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the slime decided to ram the tall shiny object hopping that maybe the shiny thing would react in a way to lower the things at the top.

Saarg watched the creature carefully until it disapeared. Incase it was planning an ambush, Saarg dragged the carcass of the dead creature until it had its back to the wall. Saarg then quickly consumed the creature, feeling its energy enter his body. First, Saarg took the sharpness of the animal's claws and replaced his own with the animal's. Then, he took the creature's bone-structure. It was agony, feeling the rigid forms of bones growing inside it, expanding and warping the slime. But eventually, it was over. Saarg took a few moments to compose itself. So many changes! They were taking a toll on the slime's energy levels greatly. But as soon as Saarg felt the new lightness of its own body, Saarg new the pain had been worth it!

Ravager was startled as something pushed against him, making him jerk away. He could move! The slime started to move itself tiny distances, with the cold force still trying to hold him in place.
Once he had righted himself, ravager began to poke his eyes out from the inorganic stuff, looked around, and pulled them back in again and started poking at whatever was touching him earlier.

What is that? Arq thought seeing the weird things of in the distance. They where things that he hadn't seen before and they where pointing towards the thing above the inorganic things he was standing on. Just like the organic things he kept seeing around him. Why would they keep reaching towards the .... the.... Up? It is above the inorganic things and also above Arq it self. So maybe it should be up. Then that would make the things under him down?

Looking around, Arq tried to see if he could spot other things around him and also try to find the sense he had found earlier. Finding nothing, Arq went towards the weird things in the distance as that was the spot where he had sensed the sense come from before.

Sevak marveled at the odd tree protecting it for a moment before it felt its head get whacked by the fluffy- it guessed it was the fluffy at least. The two were still entangled but the slime had calmed from its burst of anger. The fluffy had not. It still was trying to claw and shriek its way out of the scaly grip the slime had it in. This bothered Sevak and it tried to push the fluffy up against the treething, getting scratched in the process multiple times. A quick glance showed a few scales out of alignment with the others while something slightly oozed out of the wound. Whatever it was, the slime paid no attention anymore as it moved to press the fluffy firmly to the tree.

A clatter could be heard above it as more rounds became caught in the treething. Those the slime figured to deal with later. Right now it wanted to stop the fluffy from attacking it. Using its body and mouth, Sevak worked carefully to press the fluffy up against the treething. It ended up letting go of the bushy part of the fluffy to latch onto an arm in order to stop most of the attacking. Scales worked their way into giving grip as well as slack where needed in order to provide a good hold from Sevak to lean against the fluffy and keep it there. That's when it felt a sharp pain between one of the scales. The back set of eyes opened to see the fluffy's head very close up. Did this bite the slime?

Sevak knew it had no sharpness in its own mouth and was perplexed to what that could be. When the fluffy let go, it saw white. Thin white. Sharp too. Focusing on that source of new threat, the slime tried to grab the head with its mouth while using its body to hold the fluffy. This hardly worked as it was more preoccupied with keeping the fluffy in place than being able to maneuver to grab the head. When the fluffy went for another bite, Sevak grabbed the place closest to its mouth as the sharpness latched on to its scales. This was a bit thinner than the head was and the slime felt pulsing in a few places as well as what felt like a slight moving. Sevak bit down harder to try and get the sharpness to let go, thinking the fluffy had picked up a new trick similar to the round objects. Surely they would let go. After a loud shriek and a scratch from the fluffy's free claw, Sevak firmly closed its mouth in hopes of getting it all to stop. The scratching hurt now since it continued to hit the same spot.

Bosque felt relief flow through him and the two new oval's in his chest push other unimportant slime out of the way. he tried to flex the new formation, curious what might be the result.

The strange movement caught Eltanin's eye and filled it with excitement- it was strange. Somehow... pleasing to look at? It moved quick, but its pretty was odd. The way it moved made it change shape? No, it was all still there, but it seemed to change colors.
It moves and it changes, like how the cold wet has light spots that look like the sky. Except the pretty thing was much smaller. Shiny.
Shinier than anything it had beheld before. And Eltanin wanted it.

Preparing itself, the small creature gripped the tall, comforting food thing with its new feet securely, and began wagging its tail around, covered in sticky sweet nectar. A thought occurred to Eltanin, as it seemed a bit odd to think this was helpful when it can now to the fast hoppy thing, but its burgeoning sense of reason was overridden by instinct.

@Wrecker: Using its weight against the shiny thing, it seemed to just make a noise. No more of the stuff came out either, there had to be some other way to get inside. The wood over the shiny thing did not seem affected at all, like it wasn't even part of the same thing.

@Saarg: The big creature wasn't coming back, but Saarg would stand a better chance now if it did! Being closer to the wall, the hole the creature came through was closer, and the smells inside that much more obvious. The slime was still in a lot of pain though from being injured so easily, and there was that dead thing in front of it. Saarg started to heal slightly, but it noticed something. Healing this much damage made it hungry, even in addition to becoming hungry after changing its body.

@Ravager: The thing poking into the slime's.. slime was definitely inorganic, but odd in shape. It was round, but it also had other round shapes on it. It was covered in sand just like the slime was, so if there was something to learn by looking at it, then it would have to be dealt with later.

@Arq: Able to see the thing closer now, it looked like the pointed part was on top of something that had four legs just like Arq did. The legs on this thing looked completely different though, just straight up without joints, and no paws. There seemed to be a few things under it, and a couple to the sides.

@Sevak: The fluffy struggled even harder for a moment, but then it stopped moving. The slime didn't know if this was another trick, or if it had finally won. Looking at its misaligned scales and whatever was leaking out of it, the slime saw something interesting, and noted a feeling inside itself that didn't seem related until now. The lump it had grown inside after eating the pink fluffy sweet felt injured. That is what was leaking out! The stuff seemed to even be sealing itself, though. It came out as clear liquid, but started hardening.

@Bosque: Flexing the dual orb, one side made the relief take full hold, making Bosque no longer in pain at all from the bad stuff it had been subjected to. The other side however, oozed the bad stuff. This time it didn't hurt, though. The bad side's stuff came out of a little cylindrical nub that stuck out, that seemed to stay closed on its own until it was flexed. Without anywhere to go, the bad stuff just sat inside the slime, though no longer dangerous to itself.

@Eltanin: The sticky stuff the tree was oozing tasted good, but the shiny on that thing was pretty intoxicating itself. The shiny thing fell to the ground, upside down, struggling to get up.

Sevak released the fluffy after making sure it was done moving with another, harder, bite on the soft section. It fell slightly to the ground but still ended up hunched over. Odd. The slime ignored that for now, checking itself over again as the scratches it had endured felt a bit better. Whatever was going on was helping except the scales were still out of alignment. Sevak didn't know how to fix that just yet so it let that problem be, though it still looked odd with misplaced scales.
The slime turned its attention back to the hunched fluffy, deciding to keep its mind off the misplaced scales and hardened wounds by eating. Eating helped keep its mind off an awful lot of stuff, like that one fall it took to whoknowswhere that ended getting it here in the longrun. Thinking of that caused Sevak to shudder a bit. Even though it could now see, it still hated falling.

Ish looked for the biggest thing in the room to get DNA from and flew towards it. It was furry ish could tell but other than that it was hard to tell what else until ish landed on it.

Now Arq was very confused. Just what was this thing before him. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. It stood on four legs like Arq, but they where off for some reason and what where those things under it? Wait.... why where there things under it?

Looking under him self, Arq only saw the small inorganic things under him.

How the.... Just what was this thing Arq thought before deciding to find out just what it is.

@Sevak: What a difference! The fluffy was both a different taste and texture from the other foods the slime had found thus far. It was softer, making it easier to consume than the hard things. Wait, no. There were hard parts too, lots of them, but they were inside instead. The slime couldn't bite through them, but it could slowly digest what its mouth had hold of at least. The other creatures above stopped throwing things, finding that it was pointless now.

@Ish: The biggest thing it could find was definitely the whole creature standing in a corner. Its mouth was open, eyes were open, and one of its front paws was in the position of attacking, but it hadn't moved, apparently not even before Ish had looked at it, or even a few moments after. How could it be in the middle of an attack for that long? The creature was much bigger than Ish was, and would definitely take some time to consume.

@Arq: Arq finally got up to the thing. The things under the legged thing had all straight edges, and no matter from what direction the slime looked, they were the same. A few of the things looked a little different, though. One was white, looked different, and had a couple colored cylinders on top that looked just like one Arq had found earlier that he thought had another slime inside. Another of the things was red on bottom, white on top, and looked like it was made of something else. The last different thing was a different shape entirely, and the slime had no idea how to classify it. It was laying on the inorganic, but its back was almost straight up. It had legs too, but they were really really short and nubby. It didn't seem to have a head or tail at all. The middle part of it was extremely flat and wide, so flat and thin, that it almost wasn't even there.

Ish set to work on the thing, taking its time to make sure it completely got the creature. The slime settled in for the long run.

Bosque felt better now and had consumed what he could of the small-big-tail. He was still nervous about the ovals in his chest though as he took flight. It felt fine now but it hurt quite a lot earlier and he didn't want to have something in him that would hurt. He focused on trying to move the ovals down the length of his tail, but he flexed the wrong muscels and it started moving up into his throat. He figured he might be able to remove it entirely through his mouth and so he kept pushing. Eventually, the cylandrical nub broke the skin of his face, jutting out just where his chin was. It was stuck quite thoroughly and so Bosque didn't try to move it further.

He flew off and darted between trees looking for the next meal.

@Bosque: The ambient light began to falter completely, and the colorless light from above began to take over. In the distance, heading towards the pile Bosque was a short way away from, something moved. Something almost the size of the thing that pounced on the slime and ripped his head off. But something was different about the creature.. something.. how did it look before? It had four legs, like before. A long tail, like before. White in its face, that was the same. The rest of it was gray, okay, no different. Same shape head.. no. On each side of its head were sharp-looking things that looked hard, curving slightly forward.

....... Just what are all these things? Arq recognized some of the things, but there where also things he hadn't seen before. Just how did these things come here and why where they also inorganic?

Looking at it all, Arq tried to see if he could find anything organic there.

Saarg, no matter how hungry it was, could not bring itself to kill another of the mewing creatures. Instead, he turned his attention to the dead thing the large beast had been carrying. saarg advanced on it cautiously, wary that its killer might spring back, but it seemed to be gone for good.

the slime decided that the effort to get at the organic thing inside the tall object would not be worth it, it ate the old crusty looking thing before deciding to try the other opening in the previous area it was in.

@Arq: While investigating everything, Arq noticed that the faint smell that had initially lured him here was coming from the white thing with the cylinders on it. The other cube-like shapes were heavy and didn't move when he pushed on them. They were made of something organic, or at least most of them were. What might be inside, now that didn't leak smells except for very very slightly.

@Saarg: It didn't fix his appetite all that much, but eating the yellow thing the big animal had killed did help give Saarg enough mass to heal his injuries, as well as teach him something. The animal's skin was covered in little fluffy things that were soft except for a long, thin, hard core. He even got some stuck around his mouth. Looking down the.. path, humongous roaring things moved faster than Saarg could have imagined, with light coming from their eyes, illuminating the entire area in front of them. The things were so big that they seemed to make the Terror look weak by comparison. Then again, there was that interesting smell that Saarg had noticed still coming from somewhere within the hole in the straight wall.

@Wrecker: As Wrecker rubbed his mouth at the crusty while trying to get a better angle on it, the side of the tall shiny thing opened. The moment it did, a dozen new smells and cold air drenched Wrecker's senses. Inside the shiny thing were all sorts of interesting things of all colors. The inside seemed like it had different flat parts, with different things resting on each one. The lowest one that was easily within Wrecker's reach had a flat thing with several large light brown circular things on it that smelled sweet, some white stuff inside more of that invisible skin, and a few cylinders similar in size, shape, and color to the vial the slime originally came from, but different things of various colors were inside each one.

Ravager rubbed up against one of the things, cupping it in his slime. It felt nice, cold, smooth and hard. He started to poke his head out from the inorganic stuff, then pushed himself out.
He was...seeing the things that were pushing against him, ravager cock his head to the side as the pale-coloured containers glistened back at him invitingly. He wondered if it tasted nice. He put an exposed corner of it in his mouth.....pretty tasteless...but he noticed something else inside the object...a liquid. Ravager started to dig into the inorganic stuff - ow! Some of it got in his eyes! - to try to unearth the thing. But it took more effort than usual seeing as he was still a bit stiff.

Eltanin shuddered with delight, and hopped down to retrieve the shiny. It gobbled the creature up merrily, before returning to the large, comforting brown thing and climbing back up, into the green, waving part. The creature continued consuming more of the sweet that comes out of it.

@Ravager: The liquid was a gold color, and even though it was a liquid of some kind, it didn't seem to move all that much when the clear inorganic container it was in was shifted around. It must be at least somewhat thick? The inorganic thing didn't seem to have any obvious openings, but it did have one funnier nub than the other small round ones. This one seemed to.. almost be like a pointy head. It even seemed like this thing's neck was made out of something different than the rest of it was.

@Eltanin: The slime could see a few things from its perch as it continued to eat. There were a couple large piles of.. things that weren't clearly defined, and had too random of colors or shapes to be able to understand what any of it was. The wet it had been in before wasn't just in one place, but it did cover most of the ground nearby. The couple places the wet was broken from itself, it was either because of brown stuff with green on it, or because of more of that undefined stuff.

Saarg, driven by both instinct and hunger, decided it would be best to avoid the massive, fast moving things with glowing eyes. One day, he might be able to hunt them. One day...
Saarg's hunger brought his attention back to the present. The smell coming from the hole was tantalisingly close and realistic, he realised the nose he'd taken from his Nemesis was apparently super-sensative! Keeping as alert as possible with the ferocious pangs of hunger stabbing at it, Saarg advanced on the hole. In preperation for an ambush, Saarg let its new talons slide from his paws. As he crept forward, Saarg realised that its movements were now more co-ordinated, and while he still stumbled occasionaly, he was slowly learning the pattern for walking with four limbs...

Having tested everything what he could find. Arq turned back to the white thing with the cylinders. Just what could be in these cylinders? They aren't made from organic materiaals, but there must be some organic things in there. He could sense it in them. Walking towards the white thing. Arq tried to get them open and get to the things that smell,

Ravager examined the container and it's contents greedily. He butted it a couple times and started to nibble at it in different places. When he nibbled the top, he saw it shift from it's position slightly. Ravager continued to experiment with it's top, spinning it around a little when his face brushed against it. He tried biting it, but his jaw just slipped off the side, so he clasped his body against the side and took the entirety of the top into his jaw, and with it clamped down tightly, he started pulling.

Bosque decended into a swift dive at the creature that reminded him so much of the thing that ripped his head off. Just on instinct Bosque knew to hit the creature chin first and flex on impact. He felt the little nub poking from his chin release the same liquid as before and the impact sent the creaure rolling back. Bosque tried to right himself in the air, pushing against the ground with his tail.

@Saarg: Saarg wedged himself through the hole in the wall, and the smell got a hundred times stronger easily. Whatever this smell was, it seemed to be coming from the next area, through a much bigger hole with straight sides, and a part of wall the same shape and size that seemed attached, but not attached, since it was at an angle. There were lots of new things here, but they all looked pretty similar. Besides the hole, two things stood out. One was a cylinder about 1 foot long and the same height, with random things in it that all looked flimsy. The other thing that stood out looked like a perch of some kind, that had a flat surface halfway between the ground and a ledge against one of the walls. This perch had four legs, but they all seemed immobile. Various sounds came from the other side of the square hole, none of which the slime could make reference to.

@Arq: The white thing didn't weigh anywhere near as much as the slime had thought. Bumping it didn't knock it over, but it did wobble it and the top fell off, as well as the cylinders that were sitting on it. Once open, the faint smell became not just obvious, but noxious! It was by far the most powerful scent the slime had ever encountered, and it was enough to overcome the slime's sense of smell entirely. Whatever it was that was in there, well, at least the slime found it. With its sense now temporarily useless, the slime had no ability to figure out what else might be inside unless it actually looked, but it had been knocked back, reeling.

@Ravager: The inorganic thing's head came off! Not easily, but it did come off. The golden liquid inside slowly started dripping, or oozing, its way down towards the open head-hole. The head had a small amount of flavor on it, maybe from being almost touching the stuff, or maybe it did but it wasn't noticeable until being within the slime's slime. It tasted sweet. Really sweet!

@Bosque: The other creature started to spasm slightly where the bad stuff had been injected, and its color even changed slightly. Strangely enough, the altered color started spreading from the infection site. That... that isn't how the stuff worked on other things, Bosque knowing this from his knowledge of the bad stuff. The creature didn't seem down for the count, though. Instead, it looked angrily at the slime, and breathed out as hard as it could at it. White fluffy stuff came out when it breathed, but Bosque's scream sight didn't see it, only its eyes did.

Saarg paused a moment to take in its new surroundings. All this new information was...terrifying. So many strange objects and no way to tell what was a lurking predator and what wasn't! But the furious hunger in Saarg drove him forward, he needed to eat something! Saarg advanced on the perch first, reaching out a paw and touching it. Definitely in-organic. saarg then turned its attention to the cylinder. What was inside? It looked fragile enough, Saarg might be able to break into it, but the slime decided to observe for a moment, before acting rashly.

@Saarg: Within the cylinder was some liquid of some kind. The thing itself was brown in color, but could be seen through, and it tapered at one end and had a metal tip. Starting to get over the initial blast of scent, Saarg could start to notice the smells from within the white thing. The salty smell was definitely in there, but that couldn't be it, could it? No. There was some other smell that was almost as potent that was mixed in. This was different not just from the things the slime was used to, but different than the different, too.

@Ish: After consuming a large portion of the huge animal, Ish couldn't help but realize something. This animal was hollow, and it wasn't supposed to be. Its skin and bones were there, but that was it. Why did it look alive if it wasn't? Besides that, the odd feeling the slime had been getting since shortly after starting to eat was now noticeable. It felt.. wobbly. Like it had too much flexibility or something.

Saarg snaked his head over the lip of the cylinder, his long, agile neck alowing him access. Saarg tasted the liquid and recoiled, knocking over the cylinder and spilling most of the liquid onto the ground. It was so strong!! It was more potent than anything Saarg had tasted before and left him convulsing and retching. Even the venom hadn't been this bad!! But Saarg felt there was something...good about it. Energy. The liquid, foul as it was, was traveling through him and providing large amounts of energy. It did nothing for his hunger, but needs must! Saarg returned to the cylinder, which was now lying on its side, and saw some of the liquid caught behind the opening. Steeling himself, Saarg drained the lot.
Five minutes later, when the slime had finished convulsing, Saarg felt better, and more prepared to investigate this alien climate for food. Saarg advanced towards one of the boxes first, head cocked back into an "S" incase of a sudden attack.

Just what was that? how is that even possible? Arq thought as he sat on his haunch's. He had never experienced this before. His new sense, just couldn't take it. Just what was in that thing. What could it possible be. What could make his sense stop working like that?

Look at the white thing where the sense was coming from, Arq decide to to try and tip the thing over seeing as he couldn't look in it at the moment.

@Saarg: Nothing within the box moved, but it did seem slightly dusty. A wide metal cylinder that was perfectly flat on top and bottom sat there all by itself. The sounds from the other room were still a distraction, but only because there were so many different types of sound.

@Arq: Pushing at the top of the white thing, it fell over without much difficulty, though the bottom was heavy. Liquid spilled out, clear liquid. Something else fell out, too. Some sort of.. invisible skin-covered gray-ish floppy thing that the smell that had lured Arq in the first place came from! A small thing, which looked inorganic, fell out too, but it must have been pretty close to the other thing for it to land that close to it. The invisible skinned thing's invisible skin was reflecting a little bit of the white circle's light from above, and Arq could tell that it was open on one side.

Bosque dodged the creature as it plummetted forward. He was very confused by the white air, trying not to touch it at all. It was the first time he'd seen something with his eyes he couldn't verify with his screams. It was all very disconcerting. And he had no idea why the creature was changing colors.

He dodged an attempt to gore he with one horn before wrapping his tail around the creature's necka nd trying desperately to fly up. Bosque was hoping it would end the white air the creature was releasing.

wrecker satrted eating the stuff that was closest to him, while eating the circular brown things he used his tail to tear the invisible skin open so he could eat the white stuff next.

@Bosque: The slime wasn't strong enough, and the creature weighed far too much for that attack to work, the slime quickly discovered. Plus, this thing was fighting back! It jerked its head down, slamming Bosque into the ground. The slime tried to release its tail from the other's neck, but found it.. couldn't.
Looking at the thing's neck and its own tail, the slime could no longer distinguish between the two. Were they now grafted to each other? How did this happen? It didn't hurt, but.. the other creature was absorbing the slime's tail!

@Wrecker: The brown ball things were cold, but then again, everything in there was because of the air. They tasted even sweeter than the slime had thought they would, but inside they were crunchy, juicy, and sour. What an odd thing to eat! The white stuff in the invisible skin was organic, but the slime had no idea what it even was, or used to be, or should have been. At least it helped fill its energy reserves a little, if nothing else. The clear cylinders with odd things included too many colors throughout the shiny's layers to bother looking at clearly, but there were a lot of them.

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