Wolves and Warlocks (Open RP)

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"Lighten up you crazy fool." she dropped a Jello shot into a shadow and it appeared in front of him.

Sacri is looking through a book that has a secret language weaved into ten different secret codes, and in Common on the front is 'Book of Horror-lore'. Sacri for a nanosecond actually nearly changes expression "I hope you realize that none of this is good. I stole this Knowledge I read from somewhere no-one should ever be, and what's in in is things Humanity shouldn't have had, but one mage did, and nearly killed me with it, had the potent magicks not needed so much incantation to prevent... bad things, I wouldn't be here."

Sacri ruffled his hair, his eyes showing deep thought "If you truly saw two Old Gods, then it's possible that for some reason, they're interest in our world and the comparatively weak New Gods has been kindled, which means that the Metus Amet might have come back to harvest." Sacri seemed to be flipping through pages a little faster than he was, as if looking for another explanation.

"Give me a shot of the hardest stuff you have, Blandae."

"Sure." she reached down and grabbed a small vial it was about 7 ounces big. "This would be the strongest thing in the city." and the vial went though a shadow and appeared infront of the monk.

Sacri drinks it and sighs, slamming his head down on the table and muttering what sounded like a full range of curses in three languages

"I couldn't just be alive during a world war, or some species conflict, or some miracle cure, or the comeback of decent kung fu movies. Noooo, had to be Old Gods." Sacri continued grumbling in foreign tongues

Ark took 5 more jello shots and appeared behind Sacri now clearly drunk at this point "If it makes you feel better i could go and start a world war for you." and she fell off the wall onto the table. "That tickled like peaches."

"You do have quite the harvest as a peach-tree." Sacri was intensely focused on a calculator and an advanced equation dealing with time

"Also, try not to rattle the table too much, I'm figuring out when we'll all be unquestionably called to fight things way beyond our current scope or never have existed and watch our mistakes and shit do incomprehensible evil to all of our gods, while our female deities are raped for soldiers by evils making the very worst of our imaginations looking like the good they'll be doing what they did to us and our gods too."

"The part about females sounds fun. wait i'm a female die-try right? Because of the succubus thingy?" Ark said trying to make out the words of her cluttered mind.

"Things will be interesting, not precisely FUN..."


I have in fact noticed that. I'll have to keep a stricter watch on that

Well, I'm still figuring the specifics, but good news! We have a number of years that's probably got two digits. So no instant loss of the world tomorrow." Sacri seemed somewhat surprised by this reveal.

"We're still all pretty much doomed, probably."

"I don't pretend to know what you speak of," Peter said, holding the "shot" of gelatin in his hand, "but it sounds bad. Regardless, I am sure we'll be fine. After all, Hagpus always has a plan."

Ezekiel had finally recovered. After poking the body and jabbing it with a hammer Ezekiel dropped a few drops of his blood into Sev's mouth. It was a concoction of Syphilis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Small Pox and some HIV just to make sure. He also added a few drops of rapid onset rabies, for some odd reason he found it funny when the mouth foamed over. So Ezekiel got back in his car, a small dent in the front bumper, and slowly drove over the body, the sounds of crunching ribs clearly visable. Ezekiel stifled a chuckle as he saw a rim of foam forming on Sev's mouth along with some blood.

Sunny was a little unsure how to take the news, not that Fran as bi that hadn't been news for years. In the end Sunny decided it best to let her little sister do what she wanted but to be there just in case.
Fran was already back with ark saying something sunny couldn't make out.
"Thanks for making me do that."

Sacri nodded to Fran "Go, be with Ark. You don't want to hear what comes next. Not on such a good day."

A short pause later, after he turns back to Peter

"Peter, about Hagpus... I think he's dead. Metus Amet isn't subtle, but their enemies are, and tend to insert themselves into mythologies as natural gods, Hagpus to them would be a mere nicety to kill him instead of making him hopelessly weak and mortal to toil around completely unwelcome in the mortal coil. I'd be willing to bet this Wyatt was attempting to protect you and warn any priests powerful enough to see him about the oncoming storm. According to the knowledge here, magi long ago realized how to pick up random bits of information from some sort of magical being, which later died. In the 3rd century, the relatively primitive magic users of the time recorded everything they could about the being's death, and put it into a arithmantic code, in about 15th century, the ruins were re-discovered, and by 17th century, humanity finally started understanding the code. It's what informed the rest of this book, I burned the original after I'd translated it out of Common into a much more obscure dialect. But long death rattle short, I'm fairly certain someone just declared war against our entire plane. Everything any Human, Wolven, Fallen, or even the animals and birds and the gods themselves know, is now in wartime. Metus Amet is 'Oldest Fear' in Latin, because back then, it was the first time an entire civilization was well and truly in horror at what they'd learned." Sacri looked grim, as he thumbed through the pages, obviously he was giving the censored version of what was happening.

"The fact you saw this also means you might just have a long-unused branch of Human potential, you might be able to become a powerful enough priest to call down your own smites and blessings. You will have to go and study, and pray, and meditate for it, but if your faith is strong enough..." Sacri shrugged

"Wait," Peter said, indignently, "you're telling me that some Roman guy killed Hagpus? And that the book of Amendments is true? And you still want me to pray to my 'dead god'!?" Peter dropped the gelatin in his hand on the table and stood up. "Well, good day to you, sir!" Peter stormed over to the door.

"I'm not saying a Roman killed Hagpus, I'm saying an entity beyond this plane did. And for the record, your faith is what will power you, and bring the god's spirit to your aid." Sacri turned "Whether you like it or not, at least a few of the religions of the world are most likely infiltrated similarly. This is beyond our petty squabbles."

Peter returned to his seat. "I'm not saying I believe your story, but you seem to be implying you need all the help you can get, in which case, I shall join you."

Sacri nodded "Everybody's gonna need help. The Gods, Mortals, hell, undead might even get scared."

Ark was tipsy and caught herself on Fran's shoulder. "Thanks for the support, its been over a hundred years since i was last drunk." her gaze slowly shifted back towards Sacri. "You still haven't answered my question monk man, am i a die-try?" her words slurring towards the end of the last sentence.

"So how old are you exactly? Not that I care, but you speak about this long life and I can't help but get curious."

a black wolf with a heavy pack on his back, and a set of glasses. walked up to the group
"I couldn't help but overhear you saying you needed a lot of help,
well it so happens I Have been looking for a job, I need something to do because my recent experiment requires some time alone.
So if your in need of an arcane expert I'm your beast."
The others just stared at the rather nosy Wolven.

"My conscience and soul are about 400. the body, 23 i think. why? does it concern you?"

"No not exactly just curious. So how do you normally deal with how your relationship have you ever been in one long enough for them to get old?"

"The body ages and my mind does too, it conforms to the age represented by the body. I currently have the mindset of a 23 year old, when the body is 60, i'll have the mindset of a 60 year old. My body in the eternal plane will age to about two thousand. Trust me, being in a body is a commitment." she shuddered

"Ok that's comforting.
So do you think it went ok with Sunny?"

"Well, Wolven, if you like splattering yourself up against the incomprehensible evils that occupy the plane above our normal perception, then you're hired. You'll be payed if we survive. Also, I can't promise you'll come out sane." Sacri looked at the wolven, his tall lanky form slightly hunched and his eyes were sharp, and narrowly focused on the Wolven, analyzing and calculating and noting. Knights in shining armor and mob kings have shriveled under this gaze, spies and actual kings as well.

"You both did fine. now i'll take a nap." and she fell face first onto the floor though a shadow portal. being to drunk to realize it, she left the portal open to the dark room. Ark's bedroom.

The Wolven smiled,showing his long fangs
"Who said I was entering sane?"
The gaze appeared to have no affect on him, though either he was brave or his mind was touched by madness.
"I am Free Fang, Friends call me free, or they would, if I had any."


Ezekiel drove his car down the lonely road. He arrived at a large, upscale hospital and donned his scrubs, a fake ID clipped to the front. Now all that had to be done was to infiltrate the hospital and get in position.

Sev awoke, choking on his own saliva. He tried to scream, his throat closed on him. He calmed down, closed his eyes, and put his hands to his throat, settling the cells in his throat down. He spit out the excess saliva, feeling ridiculously weak. His arm cracked under pressure from keeping it up, and he started hacking uncontrollably. He removed his metal arm from his chest, blood coated the automail-dimaond alloy. He snarled, his eye-patch glowing gold. He looked behind him, a door, he had to get to it. He dragged himself using his metal arm, opened the door, and crawled in on the group of Club-goers.

"Hey guys, i need one of those," Severin hacked, a diamond tendril pulling a jello shot over to him, where another tendril had a syringe ready. He filled the syringe and injected himself, barely holding back a scream. Inside his bloodstream, the alcohol attacked the invading viruses, destroying them in the alcohol's toxicity. Sev roared, his muscles rippling unnaturally. The invading cells and viruses gone, he reinjected the syringe, pulling the alcohol out. He sighed and lay down on the floor of the club, exhausted. Micro-healing like that was UNBELIEVABLY difficult, the amount of ATP required for that kind of material control, combined with the scale of the invading infections took a lot out of him. Sev glared at the floor of the club and took a massive bite out of it, swallowing and quickly transferring the materials into energy.

He staggered up, his metal leg barely keeping the rest of his body up, his human arm had repaired, just barely, needed some more time.

He sighed and shuffled over to the bar, slammed his head on the table, grabbed another Jello Shot, and quickly downed it.

He turned to his left at the Wolven, "NEVER fall asleep in a City street. If they're not robbing you or stealing your limbs for scrap, they're injecting you with four different kinds of diseases," Sev finished, falling asleep on the stool.

Ezekiel meandered around the hospital wings, holding a clipboard. Rule one of infiltration was to look like you were supposed to be there. He approached two other doctors as he moved to the organ ward, time to try to use his powers of negotiation.

Free stood there smiling for a while before realizing
"So what is this Grand Quest? I also request permission to do whatever I want with any enemies we capture."
he smiled showing his fangs again
"I like to keep up with my research in blood magic."
"Whats that?'
"Its a magic that doesn't use spells its more about what mixture is in one's blood, I Usually mix a magical creatures blood with a normal animal and see what happens."
his eyes glinted with more madness.
"Its a condition, also I don't intend to allow you to inform anyone I'm doing these experiments, see the law keepers think its a crime to experiment on dead bodies."

"I don't care what you do, how you do it, or how old you like your damn partners, so long as you're useful you're hired. There will be some things we won't be able to experiment on. Like for instance the Saint of Non-Death, once I figure out how to destroy that, we'll need to get about doing that, and never never never never never never never never never ever do anything relating to it again." Sacri seemed to be rather convinced they were doomed.

He also seemed to want to try, anyway.

Free smiled showing all his teeth.
"Well then if you have no qualms with how I behave then what are we waiting for? I want to get moving I hear there are faeries nearby." his smile got wider, his eyes became feral
"And I love catching Faeries."

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