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Saarg was completely lost. The slime was under no illusion that attacking the huge, light weilding creature in its current form would be suicidal, especially head on. No, escape seemed a better option. But then Saarg realised the shield was closed. There was no way Saarg would be able to get out the way the creature had come in, and getting out the way it itself had was out of the question, now the creature had taken an interest in its enterance.
The winged creatures seemed to be getting increasingly flustered, and Saarg longed to attack them, the wings seemed appealing...almost as if Saarg was incomplete without them.
The huge thing and the actions it was taking were more pressing however. Saarg had no idea what was going on, but suspected that the creature didn't have particularly sharp senses. It hadn't detected the slime yet, and Saarg wasn't that far away.
Perhapse...a plan of attack began to form in Saarg's mind. It was extremely dangerous, and relied heavily on the assumption about the creature's senses, and that it shared a similar anatomy with the other creatures it had killed.
Saarg shot out from the relative safety of the wall towards the winged things. Pulling back the pincer tail over its head, Saarg slammed it into the shield protecting the creatures. The was a loud crunching noise and Saarg's view through the shield was spoiled by the white zig-zags, splintering the image beyond. Without waiting to see what happened, Saarg shot back to the wall and pressed itself tightly against it. With any luck, the creature would come and investigate. Saarg waited.

@Saarg: The small birds became surprisingly quiet after the shield shattered, pieces flying all around and at them. The sudden noise drew the attention of the creature's light beam, though the creature itself didn't move. Almost unable to be ignored, Saarg saw something. The light beam went straight across the creature's limb, but it was standing far enough away from the entrance it made near the large shield in the wall. Just enough darkness to possibly sneak outside. Able to see a small amount of light reflect on the creature, the slime could tell it had some kind of armor, or at least something that looked shiny- the kind of shiny that the slime had noticed before but didn't pay much attention to. Impossibly hard, like it was the world itself concentrated in a single point- fighting something like that...

Bleak the orb-like creature of hardened slime moved rapidly around the cold, stony surface consuming all the organic masses that scattered about in the confusion. As the tyrannical black mass devouring all life before it, Bleak was in its element.
These creatures were small, insignificant, but as a collective energy they became strong and organized. They burrowed under the surface and as a team, a colony. This sort of mindset was confusing to Bleak due to its solitary nature. The slime ball thought only of itself, for itself. There was only Bleak. These... Insects had no thought of themselves, only the colony. All would lay down their lives for the colony.
Well, now the colony is Bleak.
The hunger still ached at The slime's insides even after the consumption of all life along the cold, hard and lumpy surface. Bleak left the stone in search of more creatures and colonies. If the minuscule lifeforms gave Bleak any knowledge at all, it was that the flat plane that the ball-like slime has been traversing on all this time had even more depth than Bleak ever imagined. Also, the tall, armored towers Bleak rolled into before could truly be consumed.
Curiosity struck again. Could Bleak eat the very surface it traversed? The black sphere tapped into the newfound memories of the life it just extinguished, finding just how those creatures coexisted with the life around them. What did they have that Bleak didn't, yet. And more importantly, was there food to be found under the earth?

(can't update Chase until he makes the agreed changes)

Sevak collected a few of the odd invisible skin things by eating them, seeing really no other way to collect anything. He stopped after sucking up the dirtied skin thing, taking more interest in the odd fuzzy colorful thing as the slime moved by it. Poking it gently, the slime waited for it to move. The other furry thing had moved before, so why wouldn't this one?
The colorful furry moved only slightly, though it was because of the light touch from the slime. Disappointed, Sevak moved over to the wide cylinder and moved its body halfway inside the opening. The slime felt a familiar feeling from this cylinder. It felt safe, yet at the same time, eager. Eager for what, it couldn't guess, though Sevak moved back out of the object and stayed there, confused. There was so much new stuff to check out more.

@Sevak: The slime could tell the invisible skin was not organic, so it wasn't edible. But it had some tears and holes in it, and inside the skins was something delicious, sweet. A slight chalkyness to it. The fuzzy colorful stuff.. well it tasted soft and fluffy like the stuff on the outside of the animals the slime had eaten, but somehow different. Eating enough of the stuff, the slime recognized something. The slime could make the sweet stuff itself if it wanted to. Something else too.. it was organic! It was three types of organic, and the slime recognized each in full! The colorful fluffy though, that was much simpler. It was artificially colored, but the slime already knew the colors. However, it was mostly organic, part of a plant. The slime recognized the plant and how to copy that, too. The thing of current interest, the cylinder, that had something inside it, too. Not much of whatever it was, and it was hard. It did have a slight stickiness to it, though.

Sevak felt funny. It soon realized that the odd skin things it wanted to keep had come back up on the ground. Fine, what wouldn't stay with him wasn't worth keeping. With that now taken care of, the slime pushed back into the cylinder. The sticky stuff made it easy to move in further before it slammed into a black wall. A black sticky wall. Which hurt. Try to turn around was hard and backing up was odd. The sticky stuff made it slippery in some spots and just not a good way to get out in others. Seems like the slime was stuck.

@Sevak: The slime couldn't taste the sticky through its scales, but when it bumped its head, some got on its opening. It was inorganic, definitely, but... (pucker pucker)... the slime felt odd. Whatever this stuff was, it seemed like even that could teach the slime something. It felt like the sticky was spreading through the slime, starting from its opening and slowly permeating its form towards its back, but the slime's scales felt dry and brittle, or maybe not its scales, but something on them?

@Viiring: The janitor was ready for another long day of work, but his first job of his afternoons was as a landscaper. Getting into his truck, he made sure the vial he still thought was some sort of cleaning acid was resting safely with his cleaning chemicals and gardening fertilizers.
Arriving at work, he sat in front of a small flower garden, and opened the vial as well as other things, and began to aerate the soil with his trowel. The slime got out and started to absorb some of the marigold flowers that the janitor had taken off the plants, as the removed flowers had died. The vial, being tipped over, was noticed after a short time, only because of the janitor wiping the sweat from his forehead.
Shocked, he scooped the slime back up into the vial and stood it back up, making sure it couldn't be knocked over again.

Great part - I find your way of story telling to be very intelligent. Your writing is actually really good.

OOC: @cbrick : Thank you very much. I've been thinking about the NPC storylines but haven't updated them because I didn't think I had enough active players for there to be interest in what planned enemies may become.

Been working nonstop since my last post. I've got about 7 gigs of work done. I'm making a trading card game.
Unrelated to this, but I'm not ignoring either :)

ooc: Where is everyone? Also my friend came over but I didn't get set up with a website, there was other stuff going on.

Sevak started to panic a little once the odd feeling spread throughout its body. It didn't like not knowing what was going on, especially if the odd stuff happening wasn't outside or on its scales where it might be able to tell. Whatever it was, the slime was still stuck on top of the small panic attack. Getting out would have to be priority to freaking on odd things.
So the slime stuck to what it knew, squirming and wriggling around in an attempt to find a better bodyhold to propel itself out of this cylinder. Often times it did not work. Only a small portion of the slime's scaled hide could be seen from the outside of the cylinder and that at least gave Sevak a little hope once it realized that small part was not stuck anymore.

@Sevak: With the slime wobbling all around in an odd, or no pattern, something below the cylinder gave way. Sevak could also tell that the brittle stickiness that spread through its body wasn't so bad anymore. The cylinder began to spin and roll, heading downhill. The slime had encountered a similar feeling before. Even though its eyes gave it nearly flawless vision and directional sense, being stuck in the spinning thing was not something easy for the slime to deal with. After rolling some distance, which the slime had no idea about in the slightest anymore, it slammed into something, and the cylinder went off one way, and the slime another.

Saarg wanted to flee. There was just enough of the darkness to escape, but that light beam the creature held...it was risky. Saarg knew he couldn't fight the creature though, it was just too big for his simple venom and claws! He had to escape. Saarg shot from its hiding place with as much speed as its limbs could muster. The lightness of its bones made this easier, as his talons clicked quietly against the ground. The feeling of moving at full speed was exhilerating to Saarg, and as the escape route loomed closer, Saarg congratulated itself for success.

Then Saarg tripped. Evidently the slime still wasn't used to its legs. Its front two collided together and sent the slimes back two into the air, where they scrabbled franticly, useslessly, for grip. Saarg slid in a heap to the enterance, where it lay in a tangle of limbs and tail. The world spun around the slimes eyes, as it tried to focus on the new creature. If the slime had been noticed, things were about to get nasty...

@Saarg: The light beam spun around, alerted by the scratching noise on the ground, and landed right on the slime. The creature made some loud sounds just as the slime regained its traction, and its mad scrambling got it out the opening from the room it was aiming for. The creature's footsteps, on the other hand, seemed to scramble the opposite direction. The light followed the slime, staying on it, until it got outside completely; then it hovered on the ground behind the slime.

Sevak hurt and was dizzy, if that's what this feeling could be called. He righted himself after landing upside-down, and everything still was spinning around. Occasionally swaying. His scales bristled in distress for a moment before settling and after standing still for some time, his vision quit moving on its own. The slime realized then that he had no idea were he was anymore. The cylinder was further away and it started to remember the odd feeling it felt inside it. That was hardly noticable now which made Sevak somewhat happy. What ruined that happy feeling was the feeling of falling. The name it finally learned after that incident and realized that it was the same feeling as when it first felt what was under it. Though that realization hardly made anything better. Sevak still had no clue where it was anymore.

@Sevak: Soft. The slime had landed on soft green organic plants, and noticed a small stream. Strangely enough, there was a clear path on the other side of the thick stream where there was no trace of the plant, as if something had removed it recently. Other than that abrupt difference in color, the area looked mostly the same as where they slime came from- the large organic things taller than the slime could see, more of the green plant covering the ground, a few short leafy plants, and tiny things flying around in the air.

Sevak was interested in the tiny flying things for a little while, following them while not paying attention to where he was going. He liked the feel of this new ground and occasionally ran into one of the short leafy plant. While following one of the ting things, the slime fell into the stream and panicked for a moment. It soon realized the substance wasn't harming his scales and quit panicking, climbing out of the stream on the other side of it. Immediately the slime stopped. No soft green stuff. None. The slime turned around to see the soft green stuff abundant on the other side, but here... here seemed in very dire need of that nice soft green plant. Sevak studied the contrast for another moment before becoming curious to investigate what took the soft green from this section of ground.

@Sevak: There was an oddly familiar feel about the void area... the slime couldn't place it. It was really familiar! ...Well, the lack of plant seemed to to off in a certain direction, or at least it was in a semi-straight line. After following the trail a small way, it stopped. However, there were indents in the ground that intersected with the end of the no-plant trail. The indents led over that way.. the corpse of a large animal lay there.

The slime waited, watching the pool of light behind it. Saarg had no idea what the creature would do, and was pleasantly suprised that it hadn't been pounced on and consumed instantly. The huge creature's decision to...retreat also confused the slime. It had the advantage of size, and Saarg had been helpless. Why wouldn't it attack?

There was always the chance it still would though, and Saarg refused to be caught unprepared again. The instincts inside it bayed for an ambush, and Saarg gladly gave in.

The hairs it had taken from the eight-legged creature, combined with the lightness of the slimes bones allowed Saarg to scramble up the wall beside the opening. About a meter from the ground, the slime's momentum began to die however, and the slime felt itself being pulled back towards the ground. Digging the claws of both its tail and limbs into the surface, the slime continued its ascent, until it lay flattened against the surface, directly above the opening of the portal.

Fangs exposed, tail poised to strike, the slime waited.

@Saarg: The pool of light went quickly to the portal with the invisible shield, as the slime had seen inside, then quickly back to the open portal. It made some noise, then something with a sound all its own made noise, then the creature made noise again. This went on a few back-and-forths, the light randomly going between the portals, but never landing on the slime, though one swing got a close call as the light went along the top of the portal the slime was hiding over.

Saarg had no idea what the creature was doing, but judging by the erratic sweeping of the light, it couldn't locate the slime. That was good, suprise was helpful. The slime's limbs began to ache from holding it against the wall for so long, but Saarg forced itself to remain there. Unmoving, silent. Saarg felt the venom in its fangs and the pincer on its tail flexing. The slime would wait for the creature's next move. But as the strange noises and patches of silence continued, the slime began to wonder if the creature was coming at all. This puzzeled it. Did it not want to persue it? Saarg knew that the creature should be hunting it. Thats what the slime would do. Maybe this creature wasn't actually a predator?

@Saarg: The slime heard a new sound, coming down a very long, flat pathway that the portal that the slime passed through opened into. It sounded somewhat like a combination of wind and something scraping along the ground. Whatever this new sound was, it was coming towards the slime. The sound followed a pair of bright glowing eyes, illuminating most of the area. It didn't get to the slime yet, but it could tell that if it stayed there, this thing would easily spot the slime. Straining its hearing, the slime thought it could hear one of the same sounds coming from both inside and the bright-eyed thing.

The slime wasn't sure if it was afraid or irritated. The creature wasn't responding normally, and it was hard to ambush a creature like that. But now it seemed another light weilding creature was approaching. Maybe this was some kind of elder version of the creature it was lying in ambush for. But for now, that was irrelevant. What mattered was that this new creature was collosal. There was no way Saarg could fight it, and it seemed to be moving faster than the slime thought was possible!
This new area was just too strange. Saarg had to withdraw, at least until it was bigger, stronger, and more able to fight.
With no time for a cautious descent, Saarg lept from the wall. The slime was suprised when its lightened body and limbs seemed to absorb the impact, as if the slime were made to survive falls like this. As the creature fled down the passage, it tried to recall the way back into the tunnels.
Its memory of The Terror was still fresh though, and this area did seem to have numerous tasty morsels...maybe it would be best to stay here for a while longer...
As the slime continued to flee, its head shot from side to side, eyes straining for a potential hiding spot or route to escape from the new, bigger creature.

OOC PUBLIC STORY UPDATE: STORY ARC 2: "TABLOIDS AND RUMORS" HAS BEGUN. Existing players: You're still fine for now, but be aware that once you get to a monster-y stage, you might not have to actively be spotted by humans. At least one slime is already in the newspaper, though not one anyone takes seriously. New players: Don't worry. There's bound to be a lot of fake stories in addition to real ones, so you won't be tracked down until I think you're ready.

@Saarg: Spotted surprisingly quickly was something similar to the tunnels, but above ground. There was only faint light illuminating that area, but apparently it was from some other light on a long stick of some kind across the path. This... well it wasn't a tunnel. Whatever it was, it had a few large, inorganic things along the walls, many of them with their own unique scents. They were not closely packed, and no light at all in between them. Looking down the wide path the slime was running down, it saw that there must be even more of these.

Saarg decided to head down one of these new tunnels. He made straight for the closest one: it looked just thin enough that the huge creature with the two light sources wouldn't be able to fit down. At least, not comfortably. Sprinting flat out, Saarg emerged from the light cast by the tall stick behind him into the darkness of the new...tunnel thing. Saarg paused and waited. It strained to hear iff any of the creatures had followed. Just to be safe, the forked organ in Saarg's mouth snapped out, sampling the air to get new readings about its surroundings. All the running had made the slime hungry, and if it felt safe, it would begin its search for food. The area it had just leaft had so many new creatures, all trapped and waiting for the slime to consume them. Maybe there would be more places like that around here...

@Saarg: The noises the creatures were making came closer, but stopped at the entrance to the tunnel-thing. The large creature with glowing eyes seemed to stay where it was, but the other one with the light that moved around had become visible, and moved the light around the area, scanning slowly. The light even touched the thing the slime was hiding behind, and when the light hit it, the light splintered and illuminated the area towards where the light came from, and to the side. Then it passed, and the creature went back towards the glowing-eyed thing. The creature would periodically move the light back into the area, not letting the slime get a good chance at escape. Another one of the creatures came up to the other one with the light, and they started making noise at each other, though not loud. The other creature made a few other noises, and pointed at the flat top of the room the slime had found food in. The other creature moved the light along the area the other one had pointed to.

Sevak was still curious about the odd trail though he was even more curious about the odd animal. Whatever it was, the slime noticed it was covered in softness somewhat like the smaller creature it had been attacked by. Keeping that in mind, the slime moved over to the large thing.
Tentitively it poked the creature, moving back in expectation of being attacked. When nothing happened the slime poked it again. Still nothing. It noticed hard stuff on the ends of the creatures legs while the rest seemed to be soft like the squirrel before.
Deeming it a non-threat, Sevak tested out the hard end, using its "mouth" to see if anything might break off. When nothing really did the slime took a step back and then rammed itself into the middle of the animal, pushing it slightly before it fell back to the original resting position. Confused as to what this was, Sevak moved back down to the thinner hard-ended parts of the corpse and started "chewing" on it in thought.

@Sevak: The creature's very dead and mostly skeletal body tasted... well, the dryness of the stuff the slime recognized as something that should have been soft was the most telling. A white thing in between the hard part the slime had in its mouth and the white thing closest to it loosened, and the part went inside the slime's mouth completely, no longer attached. A little bit of soft red stuff seemed easily accessible on the top of the body.

Saarg longed to pounce and take both of the creatures down, maybe to assimilate the light sources the creatures seemed to have attatched to their limbs. But Saarg knew that fighting one alone was close to suicide, and two, plus the huge creature...impossible.

For now.

Saarg noticed the light was no longer near it, and decided to take action. The slime scuttled as silently and quickly as it could, taloned feet making barely audible clicks on the ground, to a large, in-organic cylinder on the other side of the tunnel. Glancing back, Saarg saw it hadn't been spotted, and performed a similar charge to the side it had first been hiding on. The in-organic cylinders seemed to be spaced at nearly regular intervals down the tunnel. This was unusual, but this world it was in seemed to enjoy patterns.

After a few more zig-zag charges, Saarg came across a cylinder that had fallen onto its side. A large, black, in-organic ball lolled out of it, and a strong odour seemed to come from...inside it.

Saarg tentativly pressed the black thing with a claw, and the thing tore, revealing a mishmash of organic and in-organic items inside. With a glance back at the large creatures, Saarg elected to investigate briefly...

@Saarg: Though there wasn't enough light to distinguish color, one of the things that came out of the black flimsy-skinned thing was most of a sphere... no, more like a long sphere? Anyway, it clearly had some stripes on it that the slime could see. The broken part of it, or part where it was obviously missing some of itself, smelled sweet and made a wet sound when it rolled off of the other thing and hit the ground. The thing that the stripey roundish thing rolled over looked completely different- it was somewhat flat, but thick. At one end, it had a lot of small sticks pointing up with little bubbles at the end of each- this one had a scent too, which also was appealing.

Sevak scavenged around for a few more of the odd white hard things before it decided to eat something a little easier to get. The red stuff seemed like a good bet. The slime went for that, occasionally checking to make sure nothing else was around to eat whatever animal this was for Sevak now knew it was animal at least. Possibly another big furry (the squirrel) with hooves.
The two eyes on each side of the slime's head did a wonderful job of checking surroundings, Sevak finally used to how they worked together. It still seemed very odd, having almost 360 degree vision, but the slime dealt with it happily as it ate.

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