Alternian Shennanigans

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>Vandin: Note aerial insertion.

You barely notice it. You're pretty intensely focused on shooting this DRONE!

If you did notice it, you would probably curse silently to yourself. Or loudly and profusely to everyone around. You were reluctant to have one other person accompanying you on your incredibly dangerous mission; now you have four. Well, three. Tassik doesn't really count, because you wouldn't object to nuking him.

If you noticed Tassik, of course, you would probably brace yourself for the massive clusterfuck he loves to turn your LEADERSHIP into. You would no doubt split up and wait. You expect Tassik will stupidly suggest something as counterproductive as possible, like splitting up. He likely doesn't remember that your death may trigger a nuclear explosion. Which means he likely doesn't realize how incredibly important it is that you split up. Which means he's going to suggest you do so.

But you do not notice either of these things. Yet.

>Librus: Actually note the aerial insertion. Well, of course you note the convenient arrival of your Morail and Nilvik. Just because you're in the middle of a fight to the death doesn't mean you stop paying attention to your surroundings; quite the contrary, you're more focused on the area around you than your foe.

Not to say that you're not still paying attention to the Drone. In fact, it's about time for you to make your next attack.

>Librus: Double strike!

To hit: 16
Damage: 16

Considering that Horkos has helped to further destroy the Drone's armor, your attack is pretty much unobstructed by anything but flesh and bone. Your attack manages to slice through your foe's leg, severing the limb.

Well. This is going better than you thought.

>Librus: Assess the situation. Well, let's see here. Your objectives are twofold: First, find out what the hell is going on here. Second, make sure Vandin doesn't die, or if he does, that he doesn't blow up half the city. Right now, you're not really doing either, but let's worry about that after the Drone gets taken down.

Next, let's take a look at who's here. Started out with you and Vandin, then joined by Horkos. Then Brigat's subordinate showed up, the short one, uh... Bullit! Yeah, that was it. Then, the Drone got hit by the two mystery trolls, who you haven't really been able to take a look at yet. And now, Tassik and Nilvik are here.

You're got yourselves a nice little party here.

>Horkos: Be enraged by aerial insertion
A aquatic-bound Lusii defying the laws of nature and flying, carrying a light-blue blood who absolutely STINKS of sopor, immorality, and SHITTY ART.


Great! Motherfucking great! As if this day couldn't get any worse!

Fuck this guy. Seriously fuck him.

<3< <3< <3< <3<

>Horkos: Run on rage fumes, beat drone
TO HIT: 12

You strike the drone with RIGHTEOUS VIGOR!

>Drone: Feel helpless

Man. This must be why you are the lowest of drones. You can't even scare these kids, and now your leg is somewhere over there! You're supposed to be this badass that emenates killing and death. How helpless and bad must you feel about youself. Getting killed by a bunch of kids.

You throw yourself onto the strike of the RIGHTOUS TROLL, severing your head from its neck in a final act of escaping the shame that would surely follow.

You succeed.

>Brigat: Track

As much as you'd like to check out loot Ambare's house, you realize that she has left. You attempt to find some sort of TRAIL she might have left to figure out what direction to chase her in.

>Bullit: Celebrate!

You do a happy little jig over the shamed and broken corpse of the DRONE who only wanted to be a good soldier like his older brother. You are so adorable people think you must be 3 sweeps old. You tell the others gathered that Brigat told you to get all of them to a safe place, before the whole city goes up in flames. But, you don't really know where is safe, so... any ideas?

>Vandin: Register presence of Tassik.


>Vandin: Ignore Tassik, respond to Bullit.

You inform the little guy that you and Librus are here on official scouting business for TEAM FLAME TIGER THROWDOWN. You also inform him that Horkos, Tassik and Nilvik are not, and he should really try to take them to safety.

>Horkos: Reassure moirail, answer short guy
You tell your moirail that you can handle yourself, then flex your muscles jocularly.

You then tell the short guy that your hive is a good place, its pretty far from all the pandemonium.

>Librus: Use your extraordinary powers of observation and deduction to point out the glaringly obvious. Yes, let's do that.

"|\Hey guys. You may not have noticed yet, but there's kind of a street war going on in the background. Right over there. About 50 meters away. You know, that big mass of trolls and Drones, all slaughtering each other in a bloodthirsty rage.\|"

>Librus: Now, dramatic exit. Storing your AXES, you turn about and head towards the alleyway. Yes, you all have a lot to talk about, and a lot of plans to make. But, that can, and should, wait until you're all out of immediate danger.

"|\We should be able to find a fairly deserted area up ahead. I'd suggest anyone who likes keeping their blood on the inside follow me. Those who want to die in a blaze of asinine glory is welcome to stay here. Tassik, Horkos, I'm watching you.\|"

>Gallos:Collide with troll in front of Moirail's Hive

You bolt down from the ROOF and down through your moirail's HIVE,still freaking out,only less so as you are more concerned with finding your moirail.

You get to the botoom floor and run out the ENTRANCEWAY of her HIVE,and around the corner..only to slam into something,sending you and the object crashing to the ground.

You shake your head,clearing out the new sparks of pain and push yourself up,though you're still twitchy as shit.As you do,you see that the 'object' you collided with was in fact the purpleblooded troll by the name of Brigat.

You grab him by the scruff of the shirt when you are fully up and start shaking him frantically.


>Vandin: Follow Librus's suggestion; drag moirail with you if necessary.

Not getting shot is a personal goal of yours. You think it's an admirable one.

>Brigat: Attempt to papshoosh Gallos

Hell no, he'd probably bite your hands off if you tried. But you can still at least calm him down.

"Slow yer goddamn hoofbeasts, I'm here trackin' 'er, all right? An' all yer fuckin' prancin' is makin' it a helluva lot harder t' do that! So just stop doin' yer damned little jig there an' let me work, an' we'll find 'er, all right?"

>Bullit: Follow the group

You decide that this course of action is the best. They don't really seem to be listening to you, so the least you can do is keep them safe!

Tirnet: Reemerge into Narrative

You've finally managed to make it to your destination, and the city is quite as you expected, an utter shit hole house only the scum of society. The only thing new was the rioting.

Upon hearing first news of this your hand was forced, as any self respecting citizen you came here to help uphold the system.

Tirnet: Do Whatever the Fuck It Is You Came to Do

Why, you have been. Simply put, you're doing your part, you've been making your way through the conflicted streets, your fine delegation is directed towards all dissidents you find. In fact, you've just finished meeting with one. This one was just some disgusting bag of mud colored blood was spraying a building down with slanderous terms directed at Her Imperial Condescension that would make a lesser troll blush.

You've since spent some time drilling the absurd paint-kind wielding troll the error of his ways, and once this knave has lost it's luster you'll have to move on. So many fools, so little time...
It's all for the greater good, you know. I don't understand why there are always people who must fight the natural order
you muse out loud, more to yourself than anything else, since the leaking pile of meat at your feet has long since stopped responding.

Roll to Dodge: 18\20

Tirnet: Dodge Sudden Intruder
Not even halfway through this one, another one seems to find you. The sound of someone kicking a discarded tin has you spin around, just in time to see a blue blur of incandescent rage seems to launch itself at you, you quickly manage to dodge a large swing of what seems to be a hammer, either way it crashes into the ground rather than you

You'll pay forpayfor attacking my brother in arms! The female interloper shrieks
Highlooded brine breath breaths like you are what is choking Trollkind down! Do us all a favor a favor and roll over and die! When the new regime comes we'll have have your have your guts stayed everywhere! She says, pulling her hammer out of the broken stone

Urgh... this is why you prefer getting the drop on them. They take every chance to preach to you their ideals. At least you finish them without a sermon before or after, you simply assume they know what they did wrong. Puling your weapon out of the freshly dead, you prepare for a fight.

Group: Gather

The group, now consisting of Bullit, Librus, Horkos, Vandin, Brigat, Gallos, Tassik and his red lover, gather in a location quite conveniently void of battle for now. It seems that the drones are pushing back the Red-insigned warriors for now, and if one would take care to listen, one could hear the distinct humming and screaming of battleships descending from on high. The freaking out Gallos is doing might attract some unwanted attention though.



The blue troll, obviously talented with the hammer in her hands, AGGRIEVES swiftly, choosing a precise swing from the side aimed at your sides which...


You avoid deftly. She is totally open for an attack right now, but can you find it in your vascular thumping device to kill the troll behind those nightsky eyes?


>Horkos: Break the awkward silence
You clear your to gain everyone's attention.
"So...What do we do?"

>Nilvik: Quickly descend from your matesprit's lusus and join the fray

You eagerly get off the flying creature and onto the sweet-sweet ground. The height of Tassik's hive was tolerable, but flying around without any firm ground beneath you was quite unnerving. It's good to be back on the solid, hard surface. Even if during the flight you were very, very close to Tassik.

Which is another reason why Tassik's lusus makes you uncomfortable. It doesn't seem to happy see you with Tassik. Which is kind of understandable considering your lusus' attitude and your difference in blood hue from your red-lover. The revelation doesn't leave you feeling any safer though.

>Nilvik: Stop mucking around and get into the fight!

Your mucking around seems to have left you with no fight to join. At least more of the FLARP group is together right now. Along with more of those trolls who you think know Brigat. You still have no idea what to do, but Librus and Tassik are here. Vandin too. One of them is sure to have an idea of how to survive this anarchy.

>Gallos:Still be very twitchy and freaking out

Oh thats easy to do,as all you have done since you got brought here was move around and fidget.Oh and freaking out of course.

We need to find Ambare.Nothing else matters.We need to find her...need to find her...need to find her...

>Librus: Do something incredibly clever. Yeah, no. Sorry, but you're just not really in an "incredibly clever" mood right now. You're drenched in the blood of an Imperial Drone (Who knew legs had so much blood in them), suffering from a massive migraine due to dehydration and psychic rebound, and all your friends, while they certainly make themselves useful during combat, seem to either be content with being useless or in the midst of a mental breakdown.

So, no. You're not going to do something incredibly clever right now. Maybe later, when you're in a better condition, but right now all you can really hope for is something "moderately clever," or maybe just "somewhat clever."

>Fine. Come up with a somewhat clever plan then. That you can do.

Closing your eyes, you slowly exhale. Bending your back and neck, you let you muscles relax, your head and arms lolling backwards, face lifted to the heavens, fingers pointing towards the dirt beneath your feet. You begin to mutter to yourself.

"|\Fact: There is a war going on.\|
|\Fact: Said war is being fought by at least two parties.\|
|\Fact: The first party is mostly made up of lowbloods, though a few highbloods can be seen among their ranks. They are distinguished by the red stripes they wear.\|
|\Fact: The second party seems to be mostly highbloods or an inordinately high number of seadwellers. They wear no markings.\|
|\Speculation: The first group, has clearly identified themselves for some purpose. Why? And why red stripes? Considering the members of this group, and the color they have chosen, the most likely explanation would be a social revolution. Should not act on this assumption, however. Need more information.\|
|\Fact: Imperial Drones have entered the fray.\|
|\Speculation: Saw a Drone kill a yellowblood. Either the Drones have allied with the group of seadwellers or they are killing indiscriminately. In either case, assume that they will act as enemies.\|
|\Fact: Battleships are landing on Alternia. Whatever caused this conflict, it is important enough to earn the attention of the adult trolls.\|
|\Speculation: Stronger troops, such as THRESHECUTIONERS or CALVEREAPERS may be joining the fight soon. No evidence of this, but should act with caution nonetheless.\|"

Okay, so you've managed to sum up what you know for sure. And considering that your earlier visions were pretty much useless, that's all you've got to go on for now. So, what's the plan then?

"|\Party is composed of myself and Nilvik in terms of lowbloods. Horkos, Tassik, Vandin, Brigat, and Gallos are all highbloods, and Bullit will most likely follow Brigat's orders without question. If this truly is a social revolution, then it seems likely that the majority of our group would support the highblood's side.\|

|\This point, however, is moot for now. Two objectives. First, discover cause for the conflict. Second, locate Ambare.\|

|\Now, due to Brigat's and Gallos' red feelings for Ambare, and the fact that Bullit will undoubtedly side with Brigat, three of our members will likely insist that we make finding her our top priority. Power lies in numbers; it makes sense for us to stick together. Besides, Ambare is a friend.\|"

Snapping your body upright, you fling your eyes open, addressing the group as a whole. "|\Alright guys, listen up. I haven't got a clue what's going on, but what I do know is that Ambare's missing. We're going to find her first, and then we're going to figure out what the hell happened to this city.\|"

You then realize that you just announced that Brigat was feeling red for Ambare to the entire group. Including Gallos. Uh... fuck.

>Horkos: Be concerned about Ambare's red problems
You cannot! You are in HERO/MARTYR MODE, you cannot concern yourself with trivial feelings!

>Horkos: Be a Dogtective
You think for a moment.
"Does anyone have an object of Ambare's? I could be follow her scent."

>Tassik: Snap out of your weird silent trance.

To be honest, you've just been really confused this entire time, before the soothing voice of your MOIRAIL's firm plans woke you from oh hey they finally figured out Ambare's doing some serious pimping.

You give yourself a nod of approval for figuring this out beforehand.

>Tassik: Help kismesis!

Hell no. Break off your horns and kindly go fuck yourself with them.

>Tassik: Make valiant alpha-male show of force, surely making Nilvik swoon.

...Alright, you're onboard. You snatch the AMBARE'S HORN from NILVIK, and twirl it around for a bit before presenting it to HORKOS.

im a$$umin thi$ will do nicely, nook$niffer

>Horkos: Take the horn
No, SNATCH it out of Tassik's hands instead.
Thank you, Tassik! I'd give you a pat on the back, but I really don't want to touch you."

>Horkos: Sniff the horn
You take a good long whiff of the HORN.

You do so. You see a trail of AMBARE'S SCENT.
"This way!"
You SPRINT at a careful rate, trying not to leave anyone behind.

>Gallos:Continue to freak out

You continue to pace around the area,muttering to yourself while everyone seems to be ignoring you.You half listen to the little speech Librus is giving,but aren't really focused on it.You hear him mention about Brigat and red feelings for Ambare,but you really don't care.Its her flush quadrant...she can pity who ever she wants...the Caliginous quadrant however is another matter entirely..but you won't worry about that.

You do spot out of the corner of your ocular receptor the teal blood passing something to the other purpleblood,but you can't really see what it is.A moment passes and the purpleblood goes running off.

Where is he going?.....Does he know where Ambare is at?!?!

>Horkos: Reassure your fellow purpleblood
You speak nose to the ground.
"Fear not, uh....
Dammit! You always forget his name!
"Uh, dude! I know where Ambare is! My Dogtective Senses never fail! ...Xkept wheen theu fail..."

>Librus: Be incredibly uneasy with the current situation. Yep, that pretty much describes your feelings.

Well, it's not like you've got any better ideas, at least for the moment. You begin trudging after Horkos, making sure to keep an eye out for anything odd. You swear to God, if you all get ambushed or something, you are going to be so pissed...

>Horkos: Spot individual

Hm. Seems like Ambare's scent trail ends here. Perhaps this is an old trail. She lives in this city. Would be a little weird to find her scent trail on the ground, seeing as she flew off anyway.

Wait. What individual?

>Nilvik: Have AMBARE'S HORN taken from you

In a valiant show of alpha-male force, Tassik takes your red-blooded friend's horn from you. At first you're confused, but then you're IMPRESSED with his forcefulness. So IMPRESSED you might just swoon.

You just manage to not though, as Horkos takes off after sniffing AMBARE'S HORN. You follow after him instead, but still stay close to Tassik, sighting a bit.

>Waffles: Love the way Horkos looks

>Horkos: Don't blush
You try your very best not to.
"uH, ho thar, I maen! Good evening miss."
You stand upright and brush yourself off.
"How you seen our friend, maroon blood, messy hair, about yea tall."
You estimate Ambare's height with your hand.

>Gallos:Chase after the other purpleblood

You are not one for trusting people,in fact the only people you trust on the entire planet is Ambare and MOTHER,but if there is a chance of finding your Moirail,even a small one,you will take it.

You chase after the other purpleblood,not caring if anyone follows behind you are not.You get a bit behind him,as he did have a good head start after all,but you eventually see him stop a short distance from you.

You call out to him What is it?!?! Did you find Ambare?!?!

You come to a stop behind him when you see the new individual Who the hell is that?!?!

>Tassik: Be fueled by fires of jealousy.

You clear your throat and grab NILVIK's hand, glaring at the female.

That bitch will NOT steal your man.

>Tirnet: Be Wooed with Nightsky Eyes

Be... what by them? Is that even a word? Accursed commands...
The only thing you can see in those large ocular disks are a knowledge of impending doom. You don't intend to disappoint.

Tirnet: Finish Her!

To hit 17\20
This has gone on far enough, you won't toy with her, but you will finish this. She left herself wide open with her attempt to squash you with her ungainly hunk of metal at the end of a stick, only to give you the perfect opening.
you quickly close the already small distance between you two, and propel your blade straight towards her heart with a calculation and movements that you're VERY used to this kind of engagement.

>Horkos: Answer, uh...that guy
"Its scent ends here and I can't find another..."

>Librus: Observe the new individual. Prominent fangs, candy red lipstick, what might be rather promiscuous mannerisms. Most interesting, however, is the lack of color in her class sign; instead of one of the hemospectrum's regular hues, the newcomer's sign is a fleshy, gray tint.

On the plus side, she isn't attacking you. That's nice.

>Librus: Attempt to calm the panicking indigoblood. Yeah, noooooooo. You're not going to try and talk to Gallos in his current state. Judging by his speech and posture, he's likely on the brink of going berserk; anything you say could push him over the edge. You will, however, continue to keep an eye on him.

First things first though.

"|\Yes, hello there. I don't suppose you've seen any strange trolls or lususi around here as of late? Or have any idea what's going on with this city?\|"

>Brigat: React to newcomer

You cannot really react to her right now. You are too busy being CATATONIC ever since Librus managed to fuck up and mention your flush-crush on Ambare out loud. It's kind of unsettling. You haven't blinked once yet and it's been a few minutes at least.

>Bullit: Try and snap the boss out of it

You really hate when Brigat gets like this. It makes you really sad to see him so upset by this sort of thing. Whatever that sort of thing is, of course. What you don't know is that you're far too stupid to pay attention at opportune moments, and missed Librus spilling the beans. However, you do know that the boss was saying something about finding that rustblood earlier. Maybe mentioning that will snap him out of it?

You tell Brigat that there's a new troll here, who might know where Ambare is.

>Brigat: Flip the fuck out

You end up right alongside Gallos, brandishing your TOMMY PISTOL in your face as you should "Where is she? Tell me or I'm gonna blow yer fuckin' brains out yer think pan!"

>Nilvik: Find your hand occupied by Tassik

You had just come upon this one odd troll in your path, or rather Horkos' path, when Tassik grabbed your hand. You're not quite sure why. Perhaps its because of the sudden appearance of this troll. You're not quite sure how she'd know about Ambare, but then of course you aren't sure what color her blood is.

You wait to see what she replies with to the numerous questions shoveled at her. Though you may not have been acting as extremely as some of the others, you are concerned for your good friend. Lowbloods have to stick together.

>Nilvik: Keep holding Tassik's hand

You can do that easy.

>Vandin: Get leadery all up in this bitch.

You have just made contact with the first troll in the city to show any friendliness towards you; she is, in effect, the closest thing your ragged band has to an ally at the moment. More importantly, this femme fatale may be able to lead you to Ambare. And Brigat is threatening her with a TOMMY PISTOL.

Whether the newcomer helped or kidnapped your red-blooded comrade, you conclude that threatening the grayblood is not conducive to actually finding Ambare, and that something must be done. You don't have the WEIGHT or HEIGHT to effectively tackle Brigat. But you might be able to buy enough time for Brigat to calm down by appealing to a small part of his reason. Specifically, the part responsible for self-preservation.


You bring the muzzle of your ASSAULT RIFLE to Brigat's forehead. You're unable to sputter anything coherent, but you're pretty sure your actions speak for themselves.

>Horkos: Flip the fuck out

Horkos: Auspiscize
You interject the STANDOFF, pushing the two away.

>Horkos: Scold morail
"Vandin! You can't just wildly push guns into people's foreheads! Strife only cause more strife! We'll jam about it later!"

>Horkos: Scold cohort
"Brigat! You can't just brandish guns in possible informant's face! We will find her, I promise! Just. Wait."

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