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Ravager lathargically moved it's body towards this other creature, like itself. When within range, ravaged extended itself enough to lightly tap this familiar shape. This tap was followed by two more flicks, whipping at the air above this new food. Or fiend, alternatively.

@Saarg: As it emerged from the long rectangular hole, the slime noticed the ground didn't feel any different than the ground in the subterranean passages. It wasn't wet though. Out of the corner of its right eye, it saw something. It was big and brown and somewhat flimsy-looking. It was a perfect cube.. or it would be if it wasn't for one side being split in half, and the halves open. Something inside the cube moved. Something else moved, too. It.. was just as thin as the green things that were stuck on the hard thing it had eaten before, but instead it was white.

Wait, what was happening? This was a completely new feeling for Arq. It felt weird and the feeling was spreading slowly. But the thing that scared Arq was that he couldn't move the parts that feeling had spread from. They felt stuck some how. Trying to get those parts unstuck, Arq noticed something. A strange thing was standing at the top of the hole Arq was in and it was moving something towards him.

Arq felt him self get hit by the thing on top and afterwards getting hit twice again by the same thing. Just what was that thing thinking, hitting Arq like that. When he finally would get out of the hole, he would hit the thing back. But first he would need to get the stuck parts unstuck.

@Ravager: The other creature didn't look it, but it was extremely cold to the touch, and didn't seem capable of moving. The last flick it gave the other creature felt warmer than the other times it touched it. Was it always this cold? Wait, what was going on?! Ravager started to feel cold, now, too! The cold feeling forced the slime to be unable to move; wherever the cold feeling spread, it felt cold and was immobilized. If the other creature was anything like the slime, maybe the same thing was happening.

@Arq: The whole of the slime was frozen and stuck now, but the cold started wearing off, returning the slime to normal temperature. As he.. thawed, he started to regain a small amount of stiff movement. The thawing started at the same point the freezing began; right where the inorganic pokey breathed at him. Arq was still mostly frozen, but could move his head at least.

Ish flew over to the other creature and tapped its wing on it. ish then flew down to where the trail resumed and circled above it.

Bosque felt himself swell. The creature caused him to grow larger. He wondered what there was to do with all the energy he had acquired. And he decided there was exactly one thing he wanted back in all the world. Bosque's body began to contort, a single bubble forming at his top. The bubble rolled and bent and soon form grew from it. His eyes returned in burning holes that were far less unpleasent now. His antennae shifted position, starting at the back of the base of his neck and curving forward to silhouette his head, stoping just below where a chin might be. He was whole again, his world exploded with color and sound and he could see and hear it all.

Bosque finished feeding on the creature and wormed his way outside. It was harder now than it was before, the tunnels had shrunk or he had grown, but he found his way to the great wide blue again. And he once more erupted into the sky.

@Bosque: The slime frustratingly wiggled itself out of the hole, but seeing forward and up the brown inorganics, there was something high up, very high up. It hadn't noticed the thing with its sound bounces since it didn't look up that far, but since the slime was aimed that way as it escaped the underground area, it could see it with its eyes just fine. Whatever it was, it was oddly shaped and had small things flying clumsily around it, but some of the clumsy things were walking on it, coming out of it, or going inside it, too. There seemed to be quite a few of these small orange and yellow things, but since they were so much smaller they probably weren't dangerous.

What is happening? Where the thoughts of Arq as more parts of him became stuck and cold. How is this happening to him? Was the last thought of Arq before becoming fully frozen.

Slowly Arq started to feel sensation returning to him. He could move his thing in his mouth slowly. Slowly Arq could feel that the thing in his mouth started to move more quickly and he also felt that he could with difficultly move his mouth and he started to see things again.

Arq was frightened by this. How could something do this to him. Having no feeling was so ever and being stuck in one place was a experience that Arq would try to avoid for the rest of his life. Life.......? Did that mean that he would some day just stop? Thinking back to his more earlier moments, Arq noticed that it had stopped the life from other organic things in his hunger. Was this how life was meant to be? Stop life of others and take there organic matter? Wasn't there another meaning to life than that?

Regaining some movement in his neck, Arq noticed that the other slime was still on the top of the hole. But there was something weird happening to it. Maybe the same thing was happening to it to. Arq decide to see what this slime wanted as soon as he was out of this hole. It was still going to hit the slime back for hitting him.

What a peculiar shape! The simple oddness of the thing's appearance drew Saarg closer, intrigued by the straight lines and equal sides. Also, Saarg now knew that if it moved, it was organic, so with any luck Saarg would soon be consuming something new! Looking forward to its first meal in this new area, Saarg advanced slowly, still a little unsteady on his new legs. Saarg hoped that sooner or later it would get used to them, as the slime would undoubtedly meet new predators in this area.

@Saarg: As the slime moved around to get a better look inside the tan cube, it saw something it didn't expect. What it might have expected it didn't know, but not this. Four small furry animals of some kind were laying in a small bunch, half climbing on each other, half being climbed on by the others. The animals kept making this noise. "Mew" is all they seemed to be able to do. They kept doing it. The creatures looked clumsy, like they weren't fully grown, just like Saarg's clumsy footing.

the slime looked at the creature that tapped it, as it had no other plan the slime decided to cross this black surface and follow the creature.

@Ish & Wrecker: The slimes followed the strange path the trail led them, and disappeared. It picked up again on the other side of the black ground; the slimes quickly and easily finding it and following its new direction. The path became blurry. Further along and up the hill, the ground itself looked somewhat different, like the hard, packed inorganic ground they were used to was.. instead tiny rocks. The path could still be seen, but it was less defined, only indents. Eventually it wasn't even noticeable. But then both slimes saw something at once up the hill- organic green things, but they had... animal shapes at the top, with brightly colored somethings. There were two of these things, one on each side of a hard-looking, flat gray ground. Behind all that, was... a shape that didn't look organic at all.

Bosque flew upwards into the strange shaped thing. The little yellow creatures buzzed furiously so Bosque returned the favor and shouted full force at the creatures. Then Bosque noticed that there was a hole in the middle of the outcroping. It wasn't big enough for him to get in but he could fit his tail. And when he did he immediately felt writhing insect feeler and a sudden jumble of movement.

Then there was pain. Lots of pain.

Bosque recoiled from the outcropping but didn't succeed in unhinging his tail from the hole, pulling the entire mass out and off the tree. The little yellow cretaures were viscious and Bosque darted away as fast as he could. But the yellow thing's home was right at his tail. He swung it once, trying to dislodge it. And then a second time more furiously still flying at speeds he only barely knew he was capable of. Finally he turned so hard the structure flew off and right into the face of another creature.

The yellow things that buzzed on him he did his best to consume, but so many of them seemed to force their way into him whether he tried anything or not. And all the little yellow that forced their way through him left something before they darted off or got sucked in... It was not a good something.

Bosque reacted on instinct and felt his form hardening, just around the body and a little on the scalp. Little flesh sheilds grew in interlocking pattern all around him and the little furious yellow things could not pass into him through them. Bosque felt there was something more to do with the shields however and he flexed strange muscles in his chest and pulled and relaxed and pulled again. Suddenly all the sheilds burst out in a flash of violent violet light. It made all the yellow things stand out in perfect form, glowing and crisp in his vision. That was the secret of the shields.

Bosque reveled in his new discovery, thinking he would have to spend some time mastering it. For the moment, the yellow creatures were mostly baffled by his new armor. That was all he needed. And then he noticed the other creature. The one that the spawn of yellows had landed on.

the slime walked over to one of these organic things and started eating it, after eating this thing the slime turned to face the shape and started examining it.

Saarg regarded the things. They were clearly organic, but seemed to be completely harmless! He noted their under-developed claws and teeth, and their un-coordinated movements. What were they? The creatures made funny noises that struck Saarg as rather pathetic and yet...endearing. For some reason, the slime seemed unwilling to consume the creatures. Whatv was the point? Would they contribute anything inparticular? As Saarg tried to discern his own feelings, he became utterly absorbed in himself, and oblivious to the rest of the world...

@Bosque: The other creature was small and furry, but in comparison to Bosque's size, about the same size, excluding his tail. The other thing had a tail too, but it was very fluffy, unlike Bosque's. After getting attacked with the hive, the creature was stuck under it. It was not the most durable of things, and crumpled its impacted side, trapping the creature. Whatever that fluffy animal was, it was making some noises, but only for a short time.

@Saarg: The slime was oblivious to it, but a small scratchy sound emnated from nearby. What the slime didn't recognize was that one of the walls of this new area had a small opening, only because the wood rotted. A fully grown version of the animal Saarg was perplexed with came out of the hole, holding another animal in its mouth, but it was dead. The slime noticed the animal as it walked towards the four small mewing creatures. It dropped the other animal and started making 'hiss' and 'growl' noises.

The janitor saw one of the other plants closer to the garden wall had the beginnings of a plant fungus on one of its flowers, so he dipped it into the vial, which he still thought was some sort of cleaning agent. Seeing the flower start to disintegrate, he realized his mistake but didn't take the flower out. Instead, he just closed the vial and decided to use the stuff later on at his next job.

Bleak knew that it was now bigger and stronger than ever before! If that organism that tried to rip Bleak's shell off were here now it would be soundly defeated! The feathery ball of hardened slime was so eager to kill something and absorb it that it curled up and rolled full force into something very hard and tall. Uncurling, the mutant used its new horns to touch the hard organism in front of it. It didn't move. Bleak was curious so it rolled up into a ball and attempted to travel up this tall and lanky organism.

Bosque flew low toward the captured creature. The yellow swarm swatted at him but most of them we're detered by his new skin sheilds. Bosque lit up once more, bathing the scene in the violet light. The creature was no longer moving, but growing slightly lumpy and covered by the strange creaures yellow creature. Bosque wrapped it in his tail and pulled it out and away from the globe that spawned yellow things. It was quite dead. But very juicy.

@Bosque: Curling the creature in its tail and moving it was difficult, partially because the slime's tail wasn't strong enough for such tasks, and partially because the slime itself wasn't strong enough since both creatures weighed about the same. The slime could drag it with some difficulty however, and the slime noticed that the further away it got from the smashed globe, the less the yellow things attacked. But the slime couldn't drag it very far before its strength gave out. The spreading pain from the whatever-it-was that the things injected had spread through its full form; the spread speed and intensity increased due to exerting itself.

Sevak disliked the feeling the round thing had gave to itself. Whatever it was that had hit the slime, it hurt. The fluffy that had gone to retrieve it was now on the ground, which only furthered the slime's new resolve of finding out what exactly the fluffy and the round thing were.
Slowly the slime moved to now be flat against the ground instead of resting on the tree. It didn't want to scare the fluffy for fear that the fluffy might throw the round at it again. So the slime continued its slow pace, occasionally stopping for good measure. Hopefully the fluffy and the round would stay where they were long enough for the slime to get a better look and maybe a taste. Though Sevak doubted that anything would stay still long enough for a taste if it was willing to throw hurtful stuff at it.

Ravager started to try and fight against this spreading feeling of suppression. The slime twitched, but got increasingly helpless at the hands of....whatever was causing this.
Then ravager was still. It stared at the blurred shape of it's present company. It wasn't moving either. The slime stared, and gave the closest thing a slime could to a sigh, mentally. "Will I ever get to eat stuff again?" it questioned. This new feeling of longing was very unusual, like hunger, but less physical. The thought of an eternity of nothingness was too much! Ravager started one last mental battle with itself. Move! Move! Mooove! It wouldn't go down without a fight! Keep moving, or die trying! Die? What was that?
Ravager looked one last time at it's company, and slipped out of consiousness as the cold stillness overcame it.

Ish flew at the inorganic object and what looked like a hole, it slammed into the hole and crashed through it. it took a while to get up and look around but was stunned by what it saw.

the slime ignored the action of the other creature and started walking around the outside of the inorganic thing until it saw a large opening which the slime then walked through cautiously

@Sevak: Watching the fluffy thing, the slime kept itself hidden against the tree. The fluffy thing hurriedly scampered to the little round thing that hit the slime, pausing a moment. But before the slime could get comfortable in thinking the fluffy would be still, it saw another round thing and ran to pick that one up, too. The fluffy thing didn't seem to know what to do. It put the first round down, then picked up the second, and put it in one side of its mouth as the slime watched. Then it picked up the other round, still looking away from the slime.

@Everyone except Sevak, Bleak, and Havoc: The sun is beginning to set.

@Ravager: As the slime lost consciousness, it felt something hot blow on it from behind. Whether it was actually hot or only hot in comparison, the slime had no way to tell. Some of the ground, which the slime had only known to be loose shifted. Unfortunately, the slime could do nothing but feel itself roll forward and down, with some of the inorganic covering it. At least it was safer this way than out in the open.

@Ish: What looked like an opening in the gigantic structure made of flat surfaces was apparently NOT an opening, but it was now. Smacking into it hard enough, Ish had broken it. Whatever the.. hole.. covering? Was made of, it was inorganic, but also invisible, and hard. Some small pieces of it were stuck in Ish in a few places, but most of it was all over the ground around it. The slime could see around it, and it was in.. some sort of above-ground cave made of even more flat surfaces. Some things inside were different colors than the flat walls and flat wood floor. These things were strange in shape, and Ish couldn't figure out whether they were organic or not. What definitely WAS obviously organic, were various severed heads of strange animals, most of which Ish had never seen before. Each head was stuck on the walls, some with horns, some without, but all with wooden shields at the base of the neck of each head. The big room seemed to have other directions to go as well, but there was so much new things to see here, that the slime had to first come to its senses to figure out what to do! There were so many choices and so much new.. everything!

@Wrecker: The entrance Wrecker had found was tall and narrow, and just like this whole.. structure, it was totally flat too. Well, not flat, but straight lines up and down. Though it was blocking the entrance somewhat, part of the wall moved when the Wrecker touched it, opening a lot, making the entrance to the.. thing extremely obvious. Inside, two large shiny cubes sat next to each other, with a strangely shaped thing stuck on the wall next to it, with a couple thick, rounded.. things coming out the bottom, also going into the wall. Another entrance like the one the slime just passed through was to the left, but there was no movable wall piece there, it was just open. There was another entrance to the right, but to get to that, the slime would have to move the wall piece again since it was blocked now.

@Arq: Arq was finally able to move, but he was still cold in a few places. A lump started to form within itself, and that was cold too, but only as cold as the initial spray from the inorganic pokey, not as cold as when it was frozen. The big slime in front of it seemed completely immobilized, though. It wasn't before, but it was after Arq himself was cold. Was the slime touching him when he was frozen to blame? Either way, there was nothing of interest in the hole. What was of interest though, was the wind picked up blowing towards Arq, carrying the faint scent of something new.

The punks got back from wherever they'd gone.
One of them opened the aquarium, and threw in the leaf cluster from the top of a pineapple and a burger than didn't look it, but was recovered from a dumpster from behind McDonald's.
"Why'd you even do that with the burger again?" asked the second punk.
"I remember that my iguana didn't just eat plants but meat sometimes."
"I didn't think they ate meat."
The first punk shrugged in apathy, closing the cage again, and turning on a game console for him and his friend to play for awhile. The console and TV were on the opposite wall.

Saarg stared at the creatures. So small, yet as he regarded them he noticed the potential in their bodies to do great things. They had visibly charper claws than the ones he had, and Saarg could tell that, if the creatures grew, they would be agile.
saarg decided that the presence of FOUR creatures constituted an infestation, where-as three was much more manageable. Saarg struck like lightning, killing the nearest creature instantly with a fang through the throat. Saarg then dragged the body out of the cube and began to consume it.

Finally being able to move, Arq tried to get out of the hole. Arq still felt a bit weird. He now felt something cold in himself, but not as cold as he had felt before and he also wasn't becoming stuck because of it.

Looking over at the other slime, Arq saw that it was still and also seemed to be stuck. Suits it well for hitting him, Arq thought.

Trying to get out of the hole, Arq noticed that the thing in his mouth was getting out of his mouth now and then and when it did, Arq kept getting weird sense's from it. There it is doing it again, Arq thought. Wait... Arq noticed something new when it did that. Something it hadn't noticed before. It was different than what he had picked up before. Maybe it was something that Arq should find out what is was, seeing as it was different from the things it had noticed before.

@Bleak: The psychotically hungry slime tried climbing up the tall organic thing, but couldn't find the strength. It was hungry already, and growing after that brought the slime past its limit; forcing the slime to experience something new. Where it had grown the growths it learned from the crow and cow both felt much lighter. The pinfeathers on top of the slime's plating remained; just the main bird limbs were gone. The slime was still hungry, but at least it was no longer close to death from starvation. Strangely enough, the slime couldn't even feel the wings or horns anymore.

@Saarg: The larger furry animal, the one that had started growling and hissing at Saarg sprung into action once Saarg killed the smaller animal. The slime immediately felt scratches all over its back, sides, and one hind leg. The animal also bit on to Saarg's neck. The scratches were so fast that the slime couldn't tell how many there were, only that it was hurt badly and in many places! Apparently, this type of creature attacks others even if itself is not in danger.

@Arq: Whatever the smell on the wind was, it smelled completely different from the plants and animals the slime had found so far. It didn't smell like the pile of strange things either. The breeze was gone, and so was the smell. But Arq had seen what direction the inorganic moved, so he more or less knew what direction to go in order to find it.

the slime moved slowly towards the left entrance, taking a good look around the place were this entrance lead to.

Saarg fought through the blur of pain and focused. This creature was intent of its death, and saarg would NOT back down from a fight now. Saarg felt its own claws slide from its feet and lashed out at the creature. With suprising agility it hurled itself to one side, easily dodgeing the blow, and landing another rakeing scratch along Saargs outstretched limb to retaliate! The anger and pain bubbled inside Saarg, and took form. A long, terrifying hiss escaped Saargs mouth, similar to the creature's but deeper, and much more full of menace. saarg was just as suprised as its adversary by this, but recovered faster. Saarg's head lashed out and, while the beast was able to evade his fangs, smashed his head into the creature's flank instead, sending it sprawling away.
The creature was obviously very flimsy, for all its agility, and Saarg smiled inwardly at this realisation of his enemy's weakness.
The creature lept to its feet and advanced, but Saarg was ready this time, circling his foe, head cocked back into an "S" shape, fangs exposed and dripping with venom. The two adversaries paced, daring the other to attack.

What could it be, Arq thought trying to find out what it was. It was at least something he hadn't sensed before. Turning his head from left to right, Arq tried to find from where the sense came from. Seeing the inorganic thing stop moving, Arq noticed that the sense stopped and was replaced by the things he has been sensing all the time. Thinking that the smell must have been from the place where the inorganic things was moving from, Arq made his way towards it.

Bosque felt crippling pain coursing through him. He was equal parts agony and drunkeness, the pain pushing back all concious thought. He spun once in the air and let go of the creature, assuming it was somehow responsible. And then he spun once more, landing this time on solid ground at an upleasent angle. He fluttered his wings and bounced once into a collection of shruberies at the base of a tree. He thought about fluttering again but the plants were soft and he was weak. And hungry. So Hungry.

He slashed his tail out at the creature he had dragged and managed to barely get a probiscis in its leg. A slow trickling stream of nourishment flowed from the thing. He was too mindless to care about danger. He was hungry. And the little trickle would sustain him while the shrubs kept him warm.

Ravager felt a little better now, but the cold was getting to him. He started to miss the warm feeling he had gotten earlier. Where had it come from? Uh oh. Had something pushed him? Ravager looked around, but it was all dark. Where was the other creature it felt a kinship to? The inorganic stuff reminded him of when he couldn't see. It felt so long ago. Ravager started to think deeply of the past, it was less scary than facing the scary situation of now.

The movement caught Eltanin's curiousity, and it did the fast, windy thing that the puffy had done before. It filled the small creature with glee, and it lost all interest in the movement, bounding about clumsily but merrily until it slammed into the big brown thing it had noticed earlier. Eltanin laid there for a moment, dazed, when its vision began to stop being as good. This scared Eltanin tremendously- why was everything getting darker and difficult to see? What was wrong with its sight? Did it not last very long?
The creature tried to cling to the bark, but was having difficulty doing so. Eltanin felt within itself a way to remedy this, and arrived at the red flappy thing it had recently consumed. The creature sprouted two sets of legs just in front of the bony jumpy legs it had acquired before, and climbed up the rough brown thing, feeling a strange sense of comfort, elevated from the moist ground and wet cold down below.

Sevak watched the fluffy as it seemed to get confused, slowly creeping closer as it bothered the round objects. If more of those popped up and happened to hit the slime in the head for some reason, Sevak probably would just have to ignore the pain and keep moving. The fluffy was more interesting than the round at the moment and to top it all off, the fluffy was facing the opposite direction.

Though then the fluffy moved, turning to face the slime for a moment as the snakeskinned slime froze in its spot. Sevak's eyes closed in hopes that the fluffy would not realize it was going to be examined if it stayed. An odd noise came from the fluffy for a moment, a peak of the first eyes on the slime showed the fluffy standing half upright and the bushy part of it flicking once before it settled and the noise stopped. Once again the fluffy was occupied with the round that it held, soon stuffing that in its mouth too. Sevak noticed this through its half open eyes, taking a chance and gathering all the energy it had to make a half leap, half tackle at the fluffy.

The slime plowed into the fluffy in a clatter of rattling scales and shrieks. The shrieks sent up similar ones from above, Sevak guessing it was more of the fluffies come to get revenge. Thinking on this, the slime grabbed hold of the bushy part of the fluffy with its mouth-like opening as they both tumbled along the ground for control over each other. One of the rounds flew out from the fluffy at Sevak's head section where it hit the left side of its eyes. The impact hurt enough to keep that side shut as they still struggled. Sevak was sure more of the rounds were being thrown at it from above but between the rolling around and the pain in the left side of its head, the slime could not tell.

@Wrecker: In the next area, Wrecker could see both side walls were made of wood, but with more of the strange straight edges, and the far wall opened again into an even bigger area, or so it seemed. Something that looked completely different, but also straight, was a different, shiny color and quite tall. More of the wood was above it. Something organic was outside the front of the shiny thing, but looked old and crusty. It was strange, it didn't seem like the shiny thing could make something like that since it was so odd and the crusty was somewhat familiar. The crusty seemed to come out from.. a tiny tiny bit of cold wind came out from the shiny thing near the crusty, which seemed to have come from there; however it was straight at the top, another unnatural thing. Maybe there was some way to make more come out.

@Saarg: The fully formed furry creature made a new sound, like a combination of click and hiss, then didn't look aggressive anymore. It turned and started to walk away, ignoring the smaller animals completely. As the slime continued to watch, it thought the creature might go back through the hole in the flat wall, but instead it walked along the wall, then jumped up and over a shorter wall. What an amazing creature! It was able to do something that nothing else the slime found could do- jump five times its own height without effort. What made the creature give up fighting so easily? It didn't care about the things it was protecting, or the dead other animal it had brought out?

@Arq: In the far distance, on the other side of two round-ish shapes, there was something that looked like straight edges, pointing up. Were they pointing to where the bright circle was when it was dark before? It was different shapes than Arq was used to, and that smell from earlier was too, so maybe they were related.

@Bosque: The semi-warm liquid the slime was sucking out of the dead furry thing tasted.. more of the bad stuff! The bad stuff the flying things left in the slime was polluting the liquid in the dead thing! Something strange happened, though. The pain from the stuff in the slime started to wear off, but at the same time, it started to feel better after just a moment of feeling worse from the bad stuff in the dead thing. The pain relief had been curing itself from head to tail end, but the tail felt worse from the dead thing's bad stuff, but then instead of spreading pain, it spread relief. Somewhere in the middle of the slime, it felt a lump inside it forming. This was familiar, other things happened to the slime that made these lumps inside. But this one had a different shape.. like two orbs joined together, one orb a little bigger than the other.

@Ravager: The inorganic that had partially buried the slime stayed where it was, but it didn't recognize something. Other feelings. Though it was inorganic that had poured itself around the slime, there were other things pushing against it. They didn't move on their own, but maybe it was just that the slime was heavier now that stuff was on it. Whatever was going on, remaining motionless would be of no use. Luckily, the frozen immobility was wearing off.

@Eltanin: The big brown organic thing had an interesting shape. It had many limbs, but it had a single thick part, then a few thinner parts that were still thick, but jagged. Those had even more parts that were even thinner, then even thinner parts after that, with lots and lots of endings. A slight movement in the air made the endings sway, which was oddly comforting to the slime for some reason. Much more comforting than the thing that flew right into the slime's right eye.. and area surrounding it.

@Sevak: The slime felt itself stop suddenly, no longer rolling on the ground, but still entwined with the angry fluffy thing. They had tumbled downhill into something made of hard, thin, organic things. It looked like the top of a tree, but without a tall, thick center. A couple round things came down, but couldn't pass through the twiggy thing that was now inadvertently protecting the slime from being pummeled by the fluffy's reinforcements.

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