Wolves and Warlocks (Open RP)

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Sacri raised his eyebrow "Are you two coming, or should I keep the massive quantity of power, wealth, knowledge and test subjects?"

"Let's see."
So the most pressure is on my back. Almost as in pointing the way, which is obviously supposed to mislead me.
Forward it is.
Sunny saw the other's forced out of Arks micro universe.
"Oh hello."

"I'm touching you right now. let the shadows into you soul. you'll never be able to meld with them if you don't." The pressure lifted Fran off the ground and she was now floating in the air.

Free immediately walked up to Sacri
"Of course I'm coming, When do we move out?"

"Like this?"

No not like that at all apparently.

"I'm the shadow you're in right now. it is a solid mass held together by my will. the shadows are inside of me and i can emerge from wherever i please."

The shadow opened in front of the currently floating Fran and gave her a view of Ark. "When i'm in the shadow i am it. i feel all it feels and share the same space as it. the body is a shadow at this point, until you remove yourself from them."

She snapped her fingers and dissolved into shadows. the shadow closed and opened and ark was standing there again. "now if you truly want this, i will let the shadows meld with you. It is a bit invasive, but there will be no pain during the melding on the other hand."

"Right now, get in, we'll rest at my people's monastery, and they'll arm us, and give me command of the local troops, in case incursions occur." Sacri motioned to the door, where Monks and wizards alike were preparing supplies for the short stay.

Free Walked into the monastery He carefully removed his pack, he pulled out a blue blanket.
A few Wizards looked upon the Wolven, having heard of their great magic but never seeing it.
But Free wasn't interested in performing a show.
He merely told them to wait until morning, and he was too tired to cast a spell.
He then closed his eyes
and drifted off to sleep.

Hume wandered through the forest, nearly undisturbed. He thought he had seen a few other Wolven as he went but it turned out to be nothing. Still, he couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him...

Eventually he wandered back to the pack, and was suprised to find them on high alert.

"What's going on?" he said, asking whoever was around. Unfortunantly, it was Mince who answered.

"Where the hell have you been? Of all the times you've been idiotic enough to leave camp, this time was the worse! Listen, i'll lambastise you later over this but right now i need you setting up walls, creating choke points, adding defencive perimeters so go!"

"Fine. Where do you want them, oh great and mighty asshole?", Hume responded, tired of Mince's additude towards him. He had always been there to make life hard for Hume since he joined and Hume was nearing his last straw. Still, he probably shouldn't have done that, especially since it would seem like someone would attack soon. His guess was that it was Reignvolf's pack, ready to use any excuse to try to expand their territory and figuring that the hunting pack crossing into their territory was enough of one.

Hume didn't get a vocal reponse like he wanted and was instead sent reeling by a sudden blow to the head. Mince was ready to set up for another strike with his paw when a near apocaliptic shout that sent Mince and Hume stumbling due to it's shockwave. Both of them could easily tell who had done it, after all, you don't forget an attack from Quake, or anyone who could control vibrations, so easily.

"Look, i don't care who started it this time, if you two want to fight then do it afterwards but for now get to working. Hume come with me, me and the Alpha have a plan to minimize casualties this time and your needed for it. i'll explain on the way..."

We need a surgeon in the ER room stat

And with that Ezekiel was right on schedule. He was loaded in the back of the ambulance with a fresh kidney. His two contacts drove the car. Ezekiel began reciting mystic words that make a normal person feel as if their skin was crawling and covered with filth. The kidney began to change, rotting and growing pustules as Ezekiel added his blood and saliva to it with a practiced efficiency. Ezekiel moved on to the second part of the incantation, returning the kidney to its normal appearance. This task completed, Ezekiel opened up the back of the ambulance as the drivers stopped the car, leaving into a nearby clearing.

Sev followed Dinner and Free into the monastery and lied down. He looked up at the dark ceiling and snapped his fingers, sending small sparkles across the darkness, floating about.

"Much better atmosphere," Sev sighed, examining his metal arm.


Sacri was in the office of the General-Grandmaster of the Monastery. After a few hours, he got into the quarters and slept

Peter was sitting in the booth, turning the holy octagon over in his hands. Slowly, he stopped daydreaming.

"Sacri?" Peter was confused. Then he turned around to look at the rest of the club. He noticed Sunny.

"Hey." Peter called. "Its 'Sunny', isn't it?"

A monk came into the club, young, perhaps mid-teens and fairly tired "Peter? I was told a priest was here I should show to his lodgings. Master Sacri ordered I accompany him, is there a priest named Peter here?"

"Yes," said Peter," that would be me. And who, if I may ask, are you?"

Ark looked through the shadows of the club. "Seems our friends have left us, all but sunny and soon to leave peter. thought you might want to know Fran."

"Oh well at least Sunny is still here.
I guess I'll try melding. If your sure it's safe."

"It won't harm you i garuntee. but it will be highly invasive and seek out any area of your body so it can have the most body surface contact to absorb the most shadows. If you are ready and in the right mindset say so, i don't want to force anything upon you."


"My name is Adolf, and I'm to show you to the monastery and quarters the others are staying at when you're ready to rest." The monk bowed slightly, but his face said he thought he was better than everyone in the room, and he had a strange mustache right under his nose. If you could see under his eyes to his mind, you'd see symbols of the Iron Cross, the emblem of the Third Reich from the second world war. His gi was red.

*Some exposition later*

"... Right," said Peter. "Let's go."
He was shown to his quarters, where he promptly fell asleep.

Fran had to think long and hard about that one.
"Ok sure. let's try it."

"I'm sorry if this is uncomfortable but it will be over shortly." Ark said

The shadows started to massage Fran's body letting her muscles relax. They teased her jaw and got it to open. they slowly got Fran into a position where she was in a star shape, arms out and legs apart. pressure increased all over Fran's body. the shadows then dissolved her clothes to have more skin surface to touch.

once she was ready, the shadows forced their way down Fran's throat and explored ever nook and cranny of her body. once the shadows were content, sitting on her entire skin and her digestive tact. the sunk into Fran's body leaving her more pale than before.

she was dropped to the ground once every shadow had sunk into her. Ark came over with a towel in her hands and wrapped it around Fran. "Its over now hunny, you and the shadow are one."

"I am cool. But you're the one that's going to have to explain this to sunny. So if me and the shadows are one what does this mean?"

"Simple, you are the same. you can feel whats in them and see through them. summon objects and beasts out of them." Ark help her right hand out, a ball of shadows formed in it "Catch." and tossed it to Fran.

"So i can make anything?"
For decencies sake i won't wright what Fran was thinking at this moment.

"Just about, the more complex the more draining it is though. Also if you hadn't merged with shadows, that ball would've take your hand off."

Ark stood up "Now lets get you some clothes, He kept a closet for me when i came out, so its full of feminine things. You first real test is following me through the wall." And ark walked through the wall into the bedroom.

While waiting for Fran to come though Ark changed into an extremely short dress, it hugged every curve of her body perfectly. He always knew what to get. and she let out a sigh.

Sacri got up, and instantly went to the courtyard, where there were a few other older more experienced monks, and some monks that looked to be the most experienced practicing or helping eachother practice. He found space where he stretched and prepared, then he sparred with ten different Journeymen, then suddenly bells sounded and sirens blared, Sacri and the other Masters and Grandmasters ran to the disturbance, while the Journeymen and Apprentices tossed pistols in holsters to them and followed soon after, about sixty monks with high-caliber pistols arrived, quickly securing the area within thirty seconds, in the center was the bloodied and disfigured corpse of a person in a red Gi, and it gave off an eerie magical feeling, similar to the feeling of Demonic Energies, but more potent. Sacri walked over and looked over the lump, recognizing an Iron Cross amulet that the monk must've been hiding.

"Adolf, you nazi bastard, not even you deserved this." Sacri looked grimly down, as he signaled nearby monks in stretchers and forensic equipment to start gathering samples and then cleaning the scene, the Grandmasters and Masters walked towards a tall tower in the center of the monastery, holstering their guns, and Sacri followed, knowing that somewhere, an incursion is occurring. He didn't expect this sort of speed, but he bet they'd be targeting Peter, so he turned to a nearby squad of Journeymen to grab heavier complements and guard Peter at all times

He almost wished that Ark and the others were with them, if only for more power, but they were happy, and he couldn't just have them sacrifice that.

Free appeared by Sacri's side
"what is this energy?"
"How did you know something happened here?, I thought you were asleep."
"I've been tampering with magic since I was a pup, If there's any sort of supernatural energy within a mile of me, I can smell it.I've never encountered anything like this before, this energy is wild And my intuition tells me This energy means bad news,"
Free turned to Sacri.
"So I'd like to know anything you know about this energy, including any energies similar to this."

Sev yawned, looked around, a noticed a lack of Free. He also noticed a lack of Dinner.

"Joy, what can a 700 year-old eat and stay healthy, you may ask yourself," Sev started, stand up and stretching. He smelled Dinner and his mouth watered. He shook it off and sighed.

"I've been asking that for quite some time now," Severin followed the smell of Dinner outside where Dinner and Free were discussing over something Red.

"Hey guys, lemme tell you something, you monks got some nice beds!" Severin joked, making his way over to them. He looked down at Adolf's corpse.

"Who's the stiff?" Sev asked, jabbing his thumb in the corpse's direction.

"The energy is the Original Fear, as in, the one thing all wizards and sorcerors and demons and the Gods themselves are unquestionably afraid of. As for the corpse, Adolf Hitler, Bastard, annoying incompetent, and still one of my people. Did you know this sector is the one I came from? This monastery is the embassy to this city to the real monastery in the forest, and I came from these forests. The fact is, however, that this is ground zero. Forensic and cleanup crews are already on this." Sacri holstered his gun, and turned toward the tower "It's time to make plans, come, we need to meet with the local generals and captains like myself, and see if we can mobilize out-of-sector support, although I'm going to bet the world just got several incursions like this one, there are already teams trying to track the enemy." Sacri sighed

Free nodded.
" I suspect Adolph planned on using this Fear as a weapon, Fear is powerful there are only a few who can stand it, there are only two Known forms of fear resistance
Madness and Bravery."
Anyone who could perceive Magic would have noticed that a strange sort of shield like surround Free, it was a dark reddish purple color that had a habit of rippling rather violently.
"It would appear my madness shield is active it blocks out fear, With it active it's impossible for me to be paralysed by fear.
however Madness is easier to create then bravery, but it's also more consequential, If one isn't careful they'll be lost to madness.
Meanwhile I would like to see Adolph's room I'm going to investigate this Original Fear, Adolph might have some notes."

"Original Fear's soldiers are invading in ten years. He was simply a gateway for their scouts. An open door, if you will." Sacri shrugged "Adolf was on the verge of being given his pink slip from the order, because he was growing progressively insane, if I'd payed attention I would have seen the signs of this long before a local priest was visited by the Old Gods attempting to destroy us. Our first priority is interfering in whatever the Old Gods have for scouting, the less they know of us, the more our preparations will matter."

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