Mall Fight (ENDED: New One is on Forum Games)

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"I am RaN's animus. Remember?"

The King animus stands on the other side of the gate.

"I honestly don't know how it could be any clearer."

"But, we're not in a dream." (XotFu)

"I know. I stepped out momentarily."

"What are you doing here?" (Xot)

"You do not know what it is like to be trapped in your own mind. Suffice it to say, the door was open."

"Will you help us find Tox?"

"If that is what you want."


"... What?"

RaN's Animus has joined Xot's party!

Xot-N-Aquaintences delve deeper into the Lower Area of the Creepypasta City, the place where only the truly terrifying events happen.

They come across an abandoned laboratory which most famous experiment was its last.


"I remember not particularly liking this story. Too long. Too descriptive."

"Fuck you, The Russian Sleep Experiment was the best Creepypasta ever!" (Xot)

Xot slaps Eric and AniRaN.

"And besides, this is apparently where we need to go to get to Tox." (Xot)

"How do you know that?" (Futox)

Xot points at a graffiti on the door saying: "No Corrupted Characters".

"The best creepypasta ever was Candle Cove, unless you expand the definition, in which case it is a tie between the Slender Man and the SCP Foundation."

"Candle Cove was shit." (Xot)

"But it was credible shit." (Futox)

"It was fucking awesome!"

"I've never read it."

"We'll argue about what is the best later, we have hypothetical asses to kick!" (Xot)

They burst in the laboratory.


"This is a laboratory?"

"Fuck you go read it NOW. And he's right, this place doesn't look like a lab at all."

"It looked like one from the outside. In fact, it's larger than on the outside." (Futox)

"Come on, this is just the entrance. There's bound to be a real laboratory on the lower levels." (Xot)

"Ugh. I just know I am going to step on a nail."

We walk to the lower levels.

"I remember Candle Cove now. The one where everyone has suppressed memories of a demented children's show. Then it turns out the show was just white noise and everything that happened was merely the audience's imagination. Not exactly scary. A good story you should read is Psychosis. It's quite long, but a good read. A shame the ending ruins it."

"You want to know what is really scary? The Holders. The fact that people wasted their time doing 538 shorts stories that are almost basically the same shit is pants-shittingly terrifying." (XotFu)

"For a moment, I thought you had a malfunction." (Xot)

They arrive at the lower levels,


"Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about!" (Xot)

"It's not a lab, it's a nuclear power plant." (XotFu)

"Shut up." (Xot)

"See, man, this and the SCP Foundation is my Homestuck. And yes, this is still not a lab."

"Wasn't this the set from Get Smart?"

"I hated that movie."

"It was alright."

They go on the orange platform in the picture and into the small control room.

"Okay, what do we do with this?" (Futox)

"We mash random buttons." (XotFu)

I press a very large red button.


I press a very large red button.

An explosion shakes the lab, "FUCK!"

"CHEESE IT!" (Xot)

Ren suddenly appears and casts molten cheese all over the place.

"Not like that!" (Xot)

The molten cheese causes the reactor to melt down, and causing an Earth-shattering kaboom.

However, instead of dying, our heroes find themselves in...


"What the fuck?"

Oh and also, they float.

The characters, not the metallic thingies.

"This is incredibly ridiculous."

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