Mall Fight (ENDED: New One is on Forum Games)

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"Okay fuck this the gaseous ball of evil has been defeated Tox has turned back to normal and everyone came back to the Mall!" (Me)


We're now back at the Mall.

βRaN: "Sup."

Maddie hugs me. "Eric-whatever!"

I kiss her, and say "So, now what?"

"Sup, RaN. Well, I don't know, Eric, what do you think, Xo.." (Me)

I notice that Xot and Futox already walked away.

"What do we do now?" (Futox)

"We build another A.I!" (Xot)

The sound of simultaneous facepalms can be heard throughout the Mall.

The statistics of characters killed off-screen was drastically increased that night.

"What the fu-no, no, forget it, I'm too confused for a running gag."

"Let's just... Kill each other for the rest of the night." (Me)

Real Tox looks back at what he wrote.

"I'm way too dangerous to still work on this thread." (Real Tox

He takes his stuff and leaves the Mall Fight Office Building.

"I'll take vacation on Ferresis, I heard they had awesome winters there!" (Real Tox)

You know no one will get the reference when your post is the first link on Google search.

"Fuck thats some crazy shi"

am pulled back to the mall.


"Hmmm, What A Nice AfTerNoon, I Think I Might Check Mall Fight." Jack says, sitting down at his laptop.
"Oh, What'S This, MarTinTox Has WritTen A New Post, I WonDer Why It Needs A SpoILer?"
Jack commences to read the post.

....The End....

Of A SubPlot?!"



Six hundred and thirteen years in the future!

"And that kids, is how the continent of Australia was destroyed."

"You blew up Australia, dude!"


Real Tox is snowball fighting a bunch of magicusers, when he suddenly dodges a piece of Australia.

"...Wut?" (Real Tox)


"So, Tox, what do you want for Christmas?"

"A reboot?" (Me)

I get invisi-slapped.

"A computer." (Me)

I shudder, and look at the sky.
"What is it?"
"I sensed a great disturbance in the force, like a million mustaches cried out in terror, and where silenced."

Knife gets invisi-slapped.

"Yahtzee is dead now."

"...Well, that sucks." (Me)

"No I'm fucking not!"
Everyone turns around, and see's God Tier Yahtzee floating there, all god tier'y.

"Look at him go." (Me)


"I didn't know there were God Tier beds in real life. Wait, or what if our beds are God Tier beds?! And when we die in the real world, we become God Tier!" (Me)

"And, I have no clue what you just said."

"No Tox, that's just silly."

"Oh wow, I've missed a couple of pages."

"Yeah. You did."

"So...What did I miss?"

"A couple of pages."

"What RaN said." (Me)

I then stab Waffles with a cigarette holder.

I take a lance to the chest, "When did you get in the Pub Club!?"

"Since yesterday." (Me)

"wwell fuck."

I then kick Waffles' ass with the POWER OF CUSTOM TITLES!

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