off air-conditioning*


@Schiz: Much better. Thank you. And now for some Godly pudding cups!

@Sly Sky: I'm actually a peaceful guy, despite having "War" in my name. What's you point? :P
I'm still a penguin, though. <.<

Wait what? New round? Geez I need to pay attention. >.<

*number sent*

*Smacks Link on the head*
Pay attention more!

Ugh...why am I so dizzy all of a sudden?

*stumbles wildly*

@j1-2 Lake Superior you say? Did I really just happen upon a fellow Duluthian? If so, that would be quite the mind blowing coincidence.

To keep myself relevant, I shall post here, bumping the thread back to the first page in the process. Also, number sent.

@Pm0n3y: You were here since day one, right? How can you not be relevant?

@Pm0n3y: You'll always be relevant to me buddy. You'll always be the last one standing.

@Fragrance: Sorry, buddy, wrong side of the Mississippi.

And truth be told, I ain't that close. I had to give up my evil planning for the entire day to get all those tennis balls in the water.

Huh. I miss a day and new round. Number incoming.

*ties number to bird*

*shoots out of cannon*

I'll send my number. People love numbers.

Sending in my number. EAST COAST POWER! Also, Neo, I consider the fact that you won that one round overshadowed by the fact that we won the Stanley Cup.

@Icarion: And I consider that Stanley Cup win fraudulent, and I slagged Brad Marchand in person about it! The drunken bastard! So my SK win stands as the most awesome.

@Numbers: Where the hell are Smag and Skye?

@Neo: They're dead?

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