Mall Fight (ENDED: New One is on Forum Games)

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I respawn and para-drop in, inside a king tiger and land on teddy. "Die you fools!" i shout, sounding like a 5 yearold girl high on helium and lay waste to the riders.

"Awesome, I love Dat Ass Effect." says Connor.

>Anti Materal Rifle
>Brush Gun
>Vindicator Battle Rifle

Connor takes the rifle and start looking around for someone to kill.

I walk outside of the store,still wondering how I can keep all this crap on me.

I respawn as the grenade assaults from the French Canadian traitor took down a good number of Riders. I rush over to Connor and hand him the Vindicator rifle.

"You and I will destroy this Canadian fool, together!"

With that, I lead my Rough Riders in a massive charge to seize the areas nearby the main gun shop, which is being reclaimed by defending troops.

"Whatever." say Connor as he uses his sniper to shoot anyone coming close to the store.

Keanu Reeves sees that bomb laden bus and with grace and how ever he saved the day in the movie speed kicks me out of the bus right into the music store.

Seeing the bagpipes I play them as loudly and as horribly as I can.

"Roosevelt,you shall know that I will only obey 3 people! JFK,Zombie Osama Bin Laden,and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!" (Me)

I keep throwing grenades at the Rough Riders.

I respawn in the Hindenburg and crash over tedddy and his riders, killing them.

I crash into the gun store,shooting Connor to death with the SMG,and smashing Teddy's head with the Valve Rocket Launcher. I then hide behind the counter and I start killing any Rough Rider that dares show up.

Quietly puts soap and other slippery lotions at the bottom and top of all stairways.

Having survived the gniddom dog Hindenburg, the Rough Riders fight back, charging Tox in an overwhelming wave of roaring, zealous troops who advance rapidly with rifles firing and bayonets aiming for Tox's chest and throat.

I respawn in a nascar and slam into the riders horses at 200 mph.

"Alright,buddies,you asked for it!" (Me)

I invoke the voodoo power of magic,and I create a miniature supernova,blowing up the store and everyone in it,rendering it unaccessible.

I respawn in a voodoo shop.

"Oh,that's just hilarious." (Me)

Connor fires the rifle at Tox's head from outside the shop.


I respawn in the same voodoo shop.


I quickly hide before Connor can kill me.

"Thank you, John Connor."

The Rough Riders continue moving, having fortified the gun store once again, to attack the two smaller gun shops.

"Conner, you lead the assault on that shop over there! I will take this one!"

Rough Riders rush forward. my machine gunners have set up in fortified nests made of various mall objects, and have begun laying down withering fire against enemies everywhere.

I burst out of the voodoo shop,and I start using telekinesis to throw the Rough Riders at eachother.

"YOU MAY HAVE STRENGTH IN NUMBERS,TEDDY,BUT I HAVE STRENGTH IN MAGIC! And friendship,but that's another story." (Me)

Connor fires the brush gun at Tox's head. "I though we agreed no magic in Mall fight 3?"


I stand, using my powers of badassery to fire a wave of lightning from my hands at Tox. My left hand raises Tox telekinetically and pins him against a wall, burning him with waves of BA power. My right hand grabs a crate of dynamite and lights all of the stick, hurling the crate at Tox and detonating the TNT as the crate crashes into the poor man pinned against the wall.

I respawn.

"Hmm,you have proven yourself a worthy opponent,Teddy. Maybe I'll think of repairing the damage I've caused to your fortifications. And since when did we say,"no magic" ?" (Me)

I create clouds in the Mall,causing it to rain everywhere,and also creating a flood.

"Ok,where's the toilet plug?" (Me)

"If this post is an even number I get Dalek powers." says Connor.

Connor has gained Dalek powers, AGAIN!

Before Connor can use them, he is washed up in the flood, "I LEFT NYC FOR THIS!?"

"I declare no magic powers!!"

Tox's curses and spells wear off. The flood ceases, and my Rough Riders continue firing at all enemies.

"Oh fuck. If this post is odd,Connor loses his Dalek powers." (Me)

EDIT: "FUCK!" (Me)

Connor then loses his Dalek powers due to the no magic rule.

It's not odd...

I know,I edited my post.

I then run far away from Teddy,and into another section of the Mall.

"Fuck you, I only got it as auto balance. Well now no one has extra powers." says Connor to Tox and Teddy in that order.

I am still an über badass...

Since the Mall is technically endless,I end up incredibly far away from Teddy and his army. I decide to set up a base in another gun store.

"Lets go to Gun Runner, I have a sway with the Dalek vender due to events I'm not going to mention." says Connor to Teddy.

My Rough Riders fight hard, but eventually conquer my end of the mall. With three gun shops, we fortify a whole corner to the mall and build MG nests to house the Potato Diggers. Positions are set up to watch attacks from above vie escalators and stairs, as an attack is being prepared to take over stores on the second level.

After setting up an awesome base in the gun store,I decide to lay out the second of the mall that I'm in.

"One use magic items,grocery store,7/11...Yeah,I'm pretty good." (Me)

I celebrate by drinking 7-UP.

"This place suddenly feels more patriotic."

"I'll do some recon." says Connor as he head off in the general direction of Tox's base.

I run inside the fortified gun store and I check the Escapist.

"What?! This isn't fun,this is a fucking RP!" (Me)

I realize that what I'm saying is stupid.

"Dear god,I'm a dumbass." (Me)

A bullet hits though RaN's head as Tox talks to him. The casing looks of a .50 BMG.

"Come out with your hands up Tox, I know your there!" yells Connor.

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