Shadows of the Universe (Sci-fi Action RP)(Started)(Closed)

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James groaned from his napping in the Pegasus, and when he saw the creature he froze "Captain, permission to call in orbital assets?" James asked quickly into comms.

McMillan almost squeaked as he ran in a full on sprint, having become very fast from the hard training he'd received, he dived into the drop vehicle and grabbed an SVD, preparing to cover other squadmates as they ran in, he couldn't go get them however, in his dive, he bruised a shin. "...Ss.s.s.s Sgt, orders?" James looked down and nodded "Cover anybody if they need it avoid having it notice us unless absolutely necessary to piss it off. Rick, do you have enough rockets to kill it?"

"I have no clue! That thing looks like it could take at least three rockets to the face alone!"

Rick glanced back at the thing. "Should I be escorting people back to the ship, lobbing rockets at it, or running so fast that I leave a small canyon?"

The Diablo roared at him. Even from a distance of a couple dozen meters its breath blew back the fabric of his fatigues.
"alright, bigjobs." He muttered, more to himself than to it, "I've taken on a tank 1 on 1 before. I think I can take you on." He pulled out a lump of putty explosive from his pack and ran at it. It was tough on the outside but he doubted its insides would be as strong.
Several moments later, after he had dragged himself up off the sand, he evaluated what had happened. The Diablo had been much faster than he'd expected. It had swatted him aside the moment he'd gotten into range. He was beginning to doubt his initial confidence. His vision was blurred and his head was spinning. He tried to lift himself up but it seemed like all his limbs were suddenly made of lead.
Concussion, probably. he thought, mind feeling drunk on its own chemicals, That's the downside of these enhancements. I know for a fact there's not a broken bone in my body after that but my brain's been rattled around like it was on a damn rollercoaster.
He turned his head the few degrees he felt he could and looked at his arm.
The power armor's completely bent up. And I don't think I had that many shards of metal embedded in my forearm when I ran at it. Probably why everything seems so heavy. Got dead weight keeping me down.
He was half aware of Private Hall sprinting towards the beast from behind. He watched as the private delivered a few rounds into a Shade that had crawled out of the hole after him before dropping his rifle and scooping up the explosives Jarmen had dropped when he took the hit. What was that airheaded idiot trying to do? Hall leaped up onto the Diablo's back and slung his arm over the side of the beasts head. He then swung up and shoved the charge into the beast's mouth, his arm disappearing up to the shoulder. The beast finally took notice, grabbing Hall's other arm between two fingers and smashing him bodily to the ground. The impact was enough to neatly separate the arm the Diablo was holding from the rest of Hall. Hall bounced heavily several times before coming to a rest a few yards from Jarmen. The boy's head was completely caved in, blood and brain matter leaking out of it onto the ground. Kell knew he wouldn't be getting back up, even with Damien's considerably "talents." The Diablo turned back to Kell, ignoring the fire coming from the rest of the WINGS squad and began plodding over to him. Kell looked back at Hall's body.
It looks so red... he thought, watching blood spurt lazily from the stump where Hall's arm had once been. This is how it usually is, isn't it? You know you're going to die so you start to really take in all the details. Every pebble, every shadow on the wall, every stitch in the fabric of your uniform. They all seem so important, like you have to memorize every last thing about what you're seeing before you...leave. He was sure he could hear someone yelling his name over the ringing in his ears. Jason? One of the WINGS members? One of the recruits? Maggie? He watched the Diablo lift its leg up over his head.
It's going to step on me. Like a fucking cockroach. What a stupid, suitable way to die. I hope I start to stink after a couple of days and you have to stop and try to wipe me off, you bastard.
The Diablo stopped mid raise. Its stomach seemed to expand for a split second. It wobbled briefly, imbalanced on its one leg before taking several stumbling steps back and bending over, clutching it's chest.
Oh look, Kell thought dimly, It looks like the charge actually did something.
A renewed hail of gunfire from both the WINGS and recruits caused the beast to stumble back even further. It kept both arms wrapped over its midsection, apparently trying to protect itself from any further damage to the area.
He slowly rolled over onto his back, listening to the gunfire and the shouts of his teammates. The Diablo seemed to have regained its composure and he heard its heavy footfalls growing closer. He became aware of an ever blurring figure sprinting towards him. As it got closer it focused and he realized it was Jason, a look of honest concern on his face. He felt Jason hook his arms under his shoulders and begin to drag him to his feet. The sudden jolt brought with it vertigo a hundred times worse than it had been. A brown haze began to fill his vision. He watched as Camilla and Rick ran up beside Jason, laying heavy fire on the Diablo and backing up alongside him. The loud *Thumps* of Hunter's heavy carbine echoed in his ears.
Well, I'm never going to live this down. I guess I've earned a little nap after that. And so has the private.
For just a moment, most of his vision completely blotted out and his mind going blank, he looked back at the corpse of Private Hall, now hundreds of yards away and getting farther still as Kell was dragged into a medivac transport.
It looks so red... Was his final thought again before he passed out. As he was unconscious he dreamed of a certain song. One he hadn't heard in quite some time.

"MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN!" Rick had made a snap decision on seeing the thing attack Kell. He had been running when he saw it kill Hall. And now he was covering with Camilla as he tried to cover Jason's retreat with Kell's splattered body. He looked still alive. Rick launched three rockets at the creature, but none had the impact as the bomb had had, and it was clear that four more rockets wouldn't take it down. It even seemed to be recovering from the initial blast.

He wheeled around and broke into a sprint. "CAMILLA, RETREAT WHILE THERE'S STILL A CHANCE!"

"Son of a bitch!" Jason shouted as he saw Kell get swatted away by the monster. "COVER ME!" Jason shouted as he rushed to his wounded squad mate. Jason didn't know what he was thinking as he rushed head long towards Kell and prepared to fight the monster head on. The monster had stepped back and was hunched over from the explosive which allowed Jason to reach Kell. "Come ON I'm not letting you die on me here!" Jason shouted at the almost unconscious Kell as he put his arm under Kell's shoulders and started to drag him back to the Pegasus.

"PAX! How long until you can get this thing airborne!?" Jason shouted as he dragged Kell onto the pegasus. "Sir it will take at least five more minutes!" Pax responded. "FUCK! We don't have five minutes!" Jason shouted in worry as he looked back at the monster and noticed that it got back up. Jason's mind started to race as he went over the options in his head and the only one that could succeed was to lure the monster away from the Pegasus. Jason decided that was the best thing he could do. Jason jumped off the pegasus and took a deep breath before moving towards the monster as the rest of his squad looked at him with a shocked expression.

Jason looked at the monster who had just noticed his presence. Jason took a quick glance around knowing he couldn't fight this thing head on, he decided to get it to chase him so he could buy enough time for his squad to get out of here. Right as Jason was about to distract the monster the ground started to shake and a hole appeared a good ways away to their right. The monster looked over to where the earthquake was coming from and acted like it didn't know why there was a hole there.

The shaking suddenly stopped for a second and then a giant worm came up from the sand. The monster looked at the giant worm and roared at it. The monster charged at the giant worm and punched the worm with all it's force, it wasn't able to move the worm at all. The worm moved a little to the side and crashed itself down on the monster killing it.

"Shit Shit Shit! PAX get the Pegasus in the air NOW!!" Jason shouted as he ran back towards the pegasus. "Sir I got it started!" Pax shouted back as the engine to the pegasus started up. Jason sprinted as fast as he could back to the Pegasus as the pegasus started to move. Jason was going to have to jump onto the Pegasus and as he got closer rick extended his hand. Jason jumped and was able to grab onto Ricks hand as rick pulled him up onto the ship.

"James, I don't care what ship weapon you use. Just kill that thing!" Jason ordered as he looked back towards the giant worm which started to flail around everywhere.

Rick yanked Jason into the ship. "Good to have you with us sir! I see you've located our NOW OFFICIALLY DEFINITIVE Rejected Chupacabra! Screw it, it's a sandworm. Call it a sandworm."

He turned and aimed his rocket launcher as well as he could in the unsteady Pegasus.

3d20+6 roll: 8, 7, 25

One rocket streaked towards the worm. It hit it in the side, near the base. This did positively nothing. A second rocket shot out, missing the worm entirely.

The third rocket, however, flew as if guided by an angel straight into the sandworm's mouth. There was a big boom, and massive chunks of hard material came sailing out - probably teeth. Part of the worm's jaw hinge came undone, and the mouth fell open further. The worm let out an ear-breaking howl.

"James! Hit it in the mouth! It doesn't seem to be hurt by normal assault!"

Jobe watched from the back of the Pegasus as Jason was pulled to safety. He doubted his weapons would have any affect on the creature, but he needed to do something...Glancing around Jobe saw a discarded rifle lying in a corner of the Pegasus. Jobe snatched it up and took aim at the monstrosity's mouth. Ranged combat was not his strong point, but he was a soldier, and all soldiers could fire rifles! Moving towards the entrance hatch, Jobe began firing. Alone, this would make no difference, but every little helps!

James was worried initially, and moved over to Kell "Dammit, you may be an arrogant foolish bastard but we need you to punch things for us." James came from the 'watch your squad tradition' Why didn't I fire my rifle? I could have hit that things arm off! while busy with his angry self-reprimand he took out his pistol, and put a Transmitter Round in for the ship, going to the hatch he aimed his gun and with a look of rather frightening anger, fired his round right down the worm's throat, then he ran into the cockpit and got on the comms "I want a standard volley of the main guns down there in exacly .5 seconds in pattern 3-3-5-3 on the Transmit I shot. If it doesn't happen, you're all cleaning the barrels... naked." James was angry with himself. Kell requested cover and instead, he was shouting at McMillan. Stupid stupid! Walking into the main hold James pointed out the hatch "They'll be hitting that thing with enough ordinance to turn this entire region to smoking remains in a second, want to see it Kell?" James looked down to his squadmate, trying to evaluate if he was alright.

No response from Kell.

Damien froze up, his arms intincually thrown in front of his face to protect himself from the memories. He started whispering incoherently in Spanish as the frag grenade went off. Not even a year under Thompson was able to clear Damien's last fear. He looked up at the black monster as if he was in a dream. "Él Diablo..." The dream ended quite quickly as the Diablo grabbed Damien by the arm. "¡Déjame en paz, tú hijo de puta!" Damien yelled as he whipped out the Damnation shotgun, growing an extra right arm in order to wield it. Damien fired twice in rapid sucession, which did little but annoy the creature. It was enough time though, for Damien to pull out a V-blade and cut his arm off, freeing himself from the clutches of the deadly monster just before it killed him. Karma came in a full circle, and the Geneva Convention in all its majesty crushed the monster... In the form of God's Failed Chupacabra. "Well, that's ironic." Damien muttered, once again reverting to English as he ran for the ship, his four arms simultaneously reaching for the doors of the Pegasus as it began to take off. He saw Kell and hissed, applying anasthesia and performing a bacterial jihad on his surgical tools. Damien quickly removed the armor and began to try and heal Kell, his four arms working together in symphony to ensure Kell had an arm by the end of the impromptu operation.

"Firing in 5.....4.....3.....2.....1..... Firing Main Cannon" Jason heard over the radio. Jason them heard a few loud explosions as the Berlin shot it's main cannon at the giant worm monster. Looking out the back of the Pegasus he saw a large glowing dot fly fast through the air towards the worm monster. It struck the worm monster with enough force to go right through the monster and then there was an explosion as the cannon shot hit the ground. The monster started to flail around in pain until a few more shots came from the sky striking the worm multiple times in quick succession. The explosions from the shots made it hard to see what was going on with the worm but Jason assumed it was destroyed.

After the smoke cleared from the explosions there were bits of the worm everywhere and parts from the worm started to rain down from the sky and some hit the Pegasus. Jason let out a sigh of relief and looked back to his squad who were still concerned about their squad mate. "Well looks like it's over now, PAX take us back to the Berlin!" Jason ordered when a piece of the worm flew into the Pegasus and hit him in the back of the head. ".............ow" Jason said softly trying to contain his anger from what had just happened.

Jason picked up the piece of the worm while rubbing the back of his head. "What the hell is this! Wait a second...." Jason said angrily before checking over the thing he had in his hand. "This stuff is very hard, this may even be better then the stuff we use for our armor! We better take this with us so we can get a good reading on it." Jason stated becoming excited by the fact that they could have discovered a better armor source.

"So by the looks of it, we have discovered new species out in this sea of space. I'm starting to wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing," Chris said while looking out the back of the Pegasus at the charred remains of the sand worm.

" that's it for day one?" Jobe asked, throwing the rifle back to the floor. "Not a bad job, we discovered numerous alien species and all of them shot at/crushed/attempted to eat us," Jobe reclined against the wall, folding his hands behind his head "I love this job." Glancing at the rest of the team he saw one of them, the four armed one, attempting to patch the wounded soldier up. He seemed pretty shaken "You alright?" he asked

"Pax get us to the Berlin now!" Jason ordered while pulling out his communicator. "Lieutenant Sanders this is Captain Kahlil. Tell each squad to return to the ship and get the medical room prepped stat!" Jason ordered into the communicator as he glanced over at kell. "Right away Captain Kahlil" Sanders responded over the radio in a calm voice. Jason did not know what to say so he just looked at kell wondering what he could have done to prevent this from happening.

After a few minutes of flying the Pegasus landed in the hangar and two members of the medical team rushed into the Pegasus and talked to damien before all three of them took kell on a stretcher and rushed away to the medical bay. Jason just stood there dumbfounded and unable to think of what to do next.

No response from the medic. Charming. Jobe snarled inwardly then turned his attention to the Captain. "So what happens now? There's probably a whole species of massive, virtually invulnerable sand worms down there, and we aren't exactly equipped to throw targeting beacons into their gullets every time one tries to eat us. Sir." Jobe decided to have another look around the armory. If they bumped into those aliens again he might be stuck at range for a while, so he needed some competant ballistic weaponry of his own.

Chris listened to Jobe then added to his statement, "Ya, we also can't forget about those aliens that attacked us down there. By the looks of it, they were either a scout group or a mercenary band; considering their species has mercenaries. Either way, this planet is very hostile and will probably need a lot of orbital pounding." And with that Chris made his way to his room so he could start working on this new alien tech with Colon.

Kell woke up, staring at a bright white ceiling and hearing a soft, repetitive beeping noise to his right. He pulled himself up and instantly regretted it, his head spinning and nauseu returning as he did so.. He was in a bed, clean white sheets and an IV drip hooked up to his arm. He looked around and saw a young woman with pixie-cut brunette hair tending to a man in another bed. The man seemed to have lost most of his left leg up to the thigh and the foot of his right leg. The woman turned and saw Kell sitting up. She flashed a friendly, if tired, smile.
"Oh, Sergeant Kell. You're awake. You should lie back down."
Please don't say it, please don't say it, please don't say it-
"You're lucky to be alive."
Dammit. Hate that cliché.
Kell tried to respond and was startled by his own mumbling.
"I was a bit worried that might be the case. Your speechis going to be a bit... 'jumbled' for the next few days. It should return to normal fairly soon."
"Long been hur?"
"Er...Do you mean 'how long?' Only around 7 hours or so. You were medivac-ed only a few minutes after your injury. Do you remember anything?"
Kell nodded. He had drifted in and out of consciousness the entire time. Half formed memories of being pulled up the ramp of a Pegasus, a brief glimpse of stars through a viewport and then being pulled down steel hallways on a stretcher all danced around his mind. He was finding it strangely hard to focus on any one thought for very long. The fact that the fluorescent lights overhead seemed more like spotlights focusing directly onto his eyes wasn't helping things.
"I still don't know exactly what happened to you, command hasn't told me. Do you know?"
"Big gare...hit meh." Kell's words were slurred. Better than being completely incoherent but his tongue still felt as though it was too big for his mouth.
"It would have to have been. Your suit sensors picked up a 21 megapascal impact across your chest."
"Tha' uh lot?"
"I could say it would be like getting hit by a car but that would be an understatement. If it weren't for your enhancements you wouldn't have survived. I can go into detail if you like?"
"Oh, pless do. Lurv to hur 'bout it." Kell replied. Not even head trauma could stop his sarcasm.
"Well ok then, if you hadn't been enhanced and didn't have the small amount of protection your armor gave you your internal organs would've liquiefied and the bones around the actual impact point would've been little more than tiny shards. The shockwave from the hit alone might have broken bones in your arms and legs and I'm not certain but I think some of your arteries would have actually burst from the sudden massive increase in pressure to your chest, although that's only a theory. Buuuuut you were enhanced so you were alright." She finished up happily.
" haf gret bedshid manner."
"Oh, why thank you. You're very sweet."
Kell let his head fall back to the pillow.
Her thick skull is impenetrable to my sarcasm.
"Anyway, Sergeant," She said, bending over him to check his IV drip, "all you really ended up with is a bad concussion and one giant bruise. You'll need to get lots of rest, that's really the only treatment there is. Stay in bed, though if you get restless I can call an orderly to take you for a walk if you'd like."
"Coud heh take meh to tha shootin' range?"
"I don't think we let patients with brain injuries use weapons, sergeant." The doctor said, grinning.
"We let thum become docturs"
"Huh? What do you mean?"
How do you miss that? Are you really that...oh, nevermind
"Nothin', can ah resht no?
"Of course, I'll go and check on my other patients."
When she left Kell slowly lifted himself up from the bed and glanced around. "Legs" over to his right had apparently fallen asleep. She'd probably been putting some cocktail of painkillers into his IV.
Have to ask if I can get some of those...
He paused in his thoughts. There was a mirror mounted on the inside of an open cabinet door across the room. If he could just...lean...a bit more...out of the bed he'd be able to see himself. He finally saw himself in the mirror took in the damage. His right arm was covered in bandages, most of them still patched with crimson where the wounds were still healing. Had she said "One Giant Bruise?" He tugged the hospital gown to the side and got a good view of his chest.
Oh dear lord, I'm purple.
The area of his chest where he'd been hit, on the upper right side of his ribs, was an almost black Byzantium and the area surrounding it was a splotched with a mix of lighter purples, reds, yellows and in one or two places, blues. The bruise(s) covered nearly every inch from the the bottom of his neck to the top of his pelvis. He slumped back into the bed, his head still spinning. He thought for a moment.
Might as well make the best of this.
He called out, "Nurse! Ned a spong bath!"
A man jogged into the room wearing the red-on-white uniform of Berlin medical personnel.
"Not you. Go fin' some-un cute, fem'ale and half ur age."
The man smirked and walked back out.

Jason listened to the concerns about the aliens but did not know what to do, he knew he had to think of something and quick so the groups morale wouldn't drop farther than it already was. "Okay squad I don't know what those aliens were but be prepared to fight more of them as I am almost positive there are more of them. For now get some rest while we analyze these weapons and their bodies. Be prepared because in 12 hours we are going to meet up to go over the mission and how we can beat these things." Jason stated.

Rick walked into Kell's room, armorless. "Hey, Kell. I heard you survived a head-on collision with a small planet. I'm proud!"

Kell shot him a dirty glance. "Auh, hey... Rick..."

Rick sat down in the chair beside the bed and stretched a bit. It didn't feel natural outside of his armor any more, but it was good for his skin to get some air outside of showering. Kell lay in the bed, barely moving, eyes casually fixed on the bulky man beside him. "You flew pretty far after that hit. Got any marks?"

Kell wordlessly opened the front of his suit. Rick's eyes went wide. "Sheesh! I haven't seen a bruise like that before, and I've seen some real good ones!" Rick carefully leaned over and lightly brushed over the bruised abdomen.

When Chris made it to his room, he found that Colon was sleeping in bed. Chris put the bag with alien weapons in it on the ground, got a good grip on Colon's mattress and flipped them both clean over.
"Alright Colon, we have work to do! Get up!" Chris yelled.

"Who?! What?! Oh, Chris! What work do we have to do exactly?" Colon replied at first startled, then calming down.

"We made contact with aliens on the planet. They were hostile and were carrying guns. You, me, and some SA/AR (Small Arms/ Artillery Repairers) have to get cracking in the weapons we recovered to find out how they tick, so as we can be ready if we fight them again.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait," Colon replied quickly, "back up. We found ALIENS!?"

"Yes, and like I said they are hostile, so grabbed a weapon and start taking it apart." Chris replied annoyed while throwing Colon the bag of captured weaponry.

James waited for Kell to look away or close his eyes after sneaking in and getting into a chair,assuming he wasn't noticed, and he was GOOD and sneaking, he'd become visible when Kell wasn't looking.

"Now that you're all made up, ready for the Pagent Miss Infirmary?" James seemed more wiry than normal. The man of normally average muscular stockiness seemed lanky and spread. If he hadn't had his tinted slit of a visor on his helmet, you'd see one small twinkle of care. Somewhere. For a billionth of a second.

Damien jolted back into reality. He had been focusing so much on the surgery that he actually hadn't processed what Jobe said for quite a while. "Lo siento, mi amigo. No me gu-" Damien shook his head, trying to clear his head and reset it into english. "Sorry. I-I don't react well to fragmentation explosives. I had a... Trauma concerning them as a child and I just tend to...well, you saw what happened." Damien sighed as his armor retreated, sucked into his backpack like a sliding puzzle, much like how a spider pulls back its web to itself. Damien was quickly disarmored and began to head for the hospital ward. When he arrived, he ignored Kell for a moment and walked over to the man who was missing a leg. Damien increased the muscle in his own leg to match the original and quickly cut it off. Using his four arms, Damien soon reattached all the nerves and had fixed up the soldier without ever having woken him up. The match was perfect; to the recipient, it would seem as if the last few hours were a bad dream.

A nurse walked in, saw Damien, and gasped, recognizing the infamous "Dr.Frankenstein" just from the rumors surrounding him. Damien walked steadily towards the woman, who was too terrified to move. "Once this man wakes up, please have him start muscle therapy in order to get used to his new leg. Phantom Pain may play with his head for a bit, so be sure to take care of him." the nurse wordlessly looked at the now whole patient, then back at Damien with gratitude in her eyes. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before running out of the room to tell the on-duty doctor. Damien smiled. "How nice." His extra arms then began to bubble into malignant tumors. It almost looked as if those two extra arms were boiling. "Damn, I gave myself cancer." Damien muttered. He sent the command to the mitochondria and lysosomes within his cells to work overtime and commit apoptosis. The two extra arms fell off and began to disintegrate before becoming nothing. It was like the proverbial ouroboros: the superfluous limbs consumed themselves into nothing. Damien then finally turned his attention to Kell. "So, how are you feeling? Other that the obvious 'just got hit by a demon truck', of course."

Jobe was rummageing through the stacks of weaponry when he froze. At the very back of the close-quarter section lay a thing of beauty. It was a chain-sword. The weapons had been banned on Earth after several incidents with militants getting their hands on them and preforming unwanted limb amputations on their prisoners, and the forces sent to retrieve the weapons. The handle was red leather and completely un-worn, and the blade was just over a meter long. Jobe picked it up and was suprised at how light it was. The teeth of the revolving section were still sharp. The sword was obviously brand new. Glancing at the handle he saw a dial on the hilt with three settings: 1-Stationary, 2- Rapid, 3- Blender. Jobe's smile was so wide a bannana could have fitted it. Striding to the armourer he quickly signed the weapon out, along with a few extra magazines for his Orphans; and headed back to his room. Dropping off his guns and ammo, along with his armour, Jobe took his knuckle dusters and new weapon to the gym, hoping to find a training area where he could get properly aquainted with his new toy.

Things passed in a blur. Nothing seemed very relevant as people shouted, things rushed back and forth, and the pressure in her head kept rising. She even fired her weapon a few times, but didn't see if it did ant good. And now, things had gone quiet...


A voice, nearby. She focuses, and squints down at the other person; a young woman, strangely short. She looks worried, for some reason.

"Come on, what the hell's wrong with you? You've been out of your head since we landed down there!"

It all seems very relevant, and on some level is deeply worrying, but it doesn't really seem to matter right now. The pressure is getting stronger. Her vision blurs, and everything sways. Suddenly, the ground comes up to meet her...

Rick felt as if he was on pins and needles. First Kell had a mountain dropped on him, and thankfully survived, bless his soul, and now Camilla had keeled over when no one was looking as they legged it back to the Pegasus. He didn't know who had dragged her back on, but if he found out, he was going to take them out for a drink.

He sat beside Camilla's bed, still unarmored. She looked very... something. As if she was awake, but not aware. He hoped that Damien would come by soon, maybe he could snap her back to her senses.

On her own, the cabin felt empty, and Jinxie found that she would only start to fret. She probably wouldn't be any use, but she decided to go check, on her invalid mentor.

When she pushed the door open, she found the room empty, save for Rick, who was almost unrecognisable without his carapace of armour. Like the unconscious Camilla, he looked small and vulnerable.

She tried to smile, but it felt strange. Instead, she went to the bedside, and took one Camilla's hands in both of hers. For all their size, they seemed fragile, and the pulse was wild and savage.

While Colon was busy dissecting the alien weapons, Chris took two intact rifles to the firing range to see what these weapons could do to their armor. After he went by the armory to grab a few sets of an assortment of armor and helmets, and with the help of a few soldiers that were nearby to pull the stuff on carts and dollies, Chris started setting up in the firing range. He first set up what seemed to be the enemies' small sized weapon, and made sure that he could pull the trigger from a safe distance with string. Down range was a set of WINGS standard armor. He yanked the the string, making the gun fire, and for a split second, he didn't see anything. After that one second, however, the standard armor was hit, and the armor started melting.
"Interesting," Chris said to himself, "the weapon's ammo has an acidic trait to it." Chris put his findings into a small datapad he brought with him for future reference. He continued to try this weapon on other pieces of armor from helmets to other armor. He would have to ask every member of the team for their armor to test it, especially Rick and Camilla for their heavy armor.
Chris continued to place his findings into his datapad and soon started using the enemies medium rifle, or what he thought was it. This time the rifle did not fire an invisible round, but instead a round you could see. Once this round hit the standard armor, the armor did not start melting, but instead, the round burnt through and kept going.
"So armor piercing, but no acidic trait. These guys are ready for anything." Chris kept putting his findings into his datapad, and like the previous weapon, Chris started testing out other pieces of armor. Once Chris was finished testing for now, he called for some more soldiers to help with lugging the armor back to the armory for repairs. Chris, then headed back to his room to analyze the data he found.

After a few minutes of wandering aimlessly around the corridors Jobe managed to corner a ship worker and ask the way to the gym. The man had nearly fainted! Probably the chain-sword Jobe was holding at his side as he strolled down the mettalic alleys.
Reaching the gym, he was pleasantly suprised by the bounty of apparatus set out. Oddly, it was virtually deserted, a few stocky men in the corner were pumping heavy weights, probably as part of training for a gunnery crew or something. Going into a locker room, Jobe stripped down to some tracksuit trousers and a white military vest. Chainsword and knuckle-dusters in hand, he prowled into the gym.
By means of a warm up he stretched did a few dozen push-ups. He began to feel his heart beating faster. Adrenalin would probably begin soon. Time to start.
Jobe grabbed the chainsword and moved into an empty space in the middle of the gymnasium, an area probably used for sparring or wrestling. Jobe put his new weapon through a few practice spins, getting a feel for its weight and momentum.
"Lets go..." he chuckled, and thumbed the switch to "Rapid" The chain-sword lept to life, its bladed teeth screaming into a shockingly loud grate of metal and motor. Jobe spun the blade, hacking at invisible opponetnts all around him. He cut, sliced and stabbed, never parrying, only dodgeing. His bare feet danced around the floor, and his grunts and snarls of exertion were drowned out by the weapon's own voice.
Jobe's heart beat faster and faster, and the thick syrup of his adrenalin oozed into his blood. Jobe's movements quickened, his blows were faster, stronger, the weapon becoming a metalic swirl aroun his form. He felt it as his senses heightened, he became aware of everything in the room, the breathing patterns of the men behind him, the faint throb of the ship's engines coming through the floor, the beautiful blur of his blade...
Jobe caught himself, and slowed, no sense in getting carried away. Not yet at least.
thumbing the switch, the sword juddered to a stop in his hand with a wail of tortured disappointment. It shared Jobe's sentiments exactly.
Jobe pressed his thumb against one of the teeth. Red liquid bubbled from his finger against the hot steel
"Drink my friend," he purred "There WILL be more."

Camilla's apprentice had come in... "Jinxie", was it? She had looked at Rick with a blank expression and had grimaced a bit, but now was beside the bed, holding her hand.

Rick leaned over and brushed a bit of hair out of Camilla's face. Her forehead where his hand had brushed pulsed momentarily. Weird. Rick paused, then grabbed her other hand, feeling for a pulse. As he pressed his finger into her wrist, it suddenly jumped to engulf his finger. Rick pulled his hand back, alarmed. Addressing Jinxie, "Hey, go grab a nurse, will you? I don't think I'm supposed to feel her bloodflow through her skin."

Damien looked at Kell one more time, checking out the extent of his damage. "All in all, it could have been quite a bit worse." Damien muttered. He had just finished hooking up some minor anasthesia to help with the pain when Jinxie burst into the room and targeted Damien like a heat seeking missile. "Damien! Damien! Follow me! Camilla's in trouble!" Damien cursed. The sheer fact that Jinxie was willing to use his first name rather than his rank was alarming enough; the fact that she went straight for Damien instead of some random nurse was even worse. "I'm going. Catch up later!" Damien called out. He commanded fast twitch fibers to grow in his legs and shot adrenaline through his system. When Damien started sprinting, there was simply no way to keep up with him. He easily outstripped Jinxie and ran down the halls for the room Camilla would be kept.

"Damn the special WINGS hospital rooms! It makes it too damn hard to reach one in an emergency!" Damien skidded into the room, and saw what a sorry state Camilla was truly in. He cursed loudly as he noticed the engorged veins, the profuse sweating, and the lobster-red skin. "Her blood pressure is skyrocketing!" Damien reached for her hand just to feel how bad it was and gasped as he tried to press down on the rock hard veins. Rick looked at Damien as if to ask if he could do anything. Damien shook his head as he looked at Camilla one more time, this time with the MRI feature on his contacts. "Her blood pressure has shot through the roof. I can't strike the carotid artery to artificially lower her blood pressure, or I'll pop her head like a zit. And the pressure is way too high for a blood transfusion. Her heart has... gotten....too strong... Jinxie! Go turn on that AC to max!" An idea occured to Damien. "Rick! Go get me a pitcher of water. I need to keep her blood diluted."

Damien's hand brushed past Camilla's bicep, further increasing his hopes. She hadn't worked out enough since they arrived on the ship to put on that much muscle; her mutation must have been... well, mutating. Damien grinned as he felt and examined her head. There was a strange tissue separating the brain matter from the skull itself. Damien wouldn't mind doing a biopsy on the alien tissue later on, but for now it would have to wait. Damien would simply have to hope that the tissue was enough to protect Camilla. He hooked up a bag of beta blockers to her IV drip and slowly began to press down on the carotid artery. It artificially increased the blood pressure in the brain, which in turn sent the command to the heart to lower blood pressure. Damien sighed as he released his hold on the carotid artery. It worked! The brain was already sending the command to slow the heart down. Damien repeated this process a few times before standing back and looking at the monitors. Damien breathed a sigh of relief as Camilla's readings returned to normal. "She's gonna be okay." Damien nodded with relief.

The floor never hit her. She didn't know where it went, but little did she care; things were getting a little crazy, and a disappearing floor was the least of her worries.

Lights danced, and shapes convulsed in a terrible, insistent rhythm. There were no walls around her but she felt crushed, the pressure from the very air around her punching in, forcing her down, trying to overwhelm all she was. Everything seemed to dim, flattened by the incessant beat.

Suddenly, a wave of clearness, liberation. The march hadn't stopped, but it was held off, keeping at a distance. There was a barrier around her now, protecting her. Light returned, and things took shape, focus, clarity. She felt like she was rushing upwards, out of ocean depths, and damn did her head hurt. She blinked, groaned, and looked around groggily. She was lying in bed with a crowd around her, staring crazily. Jinxie was crushing one hand in a vice-like grip, while on her other side was Rick, curiously un-bulky without his shell. Above, Damien managed to look both concerned and pleased with himself.

She smiled, woozily. "What happened?" she managed to murmur, each word an echo inside her skull

Chris finally made it back to his room. When he opened the door, Colon was sitting at a table looking at the innards of the enemies' "invisa-blob" gun, or so he coined the name for now.

"So, what have you found?" Chris asked Colon.

Colon looked up from the guts of the weapon and replied, "Their weapons' insides are nothing like ours. They seem more organic, or fluid than our steel and plastic."

Chris took a look for himself and saw that the insides were a mixed colors of green, light-blue, and maroon. Lights were pulsing near the barrel, and there didn't seem to be any sign of a magazine, or anything similar. When Chris placed his finger against the trigger, the innards started brightening up like it was energized.

"Interesting. . . Colon take this weapon down to the firing range and shoot it without the cover. I want radioactive, thermal, electronic readings, the works. Once your done, take it down to the engineers and have them continue the disassembly, then do the same with the others."

"I'm on it." Colon replied and headed off.

Chris started thinking about his teammates and realized that he hadn't spoke to any of them since they returned. He decided to try and find them since he had a little time to himself. He started looking up and down halls and couldn't seem to find any of them.

"All your blood vessels nearly exploded. Except Damien gave you a signature miracle."

Camilla looked at Rick blearily as if he had just grown breasts. Rick was never one for mincing words when the danger was over.

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