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@Sevak: The slime had eaten enough of this.. thing that it recognized what it was. Finally understanding its compound eyes in addition to its other eyes made a world of movement explode in the slime's perception. Moving air made most flimsy things move- the green things on the plants, small amounts of dust. Other things the slime couldn't quite recognize dancing in the air. Wait, no, those were alive things. Far out of reach, though. Wayyyy to high up- but not all that far away from the super tall thick brown things. Farther away then flopping off a protrusion would get it, though. A haphazard trail of indents in the ground led away, but who knows how many animals it came from? Another trail led in the opposite direction, similar to the one it was following before- devoid of any plants on the ground, though it was getting difficult to tell where the trail was since it was more dirt and less sticky-uppy green plant.

Sevak took a few more bites of the deer before leaving it be. It while to decide where to go along each trail, each time being distracted by the lack of green on the one side. What was up with that? Everywhere at least had green somewhere... why not there? The slime was reluctant though, it wanted to investigate both paths just out of the curiousity. The ungreened path won over though and the slime decided to remember this place if it ever wanted to come back.

@Sevak: The trail disappeared after a dozen feet or so, the natural area was mostly dirt and didn't have any more grass, so whatever had done this would remain a mystery. There didn't seem to be anything else of particular interest this direction; not even something snacky-looking moving around. Behind the slime back at the deer, though, lots of small movements began to show up- but the slime knew what this was. It was more of those things the slime ate to get its eyes that see everything at once.

Eventually the slime became bored with the ungreened trail, heading back to the deer. Some of the bugs that the slime had ate before came to bother him again, though the slime ignored them at the time. It was more curious of the other path that it had not taken before and started down that path. The odd indents intrigued the slime and occasionally it would try to hop from one indent to another, wondering what might've caused the tracks.

@Sevak: Lifting itself off the ground was difficult for the slime since it wasn't currently built for it, so it didn't hop very high or far. Wherever the things were that had made the indents was unknown, but since the slime could see further with its primary eyes and its surroundings with its secondary, it could tell that there wasn't any movement big enough to be whatever it was. Some sort of new thing was sticking up out of the ground, semi-blocking the slime's path, and some red stuff was on it. Whatever this new thing was, it was thin and shiny.

Having grown tired of "hopping" anyway, the slime was more interested in the odd red sticking-out-of-the-ground shiny thing. Curious as to why it was blocking the path, the slime pushed it gently to see if it could move it. Instead, the slime went nowhere. Sevak paused, tilting its "head" to get a side-angle view which disoriented the creature for a moment. Once used to that, all it accomplished was a taller view of the odd thing. The shiny redish thiny confused the slime now even after a taller view.

@Sevak: Seeing the thing from every angle, the slime now had a better idea of what it was actually looking at. What was this thing? There weren't more in the area, and the red stuff that was on it looked odd. It wasn't wet-looking or even shiny. Only some of this thing looked shiny, actually.

Sevak was confused. Very. Very confused. The slime was even more confused about the odd redish stuff and started to rub up against it in hopes of either knocking the odd object over or figuring out what the red stuff was. Instead, the slime got a little of the stuff in its "mouth" which tasted horrible, but the slime persisted and that occasion happened a few more times. The odd shape of the object was interesting though.

@Sevak: Whatever this red stuff was, it was inorganic. It had a.. taste, though. Nothing like it had ever tasted before. It didn't contain any information since it was inorganic, and its genes told it that eating this was pointless. If the slime was able to find it again, or find something else, there was that big pile of random things that was across the water and up the hill.

Sevak quit pushing the odd thing after it hadn't moved, more tired of the horrible tasting stuff that accidentally kept getting into its mouth. But thinking of this reminded the slime of the big pile of random stuff. It knew that was over the water again and up somewhere, or it seemed up at least, but not entirely sure where. Maybe if it found that cylinder again it could retrace the roll? The slime figured that would work so it set off to find the cylinder and the water.

@Sevak: It took the slime quite awhile to retrace its.. drag path, not out of confusion of where it led, but the time to actually move. Rolling and dragging itself was certainly not the fastest means of travel. It took even longer to find the cylinder- the water had moved it away from where it was before. There was a trail of flattened grass on the other side of the water, ending with a scrape mark near the water where the cylinder had stopped. That must be it!

Sevak followed the depression and scape mark eagerly and eventually, after becoming very disoriented for a moment after tripping and flipping, it started along the trail. Rolling was odd, but it got somewhere... usually the opposite direction by some odd force, but the slime continued. It follow scrapes and squashed grass, once even a crushed twig. It took forever but the slime eventually got to the odd place of random stuff. Here the slime waited, quite tired after getting up the long hill, pondering why it came here in the first place. Random stuff was good right?

@Sevak: The slime wondered if the same things it was noticing now were there the first time. Half of the pile seemed... wetter than how dry it was before. The dryer part had moved, and had made the mound of... whatever this was... more flat. Easier to wander around on. Horrible tastes came off of most things, but at least a few bore hidden traces of things that weren't awful. One of those things was kind of long, but round, and covered in bubbles. Another was kind of round, but had an odd pattern on it, or at least the part that wasn't pulverized. Both of those were yellow. There was another thing that was orange, but whatever shape it used to be was unknown since it was smashed so badly. There was another thing too, bright green, almost so bright it hurt to look at.

Sevak stayed away from the very bright green thing for now. It didn't want to see so much brightness in one sitting for so long. It contemplated which other thing to choose. Both yellow things seemed different enough to attract equal amounts of attention at first. Yet the slime went for the bubbled one after taking time to decide. Sevak at a little of the bubbled part, enjoying the actions the bubbles made when they popped. This seemed to entertain the slime for a while.

@Sevak: Wet came from the yellow popped bubbles, and a rush of flavor. Somewhat sweet, but salty, too. There were a lot of these bubbles, though the smaller ones were crusty and couldn't be popped. Unfortunately for the slime, its area vision didn't allow it to not look at something. It was able to not focus with its primary eyes, but its other eyes still saw the thing.

Sevak was starting to become slightly annoyed with the bright green hurty thing. At least seeing multiples of it was not in play. Just one... bright green hurty thing still in view. The slime did its best to concentrate on the yellow bubbly stuff, having realized most of what was left was the unpopable crusty things. It had a decision to make again. Bright green or orange or other yellow thing? Sevak moved, unsure really why, to the bright green hurty thing. It wanted to close all eyes though it knew that was unwise from not having eyes before. Too many things to possibly fall from (oh jeez... he's still scared of the first fall he had XD ) so the slime investigated this highly bright thingy. It took a cautious bite of whatever it was, hoping that maybe the brightness might go away somehow or at least find a way to bypass the brightness now that it was up close.

@Sevak: (unlocked: corn) The green thing was soft and warm, and... well, it was very sweet, but the sweet was totally overpowered by another flavor the slime couldn't name. If flavors had color, then it tasted as bright green as it looked. There was a mound of.. stuff a few feet away that started moving. Something was coming up from underground, about half the slime's own size.

Sevak took a few more bites of the overpowered flavor, very sure this probably was a bad idea. After all, the slime didn't quite care for the taste, whatever that was, but it wanted to be sure most of the bright green was gone or else have the eyesore always around in sight. Once the slime was sure much of the green bright was gone, it noticed the mound moving. That confused the slime and also intrigued it. What creature could move underground? More so, why would it be coming up?

@Sevak: The slime saw some of the green expanding... no, it was spreading! The green had become one with the slime, and the color was slowly spreading from the slime's mouth to the rest of its body. It had reached some of its eyes, but not many of them. So bright!

Sevak noticed the green color already on its back intensifying as this new brighter green started to work itself into the color. Now instead of just a few green patches around the black scales on the top of its back, the lighter green created an imitation of this pattern on the inside of the darker green scaling and together it seemed to be some sort of new marking almost. To Sevak is was a bit of an annoyance but it soon learned to live with the brighter green color. What it didn't know was that a few of the scales around the mouth gap also had a few green sections, all tying in with the original greens of the top.
The mound was still moving, though the slime couldn't guess why still. Something had popped out a few times, though it seemed to act as if it noticed the slime each time the scaled creature moved a bit to investigate. The thing retreated to the mound each time but the slime soon stayed still, watching with interest as to why it was acting this way and what it was.

@Sevak: It finally came up from under the stuff, whatever this animal was. It was furry, and bigger than the slime, but it was holding something in its mouth. Something scaley. It wasn't alive, that was obvious. The coloring was strange, though, not a color the slime had seen on anything alive yet. It seemed that it might have just had trouble picking up the thing in its mouth, not worrying about the slime.

Sevak was astonished at first when the animal came above ground and stayed. The scaley thing it held reminded the slime of itself and due to this, the slime decided this creature was a threat. Especially since it was larger than the slime to begin with. It didn't even notice the creature did not care at all about the slime.
Sevak moved around the larger furry animal to its side and tried to jump, though it barely made it far. Tried it again but this time didn't even get off the ground for whatever reason. Maybe it needed momentum first. But the slime knew that the animal would either flee or attack and that bothered it. It didn't want the thing to leave, though it didn't want it to go on a killing spree again either. So it tried to bash into the furry animal with whatever it could muster and the hopes that it might do something other than nothing.

@Sevak: The slime launching itself at the nimble predator didn't do much, since the creature was able to deftly jump out of the way. It's jumps were much more impressive than the slime's, which if it had known what a water balloon was, then it would have looked like a water balloon bouncing off of a spring mattress, and not much better. The creature had dropped the thing in its mouth, though, and that was very close to the slime's own mouth, luckily.

Sevak knew that throwing itself at this creature was getting it nowhere. Luckily the thing had dropped what triggered the 'attack' from the slime. Torn between attacking again and examining the dead creature, the slime took the dead creature and ate it. That caused some guilt in the slime for this creature somehow reminded it of itself. Perhaps it was just the scales- the slime didn't know. Sevak did know that eating usually gave a little information of what was eaten, maybe this information would be useful. Afterall, the predator did have the slime outmatched.

@Sevak: (Unlocked: white) The animal was something the slime had seen before, actually, but not the color it just ate. It had something different about it somehow, and that's what made the color different. The other animal, seeing that it couldn't get its food, raised itself up a little, then turned and began to walk away.

Sevak was still curious of the other creature, though he knew attacking it probably wasn't a good idea anymore. It didn't seem all to angry about the slime stealing the food though which confused the slime more than actually worrying it. Even though both those things were running through the slime's mind, it still tried to follow the creature. Hopefully that didn't anger it again.

@Sevak: The creature, whatever it was, moved much faster than the slime. Fast enough that within a few very short seconds, the creature was out of sight. Strangely enough, the thing seemed able to jump as well, but much better than the slime could. It had hopped onto rocks and other similar things, inadvertently not leaving a trail to follow.

Sevak stopped after the creature had gotten out of sight, a little sad. It was curious of the thing but knew that following would be hard for it really hadn't left a trail at all. The slime took to rummaging around the area instead, doing its best to forget what had happened in the process. It ended up going back to the hole the thing had come from, lingering for a moment before leaving that alone. It searched for more things like the lizard the creature had eaten, assuming that the food had been found somewhere nearby. Perhaps it might find a new creature to bother.

@Sevak: Moving things about as best it could, the slime saw something that looked like dirt, but darker. Not too far from this pile of dark dirt was a lighter shade of dirt with little white bubbles in it. The bubbles didn't pop, but felt inorganic and hard, though light. This bubbled dirt moved a little sometimes... In another location, there were limp, but brightly colored thin strips of some sort of plant.

Sevak took interest in all the odd sights and the bubbly light dirt got first interest. It confused the slime a bit that the coloration was light, and moved, and was bubbled all where the slime could see. It wondered what it was even more when the bubbles didn't pop. Hard bubbles were weird. Sevak only had ever known of soft, poppable, bubbles when it tried to realize where bubbles seemed familiar. These hard ones were different and was what mostly peeked the interest so far. The slime was too distracted by the odd bubbles and color to really realize the dirt moved once or twice in that time period.

@Sevak: The bubbles still weren't popping. The brightly colored plant strips looked somewhat limp, though it seemed to be because something happened to it. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be like that all the time. The small movements from the shifted dirt seemed to subside. The slime hadn't noticed it before, but it started to feel slightly colder, and there was less light around.

Sevak took more interest in the odd plants after a while. He started noticing the cold more and the lack of light like it used to be but figure that might have had something to do with his weird experiences. After all, he did get thrown down a rolly thing inside something sticky and found tons of odd tracks. He also had found a weird and fast animal who didn't seem to like it. Lack of light seemed to fit the expected for the slime right now.
But the slime moved over to the limp strips and inspected some of them with its mouth- the only real way it knew how to inspect anything without just starring at it for ages. At least this way it might learn something instead of realizing the color was still colorful.

@Sevak: The limp orange things might have once been somewhat sweet since that was a vague sense the slime got from it, but that was it. There didn't seem to really be enough to consume in order to learn more, either. Maybe the slime would have to find a way to be able to access different or better foods...

Sevak hadn't quite realized, at the time he was busy wandering around aimlessly again, that a few apendages had started to 'sprout' from the bottom sides of him. They seemed almost like the legs of that centipede he had eaten, though larger and only six of them in total. He started moving these new legs and realized, not only did it seem awkward to be raised upward slightly, that he could move faster than crawling around on the ground without them. He liked this new mode of movement, but quickly found that he needed to get used to it more after falling on his back.

@Sevak: Something nearby rolled onto the slime, which it felt between its legs. Maybe it could get a grip on that to right itself. It looked a lot like the thing it rolled down the hill in, but didn't have anything inside. The big light in the sky had turned orange, red, and disappeared below the ground far away, and it began to get a little cold.

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