Mall Fight (ENDED: New One is on Forum Games)

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"Then, where could we find the real Martin?" (Xot)

"We can't. He has reached God Tier." (Futox)


Martin is playing Massive Multiplayer Deathmatch with other God Tier players.

>Engage first person view to see what Martin is doing.

"Wow, I can't believe that this hasn't progressed a single page since last night." Jack says, looking at his computer screen, "Something's not right."

"D --> The bastards probably left us so they do can do "socializing" or something" (Real Tox)

"I had to go to the next state over for a doctor's appointment. At least I have an excuse."

"D --> That's like me going to the dentist close to the end of the summer when Mall Fight 2 is almost over

D --> Wait" (Real Tox)

"And I was waiting for anyone to post! My day off was ruined!"

"At least, today is Friday." (Adrien Brody)


Eric is now unable to Brodywalk, as his uncoolness has angered the wrath of Adrien Brody.

"Sorry, bro." (Xot)

"Whatever. So, Martin is dead?"

"Half dead. He's reached God Tier levels and is most likely stuck in Skaia." (Futox)

"He's probably murdering noobs in that great battlefield in the sky." (XotFu)

"Sounds badass."

"The word "badass" is all of his 65182517361736 middle names." (XotFu)

"They say not even all of the overpowered weaboos in existence could be able to defeat him." (Xot)

"The day he recieves a cut on his finger is the day humanity crumbles down into chaos and anarchy!" (Futox)

"He tips really well too."

"I know, dude, I'm checking right now. Also, can we have a recap?"

"Well, not a lot happened right now. Simply put, Xot, Futox, XotFu, Waffles, Angus and you are in the shopping district of the Creepypasta City, which is in the Negaverse/Ultraworld. I think that's all I'll need to explain." (Real Tox)


"That explains everything, thanks. Now, we still need to find Tox."

"Yeah, let's go. But still, I wonder what Martin is up to." (Xot)


"Okay, here's the plan. I drop this rock-shaped nuclear grenade in the hole, and we see if we kill anybody who's on the other side." (Martin)

"thats not a plan" (Eridan)

"Be lucky you're on my team." (Martin)

210x KILL!
+ 106500 XP

"noob1: OMG HACKER
noob3: ur gay
noob6: y r u not banned hacker

"A True Master At Work" (Kanaya)


Xot-N-Aquaintences get out of the shopping district and on their way to the Lower Area of the Creepypasta City.

"We should probably find somewhere to camp in for the night." (Futox)

"How about a haunted house?" (Xot)

"Nah, abandoned ruins would be a finer idea." (XotFu)

"Or maybe a radio station." (Futox)

"No." (Xot and XotFu)

Futox knocks Xot and XotFu out and drags them to an abandoned radio station, followed by Eric, Waffles and Angus.

I wander around Creepypasta city for a while.

"I love haunted radio stations."

As they enter the radio station, Xot wakes up.

"RADIOS!" (Xot)

He starts messing around with the main radio system, when this comes on:

"Great. More Pokemon stuff. I'm glad I left my balls with Maddie."

Yes! I'm back with my gifs!!!


W.V.: "Shit. How long has he been out?"

Sister: "I dunno. Two days I think."

βRaN: "I can't believe I snore like that."

I push myself off of my bed. I crash on the floor.

αRaN: *snores*

βRaN: "Huh. That usually works."

Sister: "Fuck it. Let's go kill something."

Wakes out of coma "Uh.....what happend here?"

I run into Holy Hotdog. "Oh, high there, some WEIRD PLOT SHIT happened, you know, the usual. As we walk, I realise we've travelled into......CAPTCHA TOWN!!! We are then attacked by random captcha's.
"Sideways writing? OH THE HUMANITY!"

"You know, I wonder why there are so many creepypastas about Pokemon." (Xot)

"Because it's innocence incarnate?" (Futox)

"Oh, hell no, we're talking about a game where 10 year old leave their home to capture wild animals and force them to kill other animals in national cage fights." (Xot)

"Huh. I actually never thought about it that way." (Futox)

"Fuck this, let's just get in the Lower Area." (Xot)

"Hey, speaking of which, where's Knife and the RaNseses?" (Futox)

"They'll probably come upon us by pure accident in the next 100 posts." (XotFu)


Xot-N-Aquaintances burst out of the radio station and approach the gate of the Lower Area.

"Hello?" (Xot)

"Yes, can I help you?"

"We're here about the scariness." (Xot)

"Are you alone?"

"Well, there's a few other people with me, but they're here for the same thing as I am." (Xot)

"Have any of you now, or have ever been a crymore newfag?"

"No." (Xot)

"Yes." (Futox)

Futox gets roboslapped by XotFu.

"Nevermind." (Futox)

"What about a-"

"No, no tryhard. Just regular, normal, fear-loving..." (Xot)

The gates open.

The King animus stands on the other side of the gate.

"Hello again."

"Shit, what do we do?" (Xot)

"We have come from the far realms of the Omniverse to give you an offer." (Futox)

"That." (XotFu)

"Who's this?"

"Who is who?"

"You! Who are you?" (Xot)

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