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Just what was that thing? It looked organic but something was coming from it that stopped on of his senses. Should he try to absorb it or not?

Pondering this thing, a more basic urge took over Arq. He was hungry and there was something organic before him. Arq went and tried to absorb the organic thing before him and any other organic thing he could find.

Saarg regarded the tin curiously. What was in it? Maybe more of the energising stuff? Eagerly, Saag knocked it over, but was suprised to find nothing fell out. Saarg paced around it for a few moments, pondering the next course of action. A sudden stab of hunger drove Saarg to lash out at the cylinder, striking it a hefty blow with his talons. Nothing happened. Enraged, Saarg tore at the tin, and by blind luck, managed to hook a claw under the lid. With a mighty pop, it came free; and thick, sticky liquid flooded the inside of the box.
Saarg reached down and tasted it. And recoiled, spewing what little content was inside its already growling stomach everywhere! The slime felt it had poisoned itself! Retching in revulsion, Saarg staggered away towards the sounds, hoping to find something to satisfy its hunger, and remove the revolting taste from its mouth.

Ravager began gulping down the sweet stuff more and more, it was amazing....better than anything else he had ever tasted. However, he was troubled by the fact that this liquid was also quite sticky, and he had trouble removing it from the corners of his mouth....without any appendages to help keep himself clean, Ravager decided to put more energy into growing his hind legs, whick were beginning to take shape and arch over from the top.

@Arq: The thing was extremely easy to absorb. It tasted awful, but it was organic, and that was enough. The piece of whatever it was was also big enough to teach Arq what the thing was. It used to live under water, and its skin was silverish with a blue tinge, but made of many hard plates just like the thing that bit its leg earlier, the one that made the noise with its tail. The thing also had triangular protrusions where Arq's own limbs were. But there was another as well, right in the middle of its back.

@Saarg: A nearby alluring scent grabbed Saarg's attention to suit its purposes, while the vile feeling spread throughout its form slowly. The enticing smell came from the previously noted ledge, with the platform halfway between the ground and the ledge. Jumping from one to the next with ease, the slime saw what was making the smell. There was a white square and on top of that, a half dozen black sticks that smelled sweet.

@Wrecker: A hardening feeling began to spread through the slime's form, but it taught the slime something at the same time. The liquid was mixed- it was organic but had a chemical mixed in. That chemical is what was spreading, and though it hardened the slime, moving even slightly made the hard part break. The organic part though, that showed the slime that small yellow and black flying things made it. They also made their own homes with something their bodies generate, and had a single small poison stinger in back.

(will update thread with NPC storylines)

What's up? Where'd everyone go?

the slime tried to move as hard as it could, it started yelling and screeching in case the other creature could hear and help it.

Saarg advanced towards the things carefully. Or at least, he tried to, but his hunger drove him forward, his limbs working of their own accord. In desparation, Saarg slammed his own head into the ledge he was walking on, the sudden pain clearing his mind.
Careful. Don't be poisoned again. Take it slow. Observe. Taste.
Later Saarg would wonder at this new way of thinking. The slime had been...talking to itself. A peculiar prospect for any sentient being, but for the moment, Saarg was to hungry for philosophical discussion.
Saarg obeyed its own advice and cautiously reached out to one of the sticks. The slime would try one of those first. In a brief moment of clarity, Saarg resolved to find a way of sampling these things without endangering its appendages.

@Wrecker: Whatever it was that had affected the slime and spread through its form broke on the surface easily, but was just as quickly and easily absorbed back into itself. There had been no response from the other creature in the slightest, so it seemed best to ignore it for now and find things on its own, or maybe the other creature was in trouble too?

@Saarg: A muscular organ escaped the mouth of the slime, touching the black stick it found. It wasn't neccessarily that it tasted sweet, but it did taste good and treat-like somehow. It was definitely safe to consume. The noises from the other area wasn't slowing or becoming any more quiet, but not any more loud at least.

@Ravager: A hardening feeling began to spread through the slime's form, but it taught the slime something at the same time. The liquid was mixed- it was organic but had a chemical mixed in. That chemical is what was spreading, and though it hardened the slime, moving even slightly made the hard part break. The organic part though, that showed the slime that small yellow and black flying things made it. They also made their own homes with something their bodies generate, and had a single small poison stinger in back.

The organ was thin and long, and seperated into two points at its end. Saarg was glad to have it, and knew it would be of great help later on. Saarg bent its head down and consumed the substance eagerly. Saarg wolfed the stick down in aflash and moved on to the next one. Soon they were all gone. For some reason, Saarg only felt a little less hungry, but at least his cramping stomach was no longer threatening to kill the slime. The food had brought an enjoyable, but undoubtedly brief respite from the hunger, and Saarg knew more substantial food was necassary. Saarg resolved to be distracted no longer, and made a bee-line straight for the source of the noises, his new organ flicking in and out of his mouth as he went

@Saarg: The air was full not just of noise, but its flickering organ told it that there were many different creatures, but also other edible things nearby. Then the slime noticed something- instead of the organ being pink, it had turned black. Shortly after noticing this, Saarg noticed its vision starting to dim, as though a thin sheet of dark was placed over his eyes. It didn't seem to darken entirely, but it was enough to make vision impossible since it wasn't very bright inside anyway. Along with the black though, was something else- a very thin crispy feeling accompanying it. With any movement the layer broke easily, but it was still there.

Saarg began to feel concerned about these changes to its body. It needed to find a safe place to properly address these changes, see what bonuses they provided, what dangers they entailed. But first...
Saarg's eyes didn't seem to be working properly, so Saarg followed its new flickering organ towards the nearest of the creatures. The slime cocked its head back into a its traditional striking stance. The creature infront of it seemed to recoil. It was quite small, and had long ears and large feet. It was seperated from Saarg by several thin columns made from non-organic material. Saarg decided it best to avoid them. Lashing out between the columns, Saarg's fangs struck its prey in the flank as it tried to dive away. The venom and pain combined into a lethal cocktail, paralysing the creature in seconds. Saarg's second blow struck the animal's throat.
Dragging the carcass to the edge of the columns, Saarg used the sharp extensions on its limbs to tear the creature into smaller pieces, and gleefully obeyed its driving hunger. But Saarg needed more, and turned its head to find new prey.
Around the slime, the other trapped animals erupted into a dystopian ochestra of fear and desperation, seeming to know that they were doomed...

@Saarg: Strange semi-reflections appeared in front of the other animals, and the slime could tell that they weren't just at an easy level. The reflections of the other creatures were flat and in front of them, something strange to see. The dim lights above the animals only barely illuminated its local vicinity. Flat surfaces like it had been on earlier were above each of the other animals, with what looked like other animals above that, and another layer above that. There was another layer above the third, but there weren't any animals there. Most of the animals were pretty different from each other. A few animals looked like they were flying in water, with what looked like little plants inside and something that looked like a rock. A few bubbles came from the pebbles at the bottom of that area. Another light had only what looked like brown inorganic under it. Whether there was anything in there or not, the slime couldn't tell. There were all sorts of other ones. Though distracting it now- Saarg recognized that he knew something about the long-eared animal it had destroyed- it knew how to copy its ears, nose, and its nose-wiggle.

Inteagued, Saarg looked at the flying creatures. Studying them, Saarg recognised their traits as similar to the dead creature it had found underground a while ago. Saargs tongue shot out and touched the reflection. Cold. Smooth. Inorganic.
One of the creatures floated up infront of Saarg, moving slowly from side to side. Saarg's taloned paw shot out against the blockage. There was a horrific, high-pitched noise and Saarg recoiled against it. Looking back he saw there were now four long lines scored through the air against the creature's container. The things themselves had retreated pitifully into a small hollow tube at the bottom of te container. Saarg examined the lines. It knew it'd caused them. If the blockage could be damaged...Saarg pounded against the inorganic wall, scoring dozens of crossing lines against it. Nothing. In fury, Saarg lashed out and struck the impass with his own head. As his vision swam back into focus, Saarg saw a new, interlocking and circular patter of score marks where the slime had struck. Saarg stared at the pattern, intreagued. A sungle drop of liquid oozes out from one of the lines...

@Saarg: Whether time slowed down or Saarg's attention to the specific detail of what was going on was exaggerated, the blockage made a creaking sound, similar to the scratching sound the slime had made, but quieter and lower in pitch. It seemed like the scores were making the noise themselves, then a crack sound and a large amount of the water came out all at once, the blockage only half full now, but only half the animals too. The rest of them had spilled out with the water, right in front of Saarg, flopping around.

Saarg made a mental note of this peculiar transparent, and yet breakable substance, then began his well earned feast. Lashing out at the first wrigglinging creature, Saarg stabbed it wish a fang and, following an impulse from the snake cells in its body, jerked his head back, swallowing the creature whole. It was slippery and cold, but the sensation of food entering the slime's body was incredible! Once Saarg had mopped up the remaining creatures on the floor, Saarg realised his hunger had been satisfied. Relishing the feeling, Saarg took a moment to collect its thoughts. Thoughts? Saarg was perplexed. It had...said that to itself. It had communicated to itself inside his own head. Saarg puzzeled over this new and unusual event for some time, before deciding there were more pressing matters at hand. This new, large container seemed to be filled with a wide array of different creatures. None seemed to be an immediate threat to the slime, so Saarg decided it was unneccassary to slaughter them all.
As he pondered his next action, a small, black creature in a see-through container on the floor drew his attention. The organic thing inside had two forward facing limbs that ended in claws, and a larger limb that overhung its lower body, that ended in a spike. His interest captured, Saarg advanced on the new creature..

The small creatures were very easy to eat; almost effortless because of their size. The only thing that posed any difficulty was getting to them or ensuring it didn't smack its fang into the hard ground below the creature. The small black thing didn't seem to move very quickly behind the.. shield, but it was moving. It kept its tail up and arched, its claws open and forward. Another movement near the creature! It wasn't much movement, but tiny. The even smaller brown thing had caught the black thing's attention, and almost before the slime knew it, the black thing had reached out with a claw, broken the creature in half, forcing it nearly into a V shape, then pulled its claw back. The brown thing seemed to try to move, then it didn't.

Saarg examined the creature and its powerful weaponry. The claws were evidently of formidable strength, and that tail was clearly a dangerous weapon. But then again, Saarg was a dangerous weapon too. Still a little dazed from pounding the shield, Saarg became aware that the top half of the container was a different colour to the clear part. There was a blue half-loop on the top of it. Strange. saarg tested this by nudging it and found it moved slightly. Hooking a claw underneath the differently coloured part, saarg flicked and lifted it away. Aaah! Thats how these things opened.
The black creature seemed to regard Saarg and retreated into a corner of the container, claws poised and tail raised. It seemed to dare saarg to attack. Saarg didn't feel confident about a head on attack, it would almost certainly hurt, and that tail looked suspiciosly like some kind of poisoned weapon. saarg needed a...the word escaped him...a METHOD. That would do. A method of attack. After nudging the container he found it rocked slightly under his weight, and the creature staggered, momentarily off balance.
Aha. Saarg placed both his fore-limbs on the edge of the container and pulled. The inorganic grainy contents spilled like water across the floor as the container flipped onto its side, and there, struggling in the center was his disorientated pray.
Saarg, with whip-like speed, caught the creature just below the tip of its tail, the pointed spike flainling uselesly. Saarg lifted the creature into the air and, with a single mighty blow, smashed it from its mouth, tearing the creature's tail off from its body. The creature writhed pathetically on the floor and, after swallowing the tail, Saarg finished the rest of the creature. With energy corsing through its body, and such a formidable creature to assimilate, Saarg evolved. The creature's armored outer plates were decent protection, and Saarg writhed in discomfort and he felt the thick, solid plates forming all over his body. His tail grew longer and curved over the slime's head. But instead of ending in the dangerous spike, Saarg grew a massive, chitinous pincer in its place. Feeling like an entirely new creature, the pitch black, poisonous, armoured predator rolled its head back and released a mutated, hissing howl of triumph.

The blue light that was on above the black thing's container was broken now, Saarg could see it. But the area around him was still glowing blue, but also a little red. Paying more attention, the colors were glowing very faintly from under its plates! Was this because of the things it ate? Something felt wrong. The slime's limbs felt... well, if it knew what marshmallows were, then that is how it would have been understood.
It needed to eat much more to compensate for its changes, but it didn't feel as though it has much of any strength due to its.. internal fluffiness?
Luckily, this place was full of things to consume, so it was of little importance right now. Saarg had thought the animals in this strange area were being noisy before, but now knew that they were actually very quiet in comparison to what racket they could make! What made them do that, the slime had no clue.
Something that must have been overhead on the top most layer, far out of Saarg's reach, moved along the up, stopping in the corner of the flat surface that covered the whole place. Whatever it was, there were no lights near it so it was a vague silhouette at best. But not too far from it was a strangely shaped thing with four long, un-naturally thin legs with a tall, round top.

@Sevak: What a difference! The fluffy was both a different taste and texture from the other foods the slime had found thus far. It was softer, making it easier to consume than the hard things. Wait, no. There were hard parts too, lots of them, but they were inside instead. The slime couldn't bite through them, but it could slowly digest what its mouth had hold of at least. The other creatures above stopped throwing things, finding that it was pointless now.

Sevak had digested a couple of the smaller hard things it had found inside the soft and good tasting food. It had completely forgotten about the misplaced scales and the hardening scratches the fluffy (the squirrel) had caused it. It also decided to try one of the round things (the nuts) that had hit the slime a few times. Like the smaller hard things, the round thing Sevak now tried to digest wasn't able to be completely chewed and it sat in the slime's gap (the mouth with no teeth... if I remember correctly) for a while before being swallowed whole.

Saar regarded the thing above it. Its strange shape was perplexing, and once again hunger stabbed at Saarg's belly. With its new armour plating, Saarg felt confident it could deal with any threat, especially if the thin legged creature attacked, but his spongy muscles were of greater concern. Saarg felt certain the strange sensation would make retreat and combat difficult far a little while. Still, Saarg wouldn't shrink back from a fight. Cocking his head back into its customary srtiking stance, saarg advanced on the creature. The glowing coming from its body seemed to fade slightly as it stepped further from the light-source, but the slime barely registered this. Instead, Saarg tentativly extended his neck, preparing to sample the thing to see if it was organic...

@Sevak: By absorbing these things, the slime had an idea how to copy a little bit of each. The hard things inside the fluffy were understood now, and the structure of them could be copied, but the hard thing that had hit the slime earlier evaded it. It did know how to copy the.. wooden plate on the top of the thing. The bright light from above stayed the same, but the noise nearby went away.

@Saarg: The thing didn't move. A different sound came from another part of the huge room- the sound of metal vibrating loudly was the best the slime could understand. Whatever it was, it made some of the animals stop making noise. It sounded again. The rest of the animals were quiet. A third time, and its sound was easy to hear, but still gave no clues what it was. It didn't sound again.

Ravager began to secrete a liquid with the same kind of properties from what he had just eaten. It was sticky and came from a newly formed barrel-shaped gland at the bottom of his mouth. It didn't taste like anything, however. It was like sticky saliva. He swallowed it down. And felt just a sense of loss from it's production. Ravager tensed himself and opened his mouth wide. By moving some sort of muscle in his gland he shot out the liquid a few feet away. Ravager hopped over and inspected the liquid again. Realising that this liquid had a purpose that was not use as sustenance, he hopped off, dexterously with his strong rear limbs, the liquid bubbling out of the sides of his mouth.

Sevak moved toward another hardround inside the fluffy as it secretly searched for more of the odd round objects that had been thrown before. Those puzzled the slime more than anything at the moment. It knew they hurt. It knew they could be thrown... or flew. It knew they were round and hard like what it was currently eating, yet it wasn't the same. Not close to being the same it seemed. Possibly it was.
Another of the odd object was found nearby, lodged inside the bushlike tree (you gave me that picture) that had protected the creature from the onslought of chattering and throwing. Now how would it get up there? The slime looked around a little, noticing a few more were lodged up there still higher, yet near enough to be able to see. There was nothing in back of it aside from ground and some fur. It didn't care about the ground anymore though, it wanted the object stuck up high.
To combat this, Sevak moved toward the thick center, trying to figure out if it could climb up or not.

@Ravager: The dry, hot air picked up, spraying a light sprinkling of sand all over the slime. Nothing organic and nothing interesting in this stuff, unfortunately. The air blew from behind the slime, but in front of the slime, the ground rose up gently, but to a far height. The ground didn't seem as grainy there, but looked like much bigger clumps of inorganic; some of them making areas under them that the light didn't touch.

@Sevak: The bush's surface was too smooth, and the slime found it couldn't slide up it at all, and trying just made it slide off again. The twigs holding the wooden round thing was not very high up, in comparison to the slime's size. The slime noticed something else- small red circles near the round thing the slime was interested in. These seemed attached to the bush, though...

Realizing that no matter how many times it tried to climb up the bush, it wasn't going to get anywhere, Sevak stopped. It wasn't quite sure how to completely get the odd red circles, though a few branches seemed low enough around the wooden round thing that it might provide insight on the new objects. The slime made its way over to the lower branches, ramming its 'head' into them just to see what would happen. The wooden round thing moved in response, getting lodged again a little lower after flying up in the air. Considering the options, the slime didn't ram the branches again and instead tried to reach one of the little red circles in hopes of possibly loosing both the odd circular objects.

@Sevak: Attacking the branches of the bush made it shake slightly; the thicker the branch, the less it moved. The red circular things remained out of the slime's reach, but the hard round thing moved. Apparently it hadn't stopped moving, it only slowed down and lost its balance and tumbled through the rest of the twigs until it fell on the ground. Something else moved in a different direction, a layer of random junk shifted and revealed the layer underneath.

saarg was perplexed by the strange, unnatural noise. He had never heard its like before! Still, if it could silence these creatures, maybe it was some kind of Alpha predator. Saarg could feel the hairs on his limbs he'd taken from the poisonous eight legged things tingle between his scales. He was too heavy to move on walls like that creature could, but they would at least augment his grip. Saarg began looking for an ambush location. He needed to get higher. But first...
saarg had no idea what the thing he was close to was, but it was probably edible. Saarg shot his head forwards in an attempt to take a bite from...whatever it was.

Sevak noticed the odd round thing as it fell, being somewhat startled by the other movement that happened nearby. The slime was interested in the motion, though it was slightly more interested in the wooden round object. The slime moved over to the wooden object, grasping it in its mouth before letting it sit inside there as the slime's attention was turned back to the second movement. Whatever had caused the second movement had lifted a layer of stuff the slime couldn't name, revealing a similar layer underneath.

@Saarg: *CLANG!* Saarg chipped a few teeth on the thing he thought was food. It had four legs, but was apparently inorganic. It was heavy, too! The force of the blow knocked the thing backwards, making it lean against the wall. The slime's mouth hurt. Wherever that flying creature went, Saarg didn't know since it escaped when the slime's vision blurred when smacking its head.

@Sevak: There didn't seem to be any new smells coming from the underlayer, but the slime could see new colors revealed, and odd shapes it hadn't seen before. There were at least a half dozen invisible skin things here and there, and one of them seemed to have what looked like dark dirt inside. A very dirty colorful thingy that looked soft and furry was half revealed a short distance from it, and some sort of wide cylinder that had an opening on one side rolled a short distance.

Saarg wobbled as his vision spun. The room around him charged closer then blurred and retreated. Saarg took a few moments to steady itself, and used some precious energy to heal and where necassary, re-grow teeth. If the slime understood what curses were, it would certainly be raining them down on the flying thing.
Shaking his head one final time, Saarg abandoned his attempt to set an ambush, this area was simply too strange and the surfaces too steep to scale with its new armour and weight. The slime instead turned its attention to the vibrating metal that it had been hoping to attack in the first place, then set off in its general direction, eyeing the rows of silent animals with contempt.

@Saarg: Something strange seemed to be happening outside the room, near the large force field in the wall near the inorganic thing Saarg slammed into. The animals all seemed transfixed on whatever it was, and the slime could feel danger approaching. Whatever it was, it would probably be a bad idea to be seen by it. A huge light turned on outside, and started scanning the room.

Saarg looked furiously around for a hiding place. The light scanned the ground before it, sweeping around the walls and floor. Saarg looked at the small gaps beneath the rows of...shields, but quickly realised it had no hope of hiding there. The way back didn't seem an option, so saarg concluded, the only way was onwards. Saarg waited for the light to pass up a wall, and bolted across the floor. The suuden opness terrified Saarg, it felt momentarily exposed, then it was behind a row of shields. The light shot across the floor, dashing across the ground like a sentient puddle, and stopped just infront of the corner saarg had just rounded. The slime frozen, and waited, unmoving. After a few seconds the light moved again, but this time it was accompanied by loud thumps. Saarg risked a glance around the corner.
The creature holding the ray of light was...collosal. It was just about as tall as the underground Beast was long. It moved with startaling speed and co-ordination, towering up on its hind legs. A deep, rumbling sound croaked from it, uttering strange, rolling noises. They made no sense at all to Saarg.

@Saarg: The thing with the light moved the light again, and fixated on the broken shields. Then it seemed to cautiously move the light around a few feet near it, then it shined the light on the back area where the slime came in. Then the thing went past the shield in the wall, and a small metallic sound came from a round part sticking out, which started to turn.
Some of the larger, soft-looking animals started to make noise at this, and so did a couple flying-type animals, which flapped their wings without lifting off, stuck inside their cages.

After a short rest, or so it seemed, the ball-like organism was ready to explore farther into the darkness. The creature aptly named Bleak rolled loftily along the border between a dry surface and one that felt a bit like the creature's body. The dark orb spun into the grassy surface until it bumped into something hard and big. Now Bleak was not intimidated easily, for the reason that all it could feel were curiosity, fatigue and hunger. So as curiosity compelled the creature to understand this bulky thing in front of it, Bleak set forth to doing so. The underside of the ball-like being was still soft, and by experience it knew that was how it ate food. Uncurling, the slime crawled along the hard mass and attempted to absorb it. It soon found that this was an inorganic substance, just hard mass taking up space. Bleak couldn't eat something like this, it's pointless! The feathered ball started to curl up again to roll away when it felt creatures crawling nearby and on top of it. On this bulky mass was living things! small things, but they were alive and that meant they were food. The orb set out to catch them all and consume them.

@Bleak: The creatures were very small in comparison to the slime, but after consuming so many of them, the slime began to realize a few things. It knew how to copy the color of its exoskeleton, and even how it created its home. There were still creatures remaining, now in total disarray, though difficult to get to- the hard inorganic they were coming from was protecting the majority of them.

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