Mall Fight (ENDED: New One is on Forum Games)

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"I agree with Angus, speeder bikes are a sensible choice.", I dive into the driver's seat, "MINE!", I drive off.

"Yeah, fuck Humvees." (XotFu)

We pile out of the Humvee, and XotFu starts turning the car into speeder bikes.


"Uhhh, you guys never use my ideas!"

"XotFu, you are AWESOME."

"hell ya boys. So where are we going now that we have suitable transportation."

"We go in a random direction until we come across something." (Xot)

They pile up on the speeder bikes and start driving South.


Veering left Angus starts driving looking for any sign of life.

"See anything?"

Angus comes across a small town.

A sign close to the entrance reads : "WARNING: Entering Creepypasta City"

"Hey, this is off topic, but have you guys ever watched Candle Cove? It came on when I was a kid. It was about pirates!"

"I think you mean Treasure Island." (XotFu)

"Which version?" (Futox)

"Either the Disney movie or the 1990 movie." (XotFu)

"The 1990 one was the one with Christian Bale, right?" (Xot)

"Yep." (XotFu)

"Give me back that radar this instant!" (Xot)

"Nah, CC had this guy called the Skintaker, and the last episode was just the entire cast screaming for 30 minutes."

"That's just a lame reboot, then." (XotFu)

"That's so sad, the original was so good, and actually scary." (Futox)

I shrug, as we crash into the sign. " guys okay?"

"We're way too awesome to be hurt by that." (Xot, Futox and XotFu)

Xot takes the scouter.

"That's wierd, the radar only shows one person, but it's still heading for the Core. In fact, it's around in the same area as we are." (Xot)

"It must be Tox!"

I head after the signal, crowbar raised.

Instead of me, Eric comes upon Dark Samus.


Eric gets shot into a dining room.

I jump out. "Ugh, what a bitch...."

I toss my crowbar at Dark Samus.

Dark Samus bends the crowbar and throws it back at Eric.

Meanwhile, Xot, Futox, XotFu and Bryghtside are calmly walking inside the house.

"There is nothing." (Woman)

"Bitch, your front lawn is on fire." (XotFu)

They exit the house and follow Eric who's following Dark Samus into the shopping district.

I catch it and throw it at Dark Samus, this time smashing into the back of her head.

"Ah, head shots! How I love thee!"

She crashes into a store, accidentally killing a bunch of kids.

The incident attracts a sizeable amount of people, and as Xot-N-Aquaintences arrive, they make their way through the crowd and into the store.

"Let's finish her off before she gets back up." (Xot)

XotFu finishes Dark Samus off, as Futox sees a Game Boy with Pokemon on it.

He picks it up and hears the music.

"Uhhh...Futox, I think you should put that down..."

"I sense... A disturbance in the force..." (Futox)

He looks at a disturbingly precise location.

"The corrupted Martin is not the real Martin..." (Futox)

"Are you alright?" (Xot)

"I'm not sure..." (Futox)

I place a hand on Futox's shoulder. "You okay, man? Is Martin okay?"

I snore in my sleep.

"The real Martin can't be okay... Because he's already dead!" (Futox)

Angus talks into the Speederbikes radio

"Guys I found a town."

"Wait, let me check my watch..." (XotFu)


"Fuck, my writer is going to school in 5060 nanoseconds!" (XotFu)

"You mean now?"


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