The Guild: Pokemon Saviors (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP) (Open, Started)

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"Don't worry miss Schade, we make sure that won't happen to you and will keep a eye out for them." Arma said to Schade. "I am really looking forward to become a Bisharp my self. Finally being able to becoming a commandant and leading a pack of my own." Arma said will his vision was once again obscured by visions of glory.

"Barry, I fear your time has time has come!" Locus shook his head violently and even flew around in the air to dislodge Barry. "I'm Locus the greatest Scyther that ever lived, evolution? Nah don't need it, I'm already taller than all of you as a Scyther, evolving to Scizor would just be overkill. Besides Scizor has a lot less speed which is something I don't like the thought of."

"Speak for yourselves, I'm stuck as a normal type for the time being. I'm patient and i won't force anything upon myself. when the time is right, i'm sure it will happen."

Dan chuckled a little bit "No... you aren't complaining! This is important stuff for you to worry about, and yeah you're right. You have more to worry about then we do when it comes to the whole evolution thing..."
I wonder if something could help her out with that... urgh. What were they called? He thought hard for a bit, but nothing was coming to him.
"Urgh... I'll think of it later" he grumbled to himself. Now he was tired and hungry, mostly hungry.
Did that chef ever get around to restocking the kitchen?

"Bah, when you think about evolution is looking rather small in the overall scheme of things right now isn't it? All the disasters and weird stuff going on in the world at the moment need fixing and the ones who are supposed to fix it are being sent to gate crash parties and lurking around the guild chatting about evolution. I want to get out there and actually help people or at least be in training to help people." Locus had come to join the saviours expecting he'd be making a difference and bringing light back into lives but instead all he'd gotten was a headache from a pointless mission.

"Ok then, lets look at the mission we just went on. We were sent by Xatu to go investigate a noise problem. and it just happened to be Ken's favorite band. not a coincidence if you ask me."

"Would Xatu really be so petty though?" Asked Dave. Frowning a bit, Dave began wondering to himself He's just so serious! How could someone like that even consider pranking a teammate.

"Petty? He got mud on his foot and nearly took down the guild single-handedly! the guy can crack and its not fun to be around him when he does."

"That's what happens when you're as powerful as Xatu, I think all that power stresses him out too much, probably has a heap of psychic voices screaming in his head all day and the constant Deja Vu he must get after seeing the future all the time must be so frustrating."

Vigor huffed and crossed his arms as everyone ignored his display, but then chuckled. They are all probably tired, I will give them a chance to rest before showing my muscles off again. He said with a broad smile, feeling his arms. He pondered the evolution question for a little while, but did not say anything. He looked forward to being a Machoke, and after a while even a Machamp. He day dreamed about having four arms for a second, before listening to them talking about the freakout Xatu had. He listened carefully, as he did not really have an opinion on the matter.

'I think it is pretty obvious what just happened, it was a test, think about it ken asks his band to get some fans over and that they and their fans should attack the pokemon that are sent into the house' Barry said while lying half on the ground and half against a wall he hit after being thrown off by locus 'ken makes sure that only we enter the house, then combining xatus mind reading and asking questions he is able to deduce what we did during the fight so the trio know how to train us to use our skills to the max and to work as a team' Barry then camouflaged himself but continued talking 'so who do you think contributed the most and the least to the fight?' time to see some fun squabilling Barry thought to himself

Xatu walked into the building, a Togetic beside him. He walked up to the Saviors-to-be and began to talk. "This is my cousin, Togetic, she will now be in charge of cleaning the guild." Togetic nodded, looking around the place. "Bloody hell, Xatu, Ken did all this?" Xatu nodded slowly. "Damn... Well, I best get to things then..." She went around with a feather duster, cleaning everything that she saw. "I hear you all succeeded... Good." Xatu said before going into his room and meditating.

Not soon after Weavile came in holding a big box containing a large TV. She put it down for a moment to catch her breath. "Oh, hey guys! I heard Xatu sent you lot on your first mission! How was it?" She noticed that Schade was injured. "Oh my... I guess it must of been pretty hard... I told him to make the first one easy, dammit!" She sighed. "Well at least you're all alive... You are all alive, right?"

"No, I'm afraid my friend Bozo died in the attack, an Octillery ripped his head off and hurled it across the room, it was so brutal." Locus choked his voice up and broke into some false sobs, burying his head in his hands. "He was so full of life!"

"You have my condolence Locus, I hope he died with honour in the battle." Arma said to Locus. "If you want, I can arrearage a burial with full honours for such a warrior"

'DON'T CLEAN MY ROOM!!!' shouted Barry 'THE MUD IS THEIR ON PURPOSE!!!', barry then heard the others making a joke about someone dying this could be fun he thought, his camouflage fatted away and then barry burst into tears 'he only...true friend' he chocked out between the tears.

"Yes I'm fine, only a few broken ribs and.... um what would you like me to address you by?" Schade said feeling a bit relieved that her mentor was here now.

"Ready for action, Ma'am." Vigor said through a wince. He wanted to get back out there and keep training, so he tried not to show the pain he was experiencing. He felt like he should be in the gym though, so that was probably a good sign.

"Uhhh.... are you people sure that happened? I dont think anyone called Bozo was there... or at least with us. Plus I don't think a drummer in a band would do that, no matter what we did to them... wait, maybe unless it was part of the show" Dan suggested

Dan then notcied that Weaville was talking for a bit "oh yeah, it was great! Plus it had it's own soundtrack and special effects, I can't wait until we get to go do one again!"

"we were just discussing the...implications of Xatu sending us on this specific mission. They are claiming it's some sort of trick by Xatu to get under Master Ken's skin, but is it really something Xatu would do?"Asked Dave, wanting a resolution to the whole situation, whether coincidence or not.

"If its ok, I'd like to call you Master or Madame Weavile. I've always preferred the latter so i'll go with that." she bowed quickly, nearly collapsing from the pain. "I'm ready to train if you'd let me."

Realizing that the others were talking about Bozo she spoke up. "I'll miss Bozo, he was a good friend of mine."

Schade clearly seeing that Weavile was in a trance decided to do something. "Umm Madame Weavile? i'm heading down to the gym to train... ok?" she looked towards the others. "If you want to join, feel free." and with a less of a limp, went to the gym.

Vigor shrugged and followed Schade toward the gym, his natural instincs to train already returning to him. "Im going to so much weights, you'll see..." He trailed off as he gazed at his body, examining his own muscle. He started smiling as he followed the Eevee, and suddenly couldn't wait until they made it to the gym.

Dave stepped in front of Schade just in front of the gym door, blocking her way in. " In you're condition, should yyou really be training?Wouldn't it be more prudent to rest?" He said, planning to not let her in regardless of what she said.

A throbbing in Schades head had returned. "I will be fine, i can't sit arouynd all day if i want to become like Madame Weavile." she said lying about her health.

Vigor peered ahead at what stopped Schade from moving, and frowned when it blocked the door to the gym. "Maybe she can't, but I can right?" Vigor said, stepping forward and pushing the Sandshrew out of the way.

"No, Schade, you are not going to go to the Gym." Weavile said sternly, making sure that she was clear. "You'll only hurt yourself more, maybe even to the point where you won't be able to be a Savior anymore. Yes, to be a good Savior you need to train allot... But to be a great Savior you need to know when to take a break, know your limits. Right now, Schade, you've passed your limit. Take a break."

"Yes Madame Weavile..." Schade said reluctantly. She started to wander off towards the kictchen in search of food.

lightly knocking on the door to the kitchen she asked: "Anyone in there? Something a bit regenerative might be of use to me right now."

Vigor went right back to training after he pushed the sandshrew out of the way. He headed over to the weights to start training again, turning the weight up a little bit. He missed the feeling the weights had gave him, and he was happiest when he was lifting. His muscles never tired out, being a Machop, and they healed very fast, letting him gain a lot of strength with not too much strain. He smiled as he kept going, loving the weight system they had in place at the gym.

Dave entered the gym after Schade left, shooting Vigor a dirty look before going off to train as far away from him as possible. Not that Vigor noticed, as he seemed to be in the sort of bliss most mon associate with small children.

Vigor heard someone walk in, but didn't get up to see too quickly. He wanted to finish the set he was on, so he didn't mess up his workout. After he counted it down in his head he looked up and saw that in the other corner of the room, Dave was working on some of his own things. He smiled, completely forgetting that in his rush he had pushed him over. He called out "Hey! How's the gym treating ya! I love it here!" quickly and started to add some more weight.

barry was disappointed about the lie about bozo not leading to anything 'arma, I will be waiting in the gym till you are ready to fight me', barry wormed his way to the gym, when he entered he went to the centre of the room and said dramaticly 'no one step on me OR ELSE!' barry then camouflaged himself.

Dave turned around, looking just in time to watch Barry disappear. " You...Gah I don't care. Not like you could hurt me anyway" said Dave, returning to his vaguely defined training.

'I have other moves then discharge such as scald, that could hurt you!' barry said firmly as if he was giving a command.

Vigor looked up for a second at the Stunfisk hiding in the middle of the floor and snickered. He picked up a light barbell and hoisted it up in the air, aimed to the side of the Stunfisk. It came down with a sort of loud clattering noise very close to where he lay, and Vigor instantly returned to his training, acting as if nothing had happened.

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