Mall Fight (ENDED: New One is on Forum Games)

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Tox falls to the ground, but his perception tells him that a gun is right next to him and RADARADARADARADA! Two guns are being fired at Connor, he tries his best to hold back the bullet with his sword but gets hit in the let and shoulder when Teddy runs out of ammo. He then tries to run off to the GUN RUNNERS store.

I respawn,I glitch under the ground,and I kill Ice Azure the same way he killed me.

Cursing, I jam another five rounds into the magazine of my Krag-Jørgensen rifle, working the bolt and firing more at the wounded target. One of my many Rough Riders tosses a bomb of three sticks of dynamite into the battlefield, aimed at Connor.

I glitch back over the ground,next to the gun store.

"Oh shit shit shit shit." (Me/B)

I run away,but I'm shot to death before I can do so.

*Faints at the sight of blood*

I respawn in front of Susse,who fainted at the sight of blood.

"Wuss." (Me/B)

I walk inside the TF2 store,and I grab a grenade launcher.

I look out into the mall and see Tox with a grenade launcher in hand. Knowing that artillery will prove deadly if used against my fortified position, I begin to take long-range shots at Tox, aiming for his legs. I fire off three .30-40 Krag cartridges before stopping to look at my target's status.

Connor gets round the corner and out of the way of the battle, he then takes a Anti Material rifle and brush gun with ammo for both from the Dalek Vender. "THANK YOU COOL GUY." Connor than goes back around the corner and fires at Teddy in an epic gun battle of a high level Fallout Gunslingers vs. a Sub Machine guns marksmen.


I throw a frozen turkey at martinox that I stole from the frozen goods.

Dill rises up out of the ground with his signature pink sword with a purple heart on the tip of the blade and speaks with a voice that would make the chipmunks sound like darth vader "Fear me for i have returned!"


I kill myself,and I respawn in the TF2 store. I run out of the store,and I kick mcpop9 in the balls.



I walk over to Teddy Roosevelt.

"I come in peace! I request an alliance between us two!" (Me)

I shoot McPop in the face, then turn to Tox.

"In the name of these United States, I humbly accept your proposal of alliance. Join my men and fight gallantly among us."

I then order one of my demolition squads to push its plunger, setting off a satchel of TNT and dynamite near Connor, blasting a chunk of the wall away and sending debris in all directions, killing or wounding anyone in range and hopefully killing Connor with the blast.


Uh, I mean...

I respawn in the Infinity Ward store and pick up some Perks. Marathon, Lightweight and Commando sound good. I run around the mall at blinding speeds and lunge across the map at Mr. Cox again.


I shoot Ice Azure in the face with a Scattergun before he has the chance to kill me,and I punch Mcpop in the balls.

"So,can I enter the gun store? I might find some useful equipment in there." (Me/B)

"NOO!" and i lob my own head off, pick it up and beat martin with it.

I smash mcpop's head with the parts of the Valve Rocket Launcher.

"Certainly." I gesture for Tox to enter, inviting him behind the fortifications I have established.

"We may soon be mounting an offensive against the rest of the lower floor of the mall. More supplies will be found in two other small hunting stores on the first floor, which will help fuel our advance. I plan to fortify each as we go, in order to support the capture of this mall."

Connor was that close to the explosion, yet not far. He gets hit with a rock. "Ow." he says, now annoyed. He overhears their partnership, and uses stealth to follow them. "If I heard right, you guys working together, Eh?"

"Yeah, what of it." says Tox.

"Well, I ain't that much of a American Patriot or a French Canadian, but I can tell I'm gonna get my ass kicked if I go in alone. How bout I help you guys out?"

i place my head back on and rip my arm off and continue to beat martin.

I spawn across the map. The objective indicator points me to an orange so I pick it up. Then, I hear on my radio, "RAMIREZ, THROW THE ORANGE AT THAT HELICOPTER" so I threw it at an imaginary helicopter. It turns out that said helicopter was not imaginary. It was Dr. Susse, who was driving a flying car. It breaks gets splattered all over his windshield causing him to crash.


I shoot mcpop9 to death with the Scattergun.

I throw a boar at Tox, dropkick him and quickly flee on said boar, firing off a SMG.

I respawn in the frozen goods again.
Grabbing my bus I load it with frozen explosive peas and drive full speed (45 mph) straight at Mr.Roosevelt's gun store.

"For Australia!"

"Forget you Tox, hey Waffles, we're bros right? Work together and stuff?" he doesn't notice.


i respwn in a nearby chocolate store, come out holding a 100 pound bar of chocolate and beat martin over the head with it

I die,I respawn in front of the gunstore,and I start throwing grenades all over the gun store.


The grenades explode,destroying the army and the fortifications,causing the gun store to be open again.

I respawn inside the TF2 store,and I rush to the gun store.

I see martin running to the gun store and i quickly return to the chocolate store, come out in a chocolate mech and pursue.

I arrive at the gun store,and I get myself a shotgun,a sniper rifle,and two UZI's.

"Shit just got real." (Me/B)

I see the chocolate mech.

"This is a job for!" (Me/B)

I turn around,and I suddenly have a flamethrower and a pyro costume.


I then take off the costume,and I start melting the chocolate.

I lunge at McPop with my bayonet, killing him with a thrust at the throat.

I then turn to Connor.

"Enter, if you wish. We have weapons and ammunition aplenty. We can give you supplies and tend your wounds if you like. Do come in."

A Rough Rider returns and gives Connor an M-15 Vindicator Battle Rifle (from Mass Effect 2), then hand Tox a sub machine gun to supplement his scatter rifle. The Rough Riders bring forward two M-1895 Colt-Browning machine guns, nicknamed Potato Diggers, to support the assault. In addition, these men are laiden heavy with .30-40 cartridges and belts of ammo to feed the machine guns.



"Wait,I blown up the gun store,how is there still Rough Riders?" (Me)

I shrug.

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