Mall Fight (ENDED: New One is on Forum Games)

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Xot punches Knife in the face, as XotFu sets up random shit around the house.

"Where are we supposed to go now?" (Futox)

"We'll have to look around this island. If we've been brought here, it's for a reason." (Xot)

"So...Would you say that Tox is..."


"I never watched that show, but I guess you could say that." (Xot)

I, however, don't feel the punch, ans I am still high on NOSTALGIA.

Futox starts beating the shit out of Knife.



"I'll get the vacuum cleaner." (XotFu)

The Smoke Monster turns into a dead polar bear.

XotFu starts sucking the dead polar bear.

"I've seen some wierd stuff, but this just takes the cake." (Futox)


"..." (XotFu)

"I am speechless." (Xot)


XotFu robo-slaps Eric.

"I'm sucking the polar bear with my vacuum cleaner!" (XotFu)

"*snickers*" (Futox)

"And the award for most awkward scene is...XotFu sucking a polar bear with a vacuum cleaner!" (Xot)

"I don't care if you are doing it with a vacuum cleaner or what, it is still sick."

I walk out on the beach in disgust, and look around for Tox.

XotFu throws away the vacuum cleaner after sucking the bear...

"Am I actually writing this?!" (Real Tox)

...And follows Eric, followed by Knife, Futox and Xot.

"Where should we go first?" (Xot)

"Check your Scouter. If Tox is wearing his, we might be able to track him."

"Okay." (Xot)

Xot calls me.

"Tox, you there?" (Xot)

"And the world still goes on...
Through the night...

"Holy shit, he's speaking Moody Blues!" (Xot)


"Dawn is a feeling...A beautiful ceiling...The smell of grass just makes you pass into a dream..."

"Tox is talking to me through lyrics sung by the Moody Blues. Judging from what he's saying, he wants us to be at a grassy area at night-time." (Xot)


"But it's already 22:01" (Futox)

"Um, Tox, I'm afraid we can't meet you now." (Xot)

"Just what the truth is, I can't say anymore..."

"Okay, I'll see you later." (Xot)

Xot ends the call.

"Wait so we are not on earth we are all together and there dick eating fish....FUCKING GREAT!"

I dope slap Holy Hotdogs and say "Shush. Lets find the area Tox is talking about. I just know it will be a fucking Homestuck reference."

"ug fine"

I just shut up and walk.....with pinkie pie on my head.

Jack looks at the computer screen, then down at the hot dog in his hand. "Wow, nice coincidence."

... What?!

"Ah, sorry for that. Nobody was posting, so I just thought I'd get some shit over with." (Real Tox)

"What the fuck?"

I've read this over like eight times. I don't even know what's going on.

"Fuck, maybe we do need a reboot."

"Exactly." (Real Tox)

No. No we don't. Fuck that.


Xot-N-Aquaintences went on a random grassy hill in the middle of the night and woke up in a battlezone, then used a boat to go to the Forge of Chaos which I'll explain later, and there, they fought corrupted Mall me, and afterwards, failed to fight Corrupted Martin, who then killed XotFu. However, XotFu activated an algorythm that released the Zodiac Clones that Mall me has made God fucking knows how many pages ago, who then arrived at the Forge and teleported everyone to Skaia, where it turned out Corrupted Martin was actually Nega Martin, and then, Alexander the Great, Blackjack Six (Connor from the future) and Martin sacrificed themselves to kill him." (Real Tox)

"Jesus fucking Christ, what did I write?!" (Real Tox)

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