Mall Fight (ENDED: New One is on Forum Games)

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"Ha ha, I knew that hologram with the fake weapons would work!" says Connor, as he reprograms the holoprojector in the black smiths shop and makes more fake weapons.

I respawn in the Counter Strike store,I get myself a Steyr Aug A,and a bunch of grenades.

My face is covered in black soot from the explosion. I examine the joke landmine.

"Someone has been padding out Mr. Smithy's stock with fake weapons. Guess I better go tell him."

I step inside the blacksmith's shop to find Connor messing around with a hologram projector.

*sigh* "Figures."

I punch Connor's soul.

I walk inside the food court,and I make myself a lettuce,tomato,bacon and red onion sandwich.


Connor hits RaN to death with his Pogo Hammer.

*gasp* "I know what I must do!"

I die and respawn behind the counter. I grab a handful of silver .357 magnum cartridges, load a few rounds in my Python and shoot Connor's pancreas.

I run inside a Movie Costume store,and I see a costume that gets my attention.

"Is this?" (Me)

I pull a picture out of my ass.


"Oh my god,it's the costume Charlton Heston wore in The Ten Commandments! Man,that was a good movie." (Me)

I put on the costume,and I keep running around,until the clock hits 9 PM.

"Oh no,I know what this means!" (Me)

I grab a mirror,I put it in front of my,I shoot an Optic Blast,which ricochets back to me,and I'm vaporised.

"What the fuc-AHHHHHHHH, POISON!" Connor dies.

"I gotta make more of these."

I forge hundreds of silver rounds for every weapon in my current arsenal. I take Connor's pogo hammer.


You got the POGO HAMMER!

"Fuck yeah!"

The predalien hops out of the shadows and decides that RaN would look allot better if he was impaled on its tail. so it impales him, kills him and runs around with his body on its tail, before returning to the shadows.

"Fuck no!"

I respawn and grab my gear. After making sure all my guns are loaded, I wander out into the Mall. A wry smile comes across my face. I call the monster out.

"Come on, do it! Do It! Come on, kill me! Do it now!"

Agitated by my incessant yelling, the Predalien charges at me. Using the pogo hammer, I get a vicious rhythmic bouncing combo going and easily slay the Predalien in one blow. Kind of like this:


But with more blood and gore. I am catapulted sky-high in the process.

I calmly walk into the mall lobby, chocolate fudge ice cream in one hand, and a Dubstep Gun in the other. I then start shooting up the mall with blasts of florescent lasers and sweet beats.

I respawn,and I nearly dodge a fluorescent laser.

"Well,that came out of left field!" (Me)

I pull out my Thompson 1921,I run to the origin of the laser while headbanging to the sweet beats,and I personally shower Knife with bullets.

A facehugger jumps on Tox's face and implants an egg.

I quickly shoot myself in the head,I die,I respawn in the lobby,and I then shoot the shit out of the facehugger.
I then get myself an electric hand buzzer prank,and some electricity chargers.
Due to the laws of logic having no effect in the Mall,I overcharge the buzzer prank to 1.21 gigawatt of eletricity. I then equip it.

Connor walks up to Tox and pats him on the back with Ballistic Fist, he explodes. "Oh, was I wearing that, sorry cool guy."

I respawn,I run back to Connor,and...I run back to the Gun Runners,the Dalek still stuck in an endless dying cycle,as I take two Ballistic Fists,and a Gatling Laser.

"Wait,how the fuck to I manage to hold a Gatling Laser while having a Ballistic Fist in both hands?!" (Me)

I shrug and I walk out of the store.

Connor takes out his Lego Chainsaw and walks over to the gun runners after Tox leaves.

"Oh shit, I told you about Tox cool guy." says Connor.


Connor moves the spawn point off the hole.

"THANK YOU." says the worn out Dalek. He gives Connor a Mini Gun with all it's attachments and another Ballistic fist. Connor heads after Tox.

I run over to the park,and I test the Gatling Laser on the fountain,but because of the electric hand buzzer prank having 1.21 gigawatts of electricity,an incredibly destructive chain reaction occurs,overloading the Ballistic Fists and the Gatling Laser,and the electricity is directed the the water in the fountain,causing it to become an endless source of electricity,causing it to spew lightning all over the place,and also striking the Dalek in the Gun Runners,reseting its spawn point back to the hole,and also locking it.

Oh,and I also die,electrified,and I respawn in the Homestuck Store.

a kamikaze watermelon fly's though the homestruck store window and hits tox.

I slice the watermelon with a Caledscratch,and I pleasantly eat it,along with radioactive meat.

I run into the store where Tox is savoring the radioactive meat, scream "ZINGYBOINGYDUDE!" and explode in a nuclear fire ball


I roll my Fluorite Octet,and I roll a 1/2/4/6/7/2/8/6/,which results in a force field made out of radioactive meat,protecting me from the explosion,but giving me radiation poisoning. I rush to the Gun Runners,and I use about 15 Rad-Aways.

I run into the gun runners store after respawning, see Tox turning into a ghoul and die from laughing too hard.

Little does mcpop know that exploding in a nuclear fire ball causes side effects even after respawning,like hallucinations,sudden bursts of laughter,and also floppy genital organs.

I respawn inside of a golf store, grab a club and some balls.

"FOUR!" and i drive a ball across the mall into Tox's head killing him.


Connor goes to the Fallout store and puts on a suit of Winterized Power Armor and puts his leather jacket over it. However, he leaves the helmet takes a NCR 1st Recon corps hat and some sunglassses so he doesn't look like that one guy who I'm not suppose to mention.

DR: 40
Critical Chance: 15%

Connor heads out in search of someone to kill

I respawn in a high tech weapon store,and I grab a teleporter. I fidlle on the coordinates,and I teleport Mcpop inside the electric fountain,electrifying him to death.

Connor sees Tox with a teleporter and fills him full of 5mm rifle rounds from his Minigun.

I respawn in an Ultima store,I grab a Hoe of Destruction and a Ring of Invisibility,I put on the Ring,I run to the high-tech weapon store,and I kill Connor while he doesn't notice me. I then steal the Minigun.

Connor respawns in the Retro Mall Fight store, which has all the improvised weapons of the first mall fight. Connor goes into the backroom, and sees another door with a keypad lock with letter represented by numbers.


The door opens, showing all the weapons and items used by Connor in all his dimensions and universes, but no upgrades to the alternate Connor's bodies like Dalek upgrade stations. He drops the Ballistic fist and takes the tactically upgraded .50 BMG WidowMaker and a the 5 star Agency club from the "Welcome to Sburb" dimension. He also takes a thermo vision goggles from a universe where Connor was he was a Special Agent in a military.

He walks out the store and turns on the goggles, and sees Tox walking around with the mini gun in the park, Connor then snipes off his head and takes the minigun back.

I respawn in the Mall Fight 2 store,which has all of the crap ever used or introduced in Mall Fight 2,without the retarded plot to go with it.

I kick down the maintenance door,which leads to a room,with all the crap I used in Mall Fight 2. I grab a shooper,and a Legendary Katana which is no longer legendary.

I run out of the store,and I test the shooper on a potted plant. The whole area around the potted plant is completely destroyed,but the shooper is now deactivated for several minutes.

"Why would you kick down the door? You did make the thread, you should have the key to all the doors and stuff." says Connor as he sniper Tox before his shooper recharges.

I respawn in the Mall Fight 2 store.

"Good point." (Me)

I spawn the door of the maintenance room back to normal,and I open it normally with one of the many keys I can pull out of my ass,because fuck you I made this thread. I take a dark crystal which existed in Mall Fight 2 for a reason that shall not be mentioned,and now has been re-allocated to shooting lasers.

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